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Herbert Fisk Johnson '22 

Cornell University Library 

Z1207.S84 B5 1861 

Bib iotheca Americana : a catalogue of b 

. 3 1924 029 555 988 

Dim Overs 

Cornell University 

The original of tiiis book is in 
tine Cornell University Library. 

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The Books described in this Catalogue were collected, seve- 
ral years since, by Mr. Henbt Stevens, Literary Agent in 
London of the Smithsonian Institution, as material to be used 
in the completion of his yet unfinished "Work upon American 
Bibliography. Having made such use of the Books as vras 
necessary for this purpose, he described them, with collations, 
and prices for sale affixed, in a Catalogue, printed about four 
years ago, entitled Ameeicait Nuggets.* Only three or four 
copies of that Catalogue were permitted to go out of his 
hands, and a few of the Books have been sold ; but, on account 
of his large accessions of works of the same class, the public 
circulation of the Catalogue was delayed until the prepara- 
tion of other volumes of the series could be completed. The 
greatly altered value of many of the books described in the 
Nuggets, — some having much increased, and others probably 
diminished in price, — has induced the conviction that the circu- 
lation of that Catalogue now, or at any future time, as a means 
for the sale of its contents, would not be fair either to buyer or 
seller. Mr. Stevens has therefore determined to submit the 
entire unsold portion of the Nuggets to unreserved public com- 
petition, in the hope and belief, that, though many of the articles 
may fall below the prices affixed to them in his own Catalogue, 
the prices of others, with whose rarity and importance Collectors 
have become better acquainted, wiU be found to be enhanced ; 
and thus such a result may be obtained as, on the whole, wiU 
justify the course proposed. 

In the Nuggets, the title of each work is printed, word for word, 
as in the original, and exact collations of each are appended. The 
titles in the following catalogue have been abridged, but it is 
hoped, not to such an extent as to hinder the exact identification 
of any work or edition. By the kind permission of Mr. Stevens 
we have availed ourselves of the collations printed in the Nuggets, 

* See under Stevens, in this Catalogue. 


which, with some corrections and occasional additions of our own, 
will, we trust, be found of utility to collectors. It should be ob- 
served that all half-titles and titles are reckoned as preliminary 
leaves, and as the coUations in this Catalogue are, almost without 
exception, taken from the identical copies now for sale, there may 
sometimes occur a discrepancy between the collations here printed 
as compared with those of copies found elsewhere, arising from the 
presence or absence of the half-title preceding the title in one 
or other copy. It is however believed that the descriptions are 
so exact as to diminish the diflS.culty thus anticipated, to the 
least practicable extent. The copies now offered for sale will, 
unless otherwise described, be sold as in accordance with the col- 
lations herein printed. All imperfections known are stated. 

The expressions scarce, rare, etc. with their customary superla- 
tives, have been omitted from this Catalogue, except when used 
upon the authority of others ; such commendations are not needed 
by the well-informed collector, while they might justly be applied 
so frequently in this Catalogue as to bewilder a tyro. We have 
rather chosen to add occasionally notes explanatory of the 
character, history, or peculiarity of the books, such as were fur- 
nished by our own experience, or as we could glean from the 
admirable Bibliotheca Americana of Mr. Eich, and from other 

We have during the last ten years been honoured with the dis- 
posal of so many Libraries of peculiar interest to American collec- 
tors, that it would be ungenerous to begrudge to them a fair share 
of the treasures now offered for sale, but still the hope may, vrith- 
out offence, be indulged, that the collection submitted may help to 
fill many chasms in the shelves of more than one of our own public 
Libraries, as well as contribute to satisfy the longings of enthu- 
siastic English Amateurs. 


47, Leicester Square, 


Bee. \st, 1860. 









1 Abbot (Htdl), Minister at Gharlestown, The Duty of God's 

People to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, a Sermon preached 
on occasion of the Eebellion in Scotland, at Gharlestown in 
New England, Jan. 12, 1745, 6 

Boston, hy 'Rogers and Fowls, 1746, 8° 
Title and pp. 5 to 26. 

2 Abingdon (Earl of) Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke, 

Esq. to the Sheriffs of Bristol on the Affairs of America 

Oxford, [1777], 68 pp. 8° 

3 — The same, the 4th edition, hf. mor. Oxf. [1777], 68 pp. S" 

4 — The same, the 6th edition, if. mor. Oxf. [1777], 8° 

Title ; ' Dedication,' pp. iii to xci ; text 60 pp. The long ' Dedication to 
the ColJeotive Body of the People of England,' in which the author en- 
larges upon his theme, and replies to the several answers to his previous 
editions, appears for the first time in this sixth edition. 

5 Abridgement (An) of the Laws in Eoree and Use in Her Ma- 

jesty's Plantations, (viz.) of Virginia, Jamaica, Barbadoes, 
Maryland, New-England, New-Tork, Carolina, etc. fine 
copy, calf Land. 1704, 8" 

Title and preface, 2 leaves; text, 284 pp.; 'Maryland,' 71pp.; 'New- 
England,' 100 pp. ; 'Appendix,' pp 285 to S04. 

6 Abstract (An) of the Charter granted to the Society for the 

Propagation of the Gospel in Eoreign Parts 

ILond. 1702], 3 pp. fol. 

7 Abstract (An) of the Proceedings of the Corporation, for the 

Eelief of the "Widows and Children of Clergymen, in the 
Communion of the Church of England in America, lialf 
mor. Philad.J. Humplireys, jun. 1773, 52 pp. 8" 


2 riEST day's sale. 

8 Acadia, Eemarks on the Prench Memorials concerning the 

Limits of, to which is added. An Answer to the Summary 
Discussion, &c. halfmor. Lond. 175fa, 8 

Title ; explaaation of maps, 1 leaf; text 1 10 pp. ; 2 copperplate maps. 

9 Acadia. Pieces Justiflcatives des M^moires concernant les 

Limites de I'Acadie, old calf Pa/ns, 1754, 4° 

Title and 646 pp.' 

10 Account (An) of the Conduct of the "War in the Middle Colo- 

nies, halfmor. Lond. 1780, 55 pp. 8" 

11 Account (An) of the Donations for the Belief of the Sufferers 

by Kre, at Bridge Town in the Island of Barbadoes, in 
May and December, 1766 Lond. [1769], 4" 

Title and Advertisement, 2 leaves ; ' A List of the Donations,' etc. 40 pp. ; 
' Contra" 1 page. 

12 Account (An) of the Loss of his Majesty's Ship Deal Castle, 

off Port Eico, 1780 Lond. 1787,8" 

Three prel. leaves and 48 pp. 

13 Account (An) of the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 

Parts Lond. Jos. Downing, 1704, 4 pp. fcl. 

14 AcosTA (Joseph de) Soc. Jesu, De Naxvea Novi Orbis 

Libri dvo, et de Promvlgatione Evangelii, apvd Barbaros, sive 
de Procvranda Indorvm salvte Libri sex, tikst editiok, riNE 
COPY, original vellmn Salmanticts, Guill. Foguel, 1589, 8" 
Eight prel. leaves and 640 pp. 

15 — Another edition, in Latin, vellum 

Col. Agripp. In officina JBircJemannica, 1596, 8° 
, Eight prel. leaves and 581 pp. 

16 AcosTA (Joseph de) Historia Natteal t Moeal de las 

lsDiA.s,fne copy, Spanish binding 

Seuilla, en casa de luwn de Leon, 1590, 4° 
Title, reverse blank ; followed by one leaf ' Yo Cbristoval de Leon,' 1 p. ; 
errata 1 p ; Text, pp. 3 to 535 with 'Tabla' 18 leaves. 

17 — Another edition, in Spanish, fine copy, cf. Madrid, 1608, 4° 

Title, reverse blank ; ' Tassa' 1 p ; ' Erratas' 1 p ; ' Licencias,' pp. 5, 6 ; Dedi- 
cation ' A la Serenissima Infanta," pp. 7-9 ; ' Proeniio,' pp. 10-12 ; Text, 
pp. 13-535; 'Tabla,' 21 leaves. 

18 AcosTA (Joseph de) Histoeia Nattealb, e Moeaie delle 

LfDiEj^Me copy Venetia, Bern. Basa, 1596, 4" 

Twenty-four prelim, leaves, and text in italics, folioed 1-173. 

19 AcosTA (Joseph de). The Natteall and Moeale His- 

TOEiE OE the East and West Indies, Written in Spanish 

by the E. E. loseph Acosta, and translated into English by 

E[dward] Gr[rimstone], eine oopt 

Lond. by Val. Sims for Ed. Blount and Will. Apsley, 1604, 4" 
Four prel. leaves, viz. 1st blank, 2d title, 3d and 4th Dedication and to the 

Reader. Text 590 pages, followed by seven leaves of Table and Errata. 
Acosta is one of the eaa-hest writers, who has treated philosophically of 

America and its productions. — Ricli,. 


20 AoosTA. Anotheh COPT, with title page slightly differing, the 

" E. P." before Acosta's name being omitted ; wanting 

Dedication and TaMe 

Lond. ly Vol. Sims for Ed. Blount and Will. Apsley, 1604, 4" / 

21 AcTJiTA (Christoval de) Voyages and Discoveries in South- if 

America — The Pirst up the Eiver of Amazons to Quito in 
Peru, and back again to Brazil, by Aevgna — The Second up 
the Eiver of Plata, to the Mines of Potosi, by Acarete — The 
Third from Cayenne into Guiana, in search of the Lake of 
Parima, by M. Grillet and Bechamel, done into English 
from the Originals, being the only Accounts of those Parts 
hitherto extant, calf Lond. for S. JBucMey, 1698, 8° 

On the reverse of the title, 'Advertisement'; 'Introduction,' pp. iii-viii ; 
Map, 'The Course of the River of Amazons'; text, 190 pp. ; Title, "An 
Account of a Toyag^e up the River de la Plata, etc. By Mons. Acarete du 
Biscay, 1698.' ' A Map of the Provinces Paraguay,' etc. Text, 79 pp ; 
Title, ' A Journal of the Travels of John Grillet, and Francis Bechamel 
into Gviana, etc. 1698.' ' A Letter,' 1 leaf; and text 68 pp. 

22 Adair (James) The History of the American Indians ; parti- 

cularly those Nations adjoining to the Mississippi, East and 
"West Plorida, Q-eorgia, South and North Carolina and Vit?- 
ginia : containing an Account of their Origin, Language, 
Manners, Eeligious and OivU Customs, Laws, etc. calf 

Lond. 1775, 40 

Six prel. leaves, viz. Half title, title ; ' Dedication,' 2 leaves ; ' Preface,' 
I leaf; ' Contents,' 1 leaf. Text, 448 pp. and Appendix, ending on page 
464. With Map of American Indian Nations 13 by 9J inches. 

Mr. Adair points out various customs of the Indians, having a striking re- 
semblance to those of the Jews ; and the great object of this work appears 
to be, to prove that the aborigines of America are descended from that 

23 Adams (Amos), Pastor of the first GJiurch ofIioxbii/ry,A. Con- 

cise, Historical "View of the Difficulties, Hardships, and Perils 
which attended the Planting and progressive Improvements 
of New-England. With a particular Account of its long 
and Destructive "V^'"ars, Expensive Expeditions, etc. 
Boston printed. London repr.forEd. and Gk. Billy, 1770, 8" 
Title and 68 pp. 

24 Adams (John) A Defence of the Constitutions of Govern- 

ment of the United States of America, riEST edition, very 
fine copy in calf Philadelphia : Sail and Sellers, 1787, 12" 
Twenty pp. prel. and Text pp. 3 to 390. 

25 Adams (John), Defence, etc. a new Edition, 3 vols, fne copy, 

half calf Lond. J. StocMale, 1794, 8" 

Vol. I. 22 prel. leaves, viz. Half-title, Portrait, Title, Life, Preface and Con- 
tents ; Text, 392 pp. II. Half-title, title and 451 pp. III. Half-title, 
title, and 528 pp. ; Index 18 leaves. 

26 Adams (John) Political Sketches inscribed to his Excellency 

John Adams, by a Citizen of the U.S. half morocco 

Lond. 1787, 8° 
Three prel. leaves and 96 pp. 


27 Address (An) from the Brethren's Society for the furtherance 

of the Gospel among the Heathen, half morocco 

{London, 1781], 20 pp. 8° 

This tract relates chiefly to the great Storm and Hurricane at Jamaica and 
Barbadoes in 1780. 

28 Address (The) of the People of GreatrBritain to the Inhabit- 

ants of America, hf. mor. Lend. 1775, 8" 

Title and 60 pp. " This address is said and believed to have been written by 
Sir J. B. (Sir John Dalrymple), and printed at the public expense, to be 
distributed in America."— Monthly Bev. 

29 Address (An) to a Provincial Bashaw. Shame ! where is 

thy Blush ? By a Son of Liberty. Printed in the (Tyrannic 
Administration of St. Prancisco) [Gov. P. Bernard], half 
morocco [Boston], 1769, 8 pp. 4* 

This Address consists of 27 four-line stanzas against Sir Francis Bernard, 
Governor of Massachusetts. The following being the last stanza, will 
serve as a specimen of the versification. 

Yet trust me B not the Heartwrung Tear, 

Shall snatch thy Name from obloquy below, 

Nor sore Repentance, which absolves thee there, 

Shall sooth the Vengeance of a mortal Foe. 

30 Address (An) to Protestant Dissenters on the Approaching 

Election with respect to the state of Public Liberty in Gene-, 
ral, and of American affairs in Particular, Jif. mor. 

Lond. 1774!, 16 pp. S** 

31 Africa. A Short Account of that Part of Africa, inhabited by 

the Negroes. With Quotations from the Writings of 
several Persons of Note, viz. George Wallis, Prancis Hutche- 
son, and James Poster, the 2nd Ed. with large Additions 

Philadelphia : hy W, Bunlap, 1762, 8». 
Title and pp. 3-80. 

32 African Company, An Answer to the Eeasons against an 

Lond. 1711, 81 pp. S" 

33 — True State of the present difference between the Eoyal 

African Company, and the Separate Traders. . . . the 
Advantages of an Open Trade ; and the Danger of an exclu- 
sive Trade, not only to the Traders of South and North 
Britain, but, to our American Plantations Lond. 1710, 4° 

Forty pp. with plan at page 5. 

34 — Importance (The) of Effectually Supporting the Eoyal 

African Company of England Impartially considered, half 
morocco Lond. 1745, 4° 

Half-title, title and 47 pp. Map of the Gold Coast of Africa, 1744. 

35 African Trade (The), the great Pillar and Support of the Bri- 

tish Plantation Trade in America Lond. 1745 40 

Title and 44 pp. 

36 — Some Eemarks on a Pamphlet, call'd, Eeflections on the 

Constitution and Management of the Trade to Africa, half 
morocco [Lond.] 1709, 82 pp. 8" 

TIBST day's sal*. 5 

37 African Trade. A Letter from a Merchant at Jamaica, to a 

Member of Parliament in London, touching the. To which 
is added A Speech made by a Black of Glardaloupe, at the 
Puneral of a Fellow-Negro, uncut, Jialf morocco 

Land. 1709, 31 pp. sm. 8" 

38 Aitken (Eobert). Aitken's general American Eegister, and 

the Gentleman's and Tradesman's complete Annual Account 
Book, and Calendar, for the Pocket or Desk ; for the Tear, 
1778 Philadelphia: Joseph Gruhshanh,for H. Aitken, 1773, 8" 

Two prel. leaves, and text A to M in fours & N in five leaves, followed by a 
second title ' Aitken's General American Register for the Year of our 
Lord 1773;' etc. Title and 64 pp. 

This volume is interesting from the fact of its being the first attempt of this 
kind in the American Colonies. 

39 Albarez de Toledo (Fr. Domingo), Copia de la Espantosa 

Carta, embiada desde la Ciudad de Lima, al Eev. P. Com- 
missario General en Estecharque, que su fecha es de 29 de 
Oct. 1687, dandole euenta de los lastimosos estragos y dea- 
gracias que ban sucedido en dicha Ciudad 

Barcelona, Vicente Surict, 1688, 4 pp. 4° 

40 Alcafaeado (Feajstcisco), An Historical Eelation of the 

First Discovery of the Isle of Madera, calf extra, ly Bedford 

Land, for Will. Cademan, at the sign of the 

PopesSead at the JSntrance into the New 

JSxchange in the Strand, 1675, 4° 

Title and 37 pp. Not mentioned by Lowndes or Rich. 

41 Alcedo (Antonio de), The Geographical and Historical Dic- 

tionary of America and the West Indies, translated by G. 
A. Thompson, 5 vols, halfriissia Bond. 1812, 40 

Vol. I. 10 prel. leaves, 1st blank ; and Text, 574 pp.; II. Title & 597 pp.; 

III. Title & 512 pp.; IV. 1814, title and 636 pp.; V. 1815, 20 prel. 

leaves, 1st blank ; Text 462 pp. ' Errata' to the 5 Vols. 1 leaf; ' General 

Appendix' 105 pp. 
The utility of this work cannot be overrated. It was formerly a dear hook, 

and will assuredly again become bo. 

42 Alexo de Oeeio (Feancisco Xatiee) Solucion del gran 

problema acerca de la poblacion de las Americas, en que 
sobre el fundamento de los Libros Santos se descubre facil 
camino a la transmigracion de los Hombres del uno al otro 
Continente ; y como pudieron pasar al Nuevo Mundo, no 
solamente las Bestias de servicio, sine tambien las Fieras, y 
nocivas, vellum 

Mexico : Serederos de Dona Maria de Bibera, 1763, 4° 
Twenty-two prel. leaves and 72 pp. 

43 AiLEN (Ethan) Eeason the only Oracle of Man, or a Com- 

penduous System of Natural Eeligion,^»e copy, in the ori- 
ginal binding 
Bennington, Vt.; ly Saswell and Russell, 1784, 477 pp. 4° 
The major part of this impression was destroyed by fire; the few copies that 
have been preserved are of great rarity. 

6 riEST day's saie. 

44 Allen (Ethan) A Narrative of Col. Ethan Allen's Captivity, 

Containing his Voyages and Travels, with the most remark- 
able occurrences respecting himself, and many other conti- 
nental Prisoners, particularly the destruction of the prisoners 
at New-Tork, by G-eneral Sir "William Howe, in 1776-7, 
Jif. cf. Walpole, N. S.,ly Thomas and Thomas, 1807, 12° 
Hundred and fifty-eight pp. ' Subscribers' Names ' 1 page. 

45 Allen (Ethan) Captivity of. Another edition, half morocco 

Albany : Pratt Sf Clark, 1814. 144 pp. sm. 8" 

46 Alien (Ira), The Natural and Political History of the State 

of Vermont. "With an Appendix, half morocco, imcut 

London : J. W. Myers, 1798, S" 
vii and 300 pp. Large copper-plate map of Vermont. 
46*Allen (Ira). The Same, wanting the map, uncut, ih. 1798, 8" 

47 AiLES (James.) Teacher of the 'first gathered Ohurch' in Bos- 

ton. New-Engiakds CHOICEST Blessing AND the Meect 


Peopde. Cleared in a Sermon Preached before the Covrt 
of Election. At Boston on May 28, 1679. tine copy in 
morocco extra, hy Bedford 

Boston: ly John Foster, 1679, 4» 

Two prel. leaves ; viz. Title in a type metal border, reverse blank, ' To the 
Reader,' 2 pp. Text 1 4 pp. followed by a blank leaf. 

48 Allen (James). Neglect oe Suppoeting and Maintain- 


People of God: is a G-od-peotokinq and Land-Wast- 
ing Sin. And Eepentance with Reformation of it, the only 
way to their Outward Eelicity : Or, the Cause of New- 
Englands Scarcity: And right way to its Plenty. As it 
was discovered and Applied in a Sermon Preached at Eoi- 
bury, on a East-day : July 26, 1687, morocco extra, ly Bed- 
ford Boston : for Job Sow, and John Allen, 1687, 4? 

Two prel. leaves ; viz. Title, reverse blank ; ' To the Christian Reader,' 3 pp. 
Text 16 pp. 

49 Allen (Eobert) sometime resident in Peru, Essay on the 

Methods of carrying on a Trade to the South-Sea, half mo- 
rocco Land. 1712, 8° 

Title ; Dedication, etc. 1 leaf; Text 37 pp. 

50 AUen (Timothy) Granville, Mass., Salvation for all Men, put 

out of all Dispute, uncut Hartford •• Wathamiel Patten, 

afeiv Bods North of the GourtSouse. [1782] 8° 

Title ; ' Escapes of the Press,' 1 leaf inserted ; ' Epistle ' to the Reader, pp. 
iii-viii ; and Text, pp. 9-56. 

51 Allen ("William) American Biographical and Historical Dic- 

tionary, 2nd edition, calf extra, by Bedford 

Boston : William Hyde q Go. 1732, 808 pp., roy. 8° 


52 Allen (William). The American Crisis : a Letter to Earl 

Grower, Lord President of the Council, &e. &c. &c. on the 
present alarming Disturbances in the Colonies 

Lond. [1774], 76 pp. 8° 

53 Allies (The) and the Late Ministry Defended against France, 

and the Present IViends of Prance. In Answer to a Pam- 
phlet, entitled, the Conduct of the Allies. 3rd ed. corrected 

Lond. 1711, 8° 

Part 1, 48 pp. Part II. 3 prel. leaves and 71 pp. Part III. 2 pvel. leaves & 
74 pp. & Part IV. 2 prel. leaves and 84 pp. Partly relating to the West 

54 AiiLiN (JoHie). An Exact Eelation of the most Execrable 

Attempts of John AUiu, committed on the Person of His 
Excellency, Prancis Lord Willovghby of Parham, Captain 
General of the Continent of Guiana, and of all the Caribby- 
Islands, and our Lord Proprietor. 

Lond. for Hie. Lowndes, 1665, 4° 

Title & 12 pages followed by one leaf having on the reverse the Licence to 
print. This Account of John AUin was drawn up by William Byam. Un- 
mentioned by Lowndes. 

55 AUin (John) o/Dedham, and Shepard (Thomas) of Cambridge. 

A Defence of the Answer made unto the Nine Questions or 
Positions sent from New-England, against the Eeply thereto 
by that Eeverend servant of Christ, Mr. John Ball ; En- 
tituled, A Tryall of the New Church- way in New-England 
and in Old Lond. by S. Cotes for Andrew CrooJce, 1648, 4" 

Sixteen prel. leaves ; viz. title, 'Preface' pp. 1-25. 'Advertisements,' pp. 
26-30 ; and text, pp. 31-211. Not mentioned by Lowndes, 

56 Alzate Eamieez (Joseph Antonio de), Gazette de Lite- 

EATiTEA de Mexico. Prom N° 1 of Vol. 1, 15 January 1788 
to N° 44 of Vol. Ill, 22 Oct. 1795 Mexico, 1788-1795, 4" 

"Wanting three or four numbers only. All the serial publications of Spanish 
America, are of great rarity. This is unnoticed by Rich, who has indus- 
triously indexed every work of its class. 





ODER TON SEINEN TNDEETHONEN, etc. [Trans.'j (This figure 
represents to us the people and island which have been dis- 
covered by the Christian King of Portugal or by his sub- 
jects. The people are thus naked, handsome, brown, well 
shaped in body; their heads, necks, arms, private parts, feet 
of men and women are a little covered with feathers. The 
men also have many precious stones in their faces and breasts. 
No one also has any thing, but all things are in common. 
And the men have as wives those who please them, be they 

8 tlEST DAl'S SALE. 

AmebiCa: continued. 

mothers, sisters, or friends, therein inake they no distinction. 
They also fight with each other. They also eat each other, 
even those who are slain, and hang the flesh of them in the 
smoke. They become a hundred and fifty years old. And 
have no government.) [1500 ?] folio 

The text in German, occupies four lines beneath an old block leaf, nine by 
thirteen inches square, representing the manners and customs of the 
natives of the Northern and Eastern coast of South America, as first 
found by the Portuguese at the end of the 15th or beginning of the 16th 
century. It is without date, but was probably printed at Augsburg, or 
Nuremberg, between the years 1497 and 1504. It is beiievedto be unique. 
A facsimile of this earliest known xylographic leaf respecting America is 
given in Stevens's American Bibliographer, Part I. 

58 — Greographische vnd Historische Beschreibung der vber- 

ausz grosser Landtschafit America : welche auch West India, 
vnd jhrer grosse halben die New Welt genennet wirt. calf 
extra, hy Bedford Colin, Johann Christoffel, 1598, folio 

Two prelim, leaves and 51 pp. followed by 20 copper-plate maps, on guards, 
having 2 pp. of text on the reverse of each. 

59 — America: or An exact Description of the West Indies: 

More especially of those Provinces which are under the 

Dominion of the King of Spain, by IN". W. 

Lond. ly Bie. Hodghinsonne for JSdw. Bod, 1665, 16° 
Seven prel. leaves; viz. Title, dedication, the Publisher's Advertisement, and 

the Contents; text 484 pp. 'Errata' 1 p.; 'Book printed,' 1 p. 
Apparently written with the view of instigating the English to the conquest 

of the Spanish dominions in America. — Rich. 

60 — Another copy, wanting the map H. 1655 

61 — A true Account of the Aloe Americana or Africana, which 

is now in Blossom in Mr. Cowel's Grarden at Hoxton ; the 
like whereof has never been seen in England before, half 
morocco Lond. 1729, 8" 

Four prel. leaves and text, 44 pjj. With copper-plate of the Torch-Thistle 
at page 40; Curious as affording a date for the introduction of some 
varieties of Cacti into England. 

62 — The Importance of the British Plantations In America to 

this Kingdom, uncut, halfmor. Lond. 1731, 120 pp. 8° 

63 — Eepresentation from the Commissioners for Trade and 

Plantations relating to the State of the British Islands in 
America Lond. J. Bashett, 1734, 19 pp. 4" 

64 — Considerations on the American Trade, before and since 

the Establishment of the South Sea Company, 2nd ed. with 
Additions, halfmor. Lond. 1739, 8° 

Title, and pp. 5-36. Written by a Jamaica merchant of credit and reputa- 
tion. — Rich. 

65 — A List of Copies of Charters, from the Commissioners for 

Trade and Plantations, viz. for Maryland, Connecticut, 
Ehode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusets Bay, and G-eorgia' 
Wmor. Lond. 1741, 8° 

Title:12, 10, 14, 12,21, andlSpp. ' 

riEST day's sale. 9 

Ameeica: continued. 
66 — The Conduct of a Noble Commander [theJEarl of Loudon'] 
in America reviewed, with the Causes of the Discontents 
at New York and Halifax, halfmor. Lond. 1758, 8° 

Title and 45 pp. Written with a view to exculpate Lord Loudon. 

'67 — Occasional Eeflections on the Importance of the "War in 
America, halfmor. Lond. 1758, 8° 

Half-title, title, and 139 pp. 

68 — A Political Analysis of the "War, halfmor. 

Lond., Tho. Payne, 1762, 8° 
Title and 86 pp. 

69 — The G-rievances of the American Colonies candidly Exa- 

mined, half mar. 

Printed at Providence in Rhode Island, 
Lond. repr. 1766, 47 pp. 8° 

70 — An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the present Dis- 

putes between the British Colonies in America and their 
Mother Country, halfmor. Lond. 1769, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 76 pp. 

71 — Thoughts on the Origin and Nature of G-overnment, occa- 

sioned by the late Disputes between G-reat Britaid and her 
American Colonies, halfmor. Lond. 1769, 64 pp. 8° 

72 — A Critical Commentary on Archbishop Seeker's Letter to 

the Et. Hon. Ho. "Walpole, concerning Bishops in America 

Lond. 1770, 8" 

Title, and text pp. 3-93, ' Postscript,' pp. 95-111. 

73 — The Potent Enemies of America laid open : being some 

Account of the baneful eifects attending the "Use of Dis- 
tilled Spirituous Liquors, and the Slavery of the Negroes : in 
4 parts, viz. : 1st, ' The Mighty Destroyer displayed,' 48 pp. 
2nd, ' Thoughts upon Slavery,' by John "Wesley, 83 pp. 
3rd, ' Testimonies of the Happiness of a Life spent in the 
Service of G-od, to wit, David Brainard,' &c. 16 pp. 4th, 
' The Dreadful Visitation, in a Short Account of the Pro- 
gress and Effects of the Plague in the city of London, 1663, 
16 pp. fine copy Philadelphia, Jos. Oruikshank, 1774, sm. 8° 

74 — The American Querist : or, Some Questions Proposed re- 

lative to the Present Disputes between G-reat Britain and 
her American Colonies, by a North American, 10th. ed. 

JS'eio York, Jas. Bivinyfon, 1774, 8° 
Jfote on title. — This Pamphlet, on the 8th Day of September last, was, in 
full Conclave of the Sous of Liberty in New York, committed to the Flames 
by the Hands of their Common Executioner; as it contains some Queries 
they cannot, and others they will not answer ! Half-title, title, and 
31 pp. 

75 — American Querist. Another ed. halfmor. 

Boston, repr. by Mills and Sicks, 1774, 32 pp. 8" 

76 — American Querist. Another eA. uncut Lond. 1775, 8° 

Half-title, title, and text pp. 5-55. 


10 OTIEST day's sale. 

Ameeica : continued, 
17 — A New Essay [by the PennsylTanian Farmer] on the Con- 
stitutional Power of Grreat Britain over the Colonies in 
America [by Mr. Dickenson], halfmor. 

Fhiladelphia printed, and Land. repr. 1774, 134 pp. 8° 

78 — America Vindicated from the High Charge of Ingratitude 

and EebeUion, halfmor. Bevizes, 1774, 8" 

Title and 48 pp. " Written by a warm advocate for the Americans, who pro- 
poses that a free constitution should be confirmed to North America, similar 
to that of Ireland." — M. Rev. 

79 — The Charters of the British Colonies in America 

Lond. V714>, 8" 

Title, and 142 pp. 

80 — The American's G-uide ; comprising the Declaration of In- 

dependence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution 
of the United States, and the Constitutions of the seyera,! 
States composing the Union 

PJtiladelphia, Hogan and Thompson, 380 pp. 12" 

81 — Authentic Papers from Amevica, half mor. Lond. 1775, 8° 

Title and .33 pp. This collection contains the several American petitions pre- 
vious to the repeal of the Stamp Act, contrasted with the petition of the 
late Congress. — Jlich. 

82 • — America (The present Crisis with respect to) considered, 

halfmor. Lond. 1775, 8" 

Title and 46 pp. 

83 — Some Candid Suggestions towards Accommodation of Dif- 

ferences with America, half mor. Lond. 1775, 33 pp. 8° 

The author's style is somewhat peculiar, from a singular aversion to the use 
of the particle the. — Sich. 

84 — Some Eeasons for approving of the Dean of Grloucester's 

Plan, of separating from the Colonies, halfmor. 

Lond. 1775, 32 pp. 8" 
These reasons are intended to ridicule the plan in question. — M. Mm. ' 

85 — Some Seasonable Observations and Remarks upon the 

State of our Controversy with Great Britain, halfmor. 

America, 1775, 14 pp. 8" 

86 — "What think ye of the Congress now ? or, an Enquiry how 

far the Americans are bound to abide by and execute the 
Decisions of the late Continental Congress, ha f mor. 

New Yorh, J. ^ivmgton ; London, repr. for Richardson 

Urquliart, 1775, 80 

Title and 90 pp. Intended to dissuade the people of New York from con- 
curring with their sister colonies from adhering to the association, etc. of 
the Congress. — M. Rev. 

87 — Americans against Liberty : shewing that the Designs and 

Conduct of the Americans tend only to Tyranny and 
Slavery * Lond. 1775, 64 pp. S" 

I'lEST day's sale. 11 

America : continued. 

88 ^— The History of North and South America, containing 

an Account of the first Discoveries of the New World, the 
Customs, Grenius, and Persons of the original Inhabitants, 
etc. 2 vols, calf Lond. 1776, 120 

Vol. I. 9 prel. leaves, including frontispiece, and pp. 7-276. Vol. II. 7 prel. 
leaves, including frontispiece, and pp. 5-280. 

89 — De Tumultibus Americanis, halfmor. Oxonii, VTlQ, 8" 

Two prel. leaves and 36 pp. Occasioned by the sarcastic observations on 
the conduct of the University of Oxford respecting their address to the 
King. The author extols the University, praises the ministry, and reviles 
the Americans. — M. JRev. 

90 — Considerations on the Late Act for Prohibiting all Com- 

mercial Intercourse with the Eebellious Colonies 

Edinh. 1776, 19 pp. 8° 

91 — The Equity and Wisdom of Administration, in Measures 

that have occasioned the American Eevolt, tried by the 
Sacred Oracles, uncut Edinb. 1776, 19 pp. 12° 

92 — Hypocrisy Unmasked ; or a Short Inquiry into the Eeligious 

Complaints of our American Colonies, 3rd edition, half 
morocco London, 1776, 24 pp. 12° 

93 — American Independence the Interest and Glory of Grreat 

Britain, Aa^OTor. Philadelphia, JRobert £611,1176, 8" 

Twenty-four pp. prel. and Text, pp. 25 to 127. 

."94 ■ — The Devoted Legions, a Poem. Addressed to Lord G-eorge 
G-ermaine, and the Commanders of the Forces against 
America, second edition Lond. 1776, 4" 

Half-title, title, and argument, 4 leaves; text, 14 pp. 

95 — The American Military Pocket Atlas ; being an approved 

Collection of Correct Maps, both general and particular, of 
the British Colonies, especially those which now are, or 
probably may be, the Theatre of War 

I/ond.,for JR. Sawyer and J. Bennett, [1776] 8° 

Title; Dedication, pp. v-vi ; 'Advertisement,' pp. vii-viii and 'List of the 
Maps,' in all 4 leaves. 6 large folding and coloured Maps. viz. 1. North 
America. 2. The West Indies. 3. The Northern Colonies. 4. The Middle 
Colonies. 5. The Southern Colonies. 6. Lake Champlain. 

96 — Another edition, slightly differing, hut having the same maps 

il. 1776 

97 — A Collection of Papers relative to the Dispute between 

Great Britain and America ; from 1764 to 1775, uncut 

Lond. 1777, 8« 

Title with Advertisement on the reverse; Text pp. 3-280; Index 3 pp. 
These Papers are in the Advertisement called Prior Documents, and are 
necessary to accompany Almon's Bemeinbrancer. 

98 — Eeponse k la Declaration du Congres Amerieain. Traduite 
■AQVAMg. old tree calf Land. 17 7l, 8° 

Title, T and 121 pp. Index 4 pp. Probably published by authority. — Bich. 

12 riEST DATs' SAIB. 

Ambeica : continued. 

99 — The American Crisis. jS"umber II. By the Author of 

Common Sense. [Thomas Paine], half mor. 

PhiladelpMa, Styner and Cist, [1777] 8° 
Title.aud pp. 10-56. 

100 — Historical Anecdotes, Civil and Military: in a Series of 

Letters, written from America in the years 1777 and 1778, 
half mor. Land. 1779, 89 pp. 8» 

101 — Historical and Political Eeflections on the Eise and 

Progress of the American Eebellion. By the Author of 
Letters to a Nobleman [Joseph Gralloway], half mor. 

Land. 1780, %" 
Four Prel. leaves and 135 pp. 

102 — An Impartial History of the War in America, to the end 

of the year 1779, half calf Lond. 1780, 8" 

Eleven and 608 pp. Appendix 44 pp. Map of North America and 13 
copper-plate portraits at pp. 205, 207, 208, 212, 221, 241, 310, 319, 827, 
336, 345, 400, 494. " Far from being an impartial history." — M. Bev. 

102* — An Impartial History of the War, etc. Another copy 
wanting the map and portraits, calf 8° 

103 — Plain Truth ; or, a Letter to the Author of Dispassion- 

ate Thoughts on the American War. [By Joseph G-alloway], 
half mor. Lond. 1780, vii. and 76 pp. 8"' 

104i — Cool Thoughts on the Consequences to Grreat Britain 
of American Independence. [By Joseph GaUoway ?] half 
mor. Lond. 1780, 8? 

Half-title, title, and 70 pp. 

105 — Consolatory Thoughts on American Independence. Pub- 

lished for the Benefit of the Orphan Asylum at Edinburgh, 
by a Merchant, hf. mor. Hdini. 1782, 8^ 

Half-title, title, and 68 pp. 

106 — Observations on American Independency, signed ' T. T. B.' 

24 pp. S". 

107 — Observations on the Commerce of the American States, 

2nd ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1783, 8" 

Two prel. leaves and 122 pp. ' The Tables,' etc. 1 page, ' Contents of the 
Appendix,' iv pp. ' Appendix,' No. I. to XVIII.; Tables. 

108 — Observations on the Fift Article of thp Treaty with 

America, and on the Merits and Losses of the American 
Loyalists, Af. mor. Lond. 1783, 19 pp. 8" 

109 — Considerations on the Provisional Treaty with America, hf. 

mor. Lond. 1783, 8"^ 

Half-title, title, and 164 pp. 

110 — Treaty of Peace, G-ood Correspondence and Neutrality in 

America, between James II. and Lewis XIV., concluded 
the Jgth day of November, 1686, half morocco 

In the Savoy, 1686, 20 pp. 4f> 

111 — Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, Nov. 19, 

1794, hf. mor. Lond. 1795, 25 pp. 8» 

Mr, Jay's celebrated Treaty. 

FIBST day's sale. 13 

Amebica: continued. 

112 — Tratado de Amistad, LImites y Navegacion, 27 de Oct. 

1795, hf. mor. Madrid, 1796, ^o 

Title and 54 pp. In double columns, in Spanish and English; two large 
folded leaves, ' Modelo del Pasaporte.' 

113 — Communications concerning the Agriculture and Com- 

merce of America, by a Spanish Q-entleman in Philadelphia. 
Edited in London by William Tatham, Tif. mor. 

Land. 1800, 128 pp. 8» 

114 — Concessions to America the Bane of Britain, hf. mor. 

Land. 1807, 63 pp. 8° 

115 — American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Memoirs of the) 

Vol. 3, part 1 Garni. 1809, 4f> 

Title, advertisement, and contents, 4 pp. Text, pp. 1 to 112; 5 plates. 

116 — History of the Discovery of America, of the Landing of 

our Forefathers at Plymouth, etc. calf 

Norwich, for the Author, 1810, 8° 
Title and pp. 7 to 176. 

117 — The American Eeview of History and Politics, and G-ene- 

ral Repository of Literature and State Papers, 4 vols, calf, 
marb. edges Philadelphia, I'arrand and Nicholas, 1811, 8" 

I. 9 prel. leaves and Text 408 pp. ' Appendix.' 112 pp. ' Statement.' 1 leaf. 
' An Estimate.' 1 leaf. ' Chronological Account,' 1 leaf II. Title and 
Contents, 2 leaves; Text, 358 pp. 'Appendix,' 203 pp. III. 1812. 
Title and Contents, 2 leaves; Text, 159pp.' Appendix,' 1 1 6 pp. ,' 41eaves; 
Text, pp. 161-332; 'Appendix;' pp. 117-175. IV. Title and con- 
tents, 2 leaves ; Text, 192 pp. ; ' Appendix,' 44 pp. ; 2 leaves ; Text, pp. 
193-375 ; ' Appendix,' pp. 45-103. 

118 — A View of the State of Parties in the United States of 

America mini. 1812, 110 pp. 8° 

119 — Three Messages from the President of the United States, 

to the Congress, in ]S"ovember 1811, with Documents ac- 
companying the same 

Washington, printed 1811 ; Lond., repr. 1812, 260 pp. 8" 

120 — A Faithful Eecord of the American War, Vol. 2 

New Torh, 1814, 4" 
Title and Contents, 4 pp. ; Text, pp. 1 to 210. 

121 • — A Compressed View of the Points to be Discussed, in 

Treating with the United States of America, a.b. 1814, with 
an Appendix Lond. 1814, 8° 

Two prel. leaves; text, 39 pp. Maps of Passemaquoddy Bay and the Fron- 
tier of British North America. 

122 — History of the United States, from their First Settle- 

ment to the Close of the War in 1815 lond. 1826, 8<' 

Two prel. leaves, and 467 pp. 

123 — Catalogue of the Library [of the Congress] of the United 

States, bds. uncut Washington, Jon. Mliot, 1815, 4" 

Four prel. leaves, text 170 pp. and ' Index,' 32 pp. First edition of this 

14 piEST day's sale. 

Ameeica: continued. 

124 — An Impartial and correct History of the War between 

the United States of America and G-reat Britain, compiled 
from Official Documents, 304^^. om<?yron^Mj3»ece 

New York, John Low, 1815, 12° 

125 — Historia de America. Noticia de un Manuscrito muy 

interesante, hf. mar. [Sahona 1820 ?] 9 pp. 8" 

126 — The American Farmer, edited by S. S. Skinner, Vols, 

1, 3, and 4 Baltimore, 1821-22-23, 40 

Vol. I. Title and contents, 10 pp.; text, pp. 1 to 384. Vol. III. Title and 
contents, 22 pp.; text, pp. 1 to 416. Vol. IV. Title and contents, 20 pp. ; 
text, pp. 1 to 408. 

127 — Views of Society and Manners in America ; in a series 

of letters during the years 1818, 1819, and 1820, by an 
Englishwoman, half calf Lond. 1821, 533 pp. 8» 

128 — American Anecdotes : Original and Select, by an Ameri- 

can, 2 vols. «reca4 tjery scarce 

Boston, Putnam and Hmvt, 1830, 8° 
Vol. I. 300 pp. Vol. II. 300 pp.. 

129 American Currency. By the Queen, a Proclamation, For 

Settling and Ascertaining the Current Eates of Poreiga 
Coins in Her Majesties Colonies and Plantations in Ame- 
rica, a hroadside, half morocco 

Lond. Bill and Newcoml, 1704, fol. 

130 — A Discourse concerning the Currencies in America. 

Especially with regard to their Paper Money : more parti-, 
cularly in relation to the Province of the Massachusetts- 
Bay, hf. mor. uncut Lond. [1750 ?] 54 pp. 8» 

131 — A Discourse concerning the Currencies of the British 

Plantations in America. Especially with regard to their 
Paper Money, hf. mor. 

Boston, printed 1740; Lond. repr. 1751, 62 pp. 8° 

132 American Taxation, Stamp Act, etc. Objections to the Taxa- 

tion of our American Colonies by Grreat Britain, consider'd 

Lond. 1765, 4° 

Title, and pp. 3-20. Asserting the right of Great Britain to tax her 
Colonies. , , . 

133 — The IsTeeessity of Eepealing the American Stamp Act 

demonstrated, hf. mor. Lond. 1766, 46 pp. 8° 

134 — Protest against the Bill to Repeal the American Stamp 

Act, hf. mor. Paris, J. W. 1766, 16 pp. 8" 

135 — Protest (Second), with a List of the Voters against the 

Bill to Eepeal the American Stamp Act, hf. mor. 

' ' Paris, J. W. 1766, S" 
Fifteen pp. with Errata to the let and Sad Protest, 14 lines. • 

FIRST day's SA.LE. 15 

Amebic a: continued. 

136 American Stamp Act. Protests. Correct Copies of the Two 

Protests against the Bill to Eepeal the American Stamp Act, 
with Lists of the Speakers and Voters, hf. mor. 

Paris, J. W. 1766, 8° 
Twenty-two pp. ' A Liat,' etc. 8 pp. 

137 — A Short History of the Conduct of the Present Ministry, 

■with Eegard to the American Stamp Act, half morocco 

Lond. 1766, 21 pp. 8° 
188 — A Short History, etc. 2nd ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1766, 21 pp. 8° 

139 — Speech (The) of Mr. P and several others, in a cer- 

tain august Assembly on a late important Debate 

{Lond.'] -66. [1766] Title and pp. 5—34, 8° 

140 — The Justice and Necessity of Taxing the American 

Colonies, demonstrated, hf. mor. Lond. 1766, 36 pp. 8° 

" This is, in truth, a most fiery politician, and his pamphlet a mere firebrand. In 
reply to the objections of the colonists to a standing army, he says that 
they have need of the gentlemen of the ildde, to polish and refine their 
manners, to rub off the rust of puritanism," etc. — Monthly Review. 

141 — The General Opposition of the Colonies to the Payment 

of the Stamp Duty ; and the Consequence of Enforcing 
Obedience by Military Measures ; impartially considered. 
LAEGE PAPEE Lond. 1766, 40 pp. 8° 

" Written partly in a serious, and partly in a ludicrous vein." — Monthly 

142 — The Conduct of the late Administration Examined, rela- 

tive to the American Stamp- Act, with an Appendix con- 
taining Original and Authentic Documents. 2nd ed. 

Lond. 1767, 8° 

Title; and pp. 5-lCO. Appendix and Advertisement, 1 leaf; text liv pp. 

i43 ■ — Two Papers on the Subject of Taxing the British Colonies 

in America, hf. mor. Lond. 1767. 22 pp. 8" 

These papers were drawn up by a club of American merchants, at the head 

of whom, were Sir William Keith, Mr. Joshua Gee, and other eminent 

persons. — Bieh. 

144 America {North). Some Considerations on the Consequences 

of thePrench settling Colonies on the Mississippi, with 
respect to the Trade and Safety of the English Plantations 
in America and the West Indies, with map, half mor. 

Lond. 1720, 8° 

Half-'title, title, and 60 pp. 

145 — Erench Policy Defeated. Being an Account of all the 

hostile Proceedings of the Erench against the Inhabitants of 
the British Colonies in North America, for the last Seven 
Tears. With two curious Maps, descrihing all the Coasts, 
Bays, Lahes, Rivers, Soundings, principal Tmvns and Forts, 
on the British Plantations in America, half mor. 

Lond. 1755, 8» 
Title and 114 pp. Two Maps. 

16 FIRST day's sale. 

Ameeica : continued. 

146 America (Worth). The Present State of JVorth America, etd. 

Part 1. 2nd ed. half mar. Lond. 1755, 8° 

Two prel. leaves and 88 pp. 

147 — State of the British and Prench Colonies in North America, 

hf. mor. Lond. 1755, title and 150 pp. 8" 

148 — Proposals for uniting the English Colonies on the Continent 

of America so as ta enable them to act with Porce and 
Vigour against their Enemies, half mor. 

Lond. 1757, title, and 44 pp. 8» 

149 — Some Hints to People in Power, on the Present Melancholy 

Situation of our Colonies in North America, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1763, 48 pp. 8" 

150 — An Essay on the Trade of the Northern Colonies of G-reat 

Britain in North America, hf. mor. 

Printed at Philadelphia : Lond. rejpr. 1764, 42 pp. 8° 
" The subject is treated in a masterly and judicious manner." — Monthly 

151 ■ — Some Thoughts on the Method of Improving and Securing 

the Advantages which accrue to Grreat-Britain from the 
Northern Colonies, hf. mor. Lond. 1765, 8° 

152 — A Succinct View of the Origin of our Colonies, whereby 

the Nature of the Empire established in America may be 
clearly understood Lond. 1766; title and 46 pp. 8° 

153 — The Present State of Great Britain and North America, 

with regard to Agriculture, Population, Trade, and Manu- 
factures, impartially considered, [by Dr. MitchU,] old calf 

Lond. 1767, 388 pp. 8» 

154 — [Robinson (Matthew)] Considerations on the Measures 

carrying on with respect to the British Colonies in North 
America Lond. [1774] 8" 

Title and 160 pp. 

155 — Considerations, etc. 2nd ed. with Additions and an Ap- 

pendix, half mor. Lond. [1774] 8» 

Half-title, title, and text 176 pp. ' Appendix,' 45 pp. 

156 — The other side of the Question : or a Defence of the Li- 

berties of North- America. In Answer to a late Friendly 
Address to all reasonable Americans, half mor. 

New York, James Rivington, 1774, 30 pp. 8° 

157 — A Summary View of the Eights of British America, [by 

Mr. Jefferson : intended for the Delegates of Virginia], 
half mor. Williamsburg, printed : Lond. repr. 1774!, 8° 

Two prel. leaves, viz. Title and Preface ; Dedication ' to the King,' pp. v xvi 

Signed ' Tribunus." Text pp. 5 — 44. 

158 — A Eurther Examination of our Present American Mea- 

sures. By the Author of Considerations on the Measures, 
etc. [Mathew Eobinson], uncut Path, 1776, 8° 

Title, and 256 pp. 

FIRST day's sale, 17 

Ameeica: continued. 

159 — The History of Nortli America Zond. 1776, 120 

Two prel. leaves, 284 pp. and Map of North America. 

160 — The North American and the West-Indian G-azetteer, with 

maps, old calf Lond. 1776, 12" 

Three prel. leaves; Introduction 24 pp ; text, signatures B. to T, in 6. U. 1. 
Addenda 2 pp. 2 maps. See Bristol, N.E., where a curious blunder 
is made accidentally or intentionally, by confounding an Indian Chief, 
called " King Philip," with " the King- of Spain." 

161 — : The North American and the "West-Indian Gazetteer, 2nd 

ed. Lond. 1778, 120 

Three prel. leaves. Introduction 24 pp. Text, eig;natures B to T. in 6. U. I. 
2 maps. 

162 — Letters and other Papers relating to the Proceedings of 

his Majesty's Commissioners. By the Earl of Carlisle, Sir 
Henry Clinton, William Eden, Esquire, and George John- 
stone, Esquire, Commissioners, upon Disorders now sub- 
sisting, Proposed Appendix, peitatelt pkintbd, Jif. mor. 

{Bivington, New YorJc], 1778, 8° 
Text 55 pp. " Proposed Appendix," 10 leaves. 

163 — Succinct Account of the Treaties and Negociations rela- 

ting to the Boundary between the British possessions of 
Lower Canada and New Brunswick, in North America, and 
the United States \_Lond^ 8° 

T*o hundred and six pp. Contents 1 page. Map of North America. 
Privately printed, this copy having the autograph of the Earl of Anglesey. 

164 — Vue de la Colonie Espagnole du Mississipi, ou des Pro- 

vinces de Louisiane et Eloride Occidentale, en I'Annee 1802, 
hf. cf. Paris, 1803, 8° 

Twenty and 318 pp. Table Abregee 5 pp. Avis au Relieur, and, Errata et 
Additions, 4 pp. With 2 coloured maps. 

165 — History of North America, 2 vols. Leeds, 1820, 8" 

Vol. I. 4 and 498 pp. Vol. II. Title and 458 pp. Portruit of Thomas Jef- 
ferson, and 2 Plates of American Coins. 

166 — Travels in North America, calf Dublin, 1824, 12" 

One hundred and eighty pp. including Frontispiece and title ; woodcuts on 
' pp.93, 123, 140, 145. 

167 — A Northern Tour, being a G-uide to Saratoga, Lake 

George, Niagara, Canada, Boston, etc. half calf 

Philadelphia: R. G. Carey and I. Lea, 1825, 287 pp. 12° 

168 — Some Account of the North- America Indians, hf. mor. 

Lond. [1754] 68 pp. 8° 

169 American Indians {North). A Narrative of Occurrences in the 

Indian Countries of North America, since the Connexion of 
the Earl of Selkirk with the Hudson's Bay Company 

Lond 1817, 8° 
Fourteen and 152 pp. 'Appendix ' 2 prel. leaves and 87 pp. 

18 piEST day's sale. 

Ameeica: continued. 

170 America (Spanish). Eeprensentacion Politico Legal, que 

haze a nuestro Senor Soberano, Don Phelipe Quinto, Eey de 

las Espaiias, para que se sirva de declarar, no tienen los Bs- 

panoles Indianos obice para obtener los empleos Politicos, 

y Militares die la America, unbound, 22 folioed leaves 

Don Juan Antonio de Ahumada, Golegial actual de el Mayor 

de Santa Maria de Todos Santos de Mexico, y 

Ahogado de su Real Audiencia, folio 

171 — Commentarius de Eepublica in America Lusitana, atque 

Hispana a Jesuitis instituta, belloque ab his cum Hispanise, 
etc. Title, and 77 pp. small 8" 

172 — Eelacion de las Vitorias qve Don Diego de Arroy o y 

Da§a, Grovernador y Capitan general de la Prouinci de 
Cumana, tuuo en la gran Salina de Arraya, a 30 de Nov. de 
622, contra ciento y quatro nauios de Olandeses, unbound 

Madrid, [1623], 4 pp. fol. 
Nos. 172 to 191, (except 186) are probably nearly all either privately printed, 
or were taken in small numbers for official use only. Other copies cannot 
probably be found. 

173 — Eelacion de Como Martirizaron los Hereges Olandeses, 

Grelandeses, y Pechilingues, en odio de nuestra santa Pe 
Catolica, al Eeligioso y obseruante varon el Padre Presentado 
fray Alonso G-omez de Enzinas, en la entrada que bizieron 
este mes passado de lunio de 1624, en la Cuidad de Guay;aquil, 
en la Prouincia de Quito, que es en las Indias, y Eeynos 
del Perii Madrid, 1625, 4 pp. fol. 

I 174 — Eelacion y Copia de vna Carta, de las Companiaa de In- 

fanteria, y de Acauallo, que su Magestad tiene en el puerto 

de Callao, para defensa del dicho puerto, y de la Isla del 

BrasU, hf. mor. 

i Madrid, Sernardino de Guzman, 1 625, 4 pp. fol. 

'Si 175 — Eelagam verdadeira, e breve datomada da Villa de Olinda, 

Elvgardo Eecife na Costa do Brazil pellos rebeldes de Olanda, 

I }if. mor. Lisboa, 1630, 6 pp. fol. 

^ 176 — Eelacion de la lornada qve la Armada de su Magestad a 
hecho al socorro del Brazil, y batalla que entre ella, y la de 
los Estados de Olada, hf. mor. Sevilla, 1631, 4 pp. fol. 

177 — Eelacion de los muertos, y heridos que huuo en la Eeal 

Armada de la guardia de las Indias, las dos vezes que peleo 
con el enemigo, sobre Pan de Cauanas 1638, 4 pp. 4° 

178 — Eelacion de lo Svcedido a la Armada Eeal de la guarda 

de la carrera de las Indias, desde el dia que se hizo a la vela 
en la Vaia de Cadiz, hasta el en que dio fondo en el puerto 
oe la Vera Cruz en la Nueua Espana 

\_Meocico, 1638], 8 leaves, 4° 

179 — Eelacion. Mverte de Pie de Palo. Segvuda Eelacion, 

de la batalla que ban tenido los Glaleones con 40 iNauios de 
Olandeses, siendo Gleneral de ellos Pie de Palo 

Madrid, 1638, 4 pp. 4° 

FIRST day's sale. 19 

Ameeica: continued. 

180 America (Spanish.') Eelacion Verdadera, de la Gran Vitoria 

qve han alcangado en el Brasil la gente de la Baia de Todos 
Santos, contra los Olandeses Seuilla, 1638, 4 pp. 4" 

181 — Eelacion Verdadera de la Refriega qve Tvvieron nuestros 

Graleones de la Plata en el Cabo de san Anton, con catorze 
navios de Olada Sevilla, 1638, 4 pp. 4" 

182 — Eelacion Verdadera del viaje de los G-aleones, j de las 

dos batallas que ruuieron sobre Pan de Cauanas, con los 
Olandeses, en este afio de 1638 Seuilla, 1638, 4 pp. 4° 

183 — Eelacion de la Vitoria qve Alcanzaron las Armas Catolicas 

en la Baia de Todos Santos contra Olandeses, hf. mor. 

Madrid, 1638, 6 leaves, fol. 

184 — Eelacion Verdadera de las Pazes que Capitvlo con el 

Aravcano Eebelado, el Marques de Baides, Conde de Ped- 
roso, Grouernador, y Capitan G-eneral del Eeyno de Chile, etc. 

Madrid, 1642, 8 pp. fol. 

185 — Eelacion de Todo lo Svcedido en estas Provincias de la 

Nveva Espafia, desde la formacion de la Armada Eeal de 
Barlovento, despacho de Plota, v sucesso della, hasta la salida 
deste primer Aviso del afio de 1642, hf. mor, 1642, 4 pp. fol. ^ 

186 — Eelations Veritables et Cvrievsesde I'lsle de Madagascar, f 

et dv Bresil. Auec I'histoire de la derniere Guerre faite au 
Bresil, entre las Portugais y les Hollandois. Trois Eela- 
tions d'Egypte, et vne du Eoyaume de Perse, calf gilt 

Paris, 1651, 4" 
Eight prel. leaves ; the 4th blank, and 307 pp. Map at page 1, 

187 — Eelacion de los Socorros, que ha remitido k Tierra-Pirme 

el Excelentissimo sefior Conde de Lemos, Virrey, Governa- 
dor, y Capitan General de los Eeynos, y Provincias del Peril, 
para la restauracion del Castillo de Chagre, y Ciudad de 
Panama, de que se apodero el Enemigo Ingles, hf. mor. 

[1671], 4 pp. fol. 

188 — Eelacion de la Salvd Milagrosa, qve dio el Bienaventurado 

Stanislao Kost Ka, Novicio de la Oompania de lesus, a otro 
Novicio de la misma Compania, en la Casa de Provacion de 
San Antonio Abad de la Ciudad de Lima, el dia 13 de Nov. 
1673 Madrid, 1674, 6 leaves, 4° , 

189 — Copia de dos Cartas Escritas de vn Missionero, y^delf 

Superior de las Missiones de los Maynas, en el Eio Maraiion, 
jurisdiccion de la Eeal Audiencia de Quito, avisando al Padre 
Vice-Provincial de la Compaiiia de lesvs, del l^uevo Eeyno 
de Granada, Primera Carta, hf. mor. [1681] 4 pp. fol. 

190 — Eelacion del Exemplar Castigo qveembioDios a la Ciudad 

de Lima Cabeza del Peru, y su Costa de Barloueuto con los 
espantosos Temblores del dia 20. de Oct. 1687 

Lima, Joseph de Gontreras, 1687, 8 pp. fol. 


Amebic A: continued. 

191 America {Spanish). Eelacion de lo Svcedido a la Armada de 

Barlovento k fines del ano passado, j prineipios de este de 
1691. Victoria, que contra los Praneeses, que ocupan la Costa 
del morte de la Isla de Santo Domingo tuvieron, con el ayuda 
de dicha Armada, los Lauzeros, j milicia Espanola de aquella 
Isla, abrasando el Puerto de Guarico, j otras Poblaciones, 
uncut and tmiotmd 

Mexico, par los Serederos de la Viuda de Bernardo ' 
Calderon, 1691, 16 pp. 4» 

192 — Stories of popular Voyages and Travels ; with illustra- 

tions. Containing abridged Narratives of Travels in South 
America, New ed. Lond. 1730, 12" 

Half-title, title, iv and 259 pp. With engraved title, map and 3 plates. 

193 — A Concise History of the Spanish America, with an Ap- 

pendix, in which is comprehended an exact Description of 
Paraguay. Collected chiefly from Spanish Writers, [by Dr. 
Campbell ?'],Jine copy in old calf Lond. 1741, 8" 

Title and dedication 2 leaves ; ' Preface,' pp. v-viii ; table of contents 2 leaves ; 
and text 336 pp. 

194 — The Spanish Empire in America, with an exact Descrip- 

tion of Paraguay. By an English Merchant, old calf 

Zand. 1747, 8" 
Six prel. leaves and 330 pp. The same as the preceding, with a new title. 

195 — A True and Particular History of Earthquakes, contain- 

ing a relation of that which happen'd at Lima and Callao, in 
Peru, Oct. 28, 1746, by Philotbeus, old calf 

Lond. for the Author, 1748, 192 pp. 8" 

196 — An Account of the Spanish Settlements in America. In 

four Parts minb. 1762, 8" 

Sixteen and 512 pp. Copper-plate map ]6f by 13^ inches. The value of 
this work is greatly enhanced by the addition at ttie end, from page 472 
to 512, of the Official "Accounts of the siege and surrender of the 
HavannaV'in 1763, consisting of a Journal of the Siege, the Articles of 
Capitulation, the Dispatches, etc, 

197 — Observations on the present state of Spanish America, by 

a Spaniard, hf. mor. Lond. 1817, title and 45 pp. 8" 

198 — Ensayo sobre la Topografia de los Eios Plata, Parana, 

Paraguay, Vermejo y Pilcomayo, para servir de memoria a 
su Navegacion con un Mapa 

' Buenos Aires, Rallet y Ca. 1831, 8" 
Sixteen pp. signed ' Herman C- Dwerhagen.' 

000 American Poetry. See Andre ; Boston ; Bosworth ; Brad- 
street ; Humphries ; Origin; Sotweed Bedivivus 

000 America. Common Sense (and replies to same). See 
Paine (Tho.) 

000 America (Spanish). See Granada; Lima; Mexico; Para- 

FIEST day's sale. 21 

000 American and Indian Dialects. See Ardas; Bertonio; Sible; 
Inc' wadi Yohugala, etc.; Luther's Catechisms in Virginian; 
Molina, Vocdbulario Mexicana ; Morning Frayer, in Mo- 
hawk; NoceAa, Vbcab. de la Lengua Tagala ; Pamplona, 
Bocahwlario, por Diego Bergano ; Primer, in MoJiawk 

199 Analyse de la Carte Q-enerale de 1' Ocean Atlantique ou Oc- 

cidental Paris, 1786, title, and 42 pp. 4° 

200 Anatomy (An) of Independency, or a Briefe Commentary, 

and Moderate Discourse upon The Apologeticall Narration 
of Mr. Thomas Goodwin, and Mr. Philip Nye, etc. half 
morocco Lond. 1Q4A, 4" 

Title and preface, 2 leaves ; text, 52 pp. 

201 Anburey (Thomas) Travels through the Interior Parts of 

America, 2 vols, calf Lond. 1789, 8° 

Vol. I. Half-title, title and 1 4 other prel. leaves ; text, 467 pp. Vol. II. Title , 
and text, 558 pp. ; map 16 by 14 inches, and 7 plates with a list thereof. 

202 Anderson (Eufus) Memoir of Catherine Brown, a Christian 

Indian of the Cherokee Nation, uncut York, 1827, 12° 

Two hundred and two pp. with frontispiece. 

203 Anderson (William "Wemyss) A Description and History of 

the Island of Jamaica, reprinted from the "Work, by John 
Ogilby, first published in 1671, with additions to our own 
times, with a map of the island, uncut 

Kingston, Jamaica, George Henderson, 1851, 8° 
Forty-six pp. ; errata, 9 lines, on a slip. 

204 Andre (Major John) The Cow Chace : an Heroick Poem, in 

Three Cantos ; written at New York, 1780, with Explanatory 
Notes by the Editor, hf. mor. 

Lond. John Melding, 1781, 32 pp. 4° 

The following is the last stanza of this moclc-heroic poem, to which subse- 
quent events gave a melancholy interest, probably little dreamed of by the 

And now I've clos'd my epic strain, 

I tremble as I show it. 
Lest this same warrior-drover, Wayne, 
Should ever catch the poet. 

000 Andre (Major). See Boyal Gazette, 

205 Anson (George, Lord). A Voyage round the world, in the '< 

Tears 1740-1-2-3-4, of His Majesty's Ships, sent upon an 
Expedition to the South Seas ; compiled from Papers and 
other Materials of the Eight Honourable Greorge Lord 
Anson, and published under his direction, by Eichard 
"Walter, M.A., Chaplain of His Majesty's Ship, the Cen- 
turion, in that Expedition, 2nd ed. with charts, calf 

Lond 1748, 8° 
Twelve prel. leaves and 548 pp. ; 3 charts. 

206 Anson (George, Lord) Voyage, 3rd ed. calf Lond. 1748, 8° 


22 FiEST bat's sale. 

207 Anson (George, Lord) Voyage, 6th ed. calf Lond. 1749, S" 

Twelve prel, leaves, 548 pp., 3 charts. 

208 Anson (George, Lord) Voyage, 7th ed. ealf jDuUin, 1748, 8° 

Nine prel. leaves and 350 pp. ; 8 copper-plate charts and plates, with a list 

209 Anson (George, Lord) Voyage, 14th ed. lab0E papee, calf 

Lond. 1769, S" 
Twelve prel. leaves, 536 pp. 3 charts. 

210 Answer (The) of the Assembly of Divines unto the Keasons 

given by the Dissenting Brethren, of their not bringing in 
a Model of their Way, hf. mor. Lond. 1645, 4° 

Two prel. leaves; text, pp. 3 to 24. 

211 Answer (An) to a Pamphlet call'd, The Conduct of the 

Ministry Impartially Examined, by the Author of the Pour 
Letters to the People of England Lond. 1756, 100 pp. 8" 

212 Answer (An) to the Declaration of the American Congress, 

hf. mor. Lond. 1776, 132 pp. 8° 

213 — The same, 4th ed. %f. mor. Lond. 1776, 132 pp. 8° 

214 — The same, 5th ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1776, 132 pp. 8° 

215 Antequera y Castro (Joseph de). Colleccion General de Do- 

cumentos, que contiene los sucesos tocantes a la segunda 
epoca de las commociones de los Regulares de la Compariia 
en el Paraguay, y seiialadamente la persecucion, que hicieron 
a Don Josef de Antequera y Castro. Tomo Tercero, vellum 

Madrid, 1769, 4° 

Fourteen prel. pages ; text, 239, 374, 64 pp. and 2 sequent leaves. 

216 Anticipation: Containing the Substance of His M y's 

Most Gracious Speech to both H s of P 1 1, on 

the Opening of the approaching Session, together with a 
full and authentic Account of the Debate which will take 

place in the H e of C s, on the Motion for the 

Address, and the Amendment, with Notes, (first published 
three days before the opening of the Session) 3rd ed. [by 
Eichard Tickell] Lond. 1778, 8" 

Four prel. leaves and text, 74 pp. " That which raised him (Tickell) to imme- 
diate celebrity was his admirable political pamphlet, called Anticipation- 
in which, with the most successful humour, he imitated the manner of the 
principal speakers in parliament, and defeated the force of the arguments 
of the opposition by pre-occupying them." — Chalmers' Biog. Diet. 

217 Anticipation continued ; containing the Substance of the 

Speech intended to be delivered from the T e to both 

H s of P — ^r — m — t, on the Opening of the ensuing 

Session, to which is added, A Sketch of the Debate which 

will take place in the H e of L ds on the Motion 

for an Address and A,mendment : Lond. 1779, 57 pp; g" 

riBS*f DAt's SAL^. 23 

218 Anticipation : Tor the Tear 1779, (first published five days 

before the Opening of the Session), 2ad ed. 

Lond. 1779, 59 pp. 8° 

219 Apianua (Petrus). Cosmographia per Gremmam Frisivm 

apvd Lovanienses Medievm et Mathematicvm insignem 

Col. Agrip. 1574, 4° 
Two prel. and 58 folioed leaves, with revolving diagrams, and with woodcuts. 

220 ApoIiIONIus (Letinius) be PBEUTia; EegioniS, inter Noui 

Orbis prouincias celeberrimae, inventione : et rebus in eadem 
gestis, FiEST EDITION, Very fine copy, in citron morocco 

Antv. ap. lo. Bellerum, 1566, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves ; text folioed 9 to 236, followed by index, errata, and colo- 
phon, ' Antverpiae, Typis Amata Tavernerii,' 8 leaves ; woodcut map. 

221 ApoLLOTTirs (Letinius). Another copy, map 1567, 8° 

This copy is the same as the preceding, except that the date on the title- 
page, is 1567 instead of 1566. 

222 Apollonius (Levinius) . Another copy, stained, map wanting 

1567, 8° 

223 Apology (An) for the Builder ; or, a Discourse shewing the 

Cause and Effects of the Increase of Building, half morocco 

Lond. 1689, title, and 37 pp. 4° 

Among the several references to America in this quaint little book, the fol- 
lowing extract is not the least curious :— " Now the reason of this was, the 
people of England were a little before that time under the same mistake, 
as they are generally now, and cried out against the Builders, that the 
City would grow too big ; and therefore in the 38 of Queen Elizabeth they 
made a law to prohibit buildings in the City of London; which, though it 
was but a probationary Act, to continue only to the next Sessions of Par- 
liament (which was but a short time), yet its effects were long ; for it 
frighted the builders, and obstructed the growth of the City; and none 
built for thirty years after, all King James His Reign, without his Ma- 
jesties License ; but for want of Houses the increase of the People went 
into other parts of the world ; for within this space of time were those 
great Plantations of New-England, Virginia, Mariland, and Bermudas 
beo-an; and that this want of houses was the occasion, is plain ; for they 
could not build in the Country, because of the Law against Cottages. For 
people may get children and so increase, that had not four Acres of ground 
to build on." — Page 28. 

224 Appeal (An) to the Justice and Interests of the People of 

Grreat Britain, in the present disputes with America, by an 
old M.P. Jif. mar. Lond. 1774, 8° 

Half-title, title, and 63 pp. " An able advocate for the colonists." — 31. Rev. 

225 Appeal (An) &c. 4th ed. hf. mor. 

Eepr. at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1776, 72 pp, 8° 

226 Appeal (An) to the Unprejudiced, concerning the present 

Discontents occasioned by the late Convention with Spain, 
half morocco Lond. 1739, 32 pp. 8° 


227 Appeal (An) to the Sense of the People on the Present Pos- 

ture of Affairs, wherein the Nature of the late Treaties are 
inquired into, and the Conduct of the M — i — y with regard 
to M — n — ca, A — r — ca, &c. is considered, uncut 

Land. 1756, title, and 54 pp. 8° 

228 Appendix (An) to the Memoirs of the Duke de Eipperda, on 

the Balance of Europe, the present State of Spain, and the 
Consequences of a War in the West Indies Zand. 1740, 8° 

Title, and text, pp. 356-390. 

229 Appendix (An) to the present State of the Nation, contain- 

ing a Eeply to the Observations on that Pamphlet, hf. mor. 

Land. 1769, S" 
Title, and text pp. 5-68. 

230 Application (An) of some General Political Eules to the pre- 

sent State of Great Britain, Ireland, and America, in a 
Letter to Earl Temple, hf. mor. Land. 1766, 86 pp. 8» 

231 Arango (Jose de). Nadie se asuste por la segunda y ultima 

esplicacioa. mia sobre la Independencia de la isla de Cuba, 
hf. mor. [1820], pp. 4-42, 8" 

232 Aechdalb (John), Governor of Carolina. A New Des- 


CAEOLiNA,^«e copy, hf. mor. Lond. J. Wyat, 1707, 4" 

Half-title, title, ' To the Courteous Headers,' 3 pp. ; text, 32 pp. It was 
Governor Archdale who introduced the cultivation of rice into Carolina. 
— Rich. 

233 Aedas. Doctrina Cheistiana : y explicacion de sus Mis- 

terios, en nuestro idioma Espaflol, y en lengua Arda, fine 
copy, original vellum 

Madrid, por Domingo Garcia Mbrrds, 1658, sm. 8° 

Title, with 19 lines on the reverse; Text, 13 folioed leaves in double columns. 
Signatures A in 8, B in 4, and C in 2 leaves. 

The Ardas are a barbarous tribe of Indians dwelling between the rivers Napo 
and Maraflon, in the Province of Quijos, in Quito. This, as far as we can 
leai-n, is not only the sole book published in the Arda Language, but is the 
only copy of it known. 

234 Argensola (Bartolomeo Leonardo). Histoire de la Conquete 

des Isles Moluques, 8 vols, old calf Amst. 1706, 12» 

Vol. I. 7 prel. leaves, and 405 pp. Vol. II. 2 pi-el. leaves, and 402 pp. and 
Table, 15 unnumbered leaves. Vol. III. 3 prel. leaves, 388 pp. and Table, 
10 unnumbered leaves. Maps and plates in each volume. Not mentioned 
by Rich. 

235 Argument (An) in Defence of the Exclusive Eight claimed by 

the Colonies to Tax themselves 

Lond. for the Author, 1774, 8" 

Title, contents, pp. v.-vii. and text 163 pp. "A solid and judicious advocate 
for the colonies." — M. Rev. 

PiEST day's sale. 25 

236 Armitage (John). The History of Brazil, from the period of / 

the Arrival of the Braganza Family in 1808 to the Abdica- 
tion of Don Pedro the First in 1831, compiled from Original 
Sources, forming a Continuation to Southey's History, 
2 vols, cloth Lond. 1836, 8" 

Vol. I. 9 prel. leaves, viz. half-title, portrait, title, dedication, preface, con- 
tents; text 371 pp. Vol. II. 5 prel. leaves, viz. half-title, portrait, title, 
contents; text 141 pp. ' Notes,' pp. 144-155. • Appendix,' pp. 157-297. 

237 Arthur (John). The Genealogy of Jesus Christ, according 

to St. Matthew and St. Luke, Examined, Illustrated, and 
Vindicated,^/, mor. 

New Torle, James Parker and Co. at the New 
'Printing Office, in Beaver Street, 1762, 8" 
Title, text, pp. 3-16. 

238 Arthus (Gotard) Historia Indiae Orientalis, ex variis 

Avctoribvs collecta, et ivxta Seriem Topographicam Eegno- 
rum, Prouinciarum & Insularum, per Africse, Asiseque lit- 
tora, ad extremos vsque laponios deducta 

Col, Agrip., Wil, Lutzenhirch, 1608, sm. 8" 

Ten prel. leaves (8th blank) and 616 pp. This abridgment of the Petits 
Voyages of De Bry is not mentioned by Rich or Brunet. 

239 Articles of Agreement for carrying on an Expedition, by 

Hudson's Straights, for the Discovery of a North-West Pas- 
*sage, dated March 30, 1745 Dublin, 1746, 16 pp. 8" 

240 Asher (Adolph) Bibliographical Essay on the Collection of 

Voyages and Travels edited by Levinus Hulsius and his suc- 
cessors at Nuremberg and Erancfort, from anno 1598 to 1660, 
bds. Lond. and Berlin, 1839, 4" 

Three prel. leaves, and 118 pp. A eeiies of the rare first editions of Hulsius* 
Collections, 27 vols, small quarto, was sold by us in July last for £335. 

241 Ashley (John) Memoirs and Considerations concerning the 

Trade and Eevenues of the British Colonies in America, 
hf. mor. Lond. 1740, 160 pp. 8° 

242 Ashton's (Philip) Memorial ; or, an Authentick Account of 

the Strange Adventures and Signal Deliverances of Mr. 
Philip Ashton, who, after he had made his Escape from the 
Pirates, liv'd on a desolate Island for about 16 months, etc. 
with a short Account of Mr. Nicholas Merritt, who was 
taken at the same time ; to which is added, a Sermon on 
Dan. iii. 17, by John Barnard, V.D.M. calf 
Lond. for Mich. Ford and Sam. Chandler, 1726, 156 pp. 12" 

Philip Ashton was a native of Marble Head in Massachusetts, and on the 
15th of June, 1722, with Nicholas Merritt, his kinsman, was taken pri- 
soner by the Pirate Low, at Port Rossaway, Cape Sable, and carried into 
the "West Indies, Central America, etc. He returned after long wanderings 
and many hardships to New England, and landed at iSalem on the 1st of 
May, 1725. Mr. Barnard, the Minister of Marble Head, preached a Ser- 
mon upon the joyful occasion of his return to his native town. The book 
is full of incident, and little known to the book collectors of New England. 

26 riEstr day's sale. 

243 Aspinwall CHomas). Catalogue of Books relating to Ame- 

rica, in the collection of Colonel Aspinwall, Consul of the 
United States of America at London, •privately •printed, hut 
very few copies issued [^Paris, 1832 ?] 8° 

Two prel. leaves, and 66 pp. 

244 Aspinwall (Thomas). Catalogue of extremely Bare Books 

and MSS. relating to America, with an Appendix of Books 
from the Library of Col. Aspinwall, 5 days' sale, fine paper, 
printed prices Lond. PutticTc and Simpson, 1854, 8° 

245 Assiento, y Capitvlacion que por mandado de su Magestad 

se ha tornado con diuersas personas interessadas en el co- 
mercio de las Indias, wanting the last leaf, hf. mor. bound ly 
Sayday 1618, 30 leaves, folio 

246 Assiento y Capitvlacion, qve los senores Presidente, y del 

Consejo Eeal de las Indias tomaron co Adriano de Legaso . . . 
y despacho de las armada y flotas de las Indias, por tiempo 
de seis anos, Jif. mor. lound by Sayday 

Madrid, luan Gongalee, 1627, 44 leaves, folio 

247 Assiento y Capitvlacion, qve los senores Presidente, y del 

Consejo B.eal de las Indias, y despacho de las Armadas, y 
Plotas de las Indias, por tiempo de tres aiios, hf. mor. bound 
by Sayday Madrid, And. de Parra, 1640, folio 

Title, and 50 leaves. 

248 Assiento. [BegiMs'] En en Nombre de. Dios, Amen. "Sepan 

qvantos esta carta viere como nos Crhistoval de Barnvevo 
Bonifaz, y Ivan de Vergara Gaviria, etc. [Assiento del 
Aueria de prior y Consules aflo de 1618], hf. mor. bound by 
Sayday 27 leaves, folio 

249 Assiento Contract (The) Consider' d, as also the Advantages 

and Decay of the Trade of Jamaica and the Plantations 

Lond. 1714, 8" 

Title ; preface, 4 leaves, and text, 50 pp. 

I 250 Atkins (John). A Voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the "West 
ludaes, calf , very fine copy Zon^f. 1735, 8" 

Title ; xxv. pp. ; text, pp. 1-2, and 19-254. ' An Abstraet,' &c. pp. 255-265. 
' Errata,' 7 lines. 

.251 Atkinson (Eev. W. Chr.) A Historical and Statistical Ac- 
count of New Brunswick, roan Hdinb. 1844, 12" 
Eight prel. leaves : viz. title ; ' contents' pp. iii-v; ' Preface' pp. vii-xvi • 
and text pp. 14-284, with map. ' Sketch of the River St. John.' - ' 

252 Atlas Geographus: or, a compleat System of Geography, 
(Ancient and Modern) for Amebioa. Containing "What "is 
of most Use in Bleau, Varenius, Cellarius, Cluverius, Luyts, 
Baudrand, Sanson, the Eoyal Commentaries of Peru, &c. 
maps by Serman Moll. Vol. V. (complete for America) 

1717, 4° 
Title ; ' Preface,' 1 leaf; text 798 pp. ' Index,' pp. 799-807. ' An Account 
of the Plates, Maps, and Tables,' 2 leaves. 

piBST day's sale. 27 

253 Atias zue Entdboktjn&sgeschichtb Ameeikas, aus hand- 

schriffcen der K. Hof-und Staats — Bibliothek, der K. TJniver- 
sitaet and des hauptconservatoriutns der K.B. Armee heraus- 
gegeben von F. Kuustmann, K. Von Spruner und G-. M. 
Thomas, in atlas folio, with Mo, letterpress 

MmicTien, 1859, fol. 
Title, contents, 13 maps. Letterpress: — Title, and pp. 151. 

254 Atwater (Caleb), The "Writings of, cloth 

Columbus. Published by the Author, 1833, 408 pp. 8" 

255 Auchincloss (J..) D.D., The Sophistry of both the first and 

second part of Mr. Paine' s Age of Eeason. In Four Ser- 
monSj uncut Udinh. 1796, 8° 

Title and Dedication 2 leaves. Text, pp. 5-96. 

'256 Australia. Histoire des Navigations aux Terres Australes, 
2 vols, old calf Paris, 1756, 4° 

Tome Premiei-. Title, xi? and 463 pp. Errata 4 pp. Tome Second. Title 
and 614 pp. Errata 2 pp. With Charts, No. 1 to 7. 

257 Auteroche (Chappe d'). A Voyage to California through 

Mexico, to observe the Transit of Venus. Also a Voyage to 
Newfoundland and Sallee, to make experiments on Le Eoy's 
Time Keepers. By M. De Cassini, old calf Land. 1778, 8o 

Half-title, title, 'Advertisement,' and 'Contents,' 4 leaves. Text 215 pp. 
Plan of the City of Mexico 10 by 7^ inches. 

258 Authentic (An) Narrative of Facts relating to the Bxclange 

of Prisoners taken at the Cedars ; with Eemarks upon the 
Eeport and Eesolves of the American Congress on that sub- 
ject, halfmor. Land. V771, 52 pp. 8" 

259 Avendano. Carta, qve el P. Francisco Xavier Eector del 

Colegio Maximo de S. Pablo, y al presente Preposito Pro- 
vincial de la Provincia del Peril. Dandoles vna breve noticia 
de la exemplarissima vida, y dichosa muerte del Ven. P. 
Diego de Avendano, Spanish binding 

Lima, For losehp de Contreras, 1689, 66 leaves, 4" 

260 Avity (Sieur d') Les Estats, Empires, et Principavtez dv 

Monde, old calf Paris, 1619, 40 

Ten prel. leaves ; Text 1467 pp. followed by ' Privilege.' The History of 
the New World in this volume occupies 67 pages ; viz. from page 255 
to 322. 

261 Azara (Felix de), Apuntamientos para la Historia Natural 

de los Quadriipedos del Paragiiay y Eio de La Plata, Tomo 
Primero, uncut Madrid, Fiuda de Ibarra, 1802, 4o 

Half-title. Title, and 8 other prel. leaves: Text 318 pp. ' Erratas.' 1 page. 

262 Azara (Felix de). Voyages dans L'Amerique Meridionale, 

4 vols, calf, marbled edges 1809, 8° 

I. Half-title, Title, & pp. v to Ix prel. Text 389 pp. II. Half-title, Title, 
and Text 362 pp. III. Half-title, Title, and Avis, 3 leaves ; & Text 479 
pp. IV. Half-tiile, Title, and Text 380 pp. 

28 FIBST DAT'8 sale, 

263 Backus (Isaac), Fastor at Middleborough, A Fish caught 

in his own Net. An Examination of Nine Sermons, from 
Matt. xvi. 18. Published last Tear, by Mr. Joseph Ksh of 
Stonington ; "Wherein he labours to prove, that those called 
Standing Churches in New-England are built upon the Eock, 
and upon the same Principles with the first Eathers of this 
Country: and that Separates and Baptists are joining with 
the Grates of Hell against them 

Boston : ly Mes and QUI, 1768, 8" 
One hundred and thirty pages. ' Errata,' 1 page. 

264 Backus (Isaac) A Histoet of New-England, with parti- 

cular Eeference to the Denomiaation of Christians called 
Baptists, 3 vols, half calf 

Boston, Hdtoard Draper, 1777, 1784, 1796, '8» 

Title and Preface, 4 leayes ; Text 544 pp. ' Appendix' 1 S pp. Errata 1 p. 
Vol. II. Providence, 1784. Title & pp. Vol. III. Boston, 1796, 334 pp. 
and Advertisement, 1 p. 

265 [Bacon (Thomas).] Two Sermons, preached to a Congregation 

of Black Slaves, at the Parish Church of S. P. in the Pro- 
vince of Maryland, hf. mor. Lond. 1749, 79 pp. 12" 

266 Bailet (Johk), Pastor in Watertown, N. JE. Man's chief 

End to Glorifie &od, or Some Brief Sermon-Notes on 
1 Cor. X. 81, blue morocco 
Boston, by Samuel Green for Bichard WllTcins, 1689, small 8" 

Four prel. leaves ; viz. Title reverse blank ; ' To the Reader' 6 pp. Signed 
' J. M.' Text 160 pp. ' To my Loving and Dearly Beloved Christian 
Friends, in and about Lymerick.' 40 pp. dated ' May 8, 1684.' Signed 
' John Bally.' ' Postscript.' 3 pp. signed ' John Baily.' 

267 Baker (Daniel) Tet one Warning More, to Thee O Eng- 

land ... to awaken the Nations and Inhabitants of 
the Earth . . . and ring again in the ears of New Eng- 
land, etc. Lond. Bob. Wilson, 1660, 4° 
Title and 37 pp. 

268 Baker (James) The Life of Sir Thomas Bernard, Baronet, 

morocco extra Lond. 1819, 8° 

Thirteen pp. and text 190 pp. With a porttait of Sir Thomas Bernard. 
Sir Thomas Bernard was of the same family as the famous Governor of 

269 Ball (John) An Answer to two Treatises of Mr. lohn Can, 

the Leader of the English Brownists in Amsterdam. The 
former called a Necessitie of Separation from the Church of 
England. The other a Stay against Straying: wherein in 
opposition to Mr. John Eobinson he undertakes to prove 
the unlawfulnesse of hearing the Ministers of the Church of 
England, very fine copy, calf Lond. 1642, 4" 

Title, the reverse blank ; ' To the Christian Reader' 4 leaves ; ' An Ad- 
vertisement to the Reader.' 1 leaf, the reverse blank ; ' The Answers to 
the Epistles.' 4 leaves ; text, 144 pp. ' Chap. II.' 92 pp.; ' Table,' 2 pp.; 
' Errata,' 1 page. 

riEST day's sale. 29 

270 Bancroft (Aaron), Pastor at Worcester. Life of George 

Washington, half morocco Lond. 1808, 8" 

Title ; Preface and Contents, xii. pp.; text, 5C0 pp. 

271 Bancroft (Aaron). Letters and Eemarks, occasioned by a 

Sermon, delivered by the Eev. Aaron Bancroft, A.M., No- 
vember 30, 1794, in Opposition to the Doctrine of Election 
Worcester, L. Worcester, 1795, 30 pp. 8° 

272 Bancroft (Edward) An Essay on the Natural History of 

G-uiana, in South America, ^»e copy, calf Lond. 1769, 8" 

rrontispieoe, Title, Dedication, and Advertisement, 5 leaves ; text, 402 pp. 
' Contents,' 1 leaf. 

273 Baebadoes. Acts and Statutes of the Island of Barbados, 

made and enacted since the Eedueement of the same, unto 
the Authority of the Commonwealth of England 

• Lond. hy Will. Bentley, and are to he sould hy him 
at the India Bridge [1654] small 8° 
Title ; Dedication and Table, 8 leaves ; text. 176 pp. An important volume. 

274 Barbadoes. A Eepresentation of the Miserable State of, 

under the corrupt Administration of his Ex. Bob. Lowther, 
G-ovemor, half mor. Lond. [1719] 8° 

Half-title and 23 leaves. 

275 Barbadoes. A Detection of the State and Situation of the 

Present Sugar Planters of Barbadoes and the Leward 
Islands, dedicated to Sir Bob. "Walpole, half mor. 

Lond. 1732, 8" 
Half-title, title, viii. and 99 pp. 

276 Barbadoes. A Supplement to the Detection of the State 

and Situation of the Sugar Planters of Barbadoes and the 
Leeward Islands, half mar. Lond. 1733, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 84 pp. 

277 Barbadoes. Memoirs of the First Settlement of the Island 

of Barbados, and other the Carribbee Islands, from Ancient 
Eecords, Papers, and Accounts taken from Mr. "Wm. Arnold, 
Mr. Samuel Bulkly, and Mr. John Summers, some of the 
First Settlers, the last of whom was alive in 1688, aged 82, 
calf * Lond. 1743, sm. 8» 

Title ; the Publisher to the Eeader, and Introduction, 3 leaves ; text, 84 pp. 
' An Appendix,' 15 pp. 

278 Barbadoes Packet (The), giving an Account of the most ma- 

terial Transactions that have lately happened in a certain 
part of the West Indies Lond. 1720, 8" 

6 preliminary leaves and 68 pp. 

279 Barbadoes. The Groans of the Plantations ... by the 

Heavy Impositions upon Sugar . . . relating more par- 
ticularly to the Island of Barbados, calf extra by Bedford 

Lond. 1689, 4° 
Title and 85 pp. 

so ETEST bay's SAM. 

280 Barbadoes. A Short Account of the Manifest Hand of Q-od 

that hath Fallen upon several Marshals and their Depu- 
ties, who have made great spoil and havock of the goods of 
the people of Grod called Quakers, in the Island of Barba- 
does, for their Testimony against going or sending to the 
Militia, with a remarkable Account of some others of the 
Persecutors of the same People in the same Island ; toge- 
ther with an Abstract of their Sufferings 

Lond. ly T. Sowle, 1696, 4» 
Twenty-three pp. ' An Abstract.' &o. a folded sheet. 

281 Barbadoes. A Declaration of the Inhabitants respecting the 

Demolition of the Methodist Chapel, with an Appendix, 
Barbados : printed at the Barladian Office, 1826, 20 pp. 8° 

000 Barbadoes. See Bushel (John). 

282 Barbe-Marbois. Histoire de Louisiane et de la cession de 

cette Colonie par la Prance aux Etats-TJnis de I'Amerique 
Septentrionale, half calf Paris, 1829, 8° 

Three prel. leaves and 485 pp. Map at p. 109. 

283 Barclay (Eobert) The Anarchy of the Eanters, and other 

Libertines : the Hierarchy of the EomanistSj and other Pre- 
tended Churches, equally refused and refuted, in a two-fold 
Apology for the Church and People of God, called in deri- 
sion Quakers, 2 vols, in l,fine copy, original binding 

'Philadelphia, repr, and sold by B. Franklin and 

B. Kail, 1757, 8° 

viii. and 112 pp. followed by ' An Epistle to the National Meeting of Friends 

in Dublin, concerning good Order and Discipline in the Church,' written 

by Joseph Pike. Philadelphia, repr. hy B. Franklin and J). Hall, 1757. 

23pp. / . 

284 Barham (Henry) Hortus Americanus: containing an Ac- 

count of the Trees, Shrubs, and other Vegetable Produc- 
tions of South America and the "West India Islands, and 
particularly the Island of Jamaica, with a LinnsBan Iiidex, 
etc. etc.^we copy, calf 

Kingston, Jamaica : Alexander Aihman, 1794, 8° 
Title, Dedication, and Preface, 4 leaves; text, 212 pp.; ' Linuaan Index,' 
7 leaves; ' Index of Diseases, Remedies,' &c. 11 leaves. 

285 Baring (Alexander) An Inquiry into the Causes and Con- 

sequences of the Orders in Council, and an Examina- 
tion of the Conduct of Great Britain towards the Neutral 
Commerce of America Lond. 1808, 183 pp. 8° 

286 Baring (Alexander) An Inquiry, etc. 2nd ed. 

Ijond. 1808, 8" 
Title and Introduction, 2 leaves ; text, 179 pp. 

FIRST day's sale. 31 

287 BarlsBus (Caspar) Brasilianische Geschichte, vellwrii >/ 

Cleve, bey Tobias Silberling, 1659, 8° 

Hfteen prel. leaves, viz. enirraved title, title, portrait and arms of Count 
Muritz, Dedication in 10 leaves, and 1 blank leaf. Text, 848 pp. with 
10 leaves of Register; 8 maps and plates at pages 111, 213, 352, 418, 
422 (2), and 5G9 (2). 

288 Barleeus (Caspar) Eervm per Octennivm in Brasilia et alibi 

gestarum Clivis, ToUcb Silberling, 1660, 8" 

Eight prelim, leaves, including the engraved title, portrait, and arms ; 
text, 664 pp.; index, 1 1 leaves ; maps or plates at pp. 1, 2, 58, 121, 
242, 248 (2), 342. 

289 Barlow (E.) An Exact Survey of the Tide, explicating its 

Production and Propagation, Variety and Anomaly, in all 
Parts of the "World, 2nd ed. "with curious Maps." 

Lond. 1722, 8" 

Eight prel. leaves ; text, 122 pp. followed by a Becond title and 212 pp. ; 12 
copperplate maps. 

290 Barlow (Joel) The Columbiad, a Poem, with the last cor- 

rections of the Author, laege paper, fine copy, calf 

Paris, 1813, 8° 

Title ; Preface, pp. v.-xx. ' Introduction,' pp. xxi.-xl. ; half-title ; text, 
448 pp. ; 4 plates. 

291 Barnard (Hannah) A Narrative of the Proceedings in Ame- 

rica of the Society called Quakers, in the Case of Hannah 
Barnard, uncut Lond. 1804, 8° 

161 pp. Errata, 1 p. 

292 Barrere (Pierre) JSTouvelle Eelation de la Prance Equinox- 

iale, contenant la Description des Cotes de la Gruiane ; de 
risle de Cayenne ; le Commerce de cette Colonic : etc. calf 

Paris, 1743, sm. 8" 

Half-title, title, and Advertisement, 4 leaves ; text, 240 pp. ' Table,' pp. 
241-250. ' L' Approbation,' 1 leaf ; 19 small maps and plates. 

298 Barreto (Nicolas) Contestacion al Manifiesto que ha dado 
elBscmo. Sr. D. Francisco de Arango sobre la Junta proyec- 
tada en la Habana en Julio del aiio de 1808, halfmor. 

Habana, 1821, 8° 
Thirty-one pp. Errata, 1 leaf. 

294 Barreto. Contestacion que da el Conde de Casa Barreto, al 

papel del Escmo. Senor D. Prancisco de Arango ; contray- 
endose en parte a los publicados por el Senor D. Jose del 
mismo appellido, halfmor. Habana, 1821, 18 pp. 8° 

295 Barrington (Daines) Miscellanies Lond. 1781, 4° 

Title ; ' Contents,' pp. iii. iv. ; ' Possibility of Approaching the North Pole,' 
&o. 1 leaf; ' Preface,' pp. iii.-viii. and text 558 pp. 2 portraits and maps. 
This copy has a rare portrait of Sir Watkin "Williams Wynn inseited. 

296 Barrington (Daines) The Possibility of Approaching the 

North Pole asserted, new ed. with Appendix, by Colonel 
Beaufoy, boards, uncut Lond. 1818, 8° 

Twenty-four pp. and 258 pp. Map of the North Pole. 

32 SEOOKD day's sals. 

297 Bartlett (J. E.) Dictionary of Americanisms, or a Glossary 

of Words and Phrases peculiar to the United States, second 
edition enlarged Boston, 1859, 556 pp. 8° 

298 Bartolozzi (Francesco) Eicerche Istorico-Critiehe circa alle 

scoperte d' Amerigo Vespucci Mreme, 1789, 8" 

One hundred and eighty pp. 'Indice,' pp. 181-182, 'Eri'ori Correzioni,' 
1 page. 

299 Bartram (William) Travels through North and South Caro- 

lina, Georgia, East and West Florida, the Cherokee Coun- 
try, the Territories of the Muscogulges, and the Country of 
the Choctaws, calf Dublin, 1793, 8" 

Twelve prel. leaves ; viz. title, contents, and introduction ; text 520 pp. 
' Index' 11 pages; Directions to the Binder, 8 lines. With Frontispiece 
Portrait of ' ftlioo Chlucco,' Map and 7 plates. 

300 Bartram (William) Travels, 2nd London edition, calf 

Lond. 1794, 8" 
Twelve prel. leaves, viz. title, contents, and introduction. Text 520 pp. 
' Index 3 leaves ; ' Directions to the Binder, 1 page. With Froatispiece 
Portrait of ' Mico Chlucco,' Map and 7 Plates. 



301 Bates (Joshua), Pastor of tie First OJiurch, Dedham, a Ser- 
mon delivered before the Society for Propagating the Gospel 
among the Indians and others in North America, at their 
Anniversary, Nov. 4, 1813 Boston, 1813, 44 pp. 8"» 

■ 303 Beatty (Charles) The Journal of a Two Months Tour ; with 
a view of Promoting Eeligion among the Frontier Inhabi- 
tants of Pennsylvania, and of Introducing Christianity 
among the Indians to the Westward of the Alegh-geny 
Mountains, with Eemarks on the Language and Customs of 
some particular Tribes among the Indians, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1768, 110 pp. 8° 

SECOND day's sale. 33 

303 Beach {John), Minister of the Mrst Ghmch, Beading, Vindi- 

cation of the Professors of the Church of England, against 
Misrepresentations of Noah Hobart. Humbly offered to 
the Consideration of the good People of New-England, with 
a Preface by Dr. Johnson, and Wetmore's and Caner'a 
Vindication of their own Cause and Characters from the 
Aspersions of the same Author, hf. cf. Boston, 1749, 4" 
Title, reverse blank ; ' Preface,' 8 pp. ; text 75 pp. 

304 Belcher (Joseph) of Dedham, N'.U. The Life of Paith, Exem- 

plified, in a Letter, to which is added a few Verses by the Rev. 
Mr. KiQuighall, upon reading of it Lond. 1741, 8 pp. 8» 

305 Belena (Eusebio Bentura) EecopUacion sumaria de todos 

los Autos aeordados de la Eeal Audiencia y Sala del Crimen 
de esta Nueva Epaiia,y providencias de su superior Grobierno ; 
de varias Reales Cedulasy Ordenes que despues depublicada 
la Eecopilacion de Indias, etc. 2 vols._^«e copy, vellum 

Mexico, Don JE'elipe de Zuniga, 1787, fol. 
Vol. I. Title, port, on reverse ; xxxvi prel. pp. ; 2nd title, ' Recopilaciou 
sumaria ;' pp. 1 to 100 ; 3rd title, ' Recopilaciou de algunos ;' pp. 1 to 
114; 4th title, ' Recopilacion sumaria ;' and pp. 1 to 373. Vol. II. Title, 
• Copias a la Letra afrecidas en el Primer Tomo,' etc.; ' Erratas,' 1 leaf; 
'Indice,' 1 leaf; text, 429 pp.; ' Articulos,' Ixxxvi pp. 

306 Bellamy (Jos.) of Bethlem, N.E. Letters and Dialogues be- 

tween Theron, Paulinus, and Aspasio Lond. 1761, 240pp. 12" 

307 Beltrami (J. C.) A Pilgrimage in Europe and America, lead- 

ing to the Discovery of the Sources of the Mississippi and 
Bloody Eiver ; with a description of the Ohio, 2 vols. 

Lond. 1828, 8" 

Vol. I. Ixxvii and 472 pp. II. Title and 545 pp. ' Errata ;' 7 lines with 
4 sequent leaves. With Portrait, 2 Plans, Map, and three Plates. 

308 Benezet (Anthony) A caution and warning to G-reat Britain 

and Her Colonies, in a 8hort Eepresentation of the cala- 
mitous state of the enslaved Negroes in the British Do- 
minions, hf. mor. Philadelphia: Henry Miller, 1766, 8° 
Thirty-five pp. and ' Extract of a Sermon,' 4 pp. 

309 Benezet (Antoine) Observations sur I'Origine, les Principes, 

et L'Etablissement en Amerique, De la Societe Connue sous 
la Denomination de Quakers ou Trembleurs, imcwt 

Philadelphie : r'imprime & Lond. per Jacques Fhillips, en 
George-Yard, Lombard-Street, 1783, 12" 
Title, and 48 pp. 

310 Benzoni (GriEOiAMo) La Histoeia bed Mokdo Nvoto 

Venet. Fr. Bampazetto, 1565, 8» 
FiBST Edition. — Title, reverse blank; Dedication, 2 leaves; 'Tavola;' 
1 leaf; text 175 folioed leaves. 

311 Benzoni (G-iBOtAMo) La Histoeia del Mohtdo Ntoto, 

fine copy Venet. Pietro Sf Fr. Tini, 1572, 8° 

Second Editioit, 4 pre], leaves ; text in 179 leaves, followed by a colo- 
phon leaf. 


34 SECOND day's sale. 

S12 Benzoki (Gieodamo) Novae Novi Orbis Historise, id est, 
Eerum ab Hispanis in India Occidentali hactenus gestarum, 
et acerbo iUorum in eas gentes dominatu, a little wormed m 
the ma/rgm [Geneves}, apvd Uvstathivm Vignon, 1578, 8° 

Title, reverse blank ; ' Epistola,' 5 leaves; ' PrSefatio,' 8 leaves ; 'Epigram- 
mata,' 1 leaf; • Primi libri Svmma,' 1 leaf; text 480 pp. ' Index,' 6 leaves; 
Errata, 1 page. 

313 Benzoni (Gibolamo) Novae Novi Orbis Historise.^Me copy 
lGenev(s], apud Sceredes Uustathij Vignon, 1600, 8" 

Title, reverse blank ; ' Epistola,' 5 leaves ; ' Prsefatio,' 8 leaves ; ' Epigram, 
mata,' 1 leaf ; Primi Libri Svmma, 1 leaf ; text 480 pp. ' Index,' 6 leaves. 

314) Benzoni (GriEoiAMo) Histoire Nowelle dv Novveauv Monde 

\_Geneve'\ par Evstace Vignon, 1579, 8" 

Twelve prel. leaves; Text 726 pp.; Floride, 104 pp; Indice 7 leaves. 

315 — Der Newenn Weldt vnd Indianiscben Konigreichs, newe 

vnnd wahrhafffce History, etc. vellum 

Basel, Seh. Senricpetri, 1579, folio 

Four prel. leaves and 219 pp. 

316 — De Historie vande Nieuwe werelt Indian. "Waer in 

verhaelt wert, van de Eylanden en Zeen nieuwlicx gbevonden, 
ende van den nieuwen Steden die hy daer zelfs ghezien 
heeft, ende 'tghene daer is ghebeurt te water ende te lande, 
in veertien jaren tijds die by aldaer gheweest is. Door 
leronimus Benzonius van Milanen. Wt bet Italiaens over- 
gbezet in Nederduyt door Karel vander Mander ScbUder, 
wanting the 5th and 6th preliminary leaves 

Haerlem, ly Faschier van Weshus, 1610, 8° 
Ten prel. leaves, 404 pp ; an extremely rare volume. 

317 Benzont, Maetyb, Apoleonids. Der Newenn Weldt vnd 

Indianischen Nidergangiscben Konigreichs, Newe vnd 
"Wabrhaffte History, etc. 3 vols in 1 

Basel, Seb. Henricepetri, 1582, folio 

Ten prel. leaves and text of Benzoni 243 pp. followed by the ' Ander Theil,' 
or Peter Martyr, 12 prel, leaves and text pp. 245-602 with the colophon 
leaf. 'Dritte Theil,' or ApoUoniiis, 6 prel. leaves and text 406 pp. with 
a colophon leaf; an EXTEEMELr interesting volume. 

318 Benzoni (Grirolamo) History of tbe New World from 1541 

to 1556. Now first translated by Eear Admiral W. H. 
Smyth HaJduyt Society, 1857, 280 pp. 8" 

319 Berkel (Adrian van) Bescbreibung seiner Eeisen nach Rio 

de Berbice und Surinam. Aus dem Hollandiscben iibersetzt, 
calf Memmingen, And. Seyler, 1789, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves, and pp. 5 to 278. 

320 Bernard (IVancis), Letters to the Ministry from Grovemor 

Bernard, Gleneral Gage, and Commodore Hood, hf. mor. 

Boston, Edes and Qill, 1769, 108 pp. 8» 


321 Bernard (Prancis) Select Letters on the Trada and Q-overn- 

ment of America ; and the Principles of Law and Polity, 
applied to the American Colonies Lond., 1774, 8" 

Title and 137 pp. 

322 Bernard (Prancis) Select Letters, 2nd ed. Lond., 1774, 8° 

Half-title; title, vii, and 130 pp. 

323 Beroa (Jacobus de) Litterse Annvae Provincise Paraqvaris 

Societatis lesv, calf extra, ly Bedford. A few words of the 
title restored in exact facsimile 

Insvlis, Typis Tossani Le Clercg, 1642, 8" 
Title and 3 prel. leaves. Text 347 pp. followed by 1 page of Errata. 

324 Berriman ("William) A Sermon Preach' d before the Honour- 

able Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in 
America, at their Anniversary, March 15, 1738-9 

Lond., 1739, 24 pp. 4" 

325 Beetonio (LrDOTico) Libro de laVidayMilagros deNvestro 

Senor lesu Christo en dos Lenguas, Aymara, y Komance, 
traducido de el que reeopilo el Licenciado Alonso de ViUe- 
gas, quitadas, y anadidas algunas cosas, y acomodado ala 
capaeidad de los Indios; imperfect 

Impresso en el Fueblo de luli, de la Prouincia de Ohucwyto, 

con la empreta de Francisco del Canto, 1612, 4° 

Eight prel. leaves and 660 pp. with 3 (?) sequent leaves. This copy is 

imperfect, wanting 23 leaves; viz. all before page 9 {A 5), also pp. 11 to 22, 

29, 30, 659-660, and the sequent leaves. 

326 Besoldus (Christophorus) Discursus Politicus de Incrementis 

Imperiorum, eorum que ampUtudine procuranda. Cvi inserta 
est Dissertatio singularis, de ]N"oto Orbe, halfmor. 

Argent., 1623, 65 pp. 4" 

327 Betagh CWilliam) A Voyage round the World, begun in the 

year V7\Q,fme copy, calf Land. 1728, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves; viz. title, dedication, and contents; text 342 pp. 'Me- 
morandum,' 2 leaves; Map, 'The World in Planisphere.' 

328 [Beverley (Eobert)] The History and Present State of Vir- 

ginia, in four Parts, calf Lond. 1705, 8° 

Seven prel. leaves, including the frontispiece, title, dedication, and preface; 
Table and errata, 20 pp ; Text, Book 1. 104 pp ; Book II. 40 pp ; Book III. 
64 pp ; and Book lY. 83 pp. followed by a folding sheet containing the 
Census of 1703. With 14 copper-plates reduced from De Bry, Part 1. 

329 Beverley (Eobert) The History of Virginia, 2nd ed. 

Lond., TooTce, 1722, 8" 
Frontispiece, title, and preface, together 4 leaves ; text, 284 pp. Table 12 
leaves ; 14 plates. 

330 [Beverley (Eobert)] Histoire de la Virginie, calf 

Amst. Tho. Lmnhrail, 1707 

Four prel. leaves, including the engraved and printed titles ; text, 433 pp ; 
tables, 8 leaves ; 14 copper-plates, reduced from De Bry, at pages 214, 
229, 230, 232, 234, 238, 239, 244, 249, 270, 296, 304, and 315. 

36 sEGOiIrD day's sale. 

331 Bible. Ne Eaowenna Teyoninhokarawen Shakonadonire ne 

rondaddegenshon ne rondadhawakshon Rodinonglitsyoiai 
Tsmiyoderighwagennoni ne Eaorigliwadogenghte ne ne 
Sanctus John. Address to the Six Nations, recommending 
the Grospel of Saint John, by Teyoninhokarawen, the trans- 
lator, calf extra, ty Bedford 

Land. Phillips, George Yard, 1805, 12<>' 
Eight prel. leaves ; text, 125 leaves ; errata, etc. 2 pages. 

332 Bible. The Gospel according to St. John, translated into 

the Chippeway Tongue, by John Jones, revised by Peter 
Jones, Indian Teachers, calf 

Zond. British and Toreign Bible Sac. 1831, 12" 

333 BibUotheca Americana ; or, a Chronological Catalogue of the 

moat curious and interesting Books, Pamphlets, State 
Papers, etc., upon the subject of North and South America, 
from the earliest period to the present, in print and manu- 
script, [by the Eer. Mr. Homer ?] Ms. uncut Land. 1789, 4" 
Two prel. leaves and 271 pp. 

334 BiCKEE AND Hebmskeeck loTENAEii oft Daghelijcx-register 

van de Voyagie na Eio de Plata, ghedaen met het Schip 
ghenoemt de Silveren Werelt, het welcke onder't Admirael- 
schap van Laurens Bicker, ende het hevel van Cornells van 
Heemskerck als Commis die Custen van Guinea 

Amst. MicMel Golijn, 1617, title and 53 pp. oblong 4* 
334*Bill (A) for EepeaUng several Subsidies and an Impost now 
Payable on Tobacco of the British Plantations, and for 
granting an Inland Duty in lieu thereof, half morocco 

Lond. 1733, 39 pp. 8" 

335 Bingley (William) An Epistle of Love and Tender Advice 

to Friends and Brethren in America, or elsewhere 

Lond. 1689, 14 pp. 4" 

336 Birbeck (Morris) Notes on a Journey ia America, ffom the 

Coast of Virginia to the Territory of Illinois, uncut 

Philadelphia, G. Richardson, 1817, 12* 
Title, and pp. 3 to 181. ' Postscript,' pp. 183 to 189. 

337 Birbeck (M.) Notes on a Journey, etc. Lond. 1818, 8o 

Title J Dedication, 2 pp. ; text, pp. 5 to 156; folded map. 

338 BisHOPE (Geob&e) New Eng-iajs-d Judged, Not ex Man's, 

BUT THE Spieit oe THE LoED : And tbe Summe sealed up 
of New England's Persecutions ; being a Brief Eelation of 
the Sufferings of the People called Quakers in those parts 
of America, io«i.l661— An Appendexto the Book, entituled 
New England Judged, Lond. 1661 — New England Judged, 
the Second Part, Lond. 1667. Together, 3 vols, in 1, red 
morocco extra, hy Bedford 
Part I. 176 pp. (97 to; 104 erroneously numbered). Part II. 147 pp.; 
Errata, 9 lines on a slip. Appendix, title and pp. 177— 208 (pp. 199— 
208 erroneously numbered). The Three parts have probably not before 
occurred for sale at one time. 

SECOND day's sale. 37 

339 Biahope (George) New England Judged, by the Spirit of the 

Lord, in 2 parts, fine copy, old calf Lond. 1703, 8" 

First Title ; ' To the Unprejudiced Reader,' 6 pp. signed by Joseph Grove. 
2nd Title, ' New England Judged, Not by Man's, but the Spirit of the 
Lord,' etc. Text, 498 pp. followed by Whiting's ' Truth and Innooency 
Defended,' 212 pp. Index and errata, 6 leaves. Copies with both titles 
are very uncommon. 

340 Bisaelius (Johannes) I Sac. Jesu, Argonauticon Americano- 

rum, Jlne copy in old red morocco, from Lord Stuart de 
Rothesay's Library MonacMi, IGiil, sm. 12° 

Thirteen prel. leaves, including the engraved frontispiece and map of Ame- 
rica; text, 471 pp.; Auctorum, pp. 472—477; followed by 3 pages and 
Index, 6 leaves. 

341 Blake's Eemarks on Com. Johnstone's Account of his en- 

gagement with a IVench Squadron in Port Praya Eoad, in 
the Island of St. Jago, new ed. with a Letter from Blake to 
the Commodore, and a Plan of the Harbour, etc. half mo- 
rocco Lond. 1782, S" 

Title and 38 pp. with Plan of Praya Bay. 

342 Bland (Eichard) of Virginia, An Enquiry into the Eights of 

the British Colonies, half morocco 

Williamsh., Lond. repr. 1769, pp. 5 to 19, 8" 

343 Bligh (William) A Voyage to the South Sea in H.M.S. 

Bounty, including an Account of the Mutiny on board the 
said Ship, laege papee, hoards, uncut Lond. 1792, 4P 

Five prel. leaves, viz., title, advertisement, contents, and a list of the 
8 plates. Text, 264 pp. 

344 Blome (Eichard) A Description of the Island of Jamaica, 

with the other Isles and Territories in America, to which 
the English are related, yiz. Barbadoes, St. Christophers, 
Nievis, or Mevis, Antego, St. Vincent, Dominica, Mont- 
serrat, Anguilla, Barbada, Bermudes, Carolina, Virginia, 
Maryland, New York, New England, Newfoundland ; toge- 
ther with the Present State of Algiers Lond. 1678, 8" 
Three prel. leaves and 88 pp. followed by separate title, and 17 pp. and 
2 leaves ; portrait of De Ruyter and four maps, all engraved on copper, 
viz., America, at p. 1 ; Barbadoes, at p. 28 ; Carolina, at p. 56 ; and 
Virginia, at p. 63. 

345 Blome (Eichard) L'Amerique Angloise, ou Description des 

Isles et Terres du Eoi d'Angleterre dans L'Amerique, vel- 
lum Jmst. 1688, 120 

Title and advertisement, 2 leaves; text, 331 pp.; table, 1 page; 5 maps. 

346 Blundeville (Thomas) Exercises, contayning Eight Treatises, 

as well in Cosmographie, Astronomie, and Geographie, as 

also in the Art of Navigation, 6th ed. black htUr:,Jine copy, 
in old calf 

Lond. printed by William Stansby, and are to be sold by 

Richard Meighen, at his shop vnder Saint Clements 

Ohv/rch without Temple Barre, 1622, 4" 

Seven prel. leaves and 799 pages. This is a work indispensable to the Student 

of Geography, Maps and Giobemaking, so far as they relate to America. 

There are folding sheets inserted at pp. 80, 690, 695, 785, and 798, 

38 SECOND bat's SAIE. 

347 Bonnycastle (Eichard Henry) Spanisli America; or a De- 

scriptive, Historical, and Greographical Account of the 
Dominions of Spain in the "Western Hemisphere, Conti- 
nental and Insular, 2 vols. Ms. uncut Lond. 1818, 8" 

Tol. I. 32 pp. prel.; text, 336 pp. II. vi. and 359 pp. ; with maps of North 
and South America, and plate of the altitudes of the mountains. 

348 Book (A) of the Continuation of Poreign Passages, that is^ 

of the Peace made with the United Provinces of the !N"ether- 
lands, Apr. 5, 1654 ; Treaty at Vpsall, May 9, 1544 ; Treaty 
of Peace betwixt England and Prance, 20 of Nov. 1655 ; 
Prom G-enerall Blakes Pleet, the Turks in Argier do con- 
sent to deliver up all the English Slaves, and desire a firme 
Peace for ever, April 9, 1655 ; an attempt on the Island of 
Jamaica, and talsing the Town of St. Jago de la Viga, May 
10, 1655 ; Narrative of the late success against the King of 
Spain's West India Pleet, 1656 Lond. 1657, 4" 

Title, and 61 pp. illustrated with 8 copper-plate engravings in the text. 

349 Bordone (Benedetto) Isolario nel qual si ragiona di tutte I* 

Isole del mondo, con li lor nomi antichi e moderni, historic, 
fauole, e modi del loro viuere, ed in qual parte del mare 
stanno, ed in qual parallelo e clima giaciono. Con la gionta 
del Monte del Oro nouamente retrouato, very fine copy, vel- 
lum Vinegia, Nic. d'Aristotile, detto Zoppvno, 1534, fol. 

Ten prel. and 74 folioed leaves. On page 10 is a woodcut plan of the City 
of Mexico as it was before its destruction by Cortes. 

350 Bosman (William) A New and Accurate Description of th& 

Coast of Guinea, Divided into the Gold, the Slave, and the 
Ivory Coasts Lond., 1705, 8»' 

Four prel. leaves and 493 pp. Copper-plate Map of the Coast of Guinea 
(not in the Dutch ed.) and 7 Plates. 

351 Bosman (William) Description, etc. 2nd ed. Lond., 1721. S* 

Four prel. leaves and 456 pp. Index 16 pp. Map and 7 Plates, the same 
as in the first edition. 

352 Bossu (Capt.) Travels through that part of North America 

formerly called Louisiana. Transl. by John Eeinhold Porster, 
2 vols, calf Lond., 1771, 8" 

Vol. I. 4 prel. leaves ; viz. half-title, title, dedication, and preface ; text, 
407 pp. II. Half-title, title ; and 432 pp. Valuable for the Botanical 
information which it contains. 

353 Boston. A fair Account of the late Unhappy Disturbance at 

Boston in New England ; containing some Affidavits and 
other Evidences, not mentioned in the Narrative published 
at Boston, halfmor. Lond., 1770, 8* 

Half-title, title, pp. 5-28 ; ' Appendix ' 31 pp. A defence of the Massacre at 
Boston. The ' Affidavits ' however are mostly of military officers. 

354 Boston. Catalogue of Books for Sale by B. and S. Larkin, 

No. 47, Cornhill, Boston, consisting of the most esteemed 
Authors, halfmor. Boston, E. and S. Lor kin, 92 pp. 12'* 


355 Boston. A Catalogue of Books in various Branches of Litera- 

ture, and in the Oriental, G-reek, Latin, Saxon, Prench and 
English Languages, To be sold on Thursday, May 27th 
[1802] at Samuel Bradford's Auction-Eoom, in Boston, half 
mor. Salem, Joshua Gushing, 1802, 8° 

Title aad pp. 3-58, and 1 p. of Corrections' 12 lines. 

356 Boston. Entertainment for a "Winter's Evening: Being a 

Eull and True Account of a very strange and wonderful 
Sight seen in Boston, on the twenty-seventh of December 
at Noon-Day. The Truth of which can be attested by a 
great Number of People, who actually saw the same with 
their own Eyes. By me, the Hon. B. B. Esq ; 

Soston, Printed and Sold hy G. Rogers, next to the 
Prison in Queen-street. [1750] 8° 

Title, 'To the Eeader,' ii. pp. Text in verse pp. 5-15. This curious and 
early piece of American Poetry is believed to be by Joseph Green. It is 
not mentioned by Rich or Kettle. 

357 Boston. The Votes and Proceedings of the Freeholders and 

other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, in Town Meeting 
assembled, half mor. 

Boston : Edes and Gill, and T. and J. Fleet, [1773] 8° 

iv. and 43 pp. The original edition, afterwards reprinted in London. 

358 Boston, The Votes and Proceedings of the Freeholders and 

other inhabitants of, hf. mor. 

Boston, printed : liondon, repr. 1773. 

Half-title, title, 8 prel. and 43 pp. Reprint of the preceding with a preface 
giving an account of the discontent arising from the tax on tea. 

359 Boston. Description of the Town and Harbour of Boston. 

[at end] Given (gratis) with M. Armstrong's Plan of the 
Country, Thirty Miles round Boston. A broadside folio 

360 Bosworth (Benjamin), Signs of Apostacy Lamented. [A 

Poem, signed] Benjamin Bosworth, of New England. In 
the SlstXear of my Age, 1693 4 pp. 12" 

Upon the question of perriwigs, the author has this passage : — 

" Art thou a Christian, then why dost wear 
Upon thy Sacred Head, the filthy Hair 
Of some vile wretch, by foul Disease that fell, 
Whose Soul perhaps is burning now in Hell? " 
It need scarcely be remarked that American Poetry of this period is alike 
rare and curious. 

361 Botello de Moraes y Vasconcelos (Francisco) El Nuevo 

Mundo: Poemma heroyco ; con las Alegorias de Don Pedro 
de Castro, Cavallero Andaluz, vellum 

Barcelona, Francisco Barnola, 1701, 4° 

Sixteen prel. leaves, and 476 pp. 

40 SECOITD bat's SAI.E. 

362 Botero (ffiovanni) Le Eelationi Vniversali Divise en Qvattro 

Parti Venetia, Nicolb Polo, 1597, 4" 

lat Pt. sixteen prel. and 240, and 80 pp. with 4 Maps. 2nd Pt. 1598, 10 
prel. leaves and 152 pp. 3rd Pt. 1597, 183 pp. and 9 pp. of Table. 4tli 
Pt. 1597, 8 prel. leaves, 79 pp. Not mentioned by Rich. 

363 BoTUEiNi BENADTjei (LosBwzo), Idea de una Nueva His- 

toria General de la America Septentrional. Fundada sobre 
Material Copioso de Kguras, Symbolos, Characterea, y 
G-eroglificos, Cantares, j Manuscritos de Autores Indies, 
ultimamente descubiertos, vellum 

Madrid, Juan de Zuniga, 1746, 4* 
Twenty-two prel. leaves, including the engraved frontispieee and portrait j 
Text 1 67 ppi followed by 4 leaves and 96 pp. Written during an eight 
years' residence in Mexico, and as the result of a considerable acquaintance 
with the manners and customs of the Indians ; ancient manuscripts and 
pictures preserved in the Monasteries, etc. " It contains much important 
information not before published." — Clavigere. 

364 Boucbette (Jos.) British Dominions in North America, 2 vols. 

Lond., 1832, 4" 

Vol. 1 . Title, dedication, and preface 20 pp. Table of contents, 6 pp. List 
of Plates, 1 pp. Text, pp. 1 to 420. Appendix, pp. 421 to 498. Portrait 
and 21 plans and vignettes. 

yaX. 2. Title and Table of Contents, 12 pp. Text, pp. 1 ta 247. Appendii, 
249 to 296. Tables of Post Towns, 4 leaves, 8 plates. 

365 Bougaiaville (Louis de) The History of a Voyage to the 

Malouine (or Falkland) Islands, uncut Lond,, 1771, 4* 

Title and Advertisement, 2 leaves ; ' Preface ' xvii, pp ; Text, 294 pp. With 
16 Copper plates. 

366 Bougainville (Louis de) AYoyage round the World. Transl. 

by John Eeiiibold Porster, P.A.S. JDuhlin, 1772, 8» 

xxxii. and 480 pp. Map and plate. At the end of th.e volume is a Voca- 
bulary of the language of Taiti Irfand, 

367 Bouquet (Henry) Eelation Historique de L'Expedition,, 

centre les Indians de I'Ohio en 1764; avec un Eecit de la 

Bataille de Bushy-Eun, ealf Amst. Marc-Michel Bey,1769, 8* 
Half-title and title 2 leaves; ' Preface,' pp. vi.-xvi. ' Introduction,' 26 pp. 

Text pp. 27-147. ' Avis au Relieur ' 1 page. ' Table,' 5 leaves. With 

6 maps and plates. 
This French edition contains some biographical notices ef Bouquet not to be 

found in any of the editions in English. 

368 Bowles ("WiUiam Augustus), Authentic Memoirs of. Ambas- 

sador from the United Nations of Creeks and Cherokees 

£ond., 1791, 12'>' 
Title, 'To the Public,' vi. pp. Text 79 pp. The Author was a native of Mary- 
land, who married an Indian girl, and being enamoured of a savage life, 
became by adoption an Indian Warrior. 

369 Boylston (Zabdiel) An Historical Account of the Small-Pox 

iaoeulated in New England, upon aU Sorts of Persons, 

Whites, Blacks, and of aU Ages and Constitutions, 2nd ed. 

Corrected Lond., 1726 ; re^r. at Boston in If. M for 

S. Qerrish and T, Sancoch, 1730, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves, viz., half-title, title, dedication and preface. Text 53 pp. 

SECOND day's sale. 41 

370 Brackenridge (Henry M.) Views of Louisiana ; together -with 

a Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri E-iver, in 1811 

Pittsburgh, Cramer, Spear and McJibaum, 1814, 80 
Title ; ' To the Header ' pp. 3-7, and text, pp. 9-268. ' Appendix ' pp. 269- 
303. 'Contents' pp. 303-304. 

371 Brackenridge (Henry M.) Voyage to South America, per- Y 

formed by Order of the American Government, in the years 
1817 and 1818, 2 vols, calf 

Baltimore : Published by the Author, 1819, 8° 
Vol. I. Coloured Map of South America ; title and contents 2 leaves ; ' Pre- 
face' pp. v-xT; text pp. 17-351; 'Errata' 1 page. II. Title and contents 
2 leaves ; text pp. 5-381. 

372 Brackenridge (H. M.) Voyage to South America. Another 

Ed. 2 vols. Lond. 1820, 8» 

Vol. I. Half-title, title, dedication. ' Preface,' pp. vii-xviii. ' Contents ' 
lleaf. Text 331 pp. 'Appendix,' 40 pp. II. Title and contents ; 2 leaves ; 
Text, 317 pp. 

373 Bradbury (Thomas) The Necessity of Contending forEevealed 

Religion: vrith a Sermon on the Fifth of November, 1719. 
To which is Prefix' d, A Letter from the Eeverend Cotton 
Mather, D.D. on the late Disputes about the Ever-Blessed 
Trinity Lond. 1720, 112 pp. 8" 

374 Bradford (Alexander W.) American Antiquities and Ee- 

searches into the Origin and History of the Eed Eace, cloth 

New York : Drayton and Saacton ; 

Boston : Saxton and Pierce, 1841, 435 pp. 8" 

375 Bradford (T. G-.) Comprehensive Atlas, G-eographical, His- 

torical, and Commercial, maps and plates, coloured, half bound 

New York — ■ — , 180 leaves, 4° 

376 Bradstreet (Mrs. Anne), of New England, Several Poems 

compiled with great Variety of "Wit and Learning, full of 
Delight ; 3rd ed. corrected and enlarged 1758, sm. 8° 

xiii and 234 pp. Poor copy, wanting the last leaf. 

377 Bragg (Benjamin). A Voyage to the North Pole, by Benjamin 

Bragg, accompanied by his Friend Captain Slapperwack 

Lond. 1817, 12" 
Half-title, frontispiece, title, Preface, contents 5 leaves. Text 211 pp. With 
Map of the Polar Circle. 

378 Brandon (Lorengo) jSeSor. Medios para V. Magestad 

abhorrar lo mucho que gasta cada ano en las Armadas del 
Eeyno de Portugal, y Estado de la Lidia, con mas fruto y 
comodidad, para poder venir la plata del Pirii con menos 
costa y riesgo [at end] Madrid, 23 de Diziembre, 1622, 

D. Lorengo Brandon, folio 
Title and 6 folioed leaves. Probably an Official Paper of which not more than 
half-a-dozen copies were printed. 

379 Brazil. De Zeeusehe Verre-ky-ker, half morocco / 

Vlissingen, 1649, 4'> 
Eight leaves. Not mentioned by Rich. 


42 SECOKD dat's sale. 

380 Bravo De Rivero (Diego Miguel). Meritos, y servicios de 

D. Diego Miguel Bravo de Eivero [the name in a Vignette.'\ 
half morocco Lima, 1793, 24 pp. folio 

381 Bray (Thomas) The Necessity of an early EeligioB, being a 

Sermon Preach'd the 5th of May before The Honorable 
Assembly of Maryland ; a few letters restored in exact fac- 
simile, half mor. 

Annapolis, hy Thos. Heading, for jEvan Jones, 1700, 4* 
On the reverse of title, thanks to Dr. Bray ; text 20 pp. 

382 Breton (Cape). Bemarks upon a Letter Published in the 

London Chronicle, or Universal Evening Post, No. 115. 
containing an Enquiry into the Causes of the Failure of the 
late Expedition against Cape Breton, half mor. 

Land. 1757, 30 pp. 8» 

383 Breton (Cape). The importance and advantage of, half mor. 

Lond. 1746 
Four pre), leaves and 156 pp. 2 copper-plate maps. Stated to have been 
■written by Bolan, for Charlevoix's NouvelU France. 

Breton (Cape) See Ghauncy 
884 BrickeH (John). The Natural History of North Carolina, 
with an account of the Trade, Manners, and Customs of the 
Christian and Indian Inhabitants 

Dublin : For the Author, 1737, 8" 

viii. pp. prel. 'A Map of North Carolina,' 9 by 7 inches; text 408 pp. 
2 plates. An almost exact transcript of Lawson's Carolina. " A more 
daring piece of plagiarism was never executed." — North Am. Sev. xxiii. 
p. 288. 

385 Brief (A) and perfect Journal of the late Proceedings and 

Successe ofihe English Army in the "West-Indies, continued 
until June th« 24th, 1655. By I.S. an Eye-witnesse, half mor. 
uncut ': Lond. 1655, 27 pp. 4<> 

" An account of the Expedition sent out by Cromwell, under Penn and Ven- 
ables, -when Jamaica was taken from the Spaniards." — Rich. 

386 Brief (A) Discourse concerning the Lawfulness of Worship- 

ping God by the Common-Prayer. Being in Answer to a 
Book, entituled, A Brief Discourse concerning the Vnlawful- 
ness of the Common-Prayer Worship. Lately Printed in 
New-England, and Eeprinted in London, Corrected, calf 
extra, by Bedford Lond. Bi. Ghiswell, 1694, 4" 

Title and preface, 2 leaves ; text 36 pp. Tlie Tract to which this is an 
answer is commonly ascribed to John Cotton, but is really by Increase 
Mather, the authorship being acknowledged by him in a subsequent pub- 

387 Brief (A) Narrative and Deduction of the several Eemarkable 

Cases of Sir WiHiam Courten, Sir Paul Pyndar, William 
Courten, and others. Adventurers to the East-Indies, China 
and Japan, and divers other parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, 
and America : EecoUected out of the Original Writings and 
Eecords, half mor. Zond 1679, folio 

Two prel. leaves, 12 pp ; and pp. 115-118, headed " Fraud and Oppression 
Detected and Arraigned." Not mentioned by Eioh. 

SECOND day's SAIiE. 43 

388 Brief Eemarks on the Defence of the Halifax Libel, on the 

British-American Colonies, Jialfmor. 

Boston : ly JEdes and Gill, 1765, 40 pp. 8" 

389 Briefe iiber Portugal, nebst einem Anhang uber Brasilien. 

Herausg. von Matt. Christ. Sprengel Leipzig, 1782, 12" 
Title, ' Torrede ' 5 leaves ; text 290 pp. 

390 Brissot de 'Warville (Sieur J. P.) New Travels in America, 

performed in 1788 Land. 1792, 8" 

Half-title, title, 2 leaves; ' Preface of the Translator,' viii. pp. ' Preface of 
the Author,' pp. ix-xliii. Text pp. 45-483. 'Contents and Errata,' 
2 leaves; 'A Comparative Table,' etc. to face p. 359. This translation 
has recently been discovered to be by Joel Barlow. 

391 Brissot de Warville, Travels, Corrected, 2nd ed. 2 vols. 

Lond. VIM, 80 

I. Title, ' Contents,' etc. pp. iii-vi. ' Preface of the Translator,' pp. vii-xii. 
' The Author's Preface Hevised,' 28 pp. Text pp. 29-416. "With ' A Com- 
parative Table, etc. To face p. 308.' II. First title, ' New Travels in the 
United States,' etc. Second Title, 'The Commerce of America with 
Europe,' etc. pp. iii-lxiv. Text 348 pp. With portrait of 'J. P. Brissot.' 

392 Brockwell (Charles), Sis Majesty's Chaplain in Boston. 

Brotherly Love Eecommended, in a Sermon Preached before 
the Ancient Society of Free and Accepted Masons, in Christ- 
Church, Boston, 1749 

Boston, John Draper, 1750, 2 pr. Is. and pp. 7-21, 8" 

393 Bromley (Thomas) The Way to the Sabbath of Eest, or 

The Soul's Progress in the Work of the New-Birth. With 
two Discourses of the Author never before Printed. To 
which are added A Discourse on the Mistakes concerning 
Eeligion, etc By Tho. Hartley, Eector of Win wick 

Lond. Germantown : repr. Christopher Sower; also hy 
Solomon Fussell and Jonathan Zane, in Philadelphia, 1759, 8" 
viii. and 280 pp. ' A Discourse,' by Thomas Hartley, etc. 168 pp. 

394 Bromley (Walter) Two Addresses on the Deplorable State of 

the Indians ; one delivered at the Freemasons' Hall, Aug. 3, 
1813, the other at the Eoyal Acadian School, March 8, 1814, 
at Halifax in Nova-Scotia 
Lond. Published (for the lenefit of the Indians) 1815, 71 pp. 12'' 

395 Brooksop ( Jone) An Invitation of Love unto the Seed of G-od, 

Throughout the World. With a Word to the Wise in Heart. 
And a Lamentation for New-England. 

Lond. [1662.] Title and pp. 3-15, 4" 

396 Brougham (Henry, Lord) Speech. Before the House of 

Commons, April 1, 1808, in support of the Petitions against 
the Orders in Council Lond. 1808, 103 pp. 8" 

44 SECOND bat's SAIiE. 

397 Browne (Patrick) The Civil and Natural History of Jamaica,. 

in 3 parts Lond, prmtedfor the Author, 1756, folio 

Seven prel. leaves ; text, 490 pp. 'Index, pp. 491-503. Map of Jamaica; 
Chart of the Harbours of Port Royal and Kingston; 49 numbered copper- 
plates. Chalmers states that 250 copies only were printed. It is believed 
that many of them were destroyed in the Great Fire in Comhill in 1765. 
The Natural History portion is very ample. 

398 Browne (Patrick) History of Jamaica. Another ed. 

Lond. 1789, folia 
Seven prel. leaves ; text, 490 pp. ' Index,' pp. 491-503, ' Four Additional 
Indexes.' 23 leaves. Map of Jamaica, 1 774, and 49 numbered copper- 
This edition is the same as the precedingf with the exception of a few leaves 
being reprinted with some alterations, the substitution of a new and im- 
proved map of Jamaica, the omission of the Chart of the Harbours of Port 
Royal and Kingston, and the addition of the four Indexes. 

399 Bruce (Lewis) The Happiness of Man the Griory of Grod. A 

Sermon preached before the Hon. Trustees for establishing 
the Colony of G-eorgia in America, and the Associates of the 
late Eev. Dr. Bray, March 15, 1743 Lond. 1744, 4'* 

Title and 53 pp. 

400 Bryan (Hugh). Living Christianity delineated in the Diaries 

and Letters of Mr. Hugh Bryan and Mrs. Mary Hutson, 
both of South Carolina Lond. 1760, 182 pp. 12» 

401 Buchanan (James) Consul for the State of New YorTe. 

Sketches of the North American Indians Lond. 1824, 8" 
xi and 371 pp. with Map of North America. Contains copious extracts from 
Heckwelder's Account of the Indian Nations. 

402 BtTBD (Thomas) G-ood Obdee established in Pennsyl- 

vania AND New Jeesby in America, being a true Account 
of the Country, with its produce and commodities there 
made, TTNOUT, calf extra hy Bedford Lond. 1685, 40' pp. 4" 
Not mentioned either by Lowndes or Rich. 

403 Budget (The), Inscribed to the Man who thinks himself 

Minister. Lond. 1764, 4"' 

Title and pp. 3-23. 

404 Buenos Ayres, Eeal Cedula de Ereccion del Consulado de, 30 

de Enero, half mar. Madrid, 1794, folio 

Title and 36 pp. An official paper, probably privately printed. 

405 Buenos Ayres. An authentic and interesting description of 

the city of Buenos Ayres and the adjacent country 

Lond. Jo. Fairhmn [1806] 120' 
Sixty pp. with a Map of South America. 

406 Buenos Ayres, a Eive Tears' Eesidence in, 1820 to 1825 

Lond. 1825, 8»* 

viii and 1 76 pp. After the title is a leaf inserted, dated Buenos Ayres, Feb. 

1826, by the author, apologizing for his book, " written solely for the 

author's friends in England," and asking that it may be viewed with 


07 Buenos Ayres. Ultimatum del Sr. Consul de Erancia Mr- 
Aim6 Eoger Buenos Aires,imprenta del Ustado, 1838, 97 pp. 4° 

SECOKD bay's SAI/E. 45 

408 Buenos Ayres. Ultimatum of Mr. Aime Eoger, Consul of 

France, addressed to the G-overnment of Buenos Ayres, 
charged with the Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Confede- 
ration, its Answer and relative Documents 

Buenos Ayres, State Printing Office, 1838, 4° 
One hundred and eighty-nine pp. In French and Englisli, apparently a 
translation of the preceding : both were probably printed only for official 

409 Buenos Ayres. Oficio del Consul encargado interinamente 

del Consulado Greneral de Francia en Buenos Aires, al Sr. 
Ministro de Eelaeiones Exteriores de la Confederacion Ar- 
gentina Buenos Aires, imprenta del Mstado, 1838, 4° 
Title and 114 pp. 

410 Buenos Ayres. Oificial Note from the Consul charged ad 

interim of the Greneral Consulate of France ia Buenos 
Ayres, to the Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Argentine 
Confederation Buenos Aires, State Printing Office, 1838, 4" 
Two hundred and twenty-nine pp. In French and Eng'lish. Apparently a 
translation of the preceding : both probably printed only for official use. 

411 Buenos Ayres. Supplemento a la Correspondencia Oiicial 

eon el Consul encargado interinamente del Consulado Grene- 
ral de Francia en Buenos Aires 

Buenos Aires, imprenta del Ustado, 1838, 4° 
Title and pp. 69-1 1 4 ; probably privately printed for official use. 

412 Bulkeley (Peter) of Concord, The Grospel Covenant ; or, the 

Covenant of Grrace opened 

Lond. ly M. S.for Benj. Allen, 1646, 4° 
Eight prel. leaves ; viz. title, dedication, ' To the Reader,' ' To the Reader,' 
' To the Church ;' text, 383 pp. ' The Table,' 4 leaves. 

*13 Bulkeley (Peter) The Gl-ospel Covenant, 2nd ed. much en- 
larged, and corrected by the Author 

Lond. ly Matthew Simmons, 1651, 4° 
Seven prel. leaves and text in 432 pp ; Table, 5 leaves. 

414 Bulkley (Charles) The Signs of the Times, in a Sermon 

preached, Oct. 21, 1759, on occasion of the Surrender of 
Quebec Lond. 1759, 8" 

Thirty pp. and 1 leaf. 

415 Buiii-OCE: (William) Vieginia impaetiallt examined, 

morocco extra ly Bedford, beautifully fine and clean copy 

Lond. ly John Hammond, 1649, 4° 
Title, rev. blank; 3 prel. leaves, dedicatory letters, etc; 'The Table', 4 pp ; 
text, pp. 1-66. This work, though but a compilation, is replete with valu- 
able information. The author states that it was composed in " six nights." 

416 Bullock ( W".) proprietor of the Museum, Six Months' Eesi- 

dence and Travels in Mexico, cloth Lond. 1824, 8° 

xii and 523 pp. ' Index,' pp. 525-30. " List of Plates,' pp. 531-2, with 
17 plates. 

417 Buonaparte in the West Indies ; or, the History of Toussaint 

Louverture, the African Hero, 4th ed. uncut 

BuUin,^ 1804, 48 pp. 8" 

46 SECOND day's SAIiE. 

418 Burgoyne (Lt.-Gen. Jolin), A Letter from, to his Consti- 

tuents upon his late Eesignation, with Correspondences 
relative to his return to America, 4th ed. halfmor. 

Lond. 1779, 8» 
Title, and 37 pp. After Gen. Burgoyne's surrender to the Americans he re- 
turned to England on parole. Having rendered himself obnoxious to the 
Government he was ordered to return and join his captive army. In this 
letter he inveighs with hitter acrimony against the ministry. — Rich. 

419 Burgoyne (Lt.-Gren. John) A Letter, etc. 5th ed. halfmor. 

^ ■' Lond. 1779, 8» 

Title and 37 pp. 

420 Burgoyne (Lt.-Gren. John). A Eeply to Lieutenant General 

Burgoyne's Letter to his Constituents, 2nd ed. halfmor. 

Lond. 1779, 8" 
Half-title, title, and 46 pp. 

421 Burgoyne (Lt.-Gen. John) The Substance of his Speeches on 

Mr. Vyner's Motion and Mr. Hart's Motion, May 26 and 
28, 1778, -with an Appendix, containing Gen. Washington's 
Letter, 2nd ed. Lond. 1778, 8» 

Half-title, title, 48 pp. 

422 Burgoyne (Lt.-Gen. John) The same, 3rd ed. halfmor. 

Lond. 1778, 8» 
Half-title, title, and 48 pp. 

423 Burgoyne (Lt.-Gen. John). Essay on Modern Martyrs, with 

a Letter to Gen. B. halfmor. Lond. 1780, 8'> 

Half-title, title, and 52 pp. 

424 Burgoyne (Lt. Gen. John) A State of the Expedition from 

Canada, as laid before the House of Commons, half calf 

Lond. 1780, 4" 

viii. prel. pp ; Text, 140 pp ; Appendix, Ixii pp ; Advertisement, 1 page. 
6 maps and plans. "The materials of his interesting story will be held 
in high estimation by the historians, who shall record the events of the 
unhappy war, to which they owe their birth." — North Am. Bev. 

425 Burgoyne (Lt. Gen. John) The same, 2nd Ed. Lond. 1780, 8° 

Title ; Dedication, pp. iii-vi ; ' Introduction,' pp. vii-ix. ' Advertisement,' 
1 leaf; Text 191 pp. ' Appendix,' cix pp. 6 Maps and Plans. 

426 Burke (Edmund), Speech of, on moving his Eesolutions for 

Conciliation with the Colonies, March 22, 1775. 2nd Ed. 
hf mar. Lond. 1775, 8" 

Half-title, title and 107 pp. This is the speech containing the famous sentence. 
" Whatever England has been growing to by a progressive increase of 
government, brought in by varieties of people, by succession of civilizing 
conquest and civilizing settlements, in a series of seventeen hundred years, 
you shall see as much added to her by America in a single life !" 

427 Burke (Edmund), A Letter from, to John Earr and John 

Harris, Esqrs. Sheriffs of Bristol, on the Affairs of America, 
hf. mor. lond. 1777, 75 pp. 8»* 

428 Burke (Edmund). The same, 3rd Ed. Lond. 1777, 75 pp. 8* 

429 Burke (Edmund). The same, 4th Ed. Lond. 1777, 79 pp. 8» 

SECOND day's sale. 47 

430 Burke (Edmund), An Answer to the letter of, to the Sheriffs 

of Bristol, hf. mor. Lond. 1777, 8° 

Half-title, title, and 60 pp. 

431 — The same, 2nd Ed. Lond. 1777, 2 pr. Is. and 60 pp. 8° 

432 Burke (Edmund), Speech of, on American Taxation, April 19, 

1774. 2nd Ed. hfmor. Lond. 1775,. 96 pp. 8'' 

483 Burke (Edmund), An Answer to the Speech of, in the House 
of Commons, Aprill9, 1774, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1775, iv. and222pp/8'' 

434 Burke (Edmund), A Letter to. Controverting the Principles 

of American G-overnment, laid down in his Speech on Ameri- 
can Taxation, Tif. mor. Lond. 1775, 30 pp. b° 

435 [Burke (Edward)] an Account of the European Settlements 

in America. In Six Parts. 2 vols, first edition, published 
anonymously Lond. S,. and J. Dodsley, 1757, 8° 

Vol. I. 5 prel. leaves, and text pp. 3 to 312. Map of ' South America, 1747' ; 
II. Title, half-title and text pp. 3 to 300, 'Contents' 10 leaves, map of 
' North America,' 1747. 

436 — The same. 2nd Ed. 2 vols. Lond. It. and J. Dodsley, 1578, 8° 

Vol. I. 5 prel. leaves, text pp. 3 to 324. ' Contents' 5 leaves ; II. 7 prel. 
leaves, text pp. 3 to 308. Maps as in 1st edition. 

437 — The same. 4th Ed. 2 vols. Dublin : Peter Wilson, 1762, 12° 
Vol. I. 8 prel. leaves and text 319 pp. II. 5 prel. leaves and 301 pp. 

No maps. 

438 — The same, 4th Ed. 2 vols. Lond. 1765, 8» 
Vol.1. 11 prel. leaves and text pp. 3 to 324. II. 7 prel. leaves and text 

pp. 308. No Maps. 

439 — The same, 5th Ed. 2 vols. Lond. 1770, 8° 

Vol. 1. 11 prel. leaves, and pp. 3 to 324. II. 7 prel. leaves, and pp. 3 to 
308. Maps as in 1st. ed. but with date 1747 omitted. 

440 — The same, 6th Ed. 2 vols, hf. ef. Lond. 1777, 8° 

Vol. I. II prel. leaves and pp. 3 to 324.— II. 7 prel. leaves and pp. 3 to 308. 
Maps as in 5th ed. 

■441 Burke (Edmund) Account of the European Settlements in 
America, also his Correspondence with Dr. French Law- 
rence, cloth Boston, 1851, 687 pp. 8» 

442 Burke (Edmund), A Speech of, at the Guildhall, in Bristol, 

upon certain points relative to his Parliamentary Conduct. 
2nd Ed. Land. 1780, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 68 pp. 

443 Burke (William) South American Independence : or, the 

Emancipation of South America, the Grlory and Interest of 
England Lond. 1807, 8° 

Title, preface, and advertisement, 4 leaves ; text 82 pp. 

444 Burney (James) A Memoir on the Geography of the North- 

Eastern Part of Asia, (From the Philosophical Transactions.) 

Lond. 1818, title and 15 pp. 4° 

445 Burney (James) Memoir of the Voyage of D'Entrecasteaux, 

in search of La Perouse. Lond. 1820, 21 pp. 8° 

48 SECOND day's sale. 

446 Bums (Eobert). Poems ctiefly in the Scottish Dialect, with 

Grlossary, itiest Ameeican edition, uncut 

New Tork, 1788, 8» 
Title, Dedication and Table of Contents, 8pp. Poems pp. 9 to 284 ; Glossary 
pp. 285 to 306. 

447 [Btjeeotjgh (Edward)] A Declaration of the Sad and Great 

Persecution and Martyrdom of the People of God, called 
Quakers in New-England, for the Worshipping of God. 
Whereof 22 have been Banished, 03 have been Martyred, 
03 have had their Ears cut. 01 hath been burned in the Hand. 
31 Persons have received 650 Stripes. 01 was beat while 
his Body was like a jelly. Several were beat with Pitched 
Eopes. Five Appeals made to England, were denied by the 
Eulers of Boston. One thousand forty four pounds worth 
of Goods hath been taken from them. One now lyeth in 
Iron-fetters, condemned to dije,_fine copy 

Land, for Bohert Wilson, [1660] 32 pp. 40 

448 Burroughs (Cornelius) Eich Newes from Jamaica of great 

Spoyl made by the English upon the Enemy, both by Land 
and Sea Land. M. Simmons, 1689, title and 4 pp. 4" 

The ' Rich Newes' of this rare little tract is chiefly on the title-pag'e. 

449 Burton (Eobert) The English Empire in America ; or a 

Prospect of his Majesties Dominions in the West Indies. To 
which is prefixed a Eelation of the first Discovery of the 
New World called America by the Spaniards, jjoor copy 

Lond. 1685, 12" 
Two prel. leaves, and 209 pp. Copperplate map facing the title, and another 
at p. 21. Two copperplates representing 'Strange Creatures' at pp. 165 
and 180. 

450 Burton (Eobert) The same, 3rd ed. hf. russ. Lond. 1698, 12" 
Title and 176 pp. Map before the title, and one at p. 21 ; woodcuts on 

pp. 157 and 166. 

451 Bushel (John) A true and perfect Narrative of the late dread- 

ful Pire which happened at Bridge-Town, in the Barbadoes, 
April 18, 1688, hf. mor. Lond. [1688], 4° 

Title and 6 pp. Wot mentioned by either Lowndes or Rich. 

452 Byers (John) Eeferences to the Plan of the Island of St.Vin. 

cent, as surveyed from the Year 1765 to 1773 Lond. 1777, S" 

Title ; ' Alphabetical List,' etc. ' General State and Disposition of Lands ; 
etc. viii. pp. ' Lands Sold, etc' 8 pp. 

453 Byers (John) Eeferences to the Plan of the Island of Domi- 

nica, as surveyed from the Tear 1765 to 1773 Zond. 1777, 8"> 
Five prel. leaves and 30 pp. 

454 Bteield (Nathaniel) An Account of the late Eevolutiou in 

New England, 'morocco extra ly Bedford 

Lond. ly Bic. Chiswell, 1689, 4" 
•fitle; text, pp. 3 to20. Not mentioned by Lowndes. 

SECOND day's sale. 49 

455 Byron (John) Narrative, containing an Account of the great |^ 

Distresses Suffered by Himself and his Companions on the 
Coast of Patagonia, from 1740 — 1746, with a Description of 
St. Jago de Chili ; also a Relation of the Loss of the Wager, 
now first published Lond. 1768, 8" 

Half-title, title, viii and 257 pp. with copperplate frontispiece. 

456 Byron (Commodore) A Voyage round the "World in H.M.S. 

the Dolphin: Description of the Streights of Magellan, and 
of the G-igantic People called Patagonians, together with an 
accurate Account of Seven Islands lately discovered in the 
South Seas Lond. 1767, 8° 

Title and Preface, 2 leaves ; text, 186 pp. ; copperplates at pp. 45 and 130) 
besides the frontispiece. 

457 Cabot (Sebastian) A Memoir of, [by Eichard Biddle, of Phi- 

ladelphia], boards, VMcut Lond. 1831, 8" 

Thirteen prel. pp. and text 333 pp. 

458 CALAjfCHA (Antonio de la) Coeotuca de S. Atjgttstin en eii 

Pebtt con sucesos exemplares de esto Monarquia 

Lima, 1653, folio 

This is the second and most important volume of the Chronicle of Calancha, 
and was printed at Lima in 1653, but was never published, owing' pro- 
bably to certain obnoxious passages contained in it. It is a smaller volume 
than the first, which was printed in Barcelona in 1638, and is of much 
rarer occurrence. This copy wants the title, and some of the marginal notes 
have been cut off, possibly by the Officers of the Inquisition. It has 6 pre- 
liminary leaves, without the title. Book I. is folioed to 15, and paged thence 
to 268. Book II. has one preliminary leaf, and breaks off abruptly with 
the 42nd page. Then comes Book V. in 92 pages, followed by two leaves, 
containing the table of the whole volume. In this the Fifth Book is called 
the third in order. No other copy is known, the work having probably 
for some reason been suppressed. 

459 Calatayud y Boeda (Cypriano Geronimo de) Oracion Pu- 

nebre que en las solemnes Exequias de la E. M. Maria An- 
tonia de San Joseph, Larrea, Arispe, de los Eeyes : Quatro 
veces Ministra en el Monasterio de Trinitarias Descalzas de 
esta Ciudad de Lima, velltim 

Lima, en la Imprenta de los Suerfa/nos, 1783, 4" 
The first half of the volume (53 leaves) unpaged ; the second, 1 44 pp. 

460 Caldwell (Charles). A Discourse on the Q-enius and Cha- 

racter of the Eev. Horace Holley, LL.D., late President of 
Transylvania University, hoards, uncut 

Boston, Hilliard amd Go. 1828, 8" 
viii. prel. pp. and 294 pp. with portrait of Horace Holley, and two plates. 

461 Callava (Jose) Manifesto sobre las tropellas y bejaciones que 

cometi6 el Gobernador Americano de Panzacola Ardres 
Jackson, contra Don Jose Callava, lif. mor. 

Halana, 1821, 70 pp. 4" 


50 SECOND day's SAIiE. 

462 Ci.i.E¥ (Ros-e-rt), MercMnt of Boston. Moee "Wonders of 

THE Intisible Woeld ; or, the Wonders of the Invisible" 
"World, display'd in Five Parts, calf extra ly Bedford 

Lond.for Nath. HilUr, 1700, 4» 

Title; ' The Epistle to the Eeader,' 6 pp. ; Index, 3 pp. Letter of Cotton 
Mather, I page. Text, 156 pp. 

The author gave great offence by opposing the then popular belief concern- 
ing witches. " In his discussion with Cotton Mather, he is as superior to 
him in reasoning as he was in good senseand courage." — North Am. Rev. 
iii. p. 316. 

463 Callander ( Jolin) Voyages to the Terra Australis, or South- 

em Hemisphere, during the 16th, I7th, and 18th Centuries, 
3 vols. Hdinb. 1766, 8« 

Vol. I. Title ; ' To Charles Townshend, Esq.' ' To Sir Lawrence Dundas, Bart;' 
2 leaves. ' Contents,' pp. v.-vi. List of Books, 2 pp, ' Preface,' viii. 
pp. ' A Map of the Straits of Magellan,' etc. Text, S16 pp. 11.1768. 
Title, Contents, and Preface, 3 leaves; text, pp. 3-692; map. III. Title 
and Contents, 2 leaves ; text, 745 pp. ; map. 

Rich suggests that Callander was little else than a translator of the President 
De Brosse's work, printed at Paris in 1756. 

464 CaliiE (Juan Diez db la) Memoeial iNroEMATOBio . . . 

Contiene lo qve sv Magestad Provee en su Cosejo, j Junta, 
y por las dos Secretarias de la Nueua Espafia, y Pirii, Ecle- 
siastico, Secular, Salaries, Estipendios y Presidios, su Grente, 
y Costa, y de que Cajas, y Hazienda Eeal se paga: valor de 
las Encomiendas de Indies, y otras cosas curiosas, y neces- 
sarias, fine copy, in mar. ly Bedford 1645, 4* 

Title, reverse blank ; ' Senor,' 4 pp. ; ' Indice' & ' Nota,' 2 pp. ' En este 
afio de 1645,' etc. 8 pp. ; ' Al Lector,' 2 pp ; ' Consejo Real de las 
Indias,' etc. 6pp. Second title. • Memorial Informatorio, al Rey Nuestro 
Seiior', etc. reverse blank ; text, 'Memorial Ajvstado,' etc. folios 2 to 32. 

Rich has no mention of this volume, which was privately printed for the use of 
the King and Council. It must not be confounded with the book described 
in the following number. It is a book of the utmost importance to the his- 
torian of Spanish America, being a kind of private official Handbook or 
Directory of Mexico, Yucatan, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, etc. 
The Author was Secretary to the Council of the Indies. 

465 Calle (Juan Diez de la"). Mbmoeial, t Noticias Saceas 

tEeales delImpeeio de las Indias Occidentalbs, pei- 
Tatelt PEiNTED,^«e copy, original Spanish Unding 1646, 4o 
Twelve prel. leaves, viz. half-title, title. Epistle, ' Senor' signed luan Diez 
de la Calle, 5 pp. followed by 1 blank page ; ' Cedvla en qve sv Magestad 
hizo merced a luan Diez de la Calle,' 4 pp. ; ' Indice, y Compendio, 10 pp. 
Text in 183 folioed leaves, followed by ' Erratas' 1 page, reverse blank ; 
' Memorial breve,' 8 pp. and ' Noticias importantes,' 5 leaves. On the 
reverse of folio 180 the author says. That only a few copies of the work 
had been printed for the use of the King, his Council, and Ministers. 
Hence its extreme rarity. 

SECOND day's sale. 51 

466 Calle (Jttan Diez de la) Memoeial, another copy, eery 
fine, in blue morocco by Bedford 1646, 4° 

This is probably a later issue of the preceding, with several important addi- 
tions, alterations, and corrections. Two of the preliminary leaves have 
been cancelled and reprinted with alterations, viz. the last leaf of the 
Epistle Dedicatory and the first leaf of the Indioe. Two preliminary 
leaves are added, making in this impression 14, viz. ' Prosegue el Indioe 
deste Memorial' and ' Notas' 2 pages ; and ' Erratas' 1 page, reverse 
blank ; folios 10,11, 22, 23, 33, and 35 of the text are reprinted, with 
considerable additions and some omissions. The Errata after folio 183 are 
cancelled, and placed here on the 14th preliminary leaf, reprinted with 
corrections. This copy possesses all these reprints, as well as the can- 
celled leaves. 

467 Callendee (John) An Historical Discourse on the CivU 

and Religious Affairs of the Colony of Ehode Island and 
Providence Plantations in New England, in America, from 
the first Settlement, 1638, to the end of fijst Century, calf 
extra by Bedford Boston, S. Kneeland and T,Green, 1739, 8° 
Title; Dedication, 14pp.; text, 120 pp. 'Advertisement,' 1 p. Afero 
letters on the title svppUed in exact facsimile. 

468 Campe (J. H.) Pizarro, or the Conquest of Peru ; being a 

continuation of the Discovery of America, for the use of Chil- 
dren and Toung Persons, Tif. cf Biriningliam, 1800, 12° 
Title, ' Errata' 6 lines ; text, 243- pp. ' Map of South America.' 

469 Campe (J. H.) Columbus, new ed. Lond. 1811, 275 pp. 12" 

470 Canada. Copies and Translations of the Eoyal Charters by 

which the Territories of Nova Scotia and Canada were 
granted in 1621, 1625, and 1628 to the Eight Hon. Sir W. 
Alexander, afterwards Earl of Sterling Lond. 1831, folio 

Title ; Prefatory observations, 3 pp. Charter of Nova Scotia, 34 pp. Trans- 
lation of the Novodamus of Nova Scotia, 1625, 18 pp. Charter of Canada, 
6 pp. Charter of the Lordship of Canada, 6 pp. 

471 — The Interest of Grreat Britain considered, with regard to 

her Colonies, and the Acquisitions of Canada and Guada- 
loupe, 2nd ed. Lond. 1761, 8" 

Title, and 58 pp. 

472 — From Canada. An Address and Caution to the Public 

rdated froml Montreal, 9th October, 1789, hf. mor. 
'- [iowi. 1789],4<' 

A single sheet. 2 pp. This address is signed by Boueherville and 23 other 

473 Papers and Letters on Agriculture, recommended to the 

Attention of the Canadian Farmers, by the Agricultural So- 
ciety in Canada, thick paper, old green morocco extra, tooled 
sides, with the autograph of Bishop Inglis of Nova Scotia on 
the title page Quebec, Sam. Neilson, 1790, 8° 

In English and French on opposite pages, 5 prel. leaves, and 34 doubly 
numbered pages. 

474 Thoughts on the Canada Bill, hf mor. Lond. 1791, S^ 

Half-title, title.and 50 pp. 


475 Canada. Extract from the Minutes of Council, containing His 

Majesty's late Eegulations relating to the Waste Lands of 
the Crown, with order of reference respecting the same to a 
Committee of the whole Council of the Province of Lower 
Canada, the said Committee's Eeport thereon, and his Ex- 
cellency's Speech in reply, both parts bound in 1 vol. hf. 
mor. Quebec, 1798, 8"> 

Title; Introduction, IT pp. Signed ' William Berczy.' Text, 45 pp. Extract 
of the Minutes, 20th Sept. 1798 ; continuation of the Extract, 11th of 
Juse last, Quetec, 1798. Title and pp. 47-133. ' Errata,' 1 page. 

476 — Some Considerations on this Question, "Whether the Bri- 

tish Government acted wisely in granting to Canada her 
present Constitution ? "With an Appendix, hf. mor. 

Montreal, J. Brown, 1810, 26 pp. 8» 

477 Candid (A) Examination of the Mutual Claims of Great Bri- 

tain and the Colonies, hf. mor. 

New York, Jas. Bivington, \115, S" 
On the reverse of the title ' EiTata," 22 lines ; text, 62 pp. Said to be the 
production of Mr. Galloway. 

478 Candid Thoughts ; or, an Enquiry into the Causes of Na- 

tional Discontents and Misfortunes since the commencement 
of the present Eeign Lond. 1781, 73 pp. 8" 

479 Candisch. Beschryvinge vande overtreifelijcke ende wydt- 

vermaerde Zeevaerdt vanden Edelen Heer ende Meester 
Thomas Candisch Amst. Michiel Golijn, 1617, obi. 4* 

Title, and 39 leaves. 

480 Caner (Henry). The Piety of Pounding Churches for the 

"Worship of God: a Discourse upon Nehemiah ii. 20. 
Preach' d at King's Chapel in Boston, August 11, 1749, upon 
occasion of laying the Eirst Stone for rebuilding the said 
Chapel Boston, J. Draper, 1749, 8" 

Three prel. leaves and 18 pp. 

481 Caribbeana ; containing Letters and Dissertations, together 

with Poetical Essays on various Subjects and Occasions, 
chiefly wrote by several hands in the West Indies, and some 
of them to Gentlemen residing there, 2 vols, fine copy, 
UNCUT Lond. 1741, 4'* 

Vol. I. Title; ' Preface,' pp. iii-x ; and text, 404 pp. • Index' and ' Errata,' 
S leaves. II. Title ; ' Preface,' xvi. pp. ; and text, 358 Jjp. ' Index' 
and ' Errata,' 4 leaves. 

482 Caeochi (Hoeacio), Soc. Jesw, Compendio dei Aete de la 

Len&ua Mexicana, vellum 

Mexico, en la Imprenta de la Sibliotheca Mecdcana, 
enfrente de S. Augustin, 1759, 4* 

Twelve prel. leaves ; text, 202 pp. With copper-plate frontispiece repre- 
senting 8. Ignaoio de Loyola. Within the last year or two a copy has 
been sold by public auction for £17. It appears to have been unknown 
to liicb. 

SECOND dat's sale. 53 

483 Cabolitta ; oe a Desceiption of tte Peesent State of 

THAT CouNTET, and the Natural Excellencies thereof, pub- 
lished by T. A., G-ent., calf extra, ly Bedford Land. 1682, 4° 
Title ; ' To the Reader,' 2 pp. Text, 40 pp. signed ' T. A.' 

484 Caeolina. The Humble Address of the Eight Honourable 

the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, 
presented March 13th, 1705, relating to the Province of 
Carolina, with Her Majesties Answer thereunto, last line 
of 2nd leaf cut off, hf. mor. Lond. 1705, 2 leaves, folio 

485 Caeolina. The Two Chaetees geanted by Charles II. 

to the Proprietors of Carolina, with the Krst and Last 
Fundamental Constitutions of that Colony, fine copy, hf. 
mor. Lond. [1705], 4" 

Title and 60 pp. followed by ' The Copy of an Act lately pass'd in Carolina,' 
etc. 8 pp. 

486 Carolina (North), Informations concerning the Province of, 

imcut Glasgow, 1773, 8" 

32 pp. signed, ' Sootus Amerioanus.' 

487 Carolina (South), A True State of the Case between the In- 

habitants of, and the Lords Proprietors of that Province 

4 pp. folio 

488 — A New and Accurate Account of the Provinces of Sonth 

Carolina and G-eorgia, hf. mor. Lond. 1732, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 76 pp. This appears to be the Tract referred to by 
Nichols {Lit. Anec. ii. p. 19"", as written by Gov. Oglethorpe. 

489 — A New and Accurate Account ; another ed. io«dI. 1733, 80 

Half-title, title, and 76 pp. 

490 — Considerations on certain Political Transactions of the* 

Province of South Carolina, hf. mor. Lond. 1774, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 83 pp. " A shrewd and dispassionate examination." 

M. Rev. 

491 — An Historical Account of the Eise and Progress of the 

Colonies of South Carolina and G-eorgia, 2 vols, calf 

Lond. 1779, 8" 
Vol. I. xiv and 347 pp. Vol. II. ix and 329 pp. By Alexander Hewatt, 
who was for sometime resident at Chailestown. — JRich. 

492 Caethagena. Viage, y svcesso de los Carauelones, Galeon- 

cetes de la guarda de Cartagena de las Indias, y su costa. 
T la grandiosa victoria que han tenido cotra los Cossarios 
Piratas en aquel Mar, este aiio 1621, hf. mor. 
[Golophon ;] Madrid, for la viuda de Gosme Delgado, 1621, 

2 leaves, fol. 

493 — Cosas Notables, Svcedidos en las Costas de la Civdad de 

Lima, en las Indias, y como el armada Olandesa procuraua 
coger el armadOla nuestra, que baxa con la plata de ordi- 
nario a Cartagena, ario passado de 1624, hf. mor. 

[Golophon ;] Madrid, par luan Gonzalez, 1625, 4 pp. fol. 

54 SECOND bat's sale. 

GiBTHAGEifA : Continued. 

494 — Eelation de ce qui s'est fait a la prise de Cartagene, par 

I'Escadre Commande'e par Mr. de Pointis, old calf 

Brux., chez Jean Fricx, 1698, 12° 

Title and 141 pp. 

495 — An Account of the Expedition to Carthagena, Jif. mor. 

Land. 1743, 8» 
Half-title, title, and 58 pp. 

496 — An Accoiint, etc. 2nd ed. Jif. mor. Land. J743, 8° 

Half-title, title, and 58 pp. 

497 — An Account, etc. 3rd ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1743, 8° 

Half-title, title, and 58 pp. 

498 • — Authentic Papers relating to the Expedition against 

Carthagena, with Copies of Letters between Adm. Vernon 
and Gen. Wentworth ; and between the GoTemor of Car- 
thagena and the Admiral, hf. mor. Lond. 1744, 8° 
Half-title, title, and 100 pp. 

499 — A Journal of the Expedition to Carthagena, in answer to 

An Account of the Expedition to Carthagena, Tif. mor. 

Lond. 1744, 8''' 

Half-title, title, and Introduction, 3 leaves ; text, pp. 3-59. This Pamphlet 
is attributed to General Wentworth, who commanded the Land Forces. 

500 — A Journal, etc. 2nd ed. hf. mor. Lond. VI ^, 8°- 

Half-title, title, and Introduction, 3 leaves ; text, pp. 3-59. 

501 — Original Papers relating to the Expedition to Cartha- 

gena, hf. mor. Lond. 1744, S" 

Title and Preface, 2 leaves; text, 154 pp. 

502 — Original Papers, 2nd ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1744, 8" 

Title and Preface, 2 leaves ; text, 154 pp. 

503 Cartwright (George). A Journal of Transactions and Events, 

during a Residence of nearly Sixteen Years on the Coast of 
Labrador, by George Cartwright, 3 -^ols. fine copy 

Newarh, 1792, 4" 
Vol. I. Title, and Explanation of the Frontispiece, 2 leaves ; 'Preface,' pp. 
iii-viii ; ' Glossary,' pp. ix-xvi, and text, 287 pp. II. Title ; ' Glossary,' 
pp. iii-x; and text, 505 pp. III. Title ; ' Glossary,' pp. iii-x; and text, 
248 pp.; ' Labrador: a Poetical Epistle,' 15 pp. with portrait of Captain 
Cartwright, Map of ' The Island of Newfoundland, etc. by Lieut. Michael 
Lane, 1790,' 23 by 28 inches ; ' Chart of part of the Coast of Labrador, 
etc. by Michael Lane, 1792,' 17 by 24 inches ; and a ' Chart of Mecklen- 
bur^h Harbour, etc. 1792,' 18J by 24 inches. Rich (SjJ. .dm.) has a note 
highly commendatory of this work. The author was brother to the 
famous Major Cartwright. 

504 [Cartwright (Major John)]. American Independence the 

Interest and Glory of Great Britain, hf. mor. 

Lond. S. 8. Woodfall, 1774, 8° 
xvi, iv and 72 pp. A second edition was published in 1775. Speaking of 
this publication, the author's biographer says, " at a time when no Mem- 
ber of Parliament had sufficient decision of mind to propose the Indepen- 
dence of America, Major Cartwright suggested the expediency of an 
Union between Great Britain and her Colonies under separate Legisla^ 


505 Carver (Jonathan) Travels through the Interior of North 

America, 1766-68,^«e copy Buhlin, 1779, 8° 

Title and dedication, 2 leaves ; contents, 8 leaves; 'A New Map of North 
America;' ' Introduction,' xiii pp.; and text, pp. 15-508; 2 plates, at 
p. 50 and p. 279. 

506 Carver (Jonathan) Travels, 3rd ed. half calf Lond. 1781, 8° 

Title, and advertisement, 1 pa»e, signed ' John Coakley Lettsom ;' ' Some 
Account of Captain J. Carver,' 22 pp. ; dedication to Sir Joseph Bankes, 
1 leaf; ' Address,' 2 leaves; ' Contents,' 8 leaves; ' Introduction,' xvi 
pp.; text, pp. 17-543; directions for placing the maps and plates, 1 p.; 
' Index,' 1 leaves ; portrait of Capt. Jonathan Carver, 2 maps, and 
4 plates, coloured. 

507 Carver (Jonathan) Three Tears Travels through the Interior 

parts of North America 

JPMladelpMa, Key and Simpson, 1796, S" 
Title ; dedication, pp. iii-iv ; address, pp. v-vii ; contents, pp. ix-xx ; ' In- 
troduction,' ix pp. ; text, pp. 11-349; ' Appendix,' pp. 351-360; ' List of 
Subscribers,' 20 pp. 

508 Carver (Jonathan) A Treatise on the Culture of the Tobacco 

Plant Dublin, Hid, 8" 

Five prel. leaves ; half-title, title, books printed, etc. contents, and dedica- 
tion; text, 52 pp. 

509 Case (A) decided in the Supreme Court of the United States, 

Feb. 1793, " "Whether a State be liable to be sued by a pri- 
vate Citizen of another State ?" uncut, Tif. mor. 

Philadelphia, T. Bohson, 1793, 8° 
Title and 121 pp. 

510 Case of G-reat Britain and America, addressed to the King, 

and both Houses of Parliament, 2nd ed. Lond. 1769, 8" 

Title, 1 leaf, and 43 pp. " One of the best Tracts on the subject." 

Monthly Bev. 

511 Case (The) of the Importation of Bar-Iron, from our own 

Colonies of North America ; recommended to the Conside- 
ration of the Parliament, hf. 'mor. Lond. 1756, 29 pp. 8° 

512 Cassette (La) Verte de Monsieur de Sartine, trouvee chez 

Mademoiselle du The, 5me. ed. hf. mor. La Says, 1779, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 71 pp. 

513 Castellanos (Itjan be). Primera Paite de las Elegias de 

Varones Illvstres de Indias,^«e tall copy in vellwn 

Madrid, la viuda de Alonso Gomez Lmpressor, 1589, 4° 

Fifteen prel. leaves, viz. title ; ' Yo Miguel de Ondar9a,' 1 page ; ' Erratas,' 
1 page ; ' El Key,' 2 pp. ; ' Mvy Poderoso Seflor,' 5 pp. ; ' Senor,' 2 pp. ; 
a woodcut iilling 1 page ; ' Hispanum regnum,' etc. 1 page ; ' Tabla,' 
5 pp. ; Epigramma, etc. 9 pp. ; woodcut portrait of Castellanos, 1 page. 
Text, in double columns, pp. 11 to 382. The first part only was printed. 
" After employing the greater part of his life in writing the biography of 
the discoverers and conquerors of the New World, Castellanos devoted 
the remainder to putting his writings into verse." — Rich. 


514 Casteli (William) A Short Discoverie of the Coasts and 

Continent of America, from the Equinoetiall Northward, 
and of the adjacent Isles, title and leaf of dedication in 
exact facsimile and one line repaired, calf extra, ly Bedford 

Land. 1644, 4" 
Title ; dedication, etc. 2 pp. ; " An Ordinance," etc. 8 pp. ; text, pp. 9-4? ; 
" The second Booke," pp. 1-54. 

515 Castres (Caille de). De "Wilde, ov les Sauvages Caribes Insiol- 

kirres d' Amerique et Histoire Nouvelle, par M. Caille de ' 
Castres cy deuant Employe aus affairres d'yne compagnie 
Boyalle en Affrique et en Amerique 1694, 4° 

An impoetant, oeiginal, unpublished manuscript, of 196 pages. 

516 Cathcart (John) A Letter to the Hon. Edward Vernon, 

concerning some Gross Misrepresentations in a Pamphlet, 
intitled Original Papers relating to the Expedition to the 
Island of Cuba, hf. nwr. Lond. 1744, 8" 

Title, and pp. 3-55. 

517 Cavendish (Sir Henry). Debates of the House of Commons 

in the year 1774, on the Bill for making more effectual 
Provision for the G-overnment of the Province of Quebec. 
Drawn up from the Notes of the Right Hon. Sir Henry 
Cavendish, clotTi, uncut Lond. 1839, 8" 

Six prel. leares : viz. Title Preface, pp. iii-x ; ' Contents,' pp. xi and xii. 
Text, 296 pp. Appendix, pp. 297-303. 2 Maps. 

518 Cbpeba (Peenaitdo de) Eelacion Vnivdesai Leghtima, y 

verdadera del sitio en qve esta fvndada la muy noble, insigne, 

y muy leal Ciudad de Mexico, Cabega de las Provincias de 

toda la Nueva Espaiia. Lagunas, Eios, y Montes que la 

cirien y rodean. Calgadas que las dibiden. T Azequias que 

la atrauiesan, etc. 

[^Colophon'] Ik, la Emprenta de Francisco Sallago, [^Mexico'] 

Ministro del sancto Officio, en la calle de 

san FroMcisco, 1637, folio 

Two prel. leaves. Text in 31, 42, 30, and title and 39 folioed leaves. 

519 Chalkley (Thomas), A Collection of the "Works of, in Two 

Parts, J^we copy in calf extra, ly Bedford 

Philadelphia : Printed hy B. Peanklik and 
D. Sail, 1749, 8» 

Title ; The Testimony, etc. pp. v to xiii, signed by Israel Pemberton ; The 
Contents, 1 page ; Title to the First Part, 'A Journal,' etc. 1 leaf; Text, 
326 pp. ; followed by one blank leaf. The Title to the Second Part, con- 
taining the Epistles, and other writings ; Text, pp. 329 to 590. " He was 
a man of many virtues." — Mich. 

520 Chalkley (Thomas), A Journal or Historical Account of the 

Life, Travels and Christian Experiences of, 2nd ed. old calf 

Lond. 1751, ix and 326 pp. 8" 

521 Chalmers (George) Opinions on interesting Subjects of Public 

Law and Commercial Policy, arising from American Inde- 
pendence, new ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1785, 8" 
Title, and 200 pp. 

second dax's salb. 57 

522 Champlain (Sieue Samuel de) Lbs Voyages de la 

jSToTTBLLE France Occidentale, dicte CanadAj^ws copy 
morocco extra, by Bedford 

Paris, chez Glavde Collet au Palais, en la Gallerie des 
Prisonniers, d VEstoille d'Or, ]632, 4° 

Sixteen prel. pages ; Text, 308 pp. ; ' Seconde Partie,' 310 pp. ; one blank 
leaf; 'Table povr cosnoistre les Lievx remarqvables en oeste carte,' 
8 pp. ; ' Traite de la Marine,' 54 pp. ; one blank leaf; ' Doctrine Chres- 
tienne,' etc. 20 pp. Large copper-plate map, entitled, ' Carte de la 
Nouuelle France, 1632,' printed on 2 sheets, 35 by 21 inches. This copy- 
contains the objectionable passage on page 27, which caused the two 
leaves Dij and Diij to be cancelled and reprinted. We usually find that 
the first paragraph on page 27 ends with the words "telles des- 
oouuertes," but in the original issue it reads "telles descouuertes; ce que 
n'ont pas les grands hommes d'estat, qui scjauent mieux manier et conduire 
le gouuernement et 1' administration d'vn Royaume, que celle de la naui- 
gation, des expeditions d'outres mer, et des pays loingtains, pour ne I'auoir 
iamais practique." 

522* — Another copy, without the map, lut having the cancelled 
leaves Dij and Diij, old calf ih. 1632 

523 Champlain (Sieur Samuel de) Les Voyages et Descovver- 

tvres faites en la Novvelle France, depuis I'annee 1615, 
iusques k la fin de I'annee 1618, Seconde Edition, fine 
copy, vellvm Paris, chez Glavde Collet, 1627, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves: viz. 2 Titles, Epistre av Roy, Preface, and Privilege; 
Text, 158 folioed leaves. With 2 folding copper-plates, at folios 44 and 
52, and three others in the text, on the reverse of folios 87, 99, and recto 
of 110. 

524 Chappell (Edward) Voyage of H. M. Ship Eosamond to New- 

foundland and the Southern Coast of Labrador, large 
PAPER, calf, marlled edges Land. 1818, 8° 

Five prel. leaves; viz. Title, Dedication, List of Engravings, and Contents. 
' Introduction,' xix pp. Text. 270 pp. With Frontispiece, Map of New- 
foundland, coloured ; and 2 plates at pp. 25, 42. 

525 Charles 11. His Majesties Propriety and Dominion on the 

Brittish Seas Asserted : together with a true Account of 
the Neatherlanders Insupportable Insolencies, and Injuries 
they have committed; and the Inestimable Benefits they 
have gained in their Eishing on the English Seas : as also 
their Prodigious and Horrid Cruelties in the East and West 
Indies and other Places, hf. russ. Lond. 1665, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves; Dedication signed 'R. C; and Text, 176 pp. Portrait 
of Charles II. and copper-plate map of Great Britain and Ireland. 

526 Charlestown Library Society, The Eules and By-Laws of the, 

and the Act of the Legislature of South Carolina incor- 
porating the said Society, 4th ed. with MS. corrections, 
hf. mor, 
Charleston, for the Society by Nathan Childs, 1785, 26 pp. 4- 


527 Charlevoix (P. de) Histoire et Description Generale de la 

Nouvelle France, 3 vols, fine copy, old calf Paris, 1744, 4" 

Vol. I. Half-title; Title; Dedication, 2 leaves; ' Advertissement,' viiipp.; 
' Histoire Abieg^e,' pp. ix-xxvi ; and Text, 600 pp. Table, pp. 601-644. 
With 10 Maps.— II. Half-title; Title; 'Projet,' ivpp.; Tastes Chrono- 
logiques,' pp. v-xl ; ' Liste et Examen des Auteurs,' pp. xli-lxj; Table, 
1 p. ; Permission, Approbation, and Privilege, 1 leaf ; ' Table,' xv pp. ; 
Fautes, 1 p. ; Text, 502 pp. ; ' Table,' pp. 503-582 ; -with 8 maps. 
' Description des Plantes Principales de I'Am^rique Septentrionnale,' 
56 pp ; with 22 plates. — III. 19 prel. leaves and 543 pp. Ten maps. 

"This is one of the most important works relating to Canada." — Bich. 

528 Chastellux (M. le Marquis de) Eeisebeobachtungen iiber 

America Ilamb. 1785, viii. and 182 pp. sm. 8* 

529 Chastellux (M. le Marquis de) Voyages dans I'Am^rique, 

Sept. 1780-82, 2 vols. Faris, 1786, 8» 

Vol. I. 8 prel. pp. ; text, 390 pp. ; with map. II. Half-title, title, and 
text, 338 pp. ; ' Table,' 339-362 ; • Fautes a Corriger,' 1 page ; and 
'Approbation,' 1 page ; with map and 3 plates. 

530 Chastellux (Marquis de) Travels in North America in 

1780-1782, 2 vols. Lond. 1787, 8° 

Vol. I. XV and 462 pp. with 2 charts. II. ' Second Edition,' xii and 432 pp. 
with 3 plates. 

531 Chastellux (M. le Marquis de) Travels, another ed. 2 vols. 

Dublin, 1787, 8» 

Vol. I. XV and 462 pp. ; map. II. xv and 430 pp. ; map and 3 plates. 

532 Chatham ("William Pitt, Earl of) Speech on the 20th of 

January, 1775 [on the motion for removing his Majesty's 
rorces from the Town of Boston, etc.] hf. mor. 

Lond. 1775, 4» 

Title, and pp. 5-18. 

533 Chatham (William Pitt, Earl of) Plan, offered to the House 

of Lords, entitled, A Provisional Act for Settling the 
Troubles in America, which was rejected and not suffered to 
lie upon the table, hf. mor. Lond. 1775, 14 pp. 4° 

534 Chatham ("William Pitt, Earl of) Abstracts from Two Speeches 

of, and his Eeply to the Earl of Suffolk, hf. mor. 

Lond. VJ1Q, viii. and 58 pp. 8" 
These are Chatham's famous speeches upon Amei-ican aflFairs. 

535 Chauncy (Charles) Pastor at Boston, Marvellous Things done 

by the Eight Hand and Holy Arm of God in getting him the 
Victory, a Sermon preached the 18th of July, 1745, being a 
Day set apart for Thanksgiving for the Seduction of Cape 
Breton, uncut Boston, T. Fleet, 1745, 8" 

Title, and pp. 5-23. Original edition, afterwards reprinted in London. 

536 Chauncy (Charles) The Counsel of Two Confederate Kings to 

set the Son of Tabeal on the Throne, a Sermon occasion'd 
by the Present Eebelhon in favour of the Pretender, preach'd 
in Boston, Eeb. 6, 1745-6 Boston, B. Qookin, 1746, 8° 

Title, and pp. 5-43. 

SECOND bat's sale. 59 

537 Chauvenet ("Wm.) Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, third 

edition Philadelphia, 1854, 264 pp. 8" 

538 Checkley (John) The Eeligion of Jesus Christ the only 

True Eeligion, or, A Short and Easie Method with the 
Deists, in a Letter to a Friend 

Boston, T. Fleet, and are to le Sold hy John Chechley, 1719, 8° 
Title, reverse blank ; 'The Preface,' [By Checkley] 12 pp. ; Text 51 pp. ; 
'The Epistle of St. Ignatius to the Trallians,' 7 pp. This book is a re- 
print of Charles Leslie's ' Short and Easie Method with the Deists,' first 
published in London in 1699, but Mr. Checkley prefixed to this edition a 
preface of his own of 12 pages, not in the 8th ed. (see No. 539). This 
edition does not contain Checkley's Discourse concerning Episcopacy. 
Thomas, vol. ii. p. 428, says, " Whether he [Checkley] was a regular 
bookseller or not, I am not prepared to say; I have seen no book printed 
for him in America." 

539 [Checkley (John)] A Short and Easie Method with the 

Deists, in a Letter to a Friend, 8th Ed. Presentation copy 
Lond. hy J. Applehee, and Sold hy John Chechley, at the 
Sign of the Urown and Blue- Gate, over against the West- 
End of the Toion-House in Boston, 1723, 132 pp. 8" 

Considerable interest attaches to this very rare book, in consequence of the 
alarm that it raised in New England, and the litigation that ensued. It 
contains Leslie's ' Short and Easie Method with the Deists,' but with the 
preface described in the previous article omitted. But instead of this 
there is appended (pp. 41 to 127) A Discourse concerning Episcopacy [By 
John Checkley], wherein he endeavours to prove that Dissenters, not being 
Episcopally ordained, are no ministers, etc. and comments rather harshly 
upon the Church Courses of New England. This gave great oflfence, and 
Checkley was prosecuted iu 1724 at the Inferior Court for publishing " a 
false and scandalous libel." He was convicted, but appealed to the 
Superior Court, where, after a long speech in his own defence, endeavour- 
ing to show that this Booh is not a Libel, the jui'y found the following 
verdict : " The Jury find specially : viz. If the Book intituled, A Short 
and Easie Method with the Deists, containing in it a Discburse concerning 
Episcopacy (published, and many of them sold by the said Checkley) be 
a false and scandalous Libel : Then we find the said Checkley guilty of all 
and every Part of the Indictment (excepting that supposed to traduce 
and draw into dispute the undoubted Right and Title of our Sovereign 
Lord King George, to the Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, and the 
Territories thereto belonging) — But if the said Book, containing a Dis- 
course concerning Episcopacy as aforesaid, be not a false and scandalous 
Libel ; Then we find him not guilty. Att' Samuel Tyley Clerc." 

The Defendant then put in his 'Plea in Arrest of Judgment,' which is 
given in extenso in his Speech (See No. 540), concluding, " But be that 
as it will, the Dissenters are affirmed to be no Ministers, to be Schis- 
matics, and excommunicate by the Canons of the Church of England, 
which are part of the Law of the Land ; and therefore, to say the same 
things of them, I humbly hope shall not be deemed a Libel." 

The Sentence of the Court, at a Court of Assize, &o. Nov. 27, 1724: 

" The Court having maturely advised on this special Verdict, are of Opinion 
that the said John Checkley is guilty of publishing aud selling of a false 
and scandalous Libel. It's therefore considered by the Court, That the 
said John Checkley shall pay a fine of Fifty Pounds to the King, and 
enter into recognizance in the sum of One Hundred Pounds, with two 
Sureties in the sum of Fifty Pounds each, for his good Behaviour for 
Six Months, and also pay Costs of Prosecution, standing committed until 
this sentence be performed. Att' Samuel Tyley, Glerc." 

60 SECOND bay's sale. 

540 Checklet (John). The Speech of Mr. John Checkley upon 

his Tryal, at Boston in New-England, for publishing The 
Short and Easy Method with the Deists Lond. 1730, 8" 

Title, and text 40 pp. 

541 Checkley (John) A Discourse Shewing Who is a true Pastor 

of the Church of Christ. 
16 pp. Errata 1 p. This tract is without separate title-page or imprint, but 
was probably printed in London soon after Mr. Checkley'a trial. In a 
noteon page 11, he says, "IT Those who have a mind to see the Propositions 
in this small Tract prov'd beyond the Possibility of a Reply, are desired 
to read a Discourse concerning Episcopacy, which they may have at the 
Crown and Gate opposite the West End of the Town-House in Boston. 
Where likewise may be had Barclay's Perswasive, printed in London, by 
Jonah Bowyer, with other Books of a like nature." 

542 [Checkley (John)].A Specimen of a TrueDissentingCatechism, 

upon Eight True-Blue Dissenting Principles, with * learned 
Notes, by Way of Explanation. Question. Why don't the 
Dissenters in their Publick Worship make use of the 
Creeds ? Answer. Why ? — Because they are not set down 
Word for Word in the Bible. Question. Well, — But why 
don't the Dissenters in their Public Worship make use of 
the Lord's-Prayer ? Answer. Oh ! — Because that is set down 
Word for Word in the Bible. 

• They're so perverse and opposite. 
As if they worship'd God for spite. 
The foregoing is a single page 8vo. quoted entire as above. It would be 
difficult to find another copy. 

543 Chew (Samuel) Chief Justice, Delaware, The Speech of, to the 

Grand- Jury of the County of New-Castle, Nor. 21, 1741, 
calf extra hy Bedford 

Philadelphia, printed and sold hy B. Feanelin, 1741, 

16 pp. 8» 

544 Child (Josiah) A New Discourse of Trade, wherein is Ee- 

commended several weighty Points relating to Companies of 
Merchants, the Act of Navigation, Naturalization of 
Strangers, and our Woolen Manufactures, The Ballance of 
Trade,and the Nature of Plantations.^ne co^y Lond. 1698, S" 

Twenty-four prel. leaves, viz. Title, preface, and contents ; Text 238 pp. 

545 Chipman (Nathaniel) Judge, Vermont, Sketches of the Prin- 

ciples of G-overnment, Mrst Edition 

Rutland, printed for the Author, 1793, 12° 
Half-title, title, 2 leaves ; ' Preface ' pp. iii.-iv. ' Errata ' 1 page ; ' Contents,' 
pp. viii.-xii. ; Text pp. 13-292. 

546 Chiquitos. Erbauliche und angenehme G-eschichten derer 

Chiqvitos, und anderer von deneu Patribus der GeseUschafft 
JEsu in Paraquaria neu-bekehrten Volcker; samt einem 
ausfiihrlichen Bericht vo i dem Amazonen-Strom, wie auch 
einigen Nachrichten von der Landachaft Guiana, in der 
neuen Welt, calf Vierm, Paul Straub, 1729, 8" 

Eight prel. leaves ; viz. Frontispiece, Title, and Preface ; Text, 744 pp. 
'Register,' 7 leaves. 

SECOND bat's sale. 61 

547 Chbistendoms Saga Hliodande um pad hvornenn Christen 

Tru kom pyrst a Island, at forlage pess haloplega Herra, 
OlafaTryggvason ar Noregs Kongs. Cum Gratia & Privilegio 
Sacrse Eegi® Maiestatis Danise & Norvegise. (The Saga 
(History) of the planting of the Christian faith for the first 
time in Iceland under King Olaf Tryggvason), Jif. mor. 

Frentud i Skal hollti ap Sendrich Kruse, 1688, 4° 
Two prel. leaves : Text 26 pp. and 1 sequent leaf. 

548 Chronologie Septenaire de L'Histoire de la Paix entre les 

Eoys de Prance et d'Espagne, . . . auee le succez de plusieurs 
navigations faietes aux IndcS Orientales, Occidentales & 
Septentrionales, depuis le commencement de I'an 1598, 
iusques a la fin de I'an 1604, Derniere Edition, ^jie copy, old 
mor, Paris, 1609, 8" 

Five prel. leaves ; viz. Engraved title, ' 1607.' Title, 2 Epistles, signed 
' P.V.P.C and 506 folioed leaves ; the Privilege on reverse of the last leaf. 

549 Chumillas (Julian) Comissario General de Indias, Memorial 

Jvridico, y Legal, Jif. mor. [1690 P], fol. 

Seventy leaves signed at the end 'Lie. D. Balthasar de Azebedo.' 

550 Church (Thomas) The History of Philip's War, commonly 

called the Great Indian War, of 1675 and 1676. Also, of 
the French and Indian Wars at the Eastward, in 1689, 
1690, 1692, 1696, and 1704. Also an Appendix, by Samuel 
G. Drake, 2nd ed. of. Exeter, N. H. 1829, 12" 

Three hundred and sixty pp. Frontisp. 

551 CiEQA BE Leon (Pedeo be) Paste Peimeea Dela cheo- 

NiCA BEL Peetj. Que traeta la demarcacion de sus prouinciaa : 
la descripcion dellas. Las fundaciones de las nueuas ciudades. 
Los ritos y costumbres de los indios. T otras cosas estranas 
dignas de ser sabidas, numerous curious woodcuts, fine large 
and clean copy, lut wanting folio 21 

[Oolophori] % Impressa en Seuilla en casa de Martin de 

montesdoca, 1563, fol. 

Ten prel. leaves ; viz. Title in red and black within a border and under- 
neath the Arms of Spain, reverse blank : ' El prinoipe.' 2 pp ; ' Dedication 
' Al muy alto y muy poderoso eerior don Phillipe ' 2 pp ; ' If Prohemio del 
Author :' 6 pp : ' t Tabla dlos capitulos' etc. 7 pp : 'IT Los Errores de la 
impressio ' 1 page. Text folioed j to cxxxiiij, with the Autograph signa- 
ture of the author at the end, over the Colophon. " The iirst part only 
was printed : the 2nd and 3rd parts were seen in MS. in Madrid some 
time ago, but it is not known what became of them." — Rich. 

552 CiEgA DE Leon (Pedro de) La Cheonica bel Peet, fine 

copy with many small woodcuts, vellum Anvers, 1554, 8° 
On the reverse of the Title is the privilege; 'Al Mvy Alto,' etc. 2 leaves; 
' Prohemio del Autor :' etc. 5 leaves ; Text 204 folioed leaves. Reprint of 
the foregoing. 

62 SECOND day's sale. 

553 Cicero (Marcus Tullius) Cato Major, or his Discourse of Old, 

Age, with Explanatory Kotes, good copy, old calf 
PUladelpUa, Peikted and Sold bt B. Feanbxin, 1744, d" 

Title in black and red, reverse blank : ' The Printer to the Reader,' ' Corri- 
genda' and 'Index to the Notes' pp. iii. to viii. Text, 159 pp. This book 
Franklin always considered the chef d!asuwe of his press. He brought 
copies to England, and distributed them with evident satisfaction. 

554 Cicero (Marcus Tullius) Cato Major, byBenj. Franklin, LL.D. 

uncut Land. rep. 1778, 8° 

Portrait of Dr. Franklin. Title ; ' Introduction ' 1 p. signed ' B. Franklin,' 
' Index' 1 p. and text 163 pp. 

555 Clap (Thomas) of Yale Coll. A Brief History and Vindication 

of the Doctrines Eeceived and Established in the Churches 
of New-England, with a Specimen of the IN'ew Scheme of 
Eeligion beginning to prevail 

NewSwoen: Jos. barker, 1755, 44 pp. 8" 

556 Clap (Thomas) An Essay on The Nature and Eotmdation of 

Moral Virtue and Obligation ; for the Use of the Students of 
Tale-College New-JLaven: B. Mecom, 1765, 8° 

Title, ii and 66 pp. Contents and Errata 2 pp. 

557 Clap (Thomas) The Annals or History of Tale-College, in 

New-Haven, halfmor. 

NewSaven : J. Sotchhiss and B. Mecom, 1766, 8° 
Title and preface 2 leaves. Text 103 pp. ' Errata ' 1 page ; ' Catalogus ' 
pp. 105-124. 

558 Clark (Samuel) A New Description of the "World, last leaf 
■ mutilated Lond. 1708, 3 pr. Is. & 218 pp. 12" 

559 Clavigero (Francesco Saverio) The History of Mexico. 

Collected from Spanish and Mexican Historians, from Manu- 
scripts, and Ancient Paintings of the Indians, translated by 
Charles CuUen, Esq. 2 vols.J'^ae copy, old calf gilt 

Lond. 1787, 4'' 

Vol. I. Title and dedication, 2 leaves. ' Translator's Preface,' pp. iii-iv. 
'Preface,' pp. vii-xi. 'An Account,' etc. pp. xiii-xxxii. 'Contents,' 
2 leaves ; and text 476 pp. Map, and 24 numbered plates. Vol. II. 
Title and Contents, 2 leaves ; text, 463 pp. Map and 1 plate. 

660 Clavigero (E. 8.) History of Mexico, 2nd Ed. calf 

Lond. 1807, 4'' 
Vol. I. 18 prel. leaves and 476 pp. Map and 24 numbered plates. II. 
2 prel. leaves and 463 pp. 1 plate. 

561 Cobbet (Thomas), Minister at Lyn, N.E., A Practical Dis- 

course of Prayer, calf Lond. 1654, 8" 

Half-title, title, ' To the Reader.' 4 leaves and 1 p. ' The Heads of the 
Chapters,' etc. 1 p. and 1 leaf, and text 551 pp. 

562 Cobbet (Thomas) Discourse of Prayer. Ajiother Ed. calf 

Lond. 1654, 8" 
Title, ' To the Eeader.' 4 leaves and 1 p. ' The Heads of the Chapters/ 
etc. 1 p. and 1 leaf; and text 551 pp. 

563 Cobbet (Thomas) Discourse of Prayer. Another Ed. calf 

Lond. 1657, S"* 
Half-title, title, ' To the Reader,' 4 leaves and 1 p. « The Heads of the Chap- 
ters,' etc. 1 p. and 1 leaf; and text 550 pp. 


564 Cobbet (Thomas) Civil Magistrates' Power in matters of 

Eeligion Modestly Debated. Together with A Brief Answer 
to a certain Slanderous Pamphlet called 111 News from New- 
England ; or, A Narrative of New-England's Persecution. 
By John Clark of Eoad-Island, Physician, half calf 

ioW. 1653, 4° 

Title and dedication to Cromwell, 4 leaves ; table 3 pp. ' Errata ' and 
Privilege 1 page ; text 108 pp. The second part of this rare book, con- 
taining the answer to Clark's 111 News, is wanting in this copy. 

565 Cobbett (WiUiam) Observations on the Debates of the 

American Congress, or the Addresses presented to General 
"Washington, on his resignation 
Fhiladelphia printed : Land repr. 1797. Title and 38 pp. 8° 

566 Cobbett ("William) PoEcrpiirai's "Works ; containing various 

"Writings and yelections, exhibiting a faithful Picture of the 
United States of America ; of their Governments, Laws, 
Politics, and Eesources; of the characters of their Presi- 
dents, Governors, Legislators, Magistrates, and Military 
Men ; and of the Customs, Manners, Morals, Eeligion, Vir- 
tues and Vices of the People, 12 vols, half morocco 

Lond. CoVbett and Morgan, 1801 

Vol. I. 400 pp. Vol. II. 2 prel. leaves and 472 pp. Vol. III. 2 prel. 
leaves and 440 pp. Vol. IV. 2 prel. leaves and 444 pp. Vol. V. 2 prel. 
leaves and 432 pp. Vol. VI. 2 prel. leaves and 432 pp. Vol. VII. 
2 prel. leaves and 430 pp. Vol. VIII. 2 prel. leaves and 480 pp. Vol. 
IX. 2 prel. leaves and 412 pp. Vol. X. 2 prel. leaves and 440 pp. 
' Postscript.— To the Public,' 3 pp. Vol. XI. 2 prel. leaves and 434 pp. 
Vol. XII. 2 prel. leaves and 252 pp. ' Index ' 81 pp. 

567 Cochrane (Charles Stuart) Journal of a Eesidence and Travels 

in Colombia in 1823-24, 2 vols, loards, uncut Lond. 1825, 8° 

Vol. I. 8 prel. leaves, and text 534 pp. Frontispiece and ' Map of Colom- 
bia, by Sidney Hall.' II. Title, contents pp. iii-viii; text 498 pp. 
' Appendix.' pp. 499-515. Frontispiece. 

568 Cochrane (Lord). Manifiesto de las Acusaciones que a 

nombre del General San Martin hicieron sus Legados ante 
el Gobierno de Chile contra el Vice-Almirante Lord-Coch- 
rane y Vindicacion de este dirigida al Mismo San Martin, 
closely cut Lima, 1823, 12" 

Three prel. leaves and 68 pp. errata 1 p. 

569 Cockburn (James). The Trial of Lieutenant Col. Cockburne, 

late Governor of the Island of St. Eustatius, for the Loss 
of the said Island, half mar. Lond. [1783] 71 pp. 4° 

570 Cockburn (James), Proceedings on the Trial of, halfmor. 

Lond. 1783, 8° 

Title and dedication, signed ' William Eogerson,' 2 leaves; and text 194 pp. 
with ' Return,' etc. a folded sheet. 


571 Cockbum (John) A Journey over Land, from the Gulf of 

Honduras to the Great South Sea. To which is added the 
Travels of Nicholas "Withington, a Factor in the East 
Indiase, very fine copy, old calf Land. 1735, 8° 

357 pp. and map. This work is sometimes, as in the French edition, erro- 
neously stated to be by Nic. Withington. 

572 CoDDiN&Toir (William) of Uliode Island, A Demonstea- 


OE THE MASSACHrsETS ITT Netv En glande, >-e<? wjorocco, 
ly Bedford \Lond.'\ 1674, ^i" 

Title ; reverse blank ; ' To the Reader,' pp. 3, 4, signed ' William Codding- 
ton ;' Text, pp. 5-20. This, one of the most important of the many histo- 
rical tracts relating to the early disputes in New England, is mentioned 
neither by Lowndes nor Rich. 

573 Coello (Manuel) Sargento Mayor de la Qente de Querra, que 

lletio el ~Excelentissimo Senor Oonde de Lemos Virrey del 
Ferh, Carta para la Pacificacion de las Prouincias de Puno, 
uncut, hf. mor. 

[Colophon] Cadiz, luan Lorenzo Machado, Impressor 
de la Ciudad, 1670, 4 leaves, folio 

574 Coke (Eev. Dr.) A Journal of his Visit to Jamaica, and of his 

Third Tour on the Continent of America Lond. 1789, 12" 
Title, and 16 pp. 

575 Colden (Cadwallader) The History of the Pive Indian Nations 

of Canada, 2nd ed. old calf Lond.1750, 8" 

xvipp.; Contents, 4 pp.; Text, Part I. 90 pp; Part II. pp. iv and 91-204; 
Papers, etc. 283 pp. ; Map. Identical with the first London edition, ex- 
cepting only the title. Tine Dedication in the original edition (New York) 
to Governor Burnett, is in the London edition transferred, without the 
knowledge or consent of the author, to General Oglethorpe. There are 
some other such liberties taken in the London edition. 

576 Colden (Cadwallader) Memoir of the Celebration of the Com- 

pletion of the New York Canals, with an Appendix, con- 
taining an Account of the Commemoration of the Com- 
pletion of the Erie Canal, Portrait, plates and facsimile 
autograph letters of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and 
others, 2 vols, in 1, calf, Presentation copy from tJie City of 
New Torlc to Bohert White, Esq. calf gilt 

New York, 1825-6, 418 pp. 4<> 

577 Collection (A) of Speeches and "Writings on the Cominitment 

of the Lord Mayor to the Tower, etc. hf. mor. 

Beprinted ly John Holt, New York, 1771, 8» 
Title, ' A Short Account,' etc. pp. iii-iv ; Text, pp. 5-48. 

578 Collection (A) of Voyages undertaken by the Dutch East 

India Company, for the Improvement of Trade and Navi- 
gation, old calf Lond. 1703, 8" 
Title and Introduction, 16 leaves ; text, 336 pp. ; with 10 maps at pp. 3, 9, 
20, 48. 98, 103, 131, 136, 179, 252. Not mentioned by Rich. 

SECOND dat's sale. 65 

579 Collection (A) of Devotional Tracts, viz. An Extract of the 

Spirit of Prayer, by W. Law, A.M — A Discourse of Mis- 
takes concerning Religion, etc. by Thomas Hartley, A.M. — ■ 
Christ's Spirit, a Christian Strength, by William Dell — 
The Stumbling Stone, by ditto — The Doctrine of Baptism, 
by ditto— The Trial of Spirits, by ditto— The Liberty of 
Flesh and Spirit distinguished, by J. Eutty — Observations 
on Enslaving, Importing, and Purchasing of Negroes, etc. — ■ 
The Uncertainty of a Death-bed Repentance. Fine copy, 
calf, ly Bedford Phil, and Germantown, 1759-60, 8° 

General title; title, 'An Extract,' etc. pp. 3-47 ; title, 'A Discouise,' etc. 
pp. 3-71; title, 'Christ's Spirit,' pp. 75-168 (the last two pa^ed con- 
secutively); title, 'The Doctrine,' etc. 'To the Reader,' pp. iiiiv, and 
pp. 5-43 ; title, ' The Trial,' etc. pp. 3-55 ; title, ' The Liberty,' etc. 
pp. 3-64 ; title, ' Observations on the Enslaving,' etc. pp. 3-16. 

This Collection consists of six tracts, printed in 1759 and 1760; four by 
Franklin, and two [DUconrse of Mistakes, and Christ's Spirit- — and 
Observations on Enslaving Negroes) by Christopher Sower at (lerman- 

580 Colliber (Samuel) Columna Eostrata : or, a Critical History 

of the English Sea Affairs ; wherein all the Remarkable 
Actions of the English Nation at Sea are described, ^me copy, 
old calf Lond. 1727, 8" 

Title ; Preface, pp. iii-vi ; and Text, pp. 7-312 ; ' Index,' 4 leaves. A lar!?e 
part of this volume relates to affairs in America : it is unnoticed by Eioh. 

581 Collins (John) of the Soyal Fishery Company, Salt and 

Fishery, a Discourse thereof, half calf Lond. 1682, 4" 

Tour prel. leaves, and 164 pp. 'The Contents' and 'Errata,' 2 leaves. 
Not mentioned by either Lowndes or Rich. 

582 Colman (Benjamin) of Bath, afterwards of Boston, Practical 

Discourses upon the Parable of the Ten Virgins 

Lond. 1707, 8" 

Four prel. leaves and 423 pp. 

583 — The same, 2nd ed. iaege papee, imcut 

Boston, N'.F. Bogers and Fowle, and J. Fdwards, 1747, 8" 
Title, and 350 pp. 

5S4 Colman (Benjamin) of Boston. The Piety and Duty of 
Rulers to comfort and encourage the Ministry of Christ. 
In a Sermon at the Lecture in Boston, before His Excel- 
lency and the General Court, June 10th, 1708 

Boston, B. Green : sold ly Benj. Fliot, 1708, sm. 8° 
Two pre), leaves and 31 pp. 

585 Colman (Benjamin) A Devout Contemplation on the 
meaning of Divine Providence, in the Early Death of Pious 
and Lovely Children. Preached upon the Death of Mrs. 
Elizabeth 'Wainvrright, who departed this Life, April the 
8th, 1714, having just compleated her 14th year 

Boston, by John Allen, for Joanna Perry, 1714, sm. 8° 
Title and 34 pp. 

66 SECOND day's sale. 

586 Colman (Benjamin) A Sermon Preach'd at the Ordination 

of Mr. William Cooper, in Boston, N.E. May 23, 1716. 
"With Mr. Cooper's Confession of Paith, and his Answers to 
the Questions proposed to him upon that Occasion. N.B. 
Some Paragraphs omitted in the Preaching, are here inserted 
in their proper places. Boston, by JB. Green, for 

Samuel Oerrish and Daniel Henchmam,, 1716, sm. 8" 
Title ; ' to the Reader ' 2 pp. ; Text 40 pp. ' Mr. Cooper's Confession of 
Faith,' etc, 24 pp. 

587 Colman (Benjamin) The faithful Ministers of Christ mind- 

ful of their own Death. A Sermon Preached at Boston ; 
upon the Death of Solomon Stoddard, late Pastor of the 
Church of Christ in Northampton: who departed this Life,. 
Peb. 11. 1729, MisJcm. hf.mor. Boston, for B. 

Senchman, John Phillips and T. Sancoch, 1729, 8" 
Title and Dedication 2 leaves ; text 25 pp. ' Appendix,' 4 pages. The 
Appendix contains a biographical notice of Solomon Stoddard. 

588 Colman (Benjamin) Faithful Pastors Angels of the Churches. 

A Sermon preached to the Bereaved Flock, March 4, 1739, 

on the Lord's-Day after the Funeral of the Reverend Mr. 

Peter Thacher of Boston, jEtat. 62, vmcut Boston : hy J. 

Braper,for B. Henchman and S. Eliot, 1739, 8" 

Title and 26 pp. 

589 Columbus (Cheistophee). Eyn schon hubsch lesen 

ton etlichen inszlen die do in ettetzen ztten ftjn- 
den stnd doech de kunig ton hispania. tnd sagt to 
geoszen wdn deelichen dingen die in dc selbe inszien 
SYND, morocco extra, by Bedford 

\_Colophon'] Qetrucht su straszburg vff grunecTc vo meister 
Bartlomess hustler ym iar. 1497, vff sant Jeronymus 

tag. 4" 

•with such marvellous exactness, that it requires no ordinary expertness to 
detect it from the original. Five copies were only taken from the excessively 
rare original in the Grenville Library. It is a translation into German, 
with some alterations and additions, of the famous COLUMBtJS Letter, first 
printed in Latin, iu 1493. It consists of seven leaves, with 30 lines in a 
full page. The wood-cut on the title page is repeated on the last page. 

590 Columbus. Memorial del hecho, cerca dela hoia dela qve 

llaman minuta del testamento de don Christoual Colon, pri- 
mero Almerate de las Iridias, de aiio de. 97. 25 leaves, fol. 

591 Columbus. Lettera Earissima di Cristoforo Colombo Ei- 

prodotta e Illustrata dal Cavaliere Ab. Morelli, large paper, 

M 9f- Bassano, 1810, 8» 

Title ; ' Prefazione,' pp. iii.-xvi. 'Copia,' etc. I leaf ; text, pp. 5.66. 

592 Columbus. Yita di Christoforo Colombo scritta e corredata 

di nuove osservazioni di note storico-critiche e diun'Appen- 

dice di documenti rari o inediti dal Cavaliere Luigi Bossi, 

mcut Milano, 1818, 8" 

Four prel. leaves and 255 pp. Portrait and plate. 

SECOND day's sale. 67 

593 Columbus. Codice Diplomatico Columbo-Americano ossia 

Eaccolta di Doeumenti OriginalL e inediti, spettanti a Cris- 
toforo Colombo alia scoperta ed al Governo dell' America, 
half calf Genova, 1823, 40 

Ixxx and 348 pp. Portrait of Columbus and 4 plates. 

594 Common Sense, addressed to the Inhabitants of America. 

I. Of the Origin and Design of G-overnment. II. Of Mon- 
archy and Hereditary Succession. III. On the present 
State of American Affairs. IV. Of the present Ability of 
America, hf. mor. FMladelphia: New-Torh, repr. [1776] 8" 
Title and Introduction 2 leaves ; text 56 pp. By the celebrated Tom 
Paine. " The American Editions contain such reflections on the King and 
Government of Great Britain, as could not have been printed here without 
considerable hazard." — M. Mm. 

595 Common Sense. Another Ed. Jialfmor. 

Newport, Sol. Southwiek, 1776, 8° 
Three prel. leaves and 31 pp. 

596 Common Sense. Another Ed. Udinb. reprinted 1776, 12° 

Three prel. leaves and 99 pp. 

597 Common Sense. Another Ed. 7if. mor. fine copy, uncut 

Lond. 1775, 127 pp. 4° 

598 — Plain Truth: addressed to the Inhabitants of America. 

Containing Remarks on a late Pamphlet, entitled Common 
Sense, hf. mor. Philadelphia, printed. Lond. repr. VllQ, 8° 
Two prel. leaves and 47 pp. Dr. Parr said that this tract produceda 
monderful ejff'ect throughout America and England. Rich. 

599 Compleat (A) Collection of Papers, in twelve Parts : relating 

to the Great Eevolutions ia England and Scotland 

Lond. 1688-9, 4° 

Title : ' To the Reader, 2 pp. ; ' The Contents' of the 12 parts 4 pp ; 1st 
Collection, 3rd Edition, 1689, title and 34 pp.; 2nd Collection, 3rd Edition, 
1689, title and 34 pp; 3d Collection, 1688, title and 38 pp.; 4th Collection, 
1688, title and 34 pp. ; 5th Collection, title and pp. 1 to 24, 1 to 8 and 33- 
54; 6th to 11th Collections, each title and 34 pp.; 12th Collection, title and 
40 pp. The 10th Article of the 6th Collection contains ' a Narrative of the 
Miseries of New England, by reason of an Arbitrai'y Government erected 
there.' pp. 29 to 34. 

600 Complete (A) and accurate Account of the Very Important 

Debate in the House of Commons, on Tuesday, July 9, 1782, 
in which the cause of Mr. Pox's Eesignation, and the great 
Question of American Independence came under Considera- 
tion. To which are added, the Speeches in the House of 
Lords, the following day on the same Subject : 3rd Ed. half 
mor. Lond. 1782, 80 

Title, dedication, and an advertisement, 3 leaves ; text 57 pp. ' Many of 
our numerous Eeadera,' etc. pp. 59-61. 




601 Conciliatory Address to the People of Great Britain and of 
the Colonies, on the present important crisis, Tif. mor. 

Lond. 1775, 2 pr. Is. and 56 pp. 8» 
' 602 Condamine (M. de la) Eelation abregee d'un Voyage fait 
dans rinterieur de L'Amerique Meridionale, depuis la C6te 
de la JMer du Sud, jusqu' aux C6tes dn Bresil & de la G-uyane, 
en descendant La Riviere des Amazones. Nouvelle Edition 
Augmentee de la Eelation de TEmeute populaire de Cuen^a 
auPerou, et la Eelation du Voyage de Madame Godin, cf. 

Maestricht, 1778, 8" 

Title ; ' Extrait,' etc. 1 p. ' Preface ' xvi pp.; Text 379 pp. with Cop- 
per Plate of the ' Ville de Cuen^a au Perou,' and ' Carte du cours du Mar- 
agnon,' etc. 

603 Conduct (The) of aE. Hon. Gentleman in resigning the Seals 

of his Office justified, by Facts, and upon the PriQciples of 
the British Constitution. 2nd Ed. Lond. 1761, 8" 

Title and 82 pp. 

604 Conduct (The) of the Ministry Impartially examined. In a 

Letter to the Merchants of London. 2nd Ed. half mor. 

Lond. 1756, title and pp. 3-68, 8" 

605 Connecticut. A General History of Connecticut, from its 

first Settlement under George Eenwick, Esq. to its Latest 
Period of Amity with Great Britain ; including a Descrip- 
tion of the Country, and many curious and interesting Anec- 
dotes, with an Appendix. By a Gentlemen of the Province 
[Eev. Samuel A. Peters]. Large Paper Lond. 1781, 8" 
Title ' Preface,' pp. iii-x. and text 366 pp. ' Appendix,' pp. 367-424. 
' Index,' pp. 425-436. See a wonderful account of the falls of the Upper 
Cohos, amongst other marvels contained in this work. 

Dr. Peters, like most of the Church of England Clergy in America, at the 
hreaking out of the Revolution, espoused the Tory side, and rendering him- 
self, as many thought, too conspicuous in his opposition to the popular cause, 
was presented with a coat of tar and feathers by the good people of his 
parish in Connecticut, and compelled to evacuate his living. He came to 
England, and published this book in ridicule of Connecticut. It is often, 
by foreigners, regarded as a true history, but is about as much entitled to 
that character as Kidcherbocker's History of Nero York. 

606 Connecticut (A Eegister for the State of), with an Almanack, 

for the Year of our Lord, 1785. Calculated for the Meri- 
dian of New-London, Lat. 41. 25. North, by Nathan Daboll, 
Teacher of the Mathematics at the Academic School in 
Plainfield. New London, by T. Q~reen, [1785], 16" 

Forty-eight pp. [Almanac] 12 pp. Few of the ephemeral productions of 
New-England are of greater rarity than its early Almanacs. 

THIED DAT's hale. 69 

607 Connecticut. The Public Eecords of the Colony of Connecti- 

cut, from 1636 to 1689, by J. H. Turnbull, 3 vols, cloth 

Hartford, 1850-59, 1752 pp. 8° 

608 Connecticut, Acts and Laws of the State of 

New-London, 1784, folio 
Title ; ' Charter,' etc. pp. 3-8. 'Articles ' etc. 6 pp. ' Catalogue ' etc. 2 pp. 
Text 265 pp. 

609 Connecticut. The Code of 1650, being a Compilation of the 
, Earliest Laws and Orders of the Q-eneral Court of Connecti- 
cut ; to which is added some extracts from the ' Blue Laws,' 

Hartford, by Silas Andrus, 1825, sm. 8" 
One hundred and nineteen pp. including Frontispiece. 

610 Connecticut (The) Dissenters' Strong Box : by the Rev. John 

Leland, Pastor of the Baptist Church in Cheshire, Mass. 
The Dissenter's Petition, Connecticut Ecclesiastical Laws, 
American Constitutions (Extracts fi-om), etc. unout, 

New-London, Ghas. Holt, 1802, 40 pp. 8" 

611 Consequences (not before adverted to) that are likely to 

result from the late Eevolution of the British Empire 

Lond. 1783, 8" 

Title, and pp. 5-33. 

612 Considerations against laying any New Duty upon Sugar, 

hf. mor.fine copy Lond. 1744, 8° 

Half-title, title, and 34 pp. 

613 Considerations of the Propriety of imposing Taxes in the 

British Colonies, for the purpose of raising a Eevenue, by 
Act of Parliament, [by Mr. Dulaney, Chief Justice of Mary- 
land, North America], margins cut close 

New York, repr. hy John Holt, 1/65, 55 pp. 8° 

614 Considerations, etc. 2nd ed. hf mor. 

Annapolis, Jonas Green, 1765, 2 pr. Is. and pp. 5-55, 4" 

615 Considerations, etc. Another ed. hf mor. 

New York, repr. hy John Holt, 1765, 2 pr. Is. and pp. 5-55, 8° 

616 Considerations, etc. Another ed. 

Lond. repr. 1766, 4 pr. Is. and 69 pp. 8° 

617 Considerations, etc. 2nd (London) ed. hf. mor. 

Lond. 1766, 3 pr. Is. and 81 pp. 8" 

618 Considerations (Some) humbly offer'd upon the BiU now 

depending in the House of Lords, relating to the Trade be- 
tween the Northern Colonies and the Sugar Islands, hf. mor. 

[Lond.'] 1732, 19 pp. 8° 

619 Considerations on behalf of the Colonists Lond. 1765, 8° 

Title, and 52 pp. 

620 Considerations, etc. 2nd ed. Lond. 1765, 8° 

Title, and 52 pp. 

621 Considerations on the Nature and Extent of the Legislative 

Authority of the British Parliament, hf mar. 
Philadelphia, Will. Sf Tho. Bradford, 1774:, iv and 35 pp. 8" 

70 THIRD day's sale. 

622 Considerations on the Dispute now depending before tlie 

Honourable House of Commons, between the British South- 
ern and Northern Plantations in America, Jif. mor. 

Land. 1751,8" 
Title, and 30 pp. 

623 Considerations on the Trade and Tinances of this Kingdom, 

2nd ed. with interesting MS. notes Lond. 17G6, 4* 

Title, and pp. ."5-119. 

624 Considerations, etc. 3rd ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1769, 239 pp. 8" 

625 Considerations upon the Present State of our Affairs at Home 

and Abroad Lond. 1739, 8» 

Title, and pp. 3-39. 

626 Considerations upon the Eights of the Colonists to the 

Privileges of British Subjects, Jif. mor. 

New York, John Solt, 1766, 2 pr. Is. and 27 pp. 8" 

627 Constitutional Law: comprising the Declaration of Inde- 

pendence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution 
of the United States, and the Constitutions of the several 
States composing the Union, bds, uncut 
Washington, Oales Sf Seaton, 1820, 2 pr. Is. and 409 pp. 12" 

628 Constitutions (The) of the Sixteen States which compose the 

Confederated Republic of America, according to the latest 
amendments Newiurgh, David Lenniston, 1800, 288 pp. 12° 

629 Constitutions (The) of the several Independent States of 

America, the Declaration of Independence, etc. The whole 
arranged, with a Preface and Dedication, by the Eev. Will. 
Jackson, half calf Lond. 1783, 8" 

Portrait of Washington. 18 prel. leaves, and 472 pp. . 

630 Constitutions (The) of the several Independent States of 

America, the Declaration of Independence, etc. published by 
Order of Congress,^, mor. 

Philadelphia printed, Lond. repr. 1783, 8° 

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Title, ' In Congress,' 1 page ; ' The Editor's 
Advertisement,' pp. v-viii; text, 168 pp.; 'Appendix,' pp. 169-189; 'A 
List of the Presidents,' etc. 1 leaf. 

631 Constitutions (The) of the United States, according to the 

latest amendments, etc. ; also, the Amendments to the Con- 
stitution of Maryland, not in any former edition 

Philadelphia, Boh. Campbell, 1800, 12" 
Title and contents, 2 leaves ; ' Declaration,' etc. v-xxlv ; text, pp. 5-272. 

632 Contestacion Eapida al Discurso Opinado que Pronuncid un 

M. con Motive de la Plancha que el G. Cons. Circuld a las 
11. simb. del rito esc. sobre el nuevo Juramento exigido y 
demaa de BU contenido, ^. mor. 

Habana, 5821 [1821] 15 pp. 4" 

THIRD day's sale. 71 

633 Controversy (The) between Great Britain and her Colonies 
Eeviewed, hf. mor. Boston, Mein and Meeming, 1769, 8° 
Title, and pp. 3-100. By Will. Knox, Under Secretary of State for American 

684 Conway (G-eneral) The Speech of, on moving in the House 
of _ Commons (May 5th, 1780), " That leave be given to 
bring in a Bill for Quieting the Troubles now reigning in 
the British Colonies in America," hf. mor. 

Lond. 1781, 2 pr. Is. and 51 pp. 8° 

635 Cooke (Edward) A Yoyage to the South Sea, and round the ^ 

World, perform'd in the years 1708, 1709, 1710 and 1711, 
2 vols. Lond. 1712, 8» 

Vol. I. Title; dedication, 2 leaves; contents, 2 leaves; introduction, 
6 leaves; and text, 432 pp.; index, 5 leaves ; with 18 plates at pp. 23, 
25, 84, 99, 108, 114, 119, 127, 147, 162, 163, 2.^2, 300, 306, 312, 316, 
322, 325; a Map of the World at p. 1, and Map of the River Amazon at 
p. 248. II. Title, dedication, and contents, 4 leaves; introduction, 
xxiv pp. ; text, 328 pp. ; index, 4 leaves ; 3 Journal Tables at pp. 3, 66, 92. 

636 Cook (James). An Abridgement of Captain Cook's last 

Voyage, performed in the years 1776-80, extracted from the 
4to. edition in 3 vols, by Capt. King 

Lond. 1784, frontisp. and 465 pp. 12° 

637 Coole (A) Conference between the Scottish Commissioners 

Cleared Eeformation, and the HoUand Ministers Apologeti- 
call Narration, hf. mor. 1644, 4" 

Nine prel. leaves and 1 8 pp. 

638 Cooper (Eev. Mr.) The History of North America 

Lond. [1780 ?, date cut off,'] 12" 
Four prel. leaves and pp. 13-184. Frontispiece and plates at pp. 60, 70, 
82, 127, 180. 

639 Cooper. Another ed. Lond. 1789, 12" 
Frontispiece, title, preface, and contents, 5 leaves ; text, V84 pp. 5 plates. 

640 Cooper. 2nd American ed. calf 

Lansinghurgh, Silvester Tiffany, 1795, 12° 
Four prel. leaves and 159 pp. Copper-plate frontispiece and plates at pp. 

641 Cooper (Eev. Mr.) The History of South America 

Bennington, Anth. Saswell, for Tho. Spencer, [1793], 12° 

Six prel. leaves, and 168 pp. Copper plates, ' A. Reed, sculpt. 1793,' at pp. 
48, 61, 105,153, 166. The copper plates are curious as specimens of 
American book illustrations of this period. 

642 Cooper (Thomas), President of the College, South Carolina, 

Some Information respecting America, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1794, 8° 

Four prel. and 240 pp. ' Errata,' 1 page. With Map of the Middle States 
of America, 12Jby 18J inches. 

643 Cooper (Thomas). 2nd ed, Lond. 1795, 8° 
Four prel. and 240 pp. With Map of the Middle States of America, 12J by 

18 J inches. 

72 THIRD day's sale. 

644 Cooper (William) The Doctrine of Predestination unto Life) 

Explained and Vindicated, old calf 
Boston printed, : London, repr. 1765, title, and 146 pp. 12" 

645 Coppinger (Jose) Manifesto, que demostrando el injusto y 

violento proceder que se ha observado en San Augustin de 
Plorida, despojandole de Orden de la Autoridad gobernante, 
de los Archivos de su Gobierno y otros papeles, despues de 
la Entrega de la Provincia a los Estados Unidos de America, 
hf. mor. Mladelfia, Juan F. Surtel, 1821, 8" 

Half title, title, and pp. 5-36. 

646 Coreal (Francois) Voyages aux Indes Occidentales, depuia 

1666, jusqu'en 1697. Avec une Eelation de la G-uiane de 
Walter Ealeigh, et le Voyage de Narborough a la Mer du 
Sud par le Detroit de Magellan, &c. NouveUe Edition, 
revfte, corrigee, et augmentee, 2 vols, old calf 

Paris, 1722, 8" 

Vol. I. title ; text 438 pp. ; table 4 pp. ; privilege 2 pp. Map at p. 1 and 
plates at pp. 50, 157, 304, 324,326,352. Vol. II. Title and 406 pp.; 
table 2 pp.; 3 maps. 

The existence of Francis Correal has been doubted by some writers, but his 
honajides is believed in by Mr. Ricb. 

647 Cornelius (Elias) The Little Oaage Captive, an Authentic 

Narrative: to which are added some interesting Letters 
written by Indians Tork, 1824, frontisp. and 182 pp. 12" 

648 Cornwallis (Earl). An Answer to the Narrative of Lieut. - 

Gen. Sir Hen. Clinton Lond. 1783, 8° 

Title ; Introduction, xvi pp. ' Contents,' 3 leaves, and text 260 pp. ' Errata ' 
8 lines on a slip of paper. W^ith ' State of the Troops in Virginia, to face 
p. 236,' a folded sheet. 

The work comprises the correspondence of the noble commanders during the 
North American Campaign of 1781. 

649 Coronado (Carlos Vasquez). Por Don Carlos Vazquez Coro- 

nado, vezino de Guatimala. Con El Senor Fiscal. Sobre 
los treynta y vn mil Tostones, en que se le remato el Officio 
de Alguazil mayor de la Audiecia de Guatimala, para don 
Antonio Vasquez Coronado su hijo, Jif. mor. 

[1632], 5 leaves, folio 

650 Correa (Diego). El Ciudadano Don Diego Correa al Escmo. 

Sr. Capitan General Gefe Superior Politico, etc. etc. etc. 
Cuarta edicion, gratis, hf. mor. 

Sahana, 1822, en la oficina Liberal, 13 pp. 8" 

651 Correa (Juan Nunez). El Eey. Lo qve por mi mandado se 

assieta, y eoncierta con luan Nuiiez Correa Portugues, vezino 
de la ciudad de Lisboa, sobre la haberia que en las ciudades 
de Seuilla, Cadiz, y otras partes, se cobra de todo el oro, y 
plata, piedras, perlas y joyas, y otras cosas que vienen de las 
Indias : y de todas las mercaderias que van a eUas, y a Iqs 
Islas del mar Oceano, hf. mor. 

[Dated] Valladolid, 26 Sept. 1603, 15 leaves, folio 

THIED bat's sale. 73 

652 Corro (Juan del). Forma de el nvevo beneficio de metales de 

plata, por el Capitan de luan del Corro, hf. mor. 

[Dated~\ Potosi, y Junio 24, 1676, 4 leaves, folio 

653 Corry (Jolrn) The Life of George Washington, and of the 

Most Eminent Men who effected the American Eevolution 

Land. 1800, 8" 
Two hundred and twenty-eight pp. Index 3 pp. Portrait of Washington. 

654 Cortes (Hbenanbo). Eerdinandi CortesiiVon dem ISTewen 

Hispanien, so im Meer gegem Nidergang, Zwo gantz lustige 
vnnd fruchtreiche Historien, an den groszmachtigisten vnii- 
berwindtlichisten Herren, Carolum. V. Eomischen Kaiser 
etc. Kiinig in Hispanien, etc.j^Me copy 

Augspurg, PJiilipp Ylhart, 1550, foUo 

Six prel. leaves. Text in xxxix folioed leaves, followed by one blank and 
two leaves not numbered, and folios i to Ix. This edition in German con- 
tains at the end several letters concerning the settlements of Germans iu 
Spanish America not found in the Latin or Spanish editions. 

655 CoETES (Heenando). Historia de Nueva-Espaiia, eserita por 

Bu esclarecido Conquistador Hernan Cortes, aumentada con 
otros Documentos, j Notas. Por el Ilustrissimo Seiior 
Don Erancisco Antonio Lorenzana, Arzobispo de Mexico, 
vellum Mexico, 1770, folio 

Eleven prel. leaves including the title, frontispiece, dedication, Prologue and 
erratas ; copper-plate map ; ' Viage de Hevnan Cortes,' 16 pp. ; copper- 
plate ' EI Grande Templo de Mexico ;' text 400 pp. Between pp. 176 and 
177 is a title, 'Cordillera de los Pueblos,' etc. with 31 copper-plates, re- 
presenting Mexican Hieroglyphics; Indices 9 leaves. Map of California 
in 1541 at page 329. The three celebrated and highly important Letters 
of Cortes are here reproduced. 

656 CoETES (Heenando) Carta de Eelacion, embiada a su Sacra- 

magestad del Emperador Nuestro Senor, por el Capitan 
General de la Nueva-Espafia, imcut absque notd, folio 

Text, pp. 1 — 128 without separate title. From Barcia's Sistoriados 

657 Cortes (Hernando) Correspondance avec L'Empereur Charles- 

Quint, sur la Conquete du Mexique. Trad, par M. le Vi- 
comte de Elavigny Suisse, 1779, 487 pp. 8" 

658 Cortes, Correspondance ; another ed. calf Paris, 12" 

Half-title, title, Epitre, Avis, and Sommaires, 26 pp. and 508 pp. of text, 
with 2 sequent leaves. 

659 Cortes (Hernando) The Despatches of, now first translated 

into English from the original Spanish, with an Introduc- 
tion and Notes, by George Eolsom, one of the Secretaries ot 
the New York Historical Society, etc. laege papee. Ids. 
uncut New York : Land. 1843, 8" 

Twelve prel. pp. Introduction 36 pp. Text 431 pp. 

659* — Another copy, small paper, tree marhled calf gilt, mirb. 
edges, by Mviere ib. i 843,8° 


74 TniBD DAl'S SALE. 

660 Cosmopolita (El), Prospeeto and No. 1, July 18 to No. 9, 

Sept. 21, 1822 Santiago de Chile, 1822, 4" 

Prospeeto in 4 pp. Nos. 1 to 8 in 8 pp. each, and No. 9 in 16 pp. 

661 Coste (John Francis) Oratio Habita in Capitolio Gulielmo- 

politano in Comitiis TJniversitatis VirginisB, die xii Junii 
M.DOO.LXSXii, hf. mor. Lugd. Bat. 1783, 8" 

Half-title, title, dedication to Washington, 3 leaves; text, 103 pp. 

662 Cotton (John) Gods Peomise to His Plantation, 

2 Sam. vii. 10, red morocco, hy Bedford 

London, ly William Jones, for John Bellamy, 1630, 4"' 
Title, reverse blank ; ' To the Christian Reader,' 2 leaves, signed ' I. H.'; 
text, 20 pp. 

663 Cotton (John) The Churches Eesurrection, or the Opening 

of the fift and sixt verses of the 20th chap, of the Eevelation, 
corrected by his own hand, green morocco, ly Uayday 

Lond.for Senry Overton, 1642, 30 pp. 4" 

664 Cotton (John) The Powring ovt of the Seven Vials ; or an 

Exposition of the 16 chapter of the Eevelation, with aa 
Application of it to our Times Lond. 1642, 4" 

Title; 'To the Christian Reader,' 1 leaf, signed 'I. H.'; and text, 35, 24, 
24, 43, 16, 14, and 19 pp. 

665 Cotton (John) The Keyes of the Kingdom of Heaven, and 

Power thereof, according to the Word of God, vellvm 

Lond. M. Simmons, for Sen. Overton, 1644, 4° 
Title ; ' To the Reader,' 5 leaves, signed ' Tho. Goodwin, Philip Nye ;' text, 
59 pp. 

666 Cotton (John) The Keyes, etc. 2nd ed. vellimi 

Lond. M. Simmons, for Hen. Overton, 1644, 4" 
Title ; ' To the Reader,' 5 leaves, signed ' Tho. Goodwin, Philip Nje ;' text, 
i59 pp. 

667 Cotton (John) The "Way of the Churches of Christ in New 

England, vellvm Lond. Matth. Simmons, 1645, 4° 

Title ; ' H The Epistle to the Reader,' 5 pages, signed ' N. H., I. H.' ; text, 
116 pp.; and table, 2 leaves. 

668 Cotton (John) The Way of the Churches, another ed. 

. _ Lond. Matth. Simmons, 1645, 4" 

Four prel. leaves ; viz. Title, reverse blank ; ' The Epistle to the Reader,' 
■ etc. signed ' N. H., I. H.' 5 pp.; text, 116 pp.; 'An Alphabetical! Table,' 
etc. 3 pp. 

669 Cotton (John) The Bloitdt Tenent, Washed, and made 

white in the Blond of the Lambe ; being discussed and dis- 
charged of bloud-guiltinesse by just defence : wherein the 
great questions of this present time are handled, viz. How 
farre Liberty of Conscience ought to be given to those that 
truly feare God ? etc. Whereunto is added a Reply to Mr. 
[Roger] Williams Answer to Mr. Cottons Letter, veryjvtie 
large copy, old calf 

Lond. Matth. Symmons,for Hannah Allen, 1647, 4S 
Title; and text, 195 pp, ' A Reply to Mr. Williams,' 144 pp. 

THIED day's sale. 75 

670 Cotton (John). Severall Qvestions of serious and necessary 

Consequence, propounded by the Teaching Elders unto 
M. lohn Cotton of Boston in New England, with his re- 
spective Answer to each Question, hf. mor. 

Lond.for Thomas Banlcs, 1647, 4" 
Title, and 10 pp. 

671 Cotton (John) Sinoiis-g of Psalmbs a Q-ospel Oediwance, 

nearly uncut Zand, hy M. S. for Hannah Allen, 1647, 4" 
Title, and 72 pp. 

672 Cotton (John) Singing of Psalmes, etc. another ed. hf. cf. 

Lond. 1650, 4» 
Title, and 72 pp. 

673 Cotton- (John) Of the Holinesse of Church-Members, hf. 

mor. Lond.for Hanna Allen, 1650, 4° 

Title; dedication, 2 pages, signed ' John Cotton;' text, 95 pp. 

674 Cotton (John) An Absteact op Laws and G-otiienment,, 

wherein as in a Mirroar may be seen the Wisdom and Per- 
fection of the Grovernment of Christs Kingdome ; now pub- 
lished after his [Cotton's] death, by William Aspinwall 

Lond. hy M. 8. for Idvewel Chapman, 1655, 4" 

Title ; ' To the Reader,' 3 leaves, signed ' Will. Aspinwall;' text, 35 pp.; 'An 
Analysis of Lawes and Government accomodated to New England,' with 
errata, 2 pp. 

675 Cotton (John) A Brief Exposition, with Practical Obser- 

vations upon the whole Book of Canticles, never before 
printed, published by Anthony Tuckney, D.D. fine copy, 
original Mnding Lond.for Ralph Smith, 1655, 8° 

Half-title, imprimatur, and title, 3 leaves ; ' To the Reader,* 5 leaves, signed 
'Anthony Tuckney;' text, 238 pp. 

676 Cotton (John) An Exposition upon the Thirteenth Chapter 

of the Kevelation ; taken from his mouth in short-writing 

Lond.for L. Chapman, 1655, 4" 

Title ; To the Reader, signed by Thomas Allen, 4 pages ; text, 202 pp.; fol- 
. lowed by one blank leaf and 3 leaves of Table and Errata. 

677 Cotton (John) A Briefe Exposition, with Practical Obser- 

vations upon the whole Booke of Ecclesiastes, the second 
impression, corrected, ^^e copy, old calf 

Lond. hy W. W.for Ralph Smith, 1657, 8" 
Title ; dedication, 3 leaves, signed by Anthony Tuckney ; text, 258 [for 
260] pp. 

678 Cotton (John) A Treatise of the Covenant of G-race, as it 

is dispensed to the Elect Seed, effectually unto Salvation ; 
being the substance of divers Sermons preached upon 
Acts 7, 8 ; the second edition, by a copy far larger then the 
former, and corrected also by the Authors own hand, calf 
Lond. hy Ja. Cottrel,for John Allen, 1659, 16° 
Twelve prel. leaves and 250 pp. 

76 THIED day's sale. 

679 Cotton (John) Covenant of Grace, corrected, and very mnch 

enlarged, by the Author's own hand, 3rd ed. 

Land, for Peter Parlcer, 1671, 8° 

On the reverse of the title, 'To the Reader;' 'A Table of the Contents,' 
7 leaves ; and text, 223 pp. 

680 Cotton (Rowland) Cain's Lamentations over Abel, in Six 

Books, 3rd ed 
New York : Wayland and Davis, for the Author, 1795, 12° 

Two hundred and thirty-nine pages ; ' A List of Subsci-ibers' Names, Phila- 
delphia,' 9 pp. 

681 Cowdell (Thomas D.) A Poetical Journal of a Tour from 

British N'orth America to England, with Two Pieces of the 
Intended Jubilee, rnicut Bublin, 1809, 76 pp. 12" 

682 Coxe (Daniel). A Description of the English Province of 

Carolana, by the Spaniards call'd Florida, and by the 
French La Louisiane; as also of the great and famous 
Eiver Meschacebe or Missisipi, the five vast navigable lakes 
of fresh water, and the parts adjacent 

Lond.for B. Oowse, 1722, 8» 

Title ; ' The Preface,' 25 leaves; ' The Contents,' 1 leaf; ' Map of Carolana,' 
etc. 22 by 17 inches; and text, 122 pp. 

683 Coxe (Daniel) Description of Carolana, another ed. old calf 

Land. Olive Payne, 1741, 8" 

Twenty-seven prel. leaves; map; text, 122 pp. This and the preceding 
edition are alike, with the exception of the title-pages. 

684 Coxe (Tench) Commissioner of Revenue, Philadelphia, A View 

of the United States of America, in a series of papers, 
written at various times between the years 1787 and 1794, 
calf Philadelphia, printed 1794 ; Lond. repr. 1795, 8* 

Eight prel. leaves — viz. title; prefatory note, pp. iii-x; table, pp. xi-xiv. 
Book I. 1 leaf; and text, 512 pp. 

685 Coxe (WiUiam) Account of the Russian Discoveries between 

Asia and America, 4th ed. enlarged, calf Lond. 1803, 8" 
xxiv and 500 pp. ; ' List of the principal Books,' etc. 3 pp. ; 6 maps. 

686 Craig (N. B.) History of Pittsburgh, cloth, 2 maps 

Pittsburgh, 1851, 312 pp. 12'> 

687 Crawford (Charles) An Essay on the Propagation of the 

Gospel, in which there are numerous facts and arguments 
adduced to prove that many of the Indians in America are 
descended from the Ten Tribes, 2nd ed. bds. uncut 

Philadelphia, James Sumphreys, 1801, 154 pp. 8" 

688 Crisis (The) of the Colonies considered, with some Ob- 

servations on the Necessity of properly connecting their 
Commercial Interest with Great Britain and America 

Lond. 1785, S" 
Title; dedication, pp. iii-v; To Lord Penrbyn, pp. vii-viii; text, 38 pp. 
signed ' John Williams.' 


689 GETTsms (Maetin) D. Solomoni Schweigkero Sultzensi, qui 

Constantinopoli in Aula Legati Imp, Eom. aliquot Annos 
Ecclesiasta fuit; et in Aegypto, Palaestina, Syria, pere- 
grinatus est, cum Descriptione illiua peregrinationis, calf 
extra, ly Bedford Argent. Mo. Fvyriot, 1582, 18 leaves, 4" 

690 Cuba, Original Papers relating to the Expedition to the 

Island of, hf. mor. Land. 1744, 8" 

Half-title, title, and pp. 5-219. 

691 Ctjbta3, AariESE y Espinosa (Joseph Eeancisco be) 

Extracto de los autos de diligencias, y reconocimientos de 
los Eios, Lagunas, Vertientes y Desagues de la Capital 
Mexico y su Va]le,^me copy 

Mexico, par la Viuda de D. Joseph 'Bernardo de JLogal, 

1748, folio 

Title in red and black within a light border, having a ' Soneto' on the re- 
verse; text, 71 pages. At page 42 is a Map 14 by 16^ inches, engraved 
on copper by Antonio Morino of Mexico, entitled, ' Mapa de las Aguas que 
por el Circulo de 90 leguas uienen a la Laguna de Tescuco y de la Esten- 
gion que esta ylade Chalco tenian sacado del que en el Siglo antecedente 
deligneo B°. Carlos de Siguenza.' This book is of the utmost topographical 
and historical importance. 

692 Cunha de Azeredo Coutinho (Joze Joaquim da) Ensaio I 

Economico sobre o Comercio de Portugal e suas Colonias 

Lisboa, 1794, 6 prel. leaves and 153 pp. 4° 

693 Cunha de Azeredo Coutinho (Joze Joaquim da) A political 

Essay on the Commerce of Portugal and her Colonies, par- 
ticularly of Brasil, Ids. tmcut Bond. 1801, 8° 

Nine prel. leaves; text 198 pp. [wanting pp. 1-6] ; ' Errata' 2 pp. 

694 Cure (A) for the Spleen. Being the Substance of a Conver- 

sation on the Times, taken in short Hand, by Sir Eoger de 
Coverly,^me copy, half morocco 

America, 1775, title and pp. 3-32, S" 

The scene of this Conversation is laid near Boston, and the book is an amus- 
ing Exposition of the Grievances and Politics of the Colonies. On page 
30 of this copy are four lines of the text with this manuscript note at the 
bottom of the page, " From this to the conclusion of the period is omitted 
in all the vendible impressions, as the printer was a woman and ashamed" 

695 CuETis (Maetin) The Aete oe Natigatioh-, first writ- 

ten in the Spanish tongue, from thence Translated into 
English by Eichard Eden : and now newly Corrected and 
inlarged, with many necessarie Tables, Eules, and Instruc- 
tions, for the more easie attaining to the knowledge of Na- 
uigation. By John Tapp, calf Bond, for John Tapp, 1609, 4" 

Title, reverse blank ; Dedication to Sir William Wade signed by John Tapp, 

4 pp.; 'To the Reader,' Ipage; ' How to use the next table' Ipage; 

' A Table ' 1 page; Kalendar 7 pp. ; text in black letter, 157 pp.; ' Table 

of the Chapters ' 4 pp. 
Lowndes does not refer to the sale of any copy, nor ia the work mentioned at 

all by Gich. 

78 rraiED bat's SAtE." 

696 CtrsACK (Geoege). The G-rand Pyrate; Or, the Life ani 

Death of Capt. G-eorge Cvsack the great Sea-Eobber, toge- 
ther with his Tryal, Condemnation, and Execvtion,^e cojpy, 
half calf Land. Jon. Mwi/n, 1676, 31 pp. 4." 

Cusack was much in New-England and Virginia. 

697 Dalcho (Frederick) of Charlestown. An Historical Acconnt 

of the Scottish Episcopal Church, in South- Carolina, calf 

Charleston : U. Thayer, 1820, 8» 
viii and 613 pp. Subscribers names 3 pp. 

698 Dampier ("William). Capt. Dampier's Vindication of his 

Voyage to the South-Seas in the Ship St. G-eorge. With 
«ome small Observations for the Present on Mr. Punnell's 
Chimerical Eolation of the Voyage Eound the World, half 
calf Lond. [1707], i* 

Eight pp. -without a separate title. The date is erroneously printed 2707. 

/ 699 Dampiee (William). A Collection of Voyages. Con- 
■ taining I. Captain Dampier's Voyages round the World. 

II. The voyages of Lionel Wafer. III. Capt. Dampier's 
Expedition into the South-Seas. IV. Capt. Cowley's Voy- 
age round the Grlobe. V. Capt. Sharp's Journey over the 
Isthmus of Darien, and into the South Seas. VI. Capt. 
Wood's Voyage through the Streights of Magellan. VII. 
Mr. Eoberts's Adventures and Sufferings amongst the Cor- 
sairs of the Levant, 4 vols. Zand. 1729, 8° 
This is generally considered the best edition of Dampier's Voyages, though it 
contains much that Dampier not only had no hand in writing, but against 
•which he protested. (See preceding article). The truth appears to be 
that he was at the mercy of his publisher, Knapton, who used Dampier's 
saleable volumes as mules for carrying oif his unsaleable stoclt. Volumes 
I. and II, of this edition are reprints of the earlier editions, page for page, 
and with the same plates and maps, except that in the first volume, the 
publisher has suppressed Dampier's Dedication to Charles Mountague, Pre- 
sident of the Royal Society, to make room for a second title, " A New 
Voyage round the World," etc. " The Seventh Edition Corrected," which 
here occupies A 2. Vol. III. is a reprint of Dampier's third volume, de- 
scribed below (No. 700), but in a broader page, and paged continuously. 
It has eight preliminary leaves, and the text is paged 1 to 260, including 
the Index. The plates are the same as in the previous editions. Beyond 
this Dampier bad nothing to do with the work. The remaining half of 
this third volume consists of a reprint of Wafer's Voyage, which is here 
called The Third Edition. It contains title and pages 263 to 463, followed 
by 9 pages of Index. The map and the three plates are the same as in the 
first and second Editions, published also by Enapton in 1699 and 1704. 
Volume IV. contains Funnell's Voyage, exactly as described in No. 897, 
with a new title, thus working in bodily the remainder of the edition of 
1707, against which Dampier protested. [See No. 698.] To this are added 
reprints of Cowley's, Sharp's, Wood's, and Roberts' Voyages, filling 1 75 
pp. and 6 pp. of Index, with 9 maps. In some copies, however, Fuu'neU's 
Voyage is reprinted with the same maps and plates, but in a closer type, 
it being in 8 prel. leaves, 208 pages of text, with 8 pages of Index. 
With these facts in view, it seems to the writer that it is better to have 
Dampier undefiled, and therefore the best editions of Dampier are hi» 
three volumes as originally published. Then let the other works by Fun- 
uell. Wafer, Sharp, etc. stand on their own merits, in their own editions, 
under their own names. 

THIED bat's sale. 79 

700 Dampier. The same, first and lest edition, 3 vols, maps and 

plates Loud. Knapton, 1697-99-1703, 8» 

Vol. I. S prel. leaves (including title), text 550 pp., Errata 1 page, Books 
sold by Knapton 3 pp. ; 5 maps, before title and at pp. 1, 25, 282, and 
384. Vol. II. 4 prel. leaves (including title), text, part I. 184 pp., part 
II. 132 pp., part III. 2 leaves and 112 pp., Index and Errata 37 leaves, 
Catalogue of Books 1 leaf; 4 maps. Vol. III. 12 prel. leaves (including 
title, text 162 pp. ; Index 9 pp.; " Books printed by Knapton "' 5 pp. ; 10 

701 — The same, ^rd ed. of Vols. I. II., \st ed. of Vol. III. 

Vols. I. and II. same as 1st ed. with errata corrected; Vol. III. as in No. 
700. In subsequent editions a second part has been added to Vol. 3. 

702 Dampier (William) The Voyages and Adventures of, 2 vols. 

Land. 1776, 8" 

Vol.I. Title; 'Preface' 2 pp.; text pp. 5-454. II. Title; text pp. 3-396. 
This edition contains only the three volumes written by Dampier himself, 
and is without Maps or Plates. In the Preface the Editor says, " The 
first edition of Dampier's Voyages was published by himself, but not in 
the same order they were performed, which has a little perplexed the 
narrative ; the language is now partly become obsolete, which renders the 
perusal more difficult to common readers ; and the edition is now also ex- 
tremely scarce. To remedy these inconveniences, the chronological order 
■wherein the series of events happened is observed in this Edition ; all old 
phrases and expressions are modernized ; and to render this publication 
still more acceptable to naturalists and geographers, where our author has 
only given the. common countiy names of natural subjects, the present 
systematical names are added without altering his descriptions, which 
have always been quoted as of the greatest authority by writers on Natural 
History, and the names of places are corrected according to the modern 
spelling of the latest geographers." 

703 Dampier (William) Nouveau Voyage autour du Monde, 

5 vols. Amsterdam, 1717, 12" 

Vol. I. 7 prel. leaves, including the engraved title ; Text 408 pp. Table 12 
leaves. Maps or plates at pp. 1, 6, 58, 119, 294, 345, (2), 370. Vol.11, 
en-raved title and 2 prel. leaves; 396 pp. and Table 5 leaves; Maps or 
plates at pp. 74, 75, 77, 79, 117, 273, 275 (2), 339. Vol. III. 4 prel. 
leaves ; 393 pp. and Table 10 pp. Maps or plates at pp. 1, 3, 69, 218, 227 
(2), 356, 361. Vol. IV. 10 prel. leaves ; 309 pp. and 15 pp. of Table and 
errata. Maps or plates at pp. 1, 4, 15, 41, 85, 106, 110, 140, 141, 142, 
143, 144, 145 (2), 149, 169, 221, 248, 286. Vol. V. 2 prel. leaves; Text 
363 pp. Table 23 pp. followed by 1 leaf containing the Privileges. Maps 
or plates at pp. 1, 10, 28, 51, 74, 76, 81, 84, 90, 95, 108, 123, 127, 135, 
139, 166, 25!), 305, 325. 

704 Dampier (William) ISTouveau Voyage autour du Monde, 

5 vols. Bouen, 1723, 12° 

This edition is a reprint of the preceding, page for page. The plates are the 
same, and from the same coppers. 

705 Dana (James), Fastor of the Mrst ChureTi, Wallingford. A 

Sermon preached before the General Assembly of the State 
of Connecticut, at Hartford on the Day of the Anniversary 
Election, May 18, 1779, uncut 

Hartford : Hudson and Goodwin, 1779, 47 pp. 8" 

706 Danforth (John) The Blackness of Sins against Light, im- 

perfect, wanting all after page 34 

Boston, Timothy Green, 1710, 12o 

80 THIED day's SAIE. 

707 D'Anvers (Caleb) Some Tarfclier Eemarts on a late Pam- 

phlet, intitled Observations on the Conduct of G-reat-Britain 
Lond. EiCHAEB Franckiin, 1729, title and 38 pp. 8" 

708 Dakien. Act for a Company Trading to Africa and the In- 

dies, June 26, 1695 Bdinb. 1696, 7 pp. folio 

Neither this, nor the four following articles are mentioned by Rich. 

709 Darien. An Act of the Parliament of Scotland for Erecting 

an East-India Company in that Kingdom, half calf 

HMnb. repr. London, [1695], title and 8 pp. folio 

710 Darien. A Letter from a Member of the Parliament of Scot- 

land, concerning their Late Act for Establishing a Company 
of that Kingdom Tradeing to Africa and the Indies 

ioM(?. 1695, title and 14 pp, folio 

.711 Darien. A Perfect List of the several Persons Eesidenters 

in Scotland, who have Subscribed as Adventurers in the 

Joynt-Stock of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa 

and the Indies Edmb. 1696, folio 

Title and 14 pp. of Names. 

712 Darien. An Exact List of all the Men, "Women, and Boys 

that Died on Board the Indian and African Company's 
Elect, during their Voyage from Scotland to America, and 
siuce their Landing in Caledonia, hf. mor. Edinb. 1699, fol. 

A broad sheet printed on one side. 

713 Darien. A Defence of the Scots Settlement at Darien, Tialf 

mor. Udinb. 1699, 8" 

On the reverse of the Title, ' Errata,' 2 lines. Dedication 3 leaves, signed 
' Philo-Caledon.' Text 86 pp. 

714 Darien. A Defence of the Scots Abdicating Darien : includ- 

ing An Answer to the Defence of the Scot's Settlement 
there. Authore Britanno sed Dunensi, hf. mor. 

[JEdinb.'] 1700, 12'> 
Six prel. leaves, viz. Title, and Dedication signed ' Phil. Scot.' Text 50 pp. 
This Pamphlet was ordered by the Parliament of Scotland to be burnt. 
See Scotch Acts, William III. 9th Session. 

715 Darien. A Supplement of Original Papers and Letters, re- 

lating to the Scots Company Trading to Africa and the 
Indies, half mor. 1700, 16 pp. 8" 

.716 Daeiwel db Tieel. La Sphere des dettx mondes, com- 
posee en Erangois, par Darinel pasteur des Amadis. Auec 
vn Epithalame, que le mesme Autheur ha faict, sur les 
nopces et mariage de Tresillustre, et Serenissime Prince, 
Don Philippe Eoy de Angleterre, etc. half calf 

Anvers, le. Michwrt, 1555, 4° 

Four prel. and 58 folioed leaves, followed by a Colophon leaf. Signatures of 
text A to'Piij. folio 58 erroneously numbered 67. 19 woodcut maps. A 
folding Map (N lij.) between folios 50 and 51. 

717 Dartmouth College, Sketches of the History of, 1779 to 1815, 
uncut 88 pp. S" 

THIED day's sale. 81 

718 Dartmouth College. A Vindication of the Official Conduct of 

the Trustees of, [in Answer to preceding], rmout 

Concord, Geo. Sough, 1815, 104 pp. 8" 

719 Datenpoet (John), Fastor, Mwlaven, The Power of Con- 

gregational Churches Asserted and Vindicated, in Answer 
to a Treatise of Mr. J. Paget, Intitutled The Defence of 
Church-Q-overnment exercised in Classes and Synods, calf 
extra, lij Bedford Lond. 1672, 1&> 

Five prel. leaves, viis. title, To the Reader, signed ' M. N.' and ' TertuU. de 
prcEscr. adv. H^ret. Cap. 21,' 2 pp. ; text, 179 pp. 

720 Datestpoet (John) The Saints Anchor-Hold, in all Storms 

and Tempests. Preached in Sundry Sermons, ^«e copy 

Lond. 1661, 120 
Four prel. leaves, viz. title, Preface signed ' William Hooke, Joseph Caryl, 
and Errata, 1 page ; text, 231 pp. 

721 Datenpoet (John) The Saints Anchor- Hold, in all Storms 

and Tempests. Preached in Sundry ^Qvmoias, fine copy 

Lond. JBenj. Harris, 1701, 12" 
Title ; Preface, 3 pp. signed, ' "W. H. J. C and 4 verses I page, signed ' B. 
H.'; text, 156 pp. 

722 Davidson (aeorge) The Case of the Caribbs in St. Vincent's 

{Lond. 1787], 12» 
Twenty-three pp. At page 21, signed ' George Davidson.' Probably pri- 
vately printed. 

723 Davie (John Constanse) Letters from Paraguay : describing 

the Settlemients of Monte Video and Buenos Ayres ; the 
residences of Eioja Minor, ISTombre de Dios, St. Mary and 
St. John, &c. Ids. Lond. 1805, 300 pp. 8" 

724 DAA^Es (John) The Histoet oe the Caeibby-Islands, 

viz. Barbados, S* Christophers, S' Vincents, Martinico, Domi- 
nico, Barbouthos, Monserrat, Mevis, Antego, &c. in all 
XXVIII. In Two Books. The First containing the Natural; 
the Second, the Moral History of those Islands. "With a 
Caribbian-Vocabvlary, old calf 

Lond. for Thomas Lring and John Sfarlcey, 1666, fol. 

Four prel. leaves; viz. Title, Dedication, and Preface; text, 351 pp. 'A 

Caribbian Vocabulary,' 5 leaves; Table, 3 leaves. 
A considerable part of the impression was destroyed in the Great Fire of 

London ; hence its rarity. 

725 Datila (Gill G-onzalez) Teatro Eclesiastico de la Primitiva 

Iglesia de las Indias Occidentales, Vidas de svs Arzobispos, 
Obispos, y Cosas memorables de svs Sedes. 2 vols. 

, Madrid, Diego Bias de la Carrera, 1649-1655, fol. 

Vol. I. 7 prel. leaves and 308 pp. with 4 seq. leaves. 16 extra leaves are in- 
serted as titles, etc. in the text. There is a Map engraved on copper at 
p. 105. Vol. II. 1655. 8 prel. and 119 folioed leaves. 

This book abounds with curious statistics and memoranda of memorable 
occurrences, and of the first introduction of arts and letters, printing, etc. 
See p. 7, etc. The Vocabularies are also highly valuable. 

82 THiEi) day's sale. 

726 Day (Jeremiah), Pastor, New Preston. The Divine Eight of 

Infant Baptism, concisely proved from the Holy Scriptures. 
A Sermon Litchfield, Tho. Collier, 1790, 43 pp. 8" 

727 Deane (John) A Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Notting- 

ham-Galley, [in her Voyage to Boston]. Puhlish'd in 1711. 
Eevis'd, and Eeprinted with Additions in 1726, hf. morocco, 
thick paper [London] 24 pp. 8» 

728 Deane (John) Narrative, 5th ed. 

[Lond.'] 1762, 2 prel. leaves and 28 pp. 8» 

729 Deane (Silas) An Address to the United States of North 

America, half morocco Lond. 1784, 8" 

Title and Advertisement, 2 leaves ; text, 95 pp. 

This is the author's vindication of himself from a charge of mismanagement 
of the public money. 

730 De Bow (J. D. B.) Industrial Eesources, etc. of the Southern 

and Western States, 4 vols, cloth 

New Orleans, 1853,2216 pp. S" 

731 De Castro (Henriquez), or, the Conquest of the Indies. A 

Spanish Novel, calf ' Lond. [1685], 12" 

Six prel. leaves ; viz. License, Title, Advertisement, and some books printed ; 
text, 167 pp. 

732 Deckee (Abole) Diuenal tnd Histoeische Bescheet- 

BiiNa DEE Nassawischen Flotten so vnder dem Admiral 
Jacoh I'TIeremite umb die gantze welt gefahren ist, Im 1623, 
1624, 1625, vnd 1626, Jahr. very fine copy 

Straslurg, JEberhard Zetzners, 1629, 4° 

Six prel. leaves including engraved and printed title pages ; text, 68 pp. 
Maps and plates at pp. 1^4, 28, 34, 45, 50, 52, 56, 60. 

This original edition is highly pi'ized, particularly by possessors of the collec- 
tions of Voyages by HuLSiDS and DeBky, both of whom reprinted Decker. 

000 Declaration of the Persecution of the Quakers in New Eng- 
land. See Burroughs {L!dw.) 

733 Definitive (The) Treaty of Peace between His Britannick 

Majesty and the King of Spain, 10th Feb. 1763. To which. 
The King of Portugal acceded on. the same Day 

Lond. 1763, 48 pp. 4" 

734 Delaeield (John) An Inquiry into the origin of the Anti- 

quities of America. With an Appendix. By James Lakey, 
M.D. morocco Cincinnati, N. O. Burgess Sf Co. 1839, 4" 

One hundred and forty-two pp. With 10 plates at pp. 17, 30, 33, 36, 37, 
38, 39, 43, 55, 61 , and large folding plate to face the title. 

735 Delaroche (Peter), TLfwOTonary. The Gospel of Christ preached 

to the Poor, half morocco 

Lunenburg, [Nova Scotia'] Printed, at the Author's 
expence, to he given and not to be sold, 1773, 8" 
Five prel. leaves ; viz. Title, Dedication, and To the Reader ; text, 99 pp. 

THIED day's sale. 83 

736 Dennis (Jolin) Liberty Asserted. A Tragedj, half morocco 

. . Land. 1704, 4" 

Seven prel. leaves and 64 pp. The scene of this Trag-edy lies at Agnie in 
Canada. The principal characters Governor Frontenac (French) and Ge- 
neral Beaufort{Eng:lish). The author, a man of consummate vanity, deemed 
his censure of the French, in this Tragedy, to have been so severe, that 
he supplicated the government to have him mentioned by name in a sub- 
sequent treaty of peace with France, lest the French King should demand 
his extradition, 

737 Dennis (John) Liberty Asserted. Another ed. Jlne copy in 

old red morocco Lond. 1704, 4P 

Eight prel. leaves; viz. half-title, title, dedication, preface, prologue, epi- 
logue, and dramatis personae ; text, 68 pp. 
These two editions are identical as far as page 25, but from thence to the 
end they differ, the preceding being in fewer pages and with two or three 
more lines on a page. 

738 Denny (Joe). A Narrative of Facts relative to the Tryal of 

Joe Denny a Eree Coloured Man, for the Murder of John 
Stroud, a White-Man. And of a Conditional Pardon granted 
to the said Joe Denny, unbound 

Barladoes, Mdw. Archer, 1797, 2 pr. Is. and 45 pp. 4° 

739 Denys (Mr.) Description Geographique et Historique des 

Costes de I'Ameriqve Septentrionale. Vol. I. only 

:Paris, 1672, sm. 8° 
Vol. I. 16 prel. leaves; text, 267. pp. Large Map. An exceedingly rare 
volume, especially so when with the map. It is highly commended by 
Charlevoix. . 

740 Description (A) of the Pour Parts of the "World .... How- 

America was First Discovered by the Europeans, and what 
Purchases they have made therein. Collected from the Writ- 
ings of the best Historians, calf extra, red edges, hy Bedford 

mini. 1695, 23 pp. 8° 
000 Description des Terres Magellaniques. See Magellan. 

741 Devotion (John), Pastor, Third Church, Saylrook, The Duty 

and Interest of a People to sanctify the Lord of Hosts. A 
Sermon, preached before the General Assembly of the State 
of Connecticut, at Hartford, on the Day of the Anniversary 
Election, May 8^^, 1/77, uncut 

Hartford, Men. Watson, 1777, 39 pp. 80 

742 Diaz del Castillo (Beenal) Histoeia Veedadeea de 

LA CoNQnSTA DE LA NuETA EsPAilA, Calf gilt 

Madrid, en la Imprenta del Reyno, 1632, fol. 

Original Edition. Title; Licences, Epistles, etc. 5 leaves; 251 folioed 

leaves ; Table, 11 pp. Bernal Diaz was the companion of Cortes in his 

adventures and battles. See an interesting note as to the author and his 

work in Robertson's History, Vol. II. note 1. 

743 Diaz del Castillo (Beekal) Histoeia Veedadeea de la 

CoNQDISTA DE LA ISTdeta EsPx\.nA, 4 vols. old Spanish calf 

Madrid, Benito Cano, 1795-96, 16° 

Vol. I. 4 prel. leaves ; viz. half-title, title, and ' El Autor' ; text, 367 pp. 

II. 1796, 382 pp. ; Erratas, 1 page. III. 1796,364 pp. ; Erratas, 1 page. 

IV. 1796, 573 pp. 


744 Diaz del Castillo (Bernal) The True History of the Conquest 

of Mexico. Transl, by Maurice Keatinge, bds. imcut 

Lond. 1800, 4» 
viii. prel. pp.; text, 514 pp. ; ' Notes and Errata,' 1 page. Plan of Mexico. 

745 Dickinson (Jonathan), Minister, Misaheth-Town, A Sermon 

Preached at the opening of the Synod at Philadelphia, Sept. 
19, 1722. "Wherein is considered the Character of the Man 
of God, with the true boundaries of the Churches Power, 
half morocco Boston, T. Fleet, for 8. Gerrish, 1723, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 2i pp. 

746 Dickinson (Jonathan) A Defence of Presbyterian Ordination; 

in answer to a Pamphlet, entituled, A Modest Proof of the 
Order and Government settled by Christ in the Church, 
closely cut 

Boston, Ban. Henchman, [1724] 5 pr. Is. and 44 pp. 8" 

747 [Dickenson (Jonathan)] A Display of God's Special Grace; 

in a Familiar Dialogue between a Minister and a Gentleman 
of his Congregation, about the "Work of God, in the .Con- 
viction and Conversion of Sinners, so remarkably of late 
begun and going on in these American Parts ; to which is 
prefixed an Attestation, by several Ministers of Boston, calf 
Boston, Rogers and Fowle,for S. Miot, 1742, 12" 

Title ; ' The Attestation,' vi. pp. signed ' Benjamin Colman, Joseph Sewall, 
Thomas Prince, John Webb, William Cooper, Thomas Foxcroft, Joshua 
Gee ;' text, 111 pp. This fine copy bears on the fly-leaf, in the hand- 
writing of the donor, " For the Kev. Dr. Watts, from Dr. Colman of N. E. 

748 Dickinson (Jonathan) Pamiliar Letters to a Gentleman upon 

a variety of seasonable and important Subjects in Religion, 
calf Boston, Bogers and Vowle, and Blanchard, 1745, 8° 
Title; preface, 5 pp.; contents, 1 page; text, 424 pp. 

749 Dickinson (Jonathan) Familiar Letters upon a variety of 

Eeligious Subjects, 4th ed. Glasgow, 1775, 376 pp. S" 

750 Dickenson (Jonathan) God's Protecting Providence .... 

evidenced in the remarkable Deliverance of Eobert Barrow, 
with divers other Persons, from the devouring "Waves of 
the Sea, amongst which they sufiered Shipwreck, and also 
from the cruel devouring Jaws of the inhuman Cannibals of 
Plorida, 7th ed. hf cf. Lond. 1790, 136 pp. 12» 

751 Dickinson (Moses) An Answer to a Letter from an aged 

Layman to the Clergy of Connecticut ; in which the Eights 
of the consociated Churches are maintained, the con- 
sociation that appeared against the Ordination of Mr. Dana 
at Wallingford vindicated, etc. 

New Haven, James Barker, [1767?] 30 pp. 8° 

THIBD bat's SAIE. 83 

752 DiEBETiiEE. Relation du Voyage du Port Eoyal del' Acadie, 

ou de la Nouvelle France, calf, hy Clarke and Bedford 

Amst., P. Himlert, 1710, 120 

Ten prel. leaves, consisting' of engraved frontispiece, title, ' Epitre,' and 

• ' Catalogue ;' text, 236 pp. ; with 4 sequent leaves. This is a fine copy, 

Tvith the autograph of Thomas Gray, the author of the " Elegy written in 

a Country Churchyard," on the title-page. 

752*— Another copy ib. 1710 

753 Discourse (A) on Trade, more particularly on Sugar and 

Tobacco, THICK paper, hf. mor. Lond. 1733, 24 pp. 8" 

754 Dixon (George) A Voyage round the World, but more par- 

ticularly to the North-west Coast of America, in 1785-88, 
calf Lond. 1789, 4" 

Fifteen prel, leaves — viz. Title, Dedication, Introduction, Contents, Errata, 
and Directions to the Binder; text, 360, and 'Appendix No. II.' 47 pp. ; 
22 maps and plates. 

755 Dobbs (Arthur) An Account of the Countries adjoining to 

Hudson's Bay, in the North-west Part of America, Jif. russ. 

Lond. 1744, 4? 
Title; dedication, 2pp.; text, 211pp.; with map of North America, by 
Joseph La France. 

756 Doty (John) Missionary, A Sermon preached at the opening 

of Christ's Church att Sorel, in the Province of Canada, 
Dec. 25, 1785, A/: mon 

Montreal, Mewry Mesplet, 1786, 14 pp. 8° 

757 Douglass (William) A Summary, Historical and Political, 

of the Pirst Planting, Progressive Improvements, and Present 
State of the British Settlements in North America, 2 vols. 
fine copy in old calf Lond. 1755, 8° 

Vol. I. 5 prel. leaves and 568 pp. ; Map of North America. Vol. II. 3 prel. 
leaves and 416 pp. An exact reprint of the Boston edition of 1749. 

758 Douglass (William) Another edition, 2 vols. /we copy 

Lond. 1760, 80 

The same collation as the edition of 1755. This is a reprint of the edition 
of 1755, almost page for page. There are a few alterations and cor- 
rections. At the heads of each page are placed the Parts and Sections. 
Although at the end of the Contents of Volume I. there is "Place the Map 
to face the Title of Vol. I." no copy has yet been met with in the 
original state bearing the Map. 

759 Downing (Sib G-eoege) A Eeply to the Eemarks of the 

Deputies of the Estates General upon his Memorial of 
December 20, 1644, Old Style, uncut Lond. 1665, 4» 

Title, and 104 pp. Sir G. Downing was one of the earliest Graduates of 
Harvard College, and founder of Downing College, Cambridge. A large 
part of this volume relates to the affairs of Nem Netherlands, now New 

760 Drake (Daniel) An Anniversa,ry Discourse, on the State and 

Prospects of the Western Museum Society 

Cincinnati, Ohio, 1820, 36 pp. sm. 8° 

;S6 .THiED day's sale. 

761 Drake (Sir Francis). The Trumpet of Fame, written by H. E, 

and first printed in 1595, 2nd ed. lif. mor. 
■■ Kent, private press of Lee Priory, 1818, 12" 

Preface, pp. iii-iv, signed ' T. Park ;' text, 14 pp. 

762 Drake (Sir Francis). The Life of the celebrated Sir Francis 

Drake, the First Circumnavigator Lond. 1828, 4° 

Five prel. leaves and 83 pp.; with portrait of Drake, plate of a chair, and 
verses; ' Eichmonds.of Highhead Castle, Pedigree,' at page 72. Privately 
printed. Copies with the Genealogies are uncommon. 

763 Drake (Samuel Gardner) Genealogical and Biographical Ac- 

count of the Family of Drake in America, with some Notices 
of the Antiquities connected with the early times of persons 
of the Name in England, hf. mor. 

[Boston], private press of George Gooltdge,for 
Samuel Oa/rdner Drake, 1845, 8° 

Title and dedication, 2 leaves ; preface, pp. iii-viii, signed ' Sam. G. Drake ;' 
text, pp. 9-51. 

764 Drake (8. G.) History and Antiquities of Boston, from its 

first Settlement in 1630 to 1770, maps, plates, portraits, fac- 
similes of autographs, etc. hf. mor. 

Boston, 1856, 840 pp. royal 8° 

.765 Drewe (Edward), Dedicated to the British Army, Military 

Sketches Exeter, 1784, 8° 

Title, and 156 pp. On page 117 of this quaint book begins a Poem (ut 
vulgo) • An Elegiac Epistle, addressed to a Friend, on my leaving Boston 
in 1775, for the cure of my Wounds, sustained at Bunker's Hill.' 

766 Duche (Eev. Jacob) of Philadelphia, Human Life a Pilgrim- 

age ; or the Christian a Stranger and Sojourner upon Earth : 
a Sermon, occasioned by the Death of the Hon. Richard 
Penn, Esq. one of the Proprietaries of the Province of Penn- 
sylvania, preached April 21, 1771, unout 

Philadelphia, D. Hall, and W. Sellers, 1771, 23 pp. 8° 

767 Duche (Jacob) Discourses on Various Subjects, 2nd ed. 

2 vols. LAEGE PAPEB, old tree calf, fine copy Lond. 1780, 8" 
Vol. I. xii pp. ; contents and subscribers' names, 4 leaves ; text, 362 pp. ; 
with frontisp. and port. II. Title and contents, 4 leaves; text, 430 pp.; 
with frontisp. 

768 Dummer (Jeremiah) A Defence of the New England Charters, 

1st ed. A/. OTor. Zo«rf. 1721, 8" 

Title, 5 and 80 pp. Dummer was the Agent of Massachusetts in England. 

769 — New England Charters, another ed. hf mor. 

Lond. [1765], 88 pp. 8<> 
; 770 Dunton (John) The Life and Errors of, 2 vols, hf cf 

Lond. 1818, S" 
Vol. I. xxxii pp. and 413 pp. II. Title, and pp. 414-776 ; with portrait of 
'John Dunton, 1817.' 

THIRD day's sale. 87' 

771 Duquesne (Marquis) Vindicated from the Aspersions cast on, 

his Conduct while Commander of Fort Charles, at Port 
Eoyal in Jamaica, thick papeb, lif. mor. 

Lond. 1728, 42 pp. 8" 

772 Durham (Earl of) Eeport on the Affairs of British North 

America, with Appendix, 2 parts Lond. 1839, 181 pp. fol. 

773 Dvtch (The) Svrvey ; wherein are related and truly dis- 

coursed the chiefest Losses and Acquirements which have 
past hetweene the Dutch and the Spaniards in these last 
four yeares Warres of the Netherlands, with a comparative 
hallancing and estimation of that which the Spaniards 
haue got in the Dutchies of Cleeve and luliers, with that 
which they haue lost vnto the Dutch and Persians in 
Brasilia, Lima, and Ormus Lond. 1625, 4° 

Title ; Dedication to Cromwell, 3 pp. signed ' W. C. j' To the Reader, 2 pp, ;' 
text, 36 pp. 

774 Du Tertre (Jean Baptiste) Missionaire, Histoire G-enerale des 

Isles de S. Christophe, de la G-vadelovpe, de la Martiniqve, 
et avtres dans I'Ameriqve, 1st ed. old calf Paris, 1654, 4" 

Eight prel. leaves — viz. Title, Epistre, Av lectevr. Table, and Licentia ; 
text, 488 pp.; ' L'Impression de ce Livre,' 6 pp.; Errata,! page; Maps 
at pp. 1, 27, and 68. 

775 Dwight (Timothy) The Conquest of Canaan, a Poem, in 

Eleven Books, 1st ed. 

Sartford, Elisha Babcoch, 1785, 4 pr. Is. and 304 pp. 12° 

776 Dwight (Timothy) A Statistical Account of the Towns and 

Parishes in the State of Connecticut, published by the 
Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. I. No. 1, 
hf. vnor. New ILaven, Walter and Steele, 1811, 8° 

xi. and 83 pp. Has the autograph of Adam Seybert on the title. 

777 Eachard (Laurence) Compendium of Geography, General and 

Special, calf Lond. 1691, 12° 

Nine prel. leaves ; text, 168 pp. ; ' Index,' 17 pp. ; two maps of ' Europa— 
Asia,' facing the title ; ' Africa — America,' at page 115. 

778 East foBiAN Voyage (The Last) containing mvch varietie 

of the State of the seuerall Kingdomes where they haue 
traded; with the Letters of three seuerall Kings to the 
Kings Maiestie of England; begun by one of the Voyage^ 
since continued out of the faithfull obseruations of them 
that are come home, hf. mor. 

Lond. T. P. for Walter Burre, 1606, 4° 

Title, reverse blank ; ' To the Reader,' 1 page, signed ' W. B. ;' text, sig. B 
to K in fours. 

779 Eastman (Tilton) Pastor at Bandolph, A Sermon, preached 

in Sharon, Vermont, March 12, 1806, at the Ordination of 
the Eev. Samuel Bascom 

Hanover, N. S. Moses Davis, 1806, 31 pp. 8° 

88' THIHD day's SAEE. 

780 Eckley ( Josef t) Minister, of Boston, A Discourse before the 
Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians and 
others in North America, Nov. 7, 1805, tmcut 

Boston, H. Lincoln, 1806, 36 pp. 8° 
J 781 Eden (Eichaed) The Histoby oe TEArATLE in the 
West and East Indies, and other Countreys lying eyther 
way, towardes the fruitfull and ryche Moluccaes ; newly set, 
in order, augmented, and finished by Eicharde "Willes, 
Hack httttjjlne copy, in red morocco, ly P. Bedeoeb 

Land. Mich. lugge, 1577, 4" 
Ten prel. leaves ; half-title, ' Certayne Preambles,' etc. the reverse blank ; 
text in black letter, 466 folioed leaves ; ' K. Willes Speciall aduises,' 
5 pp. ; ' The Table,' 7 pp. This is a reprint of The Decades of the Newe 
World, 1555, with some additions. Rich devotes two pages to the de- 
scription of this important Jiistorical book. 

782 Edwards (Brian) Thoughts respecting the Trade of the 

"West India Islands with the United States of America, 2nd 
Ed. with a Postscript, hf. mor. Lond. 1784, 8" 

Pour prel. pp. text 91 pp. An important Tract in reference to free trade 
in shipping^, 

783 Edwards (Bryan) Historieal Survey of St. Domingo. 

London, V7Q1, ^ 
Title, table of contents, 24 pp. Text pp. 1 to 247. 

784 Edwards (Bryan) The History of the British Colonies in 

the "West Indies, 2nd Ed. 2 vols. cf. Lond. 1794, 4" 

Tol. I. liv. prel. pp; and text in 494 pp. 12 Maps and Plates. Vol. II. Title 
and 520 pp. Errata 1 page, 4 plates. 

785 Edwards (Jonathan) Minister, NortTiampton, A Faithful Nar- 

rative of the Surprizing Work of God in the Conversion of 
Many Hundred Souls in Northampton, etc. New-England, 
with a Large Preface by Dr. Watts and Dr. Guyse, ccAf 

Lond. 1737, 148 pp. 12? 

786 — Narrative, etc. 2nd Ed. Lond. 1738, 142 pp. 12" 

787 — Narrative, etc— Another Ed, Ildinh. 1738, 105 pp. 8» 

788 — Narrative, etc. Extracted from Edwards' Letter to Dr. 

Coleman, by John Wesley, 2nd Ed. {sic.) 

ZoMrf.]755, 48 pp. 12" 

789 — Narrative, etc. — Another Ed. 

Lond. G. Whittingham, 99 pp. 12°' 

790 Edwards (Jonathan) Some Thoughts concerning the present 

Eevival of Eeligion in New-England, calf 

Boston, printed: JEdinl. repr. 1743, 225 pp. 8" 

791 — Thoughts, etc. — Another Ed. Abridg'd by John Wesley 

Lond. 1745, 124 pp. 120 

792 Edwards (Jonathan). The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of 

the Spirit of God. Extracted from Mr. Edwards, by John 
Wesley, 2nd Ed. Lond. 1755, 48 pp. 12" 

793 Edwards (Jonathan). Life of the late Eev. David Brainerd, 

Missionary to the Indians, with an Appendix relative to the 
Indian Aflfairs, c^ ^ JBrfewS. 1765, 516 pp. 8» 

THIRD day's SAIE. 89 

794 Edwards (Jonathan) The Injustice and Impolicy of the 

Slave Trade, and of the Slavery of the Africans : a Sermon 
Preached before the Connecticut Society for the Promotion 
of Ereedom, tmcut, wanting the Appendix 

[New London /*] Thomas and Samuel Green, 1791, 8° 
Half-title; title, and pp. 3-30, and Appendix pp. 

795 Edwards (Jonathan) Life of, calf extra, hy Bedford 

Boston, S. Kneeland, 1765, 8" 
Four prel. leaves and 97 pp. 

796 Edwards (Thomas). A Letter to Mr. Thomas Edwards. The 

Dedication of the Letter to our much suspected friend, Mr. 
T. Edwards, Scavenger Generall, throughout G-reat-Britaine, 
New-England, and the united Provinces, chiefly Amsterdam, 
and Munster, and indeed by vertue of some fair pretences, 
Intermedler in aU the States of Christendome,^e copy 

Lond.for Tho. Veere, 1647, 12 pp. 4P 

797 Egede (Hans) Mission'drs und Bischofes in Chmland, Bes- 

chreibung und Natur-G-eschichte von Gronland, libersetzet 
von D. Joh. Ge. Kriinitz, hf. cf. Berlin, 1763, 8" 

xii. pp. and 237 pp. Map at page 29, and 10 plates at pages 69, 85, 89, 98, 
107, 125, 127, 137, 178, 179. 

798 Eleutherius. The Scripture-Bishop Vindicated. A Defence 

of the Dialogue between Prselaticus and Eleutherius, upon 
the Scripture- Bishop, or the Divine Eight of Presbyterian 
Ordination and Government : against a Pamphlet, Intitled 
The Scripture-Bishop Examin'd. By Eleutherius, V.D.M. 
In a letter to a Eriendj^we copy, original binding 

Boston, S. Kneeland and T. Green, 1733, 8" 
Half-title, title, and 126 pp. followed by a Second title, • Eusebius Inermatua. 
Just Remarks on a late Book,' Intituled ' Eleutherius Enervatus,' etc. 
By Phileluth Bangor, V.E.B.' etc. Title, and 158 pp. 

799 Eliot (Andrew). The Eaithful Steward. A Sermon, by 

Andrew Eliot, M.A. At his Ordination to the Pastoral 
Charge of the New North Church in Boston, in conjunction 
with the Eev. Mr. Webb, Ap. 14, 1742 

Boston, Tho. Fleet, for Samuel Eliot, 174<2, 8" 

Title and pp. 6-35. 

800 Eliot (Andrew) An inordinate Love of the "World inconsis- 

tent with the Love of God. A Sermon preached in Boston, 
Aug. 2, 1744 Boston, Sogers and Fowle,for S. Eliot, 1744, 8" 
Title and pp. 5-31. 

801 Eliot (Andrew) An evil and adulterous Generation. A 

Sermon preached on the Public East, Ap. 19, 1753 

Boston, S. Kneeland, for J. Winter, 1753, S° 
Title and 26 pp. 

802 Eliot (Andrew) A Sermon preached at the Ordination of 

the Eev. Joseph Eoberts, to the Pastoral Care of a Church 
in Leicester, Oct. 23, 1754 

Boston, B. Eowle,for J. Winter, [17S4] 41pp. 8* 


90 THIED day's SAIE. 

803 Eliot (Andrew) A Sermon preached Oct. 25th, 1759. Being 

a Day of Public Thanksgiving for the Success of the British 

Arms this Tear ; especially in the Eeduction of Quebec, the 

Capital of Canada Boston, Baniel and John Kneeland,for J. 

Winter, 1759, title and pp. 5-43, 8° 

804 Eliot (Andrew) A Sermon preached Sept. 17, 1766. At the 

Ordination of the Eeverend Mr. Ebenezer Thayer, to the 
Pastoral Care of the Eirst Church in Hampton 
Boston, Kneeland & Adams, for Thomas Leverett, 1766, 35 pp. 8° 

805 Eliot (Andrew) A Discourse on Natural Eeligion, delivered 

in the Chapel of Harvard College, Cambridge, May 8, 1771 
Boston, Daniel Kneeland, for Nicholas Bowes, 1771, 8» 
Title and pp. v-zlv. ' A List' etc. 2 pp. 

806 Eliot (Andrew) A Sermon preached at the Ordination of the 

Eev. Joseph Willard, to the Pastoral care of the first Church 
in Beverly, in conjunction with the Eev. Joseph Champney, 
Nov. 25, 1772. To which are annexed, The Charge, by the 
Eev. Dr. Appleton, and the Eight Hand of Eellowship, by 
the Eev. Mr. Holt Boston, Thomas and John Meet, 1773, 8" 

Title and pp. 5-47. 

807 Eliot (Andrew) Christ's Promise to the penitent Thief. A 

Sermon preached the Lord's-Day before the Execution of 
Levi Ames, who suffered Death for Burglary, Oct. 21, 1773, 
MX. 22. N.B. This discourse was preached at the desire of 
the Prisoner, who was present when it was delivered 

Boston, John Boyle, 1773, 36 pp. S" 

808 Eliot (Andrew) A Sermon preached at the Ordination of [his 

Son] Andrew Eliot, A.M., to the Pastoral care of the First 
Church in Eairfield, June 22, 1774 

Boston, John Boyle, 1774, 8" 
Title, dedication, and pp. 7-46. 

809 Eliot (John) A Biographical Dictionary, containing a brief 

account of the Eirst Settlers, and other Eminent Characters 
in New-England, half calf Boston, 1809, 8" 

viii and 511 pp.; Errata, 1 page. This volume is from the library of the 
late Rohert Southey, it having heen sent to the Poet laureate by Prof. 
Ticknor. On the fly-leaf is a manuscript note, — " This book is worthy of 
the strictest faith and credit. G. T." 

810 Eliseo (Padre) Aviendo Eepresentado el Conde de Monterey 

a su Magestad los agrauios y molestias, que los Indies de la 
Nueua Espana recibian, por orden de los juezes que los re- 
partian, para seruicios personales, se le mando que no se 
repartiessen, pero que se diesse orde como se alquilassen, y no 
estuuiessen ociosos : con la qual los de buen zelo quedaron 
contentos y satisfechos,^«e copy [1643], 8 folioed leaves, fol. 

811 Elizabeth (Queen) The Life and Glorious Eeign of. Like- 

wise, An Account of Sir Erancis Drake's Voyage round the 
■World. Also, An Account of the Destruction of the great 
Elect, call'd the Spanish Armado, etc. Lond. 1708, 16 pp. S" 

THIEB day's sale. 91 

812' Ellis (Henry) A Voyage to Hudson's Bay, by the Dobbs Gal- 
ley and California, in the Years 1746 and 1747, for Disco- 
vering a North "West Passage ; with An Accurate Survey of 
the Coast, and a short Natural History of the Country, 
LAEGE PAPEB, oU calf Lond. 1748, 8» 

xxviii pp. and 336 pp. Chart of North West Passage, and 9 Plates. 

813 — Another copy, small paper ib, 1748, 8° 

814 EUwood (Thomas) An Epistle to Eriends .... warning 

them to beware of that Spirit of Contention and Division 
which hath appeared of late in G-eorge Keith, and some few 
others that join with him, who have made a Breach and 
Separation from Friends in some Parts of America 

Lond. 1694, sm. S" 

Seventy-three pp. Postscript, etc. pp. 74-75. 

815 EUwood (Thomas) A Further Discovery of that Spirit of Con- 

tention and Division which hath appeared of late in G-eorge 
Keith, &c. Lond. 1694, 128 pp. 8° 

Much of this has relation to America. 

816 Emerson (Q-eorge B.) A Report on the Trees and Shrubs 

growing naturally in the Forests of Massachusetts. Pub- 
lished by the Commissioners of the Zoological and Botanical 
Survey of the State, cloth Boston, 1846, S" 

XV pp. ; and 534 pp. Explanation of the plates, 1 page. Index, pp. 538- 
547, 17 plates. 

817 Emigration to America, candidly considered. In a series of 

Letters, uncut \_Lond.] T. Clio Bickman, 1798, 72 pp. 8° 

818 Emmons (Nathanael) Pastor, in FranTclin, A Discourse, 

delivered on the Annual Fast in Massachusetts, April 9, 
1801, uncut Salem, repr. by Joshua Gushing, 1802, 36 pp. 8° 

819 Englishman Deceived (The); A Political Piece: wherein 

some very important Secrets of State are briefly recited, hf. 
Lond. New York, repr. ly John Salt, 1768, title and 42 pp. 8" 

820 Ens (G-aspae) Indiae Occidentalis Histoeia : in qva 

prima regionum istarum detectio, situs, incolarum mores, 
aliaque eo pertinentia, breuiter explicantur. Ex variis Avto- 
ribvs collecta, calf, by Bedford, fine copy 

Goloniae, anno 1612, 8" 

Four prel. leaves ; text, signatures A to Z in eight, and A a in 4 leaves. 
Pagination very irregular. Last page 370. This is an abridgement of 
the Petit Voyage of De Bry, and is generally attached to that collection. 

821 Entick (John) The G-eneral History of the Late "War : Con- 

taining it's Rise, Progress, and Event, in Europe, Asia, 
Africa, and America, 3rd Ed. corrected, 5 vols, old calf 

Lond. 1775, 80 

Vol. I. 2 prel. leaves and 495 pp. With 8 copper plates and maps. II. 
464 pp. 11 copper plates and maps. III. 480 pp. with 9 portraits. IV. 
480 pp. with 10 maps and portraits. V. 470 pp. with 1 1 portraits. Index, 
25 pp. with list of plates. 

92 THIED bat's SAtE. 

822 Eecilla't €uNiGA (Alonso de) Peimeea, Segtnda, y 

Tbeoeea Pastes de la Aeatcawa, Hue morocco, by Bed- 
ford Anvers, Pedro Bellero, 1597, sm. 12° 

Part I. 12 prel. and 146 folioed leaves with 8 pp. of Table. Part II. Title; 
1 leaf and folios 149 to 273. Part III. Title and folios 275 to 330. 

823 EsQTTEMEiiiTG (John) Bttcanibes OF Amebica : Or, a true 

Account of the most remarkable Assaults committed of late 
years upon the Coasts of the West-Indies, by the Bucaniers 
of Jamaica and Tortuga, both English and French, more 
especially, the trnparallel'd Exploits of Sir Henry Morgan, 
our English Jamaican Hero, who sack'd Puerto Velo, burnt 
Panama, etc. 2 vols, laege papeb, calf extra, by Bedford, 
SPLENDID COPT Lond. Will. GrooTce, 1684-5, 4" 

Six prel. leaves; viz. title, and To the Reader; text, ' Part I.' 115 pp., with 
copper plate engraving on page 24 ' Elisa, y Palas ;' portrait of ' Barto- 
lomew Portugues' at page 95 ; and portrait of ' Rock Brasiliano,' at page 
102. 'Part II.' 151 pp., with a copper plate of 'The Spanish Armada 
destroyed by Captaine Morgan,' at page 135. 'Part III.' 124 pp., with 
a copper plate 'A Map of the Countrey and City of Panama,' at page 31. 
'The Table,' 11 pp. Part IV. Title, ' Bucaniers of America, The Second 
Volume, 1685;' preface, 13 pp.; text, 212 pp.; Table, and Catalogue of 
Books printed by Crooke, 12 leaves (viz. Table, 17 pp. ; Catalogue, 7 pp.) ; 
folded map, ' Description of the South Sea and Coasts of America, 
1680-81 ;' ' Description of Hilo,' a folded slip map, at p. 98 ; also several 
maps printed with the text. 

The following is from the London Gazette of June 8, 1685, and probably 
refers to this first Edition. 

" Westminster, June 1. There have been lately Printed and Published two 
Books, one by Will. Crook, the other by Tho. Maltbus, both Intitled The 
BUtory of the Bucaniers : both which Books contained many False, Scan- 
dalous and Malitious Reflections on the Life and Actions of Sir Henry 
Morgan of Jamaica Kt. The said Sir Henry Morgan hath by Judgment 
had in the King's-Bench-Court, recovered against the said Libel £200 
Damages. And on the humble Solicitation and Request of William Crook, 
hath been pleased to withdraw his Action against the said Crook, and ac- 
cept of his Submission and Acknowledgement in Print." 

824 — Bucaniers. Another Ed.j^we copy, old cf. Lond. 1699, 8° 

Title and Preface 2 leaves ; text to end of the Third Part, 180 pp. with 
Shai-p's Map of South America at p. 1 ; portraits of Bartholomew Portu- 
gues at p. 43, Rock Brasiliano at p. 47, Francis Lolonois at p. 52, and of 
Sir Henry Morgan at p. 79; copper plates. Cruelty of Lolonois at p. 66, 
Sacking of Puerto del Principe at p. 86. Text of the Second Volume, or 
Part IV. 180 pp. with maps at pp. 15, 17, 21, 22, 33, 128, 133, and 160, 
besides several smaller ones inserted in the text. Index, 6 leaves. Title 
' A Journal of a Voyage,' etc. by Lussan, followed by 1 leaf; text 180 pp. 
Voyage of De Montauban pp. 181 to 204. 

825 — Bucaniers. 3rd Ed. Lond. 1704, 8" 

The collation and list of plates the same as in the Edition of 1699. 

826 — Bucaniers. Another Ed. Glasgow, 1762, 132 pp. 12° 

827 — Bucaniers. 5th Ed. 2 Yola. fine copy in old tree calf 

Lond. 1771, 12° 
Vol. I. title and preface 2 leaves ; text 360 pp. Vol. II, title and 360 pp. 
' Index,' 12 pp. 

THIED bat's sale. 93 

828 Essay (An) on the Legality of Impressing Seamen 

Lond. 1777, title and 126 pp. 8" 

829 EsTACio DO Amabal (Melchige) Teatado Das Batal- 


NA Ilha de Sancta Elena. E da Nao Chagas com os Yn- 
gleses antre as Ilhas dos Azores : Ambas Capitainas da ear- 
reira da India. E da causa, & desastres, porque em vinte 
annos se perderao trinta & oito naos della : com outras 
cousas curiosas. red morocco extra, ly Bedford 

Lisboa, Antonio Aluares, 1604, 4" 

Title having on the reverse the Licences; Dedication 'A Done Theodosio' 
1 page; 'Errata' 1 page; text in 65 folioed leaves, followed by a leaf with 
4 woodcuts upon it. At folio 23 is a copper-plate map of the Island of St. 
Helena, 14 by 10 inches. 

We cannot trace the sale of any other copy of this valuable book. 

830 EsTEADA (Pedeo db). Eelacion Stmaeia del Auto parti- 

cvlar de Eee, qve el Tribvnal del Santo Officio de la Inquisi- 
cion de los Eeynos, y Prouincias de la Nueua Espafia, cele- 
br6 en la muy noble, y muy leal Ciudad de Mexico a los 
diez y seis dias del mes de April, ano 1646 

Mexico, Fr. Sobledo, Impressor del Secreto 
del Scmto Officio, 1646, title and 26 leaves, 4° 

831 Evans (John) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Eev. 

"William Eichards, LL.D. who died at Lynn, Sept. 13, 1819. 
With some Account of the Eev. Eoger Williams, Pounder 
of the State of Ehode Island, hds. uncut 

ChiswicJc, O. Whittingham, 1819, 12° 
xxxii and 396 pp. "With portrait of William Eichards. 

832 Evans (Lewis) G-eographical, Historical, Political, Philosophi- 

cal and Mechanical Essays. The Pirst, containing an Ana- 
lysis of a G-eneral Map of the Middle British Colonies in 
America ; and of the Country of the Confederate Indians, 
half morocco 
Philadelphia, printed ly B. Feanklin, and B, Hall, 1755, 4° 
Thirty-six pp. and Map. 

833 — The same, 2nd Ed. with map, hf. morocco 
Philadelphia, printed ly B. Peanklin, and JD. Hall, 1755, 4° 

834 — The same, 2nd Ed. laege papee, half morocco, imcut 
Philadelphia, printed ly B. Peanklin, and B. Hall, 1755, fol. 
iv. and 32 pp. With the large Map 27^ by 20J inches, coloured. This is 

a presentation copy from the Author to Dodsley the Publisher. On the 
back of the Map is the following Letter, in the autograph of Mr. Evans. 
" To Mr. R. Dodsley, Bookseller in Pall Mall, London. Sir, I am uncer- 
tain whether I shall be able to transmit to New York, to overtake a ship 
to Hull, a parcel of these Maps intended for you. Your most humble Servt. 
Philadelphia, July 30, 1755. Lewis Evans. 

" This comes under of favour of the Revd. Mi-. Php. Frances." 

835 Evans (Lewis) Essays. Number II. Containing a Letter 

representing the Impropriety of sending Porees to Virginia: 
The Importance of taking Prontenac, etc. half morocco 

Lond. 1756, 35 pp. 4" 
The continuation of the preceding number. 

94 THIED day's sale. 

836 Evergreen (The) An offering for all Seasons, edited by J. 

Salkeld, plates New TorJc, 1850, 380 pp.. 8" 

837 Examination (An) of the Eights of the Colonies upon Prin- 

ciples of Law Lond. 1766, title, & pp. 5-42, 8" 

888 Examination (An) of the British Doctrine which subject to 

rupture a Neutral Trade not open in time of Peace. Second 

edition Lond. repr. 1806, title, & 200 pp. 8" 

839 Eyquem du Martineau (Mathurin) Le Pilote de I'onde vive, 

ou le secret du Plux et Eeflux de la Mer ; Contenant xxj 
Mouvemens ; et du Point Pixe. D'un Voyage abrege des 
Indies, & de la Quadrature du Cercle, composez sur les Prin- 
cipes de la Nature ; nouvellement decouverts, & mis en 
lumiere Paris, Jean Dhoury, 1678, 8 pr. Is. and 221 pp. 16" 

840 Pabry (Joseph Antonio) Compendiosa Demostracion de loa 

Crecidos adelantamientos que pudiera lograr la Eeal hacienda 
de Su Magestad mediante la rebaja evel precio del Azogue, 
que se consume para el laborio de las Minas de este Eeyno, 
etc. vellum 
Mexico, por la Viuda de D. Joseph Bernardo de Sogal, 1743 

39 pr. Is. & 178 pp. 4° 

841 Paction Detected, by the Evidence of Pacts, containing An= 

Impartial View of Parties at Home, and Affairs Abroad, 4th 
Ed. Lond. 1743, 80 

Half-title, title, and pp. 5-175. 

842 Page (Eobert) Cosmography, or, A Description of the "Whole 

World. Enlarged with very many and rare Additions. Very 
delightful to be read in so small a Volum 

Lond. S. Griffin for John Overton, 1667, 8" 

Three pi'el. leaves; viz. Title and 'To the Reader.' Text, pp. 3-166. A 

great part of this book pertains to America, especially from page 1 12 to 166. 

843 Palconer (Eichard) The Voyages, Dangerous Adventures and 

imminent Escapes of : containing the Laws, Customs, and 
Manners of the Indians in America: his being taken by the 
Indians of Virginia, etc. old calf Lond. 1720, 8" 

Title, and Preface, 2 leaves; text in 136, and 180 pp. With copper-plate 

844 — Voyages, 6th Ed. corrected Lond. 1769, 12° 

Three prel. leaves ; and 276 pp. Index, 5 pp. • Narrative of a Great De- 
liverance at Sea,' etc. viii and 4 6 pp. Without the frontispiece. 

845 Palconer (Thomas), Barrister at Law, A Statement of the 

British Claims to the Oregon Territory, in Opposition to the 
Pretensions of the G-overnment of the United States of Ame- 
rica Lond. 1845, 46 pp. Index 1 p. 80 

846 — Oregon Question, 2nd Ed. 

Lond. 1845, 50 pp. postscript 4 pp. 8» 

847 Palkner (Thomas) A Description of Patagonia, and the Ad- 

joining Parts of South America Hereford, C. Pugh, VJl4s, 4" 
Title and Advertisement, 2 leaves; Contents, iv pp.; text, 144,pp. With 
the Map of South Ameiioa, in 2 sheets. 

THIED day's sale. 95 

848 False Alarm (The) [By Dr. Samuel Jolinson], half morocco 

Land. 1770, 53 pp. 8" 

849 Eancourt (Charles St. John) The History of Yucatan from 

its Discovery to the Close of the 17th Century, map of 
Yucatan, cloth, uncut Lond. 1854, 356 pp. 8" 

850 Faeia t SoirsA (Manuel de) The Portugues Asia : or, the / 

History of the Discovery and Conquest of India by the Por- 
tugues : containing all their Discoveries from the Coast of 
Africk, to the farthest Parts of China and Japan ; all their 
Battles by Sea and Land, Sieges and other Memorable Ac- 
tions ; a Description of those Countries, and many Particu- 
lars of the Religion, Grovernment and Customs of the natives. 
Translated by Cap. John Stevens, 3 Yols.fine copy 

Lond. for O. Brome, 1695, 8» 
Vol. I. 16 prel. leaves and 448 pp. II. 12 prel. leaves and 626 pp. Ill, 
1 1 prel. leaves and 440 pp. 

851 Parnham (Thomas J.) Travels in the Great Western Prairies, 

the Anahuac and Rocky Mountains, and in the Oregon Ter- 
ritory, 2 vols, cloth Lond. 1843, 12° 
Vol. I. xxili and 297 pp. Vol. II. viii and 315 pp. 

852 Pearon (Henry Bradshaw) Sketches of America, 2nd Ed. calf 

Lond. 1818, title, v-xi and 454 pp. S"* 

853 Federalist (The) : a Collection of Essays, written in Favour 

of the New Constitution, as agreed upon by the Federal 
Convention, Sept. 17, 1787, 2 vols. 

New York, J. and A. M'Lean, 1788, 12° 
First edition. Vol. I. vi and 227 pp. II. vi and 384 pp. Noa. 2, 3, 4, 5 
and 64 were written by Mr. Jay ; Nos. 10, 14, 17, 18, 19, 21, 37 to 58, 
62 and 63, were written by Mr. Madison ; the rest by Gen. Hamilton. 

854 Federalist (The) : Another copy, laege ajstd thick papee, 

calf extra, full gilt hacks and sides 

There is a slip pasted into the first volume containing the words, " Printed 
and Bound at Franklin's Head, No. 41, Hanover Square, [New York]." 
So fine a specimen of an American book of this period is seldom met with. 

855 Federalist (The), New Ed. The Numbers "Written by Mr. 

Madison corrected by Himself 

Washington, Jacob Gideon, Jun. 1818, 671 pp. 8° 

856 Fish (Joseph) Pastor of Stonington, The Church of Christ 

a firm and durable House. In Sermons on Matth. xvi. 18. 
delivered at Stonington, 1765, unbound 

New-London, Timothy Green, 1767, 8° 
viii. pp. Errata 1 page, and text 196 pp. 

857 Fletcher (J.) of Madeley, American Patriotism farther con- 

fronted with Reason, Scripture, and the Constitution : being 
Observations on the Dangerous Politicks Taught by the 
Rev. Mr. Evans, M.A. and the Rev. Dr. Rice. With a 
Scriptural Plea for the Revolted Colonies, hf. mor. 

Shrewsbury, 1776, 138 pp. 12° 

96 THIRD day's sale, 

858 Minn (Andrew) A Sermon occasioned by the Death of the 

Honble. Judge "Wilds, April 1st, 1810 

Charleston, J. Soff, 1810, 23 pp. 8<> 

859 Mint (Timothy) A Condensed G-eography and History of 

the Western States, or the Mississippi Valley, 2 vols. Ids. 
uncut Cincinnati, E. S. Flint, 1828, 8° 

Vol. I. 592 pp. II. 520 pp. 

860 Morida. A Description of a Great Sea-Storm, that happened 

to some Ships in the G-ulph of Florida, in September last 

Lond. 1671, fol. 

A broad sheet, in verse. 

861 — A Description of the Windward Passage, and Gulf of 

Morida, with the Course of the British Trading Ships to, 

and from the Island of Jamaica Lond. 1739, 4" 

Twenty-three pp. Index and Catalogue, 5 pp. Chart of the Bahama Islands. 

8(52 Flurieu (M. L. C. D.) Discoveries of the French in 1768 and 

1769, to the South-East of New-Guinea, with the subsequent 

Visits to the same Lands by English Navigators, who gave 

them new names. Lond. 1791, 4" 

xxiv. prel. pp .; text 323 pp. Maps and plates numbered 1-xii. 

863 FoNSECA. A DiscoTEET OE FoNSECA, in a Voyage to Sur- 

ranam. The Island so long sought for in the Western Ocean. 
Inhabited by Women ; with the Account of their Habits, 
Customs, and Eeligion, calf extra, ly JBedford 

Rep. at Dublin, 1682, 8 pp. Siffned ' I. S.' 4° 

864 Forbes (Alexander) History of Upper and Lower California, 

from their first Discovery to the present time, cloth 

Lond. 1839, 8° 

xvi and 352 pp. 1 lithog. plates and map of California. 

865 Form (A) of Prayer, Proper to be used in the Churches 

throughout the Province of New-York, May 12th, being the 
day appointed for a G-eneral Fast and Humiliation. . . . and 
to implore the Divine Protection and Blessing on His Ma- 
jesty's Sacred Person, His illustrious Family, His Kingdoms 
and Colonies, His Fleets and Armies, hf. mar. 

New- York, J. Parher and W. Weyman, 1758, 12 pp. 4° 

866 Forma, y Modo Breve para tener a Punto de guerra vna nao 

en ocasion de dar vista al enemigo en esta mar, segun la 
instruccion y orden, con que 'G-uarnecio el G-aleon Ilamado 
S. Joseph Almiranta Eeal deste mar del Sur, al segundo dia 
que salio del Puerto del Callao para el de Panama, Ario de 
1672, calf extra, by Bedford [_Lima'], 1674, 13 leaves, 4" 

867 Forrest (Capt. Tho.) Voyage to New G-uinea and the Mo- 

luccas, including an Account of the Magindano, Sooloo, and 
other Islands, with a Vocabulary of Magindano Tongue, 
portrait and plates, presentation copy to Governor Phillip, 
with Autograph of the Author 1780, 4° 

Title, Dedication 2 pp. Introduction 9 pp. Table of Contents, 10 pp. Text 
pp. 1 to 388. Vocabulary of the Magindano Tongue, pp. 389 to 402. 
Index, pp. 403 to 411. Directions to the Binder, 1 pp.; 27 Maps and Plates. 

THIRD day's sale. 97 

868 Foster (Nicholas). A Briefe Eelation of the late Horrid Ee- 
bellion acted in the Island Barbadas, in the "West ladies. 
"W herein is contained their Inhumane Acts and Actions, in 
Fining and Banishing the well affected to the Parliament of 
England (both men and women) without the least cause 
given them so to doe, etc. Acted by the Waldronds and their 
Abettors, Anno 1650. "Written at Sea by Nicholas Foster 
London, I. Q.for Michard Lowndes, 1650, 16° 
Title, Preface to the Reader, 2 leaves ; text 112 pp. 

869*'Fowler (Mr.) A General Account of the Calamities occa- 
sioned by the late tremendous Hurricanes and Earthquakes 
in the "West India Islands, Foreign as well as Domestic : 
also a List of the Committee appointed to manage the Sub- 
scriptions, hf. mor. Lond. 1781, 8° 
Title, Contents, and 86 pp. Advertisement 1 p. 

870 Fowler (John) Journal of a Tour in the State of New York, 

in the year 1830 Lond. 1831, 12° 

Title, and 333 pp. 

871 Fox (George). To Friends in Barbadoes, Virginia, Maryland, 

New-England, and Elswhere, Dated 'London, 29th of the 
9th Month, 1666,' Siffned, 'G. F.' 3 pp. 4° 

872 Fox (George) An Epistle to all Professors in New-England, 

Germany, and other Parts of the called Christian V"Vorld. 
Also to the Jews and Turks throughout the World. That 
they may see who are the true "Worshippers of God, that he 
seeks, and in what he is worshipped [Lond.'] 1673, 16 pp. 4° 

873 Fox (Geoege) An Akswbb to seteeal New Laws and 

Oedees Made bt the Euxees of Boston in New En&- 
iAND. The Tenth Day of the Eighth Moneth, 1677, red mo- 
rocco extra, hy Bedford [iowrf.] 1678, 7 pp. Signed ' G.F.' 4° 

874 Fox (Geoege) Something in Answer to a Letter (which I 

have seen) of John Leverat, Governour of Boston, to "Wil- 
liam Coddington Governour of Ehode Island. Dated, 1677. 
"Wherein he mentions my Name, and also wherein John 
Leverat iustifies Eoger "Williams' Book of Lyes 

[io«c?. 1677?] 11 pp. 4° 

875 Fox (Geoege) A Vision concerning the Mischievous Se- 

paration among Friends in Old England, uncut 

Printed and Sold by Will. Bradford, at 
Philadelphia, 1692, 7 pp. 4° 
Highly curious as an early example of Philadelphian typography. 

876 Fox (Geoege) and BrsNTEAT (John) New England 

Fiee-Beand Quenched, being an Answer unto a Slander- 
ous Book, Eutituled ; George Fox Digged out of his Bur- 
rows, &c. Printed at Boston in the Tear, 1676, by Eoger 
"Williams of Providence in New-England \Lond^ 1679, 4« 
Fourteen prel. leaves ; and 233 pp. ' The Second Part.' Title and 256 pp. 

98 THIED day's sale. 

877 Fox's Martyrs. An Entire New "Work. A New Book of 

the Sufferings of the Faithful, uncut Lond. 1784, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 70 pp. Index 1 page. 

878 Foxcroft (Thomas) of Boston, A Practical Discourse Rela- 

ting to the Gospel-Ministry, preached at his Ordination in 
Boston, Nov. 20, 1717 Boston, Mc. Buttolph, 1718, sm. 8" 

Title, iv, and 65 pp., Errata. 

879 Foxeroft (Thomas) Eli the Priest dying Suddenly. A Ser- 

mon Preach'd in Boston, June 19, 1729, upon Occasion of 
the Sudden Death of the Rev. John Williams, and of the 
Rev. Thomas Blowers, half mar. 

Boston, for S. Qerrish, 1729, 8° 

Title, Bedication to Samuel Sewall, ii pp. ; text 36 pp. ; ' Addenda.' 5 pp. 

880 Eoxcroft (Thomas) The Pleas of Gospel-Impenitents Ex- 

amined and refuted. In Two Sermons, very fine copy in the 
original hinding 

Boston, S. Kneeland and T. Green, for S. Qerrish, 1730, 16° 
Half-title, title, and 76 pp. 
On the fly-leaf is the presentation, in the handwriting of Dr. Poxcroft, "For 
the Revd. Isaac Watts, D.D. In London." Underneath, in the hand- 
writing of Dr. Watts, is "from the Author, 1731. A very good hook." 
In the body of the book many passages are marked by Dr. Watts, and in 
several instances he has made notes, especially on page 51. 

881 Frank (Sebastian) Weltbuchs, von Newen erfundnen Landt- 

schafften, 2 parts in 1 vol. fine copy Franchfurt, 1567, folio 

S'x prel. leaves ; text folioed i to ccxlil ; Register, 7 leaves and one blank 

leaf. Followed by ' Ander Theil dieses Weltbuchs von Sohiifahrten', etc. 

Title; Dedication 4 leaves; one blank leaf; text folioed 1 to 110, and 1 

to 59. Colophon 1 page. 
A large section of this volume relates to America. The second part of 

the volume, with separate title, consists of Dlric Smith's Indian Voyages, 

which was afterwards printed as a distinct volume. 

882 [Feaptkliit (Ben jamin)] A Disseetation on Liberty and 

Necessity, Plbastjee and Pain, half morocco 

London, printed in the Tear 1725, 32 pp. 8° 

Unique. This is the long lost but much sought for wicked Tract of the 
Youth, Benjamin Franklin. It eluded even the research of Mr. Sparks, 
who ransacked European and American libraries for it, and says (vol. 
viil. p. 405), "No copy of this tract is now known to be in existence." 
Franklin, in his Autobiography, Sj^ysof it, " At Palmer's [in Bartholomew 
Close, London] I was employed in composing for the second edition of 
"W oMaslan' a Meligion of Nature [See Wollaston]. Some of his rea- 
sonings not appearing to me well founded, I wrote a little metaphysical 
piece in which I made remarks on them. It was entitled ' A Disserta- 
tion on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain.' I inscribed it to my 
friend Ralph, [that Ralph of whom Pope wrote in the Dunciad : 

Silence, ye wolves, while Ralph to Cynthia howls. 
And makes Night hideous; answer him, ye owls] 

I printed a small number. It occasioned my being more considered by 
Mr. Palmer as a young man of some ingenuity, though he seriously expos- 
tulated with me upon the principles of my pamphlets, which to him ap- 

THiEP dat's sale. 99 

peared abominable. My printing this pamphlet was another erratum." 
Two years later, after his return to Philadelphia, Franklin says in his 
Autobiography, " My Loudon Pamphlet, printed in 1725, . . . ap- 
peared now not so clever a performance as I once thought it." 

Many years later, in a letter to his friend Benjamin Vaughan, he wrote, 
"There were only a hundred copies printed, of which I gave a few to 
friends ; and afterwards disliking the piece, as conceiving it might have 
an ill tendency, I burnt the rest, except one copy, the margin of which 
was filled with manuscript notes by Lyons, author of the Infallibility of 
Human Judgment, who was at that time another of my acquaintance in 
London. I was not nineteen years of age when it was written. In 1730, 
I wrote a piece on the other side of the question This pam- 
phlet was never printed, and the manuscript has been long lost." 

An interesting article upon this tract of Franklin appeared in Notes and 
Quei'ies, Jan. 3, 1853, from the pen of Mr. James Crossley, who describes 
a copy in his possession in such a manner as to leave no doubt that his is 
not the original edition of 1725, but a reprint in sixteen closely printed 
pages. This original edition fills 32 pages, and cannot be called closely 
printed. "We cannot learn of a copy in any other collection, public or pri- 
vate. It has never been reprinted in any of the editions of Dr. Franklin's 
Works. As a memorial of the ' youthful indiscretion' of one of the greatest 
men of his age this little book must ever rank as one of the curiosities of 

000 Free Thoughts, etc. See Seabury (Sam.) 

000 Trench Policy Defeated. See America (North). 

883 Frezier (Mr.) A Voyage to the South Sea, and along the ^"' 

Coasts of Chili and Peru, 1712-14, with a Postscript by Dr. 
Edmund Halley,^«e co'py, old calf Lond. 1717, 4<° 

Six prel. leaves : viz. Title, Preface, Letter, and Directions to the Binder ; 
text 335 pp. Index 9 pp. with Maps and plates numbered i-xxxvii and 

884 Frezier (Mr.) Eelation du Voyage de la Mar du Sud aux 

Cotes du Chili, du Perou, et du Bresil, 1712-14, 2 vols, old 
calf -^mgt. 1717, 12" 

Vol. I. Title, and prel. pp. v-xx ; text 294 pp. with Maps and plates num- 
bered i-xxii. II. Title and pp. 297-600, with Maps and plates numbered 

885 Frezier (Mr.) Voyage de la Mer da Sud : autre edition, fine 

copy, old calf Paris, 1732, 40 

Half-title, and xiv prel. pp. ; text 298 pp. ; Approbation and Privilege 2 pp. 
'Reponse,' etc. 63 pp. ; maps and plates numbered i to xxxvii and 36. 

886 Friendly (A) Address to All Reasonable Americans on the 

Subject of our Political Confusions : in which the necessary 
Consequences of Violently opposing the King's Troops, and 
of a General Non-Importation are fairly stated, imperfect, 
wanting all after page 16 

America : Frimted for the Purchasers, 1774, 8" 
Ascribed to Dr. Myles Cooper, of known Tory principles. 

887 Friendly (A) Address. Another Ed. halfmor. 

New Torh, printed : Lond. repr. 1774, 56 pp. 8° 

100 THIED day's sale. 

888 PeobiSHee (MAKTiiir). Angli Navigatione in Eegiones 
Oceidentis et Septentrionis Narratio historica, ex G-allico 
sermone in Latinum translata per D. Joan. Tho. iFreigivm. 
russia N'oriberga, 1580, 8° 

Forty -four leaves. Signatures A and F in sixes and B to E in eights ; with 
a woodcut ' Piotvra hominum nvper ex Anglia advectorutu.' 

J 889 Froger (F.) Eektion of a Voyage made in 1695-97 on the 
Coasts of A&ica, etc. translated, _;?«e copy, old calf 

Lond. 1698, S" 

Six prel. leaves including the engraved frontispiece ; text 173 pp. with 3 
seq. pp. 15 copper plates and maps. 

890 Froger (F.) Eelation d'un Voyage fait en 1695-97, aux 

Cotes D'Afrique, Detroit de Magellan, Bresil, Cayenne et 
Isles Antilles Amst. 1699, 12<> 

Eng. title ; title ; Dedication 4 pp. ; Preface 6 pp. ; text 227 pp. Maps or 
plates at pp. 7, 11, 14. 16, SI, 32, 41,43, 46,57, 65, 73, 79, 87, 94, 101, 
103, 104, 106, 119, 127, 130, 140 (2), 154, 162, 172, 218. 

891 Froger (F.) Voyage : autre ed. Amst. 1715, 12" 

Title in red and hlack ; ' Avertissement ' 6 pp. ; text 227 pp., with the 28 
maps and plates from the same coppers as the Lond. ed. of 1698. 

This edition is a reprint, almost page for page, of the edition of 1699 ; but 
the Dedication to Count Maurepas, and nearly all the dates of the year, are 
omitted, so as to make the book read as if the events narrated might have 
been recent. 

892 Frost (John) Pictorial History of Mexico and the Mexican 

War; comprising an Account of the Ancient Aztec Empire, 
the Conquest by Cortes, etc. calf, marb. edges 
Philadelphia : Tho. Cowperthwait and Co. 1849, 652 pp. 8" 

893 Fruits (Some) of Solitude, in Eeflections and Maxims relating 

to the Conduct of Human Life, in two parts, the 8th ed. 

Newport, Bhode Island : Frinted by James Feanklin, 
at the Town School- House, 1749, 12" 

Six prel. leaves and 1 58 pp. ; Table, 7 pp. ' More Fruits of Solitude ; being 
the Second Part of Eeflections and Maxims, relating to the Conduct of 
Human Life. Nercport, Rhode Island : Printed by James Franklin, at 
the Town School-House, 1749.' 3 prel. leaves, wanting all after p. 106. 
Printed by the brother of Dr. Franklin, who established himself at New- 
port, Rhode Island, and introduced printing there, having left Boston. 

894 Full (A) and Free Inquiry into the Merits of the Peace, with 

some Strictures on the Spirit of Party, hf. mor. fine copy, 
rnicut Lond. 1765, 2 pr. Is. and 160 pp. 8" 

895 Fulton (Eobert) Torpedo War, and Submarine Explosions, 

hf. mor. New York, William Mliott, 1810, oblong 4" 

Fifty-seven pages ; ' Number and Nature of Ordnance,' 1 page ; ' Dimen- 
sions of Ships,' etc. 1 page; ' Note on Vessels of War of the United States,' 
1 page ; with plates numbered i-v. 

I'OTJKTH day's sale. 101 

896 Tunes (Grregorio) Ensayo de la Historia Civil del Paraguay, 

Buenos Ayies y Tueuman, Vols. II. and III. uncut 

Buenos Ay res, [1816], 8° 

Vol. II. Half-title, title, and 409 pp. ; ' Indice,' H pp. ; ' Erratas,' 1 page. 
III. (1817) 532 pp.; ' Indice,' 9 pp. ; ' Erratas,' 1 page. 

897 Punnell (William) A Voyage round the "World, containing f 

an Account of Captain Dampier's Expedition into the South 
Seas in 1703 and 1704,_y?me copy, old calf Lond. 1707, 8° 

Title ; Dedication, ' To the Honourable Josiah Burchett,' 6 pp. ; ' The Pre- 
face,' 6 pp. ; 'The Coutenta,' 10 pp.; text, 300 pp.; ' Index,' 17 pp. 
First edition, generally considered as the fourth volume of Dampier's 
Collection, though there is no indication of its having been so intended 
at the time of publication. There is a map of the the World facing the 
title, and 14 other copper-plates at pages 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 18, 40, 105, 120, 
122, 131, 230, 254, and 26fi. See Dampier. 

898 Furlong (Lawrence) The American Pilot; containing the 

Courses and Distances between the principal Harbours, 
Capes and Headlands from Passamaquoddy through the 
Gulph of riorida, 3rd ed. 

Newhuryport, Edm. M. Blunt, 1800, 251 pp. 8" 

899 Eurlong (L.) American Coast Pilot, 6th ed., fine copy in old 

calf Newhuryport, Mm. M. Blunt, 1809, 8° 

Three hundred and eighty-nine pages ; 15 plans and charts. 

900 Eurlong (L.) American Coast Pilot, 7th ed. 

New York, Edm. M. Blunt, [1812], 8° 

Three hundred and eleven pages; Tables and Appendix, 63 pp.; with 
15 plans and charts. 



^,01 G-AGE (Thomas) A full Survey of Sion and Babylon, and a 
clear Vindication of the Parish Churches and Parochial 
Ministers of England, from the uncharitable Censure, the 
infamous Title, and the injurious Nickname of Babylonish, 
half mor.Jine copy Lond. 1654, 4« 

Nine prel. leaves; text, 86 pp. 

102 FOURTH day's SALE. 

902 G-AGE (Thomas) The English American, his Travail by Sea 

and Land ; or a New Survey of the West India's : likewise 
his Journey from Mexico through the Provinces of Guaxaca, 
Chiapa, Guatemala, Yera Paz, Truxillo, Comayagua ; with 
a Grammar of the Indian Tongue, called Poconchi, old calf 

Lond. ly B. Cotes, 1648, folio 

First editipn. 5 pvel. leaves, viz. Title, Dedication, and To the Reader, in 
verse, signed ' Thomas Chaloner ;' text, 220 pp. ; the Contents, 12 pp. 
Presentation copy from the author, "Ex dono Authoris, Tho: Gage, 
Novemb 5to 1648." The author appears to have been a believer in witch- 
craft and sorcery, and admits into his work many curious relations on 
those subjects. 

903 GTage (T.) A New Survey of the West India's, 2nd ed. old 

calf Lond. ly H. Cotes, 1655, folio 

Five prel . leaves, viz. Title, Dedication, and To the Reader, signed ' Thomas 
Chaloner ;' text, 220 pp. ; The Contents, 12 pp. ; 4 copper-plate maps, 
viz. 1. ' Americae Descrip.' facing the title ; 2. ' The Ylandes of the West 
Indies,' at p. 20 ; 3. ' Hispania Nova,' p. 68 ; and 4. ' Terra Firma,' at 
p. 118. 

904 Gage (T.) A New Survey of the West Indies, 3rd ed. 

Lond. 1677, 8" 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title, and To the Reader ; text, 577 pp. ; Contents, 
18 pp. The 22nd chapter, relating to the author's journey to Rome, was 
omitted in this edition, owing, as it is said, to its reflecting on the cha- 
racter of Abp. Laud. — Lowndes. 

905 Gage (T.) A New Survey of the West Indies, 4th ed. old 

calf Lond. 1699, 8» 

Title; To the Reader, 5 pp.; text, 477 pp. ; the Contents, 18 pp. ; Map of 

906 Gage (T.) Voyages dans la Nouvelle Espagne, 2 vols, calf 

Amst. Paul Marret, 1695, sm. 8° 
Vol. I. 12 prel. leaves, including engr. title; text, 200 and 178 pp.; 9 maps 
and plates. Vol. II. 1694, 8 prel. leaves, including the engr. title (8th 
blank), and 318 pp. ; 7 maps and plates. 

907 Gage (T.) Voyages, 3me ed. 2 vols, calf Amst. 1699, sm. 8» 

Vol, I. 12 prel. leaves, including the engraved title; text, 200 and 176 pp.; 
9 maps and plates. Vol. II. 8 prel. leaves (8th blank) and 318 pp. ; with 
7 maps and jilates. 

908 Gage (T.) Voyages, 4me ed. 2 vols, old calf 

Amst. 1720, sm. 8" 

Vol. I. Engr. half-title, title, and 12 prel. leaves ; text, 431 pp. and 8 maps 
or plates. Vol. II. Engr. half-title, title, and 4 prel, leaves ; text, 360 pp.; 
and 8 maps or plates. 

909 Gage (T.) Voyages, autre ed. 2 vols, calf extra, by Bedford 

Amst. 1721, sm, 8" 
Vol. I. 12 prel. leaves, inclusive of the engr. and printed titles; and text, 
200 and 178 pp.; 9 maps and plates. Vol. II. 6 prel. leaves, including 
the engr. and printed titles ; text, 316 pp. ; 7 maps and plates. 

910 Gage T.) A Survey of the Spanish West Indies, etc. without 

the map, hf. mor. Lond. 1702, 8° 

Title; ' To the Reader,' 5 pp.; text, 44 pp. ; The Contents, 18 pp. 

roTJETH day's sale. 103 

911 Gage (Thomas) The Traveller, Part I. containing a Jour- 

nal of Three Thousand Three Hundred Miles through the 
Main Land of South America ... To be published 
monthly in the New American Magazine 
Woodbridge, in New Jersey: Jmies Parlcer, 1758, 136 pp. 8° 

912 G-alloway (Joseph) Speaker of the House of AssemUy of 

Pennsylvania, The Examination of, in a Committee on the 
American Papers, with explanatory notes, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1779, 8° 

Title, and 85 pp. " Besides Mr. Galloway's very important evidence, this 
pamphlet contains many useful and interesting notes relative to the con- 
duct of the war in America." — M. Rev. 

918 Galloway (J.) The Examination of, 2nd edition, lif. mor. 

Lond. 1780, 8° 

Title, and 85 pp. 

914 Gaona (Joan de) Colloqtios de la paz, y tranquilidad 

Christiana, Ei?r lengtja Mexicana, vignette wpon title, calf 
extra hy Bedford, fine copy 

Mexico, e Casa d Pedro Ocharte, 1582, 16° 
Pifteen prel. and 121 leaves. 

915 Garay (Jose de) An Account of the Isthmus of Tehuan- 

tepec in the llepublic of Mexico Lond. 1846, 8° 

128 pp. ; 2 plans of Mexico. 

916 Gaecia (Geegoeio) Origen de los Indios de el Nuevo 

Mundo, e Indias Oecidentales. Segunda impresion, vellum 
Madrid : Fr. Martinez Abad, 1729, folio 
Sixteen prel. leaves ; and 336 pp. ; table, 40 leaves. Some curious specu- 
lations for the American philologist will be found in this rare volume. 

917 Garcilasso de la Vega (El Tnca) Histoire des Gverres Civiles 

des Espagnols dans les Indes : mise en Eran5ois, par I; 
Bavdoin, 2 vols, calf Paris, Simeon Piget, 1658, 4° 

Tol. I. Sixteen prel. leaves, and 631 pp.; table, 17 pp. II. Title and 
555 pp. ; table, 20 pp. 

918 Garcilasso de la Vega (El Tnca) The Eoyal Commentaries of 

Peru, in Two Parts; rendred into English, by Sir Pavl 
Eycavt, Kt.^me copy, in old calf Lond. 1688, folio 

Four prel. leaves ; text, 1019 pp. ; Index, 8 pp. Port, of Sir Paul Eycauf, 
and 10 copper-plates. Robertson, in his History, states that the Commen- 
taries of Garcilasso de la Vega contain some curious facts taken from 
authors whose works were never published. 

919 Garcilasso de la Vega (El Tnca) Histoire des Tncas Eois du 

Perou, traduite par J. Baudoin, 2 vols, old calf 

Amst. 1704, 12° 
Vol. I. Twelve prel. leaves, and 512 pp. Copper-plate map and 3 plates. 
II. Six prel. leaves, and 492 pp. ; table, 36 pp. 

920 Garcilasso de la Vega (El Tnca) Histoire de la Conquete de 

la Eloride, 2 vols. Paris, 1709, 12° 

Vol. I. Title, and 281 pp. II. Title, and 249 pp. ; table, 10 pp. 

104 FOITETH day's SALE. 

921 Grarcilasso de la Vega (El Tnca) Histoire de la Conqu^te de 

la Ploride, 2 vols, old calf gilt Leide, 1731, sm. 8" 

Vol. I. Thirteen prel. leaves, and 290 pp. Map of Florida at p. I , and 

5 plates. II. 582 pp. ; 4 plates. 
The date 17.31 is sometimes, as in the present instance, found altered with a 

pen to 1735, in both volumes. 

922 G-arcilasso de la Vega (El Tnca) G-escHclite der Eroberung 

voa Florida 

Zelle, Franclcfurt, und Leipzig, 1753, 52 and 456 pp. 8° 

923 Garden (Alexander) of Oharles Town, So. Car., Eegenera- 

tion and Testimony of the Spirit, Two Sermons occasioned 
by some erroneous Notions of certain Men who call them- 
selyes Methodists Charles Town, Peter Timothy, 1740, 8° 

Title, iii. and 33 pp . 

924 Gardiner (Hichard) An Account of the Expedition to the 

"West Indies against Martinico, Guadelupe, and other the 
Leeward Islands, old calf Lond. 1759, 4" 

Two prel. leaves, and 75 pp. Map of Guadeloupe ; and Plan of the General 


925 Gardiner (E.) Expedition to the "West Indies, 3rd ed. 

Birmingham, John Baskerville, 1762,4° 
Half-title, title. Dedication, and 92 pp. ; 4 plates. Beautifully printed. 

926 Gardiner (E.) Expedition aux Indea OccidentaleSj Siiie. ed. 

Birmingham, Jean Basherville, 1762, 4° 
Half-title, title. Dedication, and 91 pp. 

927 Garella (Napoleon) Prqjetd'un Canal de Jonction de 1' Ocean 

Paeifique et de 1' Ocean Atlantique a Travers I'lsthme de 
Panama, uncut Paris, 1845, 8° 

Two hundred and forty-one pp. ; plans on a large sheet. 

928 Gass (Patrick) A Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a 

Corps of Discovery from the Mouth of the Missouri, through 
the Interior Parts of North America, to the Pacific Ocean, 
uncut Pittsburgh : London, repr. 1808, 8° 

Four prel. and 381 pp. 

929 Gass (Patrick) Journal, 4th ed. old calf 

Philadelphia, 1812, 12» 
X. and 262 pp. ; 6 plates. 

930 Gauld (George) Observations on the Elorida Kays, Eeef, and 

Gulf; also, a Description of the Coast of "West Plorida be- 
tween the Bay of Spiritu Santo and Cape Sable, hf mor. 

Lond. 1796, 28 pp, 4° 

931 Gee (Joshua) The Trade and Navigation of Great Britain 

considered ; shewing that the surest way for a nation to 
increase in riches is to prevent the importation of such 
foreign commodities as may be rais'd at home, 2nd ed. hf. 
mor. Lond. 1730, 9 pr. Is, and 147 pp. b» 

roTJETH day's sale. 105 

000 Genuine Letters. See Pinchon {Tho.) 

932 Georgia, An Account shewing the Progress of the Colony of, 

ends on p. 64 Lond. 1741, folio 

Title, and 71 pp. 

933 Georgia, An Impartial Enquiry into the State and Utility of, 

hf. mor. Lond. 1741, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 104 pp. Written in defence of the colony. 

934 Georgia, A State of the Province of, attested upon oath in 

the Court of Savannah, Not. 10, 1740, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1742, 8" 
Half-title, title, and 33 pp. Reprinted in Stephens' Journal, vol. ii. 

935 Georgia, A Brief Account of the Causes that have retarded 

the Progress of the Colony of, hf. mor. Lond. 1743, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 101 pp. 

936 Gerrish (Martha). The Happiness of a Holy Life, exem- 

plified in the Sickness and Death of the pious Mrs. Martha 
Gerrish, of Boston, in New England, who died April the 
14th, 1736; with a Collection of very Pathetick Letters 
written by her ; to which is added, her Funeral Sermon, [by 
Nathaniel Appleton], the bottom of C 4! is torn off 

Lond. 1740, 12" 
Half-title, xxii and 207 pp. ; Contents, 5 pp. 

937 Gibbons (Thomas) Divine Conduct vindicated, Two Dis- 

courses occasioned by the Decease of the Eev. Sam. Davies, 
President of the College of Nassau Hall in New Jersey ; 
with some Memoirs of Mi. Davies, and Extracts from his 
Letters Lond. 1761, 31 pp. 8" 

938 Gibson (James) A Journal of the late Siege by the Ih-oops 

from North America against the French at Cape Breton, 
the City of Louisbourg, and the Territories thereunto be- 
longing, hf. mor. Lond. 1745, 8' 
Title, and 49 pp. Large map of Louisburg. 

939 Gill (John) A Reply to a Defence of the Divine Eight of 

Infant Baptism, by Peter Clark, A.M. Minister at Salem, 
etc. uncut Lond. 1765, 116 pp. 8" 

940 Gillespie (Alexander) Gleanings and Remarks : collected 

during many months of residence at Buenos Ayres, and 
within the Tipper Country, half hound Leeds, 1818, 8" 

Two prel. leaves ; and 242 for 342 pp. Map of South America. 

941 Gillies (John) Memoirs of the Life of the Reverend George 

Whitefield, with an Extract from his Tracts 

New-London, {Gonn.~) 8. Green, for Corn. Davis, 
N. York, 1798,. 287 pp. 12° 

942 Gillies (John) Appendix to the Historical Collections, 

relating to the Success of the Gospel. By the Compiler of 
said Collections Glasgow, John Orr, 1761, 12' 

Two prel. leaves and 250 pp. Largely relating to America. 


106 IfOtrETH day's SAIE. 

943 GriOBCHNi DA Jesi (GriovANNi) II Moudo Nvovo, vellum > 

lesi, Pietro Farri, 1596, 4° ; 
Title within border the reverse blank ; Text in double columns folio,ed 2 to 
153 : with 5 sequent leaves. This scarce historical Italian Poem is not 
noticed by Haym, nor apparently by any other Bibliogfrapher, — Mich. 

944 G-lareanus (Henricus) JPoetae Lavreati, De GeograpUa, 

Liber vnvs Basil. 1528, 4» 

Thirty-five folioed leaves. For an account of this curious and interesting 

geographical Tract see F. A. Brockhaus, BibliotTieque AmSricaine, No. 3. ; 

945 Griareanus (H.) G-eographia I'ribvrgvm Brisgavdiae, 1530, 4° 

Thirty-five folioed leaves; and 1 with woodcut on the reverse. 

946 Glareanus (H.) Geographia Fribvrgvm Brisgoviae, 1533, 4° 


947 Glareanus (H.) G-eograpLia, unboimd 

Friburgum Brisgovim, 1551, 4" 
Thirty-three folioed leaves. 

948 G-las (George) The History of the Discovery and Conquest 

of the Canary Islands : translated from a Spanish Manu- 
script, lately found in the Island of Palma, hf. mor. 

Bond. 1764, 4» 
Four prel. leaves ; viii and 368 pp. Map of the Canary Islands at p. 1, and 
two Charts at p. 183. • 

000 Glass for the People of Ifew England. See Ifew England. 

949 Glover (Mr.) A Short Account of the late Application to 

Parliament made by the Merchants of London upon the 
Neglect of their Trade, 2nd Ed. hf. mor. Bond. 1742, 61 pp. 8" 

950 Glover (Mr.) A Short Account, etc. 6th Ed. lialf morocco 

Bond. 1742, 1774, 71 pp. 8» 

951 Glover (Mr.) The Substance of the Evidence delivered to a 

Committee of the Honourable House of Commons by the 
Merchants and Traders of London, concerned in the Trade 
to Germany and Holland, and of the Dealers in Foreign 
Linens, unbound Bond. 1774, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 72 pp. 

952 Glover (Mr.) The Substance of the Evidence on the Petition 

presented by the "West-India Planters and Merchants to the 
House of Commons Bond. [1775], 8° 

Half-title, title, and 47 pp. 

953 Glover (Mr.) The Evidence . Delivered on the Petition pre- 

sented by the West-India Planters, hf. morocco 

[Bond. 1775], title and 95 pp. 8° 

954 GoDDAED (William) The Partnership : or the History of 

the Eise and Progress of the PENNSTLTAifiAN Cheonicle, 
&c. Wherein the Conduct of Joseph Galloway,Esq. ; Speaker 
of the Honourable House of Eepresentatives of the Province 
of Pennsylvania, Mr. Thomas Wharton, sen. and their Man 
Benjamin Towne, my late Partners, with my own, is properly 
delineated, and their Calumnies against me fully refuted, 
calf BUladelpUa, William Goddard, 1770, 72 pp. 8" 

I'OUETH day's sale. 107 

955 G-ODwrif (Moegan) The Negro's & Indiana Advocate, suing 

for their Admission into the Church: or A Persuasive to 
the Instructing and Baptizing of the Negro's and Indians in 
our Plantations, j^we copy 

Lond.for the Author, 1680, 7 pr. Is. and 174 pp. 8<> 

956 Groes (Damiani a) Hispania Lovanii, B. Bescius, 1542, 4" 
Thirty leaves, the first page being occupied by the title, the last being blank. 

The Spanish possessions in America, their produce, etc. are referred to ia 
this Tract. 

957 G-OMAEA (Francisco Lopez de) Histoeia delie Ntotb 

Indie Occidbntali, con tvtti i discoprimenti, & cose nota- 
bili, auuenute dopo I'acquisto di esse. Tradotta nella Ita- 
liana da Agostimo di Cravaliz, vellum 

Venetia, Francesco Lorenzini da Turino, 1560, sm. 8" 
Ten pvel. and 306 folioed leaves. 

958 GoMAEA (Prancisco Lopez de) Histoire Generalle des 

ludes Occidentales et Terres Nevves, qui iusques &, present 
ont este descouuertes. Traduite en fran^ois par M. Pumee, 
Sieur de Marley le Chaste!, calf gilt 

Paris, Michel Sonnius, 1577, 8» 
Six prel. and 355 folioed leaves ; table 29 pp. 

959 GoMAEA (Prancisco Lopez de) The Pleasant Histoeie 

of the Conquest of the West India, now called New Spaine, 
atchieued by the most woorthie Prince Hernando Cortes, 
translated by T[homas]. N[icholas]. blatfe Ittter, very fine 
clean copy Land, ly Thomas Greede, 1596, 4" 

Title ; Epistle to Sir F. 'Walsing'ham, 6 pp. ; " To the Reader," 2 pp. ; lau- 
datory Verses, 2 pp.; text, 405 pp., and Table, 6 pp. The Laudatm-y 
Verses are by Stephen Gosson, author of The Schoole of Aiuse. 

960 GoNCALEZ DE CtJETO (Damiano). Oratio Pvnebris Habita 

a Magistro Damiano Goncalez de Cveto, Patris Antonij 
Arias e Societate lesu, in CoUegio Mexicano eiusdem Socie- 
tatis, decimo Kalendas lulij. Anni 1603, fine copy 

Mexici, apud Senricum Martinez, [1603], 4° 
Title and 8 leaves. 

961 Goncalez de Nageea (Alonso) El Qvinto, y Sexto 

Pvnto de la Eelacion del Desengano de la guerra de Chile, 
sacados de 14. de su declaracion, cuyos titulos han de serlos 
que estan puestos al fin, calf 

[Madrid, 1647 ?] IQ folioed leaves, 4° 

962 Gonzales Carranza (Domingo) A Geographical Description. 

of the Coasts, Harbours, and Sea Ports of the Spanish West 
Indies ; particularly of Porto Bello, Cartagena, and the 
Island of Cuba, hf mar. Lond. 1740, 8» 

xii. ' and 124 pp. Index 8 pp. Map of the West Indies, and 4 Plans. 

963 Goodwin (Thomas). An Apologeticall Narration, hvmbly 

svbmitted to the Honourable Houses of Parliament, by Tho, 
Goodwin, Philip Nye, William Bridge, Jer. Burroughes, 
Sidrach Simpson, hf. mor. Lond. 1643, 4" 

Two prel. leaves and 31 pp. 

108' FOtTBTH day's sale. 

1^64 Goodwin (John). Moro-Mastix : Mr. John Goodwin whipt 
with his own Eod, or the dissecting of the sixteenth Section 
of hia book truly nam'd by Himself, HagiorMastix : So far as 
it falsly and frivously mentions a late disputation in Christ- 
Church Parish, concerning the lawfulness of paying Tythes, 
■fine cvgy Land. Tho. JTnderhill, at the sign of the Bible 
in great Woodstreet, 1647, 15 pp. 4" 

965 Goodwin (Thomas). A Copy of Eemonstrance lately delivered 

into the Assembly, by Thomas Goodwin, lerem. Burroughs, 
William Greenhill, William Bridge, Philip Nie, Sidrach 
Simson and William Carter, declaring the Grounds and 
Eeasons of their declining to bring it to the Assembly, 
their ModeU of Church Government, hf. tnor. 

Lond. 1645, 8 pp. 4" 

966 Gordon (William) Pastor of the third Church, Boxbury, 

The Doctrine of Final Universal Salvation Examined and 
Shewn to be TJnscriptural ; in Answer to a Pamphlet 
entitled Salvation for all Men Dlustrated and Vindicated 
as a Scripture Doctrine, uncut 

Boston, printed and sold by T. and J. Fleet, 1783, 8" 

Title; Preface ii pp ; Text 96 pp. On the title-page is: — " For the Rev. Dr. 
John Erekine, from the Author." 

967 Gordon (William) The History of the Eise, Progress and 

Establishment. of the Independence of the United States of 
America : including an Account of the late War ; and of the 
Thirteen Colonies, from their origin to that period, 4 vols. 
hf. morocco, uncut Lond. 1788, 8" 

Vol. I. 13 prel. leaves and 504 pp. ' Plate 1. The United States of America.' 
II. 4 prel. leaves and 584 pp. ' Plate 2. Boston with its Environs.' ' Plate 
3. New York Island.' ' Plate 4. The Jerseys.' ' Plate 5. New Hampshire, 
Vermont.' III. 4. prel. leaves and 499 pp. 'Plate 6. The Carolina's with 
part of Georgia.' ' Plate 7. A Sketch of the Operations before. Charles- 
town.' IV. 4 prel. leaves and 445 pp. Index 34 pp. ' Plate 8. The 
Part of Virginia which was the Seat of Action.' ' Plate 9. York Town and 
Gloucester Point.' This work, the major part of which was written in 
America, is said to be distinguished by great fidelity. 

968 Gordon (W.) History of the United States, 3 vols. ef. 

New-York, by Hodge, Allen and Campbell, 1789, 8° 

Vol. I. 6 prel. leaves and pp. 25-443i With Map. II. 5 prel. leaves and 
pp. 25-474. With Map. III. 18 prel. leaves and pp. 17-446. 

969 GoEGEs (Peedinando) Ameeica painted to the Life. 

The true History of the Spaniards proceedings in the Con- 
quests of the Indians, and of their Civil Wars among them- 
selves, from Columbus his first Discovery, to these later 
Times. More especially an absolute Narrative of the North 
parts of America, and of the Discoveries and Plantations of 
our English in Virginia, New-England and Berbadoes. The 
4 parts complete in morocco, by F. Bedford. The portrait 

I'OFEXH DAX'S SA1]3. 109 

called ' America,' representing a female feeding off a roast 
human leg, sometimes found as a frontispiece to this important 
work, is wanting in this copy. In every other respect it is a 
desirable copy Land, for Nath. JBrooTc, 1659, 4" 

Title; 'To the Judicious Reader," 4 pp. Text, 51 pp. Map, ' Amerioae 
Descnp.' Part II. 1658. Title and 57 pp. Part III. 1658. Title; 'To 
the Reader,' 1 leaf; Text, 236 pp. Part TV. 1659. Title, 'The Pre- 
face,' 2 pp. Text. 52 pp. ' The General Table' of the Four Parts, and 
' Books lately printed,' 10 leaves. 

970 Graham (John Andrew) A Descriptive Sketch of the Present 

State of Vermont, wncut Lond.for the Author, 1797, 8" 
viii and 187 pp. Portrait of the Author. 

971 Graham (Maria) Journal of a Eesidence in Chile during the / 

year 1822, and a Voyage from Chile to Brazil in 1823. imcut 

Land. 1824, 4ff 
Four prel. leaves and 512 pp. ; 14 mezzotint plates. 

972 Grahame (James) The History of the Rise and Progress of 

the United States of North America, till the British Eevor 
lution in 1688, 2 vols, calf Lond. 1827, 8' 

Vol. I. xvi and 531 pp. II. viii and 528 pp. 

973 Grahame (James) History of North America, 4 vols, uncut 

Lond. 1836, 8" 

Vol. I. xxiii and 451 pp. II. viii and 448 pp. III. viii and 436 pp. 
IV. viiand462pp, '^^ 

974 Gean-ados y Galtez (Joseph Joaquin) Taedes Ameei- 

CANAS : GoBiEEiTO Gentil t Catolico: Breve y particular 
Notieia de toda la Historia Indiana: Sucesos, cases notables, 
y cosas ignoradas, desde la entrada de la Gran Nacion 
Tulteca a esta tierra de Anahuac, hasta los presentes tiempoa 
Mexico, D. Felipe de Zuniga y Ontiveros, 1778, 40 
Thirty-six prel. leaves; text, 540 pp.; 3 plates. A curious work relating 
to the early history of the Mexicans, unknown to Clavigero, and not men- 
tioned by Meusel. — Bicli. 

975 Great Plot (A) Discovered, or the notorious and wicked 

Design upon the Eiver of Thames, put in execution on 
Monday last, with a Hu-and-Cry after the Condemned 
Prisoners that made their escape upon their removing from 
Newgate to be transported for Jamaica 

Land. O. Sorton, 1661, 7 pp. 4° 

976 Grece (Charles P.) Pacts and Observations respecting Canada 

and the United States of America, uncut 

Lond. 1819, xv and 172 pp. 8" 

977 Greenwood (Isaac) A Philosophical Discourse concerning the 

Mutability and Changes of the Material "World; read to the 
Students of Havard College, April 7, 1731, upon the news 
of the Death of Thomas HoUis, Esq. of London, the most 
hountiful Benefactor to that Society 

Boston, for S. Gerrishj 1731, 2 pr. Is. and 24 pp. 8" 

110 FOTIETH day's SALE. 

978 Gregg (Josiah) Commerce of the Prairies, or the Journal of 

a Santa Pe Trader, during eight Expeditions across the 
Great Western Prairies and a Besidence of nearly nine 
years in Northern Mexico, 2 toIs. 
New Yorh, Henry G.Langley; London, Wiley ^ Putnam, 

1844, 12» 

Vol. I. 320 pp. ; Map of the Indian Territory, and 3 plates. II. 318 pp. ; 
Map of the Interior of Northern Mexico, and 3 plates, 

979 Grenada. A Brief Enquiry into the Causes of, and Conduct 

pursued by, the Colonial Government for quelling the Insur- 
rection in Grenada Land. 1796, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 125 pp. ; ' Appendix,' 20 pp. ; ' Observations,' etc. 
pp. 127-204 ; Errata, 1 page ; Map. 

000 Grynseus (Simon). See Novus OrUs 

000 Guard (Theodore de la). See Ward {Nathaniel) 

J 980 GuEEEEiEO (Peeitam) Eelagam Annal das Covsas qve 

* , Eezeram os Padres da Companhia de lesvs nas Partes da 

India Oriental, & no Brasil, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guine, 

etc. vellum Idsboa, lorge Hodrigues, 1605, 4° 

, Title, reverse blank ; ' Aprouayam ' et ' Lisem^as,' 1 page ; ' Ao Lector,' 
2 pp. ; ' Errata,' 2 pp. : text, ' Livro Primeero,' signatures A — N in fours, 
in two ; 'Livro Segvndo,' signatures A— Nnn in fours. 

981 GuMiLLA (Joseph) El Orinoco Ilustrado, y Desendido, 

Historia Natural, Civil y Geographica de este Gran Eio, y 
de sua Caudalosas Yertientes, Govierno, Uses, y Costumbres 
de Ids Indios, 2 vols. AaZfJoM^t? 

Madrid, Manuel 'Fernandez, ano 1745, 4" 

Vol. I. 24 prel. leaves and 403 pp. ; ' Indice,' 4 pp. ; map at p. 1, and plate 
at p. 209. II. 4 prel. leaves and4!2pp; 'Indies,' 16pp, ; plate at 
p. 112. 

982 Gumilla (Joseph) Histoire Naturelle, Civile et Geographique 

de I'Orenoque, 3 vols, calf Avignon, 1758, 12" 

Vol. I. xviii pp. ; Advertissement 7 and Text 388 pp. ; Table, 4 pp. ; copper- 
plate map at p. 1, and plate at p. 303. II. Title, and 334 pp.; Table, 
4 pp.; plate at p. 304. III. Title, and 332 pp.; Table, "4 pp. 

983 Hacke (William) A Collection of Original Voyages (Capt. 

Cowley's, Capt. Sharp's, Capt. Wood's, and Mr. Eoberts'), 
calf Lond. 1699, 8* 

Eight prel. leaves, viz. Title, Dedication, Preface, and Index ; ' A New Map 
of the World ;' 'Cowley's Voyage,' 45 pp. Plate at pp. 8, 9 ;' Sharp's and 
Wood's Voyages,' 100 pp. Plate at p. 1 ; 'Roberts' Voyage,' 53 pp.; Map 
at p. 1 ; Plate at p. 18. 

984 Haiti, The Eural Code of, in French and English 

Lond. 1827, 8° 
Half-title, title, iii to xviii and 100 pp. 

roiTETH bay's sale. HI 

985 Hakltttt (Richaed) The Pjiincipali. N'avigations, : ^ 

voiages and disooteeies oe the english nation, ' 
MADE J3Y Sea or otiEE Land, to the most kemote and 

hy Say day, fine tall copy 

Lond. hy George Bishop and 'Ralph JVewierie, 1589, folio 

Eight pi-el. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank ; ' To the Hight Honorable Sir 
Francis Walaingham,' etc. 3 pp.; 'Richard Hakluyt to the fauourable 
Reader,' 3 pp. ; 1 page of Epigrams ; ' The order of all the voyages,' etc' 
7pp.; text, 825 pp.; ' A Table Alphabetioall,' etc. 9 pp.; also large folded 
map. [CoiopJwn] Imprinted at London, etc. 1589, 1 page. 

This copy contains, between pages 490 and 606, the Voyage of Sir Jerome 
Bowes, " printed this second time, according to the true copie I reoeiued of a' 
gentleman that went in the same voyage, for the correction of the errours 
in the former impression," together with the eight original cancelled 
leaves. It also contains, between pages 643 and 644, the six suppressed 
leaves of Sir Francis Drake's Voyage " about the whole Globe." The very 
rare Map, referred to in the preface, is contained in this copy. 

986 Hakluyt (Eichaed) The Pbincipal Navigations, 


Nation, etc. fine copy in red morocco hy Eogee Patne, 
3 vols. Lond. George Bishop, Ralph Neivherrie ami Robert 

Barker, 159S-1600, folio 
Vol. I. Title, reverse blank ; Dedication to the Earl of Nottingham, 4 pp. ; 
Preface, 10 pp. ; Poems, 2 pp. ; A Catalogue, 6 pp. ; text, 619 pp. ; end 
ing with the ORIGINAL Voyage to Cadiz, (p. 607 having eight pariP 
graphs, in the reprint only seven) cancelled and suppressed. II. Title, 
reverse blank ; Dedication to Cecil, 6 pp. ; A Catalogue, 8 pp. ; text, 
312 and 204 pp. III. Title, reverse blank; Dedication to Cecil, 4 pp. ; 
A Catalogue, etc. 10 pp. ; text, 868 pp. 

987 Hakluyt (Eichaed). Vieginia eichlt valued, by the 

description of the maine land of Florida, her next neighbour : 
Out of the fciire yeeres continuall trauell and discouerie, for 
above one thousand miles East and "West, of Don Eerdinando 
de Soto, and sixe hundred able men in his companie, written 
by a Portugall gentleman of Eluas, and translated by Eichard 
Haklvytj^ne clean copy in hrown calf 

Lond. hy Felix Kyngston, for Matthew Lownes, 1609, 4° 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank ; Dedicatory Epistle, 6 pp. ; text, 

180 pp. Translated from the rare little volume printed at Evora in 1557, 

apparently with the view of inducing settlers to go out to the new colony 

of Virginia. — Hich, 

988 Haliburton (Thomas C.) An Historical and Statistical Ac- 

count of Nova Scotia, 2 vols, imeut 

Halifax, Joseph Howe, 1829, 8" 

Vol. I. viii and 340 pp; Index, viii pp.; Map and 2 Plans. II. Title, and 
453 pp. ; Index, 3 pp. ; 7 Engravings and Plans ; the Publisher's Apology 
for the view of Halifax, on a small slip ; 3 folded sheets, viz. Statement, 
Comparative State, etc. and Account, at page 388. 

989 Halkett (John) Historical Notes respecting the Indians of 

North America, imcut Lond. 1825, viii and 408 pp. 8" 

112 rouiiTH day's saie. 

990 Halley (Dr. Horace) President of Transylmnia' Unwersity, 

A Discourse on his Genius and Character, by C. Caldwell, 
with an Appendix and Notes, hf. mor. 

Boston, 1828, 302 pp. 8" 

991 Hamilton (Alexander) Report of the Secretary of the 

Treasury of the United States on the' subject of Manu- 
factures, hf. mor. Lond. 1793, 8" 
Two prel. leaves and 129 pp. Highly commended in the Monthly Eevieiv. 

992 Hamilton. Articles exhibited against Lord Archibald Ha- 

milton, late Governour of Jamaica Lond. 1717, 8" 

Half-title, title, pp. v to viii and 32 pp. 

993 Hamilton (Archibald, Lord) Answer to an Anonymous 

Libel, entitled, Articles exhibited against Lord Archibald 
Hamilton, hf. mor. Lond. 1718, 92 pp. S" 

994 Hancock (John) Observations on the Climate, Soil, and Pro- 

ductions of British Guiana 

Lond. for the Author, 1840, 2 pr. Is. and 92 pp. 8* 

995 Hansen (Leonard) Vita mirabilis et Mors pretiosa venera- 

bilis Sororis Eosae de S. Maria Limensis, calf 

Bomae, 1664, 4" 

Five prel. leaves ; text ends abruptly with the 356th page : Index, Sphal- 
mata, and Frotestatio, 2 leaves. 

996 Hansen (L.) Vita B. Eosse, 3d Ed. Lovanii, 1668, 12" 

Twelve prel. leaves, and 549 pp.; Index, 3 pp. 

997 Hanson. An Account of the Captivity of Elizabeth Hanson, 

late of Kachecky in New England, who, with Four of her 
Children and Servant Maid, was taken Captive by the In- 
dians and carried into Canada, taken from her own Mouth 
by Samuel Bownas, half mor. tmcut 

Lond. 1782, 26 pp, ' books,' 2 pp. sm. 8" 

998 Hanway (Jonas) An Account of the Society for the Encou- 

ragement of the British Troops in Germany and North 
America, cf. Lond. 1760, viii. 91, and 55 pp. 8" 

999 Haecotjrt (Eobeet) A Eelation op a Vota&e to Gtiana, 

describing the Climat, Scituation, Eertilitie, Prouisions, and 
Commodities of that Country, containing Seuen Prouinces, 
and other Signiories within that territory, halfrussia 

Lond. John Beale,for W. Welhy, 1613, 4p 
Eight prel. leaves, viz. title reverse blank. ' To the High and Mighty 

Prince Charles,' 3 pp. next page blanli. ' To the Readers, Adventvrers, 

etc' 10 pp. ; text, 71 pp. 

1000 Haecoubt (E.) Votage to Gviana. Another Ed. newly 

reviewed and enlarged by addition of some necessary Notes, 
russia Lond. hy Edw. Allde, 1626, 4" 

Eight prel. leaves, viz. title reverse blank. ' To the most high and 
mightie Monarch Charles,' etc. 4 pp. • To the High and Mighty Prince 
Charles,' 2 pp. To the Headers, Adventvrers,' etc, 8 pp. ; text, 84pp. 


1001 Hardie (James) An Account of the Malignant Fever lately 

prevalent in the City of New York, imcut 

New York, Surtin and M'Farlane, 1799, 148 pp. 8" 

1002 Hardy (John) A Description of the Last Voyage to Ber- 

mudas, in the Ship Marygold, calf, hy Bedford 

Lond.for Bowland Beynald, 1671, 4° 
Fourprel. leaves, and text pp. 1 to 24, in verse. 

1003 Hardy (E. W. H.) Travels in the Interior of Mexico in 

1825-28, cloth Land. 1829, 558 pp. 8 illust. 8° 

1004 Harper (Robert Q-oodloe) Observations on the Dispute be- 

tween the United States and Prance, 5th Ed. 

Philadelphia printed : Land. repr. 1798, 8" 
Title and text, pp. 5-109. Relating to what is commonly termed the 
" W. X. Y. Z. question." 

1005 Harper (Robert Groodloe) Observations on the Dispute be- 

tween the United States and France, 5th Ed. hf. mar. 

Philadelphia printed : Lond. repr. 1798, 12° 
Four prel. leaves, and pp. 7 to 86. 

1006 Harper (E. Gr.) Observations, etc. 6th Ed. hf. mar. 

Philadelphia printed : Lond. repr. 1798, 
viii. pp. and pp. 5-110, 8° 

1007 Harper (E. G.) Observations, &e. 10th Ed. 

Philadelphia printed : PJdinb. repr. 1798, 89 pp. 12" 

1008 Hart (Levi), Pastor of Preston, The Christian Minister, a 

Sermon delivered at the Ordination of the Eev. Joel Bene- 
dict, at Newent, in Norwich, 21st February, 1771, uncwt 

New-London, Tim. Green, 1771, title and 31 pp. 8" 

1009 Hart (Levi) The Important Objects of the Evangelical Mi- 

nistry considered Litchfield, Thos. Collier, 1788, 26 pp. 8° 

1010 Hart (William) Brief Remarks on a number of False Pro- 

positions and Dangerous Errors which are spreading in the 
Country, collected out of sundry Discourses publish'd, 
wrote by Dr. Whitaker and Mr. Hopkins, uncut 

New London, Tim. Green, 1769, 72 pp. 8" 

1011 Haetiey (David) An Address to the Committee of Asso- 

ciation of the County of York, on the State of Public 
Affairs, 2nd Ed. halfmor. Tor/c, 1781, 46 pp. 8° 

1012 Hartley (David) Aji Address to the Committee of the 

County of York, on the State of Public Affairs, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1781, 63 pp. 8" 

This is a reprint of the preceding, with the addition, at the end, of " The 
Address of the Committee of Association for the County of York," 
pp. ■'J3 to 63. 

1013 Haumib (Samuel) The Refobmeb Vibgithan Sile- 

WoRM, or a Eare and New Discovery of a speedy way 
and easie means found out by a young Lady in England, 
she having made full proof thereof in May, anno 1652, cut 
close Lond. hy John Btr eater, for Giles Calvert, 1655, 4'' 
Two prel. leaves, viz. title, reverse blank. ' To the Reader,' 2 pp. Text, 
40 pp. 

114 ForETH day's sale. 

1014 Haetgeets (Joost) Oost en Westindischb VoYAaiEN: 

Met be Bescheijtin&en tan Indien, Eerste Deel. Daer 
in begrepen zijn 16 Voyagieu, etc. fine Iwrge copy, m beau- 
tiful condition, having many rough leaves 

f Amsterdam, JooST Haetgeets, 1648, 4° 
This extraordinary Collection ofVoyages by Joost Hartgerts is sometimes 
called the Butch Be Bry or the Butch HuUius ; for in beauty of exe- 
cution and intrinsic interest it rivals both of those famous Collections. 
In point of rarity there is no comparison ; this being scarcely known to 
Bibliographers. How many parts Hartgerts published, it is even now 
uncertain, although the most active research has for many years been 
made by Collectors of Voyages and Travels. The Parts were probably 
issued and sold separately, and the collection of them into sets, with a 
collective title, preface, etc. was an afterthought. 
This Collection bas an advantage over De Bry and Hulsius, that many of 
the voyages are in the language in which they were originally written, 
while most of those by De Bry and Hulsius are translations. 
The importance of this Collection vfill appear from the following brief 
list of its contents : — 

Preliminary, 12 leaves, including the engraved and printed titles. 
Part I. Voyage of the Dutch in three ships to Cathay, by Waygats, Mos- 
covy, and Tartary, in 1594. Title and 57 pp. with 1 plate. 
II. First Voyage of the Dutch to the East Indies, under Houtman, in 
1595. Title and 102 pp. with 1 plate. 

III. Voyage of Van Neck in 1598 to the East Indies, and of Sebald de 

Weert to Magellan. 92 pp. and 2 plates. 

IV. Van den Broeeke's Voyage to Cape Verde and the East Indies. 

11 2 pp. with 1 plate. 
V. De Jonge's Voyage to the East Indies and China, 1605-8. Title 
and 142 pp. with 1 plate. 
VI. Spilhergen's 1st Voyage 1601-4 — Vander Hagen's 2nd Voyage, 

96 pp. with 1 plate. 
VII. Oliver Van Woort's Voyage in 1598, and the 2nd Voyage of-Jacob 

Van Neck. 88 pp. 
Till. Voyages of L'Heremite and Sohapenham, 1623-6 ; 
Madriga and De Quir. Title and 76 pp. with 1 plate. 
IX. (1) Will.Ysbrantsz Bontekoe's Voyage to the East Indies, 1618-25. 

Title, 1 pfel. leaf, with 1 plate. 
IX. (2) Dirck Albertsz Karen's Voyage to Spitzbergen in 1689. Title 
and pp. 60-76 (misprinted 56). 
X. (1) Spilhergen's Voyage to the Straits of Magellan and the Mo- 
luccas. Title, 1 prel. leaf, pp. 5-66, with 1 plate. 
X. (2) Van Schouten's Voyage to the Straits of Magellan, 1615-17. 

Title and pp. 68-120. 
XI. Pelsaert and Houtman's Voyage to the East Indies, 1628-9. Title 
and 46 pp. with 1 plate, ' Diversche Discourasen,' 8 unnumbered 
XII. J. Van Twist's Voyage to the East Indies. Title and 94 pp. 
XIII. Francois Caron's Account of Japan. Title and 78 pp. 

1015 Hattersley (J.) The Conquest of America, and Minor Poems, 

calf extra, gilt edges, iy Say day Land. 1831, 215 pp. 16" 

1016 Havana. An Authentic Journal of the Siege of the Ha- 

vana, by an Officer, very fine copy Lond. 1762, 8° 

Half-title, title, and pp. 5-44. Plan, 14J by 8J inches 

1017 Haven (Jason) Pastor of Dedham, A Sermon preached 

before Sir Fr. Bernard, Bart. Governor of the Province of 
Massachusetts Bay, May 31st, 1769, being the Anniversary 
of the Election of His Majesty's Council, hf. mor. 

Boston, Bich. Draper, 1769, 55 pp. sm. 8° 

ForETH day's sale. 115 

1018 Hawkeswortli (John) An Account of the Voyages under- '^ 

taken by the order of his present Majesty, for making Dis- 
coveries in the Southern Hemisphere, by Commodore 
Byron, Capt. "Wallis, Capt. Carteret, and Capt. Cook, 
2 vols, calf Dublin, 1775, 8° 

Vol. I. Sixprel. leaves, xxviii and pp. 3-489. Chart, and 5 plates. II. Five 
pre!, leaves, and 539 pp. ' A Voyage towards the North Pole,' etc. 
49 pp. Chart and 1 plate. 

1019 Hawkesworth (J.) Voyages. Another Ed. 2 vols, calf 

Dublin, 1775, 8° 

Vol. I. Six prel. leaves; xxxviii pp. ; and text, pp. 3-489 ; with Chart of 

part of the South Sea; 3 plates. II. Five prel. leaves, and 539 pp ; 4 plates. 

1020 Hawkins. The Obseetatiojts of Sir Eichard Hawkins j 

Knight, in his Vojage jnto the South Sea, Anno Domino 
1593, old cf.fne large co])y Lond.for I. laggard, 1622, folio 
Three prel. leaves, viz. title, reverse blank. ' To the most lUvstriovs and 
most Excellent Prince Charles,' etc. 1 page. ' To the Reader,' 1 page. 
Text, 169 pp. Errata, 1 pa-e. ' The Table,' etc. 5 pp. 

1021 Hawley (Zerah) A Journal of a Tour through Connecticut, 

Massachusetts, New York, the North Part of Pennsylvania 
and Ohio NewSaven, S. Converse, 1822, 158 pp. 12" 

1022 Hayne (Samuel) An Abstract of all the Statutes made con- 

cerning Aliens trading in England from the iirst year of 
K. Henry the VII. If. mor. \Lond?^ 1(385, 4° 

Three pre), leaves and 38 pp. 

1023 Hazard (E.) Historical Collection of State Papers, intended 

as Materials for an History of the United States of Ame- 
rica, Vol. I. with an autograph of Benj. West 

Philadelphia, 1792, 740 pp. 4» 
A valuable Collection of Documents relating to American history, several 
of which are here printed for the first time. — Rioh. 
The second volume was published in 1794. 

1024 Hazard (Joseph) The Conquest of Quebec. A Poem 

Oxford, 1769, 20 pp. with Plan of Quebec, 4° 

1025 Heckewelder (John) A Narrative of the Mission of the 

United Brethren among the Delaware and Mohegan In- 
diana, from its commencement, in the year 1740 to 1808, 
calf Philadelphia, M'Carty and Davis, 1820, 8° 

Portrait of Zeisberger. xii prel. pp. Text pp. 17 to 429. Errata 1 p. 

1026 Hellenbroeck (A.) Specimen of Divine Truths, translated 

from the Dutch, for the use of the Reformed Protestant 
Dutch Church, of the City of New-Tork 

New-York, John Holt, 1765, 95 pp. 8" 

1027 Helliee. The Vain Prodigal Life, and Tragical Penitent 

Death of Thomas Hellier, born at "Whitchurch near Lyme, 
in Dorsetshire: who for Murdering his Master, Mistress, 
and a Maid, was executed according to Law at- "Westover 
in Charles City, in the Country of Virginia, neer the Plan- 
tation called Hard Labour, where he perpetrated the said 
Murders. He suffer'd on Munday the 5th of August, 1678. 
And was after hanged up in Chains at Windmill-Point, on 
James River Land. 1680, 2 prel. leaves and 40 pp. 4* 

116 FOrETH dat's saie. 

1028 Henderson (George) An Account of the British Settle- 

ment of Honduras, imcut, bds. Land. 1809, 8" 

Two hundred and fourteen pp. Map. 

1029 Hennepin (Louis) Voyage ou Nouvelle Decouverte d'un Tres- 

Grand Pays, dans L'Amerique, entre le Nouveau Mexique 
et la Mer Glaciale, old calf, fine copy Amst. 1704, 12" 

Eighteen prel. leaves, including the engraved frontispiece. Text, 604 pp; 
Table, 14 leaves. 2 Maps and 6 plates. 

1030 HENifEPiH' (Louis) Aenmerckelycke Historische Eey§- 

Beschryvinge Door verscheyde Landen veel grooter als die 
van geheel Europa onlanghs ontdeckt,^e copy, uncut 

UtrecM, Anthony Sokouten, 1698, 4° 

Sixteen prel. leaves, and 242 pp. Register 18 pp. Map and 4 plates. 

,1031 Heemite (Jaqtjis xe) A Tetje Eelation of the Tleete 

which went through the Straights of Magellane towards 

the Coast of Peru, and the Towne of Lima, in the "West 

Indies, title in exact facsimile 

Lond. printed for Mercv/rius Britannicus, 1625, 4" 

Title, rev. blank ; text 36 pp. 

' 1032 Heeeeea (Antonio de) Histokia Geneeal de los 

hechos db los casteliiaifos en las islas i tieeba 

eieme del Mae oceano, oeiginal edition, eight Decades 

bound in 4 vols, very fine copy, vellum Madrid, 1601-15, fol. 

Dec. I. 4 prel. leaves, 371 pp. and 10 leaves of table. Dec. II. 2 leaves, 

368 pp. and 8 leaves. Deo. III. 3 leaves, 377 pp. and 8 leaves. Dec. 

IV. 2 leaves, 293 pp. and 7 leaves. Dee. V. 4 leaves, 317 pp. and 10 

leaves. Dec. VI. 2 leaves, 302 pp. and 8 leaves. Dec. VII. 4 leaves, 

315 pp. arid 10 leaves. Dec. VIII. 4 leaves, 341 pp. and 8 leaves. The 

first four Decades were published in 1601, and the last four in 1615. 

There is an engi'aved title to each Decade. 

-^ Description de las Indias Occidentales 

Madrid, Ane 1601, fol. 

Two prelim, leaves and 96 pp ; title engr. on copper and 14 maps. This 
work should go with the General History, and is generally bound at 
the end of the second volume after the fourth Decade. 

Herrerahasbeencalled the Pkikceoit American Historians. Hiswork 
embraces a large part of the Manuscript Chronicle of Las Casas. Robert- 
son says, that of all the Spanish writers, Herrera furnishes the fullest , 
and most accurate information concerning the conquest of Mexico, as well 
as every other ti'ansactiou in America : and that his Decades may be 
ranked among the most judicious and useful historical collections. 

1033 Heeeeea (Antonio de) Histoeia Geneeal de los 


EIEME DEL Mae Oceano, eight Decades, hound in 4 vols, 
good copy in Spanish binding Madrid, 1730, fol. 

Decade I. 3 leaves and 292 pp.; Dec. II. 1726, 3 leaves and 288 pp.; Deo. 
in. 1726, 2 leaves and 296 pp.; Dec. IV. 1730, 3 leaves and 232 pp.; 
Dec. V. 1728, 4 leaves and 252 pp. ; Dec. VI. 1730, 3 leaves and 236 
pp.; Dec. VII. 1730, 3 leaves and 245 pp.; Dec. VIII. 1730, 3 leaves 
and 251 pp.; 'Tabla General,' etc. 226 leaves, ending with the Colophon. 
' En Madrid: En la Imprenta de Francisco Martinez Abad. Aflo de 1728.' 

■ — Descripcione de las Indias Occidentales Madrid, 1730, fol. 

Twenty prel. leaves; text 70 pp.; ' Los Presidentes' etc. pp. 71 to 78. 
Maps numbered 1 to 14. This reprint of the iirst Edition usually ac- 
companies the General History, and forms part of that work. 

rouETH dat's sale. 117 

1034 Herrera (Antonio de) Hiatoire Q-enerale des Voyages et 

Conqvestes des Castillans dans les Isles & Terre-i'erme 
des Indes Occidentales. Par N. de la Coste, calf 

Paris, 1671, 4" 
Nine prel. leaves, and 7^0 pp. Table 12 pp. This volume is a translation 
into French of Herrera's Third Decade, 1521 to 1526. 

1035 Hebeeea (Antonio de) Notts Oebis, sive Descriptio 

Indiae Occidentalis accesserunt Ind. Occ. Desc. et NaTi- 
gationis Jac. Le Maire Historia, etc. very fine copy, original 
impressed calf Amst. 1622, fol. 

Four prel. leaves including the engi-aved and printed titles ; text 44 folioed 
leaves ; followed by a half-title ' Ephemerides,' etc. 3 leaves and text 
folioed 46 to 83. Followed by another half-title ' Descriptio Indise 
Occidentalis, etc. Avthore Petro Ordonnez de Cevallos,' 9 leaves, suc- 
ceeded by a half-title ' Brevis ao Succincta AmerioEe,' 11 leaves. The 
first part has the 1 4 maps copied from the Madrid edition of 1601 of the 
Indias Occidentales, and Le Maire is illustrated with the three maps 
taken from De Bry, together with 4 plates inserted in the text on fols. 60, 
61, 65, 67. In the Preface to Baroia's reprint of Herrera's works at 
Madrid, 1726-30, the editor repudiates this edition, as being full of typo- 
graphical errors, and saddled with matters not pertaining to Hei'rera. 

1036 Herrera (Antonio de) The Q-eneral History of the vast # 

Continent and Islands of America, commonly call'd, The 

West Indies, from the first discovery thereof: with the 

best Accounts the People could give of their Antiquities. 

Collected from the Original Eelations sent to the Kings of 

Spain, translated into English by Capt. John Stevens, old 

calf, 6 vols. Lond. 1730, 8" 

"Vol. I. 4 prel. leaves; viz. Title and Preface; text 379pp. With 2 maps. 

Portrait of Columbus and 2 plates. II. Title and 436 pp. 4 plates. III. 

1726, title and 418 pp. 3 plates. IT. 1726. Title and 422 pp. Portrait 

of Cortes and 2 plates. V. 1 726. Title and 430 pp. 2 plates. VI. 1726, 

Title and 403 pp. Index 30 pp. plate at p. 1. 

1037 Hebeeea (A. de) History of America, 2nd Ed. 6 vols. cf. 

extra hy Bedford, fine copy Lond. 1740, 8" 

This second Edition is the same as the preceding, with new title-pages. 

1038 Hey (Eichard) Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, 

and the Principles of Grovernment, Jif mor. Lond. 1776, 8° 
Two prel. leaves and 70 pp. Highly commended by the Monthly Beviem. 

1039 HickeringiU (Edmond) Jamaica Viewed, with all the Ports, 

Harbours, and their several Soundings, Towns and Settle- 
ments thereunto belonging, together with the nature of its 
Climate, fruitfulnesse of the Soile, and its suitablenesse to 
English Complexions, 2nd Ed. Une copy, cf. Lond. 1661, 16" 
Eight prel. leaves and 87 pp. with map of Jamaica on copper. Copies 

with the map are very uncommon. Barcia says that this work is a. 

paraphrase of all that had been previously written on the subject. 

1040 Higgins (Bryan) Observations and Advices for the Im- 

provement of the Manufacture of Muscovado Sugar and 
Hum, second Part, lif. mor. uncut 

St. Jago de la. Vega, A. Aihnan, 1800, %° 
Two prel. leaves, 133 pp. and 9 plates. 

118 POUETH DAT'S sale. 

1041 Hill (Anthony) Afer Baptizatus : or, The Negro turn'd 

Christian, being a Short and Plain Discourse, shewing, 
I. The Necessity of Instructing and Baptizing Slaves in 
English Plantations. II. The Polly of that Vulgar Opinion, 
that Slaves do cease to be Slaves when once Baptized, hf. 
mor. Lond. 1702, 8° 

Three pre), leaves and 55 pp. with the autograph ofWhite Kennett on the 

1042 Hinton (J. E.) History and Topography of the United 

States, maps and plates, 2 vols. Lond. 1834, 4° 

Vol.1. Half-title, engr. title, Portrait ofWashington; dedication, preface, 
and contents, 9 leaves ; text, 520 pp.; 59 plates. II. Half-title, engr. 
title, frontispiece, 4 prel. leaves, plate of _fao-similes; text, 580 pp. ; 
88 maps and plates. 

1043 Hippisley (G-.) A Narrative of the Expedition to the 

Eivers Orinoco and Apure, in South America, Jif. M. 

Lond. 1819, 678 pp. 8° 

1044 Hireling, Artifice Detected : or, the Profit and Loss of 

G-reat Britain, in the Present "War with Spain, set in its 
true Light, with an Appendix, containing a List of the 
Ships taken, lif. mor. Lond. 1742, title and 76 pp. 8° 

1045 Historical (An) Essay on the English Constitution : or, an 

Impartial Inquiry into the Elective Power of the People, 
Tif. mor. uncut Lond. 1771, 218 pp. 8" 

1046 Historical (An) Memorial of the Negotiation of Prance and 

England, from the 26th of March to the 20th of Sept. 
1761, with the Vouchers Lond. 1761, 64 pp. 4° 

1047 Hodgson (Adam) Letters from North America, 2 vols. 

hoards Lond. 1824, 8° 

Vol. I. XT and 405 pp. Errata on slip, and 1 plate. II. Title, iv. and 
473 pp. Errata on slip, and 1 plate. 

1048 Holme (Benjamin) A Collection of the Epistles and 

"Works of, to which is prefix'd, an Account of his Life 
and Travels through several parts of Europe and America 

Lond. 1754, vii and 194 pp. 8" 

1049 Holmes (Abiel) Pastor, of Cambridge, The Life of Ezra 

Stiles, D.D. JBoston, Thomas and Andrews, 1798, 403 pp. 8° 

1050 Holmes (Abiel) American Annals, from its first discovery 

in 1492 to 1806, maps, 2 vols, half hound Lond. 1813, 8" 
Vol.1. Title, iv and 412 pp.; map. II. Title and 457 pp.; map. 

1051 Holyoke (Edward) of New England, The Doctrine of 

Life, or of Man's Eedemtion, by the Seed of Eve, the Seed 
of Abraham, the Seed of David, &c. as it was taught in 
severall Periods of Time, from G-en. 3. 15. till Christ came 
in the Flesh, ealf Lond. 1658, 4° 

Nine prel. leaves, and 426 pp. Table 17 pp.; Errata, 1 page. 

1052 Hooker (Nathaniel) Pastor, of Hartford, Six Discourses 

on diflFerent subjects 

Hartford, Hhenezer Watson, 1771, 99 pp. 8° 

FOUETH DAT'S sale. 119 

1053 HooKE ("William) of Taunton, N.E., New England's 

Tbaees for Old England's Peares, preached in a Sermon 
on July 23, 1640, being a day of Publike Humiliation, ap- 
pointed by the Churches in behalfe of our native Countrey 
in time of feared dangers, ^we copy in calf, hy Bedford 

Land. 1641, 4" 
Two prel. leaves and 23 pp. There appear to have been two editions 
the same year. 

1054 Hooker (Thomas) of Hartford, Connecticut, The Sovles 

Ingrafting into Christ Lond. 1637, 4" 

Title and 30 pp. ; followed by The Broken Heart, pp. 1-320. 

1055 Hooker (Thomas) The Sovles Vocation, or Effectval Call- 

ing to Christ, fine copy, old calf Lond. 1638, 4° 

Twelve prel. leaves, viz. Title, and Table of Contents. 2nd Title, ' The 
Sovles Effectval Calling to Christ, etc. by T. H., Lond. 1637 ;' Text, 
pp. 33-668. 

1056 Hooker (Thomas) The Sovles Exaltation, a Treatise, con- 

taining The Soules Vnion with Christ, on 1 Cor. 6. 17; 
The Soules Benefit from Vnion with Christ, on 1 Cor. 1 . 30 ; 
The Soules Justification, on 2 Cor. 5. 21, old calf 

Lond. 1638, 4» 

Eight prel. leaves, viz. Title, Table, and Severall Treatises, etc. Text, 
311 pp. 

1057 Hooker (Thomas) The Sovles Preparation for Christ, or, 

a Treatise of Contrition, 4th Ed. Lond. 1638, 4° 

Three prel. leaves, viz. Title, and Table of Contents ; Text, 242 pp. 

1058 — The same, 6th Ed. Lond. 1643, 12° 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title, ' Contents,' and ' Severall Treatises ;' Text, 
386 pp. 

1059 — The same, 7th Ed. Lond. 1658, 12" 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title, A Table of the Contents, and Severall Trea- 
tises ; Text, 386 pp. 

1060 Hooker (Thomas) The Sovles Hvmiliation 

Amst. 1638, 302 pp. 16° 

1061 Hooker (Thomas) The Vnbeleevers Preparing for Christ, 

old calf Lond. 1638, 4° 

Two prel. leaves, viz. Title, and Severall Treatises, etc. ; Text, 204 pp. ; 
The First Table, 4 pp. Second Part, beginning on signature Aaa, 
119 pp. The Table, 4 pp. 

1062 Hooker (Thomas) The Immortality of the Soule : The 

Excellencie of Christ Jesvs treated on Lond. 1646, 4° 

Title and 21 pp. 

1063 Hooker (Thomas) A Survey of the Summe of Church 

Discipline ; wherein the Way of the Churches of New 
England is warranted out of the "Word, and all Exceptions 
of weight, which are made against it, answered, fine copy 

Lond. 1648, 4° 
Eighteen prel. leaves; text. Part I. 139 and 185-296 pp.; Part II. 90 pp. 
the Third Part, 46 pp. ; Part IV, 59 pp. 

120 POUETH day's SAIl. 

1064 Hooker (Thomas) The Poor Doubting Christian drawn to 

Christ Lond. 1659, title and 185 pp. 12" 

1065 Hooper ("William) Pastor of the West Church, Boston, The 

Apostles neither Impostors nor Enthusiasts, a Sermon 

Boston, Sogers and Fowle, 1742, title and pp. 5-48, 8" 

1066 HooENBEEK (John) De Conversione Indorum et G-en- 

tUium, Libri Duo, accessit ejusdem Vita ab Amico edita, 
with large folding copperplate portrait of Soornbeek in- 
serted Amst. 1669, 4» 
Twenty-eight prel. leaves, the last hlank, and 259 pp.; Index, 13 pp.; 

'Auotor Lectoris,' 2 pp.; 'Liber Seoundus Caput XT. & Ultimum,' 

pp. 260 to 265. 

1067 Hopkins (Samuel) Pastor, of Newport, The Life and 

Character of Miss Susanna Anthony, who died in Newport 
(E.I.), June 23, 1791, in the 65th year of her age, calf 

Worcester, Mass.; Hartford, repr. 1799, 168 pp. 8° 

1068 — The same, new Edition, with a Preface by Dr. Ryland, 

Mr. EuUer, and Mr. Sutcliff, unbound 

Glipstone, J. W. Morris, 1803, 2 pr. Is. and 241 pp. 8" 

1069 Hopkirk (J. G-.). An Account of the Insurrection in St. 

Domingo, 2nd Ed. mini. 1833, 59 pp. 8» 

1070 Hornius (G-eorgius) De Originibvs Americanis, calf 

Sagm Comitis. \Golop}ion~\ Lvgd. Batav. 1652, 8" 
Ten prel. leaves and 283 pp. This work was written at the instance of 
John de Laet, in opposition to the opinions of Gi'otius on the subject to 
which it refers. 

1071 — De Originibus Americanis, Another Ed. 

HemipoU [Halberstadt'], 1669, sm. 12" 
Twelve prel. leaves (including engraved frontispiece) and 503 pp. 

1072 Houghton (Thomas) The Alteration of the Coyn, with a 

feasible Method to do it, 2 vols, in 1 

London, for the Author, 1695, 4" 
Fifty pages ; succeeded by ' Europe's Glory, or Peace & Plenty to the 
People thereof, being a Projection, or a Scheam of Reasonable Terms,' 
etc. 31 pp. 

1078 Howe (Eobert, Lord). A Letter from Cicero to the Eight 
Hon. Lord Viscount H — e, occasioned by his late Speech 
in the H— e of C — s, hf. mor. Lond. 1781, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 43 pp. By Mr. Galloway ; accusing Lord Howe of 
having basely betrayed his trust in command of the forces in America. 

1074 HowGiiiii (Peancis). The Popish Inquisition, newit 
EEEOTED IN New ENGLAND, whereby their Church is 
manifested to be a Daughter of Mysterie Babylon, which 
did drink the Blood of the Saints, who bears the express 
Image of her Mother, demonstrated by her fruits ; also, 
their Eulers to be in the Beasts power, upon whom the 
Whore rideth manifest by their wicked compulsary laws 
against the Lamb and his followers, last leaf and corner of 
preceding leaf in facsimile, calf extra, by Pratt 

Lond. for Thomas Simmons, 1659, title and 74 pp. 4" 

FODETH bat's SALE. 121 

1075 HowaiLL (Fbancis) The Deceiver of the Nations Dis- 

covered, and his Cruelty made manifest . . . more especially 
his cruel Works of Darkness laid open and reproved in 
Maryland in Virginia, and the sad Sufferings of the Servants 
of the Lord there by his cruel instruments, hf. mor. 

Zand, for Thomas Simmons, 1660, 27 pp. 4o 

1076 Howse (Joseph) A Grrammar of the Cree Language, with 

vyhich is combined an Analysis of the Chippeway Dialect, 
cloth, tmout Land. 1844, 344 pp. 8" 

1077 HuBBAEB (William), Minister, of Ipswich, J!f.U. The 

Happiness of a People in the "Wisdome of theie 
EuLEES, a Sermon preached at Boston, May 3rd, 1676, 
being the day of election there, fne la/i^ge copy, with rough 
leaves, hf. mor. Boston, hy John Foster, 1676, 4" 

Title, reverse blank ; Dedication, ' To the Honourable John Leveret, Esq.' 
etc. 5 pp. signed ' W. H.' ; ' Some Faults,' etc. 1 p, ; text, 63 pp. This 
tract was the next year issued as a part of Hubbard's Narrative of the 
Troubles with the Indians in New England. Pee No. 1078. THIS 

1078 HcBBAED (William) The Peesent State of New 

England, being a Naeeatite of the Teoubles with 
THE Indians in New England; to which is added a 
Discourse about the War with the Peqvoda in the year 
1637, Hue morocco extra, hy Bedford, beautiful copy 

Lond. 1677, 40 

Seven prel. leaves, viz. Licence ; Title, reverse blank ; Dedication, 4 pp. 
signed 'William Hubbard;' An Advertisement to the Reader, 2 pp.; 
To the Reverend Mr. William Hubbard, 2 pp. signed ' J. S. ;' Vpon the 
elaborate Survey of New-Englands Passions, etc. 2 pp. signed ' B. T. ;' 
' A Map of New-England, being the first that was ever here cut,' etc. 
text, 131pp.; 'A Table,' etc. 7 pp. ; 'A Postscript,' 6 pp. ; 'A Narrative,' 
etc. 88 pp. An exact reprint of tbe rare Tract commencing "A Nar- 
rative of the Troubles with the Indians" of the same year. 

1079 Hudson (Samuel), Minister in New Ungland. The Essence 

and Unitie of the Church Catholike visible, and the Prioritie 
thereof in regard of Particular Churches discussed 

Lond. 1645, 4" 
Title ; ' To the Reader,' 2 leaves ; text, 52 pp. 

1080 Hudson (Samuel) A Vindication of the Essence and Unity 

of the Chvrch Catholike visible, and the Priority thereof 
in regard of Particular Churches; in answer to the Ob- 
jections made against it, both by Mr. John Ellis junior, and 
by Mr. Hooker in his Survey of Church Discipline 

Lond. 1650, 4» 

Fifteen prel. leaves, viz. Title, Dedication, Epistle to tbe Reader, Ei'rata, 
Table, and This Leaf, etc. ; text, 265 pp. 

1081 Hudson (Samuel) An Addition or Postscript to the Vindi- 

cation of the Essence and Unity of the Church Catholick 
visible, and the Priority thereof in regard of Particular 
Churches Lond. 1658, 2 prel. leaves and 52 pp. 4" 


122 POUETH bat's sale. 

1082 Huit (Ephraim) Pastor, of Windsor, Connecticut. The whole 

Prophecie of Daniel explained, by a Paraphrase, Analysis 
and briefe Comment, old calf 

[Land.'] Henry Overton, 1644, 4° 
Two prel. leaves and 358 pp.; with ' Analisis' at p. 4, and 10 folio folded 
sheets of Analyses. 

1083 Humboldt (Alexandre de) Essai Politique sur le Eoyaume 

de la Nouvelle Espagne, 5 vols. Tif. cf, gilt Paris, 1811, 8" 
Vol. I. Half-title, title, iii and 456 pp.; with map. II. Half-title, title, 
and 522 pp. ; with tableau. III. Half-title, title, and 420 pp. 
IV. Half-title, title, and 365 pp. V. Half-title, title, and 352 pp. 

1084 Hume (Sophia) An Exhortation to the Inhabitants of the 

Province of South Carolina 

Philadelphia, William Bradford, [1747], 158 pp. 8° 

1085 — An Exhortation, etc. Another ed. calf 

Bristol, Samuel Farley, 1750, 80 pp. 8" 

1086 — An Exhortation, etc. Another ed. 

Lond. Lake Sinde, 1752, 152 pp. 8" 

1087 Hume (Sophia) . An Epistle to the Inhabitants of South 

Carolina, containing Sundry Observations proper to be 
consider'd by every Professor of Christianity in general 

Lond. Luhe Sinde, 1754, 114 pp. 8" 

1088 Humphreys (David) An Historical Account of the In- 

corporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts, very fine copy, calf Lond. 1730, 8° 

xxxi and 356 pp.; 2 maps. Containing some curious particulars of 
different parts of North America. 

1089 Humphreys (David) An Account of the Endeavours 

used by the Society for the Propagation of the Grospel in 
Eoreign Parts, to instruct the ISTegroe Slaves in New York, 
together with Two of Bp. Gribson's Letters on that sub- 
ject Lond. 1730, 45 pp. 8" 

1090 Humphries (David) A Poem addressed to the Armies of 

the United States of America, hf. mor, 

NeW'Haven, T. and S. Green, 1784 ; Paris, repr. 1785 ; 

amd Lond. 1785, 28 pp. 4° 

1091 Hunter (John) Memoirs of a Captivity among the Indians 

of North America, from Childhood to the age of Nineteen, 
with Anecdotes descriptive of their Manners and Customs, 
new ed. Lond. 1823, 8" 

Eight prel. leaves, including portrait, and pp, 3^447. 

1092 Hutchins (Thos.) A Topographical Description of Virginia, 

Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina, comprehend- 
the Eivers Ohio, Kenhawa, Sioto, Cherokee, Wabash, 
Illinois, Missisippi, etc. List of the Nations and Tribes of 
Indians, etc. Lond. 1777, 8" 

Two prel. leaves, and 67 pp. with 2 plans and a Table of Distances. 


1093 Hutchinson (Samuel) of Boston, JV.M A Declaration of a 

Future Glorious Estate of a Church to be here upon 
Earth, at Christ's Personal Appearance for the Eestitution 
of all things, a Thousand Tears before the Ultimate Day 
of the General Judgment, Jialfmor. Land. 1667, 36 pp. 4" 

1094 Hutchinson (Thomas). The Letters of Governor Hutchin- 

son and Lieut.-Governor Oliver, etc. Printed at Boston, 
uncut Lond. 1774, 8" 

Title and 134 pp. These letterswefe procured by Dr. Franklin, and sent 
to Boston to his friend Dr. Samuel Cooper, with strict injunctions not to 
allow them to be published. They were, however, printed in Boston, and 
made a great noise at the time. The present edition was published with re- 
marks in exculpation of 607. Hutchinson, by his friend, Israel Maudit. 

1095 Hutchinson (T.). Letters of Governor Hutchinson, 2nd ed. 

hf. mor. uncut Lond. 1774, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 142 pp. 

1096 HtTTCHnsrsoiir (Thomas) The History of the Colony of 

Massachusett's Bay, from the First Settlement thereof in 
1628, until its Incorporation with the Colony of Plimouth, 
Province of Main, 2nd ed. 2 vols. Lond. 1765, 8° 

Vol. 1. Three prel. leaves ; iv and 566 pp. II. Two prel. leaves ; iv and 

539 pp. 
This second edition was issued in London at first with the date 1760 in 

error for 1 765, but the title was cancelled, and the date corrected. 

Volume II. of this set has the date 1760. 

1097 — History of Massachusetts Bay, from 1749 to 1774, edited 

by the Author's Grandson, the Eev. John Hutchinson, Ms. 

Lond. 1828, 571 pp. S" 

1098 HrTTEN (TJleich). Of the Wood called Gvaiacvm, that 

healeth the Frenche Pockes, and also Helpeth the Govte 

in the Feete, the Stoone, the Palsey, Lepree, Dropsy, 

Fallynge Euyll, and other Dyseases (^wanting the 24ith leaf) 

Londini in Aedibvs, Tho. JBertheleti, ] 536, 16° 

Title, reverse blank. ' The Preface,' and ' % The Table of this boke,' to- 
gether 5 pp. Text, 82 folioed leaves for 79, in tSIffcft Utter. 

1099 — Of the Wood called Gvaiacvm. Another ed. 

Londini, ThomcB BertJieleti, 1540, 4" 

Title, reverse blank. ' The Preface,' 2 pp. ' The Table.' 2 pp. Text, 
58 folioed leaves, in lalaclE Utter. 

1100 Imlay (George) A Topographical Description of the "West- 

ern Territory of North America, 2nd ed. Lond. 1793, 8" 

Title, xvi and 433 pp. ; Index, 19 pp. ; Errata, 1 p. ; 2 Maps, Plan, an^ 

1101 Impartial (An) Sketch of the various Indulgences granted 

by Great Britain to her Colonies, upon which they have 

founded their Presumption of soaring towards Independence 

Lond. 1788, 2 prel. leaves, and 43 pp. 8? 

124 .roTJETii dat's sale. 

1102 linpoftance (The) of Gaining and Preserving ihe friend- 

ship of the Indians to the British Interest considered, hf. 
mor. Land. 1752, S" 

Title, and 46 pp. By Archibald Kennedy. 

1103 Importance (The) of the British Dominion in India, com- 

pared with that in America, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1770, title, and pp. 5-60, 1&> 
.1104 Important (Some) Observations, occasioned by and adapted 
to, the Publick Past, Ordered by Authority, December 18th, 
A.D. 1765, half calf 

Newport, Sam. Sail, 1766, hf. -title, title, and pp. 3-61,4" 
■1105 Inc'Wadi Tokugala Ka-Towannes Intloko Tokugala, inicut, 
hf, mor. 

[Golophori] Ibishicilelwe E-Chiimie Mnaxoseni, 1832, 

16 pp. sm. 8" 
Presumed to be in the Mohawk Indian Language. 

1106 Indarte (Jose Eivera) Efemerides de los Deguellos. Asesi- 

natos y Matanzas del DegoUador Juan Manual Eosas 

Montevideo [1829], 32 pp. 8° 

1107 Independent Whig (The), old calf 

... :, [_Colophon] Printed and sold hy Samuel J^eimer, 

in Fkiladelphia [1720], i" 
iEight prel. leaves, and text 227 pp. The Independent Whig consists 
of an Introduction of 1 6 pages and 53 numbers, generally of four pages 
each, reprinted from the London edition. 

1108 India. Letera de la nobil cipta : nouamente ritrouata alle 
Indie con li costumi & modi del suo Ee & soi populi : Li 
modi del suo adorate con la bella vsanza de le donne loro : 
& de le dua persone ermafrodite donate da quel Ee al 
Capitano de larmata, hoards 

[at the end] Data in Feru adi. 25 de Nouembre, 1534, 

[Reprint, Milan, 1830 ?], 8 pp. 4° 

j.109 Indian Laws. Leyes t oedenanzas ntjevamente hechas 


Alcala, Joan de Brocar, 1543, folio 

The First Collection or Indian Laws. — The title and last two 

• or three leaves are in MS. — the original pi'inted leaves being folioed ii to 

ix. When perfect the volume should consist of 26 pages. It is the first 

collection of printed laws relating to the New World, and (according to 

Mr. Rich, who in 1832, priced a copy £21.) is of the utmost rarity. 

1110 Indian Treaties, and Laws and Eegulations relating to 
Indian AflFairs Washington, 1826, 881 pp. S" 

0000 Indian and Ameeican Languages. See Ardas ; Ber- 
tonio; Gaona; Sowse; Inc'Wadi Yokugala; Long; Lutheri 
Catechismus, in Virginian; MacKenney; Molina; Morning 
Prayer, in Mohawlc ; Neve y Molina; Noceda ; Occom ; 
OcTcanicleon ; Fampango ; FarJcinson ; Feres ; Frimer, in 

roTJETH day's sale. 125 

1111 Interest (The) of tlie Merchants and Manufacturers of Great 

Britain, in the present contest with the Colonies, stated 
and considered, tf. inor. Lond. 1776, title and 50 pp. 8" 

1112 Irenicvm; or, an Essay towards a Brotherly Peace and 

Vnion, between those of the Congregational and Presby- 
terian "Way Lond. 1659, 4" 
Seven prel. leaves ; viz. title, reverse tlank ; the Preface ; the At- 
testation; to the Judicious Reader ; and an Advertisement to the Reader. 
Text 75 pp. A great part of this book pertains to the Church affairs 
of New England. Mr. Cotton's, Mr. Hook's, and Mr. Shepard's hooks 
are frequently quoted. 

1113 IsKAEL (Menasseh Ben) Spes Israelis, calf, ly Bedford 

Amst. 1650, 12" 
Six prel. leaves and 111 pp. Concerning the identity of the Aborigines 
of America with the Hebrew Race. 

1114 Izqaierdo. +E1 Padre Sebastian Izquierdo, Assistente en 

Roma por las Provincias de Espafia, mando al Procurado 
Q-eneral de Indias en esta Corte, al ario de 1673, dar a la 
estampa, este Papel, unbound [Lima, 1673 ?] fol. 

Eight folioed leaves. 

1115 lacquin (N^ic. Joseph) Selectarum Stirpium Amerieanarum 

Historia in qua ad Linnaeanum Systema Determinatae De- 
scriptaeque, uncut Manhemii, 1788, 378 pp. 8° 

1116 Jamaica. The present State of Jamaica, with the Life of 

the Great Columbus the first Discoverer : to which is added 
an Exact Account of Sir Hen.'Morgan's Voyage to, and 
famous Siege and taking of Panama from the Spaniards 

Lond. M: Clark for Tho. Malthus, 1683, 120 

Five prel. leaves ; viz. title, reverse blank, ' to the Reader.' 4 pp. 

Books sold by Tho. Malthus i pp. Text 54 pp. Title. ' Sir Henry 

Morgan's Voyage to Panama, 1670. London, Printed for Thomas 

Malthus, at the Sun in the Poultry, 1683.' Text pp. 57 to 117. This 

is probably one of the Books containing the libel upon Sir Henry 

Morgan, for which he recovered the sum of £200, in an action against 

the publisher, T. Malthus. See London Gazette, June 8, 1 685. 

Rich says this work was published in order to make a favourable impression 

, . as to Morgan. 

1117 — A Narrative of Aifairs lately received from his Majesties 

Island of Jamaica, uncut Lond. 1683, title and 6 pp. fol. 

1118 — Account of the late Earthquake in Jamaica, June the 

7th, 1692, calf extra, ly Bedford, with the Autograph of 
White Kennett on the title Lond. 1693, 4° 

Four prel. leaves and 26 pp. 

1119 — The Truest and Largest Account of the late Earthquake 

in Jamaica, June the 7th, 1692, hf mar. Lond. 1693, 4" 

Four prel. leaves and 26 pp. 

1120 — The following Address, and particular Instances as to 

the Duties demanded on Prize Goods brought into Jamaica, 

etc. hf. mor. folio 

Four pp. With ' The Account,' a folded Sheet. 'An Answer to some False 

and Malicious Objections given out, to prevent the Duties on Prize 

Goods being remitted, with some Observations.' 2 pp. Bound together. 

126 FOUETH bat's SALE. 

Jamaica : continued. 

1121 — The Trade Grranted to the South-Sea Company : con- 

sidered with Relation to Jamaica, hf .mor. 

Land. 1714, 30 pp. 8» 

1122 — A View of the Proceedings of the Assemblies of Jamaica, 

for some Tears past. With some considerations on the 
Present State of that Island Lond. 1716, 48 pp. 8» 

1123 — A Vindication of the late G-overnor and Council of 

Jamaica Lond. 1716, 32 pp. 8" 

1124 — A True Account of the late Pyracies of Jamaica, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1716, 36 pp. signed ' A. Wagstaffe.' 8° 

1125 — The Eepresentation and Memorial of the Council of the 

Island of Jamaica, hf. mor. Lond. 1716, title and 54 pp. 8° 

1126 — Articles Exhibited against Lord Archibald Hamilton, 

late Governour of Jamaica Lond. 1717, 8" 

Half-title, title, pp. v to viii and 1 to 32. 

1127 — The Politicks and Patriots of Jamaica. A Poem, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1718, 20 pp. S" 

1128 — The State of the Island of Jamaica. Chiefly in Eelation 

to its Commerce, and the Conduct of the Spaniards in the 

West- Indies, hf. mor. wants the last leaf hut one {pp. 77-8) 

Lond. 1726, title and pp. 3-79, 8" 

1129 — A New History of Jamaica, from the Earliest Accounts, 

to the taking of Porto Bello by Vice Admiral Vernon. 
In thirteen Letters from a Gentleman to his Eriend, 2nd ed. 
calf Lond. 1740, 8° 

Three hundred and forty-four pp. two Mapa. Contains a great deal 
relating to Morgan and the Buccaneers. — Rich. 

1130 — The Importance of Jamaica to Great Britain consider'd, 

hf. mor. Lond. [1744] title and 81 pp. 8° 

1131 — Mary Carver, Executrix of John Carver, Esq. and others, 

Appellants. David Polhill, Esq. and others, proprietors 
of shares in the Gold and Silver Mines in Jamaica, 
Respondents. The Appellants Case. To be heard at the 
Bar of the House of Lords on [Monday] the [second] day 
of [February], 1746 3 pp. large folio 

1132 — Mary Carver, and others [as preceding]. The Case of 

the Respondents on both these Appeals to be heard at the 
Bar of the House of Peers the day of , 1746, 

(respecting Gold and Silver Mines in Jamaica) 

7 pp. large folio 

1133 — A Short Account of the Interest and Conduct of the 

Jamaica Planters Lond. 1754, title and 21 pp. 8" 

1134 — Acts of Assembly, passed in the Island of Jamaica, from 

1681 to 1754 inclusive, old calf, fine copy Lond. 1756, folio 

Two prel. leaves ; 27 and 358 pp. ; followed by one leaf. ' An Abridg- 
ment of the Laws of Jamaica,' etc, 2 prel. leaves and iZ pp. 

' rOTTETH D ATI's SA,LE. 127 

Jamaica : continued. 

1135 — • The Jamaica Association Develop'd, hf. mor. 

Jamaica, 1755; Land. repr. 1757, 26 pp. 8" 

1136 — An Historical Account of the Sessions of Assembly for 

the Island of Jamaica, which began on Tuesday, the 23rd 
of Sept. 1755, containing a Vindication of his Excellency 
Charles Knowles, Esq. then Grovernor of that Island, half 
mor. Lond. 1757, 76 pp. 8" 

1137 — The History of Jamaica, or General Survey of the An- 

tient and Modern State of that Island, 3 vols, calf 

Lond. 1774, 4" 

Vol. I. Title, and 628 pp. Copper-plates numbered 1 to i. II. Title; 
and 600 pp. Plates numbered 5 to 15. III. Title, viii and pp. 595-976. 
Plate numbered 16. By Edward Long', Esq. The work has now become 
exceedingly rare. — NiehoU. 

1138 — Acts of Assembly, passed in the Island of Jamaica, from 

1770 to 1783, inclusive, hf. calf 

Kingston . . . Jamaica, 1786, 4° 
Three prel. leaves; 31 pp. and pp. 3-424. ' An Abridgment of the 
Laws of Jamaica, etc. by way of Index,' etc. 40 pp. 

3139 — The New Jamaica Almanack, and Register, calculated 
to the Meridian of the Island for the Year 1798, [2nd ed. 
carefully corrected], morocco 

Kingston: Stevenson and Airman [1798], 12" 
One hundred and fifty-seven pp. Index, etc. 15 pp. Map of Martinioo. 

1140 — The Eev. Mr. Cooper and his Calumnies against Jamaica, 

by a "West Indian, hf. mor. Jamaica, 1825, 67 pp. 8° 

1141 — Observations on the System by which Estates have been 

and are stiU Managed in Jamaica, and on the Apprentice- 
ship introduced by the recent Abolition Act 

Kdinb. 1836, 27 pp. 8» 

1142 — The Eevised Statutes of Jamaica, as to Crimes and Mis- 

demeanors, Analytically and Alphabetically Arranged to 
1842-3 _ Zond. 1844, 384 pp. 8<> 

1143 — Appendix to the Eeport of the Central Board of Health 

of Jamaica, uncut 
Spanish Town, F. M. Wilson, 1852, 3 pi. Is. and 282 pp. 8" 

0000 — See Brief {A) Journal ; Burroughs ; Coke 

1144 James (Thomas). The SiEANaE and Dansbeots Vot- 

AGE OE Captaine Thomas Iames, is his intended Dis- 


Sea : wherein the Miseries indvred both Going, Winter- 
ing, Eeturning, and the Earities obserued, both Philoso- 
phicall and Mathematical, are related in this lournaU of it, 
wants the map, Hue morocco extra ly Sayday 

Lond. hy lohn Legattfor lohn Partridge, 1633, 4" 

Three prel. leaves, viz. title, reverse blank. ' To the Kings most excel- 
lent and sacred Maiestie,' 3 pp. ' To my worthy friend and fellow-Tern- 

138 FOUETH day's SALE. 

plar Captaine lames,' signed ' Thomas Nash,' 1 page. ' The Printer de- 
sires,' etc. 1 page. 'Text, 120 pp. ' The Names of the seuerall instru- 
ments I prouided and bought for this Voyage,' 2 pp. ' This was the man- 
ner that we tooke the variation of the compasse,' etc. 4 pp. and blank leaf. 
' An Appendix touching Longitude,' 6 pp. signed ' H. Gellihrand.' ' To 
the venerable Artists and younger Students in Divinity in the famous 
Vniuersity of Cambridge,' 10 pp. signed ' X. Z.' This account, printed 
by King Charles's command, contains some remarkable physical observa- 
tions respecting the intensity of the cold and the accumulation of ice in 
northern latitudes. — Lowndes. 

1145 — The same. The Second Edition, revised and corrected 

Land. 1740, 5 prel. leaves and 142 pp. map, 8" 

1146 Janeway (James). Mr. James Janeway's Legacy to his 

Friends, containing Twenty-seven Pamous Instances of 
G-od's Providences in and about Sea Dangers and Deliver- 
ances, old calf Lond. Dormcm Nevomcm, 1674, 16" 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title and ' The Epistle to the Reader,' signed ' John 
Eyther ;' text, 134 pp. A great part of this book relates to New England, 
and other parts of America. 

1147 Janney (Thomas). An Epistle from Thomas Janney to 

Eriends of Cheshire, ^row^ margin mutilated 

Lond. T. Sowle, 1694, 8 pp. 4" 

1148 Japan. A Briefe Eolation of the Persecvtion lately made 

against the Catholike Christians in the Kingdome of 
laponia, deuided into Two Bookes. Taken out of the 
Annuall Letters of the Eathers of the Society of lesvs, and 
other Authenticall Informations. "Written in Spanish, and 
printed first at Mexico in the West Indies, the yeare of 
Christ 1616, and newly translated into English by W. W. 
Gent. The Eirst Part, old calf 

1619, 350 pp. 'The Table' 2 pp. 16" 

1149 Jay (Sir James) K.nt. M.D. of New York, A Letter to the 

Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, etc. in respect to 
the Collection that was made for the Colleges of New York 
and Philadelphia, hf. mor. Lond. 3774, title and 20 pp. 8" 

1150 Jay (James) Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis, de Eluore 

Albo, hf. mor. Mdvnh. 1753, 2 prel. leaves and 28 pp. 4" 

1151 Jay ("William) A Review of the Causes and Consequences 

of the Mexican "War, calf gilt, marbled edges 

Boston : Benjamin B. Mussey and Co. 1849, 383 pp. 12" 

1152 Jefierson (Thomas) Am. Sec. of State, Authentic Copies 

of the Correspondence of, and George Hammond, Esq. 
Minister Plenipotentiary of Great Britain, on the Non- 
Execution of Existing Treaties, the Delivering the Frontier 
Posts, etc. hf. mor. Philad. printed, Lond. repr. 1794, 8" 

Two Parts. Part I. Title and 89 pp. Fait II. Title and 1 1 pp. ' Papers 
relative to Great Britain,' 69 pp. These papers comprehend everything 
necessary to afford complete information with respect to the grounds of 
the disputes between Great Britain and America. — Bich. 

POTTETH day's SAIE. 129 

1153 Jefferys (Thomas) The Natural and Civil History of the 

Prench DomiQiona in North and South America, calf 

Lond. 1760, folio 
Part I. 4 pre), leaves and 168 pp.; 8 maps. Part 11. 2 prel. leaves and 
246 pp. ; 10 maps. 

1154 Jefferys (Thomas) A Description of the Spanish Islands and 

Settlements on the Coast of the West Indies, old calf 

Lond. 1762, 4° 
Three prel. leaves, xxiv and 106 pp.; Index, 2 pp.; with 32 maps and 

1155 Jefferys (Thomas) A Description of the Spanish Islands 

and Settlements on the Coast of the West Indies, 2nd Ed. 
halflormd Lond. 1774, 4» 

Three prel. leaves, xxiv and 106 pp.; Index, 2 pp.; with the 32 maps 
and plans. 

1156 Jefferys (Thomas) Voyages from Asia to America, for 

Completing the Discoveries of the North-west Coast of 
America ; to which is prefixed, a Summary of the Voyages 
made by the Russians on the Frozen Sea in search of a 
North-East Passage, 2nd Ed. 

Lond. 1764, 128 pp. and 2 maps, 4" 

1157 Jefferys (Thomas) The Great Probability of a North-west 

Passage, deducted from Observations on the Letter of 
Admiral De Fonte Lond. 1768, 4" 

One hundred and seventy-eight pag;es and 3 maps. Jefferys was rather 
the publisher than the author. The author, according to Meusel, was 
Theodore Swindrage ; hut is named by Watts, Dragge. 

1158 Jeverum (Jo.) Verzeichniss allerhand Pietistischer Intriguen 

imd Unordnungen, in Litthauen, vielen Stadten Teutsch- 
landes, Hungarn, und America 1729, title and 173 pp. 8° 

1159 John the Painter. A Short Account of the Motives which 

determined the Man called John the Painter, and a Justi- 
fication of his Conduct ; written by himself, and sent to 
his Friend, Mr. A. Tomkins, with a request to publish it 
after his execution, Jif mor. Lond. 1777, 4° 

Half-title, title, and 15 pp. 

1160 Johnson (Charles) A Greneral History of the Eobberies 

and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates, and also their 
Policies, Discipline and G-overnment, from their first Bise 
and Settlement in the Island of Providence in 1717 to 
the present year 1724 ; with the Eemarkable Actions and 
Adventures of the two Female Pyrates, Mary Read and 
Anne Bonny Lond. 1724, 8° 

Eleven prel. leaves and pp. 17-320; 3 copper-plates at pp. 86, 117, 202. 
An appropriate sequel to the History of the Buccaniers. 

1161 Johnson (Mrs. James) of Ckarlestown, JV. S. The Captive 

American ; containing an Account of the Sufferings of 
Mrs. Johnson during four years with the Indians and 
French, hf. mor. Air, 1802, 24 pp. 12° 


130 JOTTETH day's SALE. 

1162 Johnson (Samuel) D.D. of Connecticut. A Letter to Mr. 

Jonathan Dickinson, in defence of Aristocles to Authades, 
concerning the Sovereignty and Promises of Grod, hf. mor. 
Boston, Sogers and Fowle, 1747, 28 pp. 8" 

1163 Johnson (Samuel) The Christian indeed; explained in 

Two Sermons of Humility and Charity, preached at New- 
Haven, June 28, 1767, hf. mor. 

New Haven, Tho. cmd Sam. Oreen, 1768, 24 pp. 8° 

1164 Johnson (Samuel) A Demonstration of the Eeasonableness, 

Usefulness, and Great Duty of Prayer, hf. mor. 

New York, W. Weyman, 1760, 8" 

Twenty- eight pp.; 'A Letter to a Friend, relating to the same subject,' 
6 pp.; 'Advertisement' and 'A short I^aot on Mysteries,' 4 pp. 

GOOO Johnson (Samuel) LL.D. See Taxation no Tyranny ; 
Thoughts respecting the Falkland Islands. 

1166 Johnston (Thomas) Travels through Lower Canada, inter- 

spersed with Canadian Tales and Anecdotes 

Edinb. 1827, frontisp. and 96 pp. 12'' 

1167 Johnstone (Walter) A Series of Letters descriptive of 

Prince Edward Island, in the Gulph of St. Laurence 

Dumfries, 1822, 72 pp. 12" 

1168 Johnstone (Walter) Travels in Prince Edward Island, G-ulf 

of St. Lawrence, North America, in 1820-21 

Edinl. 1823, 132 pp. and map, 12" 

1169 Jones (Paul). Paul Jones, ou Propheties sur I'Amerique, 

I'Angleterre, la Prance, I'Espagne, la Hollande, etc. par 
Paul Jones, Corsaire, Prophete et Soreier comme il n'en 
fftt jamais, hf. mor. uncut [1^97], 120 pp. 8° 

1170 Jorgensen (Jorgen). State of Christianity in the Island of 

Otaheite Lond. 1811, title and 175 pp. 8" 

1171 Joseph (E. L.) History of Trinidad 

Trinidad, S. J. Mills, [1838], 281 pp. 12» 

1172 Joseph [Emperor of Germany'] and Benjamin [Franklin], 

a Conversation, translated from a Erench Manuscript 

Lond. 1787, 2 prel. leaves and 253 pp. 12° 

1173 JossELXN (John) Air Account of Two Voyages to 

New England, fine clean copy 

Mr Giles Widdows, 1674, sm. 8° 

License, 1 leaf preceding title ; Title ; Dedication and Errata, 2 leaves ; 
text, 279 pp. followed by 3 pp. of advertisementSi 

1174 Joutel, A Journal of the last Voyage Perform'd by Monsr. 

de la Sale, to the Gulph of Mexico, to find out the Mouth 
of the Missisipi Eiver, cf. Lond. 1714, 8" 

Sixteen prel. leaves, 205 pp. and 5 pp. of Index. Charlevoix speaks highly 
of Joutel, and of the services he rendered to M. de la Sale, in his unfor- 
tunate expedition. — Rich, 

rorETH DAT S SALE. 131 

1175 JoTJBDAN. A Plaine Desceiption of the Baemtdas, 

NOW CAiiiED SoMMBE Ilands ; With the Manner of their 
Disconerie anno 1609, by the Shipwrack and admirable 
Deliuerance of Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Sommers, 
wherein are truly set forth the commodities and profits of 
that rich, pleasant and healthfuU covntrie, cut close, and 
the last page in exact facsimile by Harris, blue mor. extra, 
by Bedford 

Lond. by W. Stansby, for W. Welby, 1613, 4° 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title, the reverse Wank ; ' To the trvly Honorable 
and Right Woi-thy Enight Sir Thomas Smith,' etc. 6 pp. in roman letter, 
signed ' W. C. ;' text in large ISIatS letter in 20 unnumbered leaves ; 
' A Copie of the Articles,' etc. 3 pp. in roman type. Not mentioned by 
Rich, nor does Lowndes refer to the sale of any copy. 

1176 Juan (George) and A. de Ulloa, A Voyage to South America : 

describing at large the Spanish Cities, Towns, Provinces, 
etc. on that extensive Continent, 2 vols, calf Lond. 1758, 8" 

Vol. I. zxiv and 509 pp. Vol. II. 3 prel. leaves ; and 420 pp. Index 
18 pp. Plates in the two volumes numbered i to vii. 

1177 — The same, 2nd Ed. calf Lond. 1760, 8" 
Vol. I. xxiv and 498 pp. Plates i to v. Vol. II. 2 prel. leaves; and 410 pp. 

Index 18 pp. Plates vi and vii. 

1178 — The same, 3rd Ed. 2 vols, calf Lond. 1772, 8° 
Vol. I. xxiv and 479 pp. Plates i to v. Vol. II. 2 prel. leaves, and 

419 pp. Index 14 pp. Plates vi and vii. 

1179 — The same, 5th Ed. 2 vols, calf Lond. 1807, 8" f" 
Vol. I. xxvii and 479 pp. Plates i to v. Vol. II. iv and 419 pp. Index 

14 pp. Plates vi and vii. 

1180 — The same, Another Ed. 2 vols. cf. Dublin. 1758, 8° 

Vol. I. 378 pp. Plates at pp. 127, 159, 341. Vol. II. 2 prel. leaves, and 
text pp. 9-356. Plates at pp. 15, 192. 

1181 Juan (George) Historiche Eeisbeschryving van geheel Zuid- 

America, 2 vols, uncut Qravenliage, 1771-72, 8° 

Vol. I. 4 prel. leaves ; xxiv and 428 pp. Frontispiece and plates i to xii. 
II. viii, iv, and 407 pp. Plates xiii to xxv. 

1182 Julius (N. H.) Nordamerikas sittliche Zustande. JS'ach 

eigenen Anschauungen in den Jahren 1834, 1835, und 
1886, 2 vols, unmt Leipz. 1839, 80 

Vol. I. xxviii and 514 pp. Map. II. xxii and 504 pp. 67 'Tafel' and 13 

1183 Julian (Antonio) La Perla de la America, Provincia de Santa 

Marta, reconocida, observado, y expuesta en discursos his- 
toricos, Jif. cf. Madrid, 1787, title and 310 pp. 4." 

1184 Judson (L. Carroll). A Biography of the Signers of the De- 

claration of Independence, and of "Washington and Patrick 
Henry. With an Appendix, containing the Constitution 
of the United States and other Documents 

FhiladelpMa, Dobson and Cowperthwait, 1839, 8" 
ix and 9-354 pp. 

132 rOTJETH DAt's SAIE. 

1185 Kalm (Peter) Travels into North America, 3 vols. 

Warrington, William M/res, 1770, 8° 

Vol. I. xvi and 400 pp. • Advertisement,' 1 page. Copperplates at pp. 
273 & 322. II. London, T. Lowndes, MDCCLXXI. 352 pp. Copper- 
plates at pp. 79, 82,90,274. III. London, T. Lowndes, MDCCLXXI. 
■viii and 310 pp. Index 14 pp. List of Subscribers, 8 pp. Map of 
North America. A valuable work. The author's name has been immor- 
talized by Linnaeus, in the beautiful Genus Kalmia, so common in the 
United States. — Mich. 

1186 Kamsehatka (Histoire de), des Isles Eurilski, et des con- 

trees voisines, 2 vols, calf Lyon, B. Duplain, 1767, 12'' 
Vol. 1. 4 prel. leaves; xv and 327 pp. With ' Carte de Kamtschatka. II. 
4 prel. leaves, and 359 pp. With ' Carte des Isles Kurilski.' 

1187 Keath (Sir WiUiam) A Collection of Papers and other 

Tracts, written occasionally, 2nd Ed. Land. 1749, 12° 

Eleven prel. leaves, and 228 pp. 

1188 Keating. The G-enuine Narrative of the Life and Transac- 

tions of Major Maurice Keating, the noted Pirate and 
Murderer, who was executed on Monday the 27th of De- 
cember, 1784, at Cuckold's-Point, near Port-Eoyal, in the 
Island of Jamaica, to which is added, A True and Faithful 
Account of the Loss of the Brigantine Tyrrell, and the 
uncommon Hardships suffered hy the Crew, hf. mar. 

Land. [1784] 16 pp. 8» 

1189 Keating (William H.) Narrative of an Expedition to the 

Source of St. Peter's Eiver, Lake "Winnepeek, Lake of the 
Woods, etc. performed in the year 1823, by order of the 
Hon. J. 0. Calhoun, Secretary of War, 2 vols, uncut 

Philadelphia, H. C. Ga/rey and J. Lea, 1824, 8* 
Vol. I. 7 prel. leaves, and pp. 9-439. With 5 plates. II. 3 prel. leaves, 
and pp. 5-459. With 10 plates. 

1190 -^ The same, another edition, 2 vols, ^mcut Lond. 1825, 8" 
Vol. I. xvi and 458 pp. With 5 plates. Vol. II. vi and 248 pp. ' Ap- 
pendix.' 156 pp. 3 folded Sheets and 10 plates. 

1191 Keene (Eichard Eaynal) A Letter of Vindication to Colonel 

Munroe, President of the United States, uncut 

Lond. 1824, 86 pp. 8» 

1192 Keith (GtEOege) The Peesbxteeian and Independent 

VISIBLE CnrECHEs in New-England and elsewhere, 
brought to the Test, and examined accordiag to the Doc- 
trin of the Holy Scriptures, in their Doctrin, Ministry, 
Worship, Constitution, G-overnment, Sacraments, and 
Sabbath Day, more particularly directed to those in New- 
England Lond. 1691, 4 prel. leaves and 230 pp. sm. 8» 

1193 Keith (G-eoege) The Notes of the True Church, with the 

Application of them to the Church of England, and the 
great Sin of Separation from Her, a Sermon preached at 
Trinity Church in New York, hf. mor. 

New York, Will. Bradford, 1704, 40 
Four prel. leaves ; viz. Title and Epistle, and 20 pp. 


1194 Keith (Geoege) The great Necessity and TJse of tlie Holy 

Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper, a Sermon 
preached at Trinity Church in New Tork, lif. mor. 

New York, W. Bradford, 1704, 24 pp. 4° 

1195 Kennedy (Archibald) Serious Considerations on the Pre- 

sent State of the Affairs of the Northern Colonies, hf. mor. 
New York, printed : Land. repr. fl754] 24 pp. 8" 

1196 Kent (James) Commentaries on American Law, ninth and 

best edition, 4 vols, calf Boston, 1858, 8° 

Vol. I. xxxvi and 687 pp. II. Ixxii and 877 pp. III. Iv and 662 pp. 
IV. xlvii and 709 pp. 

1197 Kentucky, A Description of, to which are prefixed Miscel- 

laneous Observations respecting the United States 

[Bond.'] 1792, 124 pp. 8° 

1198 Ker (John), of Kersland, Memoirs of, 8rd Ed. 2 vols./»e 

copy, half calf Lond. 1727, 8° 

Three Parts in Two Volumes. Part I. 8 prel. leaves, 180 pp. Index 4 pp. 
Part II. 1726. Title, viii and 184 pp. Index 6 pp. Part III. and 
Last. 2 prel. leaves, vi and 221 pp. ' Remarks,' etc. 1727. 160 pp. 
' Appendix.' 16 pp. 

1199 Kidd (Captain WiUiam), A fuU Account of the Proceedings 

in relation to, in two Letters, hf. mor. Lond. 1701, 4° 

Four prel. leaves and 51 pp. Captain Kidd was employed by the Earl of 
Bellomont, to whom his Letters are addressed, to act against the pirates 
who infested the coasts of North America, in 1696, but turned pirate 
himself. — Bich, 

1200 — The same, 2nd Ed. hf. mor. Bond. 1701, 41 pp. 4° 

1201 Kingsley (James Luce) A Historical Discourse, delivered 

by request before the Citizens of New Haven, April 25, 
1838, the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Eirst Set- 
tlement of the Town and Colony 

New Haven, B. and W. Noyes, 1838, 115 pp 8° 

1202 Kirby. An Account of the Arraignments and Tryals of 

Col. Eichard Kirby, Capt. John Constable, Capt. Cooper 
"Wade, Capt. Samuel Vincent, and Capt. Christopher Eogg, 
for Cowardice, Neglect of Duty, Breach of Orders, and 
other Crimes, committed by them in a Eight at Sea, com- 
menced the 19th of August, 1702, hf. mor. Bond, folio 

Title and 10 pp. 

1203 Knox (John) An Historical Journal of the Campaigns in 

North America, for the years 1757-60, 2 vols, half calf 

Bond., for the Author, 1769, 4° 

Vol. I. 8 prel. leaves, 405 pp. and 1 leaf of errata. Large Map and Por- 
trait of Gen. Amherst. Vol. II. Title and 465 pp. with 1 leaf of errata. 
Portrait of Wolfe. A very valuable collection of materials towards a 
history of our late war in North America. — 31. Bev, 

134 FOITBTH bay's SALE. 

1204 Koster (Henry) Travels in Brazil, calf Lord. 1816, 4» 

Five hundred and thirteen pp., 10 plates. 

1205 — The same, 2nd Ed. 2 vols. Ms. rnicut Lond. 1817, 8" 
Vol. I. xii and 406 pp. 8 plates. Vol. II. iv and 380 pp. 2 plates. 








By Messrs. PUTTICK and SIMPSON, 

On "WEDiffiSBAT, Maech 20, 1861, and Theee following Dats. 


I. The tigtest Bidder to be the Buyer ; and if any d.ispute arise 
between two or more Bidders, the Lot so disputed to be immediately 
put up again and resold. 

II. No person to advance less than Is. ; above Pive Pounds, 2s 6d, 
and so on in proportion. 

III. The Purchasers to give in their names and Places of Abode, 
and to pay down 5s in the Pound, if required, in Part Payment of the 
Purchase-money ; in Default of which the Lot or Lots so purchased 
shall be immediately put up again and resold. 

IV. The Lots to be taken away at the Buyer's Expense and Risk 
within three days from the conclusion of the Sale, and the remainder 
of the Purchase-money to be absolutely paid, or otherwise settled for 
to the satisfaction of the Vendor, on or before delivery ; in default 
of which Messrs. Puttick and Simpson will not hold themselves re- 
sponsible, if the Lots be lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, but they 
will be left at the sole risk of the Purchaser. 

V. The Books are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise expressed 
in the Catalogue, or at the time of Sale ; but if upon collating within 
one week of the Sale, they should prove defective, the Purchaser wiU 
be at liberty to take or reject them. 

VI. The sale of any Book or Books is not to be set aside on account 
of any Stained or Short leaves of Text or Plates, want of List of Plates, 
or on account of the Publication of any subsequent Volume, Sup- 
plement, Appendix, or Plates. AU the Manuscripts, all Magazines, 
and Eeviews, aU Books in Lots, and all Tracts in Lots or Volumes 
and all Books described as being in any way imperfect, will be sold 
with all Paults, Imperfections, and Errors of Description, The sale 
of any lot of Prints or Drawings in Illustrated Books, or otherwise, is 
not to be set aside on account of any error in the enumeration of the 
numbers stated, or for any error of description therein. 

VII. Upon failure of complying with the above Conditions, the money 
deposited in part Payment shall be forfeited; and all Lots left uncleared, 
in conformity with these conditions, may be re-sold by pubho or private 
Sale without further notice ; and the Deficiency (if any) arising from 
such re-sale, shall be made good by the Defaulter at this Sale, together 
with aU charges attending the same. This condition is without 
prejudice to the right of the Auctioneers to enforce the contract made 
at this Sale, without such re-sale, if they think fit. 

*^* No Lots can be delivered at the time of Sale. 

Gentlemen ivJio cannot attend the Sale, may have their Commissiom 
faithfully executed, ly their obedient Servants, 


Auction Eooms for the sale of 
Literary Property, Music, and Works of Art, 
47, Leicester Sqtjabb. 

*4j* Libraries Catalogued, Arranged, and Valued for the Probate or 
Legacy Duty, or for Pubhc or Private Sale. 

Small consignments of Books, Music, etc. received and inserted in 
occasional Sales with property of a kindred description, thus giving 
the same advantages to the owner of a few lots as to the possessor of 
a large collection. 

Established, in Piccadiht, 1794. 








1206 Labat (Jean Baptiste) Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de 

I'Amerique, 6 vols, old calf La Raye, 1724, 12" 

I. 15 prel. leaves; viz. Collective title, title, table des chapitres, and pre-- 
face ; text, 504 pp. ; map at p. 1 and 14 plates. II. 4 prel. leaves, and 
676 pp. ; 21 plates. III. 3 prel. leaves, and 528 pp. ; 29 plates. IT. 4 
prel. leaves, and 539 pp. ; 1 3 plates. V. 4 prel. leaves, and 504 pp. ; 
5 plates. VI. 3 prel. leaves, and 514 pp.; Table des matieres, 58 pp.; 
9 plates. 

1207 Labat. Nouveau Voyage. Another ed. 2 vols, old calf 

La Raye, 1724, 4* 
Vol. I. 11 prel. leaves; including a list of the 66 maps and plates in the 
two volumes; Texte premiere partie, 175 pp.; seconde partie, 360 pp. 
II. 4 prel. leaves; text, 520 pp. ; ' Table des matieres,' 20 pp. 

1208 Labat. Nouveau Voyage, nouvelle edition augmentee con- 

siderablement, 8 vols, old calf Paris, 1742, 12" 

Vol. 1. 36 pp. and 7 prel. leaves ; text, 472 pp.; portrait, 20 maps and plates. 
II. 3 prel. leaves, and 444 pp. ; 17 maps and plates. III. 3 prel. leaves, 
and 475 pp. ; 31 plates. IV. 2 prel. leaves, and 533 pp. ; 12 plates. V. 
3 prel. leaves, and 418 pp. VI. 2 prel. leaves, and 502 pp. ; 14 plates. 
VII. 6 and 516 pp. ; 5 plates. VIII. 3 prel. leaves, and 437 pp. ; 
Privilege du Roi, 7 pp. ; 4 plates. 

1209 Lajjt (Jean de) Beschrijvinghe van West-Indien, 8rd edit. 
fine copy, half calf Ley den, Elseviers, 1630, folio 
Fourteen prel. leaves, including half-title, engraved title, and register of 

maps (of which there are 14), on the reverse Errata; text, 622 pp.; 
'Register,' 17 pp. Rich does not mention this edition. In noticing that 
of 1633 (next No.) he says, " Meusel speaks highly of its merits and 
its rarity." The work is much commended by Charlevoix. 

1210 Laet (Jean de) J!^ovvs Orbis, sen Deseriptionis Indies Oc- 

cidentalis, libri XVIII. old calf, fine copy 

Lvgd. Batav. apud JSlzevirus, 1633, folio 
Sixteen prel. leaves, including the half-title, engraved title, and list of 
maps (of which there are 14) ; text, 690 pp. ; index, 1 7 pp. 


13S FIFTH DAT's sale. 

1211 Laet ( Jban de) L'Histoire dv Nouveau Monde, ou descrip- 
tion des Indes Occidentales, old calf 

Leyde, chez B. et A. Mseuiers, 1640, folio 

fourteen piel. leaves, including title, list of maps (of which there are 14), 
preface, table of chapters, and list of illustrations ; text, 682 pp. and 
index 6 leaves. 

1212 Lafitau (JosepH Francois) Histoire des Deeouvertea et Con- 

questes des Portugais dans le Nouveau Monde, 4 vols, tmcut 

Paris, 1734, sm. 8" 

■Vol. I. Frontispiece, 3 prel. leaves, 40 and 432 pp. ; map and 5 plates, 

II. Title and 381pp.; 'Table, I. and II. tomes,' 79 pp.; 3 plates. 

III. Title and 512 pp.; 2 plates. IV. Title and 388 pp.; 'Table,' 
III. and IV. tomes, Approbation, Privilege, and Errata, 149 pp.; 5 

1213 [Lafitau (Joseph Francois)] Algemeine G-eschichte der 

Lander und Volker von America, 2 vols, vellum 

Halle, 1752, 4" 

Vol.1. Frontispiece and 23 prel. leaves ; text, 688 pp. ; map at p. 13, and 
plates numbered 1 to 41. II. 11 prel. leaves, and 905 pp.; Register, 63 
pp. : 25 maps and plates. 

1214 La Hontan (Baron de) ISTouveaux Voyages dans I'Amerique 

Septentrionale, first edition, 2 vols, old calf 

La Haye, 1703, 12" 

Vol. I. 12 prel. leaves, and 279 pp. ; 15 maps and plates. II. 220 pp.; 
table, 16 pp. ; map and 13 plates. 

1215 La Hontan (Baron de) Voyages, 2nd Ed. 2 vols, old calf 

Amst. 1705, 12" 
Vol. I. 10 prel. leaves, including frontispiece; and 376 pp. ; 2 maps and 
11 plates. II. Title, and pp. 5-336; table, 2 pp.; map and 9 plates. 

1216 La Hontan (Baron de) New Voyages to North America, 

the second edition. A great part of which never printed in 
the original, 2 vols, old calf Land. 1735, 8° 

Vol. I. 12 prel, leaves, and 280 pp. ; 10 maps and plates. II. 304 pp. ; 
10 plates. 

1217 La Hontan. Dialogues de Monsieur le Baron de La Hontan 

et d'un Sauvage, dans I'Amerique. Contenant une descrip- 
tion exacte des moeurs et des couturaes de ces Peuples 8au- 
vages Amst. 1704, 120 

Eight prel. leaves, and 103 pp. ; plate at p. 1. Not mentioned by 

1218 Lamb (R.) An Original and Authentic Journal of Occur- 

rences during the late American War, to the year 1783, cf. 

Dublin, 1809, 8" 
Six prel. leaves, and pp. 5-438 ; ' Order,' 1 p. at p. 158. 

1219 Lambrechtsen (N. C.) Korte Beschrijving van de ontdek- 

king en der verdere lotgevallen van Nieuw-Nederland, uncut 
{New Tork) Middellmrg, 1818, 8" 
Two prel. leaves, 102 pp. and map. 

pirTH bat's sale. 139 

1220 Larrafiaga (Bruno Trancisco) Prospeeto de una Eneida 

Apostolica, 6 Epopeya, que celebra la predicacion del V. 
Apostol del Occidents P. Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesus : In- 
titulada Margileida. Escrita con puros versos de P. Virgilio 
Maron, y traducida a verso Castellano ; La que se propone 
al publico de esta America septentrional por Subscripcion, 
half morocco 

Mexico, en la Imprenta nuem Madrilena, 1788, 4" 
Two prel. leaves, and 28 pp. 

1221 Las Casas (Baetholome be). A complete Series of his 

rare B;elations of Transactions with the Indians. In 1 vol. 
morocco extra, hy Sedford, heautiful large copy, with many 
rough leaves, A peesentation copy with atttogeaph of 


I. Aqui se contiene vna disputa o controuersia entre el Obispo 
Earth, de las Casas y el doctor Grines de Sepulueda, 62 leaves 
{the last blank) Sevilla, 1552, 4"> 

II. Aqui se cotiene treynta proposiciones muy juridicas, 10 
leaves ib. 1552, 4° 

III. Aqui se cgtiene vnos auisos y reglas para los confessores, 
10 leaves ib. 1552, 4° 

IV., IV.* Breuissima relacion de la destruycion de las Indias, 
54 leaves (the last four leaves, or sig. g, consist of a separate 
Tract, commencing IJo que se sigue es vnpedaqo de vna carta) 

ib. 1552, 4" 

V. Entre los remedies q Earth, de Las Casas refirio por man- 
dad, del Emperador, 54 leaves (the last blanle) ib. 1552, 4° 

VI. Este es vn tratado q el obispo Earth, de Las Casas com- 
puso por Commission del Consejo Eeal de las Indias, 12 
leaves ib. 1552, 4° 

VII. Principia queda ex quibus procedendum est in disputa- 
tione ad manifestandam defendendam et iusticiam Tndo- 
rum, 10 leaves ib. 1552, 4° 

VIII. Tratado coprobatorio del Imperio soberano y principado 
vniuersal que los Eeyes de Castilla y Leon tienen sobre las 
Indias, 84 leaves ib. 1552, 4" 

1222 Another copy of Wo. I. Sevilla, 1552, 4f> 

1223 Another copy of No. V. ib. 1552, 4» 

1224 Another copy of No. VI. ib. 1552, 4» 

1225 Another copy of No. VEIL ib. 1552, 4P 

1226 Las Casas (Baetholome be) The Spanish Colonie, ob 

Beiefe Cheonicle oe the Acts and gestes op the 
Spaniaebes in the "West Inbies, caUed the newe World, 
written in the Castilian tongue, and now first translated 
into English, byM. M. S. very fine copy, russia extra, by O. 
Hering Lond. for William Srome, 1583, 4° 

Eight pvel. leaves; text, 52 leaves in black letter, signatures A to N in 

fours ; ' To the reader,' 14 leaves in roman type ; signatures to Q in 

fours, B in tvo. 

140 FirTH day's sale. 

1227 Las Casas (Baetholome de) Fewe Welt. Warhafftig^ 

Anzeigung der Hispanier grewlichen, abschewlichen vnd 
vnmensclilicben Tyranney, von ihnen inn den Indianischen 
Landern, unbound 1597, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves and 158 pp. ; Register, 12 pp. 

1228 Las Casas (Baetholome de) Spieghel der Spaensclier 

tjrannye, in West-Indian, 6latfe letter 

Ainst. Cornells Claesz, 1607, 4° 
Forty-four leaves, including title, ■with map of America engraved on 
the title, the reverse blank ; ^signatures A to L in fourSj the last leaf 

1229 Las Casas (Baetholome de) Den Spieghel vande Spa- 

ensche Tyrannie, iilacfe letter Amst. Corn. Claesz, 1609, 4° 
Title with copperplate engraving, the reverse blank, and plates numbered 1 
to VI, with letterpress description at foot of each, 

1230 Las Casas (Baetholome de) Le Miroir de la Tyrannie 

Espagnole Perpetree aux Indes Occidentales, old calf 

Amst. Icm Eeertss, Cloppenburg, 1620, 4° 
Sixty-eight folioed leaves including title within an engraved border of 
figures, and plates with the text on folios S, 6,8, 11, 14, 18,20,21, 
24, 27, 29, 30, 33, 49, 53, 55, 65. 

1231 Las Casas (Baetholome de) Istoria h breuissima rela- 

tione della Distrrttione dell' Indie Occidentali, vellum 

Venetia, Marco Oinammi, 1626, 4° 
Eight prel. leaves and 154 pp. Libri Stampati & Errori 2 pp. 

1232 Las Casas (Baetholome de) Tyrannies et Crvavtez des 

Espagnols, Commises es Indes Occidentales, old calf 

Itoven, lacques OailloUe, 1630, 4° 
Eleven prel. leaves, and 214 pp. 

1233 Las Casas (Baetholome de) La Liberta Pretesa dal 

supplice Schiauo Indiano, isellzim 

Venetia, Marco Gmammi, 1640, 158 pp. 4" 

1234 Las Casas (Baetholome de) Histoire des Indes Occi- 

dentales, vellvm 

Lyon, lean Gaffin and F. Plaignard, 1642, sm. 8° 

Four prel. leaves, and 299 pp. 

1235 Las 'Casas (Baetholome de). Conqvista dell' Indie 

Occidentali, vellvm 

Venetia, Marco Qinammi, 1645, 184 pp. 8° 

1236 Las Casas (Baetholome de) The Tears of the Indians : 

being an Historical and true Account of the Cruel Mas- 
sacres and Slaughters of above Twenty Millions of innocent 
People ; committed by the Spaniards in the Island of His- 
paniola, Cuba, Jamaica, &e. As also, in the Continent of 
Mexico, Peru, and other Places of the West Indies, old cf. 
Lond. hy J. G.for Nath. Brook, 1656, sm. 8" 
Fifteen prel. leaves; text 134 pp. Plate by ' R. Gaywood,' after p. 134 
a leaf bearing in two lines lengthways, -the title, "The Historical Re- 
lation of the Spanish Massacres in the West Indies." 

FIFTH day's sale. 141 

1237 Las Casas (Baetholome de) La Decouverte des Indes 

Occidentales, par les Espagnols, old calf 

Paris, Andre' Prelard, 1697, 12" 
Six prel. leaves including engraved title ; text 382 pp ; table 2 pp. 

1238 Las Casas (Baethoiomb be) Eelation des Voyages et 

des decouvertes que les Espagnols ont fait dans lea 
Indes Occidentales, old calf 

Amst. J. Louis de Lorme, 1698, 12° 

Six prel. leaves, including Frontispiece ; text 402 pp. Catalogue, 2 pp. 
blank leaf; followed by ' L'Art de Voyager Utilement. Suivant la 
Copie de Paris. A Amsterdam, Chez J. Louis de Lorme Libraire sur 
le Rockin, a I'enseigne de la Liberie.' MDOZCVIII.' 2 prel. leaves 
and 52 pp. 

1239 Las Casas (Baethoiome be) An Account of the First 

Voyages and Discoveries made by the Spaniards in America. 
To which is added, the Art of Travelling, old calf 

Land. J. Barly for D. Brown, etc. 1699, 8° 
Four prel. leaves ; text 248 pp. ' The Art of Travelling to Advantage,' 
40 pp. 2 plates, each in two leaves at page 1. 

1240 Las Casas (Baetholome be) Breve Eelacion de la De- 

struccion de las Indiaa Occidentales, uncut Lond. 1812, 12" 
Half-title, title, and 140 pp. 

1241 Laso de la Vega. Por D. Antonio de Cordova Laso de la 

Vega, Capitan de las Guardas de el G-overnador, y Tenieute 
G-eneral de la Cavalleria del Eeyno de Chile. Con El 
Seiior Eiscal del Consejo de Indias, y el Promotor Eiscal 
de Cobran^as de el, imbound 

\_Idma, 1620 ?] 4 unnumbered leaves, folio 

1242 Lasso be la Vega (Gtabeiel) Elogios ws iooe be 

xos Tees Pamosos Vaeoites Don Iatme Eet be Aea- 
GON, Don Peenanbo Coetes Maeques bei Valbe, t 
Don Aluaeo be Ba^an Maeqbes de SAfrTACEUz, fine 
copy, old calf Garagoqa por Alonso Rodriguez, 1601, 16° 

Eight prel. leaves and 1 44 folioed leaves. On the title of this copy is 
the autograph of Stephen Baluzitjs, the ecclesiastical historian. 

1243 Lathrop (John) Pastor, of Boston, A Discourse Preached, 

Dec. 15th, 1774. Being the day to be observed in thanks- 
giving to Grod for the blessings enjoyed ; and humiliation 
on account of public calamities, uncut 
Boston : D. Kneeland, sold ly Sam. Webb, 1774, 39 pp. 8° 

1244 Lathrop (Joseph) Pastor, West Springfield, Two Sermons on 

the Christian Sabbath, uncut 

Northampton, {Mass.) William Butler, 1803, 28 pp. 8° 

1245 Latour (A. Lacarriere) Historical Memoir of the War in 

West Plorida and Louisiana in 1814-15, with an Atlas, cf. 
extra, uncut Philadelphia: John Conrad and Co. 1816, 8° 
XX auij 264 pp. • Appendix,' cxc pp. With 7 coloured maps and plans. 

142 FIFTH bat's sale. 

.1246 Law. An extract from a Treatise by William Law, M.A. 

caEed, The Spirit of Prayer Philadelphia : printed hy 

B. Feanelin, and D. Hall, 1760, 47 pp. 8" 

1247 Lawson (Deodat) Cbrist's Fidelity the only Shield 

against Satan's Malignity, in a Sermon deliver'd at Salem- 
Village the 24th of March, 1692, being Lecture-day there, 
and a time of Publick Examination, of some suspected for 
"Witchcraft, 2nd Ed.^we copy, half calf 

Printed at Boston in New-England,' and reprinted in 
London ly B. Toleey for the Author ; etc. 1704, 12° 

Six prel. leaves, and 120 pp. 

1248 Lawson (John) Surveyor General of N. Carolina, A New 

Voyage to Caeolina ; containing the Exact Description 
and Natural History of that country ; together with the Pre- 
sent State thereof ; and a Journal of a Thousand Miles, 
travelled through several Nations of Indians. Giving a 
particular account of their Customs, Manners, etc.flne copy, 
calf Land. 1709, 4» 

Title, reverse blank; Dedication to Lord Craven 2pp.; Preface 2 pp. j 
Introduction and Journal, 60 pp.; Description of North Carolina, 
pp. 61 to 258; Lately published etc. 1 page. Map at p. 61, and 
plate of animals at p. 125. This copy is as it was originally published 
in numbers, having the several titles to the April, May, June and 
July numbers, 1709. Mr. Rich says that the plate of animals is found 
in very few copies, and quotes an American paper which mentions that 
a copy has sold in South Carolina for siaty dollars. 

1249 LECHroED (Thomas) Plain Deahng: or, Nbttes fbom 

New-England. A short view of New Englands present 
Government, both Bcclesiasticall and Civil, compared with 
the anciently received and established government of Eng- 
land, in some material points ; fit for the gravest considera- 
tion iu these times,^e copy, calf extra, by Bedford. 

Lond.for Nath. Butter, 1642, 4" 
Pour prel. leaves ; viz. Title, on the reverse Royal Arms ; ' To the 
Reader, 5 pp. 'A Table' etc. 1 page ; Text 80 pp. 

1250 Ledeeee (John) The Discoteeies of, in three several 

Marches from Tirginia to the West of Carolina, and other 

parts of the Continent. Translated by Sir W. Talbot, mor. 

Lond. hy J. G.for S. Heyrich, 1672, 4" 

Title ; Dedication to Lord Ashley, 2 pp.; " To the Reader," 2 pp. ; 
folded Map " of the whole Territory traversed by lohn Lederer •" 
text, pp. 1 — 27. Lederer appears to have been regarded by the 
Virginians with no little jealousy, but, in the face of some misgivings, 
he seems to have won the good opinions of his patron and translator' 
Sir W. Talbot, who states that he found him to be " a modest ino-e- 
nious person, and a pretty scholar." ° 

1251 Lee. Memoirs of the life of the late Charles Lee, Esq. Lieut. 

Col. of the 44th Eegiment, and Second in Command in the 
service of the United States of America during the Revolu- 
tion : to which are added his Political and Military Essays ; 
also Letters, old calf Bull. 1792, xii and 439 pp. 8" 


1252 Lee (Charles), Life of. Another edition, calf 

New Torh, R. Scott, 1813, 4 prel. leaves and pp. 13-352, 12° 

1253 Leeds (Daniel). Ajst Almanack foe the Teae op 

Christian Accottnt, 1687. Particularly respecting the 
Meridian and Latitude of Burlington, but may indifferently 
serve all places adjacent. By Daniel Leeds, Student in 
Agriculture Printed and Sold hy William Bradford, near 
Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, pro Anno 1687 

a broadside, folio 
No perfect copy is known. This sheet Almanac is said to exhibit the first 
printing executed at Philadelphia. The present copy is only a fragment 
of about three-eighths of the whole, but it has the lower right-hand 
corner, with the date 1687. The reprint, made up from the two 
or three imperfect copies in various hands, is added. 

1254 Leeten en Daben bee Dooeluchtighstb Zee Helben 

en Ontdeekers van Landen, deser eeuwen. Beginnende met 
Christoffel Colombus, Vindervan de Nieuwe Wereldt, 2 vols, 
in 1, calf extra, by Clarke and Bedford 

Amst. Jan Glaesz. 1676, 4" 

Vol. I. rive prel. leaves ; viz, engraved title ; title, on the reverse 
' Privilegie. Portrait of De Ruyter. ' Op-dracht' 2 pp. 'Aen den Lezer,' 
and ' Register.' 2 pp. Text 350 pp. 13 plates. II. 2 and 303 pp. 
' Register.' 7 pp. 17 plates. 

1255 Leeven en Daaden, etc. Another edition, velhtm 

Amst. Jan ten Hoorn, en Jan Bowman, 1683, 4° 
Eight prel. leaves ; Text 784 pp. ' Register.' 7 pp. 28 plates. 

1256 Leguat (Prangois) Degevaarlyke en Zeldzame Eeyzen.^we 

copy Utrecht, 1708, 4° 

Eng. frontispiece ; title ; Dedication, I leaf ; Preface, 5 leaves ; Text, 
178 pp.; Table, 14 pp.; Maps at pp. 1, 25, 100 ; Plates at pp. 44, 66, 
93, 140. 

1257 Leigh (Egerton) Extracts from the Proceedings of the High 

Court of Vice- Admiralty, in Charlestown, South Carolina, 
upon Six several Informations, 2d. ed. with an Appendix 

Charlestown, David Bruce, 1769, iv and 64 pp. folio 

1258 Lejarza (Juan Jose Martinez de). Analsis Estadistico de 

la Provincia de Michuacan, en 1822. Por J. J. L. 

Mexico, 1824, 4? 
Two prel. leaves, ix and 281 pp. Tabla Num. 1-7. 

1259 Leo Aeeioanus (Jean) Historiale Description de 1' Afriqve, 

Tierce partie dv Monde, Contenant ses Eoyaumes, Begions, 
Viles, Citez, Chateaus at forteresses ; lies, Pleuues, Anima- 
us, tant aquatiques, que terrestres; coutumes, loix, religion 
et fagon de faire des habitas, auec pourtraits de leura 
habis, calf extra, marh. edges Anvers, 1556, 8° 

Sixteen prel. leaves ; text 412 folioed leaves. ' Indice des piincipales 

matieres,' etc., 48 pp. Translated from Ramusius, and hence pertains 

to the suite of his Relations. 

1260 Leon (Antonio de) Politica de las Grandezas y Govierno 

del Svpremo y Eeal Consejo de las Indias, vellum 

[Lima, 1658 ?] title and 20 foUoed leaves, 4» 



1261 Leon (Antonio de) Epitome de ia Biblioteca Oeien- 

TAL I Occidental, N^utica i Greografica, half calf, from tJie 

Colbert Library Madrid, luan Gonzalez, 1629, 4° 

Engraved title and 43 prel. leaves ; Text 186 pp. ' Appendice.' xii pp. 

and Colophon leaf. The first Catalogue of iooks relating to America, 

afterwards edited and reprinted by Bai'cia under the name of Pinelo, 

a surname adopted by Leon, 

1262 Leon Pinelo (Antonio de) Vida del Ilvstr. i Eeverend. 

Don Toribio Alfonso Mogrovejo Arzobispo de Lima, calf 

[Lima^ 1653, 4" 
Twenty-four prel. leaves and 421 pp. With portrait of Toribius Alfonsus 

1263 Leon j Gama (Antonio de) Disertacion Eisica sobre la 

Materia y Eormacion de las Auroras Boreales, que con 
ocasion de la que aparecio en Mexico y otros Sugares de la 
Nueva Espaiia el dia 14 de Nov. de 1789, halfmor. 

Meocico, Felipe de Zuniffa, 1790, title and 37 pp. 4° 

1264 Leon y Gama (Antonio de) Descripcion Hist6rica y Cro- 

noldgica de las dos Piedras que con ocasion del nuevo Empe- 
drado que se esta formando en la Plaza Principal de Mexico, 
se hallaron en ella el Aiio de 1790, calf 

Mixico, Felipe de Zuniga, 1792, 4" 
Three prel. leaves and 116 pp. Lista, etc. 2 pp. and 3 plates. An in- 
teresting work to the student of Mexican Archaeology. 

1265 Le Page du Pratz (M.) Histoire de la Louisiana, 3 vols, old 

calf Paris, 1758, 12» 

I. xvj and 358 pp. 2 maps. II. Half-title, title, and 441 pp. 34 plates. 
III. Half-title, title, and 451 pp. Approbation and Privilege, 3 pp. 
Errata, 1 page. 4 plates. 

1266 Le Page du Pratz (M.) The History of Louisiana, 2 vols, old 

calf Lond. 1763, 12» 

Vol. I. Half-title, title, 5 pp. vii and 368 pp. 2 maps. II. 4 prel. leaves 
and 27i pp. 

1267 Le Eoy (P. L.) A Narrative of the singular Adventures of 

Eour Eussian Sailors, who were cast away on the desert 

Island of East Spitzbergen, hf. mor. 

' {Lond. 1774 ?] title and pp. 43-118, 8° 

yf 1268 Leex (Jean de) Histoire d'vn Voyage fait en la terre dv 

' Bresil, avtrement dite Amerique. Contenant la nauigation, 

et choses remarquables, veues sur mer par I'aucteur, fine 

copy, vellum [Bochelle] Antoine Chv^pin, 1578, 8° 

First Edition. 24 prel. leaves and 424 pp. Table 12 pp. Errata 1 page. 

1269 Leex (Jean de) Histoire d'vn Voyage faict en la terre 

dv Bresil, avtrement dite Amerique, vellum 

[Bochellel Ant. Chuppin, 1580, 8° 
Twenty-two prel. leaves and 382 pp. Table 10 pp. Errata 1 page. 

1270 Leex (Jean de) Historia Navigationis in Brasiliarn, quae 

et America dicitvr, old calf, wormed [Oenevce'], 1586, 8° 
Thirty-two prel. leaves, the last blank ; text 342 pp. Index 16 pp. 
At page 178 is a woodcut 6J by 9 inches. 


1271 Leet. Idem, 2nda ed. very fine large and clean copy 

Geneves, JSustatJiij Fignon, 1594, 8" 

Title, reverse blank; 'Epistola,' 3 leaves; epigrams 2 leaves; ' Totivs 
HistorisB Svmma Capita,' 2 leaves ; ' Praefatio,' 21 leaves ; text 340 
pp. ' Index,' 8 leaves ; with folding; woodout to face p. 178. 

1272 Le Sage (M.) The Adventures of Eobert Chevalier, call'd 

De Beauchene, Captain of a Privateer in New-Prance, 
2 vols. Lond. 174^5, 12» 

Vol. I. 4 prel. leaves and 307 pp. II. 4 prel. leaves and 287 pp. 

1273 Leslie (Charles) A Wew and Exact Account of Jamaica, 

wherein the Antient and Present State of that Colony, its 
Importance to G-reat Britain, Laws, Trade, Manners and 
Religion, etc. are described : with a particular Account of 
the Sacrifices, Libations, etc. at this day in Use among the 
Negroes, 3rd ed. calf MM. 1740, S" 

Four prel. leaves and 376 pp. 

1274 Lesseps (M. de) Travels in Kamtschatka, during the years 

1787 and 1788, 2 vols, calf Lond. 1790, 8° 

Vol. I. xvi. and 283 pp. Map, II. viii. and 408 pp. 

1275 Letter (A Second) from a Minister of the Church of Eng- 

land to his Dissenting Parishioners, hf. mor. Boston, 1734, 8" 
Half-title, title and 1 13 pp. Errata 1 page. 

1276 Letter (A) to a certain Eminent British Sailor, occasion' d 

by his Specimen of Naked Truth, hf. mor. Lond. 1746, 8" 

Thirty-two pp. 

1277 Letter (A) to Mrs. P s, in which some Pacts in her last 

Number are rescued from the false Light she has put 
them in, and some others which she has omitted are sup- 
ply' d, hf. mor. Lond. 1749, title and 21 pp. 8» 

1278 Letter (A) to the People of England, on the Present Situa- 

tion and Conduct of National Affairs, Letter I. 3rd ed. 
hf. mor. Lond. 1756, 56 pp. 8o 

1279 Letter (A Second) to the People of England, on Poreign 

Subsidies, Subsidiary Armies, and their Consequences to 
this Nation, 3rd ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1756, 56 pp. 8° 

1280 Letter (A Third) to the People of England, on Liberty, 

Taxes, and the Application of Publick Money, 3rd ed. hf. 
m^r. Lond. 1756, title and pp. 6-54, 8° 

1281 Letter (A Pourth) to the People of England, on the Con- 

duct of the M rs in Alliances, Pleets and Armies, since 

the first Differences on the Ohio, to the taking of Minorca 
by the Prench, hf. mor. Lond. 1756, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 111 pp. 

1282 Letter (A) to a Clergyman, in the Colony of Connecticut, 

from his Priend, in which the True Notion of Orthodoxy is 
enquired into New Haven, James Farher, 1757, 24 pp. 8** 

146 piETH day's sale. 

1283 Letter (A) to the Eight Honourable William Pitt, Esq.; 

from an Officer at Fort Prontenae Land. 1759, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 38 pp. 

1284 Letter (A) to the Clergy of the Colony of Connecticut, 

from an Aged Layman of said Colony 

INew Kaven ?^ 1760, 22 pp. 8» 

1285 Letter (A) Addressed to Two Great Men, on the Prospect 

of Peace; and on the Terms necessary to be. insisted upon 
in the Negociation, lif. mor. Land. 1760, 8° 

Title, and 56 pp. 

1286 — The same, 2nd Ed. corrected, hf. mor. Zand. 1760, 8" 

Half-title, title, and text 56 pp. 

1287 Letter (A) to an Honourable Brigadier Q-eneral, Comman- 

der in Chief of his Majesty's Forces in Canada, hf. mor. 

Land. 1760, title and 32 pp. 8o 

Now generally acknowledged to Ije by Junius. It has been reprinted 
by Mr. Simons of the British Museum. The Brigadier General is 
Lord George Townshend. 

1288 Letter (A) to the People of England, on the necessity of 

Putting an Immediate End to the War ; and the Means of 
obtaining an Advantageous Peace, hf. mor. 

Land. 1760, title and 52 pp. 8» 

1289 Letter (A) to a G-reat M r, on the Prospect of a 

Peace ; wherein the Demolition of the Eortiiications of 
Louisbourg, is shewn to be absurd ; the Importance of Ca- 
nada fully refuted ; the proper Barrier pointed out in North 
America ; and the Eeasonableness and Necessity of retain- 
ing the French Sugar Islands, hf. mor. Lond. 1761, 8" 
Title and 148 pp. 

1290 Letter (A) to G. G. " Stiff in Opinions, always in the wrong" 

hf. mor. Lond. 1767, halftitle, title and text 96 pp. 8» 

This letter is signed Z, at the end, and is dated " Richmond, Jan. 18, 
1767." It was addressed to George Grenville, the Minister, and re- 
lates entirely to American Affairs. 

1291 Letter (A) concerning an American Bishop, etc. to Dr. 

Bradbury Chandler, Euler of St. John's Church, in Eliza- 
beth Town, in Answer to the Appendix of his Appeal to 
the Public, etc. hf. mor. 1768, 19 pp. 8" 

1292 Letter (A) to the Eight Honourable the Earl of H 

B h, his M y's 8 y of S— te for the C— 1 s, 

on the Present Situation of Affairs in the Island of 
Gr — ^n — da, hf. mor. Lond. 1769, 54 pp. 8" 

1293 Letter (A) to Samuel Johnson, LL.D. [in Answer to the 

False Alarm], hf. mor. \Lond7\ 1770, title and pp. 5-54, 8<> 

1294 Letter (A) to a Member of Parliament on the Present Un- 

happy Dispute between Great Britain and her Colonies, 
wherein the Supremacy of the Former is Asserted and 
Proved, hf. mor, Lond. 1774, title and 47 pp. 8<> 

FIFTH day's sale. 147 

1295 Letter (A) to Doctor Tucker on his proposal of a Separation 

between Great Britain and her American Colonies, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1774, title and 36 pp. S" 

1296 Letter (A) to the People of Great Britain, in Answer to 

that published by the American Congress, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1775, 59 pp. 8" 

1297 Letter (A) to the Eight Honourable Lord Camden, on the 

Bill for restraining the Trade and Tishery of the Four 
Provinces of New England, Tif. mor. Lond. 1775, 8" 

Title and 44 pp. 

1298 Letters (Two) of the Lord Bishop of London : the first, To 

the Masters and Mistresses of Families in the English 
Plantations abroad ; the second, To the Missionaries there, 
directing them to give their assistance towards the in- 
struction of the Negroes, hf. mor. Lond. 1727, 20 pp. 4" 

1299 Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants 

of the British Colonies, hf. mor. 

Boston, Mein and Fleeminff, 1768, 8° 

Title and pp. 5-146 ; ' To the ingenious Author,' ete. 2 pp. Mrst edition 
of an extremely popular and often reprinted production, by Mr. Dickin- 
son of Pennsylvania, taking the part of the Colonists. 

1300 Letters of Papinian : in which the Conduct, Present State, 

and Prospects of the American Congress are Examined, 

hf. mor. imcut New York printed, Lond. repr. 1779, 8" 

Three prel. leaves and 86 pp. According to the writer, the conduct of the 

Congress was altogether Machiavelian, tyrannical and wicked. — Rich. 

1301 Letters to a Nobleman, on the Conduct of the War in the 

Middle Colonies Lond. 1779, 8" 

Three prel. leaves, 101 pp. and plan. Believed to have been written by 
Joseph Galloway. 

1302 — The same, 4th Ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1780, 8° 

Three prel. leaves, 101 pp. and plan. 

1303 Letters and Dissertations by the Author of the Letter 

Analysis A. P. on the Disputes between Great Britain and 
America, hf. mor. Lond. for the Author, 1782, 130 pp. 12° 

1304 Lettres a un Ameriquain sur I'llistoire Naturelle, Generale 

et Particuliere de Monsieur de Bufibn, troisieme partie 

h Hamhurg, 1751, sm. 8" 
Title; 31, 96 and 69 pp. The title is a curious specimen of typography. 

1305 Lewis (Merri wether). The Travels of Capts.Lewis and Clarke, 

from St. Louis, by way of the Missouri and Columbia 
Eivers, to the Pacific Ocean, in 1804-6 ; containing De- 
lineations of the Manners, Customs, Religion, etc. of the 
Indians Lond. 1809, is and 309 pp. and map, 8° 

1306 Lewis (Merriwether). Travels to the Source of the Missouri 

Eiver and across the American Continent to the Pacific 
Ocean, performed in 1804-6, by Captains Lewis and Clarke. 
Published from the Ofiicial Eeport, calf Lond. 1814, 4" 
xxiv and 663 pp. ; large map and 2 small maps at page 379. 


1307 Liberty (The) and Property of British Subjects Asserted, 

in a Letter from an Assembly Man in Carolina 

Lond. 1726, 39 pp. 8<> 

1308 LiGON (Eichaed) A True and Exact History of the Island 

of Barbadoes, Tif. russia Lond. 1673, folio 

Title, reverse blank, and 122 pp.; Contents, 2 pp.; an Index, etc. after 
folio 84, 1 page ; with ' A topogrsphlcall Description,' etc. ; 6 copper- 
plates at pp. 70, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, and 3 eng-raved plans. Much of 
this volume, with its plates, has relation to the early modes of sugar- 
making: in the West Indies. Lowndes, who speaks of it as " a curious, 
and, in general, accurate account," does not quote the sale of any copy 
since the one in Mr. Dent's Library. It is not mentioned by Rich. 

1309 Lima. Insigne victoria que el Senor Marquez de Guadal- 

cazar, Virrey en el Eeyno del Piru, ha alcanna do en los 
puertos de Lima, y Callao, contra vna armada poderosa de 
Olanda, despachada por orden del Conde Mauricio 

lAsboa, Qeraldo da Vinha, [1625], folio 
Four unnumbered pages. Probably a privately printed account for 
officials only. 

1310 Lima. Eelacion del Espantoso Terremoto que padeeio esta 

Ciudad de los Eeyes, Lima, y sus contornos el dia 14 de 
lulio 1699, sus lastimosos efectos, de muertes, y ruynas 4° 

Seven unnumbered pages. Probably a privately printed account for 
officials only. 

1311 Lima. A True and Particular Eelation of the Dreadful 

Earthquake which happen'd at Lima, the Capital of Peru, 
and the neighbouring Port of Callao, on the 28th of 
October, 1746, 2nd Ed. old calf Lond. 1748, S* 

zxiii and 34 1 pp. ; Map of Lima, and plates I. to IX. A translation, by 
Henry Johnson, from the account of Pedro Lonzano, written in Spanish 
and pubhshed in 1747. 

1312 — Another copy, wanting ihe map, calf Lond. 1748, 8** 

1313 Lima. Histoire des Tremblemens de Terra Arrives a Lima, 

Capitale du Perou, et autrea lieux ; avec la Description du 
Perou, etc. Premiere Partie, old calf La Saye, 1752, 12* 
xvi and 445 pp. ; 7 plates. A translation of the preceding, 
0000 Lima. See Sanson. 

1314 LiTTSCHOTEN (Jajst Hutgen tan) Itineeaeio. Vota&e 


Amst. Cornelis Claesm, 1596, folio 
First Edition. Three Parts. Part I. 4 prel. leaves, viz. Title, on the 
reverse ' Extract uyt't Register,' etc. ; ' Aende Hooghende Welghe 
borene,' etc. 2 pp. ; ' Prohemio ofte voorreden tatten leser,' 1 page ; 
' Sonnet,' 1 page ; ' Ode,' 1 page, on the reverse Portrait of Linschoten; 
text, 160 pp. Part II. Reysgheschrift, etc. 1595, 134 pp. ; ' Een seker 
Extract ende, etc. 1596;' Title, reverse blank; 'Aende VVelghe- 
borene,' etc. 1 page ; on the reverse 'Ad lo. Hvy. Linschotvm,' etc.; 
text, pp. 135-147. Part III. ' Beschryvinghe, etc. ISga," 82 pp.; 
followed by 5 leaves containing lists of Plates and Maps, Register, 
etc. ; 42 maps and plates. 

FIFTH day's sale, 149 

1315 LiNSCHOTEN (Jan Hutgdn tan) His Discottbs op 
Voyages into y« East and "West Indies. Diuided into 
foure Bookes, fine copy Land, ly lohm, Wolfe, [1598], folio 

rive prel. leaves, viz. engraved title, the reverse blank ; ' To the Right 
VYorshipfull Ivlivs Caesar,' etc. 3 pp. signed ' lohn Wolfe;' ' To the 
Reader,' 4 pp. ; text, 197 pp. 'The Second Booke, etc. 1598.' Title, 
reverse blank, and text, pp. 197-259. ' The Thirde Booke, etc. 1598." 
Title, reverse blank, and text, pp. 307-447. 'The>Fovrth Booke, etc. 
1598.' Title, reverse blank, and text, pp. 451-462. With 12 copper- 
plate maps, viz. — 
I. Typvs Orbis Terrarvni, at p. 1. 
II. The description of the Islandes and Castle of Mozambique, etc. 

Grauen by William Rogers, at p. 8. 
III. The description or Caerd of the Coastes, etc. called Terrado Natal, 

etc. Robertus Beckit, at p. 13. 
IV. The description of the Coast of Abex, the Streaights of Meca, etc. 
Grauen by Robert Beckit, at p. 12. 
v. The trew description of all the Coasts of China, etc. Grauen by 
Robert Beckit, at p. 32. 
VI. The Island of Set. Helena, etc. Grauen by Raygnald Elstrake, at 

p. 172. 
VII. The true description and scituation of the Island St. Helena on 
the East, North and West sydes, etc. Giauen by Raygnald 
Elstrak, at p. 172. 
VIII. The Trve Description of the Island of Ascention, etc. Grauen by 
William Rogers, at p. 174. 
IX. A discripsion of ^gipt from Cair downeward, etc. Grauen by 
William Rogers, at p. 197. 
X. The description of the Coast of Guinea, Manicongo, and Angola, etc. 
R. E. sculpsit, at p. 197. 
XI. The description of the whole coast lying in the South seas of 
America called Peru, etc. Grauen by Robert Becket, at p. 216, 
XII. Insvlae Molvccae, etc. Grauen by Robert Beckit, at p. 328. 
Rich says that very few copies possess the twelve maps. 

1316 LiNSCHOTEN (Jan Hutgen tan) Natigatio ac Itine- 

EAEITM in Oeientalem, sive Lvsitanorvtn Indiam, un- 
iound EacjcB-Gomitis, 1599, folio 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title, on the reverse ' Ad lUvstrissimvm,' etc.; en- 
graved coat of arms, 1 leaf; ' Illvstrissimo . . . . D. Mavritio, etc' 2 pp. ; 
' Praefatio ad Lectorem,' 1 page; on the reverse. Portrait of Linschoten; 
text, 124 pp.; 'Descriptio TotivsGvineaeTractvs, Congi, Angolae,'etc. 
45 pp. ; ' Index,' 3 pp. ; with 37 maps and plates. 

The first Latin edition. 

1317 Linschoten (Jan Hitygen tan) Histoire de la NaTigation 

et de son Voyagees Indes Orientales 

Amst. Theodore Pierre, 1610, folio 
Two pre), leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank ; ' Preface av Lectevr,' 1 page ; 
text, 275 pp. ; with 8 copperplate maps and numerous engravings with 
the text. The plates to this volume are printed from the identical 
copperplates used by De Bry in Parts II. and III. of the PetitsVoyages, 
to which it forms a suite. 

1318 Little (Otis) State of Trade in the Northern Colonies 

considered, with a Particular Description of Nova Scotia, 
hf. mor. Lond. 1748, viii and 84 pp. 8° 

1319 — The same Boston repr. Thomas Fleet, 1749, 43 pp. 8° 

150 riFTH day's sale. 

1320 Liturgy. A Liturgy, collected principally from the Book 

of Common Prayer, for the use of the First Episcopal 
Church in Boston ; together with the Psalter, or Psalms 
of David, fine clean copy, uncut 

Boston, Peter Udes, 1785, 8° 
Four prel. leaves, and signatures A to Bbb in fours. 

1321 Liturgy. .The Book of Common Prayer, translated into the 

Mohawk Language, a new edition : to which is added The 
Gospel according to St. Mark, translated into the Mohawk 
Language, hy Capt. Joseph Brant, an Indian of the Mo- 
hawk Nation, old calf Lon3. 1787, 8° 
Two titles, Englisti and Mohawk, iii and 506 pp. ; 18 plates. 

1322 Locke (John). A Collection of several Pieces of Mr. John 

Locke, never before printed, or not extant in his works, 
calf Lond. J. Bettenham for E. Peancklin, 1720, 8» 

Thirty-one prel. leaves and 362 pp. ; index and errata.l9 pp. The Fun- 
damental Constitution of Carolina drawn up by Looke fills pages 1 to 
53 of this volume. 

1323 Lockman (John) Travels of the Jesuits, into various parts of 

the World, particularly China and the East Indies, 2nd ed. 
corrected, 2 vols. \_Lond.'\ 1762, 8» 

Tol. I. 1 6 prel. leaves, and 488 pp. Vol. II. 5 prel. leaves, and 608 pp. ; 
General Index, 1 9 pp. ;' A Concise Account of the Spanish Dominions 
in America,' 24 pp. 

1324 Long (J.) Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and 

Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of the North 
American Indians ; to which is added a Vocabulary of the 
Chippeway Language ; a List of Words in the Iroquis, Mo- 
hegan, Shawanee, and Esquimeaux Tongues, and a Table 
shewing the Analogy between the Algonkin and Chippe- 
way Languages, iaege papee, calf 

Lond. printed for the Author, 1791, 4° 
Seven prel. leaves, and 295 pp . With Sketch of the Western Countries 
of Canada. 

1325 Lopez de Escobar. Eelacion de los Particvlares seruicios 

que ha hecho a V. Magestad Don Diego Lopez de Escobar 
&ouernador y Capitan Greneral de la Isla de la Trinidad, y 
de las Prouincias del Dorado, hijo del Capitan Diego Lopez 
de la Euente, en el ano de 1686, half morocco 

Madrid, por la vuida de luan Qoncalez, 1637, folio 
Title and 8 pp. Probably an oficial privately printed account. 

1326 Lord (Joseph) Eeason why, not Anabaptist Plunging but 

Infants-Believer's Baptism ought to be approved, is be- 
cause the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Apostles, Preached 
and Practiced it. In Answer to the Anabaptist Eeason 
why, old calf 

Boston, S. Kneeland,for Samuel Gerrish, 1719, 12" 
. Title, viii and 170 pp. 

FIFTH bat's sale. 151 

1327 LoKENZANA (Prancisco Antonio) Concilios Peotincia- 

iiES, Primero, y Segundo [y Tercero] eelebrados en la muy 
Noble, y muy leal Ciudad de Mexico, 2 vols, vellum 
Mexico, en la Imprenta de el Superior Qobierno, 1769-70, fol. 

Five prel. leaves, 184 pp.; ' 1565. Afios. Concilio Provincial,' etc. 1 pag^e; 
pp. 185-396. ' Indioe de los Capitulos,' 12 pp. ; ' Concilium Mexicanum 
Provinciale III.' etc. ; 6 prel. leaves, and 328 pp. ; ' Index,' 4 pp. ; ' Sta- 
tuta Ordinata a Sancto Concilio Provincial! Mexicano III.' Title and 
141 pp. Index 3 pp. Besides the Three Councils these volumes contain 
an account of the prelates of the Mexican Church, occupying about half 
the work, 

1328 Lorenzo de San Milian. Por D. Pranciseo Lorenzo de San 

Milian. En la Cavsa qve en virtvd de cedvla de sv Mages- 
tad se ha actuado, contra el dicho Don Prancisco, sobre sus 
procedimientos en el juizio de visita de las Caxas, y Minas 
de la Ciudad da Zacatecas, half morocco [1672 ?] folio 

Nineteen folioed leaves. A privately printed official account. 

1329 Loring (Israel), Pastor of West Chiircli, Sudhury, Justifica- 

tion not by "Works, but by Paith in Jesus Christ. A Dis- 
course on Gal. ii. 16. Uncut 

Boston, Kneeland mid Green, 1749, 12° 
Title and 93 pp. 

1330 Lort (Michael) Account of an antient Inscription in North 

America. [With Col. Vallancey's Observations] half mar. 

17 pp. 2 plates, 4° 

1331 Losa (Prancisco), Our'e de VEglise Cathedrale de Mexico, La 

Vie de Gregoire Lopez dans la Novvelle Espagne, 2nde ed. 
old calf gilt Paris, lean Senavlt, 1656, 12" 

Twelve prel. leaves, and text 260 pp. ; Table des chapitres, 3 pp. 

1332 Loskiel (George Henry) History of the Mission of the United 

Brethren among the Indians in North America, in three 
parts, translated by C. I. La Trobe, uncut Lond. 1794, 8° 

Twelve pp. ; map; Part I. 159 pp. ; Part II. 234 pp. ; Part III. 233 pp.; 
Index, 21 pp. 

1333 Lottery Magazine (The) ; or, Compleat Pund of Literary, 

Political and Commercial Knowledge, for Aug. and Sept. 
1776 Lond. [1776], 8° 

The Number for August contains the Declaration of Independence, pro- 
bably the earliest publication of it in England. The September Num- 
ber has a description of the City of New York, with a plan. 

1334 Louisiana, The Present State of, containing the Garrisons, 

Ports and Porces, Price of all Manner of Provisions and 
Liquors, etc. also an Account of their drunken lewd Lives, 
which lead them to Excesses of Debauchery and VUlany, 
half morocco Lond. 1474, 55 pp. 8° 

1335 Louisbourg, An Authentic Account of the Eeduction of, in 

June and July, 1758, half morocco Lond. 1758, 60 pp. 8° 

152 I'IFTH DAl's SAI.E. 

1336 Louisiana. Voyage a la Louisiane, et sur le Continent de 
rAmerique Septentrionale, fait dans les annees 1794 a 1798, 
par B*** D*** [Baudry les Lozieres], mor. Paris, 1802, 8" 

Three prel. leaves, 382 pp. and map. 

f 1337 Low (Couead) Mebe odeb Sebhanen Btjch, etc. \transl.'] 
' Book of the Ocean or Sea-cocks, in whicli are related the 

wonderful memorable travels and voyages which the rightly 
and justly called Ocean or Sea-cocks of the Kings of Spain, 
Portugal, England, and France have made within the last 
past hundred years, etc.] vel. Colin, B. JBuchholt£,1598, folio 
Title, reverse blank, and text 110 pp. with map. The title, of unusual 
length, is itself a curiosity. Amongst other wonders of which it pro- 
mises account, is mentioned a wonderful bird mhieh smalloms red hot 
coals, brought home by the voyagers. 
The Sea-cocks, whose voyages are here described, are Columbus, Ponce de 
Leon, Cortes, Magellan, Juan Sebastian, Loaysa, Saavedra, Vascode 
Gama, Pedio Alvares Cabral, Juan de Nava, Corteral, Sebastian Cabot, 
Frobisher, Drake, Richard Grenville, Thomas Candish, Raleigh, Sir John 
Hawkins, Verazzans, Jaques Cartier, etc. We do not recollect a copy of 
this remarkable book ever before having occurred for sale in London. 

1338 Lussan (Eaveneau de) Journal du Voyage fait a la mer de 

Sud, avec les Pilibustiers de I'Amerique en 1684, et annees 
suivantes, seconde edition, old calf 

Paris, Jean Bapt. Goignard, 1693, 12" 
Eight prel. leaves, and 448 pp. ; Privilege and Colophon, 2 leaves. 

1339 Lftheei Catechismus, ofwersatt pa Ameeica Vieginisee 

Speaket, morocco extra, ly Bedford Stockholm, 1696, 8° 
Eng. title, with arms ; letterpress title ; preface, 14 pp. ; text, 160 pp. 
The few copies of this extremely curious volume, partly in the lan- 
guage of the Indians of Virginia, which have appeared for sale have 
always sold for high sums. Being printed for the use of the Indians in 
Virginia, almost the entire edition was exported. 

1340 Lyne (Charles) A Letter to the Eight Honourable Lord 

Castlereagh on the North American Export Trade during 
the War, etc. unbound Bond. 1813, title and 46 pp. 8° 

1341 Lyttelton (Thomas Lord) A Letter from, to William Pitt, 

Earl of Chatham, on the Quebec Bill, half morocco 
Boston, Mills and Sicks, for Cox and Berry, 1774!, 17 pp. 8° 

1342 — The same, another ed. half morocco 

New York, reprinted by J. Bivington, 1774, 20 pp. 8° 

1843 Mably (Abbe de) Eemarks concerning the Grovernment and 

the Laws of the United States of America : in Pour Letters 

addressed to Mr. Adams, half mor. Land. 1784, 8° 

Half title, title, and 280 pp. 

1344 — The same, another ed. old calf Dublin, 1785, 8'' 

Half-title, title, and 280 pp. 

1345 Macaulay (Catharine) Observations on a Pamphlet, en- 

titled. Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents, 
3rd ed, corrected, hf mor. Bond. 1770, 31 pp. 8° 

1346 Macaulay (Catharine) An Address to the People of Eng- 

land, Scotland and Ireland, on the Present Important 
Crisis of Affairs, hf. mor. Bath, 1775, 29 pp. 8° 

rirTH DATS SAIB. 153 

1347 Mac Clure (David), of Byfield, Mass. Memoirs of the Eev. 
Eleazar Wheelock, D.D., Founder and President of Dart' 
mouth College and Moor's Charity School ; with copious 
Extracts' from Dr. "Wheelock's Correspondence, calf 

Newburyport : JEd. Little 8r Co. 1811, 8" 
Three hundred and thirty-six pp. Portrait of Eleazar Wheelock. 

1848 Mae Donald (John) Emigration to Canada. Narrative of 
a Yoyage to Quebec, and Journey from thence to New 
Lanark, in Fpper Canada, 8th ed. hf. mor. Land. 1826, 8" 

Thirty-six pages. 

1349 Macer (John) Les trois liures de I'Histoire des Indes, 

vellum Paris, Ouillaume Guillard, 1555, 16° 

Ninety-six folioed leaves. " In addition to what relates to the East and 
West Indies, this volume contains one of the earliest printed and most 
curious accounts of Japan." — Rich. 

1350 Mac Q-regor (James), Minister at Picton, N. Scotia. Let- 

ter from Mj. James M'Grregor to the G-eneral Associate 
Synod, Ap. 30th, 1793 Paisley, 1793, 16 pp. 8° 

1351 Mac Kenney (Thomas L.) Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes, 

of the Character and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, 
and of Incidents connected with the Treaty of Eond du 
Lac ; also, a Vocabulary of the Algic, or Chippeway Lan- 
guage Baltimore: Melding Lucas, 1827, 294 pp. 29 plates, 8° 

1352 Mackenzie (Alexander) Voyages from Montreal, on the 

Eiver St. Lawrence, through the Continent of North Ame- 
rica to the Erozen and Pacific Oceans, in 1789 and 1793, 
calf Lond. 1801, 40 

Half-title, title, viii and cxxxii pp. Text 418 pp. Errata 2 pp. Portrait 
of the Author, and 3 maps. 

1353 Mac Kinnen (Daniel) A Tour through the British West 

Indies, in the years 1802 and 1803, giving a particular 
Account of the Bahama Islands Lond. 1804, 8" 

Half-title, title, viii and 272 pp. With map. 

1354 Maclane (David) The Trial of, for High Treason, before a 

Special Court of Oyer and Terminer at Quebec, on the 7th 
July, 1797, hf. mor. Quebec, J. Neilson, 1797, 21 pp. 8" 

1355 Mac Mahon (John V. L.) An Historical View of the G-overn- 

ment of Maryland, from its Colonization to the present 
day, Vol. I. {all published) 

Baltimore, F. Lucas, jr. 1831, xvi and 539 pp. 8° 

1356 Mac Neill (Hector) Observations on the Treatment of the 

Negroes in the Island of Jamaica, with Eemarks on the 
Importation of Slaves, hf. mor. Lond. vi and 46 pp. 8° 

0000 Maepherson (James). ]^ee Rights (The') of Great Britain 

1357 Mac Queen (James) The Colonial Controversy; containing 

a Eefutation of the Calumnies of the Anti-Colonists, the 
State of Hayti, Sierra Leone, India, China, Cochin China, 
Java, etc. hf. mor,. Glasgow, 1825, 223 pp. 8° 

154 FIFTH day's sale. 

J 1358 Madre de Deos (Gaspar de) Memorias para a Historia da 
• Capitania de S. Vicente, hoje chamada de S. Paulo, do 

estado do Brazil, half calf 

Lisloa, Typog. da Academia, 1797, 4" 

Four prel. leaves, and text 242 pp. ; ' Catalogo,' etc. 2 pp. 

1359 Magellan's Straits. Description des Terres Magellaniques 

et des Pays adjacens, traduit de I'Anglois par M. B**, 
2 vols, calf Geneve, 1787, 24° 

'Partie I.' 3 prel. leaves, viz. half-title, title, and second title; text, 
pp. 3-163. ' Partie II.' 3 prel. leaves, viz. half-title, title, and second 
title ; text, pp. 3-135. 

1360 Malouet (V. P.) Examen de cette Question: Quel sera 

pour les Colonies de I'Amerique le Eesultat de la Revo- 
lution PranQoise, de la Gruerre qui en est la Suite, et de la 
PaiK qui doit la terminer ? Jialf morocco 

Londres, 1797, 29 pp. 8" 

1361 Malouet (V. P.) Lettre a M. S. D., Membre du Parlement, 

sur rinteret de I'Europe, au Salut des Colonies de I'Aine- 
rique, uncut Lond. 1797, half-title, title, and 36 pp. 8" 

1362 Malouet (V. P.) Collection de Memoires et Correspond- 

ances Officielles sur 1' Administration des Colonies, 4 vols. 
half calf Paris, [1802], 8» 

Vol. I. Half-title, title, and 484 pp. II. Half-title, title, and 379 pp. 
HI. Half-title, title, and 388 pp. IV. Half-title, title, and 378 pp. 

1363 Mansie (Alexander) The Apprenticed Labourer's Manual; 

or. An Essay on the Apprenticeship System 

British Ouiana, 1837, 8° 
xiv and 217 pp.; 'A Catechism of certain Moral, Social, and Civil Duties, 

, by the Wesleyan Missionaries of Antigua,' 13 pp. 

*« 1364 Maeanahao and Paba [BrasUs]. Eegimento, e Leys sobre 

' las Missonens do Estado do Maranahao, e Para, e sobre a 

liberdade dos Indies, calf, from Lord Stuart de Rothesay's 

Library Lishoa Occidental, Antonio Manescal, 1724, folio 

Two prel. leaves and 82 pp. 

1365 Markham (William) A Sermon preached before the So- 

ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 
at their Anniversary Meeting, Eeb. 21, 1777, hf. mar. 

Lond. 1777, 105 pp. 8" 

1366 Marquette (Le P.) Voyage et Decouverte de quelques Pays 

et Nations de rAmerique Septentrionale, mor. extra 

Paris, 1681 ; re-invp. Paris, 1845, sm. 8° 
Half-title, title, and 43 pp. ; map. For the original edition of Father 
Marquette's Voyagje, see Tkevenot. 

1367 Marrant. A Narrative of the Lord's wonderful Deal- 

ings with John Marrant, a Black (now going to preach 
the Gospel in Nova Scotia), born ia New York, in North 
America ; taken down from his own relation by the Eev. 
Mr. Aldridge, 2nd Ed. Lond. 1785, 38 pp. 8» 

FIFTH day's SAIE. 155 

1868 Marshall (Humphry) Arbustrum Americanum : The 

American Grove, or an Alphabetical Catalogue of Porest 

Trees and Shrubs, natives of the American United States, 

arranged according to the LinnsBan System, unbound 

PhiladelpMa, Joseph Gruhshanlc, 1785, xx and 174 pp. 8° 

1369 Marston (Edward) To the Most Noble Prince Henry, 

Duke of Beaufort, Marquiss and Earl of Worcester, Baron 
Herbert, Lord of B-agland, Chepstow and Grower, Palatine 
of the Province of South Carolina in America, hf. mor. 

iLondon, 1712], 12 pp. 4» 

Probably privately printed. The author solicits redress on account of his 
ejection from his rectory in South Carolina. 

1370 Maetkns (Eeideeich) Spitzbergische oder G-roenlandische 

Eeise Beschreibung gethan im Jahr 1671 ILamb. 1675,4" 
Four prel. leaves and 132 pp.; 'Register,' 2 pp.; 'Errata,' 1 page; 
15 plates. 

1371 Maetens (Peedeeich) Naukeurige Beschryvinge van 

Groenland of Spitsbergen, uncut 

Dordrecht, Sendrih Walpot, [1710?] 4"' 
Five prel. leaves and 88 pp.; plates at pp. 46, 58, 68. 

1372 MAETiin (Eeancis) AEao-NATTA Batavts, sive Expe- 

ditionis Navalis, quam alter noster Jason, et Heros fortissi- 

mus, Petrvs Heinivs Societatis Indies Occidentalia 

ductu nuper suscepit 

Campis, P. M. Wyrmgani, 1629, title and 28 pp. 4" 

1373 Maetinieeb (Sieue be ia) A New Voyage into the 

Northern Countries ; being a Description of the Manners, 
Customs, Superstition, Buildings, and Habits of the Nor- 
wegians, Laponians, Kilops, Borandians, Siberians, Samo- 
jedes, Zemblans and Islanders : with Eeilexions upon an 
Error in our Geographers about the Scituation and Extent 
of Greenland and Nova Zambia, fine copy, old calf 

Lond. 1674, 5 prel. leaves and 153 pp. 12° 

1374 Martiniere (Sieur de la) Voyage des Pais Septentrionavx, 

2nde Ed. old calf Paris, 1676, 12" 

Six prel. leaves and 322 pp.; ' Extraict du Privilege du Roy,' 2 pp. 

1375 Martyn (Benjamin) Reasons for Establishing the Colony of 

Georgia, 2nd Ed. hf. mor. 

Lond. 1733, 48 pp. engr. frontisp. and map, 4" 

1376 Maetye (Petee) De Nvpee svb D. Caeolo eepeetis 

Insulis, simulque incolarum moribus 

BasilecB, 1521, 43 pp. 4" 

1377 Maette (Petee) Oratoris clarissimi, Eernandi et Helisa- 

beth Hispaniarum quondam regum a Consilijs, de rebus 
Oceanicis et Orbe nouo, decades tres, very fine large copy^ 
Basileae, apud lo. Behelium, 1533, folio 
Twelve prel. leaves and 92 folioed leaves. 

1.56 FiFOjH day's sale. 

1378 Maette: Otiedo: Xeees. Libro primp della Historia de 

rindie Occidentali [dal D. Pietro Martyre]. Libro Secondo 
delle Indie Occidentali, 1534 [composta da Gronzalo Ferd. 
del Oviedo]. Libro ultimo del Summario deUe Indie Occi- 
dentali, 1534, morocco extra, hy Clark mid Bedford, splendid 
COPY, fine, large and, clean [Vinegia, 1534], 4? 

Libro primo. 79 folioed leaves, the 80th blank. Libro Secundo, 64 folioed 
leaves ; ' Tavola,' 2 pp. ; colophon and notice of the map, I p. ; folded 
map, ' Isola Spagnvola,' and facsimile of the unique larg'e map, ' La 
carta universale della terra firme,' in the possession of James Lenox, 
Esq. of New York, inserted. Libro ultimo, 15 leaves. The theee 
PABTS OOMPLBTB constitute a work of unusual rarity. 

1379 Maette (Petee) De Eebus Oceanieis et Noto Orbe, 

decades tres, fine copy, velltim 

Colonies, apud Germnum Oalenitim, 1574, sm. 8" 

Twenty-four prel. leaves and 655 pp. ; ' Index,' 28 pp. The edition used 
hy Robertson in compiling his History. 

1380 Maetye (Petee). The Famovs Histoeib of the Indies: 

declaring the Aduentures of the Spaniards, which haue 
conquered these Countries, with varietie of Relations of 
the Eeligions, Lawes, Grouernments, Manners, Ceremonies, 
Customes, Eites, "Warres, and Funerals of the People; 
comprised into sundry Decads. Set forth first by M"^ 
Hackluyt, and now published by L. M. Gent. The second 
Edition, calf extra ly Bedford 

Lond. for Michael Sparhe, 1628, 4° 

Three prel. leaves, viz. Title, the averse blank ; ' To the Reader,' signed 
' M. Lok,' 4 pp. ; text, 318 folioed leaves. This edition has the whole 
Mght Decades ; several of those above mentioned have but three. 

1381 Maetland. a Eelatioh- oe Maetland : together with 

a Map of the Countrey, the Conditions of Plantation, His 
Majesties Charter to the Lord Baltemore, translated into 
English, blue morocco extra hy Sayday, (wanting the map) 

Lond. 1635, 4" 
Title, reverse blank, and 56 pp. ; ' The Charter of Maryland,' 25 pp. 
The imprint is curious— " These Bookes are to bee had, at Master 
William Peasley Esq ; hishouse ; on the backside of Drury-Lane, neere 
the Cock-pit Playhouse ; or in his absence ; at Master lohn Morgans 
house in high Holbourn, over against the Dolphin." 

1382 Maryland. The Charter of Maryland [London], 23 pp. 8° 

This is probably the first publication of the Charter of Maryland. It has 
no date of publication; but the Charter itself is dated .June 10, 1633, 
and it was probably printed forthwith. 

1383 Maetland. The Declaration of the Eeasons and Motives 

for the Present Appearing in Arms of their Majesties 

Protestant Subjects in the Province of Maryland, imhotrnd 

Maryland, printed; repr. Lond. 1689, 8 pp. folio 

Curious for affording a date when printing was executed at Maryland 

considerably before any book now known. 

MFTH bay's sale. 157 

1384 Maryland. Extract of a Letter to a Gentleman in Mary- 

land ; wherein is demonstrated the extreme wickeduess of 
tolerating the Slave Trade, etc. lif. mm: 

Lond. 1793, 14 pp. 12» 
By the distinguished philanthropist, Granville Sharp. 

1385 Mason (J. M.) Pastor, New Torh, An Oration commemo- 

rative of the late Major- General Alexander Hamilton, 
pronounced before the New York State Society of the 
Cincinnati, July 31, 1804, uncut Lond. 1804, 38 pp. 8° 

1386 MAssACHrsETTS Bay. A "Word of Comfort to a Melan- 

choly Country; or, the Bank of Credit erected in the 
Massachusetts Bay fairly defended by a Discovery of the 
Great Benefit accruing by it to the whole Province, calf 
extra ly Bedford Boston, 1721, 2 pr. leaves and 58 pp. 16" 

1387 — A CoLLECTiojr of the Peoceedings of the Geeat 


Peovince op the Massachusetts Bay, in New Eng- 
land ; containing several Instructions from the Crown to 
the Council and Assembly of that Province, for fixing a 
Salary on the Governour, and their Determinations thereon. 
As also, The Methods taken by the Court for Supporting 
the several Governours since the Arrival of the present 
Charter. Printed by order of the House of Eepresentatives, 
half calf Boston, T. Fleet, 1729, 112 pp. 4° 

1388 — Some Obseevations on the Bill, intitled, "An 

Act for Granting to His Majesty an Excise upon "Wines 
and Spirits distilled, sold by retail, or consumed within this 
Province, and upon Limes, Lemons, and Oranges," Jf. mor. 

Boston, 1754, sm. 8° 
Title, and text 12 pp. This little hook, secretly printed and distiibuted, 
created a great sensation. It is severe upon many public men, and 
every effort was made to discover the name of the printer; but the 
Great and General Court were in this instance less successful than in 
the case the same year wben they undertook to punish the printer of 
The Monster of Monsters see Thumb (JTom). 

1389 — A Brief State of the Services and Expences of the Pro- 

vince of the Massachusett's Bay in the Common Cause, 
Tif mor. Lond. 1765, 24 pp. 8° 

1390 — The Trve Sentiments of America: contained in a Col- 

lection of Letters sent from the Hovse of Eepresentatives 
of the Province of Massachvsetts Bay to several Persons of 
High Bank in this Kingdom, hf. mor. Lond. 1768, 8° 

Title ; ' The following resolution,' etc. I page ; text, pp. 5-158. 

1391 — The Proceedings of the Council, and the House of Ee- 

presentatives of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, 
relative to the convening, holding and keeping the General 
Assembly at Harvard College in Cambridge, hf. mor. 

Boston : JEdes and Gill, 1770, title and pp. 5-83, 8° 

158 riFTH day's sale. 

1392 Massachusetts Bay. Extract of a Letter from t&e House of 

Eepresentatives of the Massachusetta-Bay, to their agent 
Dennys De Berdt, Esq.; with some remarks, Jif. mor. 

Zand. 1770, 28 pp. 8° 

1393 — A Speech intended to have been spoken on the Bill for 

altering the Charters of the Colony of Masaachusett's Bay- 
[By Dr. Shipley, Bishop of St. Asaph], hf. mor. 

Lond. 1774, vii and 36 pp. 8° 

1394 — The same, 2d Ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1774, vii and 36 pp. 8<> 

1395 — The same, 4th Ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1774, vii and 36 pp. 8» 

1396 — The same, 6th Ed. If. mor. Boston, Bepr. Vn4<, 24 pp. 8" 

1397 — A Speech never intended to be Spoken, in answer to a 

Speech intended to have been Spoken on the BiU for altering 
the Charter of the Colony of Massachusett's Bay, half 
mor. Lond. 1774, 8" 

iv and 34 pp. Errata 1 page. 

1398 — The same. Another Ed. Tif. mor. Lond. 1774<, 8" 

iv and 35 pp. 

1399 Massachusettensis. Letters numbered I. to XVII. hf. mor. 

First Edition [Boston, 1775.] 80 

One hundred and eighteen pp. The author was Jonathan Sewall, Attorney- 
General for the King, in the province of Massachusetts. 

1400 Massachusettensis : or a Series of Letters, containing a faith- 

ful state of many important and atriking facts, vphich laid 
the foundation of the present Troubles in the Province of 
the Massachusetts-Bay, 3rd Ed. hf. mor. 

Boston printed : London, repr. 1776, 8° 
viii and 118 pp. 

1401 Massachusettensis : 4th Ed. hf. mor. 

Boston printed : Lond. repr. 1776, 8" 
viii and 118 pp. 

1402 Massachusetts Society for promoting Christian EJnovcledge, 

An Account of the Caml. 1806, 12" 

Title and pp. 4 to 34, 

1403 — Another Edition. Andover, Magg and Gould, 1815, 12" 

Eighty-three pp. ' Destitute of the Stated Ministry.' 1 sheet. 

1404 Massachusetts. An Account of the Massachusetts State 

Prison. Containing a description and Plan of the Edifice ; 
the Law, Eegulations, Eules and Orders 

Oharlestown : Sam. Mtheridge, 1806, 8" 
Forty-eight pp. 2 folded plates. 

1405 Massachusetts Historical Society, Catalogue of the Books, 

Pamphlets, Newspapers, Maps, Charts, Manuscripts, etc. in 
the Library, hf. mor. Boston : John Eliot, 1811, 8" 

Title, Preface and Contents 4 leaves ; Text 96 pp. First edition of this 

1406 Massachusetts Histoeical Society, Catalogue of the 

Library of, 2 vols. Boston, 1859, 8" 

Vol. I, vi. and 732 pp. II. vi. and 651 pp. A valuable work of reference 
for Books and Pamphlets printed in and relating to America. 


1407 Massie (J.) Calculations and Observations relating to an 

Additional Duty upon Sugar. Bated Westminster, 20fh 
Jan. 1759, folio 

Two pp. single sheet. 

1408 Massie (J.) A State of the British Sugar- Colony Trade ; 

shewing, that an Additional Duty of Twelve Shillings per 
112 pounds weight may be laid upon Brown or Muscovado 
Sugar, without making Sugar dearer in this Kingdom than 
it hath been of late years, and without distressing the 
British Sugar-Planters, hf. ef. Lond. 1759, 4" 

Title and 40 pp. 

1409 Mathee (Cotton). Several Sermons concerning Walking with 

Grod, and that in the Dayes of Youth : preached at Boston 
in New-England, by Cotton Matheb. Title and 86 pp. 
Lond. Dunton, 1689 — Mathee (Samuel) Early Piety, 
exemplified in the Life and Death of Mr. Nathanael 
Mather, Lond. (date cut off) 5 pr. Is. and 60 pp. In 1 vol. 
calf extra ly Bedford, corner of title neatly restored sm. 8° 

1410 Mathee (Cotton) Late MemoeAble Peotidenoes 


manifesting, not only that there are "Witches, but that 
Grood Men (as well as others) may possibly have their 
Lives shortned by such evil instruments of Satan. The 
Second Impression. Eecommended by the Eeverend Mr. 
Eichard Baxter ia London, and by the Ministers of Boston 
and Charlestown in New England, calf extra ly Bedford 

Lond. 1691, sm. 80 

Eleven prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank, ' To the Honourable Wait 

Winthrop, Esq.' 2 pp. ' To tbe Reader,' 4 pp. ' The Preface,' 9 pp. 

' A Catalog-ue of Books,' etc. 3 pp. ' The Introduction,' 2 pp. Text 1 44 pp. 

1411 Mathee (Cotton) A Teue Account oe the Tetals, 

Examinations, Confessions, Condemnations, and Exe- 
cutions OF DiTEES Witches. At Salem, in New-Eng- 
land, for their bewitching of sundry People and Cattel to 
Death, and doing other great Mischiefs, to the Euine of 
many People about them. With the Strange Circumstances 
that attended their enchantments : and their Conversation 
with DevHa, and other Infernal Spirits, red morocco hy Bed- 
ford Lond. for J. Conyers, 4" 

Eight pp. 'Salem, 8th Month, 1692.' Signed ' C. M.' We have never 
met with another copy of this work. 

1412 Mathee (Cotton) The Wondees of the Invisible 

Wo ELD : being an account of the Tryals of several Witches, 
lately executed in New England : and of several remarkable 
Curiosities therein occurring 

Printed first, at Boston in New-Bngland ; and 
Bsprinted at London, for John Dunton, 1693, 4° 
First London Edition. Title, and 98 pp. 


100 pirxH bay's sale. 

1#13 Mather (Cotton) The Wondehs of the Intisiblb 
WoKLD, 2nd Ed. Jif. mor. ' 

Printed first at Boston in, New 'England, and 
reprinted at London for John Ditnton, 1693, 4° 

Three prel. leaves and pp. 9-62. 

1414 The same, 3rd ed. half moroceo ih. 1693, 4° 

Four prel. leaves, and pp. 9-64. 

1415 Mathee (Cotton) Magnaiia Cheisti Americana ; or. 

The Eoclesiasticai Histoey of New En&land, from 
its First Planting in the Year 1620, unto the Tear of our 
Lord 1698, calf Lond.for Thomas ParMii/rst, 1702, folio 
Tourteen prel. leaves ; viz. Title, Attestation, Poems, General Introduc- 
tion, and Contents. ' Antiquities. The First Book.' Title and 38 pp. 
' Ecelesiarum Clypei, The Second Book.' Title and 75 pp. ' Poly- 
bius. The Third Book.' Title and 238 pp. ' Sal Gentium. The Fourth 
Book.' Title and pp. 125-222. ' Acts and Monuments. The Fifth 
Book.' Title and pp. 3-100. ' Thaumaturgua. The Sixth Book.' 
Title and 88 pp. blank leaf. ' Ecelesiarum Proelia. The Seventh Book.' 
Title and pp. 3-U8. ' Books,' etc. 2 pp. With copperplate map. 

1416 Mathee (Cotton) The Curbed Sinner. A Discourse 

occasioned by a Sentence of Death passed on a poor Young 
Man, for the Murder of his Companion, with some Historical 
Passages referring to that Unhappy Spectacle, calf extra, 
by Bedford 

Boston, N.E.: by JoTin Allen, for Nicholas Boone, 1713, 12" 
Title, xiv and 64 pp. 

1417 Mathee (Cotton) A Present of Summer Truit. Avery brief 

Essay to offer some Instructions of Piety, which the Sum- 
mer-Season more Particularly and Emphatically Leads us 
to ; but such also as are never out of Season. Being the 
short Entertainment of an Auditory in Boston, on a Day 
distinguished with the Heat of the Summer; 5d. 5m. 1713, 
calf extra, by Bedford Boston, B. Green, 1713, 12" 

Title, and text 29 pp. 

1418 Mathee (Cotton) The G-rand Point of Solicitude, a very 

brief Essay upon Divine Desertions, a Sermon, calf extra, by 
Bedford, rough leaves Boston, B. Green, 1715, 12" 

Blank leaf, title, and 31 pp. 

1419 Mathee (Cotton) Pair Dealing between Debtor and Cre- 

ditor, a very brief Essay upon the Caution to be used about 
coming in to Debt, and getting out of it. Offered at Bos- 
ton Lecture ; 5 d. xi m. VJ\^, calf extra, by Bedford 

Boston, B. Green, for Samuel Gerrish, 1716, 16" 
Title and .30 pp. 

1420 Mathee (Cotton) Desiderus ; or, A Desireable Man De- 

scrib'd, in the Characters of One Worthy to be a Man 
Greatly Beloved ; given in some Commemoration of the 
very Valuable and Memorable Mr. James Keith, Late Min- 
ister of the Grospel in Bridgewater, calf extra, by Bedford, 

Boston, 8. Kneeland, 1719, 12" 
Title, and text 34 pp. 


1421 Matheb (Cotton) A Year and a Life Well Concluded, a 

Sermon preached on the Last Day of the Tear, 1719, calf 
extra, by Bedford 

Boston, S. Xneeland,for B. Gray, 1719-20, 24 pp. 12" 

1422 Mathbe (Cotton) Coheleth. A Soul upon EecoUection. 

Offering the Advice of a Father going out of the World, 
unto a Son coming into it, calf extra, hy Bedford 

Boston, S. Kneeland, for S. Gerrish, 1720, 12° 

Title and 46 pp. 

1423 Mather (Cotton) India Christiana, a Discourse delivered 

unto the Commissioners for the Propagation of the Gospel 
among the American Indians, which is accompanied with 
several Instruments relating to the Griorious Design of Pro- 
pagating our Holy Religion in the Eastern, as well as the 
Western Indies, original binding, fine copy 

Boston, B. Green, 1721, sm. 8° 
Title, dedication ii pp. ; text, 94 pp. ; ' Corrigenda,' 1 page. A considera- 
ble portion of this book is in the Indian Language of New England. 

1424 Mather (Cotton) A Pastoral Letter, to Families Visited 

with Sickness. From several Ministers of Boston, at a 
time of Epidemical Sickness Distressing of the Town. The 
Third Impression, half morocco 

Boston, B. Green, for S. Gerrish, 1721, 120 
Half-title, and 24 pp. 

1425 Mathbe (Cotton) Silentarius, a brief Essay on the Holy 

Silence and Godly Patience that Sad Things are to be En- 
tertained withal. A Sermon at Boston Lecture on the 
Death of Mrs. Abigail Willard, and the Day before her 
Interment, who expired Septemb. 26. 1721. By her Father. 
Whereto there is added, A Sermon on The Refuge of the 
Distressed, which was preached on the Lord's Day preced- 
ing, calf extra, by Bedford Boston, S. Kneeland, 1721, 12" 
On the reverse of the title, ' Introduction,' signed ' Cotton Mather.' ' The 
Silent Sufferer,' 34 pp. ' The Refuge of the Distressed,' 28 pp. 

1426 Mather (Cotton) Bethiah. The Glory which Adorns the 

Daughters of God. And the Piety wherewith Zion wishes 
to see her Daughters Glorious, calf extra, hy Bedford 
Boston, by J. Franklin, for 8. Gerrish, 1722, 60 pp. 12° 
Printed by J. Franklin, brother of Doctor Franklin, with whom the latter 
served his apprenticeship, 

1427 Mather (Cotton) Columbanus ; or, The Doves Flying to 

the Windows of their Saviour, a Sermon to a Religious So- 
ciety of Young People, calf extra, by Bedford 

Boston, S. Kneeland, for J. JEdwards, 1722, 12° 
Title and 32 pp. 

1428 Mather (Cotton) Honesta Parsimonia ; or, Time Spent aa 

it should be. Proposals to prevent that Great Folly and 
Mischief, the Loss of Time, calf extra, by Bedford 

Boston, S. Kneeland, for J. Edwards, 172 [2 ?] 12<> 
Half-titk, title, and 23 pp. 

162 pirTH bat's sale. 

1429 Mathee (Cotton) The Minister, a Sermon, Offer' d unto the 

Anniversary Convention of Ministers from several Parts of 
New England, met at Boston, 31 d. iii m. 1722, calf extra, 
by Bedford, rough leaves Boston, 1722, 8" 

Half-title, ' Dr. Cotton Mather's Sermon at the Anniversary Convention of 
Ministers, May 31st, 1722,' and 45 pp. " To the Rev. Mr. Wilks of 
Waltham" on title, in the hand of Thomas Prince, the New England 

1430 Mathee (Cotton) Pia Disideria; or. The Smoaking Plax 

raised into a Sacred Plame, in a Short and Plain Essay upon 
those Pious Desires which are the Introduction and Incho- 
ation of all Vital Piety, delivered unto a Keligious Society 
of Young 'Peo^\e, calf extra, hy Bedford 

Boston, 8. Kneelandfor S. Oerrish, 1722, 120 

Title and 22 pp. 

1431 Mather (Cotton) Life of, by Samuel Mather, calf, wants 

last leaf, being part of " Contents" 

Boston, N.E., for S. Qerrish, 1729, 8" 
Title, Dedication, 4 pp. Preface, 6 pp. List of Subscribers, 10 pp. 
" Introduction," 2 pp. Text, 1 82 pp. Not the least curious part of this 
volume is the ample list of subscribers, consisting of about 400 New Eng- 
land names of this date. It also contains a Chronological Catalogue of 
Cotton Mather's publications — 283 works ! 

1432 Mathee (Inoeease) The Mystery of Israel's Salvation, 

Explained and Applied : or, A Discourse concerning the 
G-eneral Conversion of the IsraeHtish JTation, calf extra,' by 
Bedford Lond. John Allen, 1669, sm. 8" 

Twenty- three prel. leaves; viz.Title, reverse blank,'AnEpi3tle to the Reader,' 
signed ' John Davenporte,' 1 1 pp. 'To the Reader,' signed ' W. G.' 
4 pp. ' To the Reader,' signed ' W. H.' 14 pp. ' The Author's Preface 
to the Reader,' signed 'J. M.' 14 pp. Text, 181 pp. 'The Names of 
Writers,' etc. being ' The Table,' 5 pp. ' Places of Scripture opened,' 
etc. 4 pp. 

1438 Mathee (Inceease) The Eiest Peinciples or New Eng- 

MTJNiON OE Chtteches, Collected partly out of the Printed 
Books, but chiefly out of the Original Manuscripts of the 
Eirst and chiefe Eathers in the New-English Churches, 
calf extra, by Bedford 

Cambridge, N.H., Samuel Green, 1675, 4" 
Eour prel. leaves ; viz. Title, in a narrow metal type border, the reverse blank. 

' To the Reader,' signed ' Increase Mather,' 6 pp. Text, 40 pp. 

' Postscript' signed ' Ihon Allin,' 1 page. ' A Letter concerning the 

Subject of Baptisme,' etc. signed 'Jonathan Mitchel,' pp. 2-7. AVith 

the Autograph of White Kennett on the Title. 

1434 Mathee (Inceease) The Divine Eight oe Infant- 

Antiquity, calf extra, by Bedford, 

Boston, John Foster, 1680, 4" 
Tour prel. leaves; viz. Title, the reverse blank. ' Christian Reader,' 5 pp. 
signed ' Urian Oakes.' Text, 27 pp. 


i435 Mathbe (Inceease) Eetttenins tjnto God the gebat 


Preached to the second Church in Boston in New-England, 
March 17, 16-^g, when that Church did solemnly and 
Explicitly Eenew their Covenant with God, and one with 
another, _/?»ie copy in green morocco extra, hy Bedford 

Boston, John Foster, 1680, 4" 
Three prel. leaves ; viz. Title, reverse blank. ' To the second Church of 
Christ in Boston in New England,' 4 pp. Text, il pp. 

1436 Mathbe (IireEBASB) Diatriba de signo Pilii Hominis et de 

Secundo MessisB Adventu ; Ubi de modo future JudsBorum 
Conversionis : Nee non de signis Novissimi diei, disseritur, 
calf extra, by Bedford 

Amst. apud Mercy Browning, juxta Bursam, 1682, 8° 
Four piel. leaves and 98 pp. Index, 5 pp. Corrigenda, 1 page, 

1437 Mather (Inoeease) Ko/xtroypa^ia : or, a Discourse con- 

cerning Comets ; wherein the Nature of Blazing Stars is 
Enquired into : with an Historical Account of aU the 
Comets which have appeared from the Beginning of the 
World unto this present Tear, 1683, fine copy, morocco, 
ly Bedford Boston, S. Q.for S. S. 1683, sm. 8° 

Six prel. leaves ; viz. Title. ' To the Reader,' 4 pp. signed ' John Sher- 
man.' ' To the Reader,' 3 pp. 'The Contents,' 2 pp. Text, 143 pp. 
Errata, 1 page. " Heaven's Alarm to the World, or, A Sermon, wherein 
is shewed. That Fearful Sights and Signs in Heaven, are the Presages of 
great Calamities at hand. Preached, Jan. 20, 1680." Four prel. leaves; 
viz. Title, 'To the Reader,' 6 pp. Text, 38 pp. "The Latter Sign 
Discoursed of, in a Sermon, Preached Aug. 31,1 682." Title and 32 pp. 

1438 Mathbe (Inoeeasb) The Mysteet of Cheist opened 

AND APPLTED, in several Sermons, calf extra, hy Bedford 

\Boston\ 1686, 12" 
Title, 6 and 212 pp. The Contents, 1 page. Books printed, etc. 

1439 Mathee (Inceease) De Successu Evangelij apud Indos in 

Nova-Anglia Epistola, ad CI. Virum D. Johannem Leusde- 
num, green morocco Londini, typis J. G. 1688, 12" 

Title and 13 pp. 

1440 Idem, alia editio, calf extra, hy Bedford 

TJltrajecti, Wilhelmum Broedeleth, 1699, 16 pp. 8° 

1441 Mathee (Inceease) Angelo&baphia, or a Discourse con- 

cerning the Nature and Power of the Holy Angels, calf 

extra, hy Bedford Boston, B. Qreen and 

J. Allan, for Sam. Phillips at the Brich Shop, 1696, sm. 8° 

Eight pre!, leaves; viz. Title. ' The Epistle Dedicatory,' 2 pp. 'To the 

Reader,' 12 pp. Text, 132 pp. ' A Disquisition,' etc. 44 pp. Portrait 

of Increase Mather. 

1442 Mathee (Inceease) Two Plain and Practical Discourses 

concerning, I. Hardness of Heart. II. The Sin and Dan- 
ger of Disobedience to the Gospel, calf extra, hy Bedford 
Lond. for J- Robinson, and are to be sold by Samuel 
Phillips, Bookseller in Boston, 1699, 12° 
One hundred and eighty-seven pp. Books lately Printed, etc. 5 pp. 

164 FirTH day's sale. 

1443 Matheb (Inoeease) The Doctrine of Singular Obedience, 

as the Duty and Property of the True Christian, in a 
Sermon, calf extra, by Bedford 

Boston, Timothy Green, 1707, 12" 
Twenty-nine pp. Advert. 1 p. A presentation copy " To Mr. Samuel 

1444 Matheb (Inceease) A Discourse concerning the Mainte- 

nance due to those that Preach the Gospel : in which the 
Question, Whether Tithes are by the Divine Law, the 
Ministers Due ? is considered : and the Negative Prov'd, 
calf extra, hy Bedford 

Boston, printed 1706, and repr. at London, 1709, sm. 8" 

Two prel. leaves, and 32 pp. 

1445 Mathee (Inceease). A Serious Address to those who un- 

necessarily frequent the Tavern, and often spend the 
Evening in Publick Houses, by several Ministers ; to which 
is added, A private Letter on the Subject, by the late Eev. 
Dr. Increase Mather, unloimd 

Boston, for S. Gerrish, 1726, 8° 

Title, iv. and 30 pp. 

1446 Mathee (Inoeease) Memoirs of the Life of, with a Preface 

by the Eev. Edm. Calamy, D.D., calf extra, hy Bedford 

Land. 1725, 8° 
Four prel. leaves, and 88 pp. 

1447 Mathee (Nathanael) Twenty-Three Select Sermons 

Preached at the Merchants-Lectiu'e, at Pinners-Hall, and 
in Lime-Street, cf Lond. 1701, 8" 

Four prel. leaves and 480 pp. 

1448 Mathee (Eichaed) A Modest and Brotherly Answer to 

Mr. Charles Herle his Book, against the Independency of 
Churches Lond. 1644, 4"' 

Two prel. leaves and 58 pp. 

1449 Mathee (Eichaed) A Eeply to Mr. Eutherfurd, or, A de- 

fence of the Answer to Eeverend Mr. Herles Booke against 
the Independency of Churches Lond. 1647, 4° 

Four prel. leaves and 109 pp. 

1450 Mathee (Samuel) The Figures or Types of the Old Testa- 

ment, 2nd ed. with a Table, old calf 

Lond. Nath. Sillier, 1705, 4» 

Six prel. leaves ; viz. Title, and ' To the Reader,' vii. pp. signed ' Nathanael 
Mather.' Books, &c. 1 page. Scheme, 4 pp. Text, 540 pp. Table, 
1 1 pp. Errata, 1 page. 

1451 Matheb (Samuel) An Apology for the Liberties of the 

Churches in New England : To which is prefix'd, A Dis- 
course concerning Congregational Churches, old calf 

Boston, T. Fleet, for Daniel Senchman, 1738, 8" 
Four prel. leaves. Errata, 1 pa^e, and Text, 116 pp. 

riFTH day's sale. 165 

1452 Mather (Samuel) . A Letter to Doctor Mather, occasioned by 

his disingenuous Eeflexions upon a certain Pamphlet, en- 
titled. Salvation for all Men, unbound 

Boston, T. and J. Fleet, 1782, 8° 
Title, and Text, 9 pp. By the Rev. John Clark, of Boston. 

1453 Mansfield ("William, Earl of) Speech in giving the Judg- 

ment of the Court of King's Bench, on Monday, Novem- 
ber 28, 1774, in the Cause of Campbell against Hall, re- 
specting the King's Letters Patent, of the 20bh of July, 
1764 ; for raising a Duty of Pour and an Half per Cent. 
on all the Exports from the Island of G-ranada, new ed. 
hf. mor. Zand. 1775, title and text 23 pp. 8" 

1454 Mauduit (Israel) A Short View of the History of the Co- 

lony of Massachusett's Bay, with respect to their Original 
Charter and Constitution, hf. mor. Zand. 1769, 8" 

Title and 71 pp. " The object of the writer is to shew that the Colonists 
have no Charter exempt from the authority of Parliament." — M. Rev. 

1455 — The same, 3rd Ed. to which is now added the Original 

Charter granted to that Province in the 4tli of Charles I. 
and never before printed in England, Tif. mor. 

Zond. 1774, title and pp. 5-93, 8" 

1456 — The same, 4th Ed. to which is now added an Account of 

a Conference between the late Mr. G-renville and the se- 
veral Colony Agents, in the year 1764, previous to the 
Passing the Stamp Act ; also the Original Charter, hf. mor. 
Lond. 1776, title and pp. 5-100, 8" 

1457 Maw (Henry Lister) Journal of a Passage from the Pa- 1^ 

cific to the Atlantic, crossing the Andes in the Northern 
Provinces of Peru, and descending the Eiver Maraiion, or 
Amazon Zond. 1829, xv and 486 pp. map, 8° 

1458 Maximilianus (Teanstltantts) De Moltocis Insults, 

itemq ; alijs pluribus miradis, quae nouissima Castellanorum 
nauigatio Sereniss. Imperatoris Caroli V. auspicio suscepta, 
nuper inuenit, calf extra, hy Bedford 

Colonim in cedibus Zhicharij Ceruicorni, 
mense Januwrio, 1523, sm. 8" 
Fifteen unfolioed leaves ; signature A in eight, B in seven leaves. 

1459 Mayhew (Experience) G-raee Defended, in a Modest Plea 

for an Important Truth ; namely, That the Offer of Salva- 
tion made to Sinners in the Grospel, comprises in it an 
Offer of the Grrace given in Eegeneration 

Boston, B, GreenforB. Senchman, 1744, 8° 
Title, vi and 208 pp. 

1460 Mayhew (Jonathan), of West Church,Boston, Seven Sermons 

preached at a Lecture in the West Meeting House in Bos- 
ton Boston ; Lond. repr. 1750, 3 pr. Is. and text 132 pp. %" 

1G6 FIFTH day's sale. 

1461 Mayhew (Jonathan) A Discourse occasioned by the Death 

of the Honourable Stephen Sewall, Esq. Chief-Justice of 
the Superiour Court of Judicature, Member of his Ma- 
jesty's Council for the Province of the Massachusetts Bay 
in JSTew England, hf. mor. 

Boston, Richard Draper, etc. 1760, title and pp. 5-66, 8° 

1462 Mayhew (Jonathan) Observations on the Charter and 

Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Grospel 
in Foreign Parts ; designed to shew their Non-conformity 
to each other : with Kemarks on the Mistakes of East Ap- 
thorpe, M.A., Missionary at Cambridge, in Quoting and 
Eepresenting the Sense of said Charter, hf. mor. 

Boston; Lond. repr. 1763, 164 pp. 8" 

1463 Mayhew (Jonathan). An Answer to Dr. Mayhew's Ob- 

servations on the Charter and Conduct of the Society for 
the Propagation of the Grospel in Foreign Parts, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1764, 68 pp. 8" 

1464 Mayhew (Jonathan). The Claims of the Church of England 

seriously examined : in a Letter to the Author of an 
Answer to Dr. Mayhew's " Observations," hf. mor. 

Lond. 1764, 28 pp. 8" 

1465 Mayhew (Jonathan) A Defence of the Observations on 

the Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propaga- 
tion of the Grospel in Foreign Parts, against an Anonymous 
Pamphlet falsely entitled, a Candid Examination of Dr. 
Mayhew's Observations, etc. hf. mor. 

Boston : Lond. repr. 1764, 120 pp. 8° 

1466 Mayhew (Jonathan) Eemarks on an Anonymous Tract, 

entitled, An Answer to Dr. Mayhew's Observations on the 
Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of 
the Gospel in Foreign Parts, being a Second Defence of the 
said Observations, hf. mor. 

Boston : S. and S. Draper, etc. 1764, 8" 

Eighty-six pages. ' Advertisement.' 1 page signed ' J. Mayhew.' So- 
liciting contributions in Europe for the loss of the Library of Harvard 
College by fire. 

1467 Mayhew (Jonathan) Sermons to Young Men, 2 vols, old 

calf Lond. 1767, 12" 

Vol. I. XX and 275 pp. II. Title, iv and text 304 pp. 

1468 Mead (Joseph) An Essay on Currents at Sea ; by which 

it aippears there is Eeason to apprehend that the Sea is not 
a Fluid in a State of Eest .... but that the Currents of the 
Grulph of Florida, also on the Coast of Brasil, and the 
Northern In-draught on this "Western Coast, are Currents 
in Circulation, kept up by different Densities in this Earth' 
and its Motion round its Axis, hf. mor. Lond. 1757, 8° 
Title [on the reverse 'Errata.' 5 Jiaes],. Text 48 pp. 

piETH day's sale. 167 

1469 Mead (Matthew) The Almost Christian Discovered, or 

the False Professor Tryed and Cast, being the Substance 
of Seven Sermons, 14th Ed. last 2 leaves damaged 

Boston, for Joseph Edwards, 1730, 12° 
Four prel. leaves and 194 pp. 

1470 Medina (Antonio de) Sermon predicado en el Castillo de 

San Felipe del Puerto, del Callao, a su Dedicacion j bene- 
dicion ; estando descubierto el Santissimo Sacramento, y 
en presencia de todo el Presidio, hf. mor. 

Lima, Geronymo de Gontreras, 1625, 4° 
Eighteen folioed leaves. 

1471 Medrano (Sebastian Fernandez de) Breve descripcion del 

Mundo, o Guia Geographica, old calf 

Brusselas, Lamberto Marchant, 1688, 108 pp. 12" 
Not mentioned by either Rich or Salva. 

1472 Memoires tovchant I'Etablissement d'vne Mission Chres- 

tienne dans le troisieme Monde, autrement appelle, la 
Terre Anstrale, Meridionale, Antartique, et Inconnue, 
old calf Paris, Glavde Gramoisy, 1663, 8° 

Eighteen prel. leaves and 216 pp. Map of the World. 

1478 Memoiees bes Gommissaiees j>v Eoi et de ceui de sa 
Majeste Britannique, sur les possessions et les droits 
respectifs des deux Couronnes en Amerique ; Avec les 
Actes publics et Pieces justificatives. Contenant les 
Memoires sur I'Acadie et sur I'lsle de Sainte-Lucie, 4 vols. 
old calf gilt, fine copy Paris, 1755, 4° 

Vol. I. viii, Ixxv, and 18 1 pp. 'Premier Memoire,' etc. CI pp. ' Me- 
moire de IMessieurs les Commissaires Anglois,' etc. evii pp. ' Second 
Memoire,' etc. 120 pp. Map. II. xiii and 646 pp. III. xvi and 319 
pp. IV. 1757. 3 prel. leaves, xxv and 654 pp. Map. 

1474 Memoirs of an Unfortunate Young Nobleman, return'd from 

a Thirteen Tears' Slavery in America, where he had been 
sent by the Wicked Contrivances of his Cruel TJncle, a 
Story founded on Truth, and address' d equally to the Head 
and Heart, old calf Lond. 1743, 12" 

Half-title, title, and 277 pp. 

1475 Memoirs of the principal Transactions of the last "War 

between the English and French in North America [by 
"William Shirley], hf. mor. Lond. 1757, viii and 102 pp. 8° 

1476 — The same, 3rd Ed. 

Boston, N.E. rep. Green and Russell, 1758, 8° 

iv and 9-80 pp. 

1477 Mendo^a (Juan G-oncales de) Historia de las Cosas mas 

Notables, Eitos y Costvmbres, del gran Eeyno dela China, 
sabidas assi por los libros delos mesmos Chinas, como por 
relacion de Eeligiosos y otras personas que an estado en el 
dicho Eeyno, con un Itinerario del nueuo Mundo, vellum 
Itoma, Vincentio Accolti, 1585, 8° 
Sixteen prel, leaves, the 16th blank ; and 410 pp. 


168 mfthdat's sale. 

1478 Mendoga (Juan Goncales de) Dell' Historia della China, 

vellum Venetia, Andrea Muschio, 1586, 8° 

Sixteen prel. leaves, the 16th blank, and 462 pp.; 1 blank leaf, and ' Tavola,' 
etc. 40 pp. 

1479 MendoQa (Juan Goncales de) L'Historia del gran Eegno 

della China, old calf Vinegia, Andrea Muschio, 1587, 12° 
Kve hundred and eight pp. ' Lo etampatore,' etc. 1 page ; ' Tavola,' eto. 
77 pp. ' Errori,' etc. 1 page. 

1480 MendoQa (Juan Goncales de) Histoire dv Grand Eoyavme 

de la Chine, old calf Paris, leremie Perier, 1589, 8° 

Twelve prel. leaves, and 323 folioed leaves ; ' Indice des choses Notables,' 
etc. 48 pp. ' Fautes,' etc. 1 page. 

1481 Mekdoza (Diego be) Cheonica be ia Peotincia be 8. 

Antonio be iios Chaecas del orden de JSTro. Seraphico 
P. S. I'rancisco En la Indias Occidentales Eeyno del Peru, 
vellum, marginal notes on a few leaves cut into 

Matriti, 1664, folio 
Engraved title, 1 4 prel. leaves, and 601 pp. ' Protesta de el Autor,' 1 page ; 
' Indice de los Capitvlos,' etc. 6 pp. 

|{* 1482 Meecatoe (Gbraedtjs) Atlas sive Cosmographicse Medita- 
* tiones de fabrici Mundi et fabricati Pigvra, fine copy, old 

calf Amst. 1606, large folio 

Ten prel. leaves, and 354 pp. Index, etc. 18 leaves. Maps with the text. 

1483 Mercator (Gerardus) Atlas Minor S, I. Hondio plurimis 

jeneia tabulis auctus atque iQustratus, vellum 

Amst. ludoci Hondij [Colophon'] Dordrechti, Adrianus 
Bottius, Anno 1610, 4 pr. Is. and 684 pp, oblong 4° 

1484 Mercator. Historia Mvndi: or Mercator's Atlas. Eng- 

lished by W. S. old calf Land. 1635, folio 

Twelve prel. leaves ; 56 pp. the Preface (upon Atlas) 2 pp. and 930 pp. 
Tables, etc. 32 pp. 

1485 Mexico. Memorial de lo Svcedido en la ciudad de Mexico, 

desde el dia primero de Nouiembre, de 1623 hasta quienze 
de Enero de 1624, uncut folio 

Twenty-eight folioed leaves. Apparently a privately printed Official 

1486 — Gazeta de Mexico, desde Enero de 1735, hasta fin de 

Diciembre de 1786. [24 Numbers'] Num. 86-109, calf 

Mexico, en la Imprenta Seal del Superior Gohierno, 4° 
pp. 682-873. These early Newspapers are of equal value and rarity. 

1487 — Reales Ordenanzas para la direccion, Eegimen j Go- 

bierno del Importante cuerpo de la Mineria de Nueva-Es- 
paiia, y de su Eeal Tribunal General Madrid, 1783, folio 
Frontispiece, title, xlvi and 214 pp. A small number only printed for the 
use of the parties concerned. 

1488 — Eepresentacion del Ilmo. Sr. Arzobispo de Mejico con- 

cerniente a algunos sucesos Anteriores a la Independencia 
proclamada en Aquella Capital, hf. mor. 
Habana, por Campe, en la Oflcina Liberal, 1822,43 pp. 4° 


1489 Mexico. Ultimas noticias del Eeino de Nueva-Espana, Tialf 

morocco Hahana, 1821, 8 pp. 4? 

1490 — CoLECOiON DK Oedenes y Deceetos de ia Sobeeana 

Junta Provisional Gubemativa, y Soberanos Congresoa 
G-enerales de la Nacion Mexicana. 5 vols, in 3, Spanish 
linding Mexico, Mariano Arevalo, 1829-31, 4° 

Vol. I. 2 prel. leaves ; xvi and 150 pp. II. 3 prel. leaves ; xiv and 220 pp. 
III. 3 prel. leaves ; x and 172 pp. lY. 3 prel. leaves; viii and 198 pp. 
v. Half-title, title, xx and 212 pp. 

1491 — Album Mejicano Tributo de gratitud al Civismo nacional 

Eetratos de los Personages ilustres de la primera y segunda 
6poca de la Independencia Mejicaua, hf. mor. 

Mejico, O. Zi. Prudhomme, 1843, folio 
Title, Advertencia, and 21 plates, each with 4 portraits. 

0000 Mexican Typography. See Gaona ; Missa Oothica 

1492 M'Pingal : A Modern Epic Poem, in Eour Cantos. 5th Ed. 

"With Notes Land. 1792, 8" 

Fifteen and 142 pp. By John Trumbull. 

1493 Michaux (P. A.) Travels to the Westward of the Allegany 

Mountaias, in the States of the Ohio, Kentucky, and Ten- 
nessee, and return to Charlestowu, through the Upper 
CaroUnas. Translated by B. Lambert, map 

Land. 1805, xvi and 350 pp. 8" 
1494, _ The same, 2nd Ed. ef. Lond. 1805, sii and 294 pp. 8° 
1495 Middleton. A Vindication of the Conduct of Capt. Chris- 
topher Middleton, in a late Yoyage on board His Majesty's 
ship the Purnace, for discovering a North-west Passage to 
the Western American Ocean. In answer to certain ob- 
jections and aspersions of Arthur Dobbs, Esq.; with an 
Appendix, old cf. Land., Jacob Bohinson, 1743, 8" 

Two prel. leaves, and 206 pp. ' Several Abbreviations,' etc. 1 page. 
Log-Journal 48 pp. 

149g — The same. Another Ed. Tif. mor. 

Dublin, 1744, 168 and 48 pp. 8» 

1497 Middleton (Christopher) A Eeply to the Eemarks of Arthur 

Dobbs, Esq., on Capt. Middleton's Vindication 

Lond. 1744, 8" 
Ten and 192 pp. ' Appendix' 94 pp. Errata and Index, 8 pp. 

1498 Middleton (Christopher) Porgery Detected. By which is 

evinced how groundless are all the calumnies cast upon the 
Editor, in a Pamphlet published under the name of Arthur 
Dobbs, Esq. Tif. mor. Lond. 1745, title, v and 35 pp .8" 

1499 Milius (Abraham) De Origine Animalium, et Migratione 

Populorum, ubi inquiritur, quomodo quaque via Homines 
csetera que Animalia Terrestria provenerint: et post De- 
luvium in omnes Orbis terrarum partes et regiones: 
Asiam, Europam, Africam, utramque Americam, et Ter- 
ram Australem, sive Magellanicam pervenerint, calf extra 
by Bedford Geneves, 1667, 68 pp. 12° 

170 FiETit bat's sale ' , 

1500 Mills (Henry James) Trinidad Almaifae and Pocket Ee- 

gister for the Tear of our Lord 1840, being Bissextile or 
Leap Tear, calculated to the Meridian of Port of Spain 

Fort of Spain, H. J. Mills [1849], 12° 

Sixty-two pages. With Plan. ' Trinidad Imports, etc. 1839.' Folded 
sheet at page 60. 

1501 Mills (Samuel J.) and Daniel Smith, Eeport of a Missionary 

Tour through that part of the United States which lies 
West of the Allegany Mountains; performed under the 
direction of the Massachusetts Missionary Society, uncut 
Andover, Magg and Oould, 1815, 64 pp. 8" 

1502 Milton (Charles William) Narrative of the Gracious deal- 

ings of G-od in the Conversion of W. Mooney Pitzgerald 
and John Clark, two malefactors, who were Executed on 
Friday, Dec. 18, 1789, at St. John's New Brunswick, Nova 
Scotia, for Burglary Lond. 1790, 22 pp. 12" 

1503 Ministerial (A) Catechise, Suitable to be Learned by all 

Modern Provincial Grovernors, Pepsioners, Placemen, etc. 
hf. mor. Soston, Isaiah Thomas, 1771, 8 pp. 8° 

Refers to Governor Hutchinson, in form of a parody or imitation of the 
Assembly's Catechism. One of the earliest books printed by Thomas, 
Historian of American Typography. 

1504 Minofc (G-eorge Richards) The History of the Insurrec- 

tions in Massachusetts, in the year 1786, and the Rebellion 
consequent thereon, uncut 

Worcester, Mass., Isaiah Thomas, 1788, 192 pp. 8° 
The insurrection referred to is commonly known as Shay's Bebellion. 

1505 MissA G-OTHicA SEu MozABABiCA, et Officium itidem G-o- 

thicum diligenter ae dilucid^ explanata ad TJsum Percele- 
bris Mozarabum SaceUi Toleti a Munificentissimo Cardi- 
nal! Ximenio erecti ; et in Obsequium Illmi. Perind^ ac 
Venerab. D. Decani et Capituli Sanctae Ecclesiae Toletanae, 
Hispaniarum et Indiarum Primatis, old red morocco 

Angelopoli, Typis Seminarii Palqfoxiani, 1770, folio 

Four prel. leaves, 137 and 198 pp. 3 large copperplates by J. Nava. 
Contains some musical notation printed from copperplates. As a speci- 
men of Mexican typography alone the volume is one of considerable 
interest. Angelopolis is the same as La Puebla de los Angeles, or more 
briefly, La Puebla. 

1506 Mitchil (Jonathan), Pastor, of Cambridge, N.E. A Dis- 

course of the Glory to which God' hath called Believers by 
Jesus Christ, delivered in some Sermons out of the 1 Pet. 
v chap. 10 verse, together vrith an annexed Letter 

Lond. Nathaniel Ponder, 1677, sm. 8" 

Eight prel. leaves, viz., title, ' To the Reader,' 1 1 pp, ; signed ' John Col- 
lins.' Text 263 pp. ' A Letter,' etc. 20 pp. 

riFTH DAl'S SALE. 171 

1507 MocQTTET (Jaii.) "WuTiderbare Jecjoch Griindlieli- und 

warhaffte G-eschiehte und Reise begebnisse in Africa, Asia, 
Ost- und "West-Indien Luneburg, [1688], 4" 

Thirty prel. leaves, engraved frontispiece, and text 632 pp. Plates num- 
bered I. to X. and plan of ' lerusalenj.' 

1508 Modest (A) Proof of the Order and Government settled by 

Ctrist and his Apostles in the Church 

Boston, reprinted hy Tho. Meet, and are to le sold iy 
Benjamin JSliot in Boston, Daniel Aurault in New- 
port, Gabriel Bernon in Providence, Mr. Gallop in 
Bristol, Mr. Jean in Stratford, and in most other 
towns witMn the Colonies of Connecticut and 
Bhode Island, 1723, title, v and 63 pp. 16" 

1509 Molina (Juan Ignatius) Essai sur I'Histoire Naturelle du 

Chili, ttaduit de I'ltalien, et enrichi de notes, par M. 
Gruvel, old calf Paris, 1789, xvi and 352 pp. 8" 

1510 Molina (Juan Ignatius) The Geographical, Natural and 

Civil History of Chili, 2 vols, calf 1809, S" 

Vol. I. XX and 321 pp. Map. jl. xii and 385 pp. 

1511 MoNAEDES (NicoiiO) Peimeea t Segtkda t Teeceea 

Pastes de la Histoeia Medicinal de las cosas que 


EN Medicina. Tratado de la Piedra Bezaar, y dela yerua 
Escuerconera, stained, vel. Sevilla,AlonsoEscriuano, 1574, 4" 
Six prol. leaves, viz. title, reverse blank ; ' Licencia y Previlegio,' 2 pp. ; 
' Elogio hecho,' etc. 4 pp. ' Sanctis D. N. Gregorio XIII. Pont. Opt. 
Max. Doct. Nioolaus Monardus Medicus Hispalensis. S. P. D.' 3 pp. ; 
text 206 folioed leaves ; woodcut and colophon on the reverse of folio 
206, ' In Lavdem Dotissimi Nicolai Monardis Medici Hispaleusis,' 1 page. 
' Erratas,' 1 page. 


neWe founde woelde, wherein is declared the rare and 
singular vertues of diuerse and sundrie Hearbes, Trees, 
Oyles, Plantes, and Stones, with their applications, as well 
for Phisicke as Chirurgerie, Englished by Jhon Prampton, 
Marchaunt, eiest edition, blacfe letter 

Lond. hy Willyam Norton, 1577, 4f 
Three prel. leaves, viz. title, reverse blank, ' To the right worshipfuU Mais- 
ter Edvvarde Dier Esquire, Jhon Prampton wisheth muche healthe, 
with prosperous and perfite felicitie.' 3 pp. in italics. Text in 109 
folioed leaves, ' The Table of the thinges that these three Bookes doe 
containe, ' 2 pp. 

1513 MoNAEDES (NicoLo) DeUe cose, che vengono portate dall' 

Indie Occidentali pertinenti all' vso della Medicina, vellum 
Venetia, Giordan ZUletti, 1582, 8° 
Eight prel. leaves, viz. title, the reverse blank, ' AI Clarissimo mio Sig. 
Andrea Contarini, fu del Clariss. M. Dionigi, 6 pp. ' Giordan Ziletti 
a' Lettori,' 3 pp. the reverse blank. ' Capi del prime libro,' 1 page ; 
and 1 blank leaf. Text 249 pp. ' Tavola,' 13 pp. 'Dve Libri dell' 
Historia de i Semplici, Aromati,' etc. 12 prel. leaves, viz. Title, the re- 
verse blank, ' All' lUvstriss. Signore il Signer Don Ferrante de Alarcon, 
e di Meudoza, Marchess della Valle,' 9 pp. ; 'Tavola,' 12 pp. ; text 
347 pp. 

172 SIXTH bat's sale. 

ISM Monardes (Nieolo) Histoire des Simples Medieamens 

Apportes de 1' Ameriqve, desqvels on se sert en la Medicine, 

traduicte en Prangois par Anthoine Colin, edition seconds 

I/yon, 1619, 262 pp. table, etc. 6 pp. 8» 



1515 Monroe (James) A View of the Conduct of the Executive 

in the Foreign Afiairs of the United States, as connected 
with the Mission to the French Republic, during the years 
1794-6, 2nd Ed. FUladelphia, printed; Zand. repr. 1798, 8" 
viii and 117 pp. 

1516 MoNTANrs. Eelacion Cierta y Yerdadera del famoso sucesso 

y vitoria que tuvo el Capitan Benito Arias Montano, 
sobrino del doctissimo Arias Montano, natural de Estre- 
madura, Grovernador y Capitan general de la Provincia de 
la nueva Andaluzia, y ciudad de Cumana, y Alcayde de la 
fuerea de Araya, por el Rey nuestro senor, contra los 
enemigos Oladeses, este ano de 1633, lif. mor. 
\_Golophon\ en Sevilla por Fran, de Lyra, 1634, 4 pp., folio 

1517 Montanus (Arnold) De Nieuwe en Onbekende "Weereld: 

of Beschiyving van America in 't Zuid-Land, Vervaetende 
d'Oorsprong der Americaenen en Zuidlanders, gedenkwaer- 
dige togten derwaerds, Gelegendheid der vaste Kusten, 
Eilanden, Steden, Sterkten, Dorpen, Tempels, Bergen, 
Eonteinen, Stroomen, Huisen, de natuur van Beesten, 
Boomen, Planten _en vreemde G-ewasschen, etc. fine copy, 
vellum Amst. Jaedb Meurs, 1671, folio 

Four prel. leaves and 535 pp. ; ' Blad-Wyzer,' etc. 25 pp. ; ' Naemen der 
Schryvers,' etc. 1 page ; ' Aeuwyzing Voor der Boekbinders,' etc. 1 p. ; 
portrait of ' loan Maurits, Prins van Nassouw,' and 54 maps and plates. 
The plates to this volume are the same as those for Ogilby's America, 
but are earlier and therefore better impressions. 

1518 Montcalm (Marquis de), Qov. Gen. en Canada. Lettres de 

Le Marquis de Montcalm; a Messieurs de Berryer et de 
la Mole, Ecrites dans les Annees 1757, 1758 et 1759. 
Avec une Version Angloise, hf. mor. Lond, 1777, 8* 

Title and S8 pp. doubly numerated. 

SIXTH day's sale, 173 

1519 Montesinos (Fernando de) Avto de la Te celebrado en 

Lima a 23. de Enero de 1639. Al Tribvnal del Santo 
Oficio de la Inquisieiou, de los Eeynos del Peru, Chili, 
Paraguay, j Tucuman Idma, JPedro de Cabrera, 1639, 4° 
Four prel. leaves and text, signatures A to G in fours. 

1520 Moody (James). Lieut. James Moody's Narrative of his 

Exertions and Sufferings in the Cause of Grovernment, 
since 1776, 2nd Ed. Jif. mor. Lond. 1783, 8° 

Title and 57 pp. ' Appendix,' 7 pp. 

1521 Moore. A Eepresentation of Facts, relative to the Con- 

duct of Daniel Moore, Esquire, Collector of his Majesty's 
Customs at Charles-Town, in South Carolina, from the 
time of his Arrival in March, 1767, to the time of his De- 
parture in September following 

Gharlestown, South Carolina, Charles Grouch, V7Q7, folio 

viii and pp. 3-13. 

1522 Moore (Francis) A Voyage to Georgia, begun in the year 

1735, containing an Account of the Settling the Town of 
Frederica, in the Southern Part of the Province; and a 
Description of the SoU, Air, Birds, Beasts, Trees, Eivers, 
Islands, etc. hf. mor. Lond. 1744, 80 

One hundred and eight pp. and 1 leaf at end with Author's advertise- 
ment of Voyage to Georgia in 1738, etc. 

1523 Moore (James L.) The Columbiad: An Epic Poem on the 

Discovery of America and the West Indies by Columbus, 
in Twelve Books, russia, marh. edges Lond. 1798, 8° 

Title and 455 pp. 

1524 Moore (Sir Thomas) Mangora, King of the Timbusians, 

or the Faithful Couple, a Tragedy, Ivf. mor. Lond. 1718, 4" 

Four prel. leaves and 54 pp. 

1525 Moreton (J. B.) "West India Customs and Manners, con- 

taining strictures on the Soil, Cultivation, Produce, Trade, 
OflBcers and Inhabitants ; with the method of establishing 
and conducting a Sugar Plantation, hf. mor. Lond. 1793, 8" 
192 pp. 

1526 MoEGAN (John) A Discourse upon the Institution of 

Medical Schools in America ; delivered at a Public Anniver- 
sary Commencement, held in the College of Philadelphia, 
May 30 and 31, 1765, calf 

Philadelphia, William, Bradford, 1765, 8° 

Eighteen prel. leaves and 63 pp. 

1527 MoENrtTG (The) and Evening Peatee. The Litany and 

Church Catechism. Ne Orhoengene neoni Togaraskhagh 
Tondereanayendaghkwa, Ne Ene Niyoh Eaodeweyena, 
neoni Onoghsadogeaghtige Tondadderighwanondoenthia, 
very fine copy, hf. mor. 

Boston, Richard and Samuel Draper, 1763, 4° 
Title and 24 pp. ' The Church Catechism,' 18 pp. An excessively rare 
volume in an Indian dialect, possibly Mohawk. 

174 SIXTH day's sale. 

1528 Morris (Valentine), Governor of St. Vincent, A Narrative 

ofthe Official Conduct of Zand. 1787 

Half-title, title, xvii, 3 and 467 pp. Printed at the Logographic Press of J. 
Walter of Printing House Square, founder of the Times newspaper. 

1529 Morse (Jedidiah) Tlie American Geography, calf 

I]lizdbeth Town, Shepard Kolloeh,for the Author, 1789, 8° 

xii and 534 pp. ' The Reader,' etc. 1 page. Without the maps. First 
edition of the large work. 

1530 Morse (Jedidiah) A Sermon, exhibiting the present Dan- 

gers, and consequent Duties of the Citizens of the United 
States of America, delivered at Charlestown, April 25, 
1799, the Day of the National Fast 

Charlestown, Samuel Etheridge, 1799, 50 pp. 8° 

1531 Morse. Eemarfcs on the Eeview of Inchiqnin's Letters, 

published in the Quarterly Eeview ; addressed to the Et. 
Hon, George Canning, Esq., by an Inhabitant of New 
England [Eev. Jed. Morse], unbound 

Boston, Samuel T. Armstrong, 1815, 8° 

176 pp. Wanting pp. 9 and 10. 

1532 Morse (Jedidiah) A Sermon, delivered before the Ancient 

and Honourable Artillery Company, in Boston, June 6, 
1803, being the Anniversary of their Election of Officers 

Charlestown, Samuel Htheridge, 1803, 32 pp. 8" 

1533 Morse (Jedidiah) A Compendious History of New Eng- 

land Lond. 1808, 6 prel. Is. and 207 pp. 8° 

1534 Morse (Jedidiah) A Eeport to the Secretary of "War of 

the United States, on Indian Affairs, comprising a Narra- 
tive of a Tour performed in the Summer of 1820, uncut 

New Haven, 1822, 8" 
Four hundred pp. Errata 1 page. Coloured map ; and portrait. 

1535 MoETON (Thomas) New English CAWAArr, ob New 

CAJsrAAif, containing an Abstract of New England, composed 
in Three Bookes, calf extra, ly Bedford 

Amst. Jacoh FredericTe Stani, 1637, 4° 
One hundred and eighty-eight pp. ' A Table,' etc. 3 pp. 

1536 Most (A) Exact and Accurate Map of the "Whole World ; 

or the Orb Terrestrial described in Eour Plain Maps (viz.), 
Asia, Evrope, Africa and America, containing all the known 
and most Eemarkable Capes, Ports, Bayes and Isles, Eocks, 
Eivers, Towns and Cities Lond. John Garrett, 4° 

Four prel. leaves and 192 pp. Poor copy, wanting several leaves. 

1537 Moultrie (John), of South Carolina. Dissertatio Medica 

Inauguralis de Eebre maligna biliosa America 

[Edinb.l 1749, 4" 
Two prel. leaves and 24 pp. ; ' Bphemerides MeteorologicsB,' etc. 8 pp. 

SIXTH day's sale. 175 

1538 Mountgomery (Sir Eobert), Bart. A Discourse concerning 

the design'd Establishment of a New Colony to the South 
of Carolina, hf. mor. Zand. 1717, 8" 

Title and 30 pp. Larg-e plim at page 11. "A very curious ti-act. Sir 
Hob. Montgomery having obtained a grant of all the land between the 
rivers Alatamaha and Savanna, now part of Georgia, which he called 
Azilia, issued these proposals for settling the colony." — Rich, 

1539 Muhlenberg (Henry) Descriptio TJberior Graminum efc 

Plantarum Calamariarum Americse Septentrionalis indige- 
narum et cicurum 

PTiiladelfJiicB, Solomon W. Conrad, 1817, 8° 
Title, ii and 295 pp. 

1540 Munoz (Juan Baptista) Historia del Nuevo-Mundo, 

Tomo I. Large Faper, half calf 

Madrid, por la Viuda de Ilarra, 1793, 8° 

Three prel. leaves, xxx and 364 pp. Portrait and map. No second volume 
ever published, being prevented by the death of the Author. The work 
is a most valuable compilation from original M8S. in the archives of 
Spain and Portugal. 

1541 Munoz (Juan Baptista) The History of the New "World, 

Yol. I. Translated, with Notes, hf. mor. Lond. 1797, 8° 
XV and 552 pp. Map and portrait of Columbus. 

1542 Murray (James) An Impartial History of the present 

"War in America, 2 vols, in 1, calf Lond. [1778], 8" 

Vol. I. 373 pp. Vol. II. 376 pp. 22 copperplate poi:traits, and plan of 
the Town of Boston. By the Author of Sermons to Asses. 

1543 Mystery (The) Eeveal'd ; or Truth brought to Light, being 

a Discovery of some Facts in relation to the Conduct of 
the late M y, hf. mor. Zand. 1769, title and 319 pp. 8» 

A reprint of a tract published in 1757, entitled The Conduct of the late 
Ministry, etc. 

1544 Narborough (Sir John) and others. An Account of several 

late Voyages and Discoveries to the Sovth and North : 
towards the Streights of Magellan, the South Seas, the vast 
Tracts of Land beyond HoUandia Nova, etc. ; also towards 
Nova Zembla, Greenland or Spitsberg, Groynland or En- 
grondland, etc. fine copy, old calf Zond. 1694, 8" 

Eighteen prel. leaves, map of the Streights of Magellan, and 196 pp. 
Map of the North East, etc. at page 143. ' The First Part of a Voyage 
into Spitzbergen,' etc. 207 pp. Table at page 1 ; and plates lettered A 
to S, 2 of the letter P. 

1545 Neal (Daniel) The History of New England, Ind and lest 

edition, 2 vols, old calf Zond. 1747, 8" 

Vol I. Eight prel. leaves and 392 pp. Map. II. 2 prel. leaves and text 
380 pp. Index, 15 pp. 

1546 Neilson (John) Second Series of the Present and Future 

Prospects of Jamaica considered Kingston- Jamaica, 1834, 8° 
Twenty pages. 

2 A 

176 SIXTH day's SAli!. 

ISiT Neue Naehricbten von denen neuentdekten Insuln in der 
See zwisehen Asian und Amerika 

Hamibmg wnd Leipzig, 1776, title and 173 pp. 8° 

1548 WEU-EEorPNETES Amphitheatetm, Worinnen nach dem 

tins bekanten gantzen Welt-Greisz, alio Nationen nach 
ihrem Habit, insaubern Piguren reprasentiret 

Urfurfh, 1723, folio 

Five Parts. General title, Vorrede, 2 pp. '1. Aus dem gantzen Europa, 
etc. 1722,' 66 leaves. ' II. Aus dem gantzen Africa, etc. 1723,' 2 prel. 
leaves and 96 pp. ' III. Aus dem gantzen America, etc. 1723,' 2 prel. 
leaves and 124 pp. ' Aus dem Stiidlichen Asia, etc. 1728,' title and 142 
pp. 'Turcioum, etc. 1724,' 172 pp. Register 4 pp. Woodcuts with the 
text. The woodcuts consist of highly curious representations of natives 
of the various nations of the earth, their costumes, portraits of the 
chiefs of New England, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Louisiana, 
The Canadas, Mexico, etc. 

1549 Nbte t MoiiKA (Litis db) Ebgias de Oethooeaphia, 

DicciONAEio, T Arte del Idioma Othomi breve inatrue- 
cion para los principiantes, qve dicto el L. D. Lvis de Neve, 
J Molina, Cathedratico Proprietario de dicho Idioma en el 
Eeal, J Pontificio Colegio Seminario, Examinador Synodal, 
e Interprete de el Tribunal de Pe en el Provisorato de 
Indios de este Arzobispado, y Capellan del Hospital Real 
de esta Corte,^«e copy, old calf Mexico, 1767, sm. 8° 

Twelve prel. leaves and 160 pp.; at page 12 engraved leaf 'Antes de 
leer el Bicoionario, etc' 1 page. The work is dedicated al Glorio- 
sisimo Senor San Joseph, Padre Pwtativo del Yerbo JSterno. 

1550 New Brunswick, Hand Book for Emigrants to the Proirlnce 

of Fredericton, John Simpson, 1841, 15 pp. 8° 

1551 Nevt England, An Abstract of the Lawes of, as they are 

now established Land, for F. Coules and W. Ley, 1641, 4" 

Title, reverse blank, and 15 pp. ' The Table of the Chapters,' 2 
pp. The piest peikted Collection op' Laws for New Eng- 
LAND. For the other edition of this important book, see No. 674. 

1552 New England's Piest Peuits : in respect, 

{ Conversion of some, ") 
Pirst of the \ Conviction of divers, > of the Indians. 

(. Preparation of sundry, ) 
2. Of the Progresse of Learning in the CoUedge at Cam- 
bridge in Massachusetts Bay. With divers other speciaU 
Matters concerning that Countrey, calf extra ly Bedford 
Lond.for Henry Overton, 1643, 4" 

Title, reverse blank, and 26 pp. " This is the first of a very interesting 
series of tracts on the progress of the Gospel among the Indians in New 
England." — Rich. 

1553 New England. A Brief Narration of the Practices of the 

Churches in New England 

Land, by Matth. Simmons for John Bothwell, 1645, 4° 
Title and 18 pp, 

SIXTH i)at'b sale, 177 

1554 New- England. A Brief Narration of the Practices of the 

Churches in New England, in their solemne "Worship of 
God Lond. hy Matthew Simmons, 1647, title and 18 pp. 4° 
This differs from the preceding only in the title. 

1555 — The Day Beeaking, if not the Sun-Eising of the G-ospell 

■yrith the Indians in New England, calf extra, hy Bedford 
■ Lond. by Bich. Cotes, for Fulh Clifton, 1647, 4" 

Title in a narrow border, on the reverse ' To the Reader,' signed ' Nathan. 
^ Warde." Text 25 pp. The second of the relations of the progress of 

the Gospel amongst the Indians. See No. ] 552 ante. 

1556 — A HisTOEY OE New EngI/AWD, from the English Plant- 

ing in the yeere 1628 untill the yeere 1652, red morocco by 
Bedford Lond. for Nath. Broolce, 1654, 4° 

Two prel. leaves, viz. Title and ' To the Reader', signed ' T. H.' 2 pp. ; 
text 236 pp. ' Brooke's Catalogue,' 4 pp. The authorship of this tract 
has been ascribed to Edward Johnson, of Woburn, N. E , also to Ferdi- 
nando Gorges, who has included it bodily in America Painted to the 
Life. See No. 969. Some curious specimens of versification will be 
found interspersed. 

1557 — The Seceet Woekes oe a Ceuel People made mani- 

EEST ; whose little finger is become hevier then their per- 
secutors the bishops Loyns, who have set up an Image 
amongst them in New-England, which all that will not bow 
down unto, and worship, must undergo all such Sufferings 
as can be invented and inflicted by the hearts and hands of 
such men whose tender mercies are cruel, title in excellent 
facsimile by Harris, calf extra, hy Bedford Lond. 1659, 4" 
litle, reverse blank, and 26 pp. ; at page 18 signed 'John Rous.' This 
very interesting Historical Tract, concerning the persecutions of the 
Quakers in New England, seems to be quite unknown to all American 
bibliographers — no copy, we believe, having occurred for sale. 

1558 — The Htoibie Petition anb Addeess of the General 

Court sitting at Boston in New-England, unto the High 
and Mighty Prince Charles the Second, and Presented 
unto His Most Gracious Majesty Eeb. 11, 1660, calf extra, 
by Bedford [Lond.l 1660, 4" 

Eight pp.; signed 'John Endeoot Govr. In the Name, and with the con- 
sent of the General Court.' WitJi autograph of Bp. White Kennet on 
the title. 

1559 — A Glass eoe the People oe New England, in which 

they may see themselves and Spirits, and if not too late, 
Eepent and Turn from their Abominable "Ways and Cursed 
Contrivances ; . . . . and for all the Murders and Cruelties 
done to his tender People, ever since they usurped Authority 
to Banish, Hang, "Whip, and Cut Off Ears, and Spoil 
Goods of Dissenters from them in Religious Matters, while 
themselves disown Infallibility in those things, by S. G., red 
morocco extra, by Bedford {LQnd.'\ 1676, 43 pp. 4° 

Not mentioned by Rich. 

178 SIXTH day's sale. 

1560 New Ejstgland.. Plantation "Woek the Woek of this 

Geneeation, written iri true love to all such as are weightily 
inclined to Transplant themselves and Families to any of 
the English Plantations in America 

Lond. for Benjamin ClarTc, 1682, 4° 

Title and 13 pp. Not meutioned by Rich. 

1561 — A Letter to the Eight Honourable the Lords Commis- 

sioners of Trade and Plantations ; or a Short Essay on the 
Principal Branches of the Trade of New England, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1715, S" 
Two prel. leaves, viz. Title and Dedication, sig;ned 'T. B.' Text 19 pp. 

1562 — Sober Eemarks on a Boot lately Eeprinted at Boston, 

entituled A Modest Proof of the Order and G-overnment 
settled by Christ and his Apostles in the Church, 2nd Ed. 
Boston, for Samuel Gerrish, 1724, 8° 

Pour prel. leaves and 126 pp. 

1563 — The Evding and Ordaining Power of Congregational 

Bishops, or Presbyters Defended, being Eemarks on some 
part of Mr. P. Barclay's Persuasive, lately Distributed in 
New England Boston, for Samuel Gerrish, 1724, 8" 

Title and 45 pp. 

1564 —The Signs of the Times consider'd; or The High Probability 

that the present Appearances in New England and the West 
of Scotland, are a Prelude of the Grlorious Things promised 
to the Church in the latter Ages JSdinh. 1742, 8° 

Three prel. leaves, text pp. 5-34 

1565 — A Brief Eeview of the Eise and Progress, Services and 

SuiFeriags, of New England, especially the Province of 
Massachuset's Bay, hf. mor. Lond. 1774, 32 pp. 8" 

1566 — A Platform of Church Discipline : Gathered out of the 

Word of God and agreed upon by the Elders and Messen- 
gers of the Churches assembled in the Synod at Cambridge, 
in New England, calf 

Boston, Belcher and Armstrong, 1808, 12" 
One hundred and eighteen pp. ' Confession of Faith,' etc. 36 pp. 

1567 — New-England and her Institutions, by One of her Sons 

[Jacob Abbott] Lond. 1835, 8» 

Four prel. leaves and 393 pp. 

0000 New England. See Burroughs {Edw.) 

1568 New Geanada. Letras Anvas de la Compania de lesvs de 

la Provincia del Nvevo Eeyuo de Granada 1638-1643, old 
calf, the title a little damaged Zaragoza, 1645, 239 pp. 4" 

1569 New-Jeesey. An Absteact, oe' Abbeetiation oe some 

Eew of the Many (Later and Eormer) Testimonys from the 
Inhabitants of New- Jersey, and other Eminent Persons, who 
have Wrote particularly concerning that place, mor. extra, 
ly Bedford Lond. hy Thomas Millown, 1681, 32 pp. 4" 


1570 New- York. Authentic Account of the Proceedinga of the 

Congress held at New- York, in 1765, on the Subject of 
the American Stamp Act, hf, mor. 1767, title and 37 pp. 8" 

1571 — The Constitution of the State of New- York, Mrst JEdition, 

Tialf calf 'Philadelphia, Styner and Gist, Vl'JT, 32 pp. 8" 

1572 — Laws and Ordinances, Ordained and Established by the 

Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of New 
York, in Common Council convened, for the Q-ood Eule 
and Government of the Inhabitants and Eesidents of the 
said City 

New-Yorh, Samuel and John Loudon, 1786, 29 pp., folio 

1573 — The Chaetee of the Citt oe New-Yoek. Printed by 

Order of the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen and Commonalty 
of the City aforesaid 

New-York, Samuel and John Loudon, 1786, foUo 

Title and pp. 3-44. 

1574 NiCHOisoN. A Modest Answer to a Malicious Libel 

against his Exc. Erancis Nicholson, Esq., or an Examination 
of that part of Mr. Blair's Affidavit relating to the School 
Boys of the Grammar School in the College of William and 
Mary, in Virginia. Written in Virginia, in the year 1704, 
calf extra, Sy Sedford 

Text, pp. 1-55, no separate title. The imputation was that Mr. Nicholson 
(GoTernor of Virginia) encourag;ed an insurrection in the school, and 
found the insurgents powder and shot. No other copies of this and the 
two following lots are known. 

1575 Nicholson. Apology or Vindication of Erancis Nicholson, 

Esq. of South Carolina, from the unjust Aspersions cast on 
him by some of the Members of the Bahama Company, calf 
extra, ly Bedford Lond. 1724, 8" 

Title ; text, pp. 3 to 62. Apparently privately printed. 

1576 Nicholson (Erancis). Papers relating to an Affidavit made 

by the Eev. James Blair, pretended president of William 
and Mary College, and supposed Commissary to the Bishop 
of London in Virginia, against Erancis Nicholson, Esq. 
Governor, calf extra, ly Bedford 1727, 8° 

Title ; Contents, 2 pp.; text, pp. 1-104. Apparently privately printed. 

1577 Nisbet (Eev. Charles) B.I)., President of Carlisle Coll. 

Perni., Monody to the Memory of, half morocco 

JEdinlurgh, 1805, 28 pp. 8° 

1578 Noceda (El P. Juan de) Vocabtlaeio de la Lenga Ta- 

GALA, original vellum, veey eine copy 
en Manila, en la Imprenta de la Comp. de Jesus, par iV. de 

la Cruz Bagay, 1754, folio 

Title; Epistles, ' Aprobacion,' etc. Cleaves; Errata, 2 leaves; Prologo, 
6 leaves; Yocdb. TagaXa Miipan. 619 pp.; ' Apendix,' 34 pp. ; Vocab. 
Hisp. Tagalog. 190 pp. 

180 SIXTH day's sale. 

1579 Nodal (Baetolome &aecia de, and Gon^alo be). Be- 

LAOioif BEL ViAJE qvc por orden de sv Magd. j acverdo del 
Eeal Consejo de Indias hezieron los Capitanes Bartolome 
G-areia de Nodal, y Q-ongalo de Nodal hermanos, naturales 
de Ponte Vedra, al descubrimiento del Estrecho nuebo de 
S. Vicente y reconosinjo, del de MagaUanes,,^e copi/, in 
old red morocco, leith the map from the second edition 

Madrid, Fernando Gorrea de Montenegro, 1621, 4" 
Twelve prel. leaves : viz. Engraved title with Portraits of the two brothers 
Nodal, the reverse blank ; ' Fee de aprouacion,' 3 pp. ; ' Suma del prl- 
uilegio,' 1 p. ; ' Tassa,' 1 p- ; ' Erratas,' 1 p. ; 'A Don Fernando Car- 
rillo,' 3 pp. ; ' Al Lector,' 5 pp.; ' Adverteneias,' 3 pp.; ' Variaeion de 
la aguja,' 3 pp. ; ' Reglas,' 2 pp. ; Text, 65 folioed leaves : ' Tabla Para 
Saler las Horas,' etc. 1 leaf; ' Relacion svmaria de los Servioios de los 
Capitanes Bartolome Garcia de Nodal, y Gon?alo de Nodal hermanos,' 
folioed leaves 3-15. At fol. 35 there should be a copperplate Map entitled 
' Reconocimiento de los Estrechos de Magallanes,' etc. ' I. de Courbes 
sculpait.' 13J by 15J inches. It is supplied, in the copy above described, 
by the reprint in a smaller form, from the second edition. 

1580 Nomenclatura Brevis Anglo-Latino in usum Scbolarura. 

Together witli Examples of the Five Declensions of Nouns, 
with the Words in Propria qute Maribus and Quae Q-enus 
reduced to each Declension, per F. Q-. 
Boston, N. U., J. Draper, for J. Udwards and S, Foster, 1735, 12° 

Two prel. leaves, and 88 pp. 

1581 NooEDT (Olivbe Van). Beschrijvinge rande Voyagie cm 

den geheelen Werelt Kloot,ghedaen door Olivier van Noordt 
van Vtrecht 

Amst. Michiel Golijn, 1618, title and pp. 3 to 131, ob. 4° 

1582 Nootka Sound, An Authentic Statement of all the Facts re- 

lative to Land. 1790, 8° 

Title and 26 pp. ; signed " Argonaut.' In this Tract the high claims of 
the Spaniards to a monopoly of almost half the globe of the earth, are 
exposed with great spirit, and treated with the utmost contempt." 

M. Rev. 

1583 Norgate (E.) Mr. John Dunn Hunter defended ; or, some 

Eemarks on an Article in the North American Review, in 
which that Gentleman is branded as an impostor 

Lond. 1826, 88 pp., 8" 

1584 Norton (John) of Ipswich, New England, A Discussion of 

that Great Point in Divinity, the Sufferings of Christ ; and 
the Questions about his Eighteousnesse Active, Passive : 
and the Imputation thereof, vellvm Land. 1653, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves and 270 pp. ; Mottoes, 1 p. ; ' The Copy of a Letter,' 
etc. 3 pp. One of the few books printed by order of the General Court 
of Massachusetts. 

1585 Norton (John) The Orthodox Evangelist ; or, a Treatise 

wherein many Great Evangelical Truths (not a few whereof 
are much opposed and eclipsed in this perillous hour of the 
Passion of the Gospel) are briefly Discussed, cleared and 
confirmed, _^«e copy, calf 

Lond. John Maeock,for Henry Oripps, 1654, 4° 
Eight prel. leaves, and 356 pp. ; ' An Alphabetical Table/ etc. 14 pp. 

SIXTH day's sale. 181 

1586 NoBTON (Johf) Abel being Dead yet Speaketh; or the 

Life and Death of that deservedly famous Man of G-od, 
Mr. John Cotton, late Teacher of the Church of Christ, 
at Boston in New England, calf extra, ly Bedford 

Lond. Tho. Newcombfor Lodowich Lloyd, 1658, 4" 
Pifty-one pp. ' A Catalogue of some Books, etc' 5 pp. 

1587 NoETON (John) The Heaet of Ne\t England Eent 

AT the Blasphemies op the Pbesent Generation ; or 
a Brief Tractate concerning the Doctrine of the Quakers, de- 
monstrating the Destructive Nature thereof, to Eeligion, 
the Churches, and the State ; with Consideration of the 
Eemedy against it, morocco extra, hy Bedford 

Lond. for John Allen, 1660, title and 83 pp. 16" 

1588 Nova Scotia. A Grenuine Account of, hf mor. 

Dublin, repr. 1750, 16 pp. 8° 

1589 — The Conduct of the French with Eegard to Nova Scotia, 

from its First Settlement to the Present Time, hf mor. 

Lond. 1754, title and text 77 pp. 8" 

Highly commended in the Monthly Review. 

1590 — Explanation of the New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape 

Britain, with the adjacent parts of New England and Ca- 
nada, hf. ?rwr. Lond. T. Jeffreys, 1755, 22 pp. 4" 

1591 — The Memorials of the English and French Commissaries 

concerning the Limits of Nova Scotia, or Acadia, map, fine 
copy, old calf Lond. 1755, 4" 

Two prel. leaves and 771 pp. 

1592 — A Fair Eepresentation of His Majesty's Eight to Nova 

Scotia, or Acadie, hf. mor. Lond. 1756, 64 pp. 8° 

Published in answer to the alleged prejudiced statements of the French 

1593 — A Fair Eepresentation, etc. Another edition 

Dublin, repr. 1756, title and pp. 3 to 48, 8° 

1594 — An Essay on the Present State of the Province of Nova 

Scotia, hf. msr. \_Halifax, 1774], 8" 

Twenty-four pp. Signed ' A Member of Assembly.' 

1595 — Extract from the Votes of the House of Assembly of the 

Province of Nova Scotia 

Boston, at Draper's Printing Office [1775], 13 pp. 8° 

1596 — An Account of the Present State of Nova Scotia, uncut 

Udinb. 1786, 80 
viii and text 157 pp. By S. HoUingsworth. 

1597 — Letters and Papers on Agriculture : extracted from the 

Correspondence of a Society instituted at Halifax for Pro- 
moting Agriculture in the Province of Nova Scotia, Vol. 1 
[all published'] old green mor. Halifax, John Howe, 1791, 8° 
One hundred and thirty-nine pp. Contents 2 pp. "With the Autograph 
of John Inglis, Bishop of Nova Seotia, on the title-page. 

0000 Nova Scotia. See Acadia ; Memoires des Commissaires. 

182 SIXTH bat's sale. 

1598 Notts Oebis Eegionvm ae Insvlarum Teteribvs ineogni- 

tarTm, una cum tabula cosmographica, et aliquot alijs eonsi- 
mills argumenti libellis, quorum omnium catalogus sequenti 
patebit pagina, [by S. G-Tjnxus] Jirst edition, Jine copy, old 
stamped calf Sasileae, apvd to. Servagivm, 1532, folio 
Twenty-four prel. leaves, viz. title, on the reverse ' Catalogva eorvm qvae 
hoe,' etc. ' Excellenti viro Georgio Collimitio Danstettero,' etc. 3 pp. 
'Index rervm,' etc. 18 pp. 'Index e Broeardo,' etc. 13 pp. 'Typi 
Cosmographici,' 12 pp. Text 584 pp. and Colophon leaf. Folded map. 

1599 — Notts Oebis ; Another Edition, vellum 

Parisiis, apvd Galeotvm a Frato, 1532, folio 
Twenty-six prel. leaves, viz. title, on the reverse ' Catalogvs,' etc. ' Ex- 
cellenti vlro Georgio, etc. 3 pp. ' Index rervm,' 37 pp. ' Typi Cosmo- 
graphici et Declaratio,' etc. 10 pp. Text 507 pp. ]Sqv 514] colophon 
leaf as above. Folded map. 

1600 — Notts Oebis. Die Newe Welt ; another Edition 

Btraszbv/rg, Georgen Vlricher, An. 1534, folio 

Six prel. leaves, viz. title, on the reverse ' Anzeygung vnd Ifihalt disses 

Biiohs der Newen Welt.' ' Dem Wolgeh. H. H. Reynharten Graffen 

zii Hanaw, etc.* 10 pp. Text 242 [for 252] folioed leaves. 2%is edition, 

has no map. 

1601 — Notts Oebis ; another Edition, old stamped calf 

Basileae, apvd lo. Servagivm, 1537, folio 
Twenty-four prel. leaves, viz. title, on the reverse • Catalogus,' etc. 
' Excellenti viro Georgio,' etc. 3 pp. ' Index rervm, etc. 18 pp. ' Index 
e Broeardo,' etc. 13 pp. ' Typi Oosmographici,' etc. 12 pp. Text 600 
pp. ; and blank leaf with woodcut on verso. (^No map belongs to this 

1602 — Notts Oebis ; another Edition, fne copy, Tiogshin, best 

EDITION Sasilecs, apvd lo. Servagivm, 1555, folio 

Twenty-six prel. leaves, viz. title, on the reverse, ' Catalogvs,' etc. ' Ex- 
cellenti viro Georgio,' etc. 3 pp. ' Index rerum,' etc. 33 pp. Errata 
on the last page; blank leaf, 'Typi oosmographici,' etc. 12 pp. Text 
677 pp.; blank leaf with woodcut on the reverse. With folded map. 
The copies of the Novus Oriis above described comprise all the editions 
of that work. 

'1603 NoTus Oebis, id est, NaTigationes PrimsB in Americam : 
quibus adjunximus Casparis Varrerii discvrsvm super 
Ophyra Eegione. Elenchum Autorem versa pagina Lector 
inveniet, vellum, fine copy JRoterodami, 1616, sm. 8° 

Eight prel. leaves, viz. title, on the reverse ' Elenchvs Autorvm.' ' Orna- 
tissimis, Prudentisimisque viris in Collegio Thalassiarchioo vrbis Ro- 
terod. Dominis suis,' 13 pp. Text 570 pp.; and 1 blank leaf. ' Cas- 
paris Terrerii Lvsitani Commentarius de Ophyra Regione.' Title and 
82 unnumbered pp. 

1604 Nueva Espana. Continente Americano, Argonauta de las 

Oostas de Nueva- Espana, y Tierra-Krme, Islas, y Baxos 
de esta Navegacion, Longitud, y Altura de Polo, de sus 
Puertos, y Noticias de estas Habitaciones, old red morocco, 
tooled sides [Cadiz, 1728 ?], 3 prel. leaves and 161 pp. 8° 

1605 Nunez Castano (Diego) Beete compenditm IIostitm 

Haeeeticoetm Olandensitm aduentum in Valdiuian, 
explorato rem missum, et narrationem eius, fugam illorum 
cum pacto redeundi : prouidaa dispositiones Prorregis 

lAmce, 1645, 16° 
Title, on the reverse, ' Ad Oblationem Libri,' and folioed leaves 2-36. 

SIXTH day's sale. 183 

1606 Nunez de Haro (Alonso). Nos el Dr. D. Alonso Nunez de 

Haro, y Peralta, por la Gracia de Dios, y de la Santa Sede 
Apostolica, Arzobispo de Megico, del Consejo de su Mages- 
tad, etc. [Mexico], a broadside in 2 sheets, folio 

1607 Observations on the Conduct of G-reat Britain with Eegard 

to the Negociations and other Transactions Abroad 

Land. 1729, 61 pp. 8" 

1608 Observations (Some) on Extracts taken out of the Eeport 

from the Lords-Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, 
folded and hound in calf Tjy Hayday [Lond. 1730], folio 
Four pp. 

1609 Observations occasion'd by reading a Pamphlet, intitled a 

Discourse concerning the Currencies of the British Planta- 
tions in America, hf mor. Lond. 1741, 23 pp. 8" 

1610 Observations on a late State of the Nation Land. 1769, 4f 

Title and 97 pp. 

1611 Observations on a late State of the Nation, 4th Ed. hf. mor. 

Lond. 1769, half-title, title and 155 pp. 8° 

1612 Observations on several Acts of Parliament, passed in the 

4th, 6th and 7tli years of his present Majesty's Eeign, 
published by the Merchants of Boston, hf. mor. 

Boston: printed ly L!des and QUI; Lond. rejpr. 1770 
Title and text 37 pp. 

1613 Observations on the Eeconeiliation of Great Britain and the 

Colonies, half mor. Philadelphia, JSobert Sell, 1776, 8° 

Thirty-two pages. ' The Plan of an American Compact with Great Bri- 
tain. First published at New York,' pp. 33-40. 

1614 Observations on the Dutch Manifesto, addressed to the Earl 

of Shelburn Lond. [1781], iv and 27 pp., 8° 

1615 O'Callaghan (E. B.) Jesuit Relations of discoveries and other 

occurrences in Canada and the Northern and Western 
States of the Union, 1632-1672, calf 

New Torh, Press of the Historical Society, 1847, 22 pp., 8° 
Of this bibliographical description of the important series of Jesuit Rela- 
tions in Canada, only twenty-five copies were printed. 

1616 Occom (Sampson) Native Indian and Missionary. A Ser- 

mon at the Execution of Moses Paul, an Indian, who had 
been guilty of Murder, Preached at New Haven in America. 
To which is added a short Account of the late Spread of 
the Gospel among the Indians. Also Observations on the 
Language of the Muhhekaneew Indians, by Jonathan Ed- 
wards, D.D. New Haven, 1788 ; Lond. repr. 1788, 8° 
Twenty-four pages ; ' Observations,' etc. 16 pp. 

1617 OcKANiCKON. A True Account of the Dying Words of 

Ockanickon, an Indian King. Spoken to Jahkursoe, his 
brother's son, whom he appointed King after him 

[Lond.] 1683,4° 

Six pages. On the reverse of the title, ' A Letter,' etc. dated ' Burlington 
the 12th of the 5th Month, 1682,' signed 'John Cripps.' The signa- 
tures or marks of the Indian witnesses are inserted with the pen, there 
beiD> no type for theii- characters. 

2 B 

184 SIXTH bat's sale. 

1618 O'Donoju. Correspondencia entre el Greneral D. Juan 

O'Donoju, y el Brigadier D. Prancisco Lemaur, halfmor. 

Sabana, 1821, 25 pp. S" 

1619 O'Donoju. Eefutacion, con notas interestantes, al parte que 

dirigio a Superior Grobierno el Teniente General Don Juan 

O'Donoju sobre el Tratado que Firmo en Cordoba, halfmor. 

Sabma, 1822, title and 15 pp. 8" 

1620 Oexmelin (Alexandre Olivier) Histoire des Avanturiers 

qui se sont signalez dans les Indes, 2 vols, in 1, old calf 

Paris, 1688, 12" 
Vol. I. 12 prel. leaves, including: Engraved title, and 448 pp. [for 248] ; 
Table, 1 6 pp. ; Maps at pp. 1 , 1 79. Vol. II. 8 prel. leaves, and 285 pp. ; 
Table, 16 pp. ' Bxtrait du Privilege,' 1 page ; Map at p. 133. 

1621 Ogden (Uzal) The Theological Preceptor ; or Youth's Ee- 

ligious Instructor 

New York, Join Solt, 1772, xii and 259 pp. 12" 

1622 Ogle (Sir Chaloner) Admiral, The Tryal of, for an Assault 

on the Person of his Excellency Mr. Trelawney the Gover- 
nor [of Jamaica] committed in his own House in Spanish 
Town on the 22d day of July last, half mor. 

Duhlin, rep. 1742, 16 pp. 8° 

1623 — The same, another ed, lalfmor. Land. 1743, 32 pp. 8" 

1624 Oglethorpe (General) An Impartial Account of the late 

Expedition against St. Augustine. "With an Exact Plan of 
the Town, Castle and Harbour of St. Augustine, and the 
adjacent Coast of I'lorida, half mor. Land. 1742, 8" 

Sixty-eight pages. With Plan of St. Augustine. 

1625 Orders in Council ; or, an Examination of the Justice, Le- 

gality, and Policy of the New System of Commercial Regu- 
lations, with an Appendix of State Papers, Statutes, and 
Authorities, 2nd Ed. Zond. 1808, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 120 pp. 

1626 Orford (Earl of). A Eurther Eeport from the Committee 

of Secrecy, appointed to Enquire into the Conduct of Eo- 
bert. Earl of Orford, during the last Ten Tears of his being 
Eirst Commissioner of the Treasury and Chancellor and 
Under-Treasurer of his Majesty's Exchequer, halfmor. 

Lond. 1742, 8* 
One hundred and thirty-two pages. ' No. 13' a folded sheet between pp. 
128 and 129. 

1627 Origin (The) of the Whale bone-petticoat. A Satyr 

Boston, August 2d, 1714, 8» 
Eight pages in Verse. Not mentioned by Kettell. 

J 1628 OsoEio (HiEEONYMo) De Eebvs, Emmanvelis Eegis Lv- 
* sitanise Invictissimi Virtvte et Avspicio gestis, libri dvode- 

cim, fine copy, old calf 

Olysippone, apud Antonium Gondisalum, 1571, folio 
Pour hundred and eighty pages, including the title. Privilege and Errata, 
2 pp. 

SIXTH day's sale. 185 

1629 Otis (James) The Eights of the British Colonies Asserted 

and Proved, halfmor. title repaired in MS. 

Soston, Edes and Gill, 1764, 80 pp. 8" 

1630 — The same, 2nd Ed. halfmor. 

Boston ; Zand. repr. [1764], 120 pp. 8" 

1631 — The same, BrdEd. halfmor. ib. 1766, 120 pp. 8» 

1632 Otis (James) A Vindication of the British Colonies, half 

mar. Boston ; Lond. repr. 1769, 8° 

Two prel. leaves and 48 pp. The writer, a native of Boston, was one of 
the first and most influential of the controversialists on the popular side. 

1633 Ouseley (William Gore) Eemarks on the Statistics and Po- 

litical Institutions of the United States, with some Obser- 
vations on the Ecclesiastical System of America, her Sources 
of Eevenue, Statistical Tables, etc. 

Lond. 1832, xv and 208 pp. 8" 

1634 Otalle (Alonso de) Histobica Eelacion del Eeyno 

DE Chile, y delas missiones, y ministerios que exercita en 
el la Compaiiia de lesvs, original vellum 

Moma, Francisco Oauallo, 1646, folio 
Five prel. leaves ; viz. [Advertisement] Varias y Cvriosas Noticias del 
Reino de Chile, etc. 1 page, the reverse blank ; Title, on the reverse 
' Qvesta Relatione del Chile,' etc. ' Prologo al letor,' 3 pp. ' Aduer- 
tencia para no errar en poner las Imagrenes,' etc. 2 pp. ' Protesta del 
Avtor,' 1 page. Text 466 pp. With Map of Chile, and 37 copperplates, 
and 18 woodcuts. This is the most complete edition; the highly curious 
portraits of the principal Spaniards who had conquered or governed in 
Chile, are not in the Italian edition. The leaf preceding the title is 
generally wanting, it not being known in more than two or three copies. 

1635 OviEDO (Heeitandez de) La Histoeia Geneeal de las 

Indias, very fine copy, tilafk letter, with the autograph of 
the author Seuilla, 1535, folio 

Title in black and red, having on the reverse 11 lines giving a fuller de- 
scription of the book ; Preface ' Libro primero,' 6 pp. ; Text in cxciii 
folioed leaves. " The work of Oviedo, who resided more than 20 years 
in America, is the fountain head whence most succeeding writers have 
drawn theiraccounts of the early occurrences in the New World." — Bicli. 

1636 Oviedo x Valdes (Gonqalo Eeenandez de) Libeo XX. 


Indias. Que trata del estrecho de Magallans ifine copy, 
ilacfe letter 

Valladolid,por Francisco Fernandez de Gordoua, 1557, folio 
Sixty-four folioed leaves, including title. This is the first book of the 
second volume of Oviedo's General History ; but, on account of the 
death of the author while the work was in the press, the remaining 
books were not printed — Rich (who in 1833, priced the book £6. 6s.) 

1637 Paine (Eobert Treat) The Works of, in Yerse and Prose, 

with Sketches of his Life, Character, and Writings, green 
morocco extra Boston, J. Belcher, 1812, 8" 

xc and 464 pp. Errata 1 page. Portrait of Paine. 

1638 Paine (Thomas) The American Crisis, and a Letter to Sir 

Guy Carleton, on the Murder of Captain Huddy, half mo- 
rocco Lond. title and 298 pp. 8° 

186 SIXTH day's sale. 

1639 Paine (Thomas) A Letter addressed to the Abbe Eaynal of 

the Aifairs of North America, in which the Mistakes in the 
Abbe's Account of the Revolution of America are corrected 
and cleared up, Jif. mor. London, repr. 1782, 8" 

viii and 76 pp. 

1640 — The same, another Ed. Land. 1792, 46 pp. 12° 

1641 Paine (Thomas) Common Sense : addressed to the Inhabi- 

tants of America Land. 1792, 58 pp. 12" 

1642 — The same, another Ed. Lond. 1792, 12" 

Thirty-six pp., with portrait of Thomas Paine. Some offensive passages, 
for which blanks were left by the printer have been filled in with the pen. 

1643 Paine (Thomas) Letter addressed to the Addressers of the 

late Proclamation Lond, 1792, 40 pp. 12" 

1644 Paine (Thomas) Miscellaneous Articles ; a Letter to the 

Marquis of Lansdowne ; a Letter to the Authors of the 
Eepublican, etc. Lond. 1792, 86 pp. 12° 

1645 Paine (Thomas) Eights of Man : being an Answer to Mr. 

Burke's Attack on the French Eevolution 

Lond. 1792, iv, 78 and 1 pp. 12" 

1646 Paine (Thomas) Eights of Man, part the Second, combining 

Principle and Practice Lond. 1792, 94 pp. and 1 p. 12° 

1647 — The same, another Ed. Lond. 1792, 82 pp. 12° 

1648 Paine. Observations on Paine's Eights of Man, in a Series 

of Letters, by Publicola [John Adams] Newcastle, 36 pp. 12° 

1649 Paine. Mr. Paine's Principles and Schemes of Government 

examined, and his errors detected 

Hdinb. 1792, 2 prel. leaves, and 60 pp. 8° 

1650 Paine. Paine's Political and Moral Maxims, selected from 

the Fifth Edition of Eights of Man, Parts I. and II., with 
Explanatory Notes and Elucidations 

Lond. 1792, 47 pp. 8° 
0000 Paine (Tho.) See AucMncloss. 

1651 Palafox (Juan de) Lll Obispo de la Fueila de las Angeles. 

Al Eey Nvestro Seiior. Satisfacion al Memorial de los 
Eeligiosos de la Compania del nomhre de lesvs de la Nveva- 
Espaiia. Por la Dignidad Episcopal de la Puebla de los 
Angeles. Sobre la Execvcion, y Obediencia del Breue 
Apostolico de N. Santissimo Padre Innocencio X. Expedido 
en sv favor a XIIII. de Mayo de 1648, y Passado repeti- 
damente, y mandado executar por el Supremo Consejo de 
las Indias. En el qual determine su Santidad veinte y seis 
Decretos Sacramentales, y lurisdiccionales, importantes al 
bien de las almas, ^we copy, vellum 1652, folio 

Title, reverse blank ; 3 leaves and folioed leaves 4 to 157. 

1652 Palafox (Juan de) M Ohispo de la Puebla de los Angeles. 

Carta Pastoral del Illvst.""" y E.™" Senor Obispo de la 
Pvebla de los Angeles, que oy es de osma Toledo, 1659, 4° 
Title, reverse blank, and folioed leaves 2-10. 

SIXTH dat's sale. 187 

1653 Pala^ox (JtTAN de) JEl Obispo de la Fuehla de los Angeles. 
[Memoeial del De. Palaeox al Ret sobee el Teata- 
MiENTO BE LOS IiTDios] running title, Virtudes del Indio, 
fine copy, mor. by P. Bedeoed [Puehla, 1634 ?] 4" 

This Memorial, respecting the Virtues of the Indians, ^as probably pri- 
vately printed for the use of the King and the Council of the Indies, as it 
is without date, place of printing, name of printer, title or any of the usual 
' Privileges,' It fills 93 pages, and is divided into 21 chapters preceded 
by an Introductory Address to the King. The work is a panegyric of 

the Indians, as will appear by the heading of the chapters, viz. : 
Cap. I. Quam dignos son los Indies del amparo Real de V. Magestad, por 

la su auidad con que recibieron la Ley de Christo Senor Nuestro con el 

caler de sus Catolicas vanderas. 
Cap. II, De lo que merecen los Indies el amparo Real de V. Magestad, 

por el fauor grande con que se exercitan en la Religion Christiana. 
Cap. III. De lo que merecen el amparo Real de V. M. los Indies, por la 

su auidad con que han enti'ado en su Real Corona, y su fidelidad con- 

Cap. IV. Del valor, y esfuer^o de los Indios, y que su lealtad, y rendi- 

miento a la Corona de V. Magestad, no precede de bajez a de animo, 

sine de virtud. 
Cap. V. Quandignos son los Indios de la proteocion Real, por las vtilidades 

que han causaedo a la Corona de Espana. 
Cap. VI. De la innocencia de los Indios, y que se hallan comumente es- 

sentos de los vicios de soberuia, ambicion, codicia, auaricia, ira e embidia, 

juegos, blasfemias, juramentos, y murmuraciones. 
Cap. VII. De otros tres vicios de sensualidad, gule, y perez a, en que 

suelen incurrir los Indios. 
Cap. VIII. De la pobreza del Indio. 
Cap. IX. De la paoiencia del Indio. 
Cap. X. De la liberalidad del Indio. 
Cap. XI. De la houestidad del Indio. 
Cap. XII. De la parsimonia del Indio en su comida. 
Cap. XIII. De la obediencia del Indio. 
Cap. XIII I. De la discrecion, y elegancia del Indio. 
Cap. XV. De la agudez, y promptitud del Indio. 

Cap. XVI. De la industria del Indio, senaladamente en las Artes mecanieas. 
Cap. XVII. De la justicia del Indio. 
Cap. XVIII. De la valentia del Indio. 

Cap. XIX. De la humildad, oortesia, silencio, y maiia del Indio. 
Cap. XX. De la limpieja del Indio, y de su paz. 
Cap. XXI. Respondese a algunas objeoiones que se pueden oponer. 

1654 Palou (Peancisco) Eelacion Historica de la vida y Apos- 

tolicas Tareas del venerable Padee Peat Juif ipeeo Seeea, 
y de las Misiones que fundo en la California Septentrional, y 
nuevos establecimientos de Monterey, of. fine copy 

Mexico, Don Felipe de Zuiiiga y Onteveros, 1787, 4° 
Fourteen prel. leaves, and 344 pp. plate at p. 1, and copperplate Map of 
California by Diego Froncoso, 1787. A very curious work, containing 
much information respecting California. — Rich. 

1655 Pameango. Booabtlaeio de Pameango en Eomasoe, 


por Pe. Diego BBEGAiio, 2 parts in 1 vol. vellum 

Manila, en el Convento de Nuestra Senora 
de los Angelas, 1732, folio 
Title ;' Aprobacion,' 'A los RB. PP.' Prologo,' etc. 7 leaves (ending 
with catchword " De," followed by A de sus, on fol. i) ; text, pp. 1-399; 
a blank leaf; and pp. 1-88. The Pampangos are a tribe, with a very 
peculiar language, living on the island Lucon, one of the group of the 

188 SIXTH day's sale. 

1656 Panama, Original Papers relating to the Expedition to, 

(wanting pp. 207-8), hf. mor. Land. 1744, title and 224 pp. 8" 

1657 Paraguay. Die Republik der Jesuiten, oder das Umgesturzte 

Paraguay, welches eine richtige Erzahlung des Krieges 
enthaltjden diese Geistlichen gegen die Monarchen Spaniens 
und Portugals in Amerika zu f iihren gewaget, hf. morocco 

Amst. 1758, 36 pp. 4" 

1658 Parish (Elijah) A Sermon preached at Boston, November 3, 

1814, before the Society for Propagating the Grospel among 
the Indians and others in North America 

Boston, Nat. Willis, 1814, 44 pp. 8» 

1659 Paekee (Thomas) Pastor, of Newbery, The Visions and 

Prophecies of Daniel expounded : wherein the Mistakes of 
former Interpreters are modestly discovered, and the true 

meaning of the Text made plain , very considerable in 

respect of the great stirs and tumults of this present Age 
wherein we live, old calf 

Lond. BoMorth and Field for Udm. JPaxton, 1646, 4° 

Two prel. leaves and 156 pp. 

1660 Parkinson (Sydney) Draughtsman to Sir Jos. Banhs, A 

Journal of a Voyage to the South Seas in his Majesty's 
Ship The Endeavour, large paper, calf ^ Lond. 1773, 4° 

xxiii and 212 pp.; errata 2 pp. ; portrait and 27 plates. Contains 
Vocabularies of several Native Languages. The author's brother, who 
superintended the publication of this work, charges Sir Joseph Banks 
with unjustly retaining the original MSS. and drawings. 

1661 Parsons (Jonathan) Bastor, of Newbury, Good News from 

a Par Country, in Seven Discourses from 1 Tim. i. 15 
BortsmoutJi, N. Samp., Daniel Bowie, 1756, viii & 168 pp. 8? 

1662 Parsons (Jonathan) To live is Christ, to die is Gain, a Fu- 

neral Sermon on the Death of the Eev. George Whitefield, 
Chaplain to the Countess of Huntington 

Bortsmouth, printed ; Lond. rep. 1771, 8" 
Two prel. leaves and 36 pp. It was in the arms of Jonathan Parsons that 
Whitfield died, a few hours only before the delivery of the Sermon. 

1663 Parsons (Moses), of Newbwy Falls. A Sermon preached at 

Cambridge [Mass.] .... May 27th, 1772, being the Anni- 
versary for the Election of His Majesty's CouncU for the said 
Province, hf. mor. Boston, Fdes and Gill, 1772, 43 pp. 8" 

1664 Particular (A) Account of the Commencement and Progress 

of the Insurrection of the Negroes in St. Domingo, which 
began in August, 1791, 2nd Ed. with Notes and an Ap- 
pendix Lond. 1792, iv and 47 pp. 8° 

1665 Paschoud (Mr.) Historico-Political Geography, or a parti- 

cular Description of the several Countries in the World, 
2nd Ed. with Additions, old cf. Lond. 1729, 8» 

Title, xiv and 395 pp. Index 5 pp. 

SIXTH bat's sale. 189 

1666 Patritot (The), Addressed to the Electors of Great Britain, 

}if. mor. Land, 1774 title and 33 pp. 8° 

1667 Patterson (Walter), Governor of St. John's, Some Pacts 

stated, relative to the Conduct of, and others, occasioned 
by some Notes contained in a Pamphlet entitled ' The 
Criminating Complaint,' etc. lif. mor. title and 40 pp. 8" 

1668 Paulli (Simon) De Abusu Tabaci Americanorum Yeteri, et 

Herbse Thee Asiastieorum in Europa Novo, quae ipsissima 

est Chamaeleagnos Dodonsei, Editio Secunda priori auctior 

et correctior Argent. 1681, 4° 

Thirty prel. leaves, including portrait and arms, etu. of Author, and 88 

pp. 'Syllabus Auctorum,' 4 pp. 'Index Eerum," 7 pp. 2 folding 

plates at pp. 76 and 77. 

1669 Pauw (M. de) Eecherches Philosophiques sur les Americains. 

Avec une Dissertation sur I'Amerique et les Americains, 
par Don Pernety. Et la Defense de I'Auteur des Eecher- 
ches centre cette Dissertation, 3 vols, old calf 

Berlin, 1770, sm. 8° 
Vol. I. xxiv and 326 pp. Table 25 pp. II. Title and 366 pp. Table 31 pp. 
III. 136 pp. ' Defense,' etc. 256 pp. 

1670 Pauw (M. de) Selections from " Les Eecherches Philosophi- 

ques sur les Americains," by Mr. W*** [Webb] 

Bath, printed ly B. Gruttwell, 1789, 8" 
Two prel. leaves and 211 pp. Fifty copies only of this work were printed, 
and given to the author's friends. 

1671 Peale (Eembrandt) Account of the Skeleton of the Mam- 

moth, a non-descript Carnivorous Animal of Immense 
Size, found in America Lond. 1802, 46 pp. 8" 

1672 Peckard (P.) Memoirs of the Life of Mr. Nicholas Eerrar, 

fine clean copy, uncut Canib. 1790, 8" 

xvi and 316 pp. With portrait and pedigree of Nicholas Ferrar. This 
hook is chiefly compiled from the papers of the Virginia Company, of 
which Ferrar was the first Secretary. 

1673 Pemberton (Ebenezer), Pastor, of Boston. Sermons and 

Discourses on several Occasions (with Euneral Sermon for 
the Author, by Colman), old calf Lond. 1727, 8" 

Four prel. leaves and 3 1 pp. 

1674 Pemberton (Ebenezer) Heaven the Eesidence of the Saints, 

a Sermon occasioned by the sudden and much lamented 
Death of the Eev. George Whitefield, to which is added 
an Elegiac Poem on his Death, by Phillis, a Negro Girl, of 
Seventeen Tears of Age, belonging to Mr. J. Wheatley of 
Tioston, hf. mor., Boston, printed ; Lond. repr. 1771, 8" 

Thirty-one pp. 

1675 Pemberton. A Testimony of the Monthly Meeting of 

Eriends, at Pyrmont in Westphalia, Germany, concerning 
John Pemberton, of Philadelphia in North America, with 
his Epistle to the Lihabitants of Amsterdam 

Philadelphia, printed; Lond. repr. 1798, 36 pp. 12" 

1676 — The same, another Edition 

, Philadelphia: Senry Tuchniss, 1798, v and pp. 7-36, 12° 

190 SIXTH day's sale. 

1677 PeSa Montenegeo (Alonso be ia) Itineeabio paea 

Paeochos de Indios, en que se tratan laa materias mas 
partieulares, tocantes a ellos, para su buena Administracion, 
old calf Amberes, Hen. y Corn. Verdussen, 1698, 4° 

Twenty-eight prel. leaves. Text 697 pp. double columns, followed by 
Indiee 43 leaves and 1 page. 

1678 Peithallow (Samuel) The Histoet oe the Waes oe 

New En&land with the Easteen Indians, or a Narra- 
tive of their continued Periidy and Cruelty, Hue morocco, 
by Bedford, tooled to a Soger Payne pattern 

Boston, T. Fleet for 8. Oerrish, 1726, sm. 8° 

Four prel. leaves and 134 pp. 'Advertisement,' 1 page. 

1679 Peningtok (John) An Apostate Exposed : or George 

Keith contradicting himself and his Brother Bradford, 
wherein their Testimony to the Christian Eaith of the 
People called Quakers is opposed to G. K's late Pamphlet, 
stUed G-ross Error and Hypocrise detected, calf extra, by 
Bedford Zand. T. Sowle, 1695, title and pp. 3-29, 12° 

The Brother Bradford referred to on the title was William Bradford, who 
introduced the art of printing into Pennsylvania, in 1686, and who 
after his quarrel with the Friends in that city, became the iirst printer 
inNew York, in 1692. 

1680 Pbnn. a Lbttee feom "Wiixiam Pbnn, Proprietary and 

Govemour of Pennsylvania in America, to the Committee 
of the Eree Society of Traders of that Province, residing in 
London, containing a General Description of the said 
Province, its Soil, Air, "Water, Seasons and Produce, both 
Natural and Artificial, and the good Encrease thereof; of 
the Natives or Aborigines, their Language, Customs and 
Manners, Diet, Houses or Wigwams, etc. 

Land. And. Sowle, 1683, folio 
Ten pp. With the portraiture of the City of Philadelphia. Original 

1681 Penn^stltania, A Further Account of the Province of, and 

its Improvements, for the Satisfaction of those that are 
Adventurers, and inclined to be so, half. mor. 

[Lond. 1685], 20 pp. 4<> 

At the end dated ' Worminghurst-Plaoe, 12fth of the 10th Month 85.' 
Signed ' William Penn.' 20 pp. 

1682 — Some Lettees and an Abstract of Letters from Pennsyl- 

vania, containing the State and Improvement of that Pro- 
vince, published to prevent Mis-Eeports, j^ne copy, uncut 
ILond.'] And. Sowle, 1691, 12 pp. 4" 

1683 — Campajs'ius (Thomas) Holmiensis. Kort Beskrifning om 

Provincien Nya Swerige uti America, somnu fortjden af the 
Engleske kaUas Pensylvania, half calf Stockholm, 1702, 4° 

Nine prel. leaves, text in 191 pp. 6 maps and plates. A very scarce 
work relating to the establishment of the Swedes in New Sweden, 
since called Pennsylvania. In some Catalogues the work -will be found 
under Molm, arising from a misapprehension of the abbreviated word 
Holm. [Eolmiensis] following the author's name. 

SIXTH day's SAIE. 19], 

1684 Pennstltania. A Collection q]? all the Laws of the 

Province of Pennsylvania nov? in Torce, published by Order 
of Assembly, Philadelphia : printed and sold hy B. Feank- 
LiN, 1742, 562 pp. — An Appendix containing a Summary 
of such Acts of Assembly as have been formerly in Porce 
within this Province, for Eegulating of Descents, and 
Transfering the Property of Lands, etc. but since expired, 
altered or repealed, FhiladelpMa : printed by B. Franhlin, 
1742, 4 prel. pp. and pp. 1 — 16. {this copy wanting all after 
page 16) In 1 vol. folio 

1685 — The Charters of the Province of Pennsylvania and City 

of Philadelphia 
Philadelphia: printed and sold ly B. Peanklin, 174-2, folio 
Thirty pp. 

1686 — A brief State of the Province of, in which the Conduct 

of their Assemblies for several years past is impartially 
examined, and the true Cause of the continual Encroach- 
ments of the Prench displayed, 2nd Ed. hf. mor. 

Lond. Yl^?,, half-title, title and pp. 3-45, 8" 

Mr. Rich conjectures the author to have been the Rev. W. Smith (jDs's- 
courses, 1759), assisted by Dr. Benjamin Fhanklin. 

1687 — An Apology for the Quakers, addressed to Grreat and 

Small, occasioned by certain gross Abuses and imperfect 

Vindications of that People relative to the late Public Past 

Zond. 1756, 38 pp. advert. 1 p. 12" 

1688 — Several Conferences between some of the principal 

People amongst the Quakers in Pennsylvania, and the 
Deputies from the Six Indian Nations in Alliance with 
Britain, in order to reclaim their Brethren the Delaware 
Indians from their Defection, and put a Stop to their Barba- 
rities and Hostilities Newcastle upon Tyne, 1756, 28 pp. 8" 

1689 — An Historical Eeview of the Constitution and Govern- 

ment of Pennsylvania from its Origin, old calf 

Lond. E. Griffiths, 1759, 8° 
viii pp. Contents 18 pp. and text 444 pp. By Dr. B. Franklin. 

1690 — An Historical Eeview, etc. Another Ed. calf 

Lond. 1759, viii, 18, and 444 pp. 8» 

1691 — An Historical Eeview, etc. Another Ed. 

'Reprinted from the London edition of 1759, Phil. 1808, 8" 
Title and pp. xv-xxxvi. Text 431 pp. 

1692 — Continuation of the Account of the Pennsylvania Hos- 

pital, from the Pirst of May, 1754, to the Pifth of May, 
1761, with an alphabetical List of the Contributors, and 
of the Legacies which have been bequeathed 
Philadelphia: printed ly B. Peanklin ^ D. Sail, 1761, 4° 

Title and pp. 41-77. Front margin damaged. 


192 SIXTH day's sale. 

1693 Pennstlvania. A Looking-G-lass for Presbyteriana, or a 

brief Examination of their Loyalty, Merit and other Quali- 
fications for Grovernment, uncut Philadelphia, 1764, 8° 
Eighteen pages. Signed ' Philo-Libertatis.' This piece is marked 
' Numb. 1 ' at the top of the title. 

1694 — A New Essay [by the Pennsylvanian Parmer] on the 

Constitutional Power of Great-Britain over the Colonies 
in America, halfmor. 

Philadelphia, printed ; Lond. repr. 1774, 8° 
viii and 126 pp. By John Dickenson. 

1695 — An Epistle from our Yearly-Meeting, held at Philadel- 

phia, for Pennsylvania and New-Jersey 

[Philadelphia, 1774], folio 
Four pp. ' Signed in and on behalf of the Yearly Meeting, by James 
Pemberton, Clerk.' 

1696 — The Declaration by the Eepresentatives of the United 

Colonies of North- America, now met in Gl-eneral Congress 
at Philadelphia, setting forth the Causes and Necessity of 
taking up Arms, hf. mor. Lond. 1775, 32 pp. 8" 

First printed in Philadelphia ; reprinted in this country at Sristol in 
1775, and as above, the last with some additions. 

1697 — An Address to the Inhabitants of, by those Preemen of 

the City of Philadelphia who are now confined in the 
Mason's Lodge, by virtue of a general warrant, signed 
in Council by the Vice President of the Council of Penn- 
sylvania, hf. mor. Philadelphia, Pohert Bell, 1777, 8° 
Two prel. leaves and 52 pp. 

1698 — Observations upon the present Grovernment of Penn- 

sylvania, in four letters, hf. mor. 

Philadelphia: Styner and Gist, 1777, 24 pp. 8" 

1699 — A Eepresentation on behalf of the People called Quakers, 

to the President and Executive Council, and the General 
Assembly of Pennsylvania, etc. Lond. repr. 1782, 15 pp. 12" 

1700 — A Eepresentation, etc. Another Ed. 

York, repr. 1782, 12 pp. 12° 

1701 — Proceedings and Debates of the General Assembly of 

Pennsylvania, as taken in short-hand by Thomas Lloyd, 
Vol. II. Philadelphia : Joseph James, 1787, 8" 

Title and 189 pp. Errata ] page. 

1702 — Son^e Transactions between the Indians and Priends in 

Pennsylvania, in 1791 and 1792, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1792, 14 pp. 8" 
Relative to the application of a chief of the Seneca Indians to have some 
children of bis tribe educated amongst the Quakers, 

1703 — Some Account of the Conduct of the Eeligious Society 

of Priends towards the Indian Tribes in the Settlement of 
the Colonies of East and West Jersey and Pennsylvania, 
with a brief narrative of their labours Lond. 1844, 8" 

Two prel. leaves and text 247 pp. With 2 coloured maps. 

SIXTH dat's saie. 198 

1704i Pennstivaitia. Declaration and Testimony of the Doc- 
trine and Order of the Church of Christ, and against the 
Errors of the Present Times, 2nd Ed. calf 

Edinb. rqir. 1786, 135 pp.12'' 

1705 Peeez (Feancisoo) Catecismo de la Doctrina Cristiana en 

lengim Otomi, traducida literalmente al CasteUano, Jif. mor. 

Mexico, 1834, S" 
Five prel. leaves and 17 pp. ' Manualito,' etc. 46 pp. 

1706 Pernetty (Dom) Histoire d'un Voyage aux Isles Malouines, 

en 1763-4, avec des Observations sur le Detroit de Magel- 
lan, et sur las Patagons, 2 vols, old calf Paris, 1770, 8" 

Vol. I. iv and 385 pp. Vol. II. Title and 334 pp. ; Approbation and Pri- 
vilege, 2 pp. ; with 1 8 folded plates at end. 

1707 Pbett. Conqtjeste van Inbien. De wonderlijcke ende 

warachtighe Historie vant Coninckrijck van Peru, ghelegen 
in Indien, inde welcke verhaelt wordt de gheleghenthept, 
costuymen, manieren van leven, overuloedicheyt des Groudts 
ende Silvers, ende voorts alle de sonderlingste dinghen van 
den selven lande,^ne copy Amst. Cornelis Glaesz, 1598, 4» 

Title, on the reverse, ' Tot den Leser' ; Text in 148 leaves ; very irregu- 
larly folioed ; copperplate engraving of ' Cerro de Potoei' on the reverse 
of sig. E e ij. ' Tafel oft Register des boeckx,' 20 pp. 

1708 Peef. Constittciones Stkodales dal Argobispado de 

los Eeyes en el Perv. Hechas y ordenades por el lUustris- 
simo y Eeverendissimo Senor Don Bartholome Lobo Guer- 
rero, Ar§obispo de la dicha Oiudad de los Eeyes, vellum 

En Los Heyes [Lima'], JPr. del Canto, 1614, folio 
Six prel. leaves ; Text, 94 folioed leaves, followed by ' Indice de los Titu- 
los' 6 leaves, and Errata one leaf. 

1709 Peru. Constitucion Politica de la Eepublica Peruana Ju- 

rada en Lima el 20 de Noviembre de 1828 

Lima, 1825. Imprenta del estado por J. Gonzales, 16° 
cxii and 52 pp. Indice 2 pp. 

1710 Peters (Bernhard Michael) Eine besonders merkwurdige 

Eeise von Amsterdam nach Surinam, und von da Zuriick 
nach Bremen, in den Jahren 1783 und 1784, 2 vols. Ids. 

Bremen, 1788, 8" 
Vol. I. 4 prel. leaves and 214 pp. Vol. II. 1790. 6 prel. leaves and 
188 pp. 

1711 Peters (Hugh) An Historical and Critical Account of, after 

the Manner of Mr. Bayle, Jif. mor. Lond. 1751, 72 pp. 8" 

1712 Philadelphia. The Treaty held with the Indians of the 

Six Nations at Philadelphia, in July 1742. To which is 
prefix'd an Account of the first Confederacy of the Six 
Nations, their present Tributaries, Dependents, and AUies, 
Tialfmor. Lond. : repr. [1743 ?] xii and 38 pp. 8" 

1713 — Eules for the St. Andrew's Society in Philadelphia 

FhiladelpUa : printed by B. Phajntklin, and 
D. Sail, 1751, 16 pp. 8° 

194 SIXTH Day's sale. 

1714 Philadelphia. A Letter from a Virginian to the Members of 

the Congress to be held at Philadelphia on the First of Sep- 
tember, 1774, Tif. mor. Boston, printed ; Land. repr. 1774, 8° 

Title, 4 and 60 pp. 

1715 — Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the Ameri- 

can Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia on the fifth 
of September, 1774, containing The Bill of Eights, etc. hf. 
Philadelphia printed ; Land. repr. for J. Almon, 1774, 8" 
Half-title, title, and 82 pp. ' 

1716 — Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings, etc. 5th of 

Sept. 1774, half mor. 

Philadel. printed ; Boston, repr. hy John Boyle, etc. 1774, 8" 
Forty-three pp. There is another edition evidently from the same form 
as the ahove with the words ' and Cox and Berry in King Street,' 
omitted in the title, the double line at the top of p. 3 exchanged for an 
ornamental head-piece, and the addition of a Letter of the Congress 
' To the Inhabitants of the Province of Quebec,' extending from p. 44 
to 53. 

1717 — Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, etc. Sept. 

5th, 1774, to which is added, (being now first printed by 
authority) an Authentic Copy of the Petition to the King, 
half mor. Lond. 1775, 8° 

Half-title and 66 pp. This Pamphlet contains only that part of the Joui^ 
nal of the proceedings of the Congress that was omitted in the Pam- 
phlet entitled, " Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the Con- 

1718 — Pree Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Continental 

Congress, held at Philadelphia, Sept. 5, 1774, by a Parmer, 
half mor. {New York'], 1774, 8" 

Twenty-four pp. ; at page 23. Signed ' A. W. Farmer.' [Samuel 
Seabury, afterwards Bishop of Connecticut.] 

1719 — A Speech intended to have been delivered in the House 

of Commons in Support of the Petition from the General 
Congress at Philadelphia, half mor. Lond. 1775, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 67 pp. A very able and spirited exposition of the 
grievances alleged in the petition from the Congress. — M. Bev. 

1720 — Free Thoughts, another Ed. half mor. 

New York, printed ; Lond. repr. 1775, 8° 
Half-title, title,'aud 50 pp. At page 48 Signed ' A. W. Farmer.' 

1721 — The Congress Canvassed ; or an Examination of the Con- 

duct of the Delegates at their Grand Convention held in 
Philadelphia, Sept. 1, 1774, by A. "W. Parmer, author of 
Free Thoughts, etc. half mor. [New York], 1774, 28 pp. 8° 

1722 — The Congress Canvassed, another Ed. half mor. 

New York, printed ; Lond. repr. 1775, 8° 
Half-title, title, and 59 pp. 

1723 — Catalogue of the Library of the American Philosophical 

Society, held at Philadelphia, for Promoting Useful Know- 
ledge, hf. cf. Philadelphia, Jos. B. A. Skerrett, 1824, 8" 
XV preliminary, and 290 pp. 

SIXTH day's sale. 195 

1724 Philipot (Thomas) The Original and Growth of the Spanish 

Monarchy united with the House of Austria, portrait of 
Fhilip IV. of Spain inserted Lond. 1664, sm. 8° 

Four prel. leaves and 264 pp. 

1725 Philips. The Voyages and Adventures of Miles Philips, a 

"West-Country Sailor: containing a Eelation of his various 
Fortune both by Sea and Land, the inhuman Usage he met 
with from the Spaniards at Mexico, and the Salvage Indians 
of Canada and other barbarous nations, old calf, (wanting 
pages 17, 18, 101 to 116, 203 to 206 inclusive) 

Lond. 1724, 6 prel. leaves and 216 pp. 12° 

1726 Phillip ("William) The Teue and Pebpect Desceip- 

TioN OP Theee Voyages so steaitob and woonDEEruLL, 


done and performed three yeares, one after the other, by 
the Ships of Holland and Zeland, on the North sides of 
Worway, Muscouia, and Tartaria, towards the Kingdomes 
of Cathaia and China: shewing the Discouerie of the 
Straights of "Weigates Noua Zembla, and the Countrie 
lying vnder 80 degrees, which is thought to be Greenland, 
where neuer any man had bin before; with the cruel! 
Beares, and other Monsters of the Sea, and the vnsupport- 
able and extreame cold that is found to be in those places, 
morocco extra, iy Siviere Lond. for T. hauler, 1609, 4" 

Two prel. leaves, viz. Title, the reverse blank ; ' To the Eight WorshipfuU 
Sir Thomas Smith Knight, &o.' signed ' William Phillip,' 2 pp. Text 
in 97 unfolioed leaves ; signatures B to V in fours, X in 3. 

1727 PmLOPONtrs (HoNOBitrs) Nota Typis Teansacta Nati- 

QATio. NoTi Oebis Indi^ Oocidentalis 1621, folio 

Three prel. leaves including the engraved title, and 101 pp. with 3 seq. 
pp. 18 plates. 

The name Philopokus is a pseudonym, the real name of the author being 
Caspar JPlautus, the same to whom the work is dedicated in a most 
fulsome and commendatory preface. A grosser piece of literary impu- 
dence we do not remember to have met with. The author was a monk 
at Lintz. He handles the old fathers of American History without 
gloves, and in turn is so handled by Wincklbmah (which see). He 
calls the Brothers De Bry liars. Some of the plates are curious : they 
include portraits of St. Brandon and Father Boyl, the latter of whom 
accompanied Columbus on his second voyage. 

1728 [Pichon (Th.)]. Genuine Letters and Memoirs relating to 

the Natural, Civil, and Commercial History of the Islands 
of Cape Breton and Saint John, from the Pirst Settlement 
there : translated &om the Author's original MS. calf 

Lond. 1760, 80 
xvi and 400 pp. The work is spoken of as impartial, instructive, and 

1729 Piggott (S.) An Authentic Narrative of Pour Tears' Ee- 

sidence at Tongataboo, one of the Friendly Islands 

Lond. 1815, 8° 
XV and 234 pp. Errata, 1 page. With plate and chart. 

196 SIXTH day's sale. 

1730 Pike (Zebulon Montgomery) Exploratory Travels tlirougt 

the Western Territories of North America ; comprising a 
Voyage from St. Louis, on the Mississipi, to the Source of 
that Eiver, etc. half calf Lond, 1811, 4" 

XX and text 436 pp. 2 maps. 

1731 PiMiENTA. Eelacion del Svcesso qve tvro Francisco Diaz 

Pimienta, Greneral de la Eeal Armada de las Indias, en la 
Isla de Santa Oatalina, Jf. mor. 

Madrid, luan Sanchez, 1642, folio 
Six unnumbered pages. Probably a privately printed official account. 

1732 — The Same, Another Edition, hf. mor. 

S^villa, lo imprimio Prancisco de Zyra, 1642, 4* 
Twelve unnumbered pages. 

0000 PiNELO. See Leon {Antonio de). 

1733 Pines (The Isle of) : oe, a late Discoteet of a Eoueth 

Island in Teeea Aitstealis, Incognita, hf. mor. 

Lond., S. G.for Allen Bamks and Chas. Harper, 1668, 4" 

Title, and 9 pp. Tbe author, George Pine, was shipwrecked in 1569, him- 
self and four women only being cast upon an uninhabited island. A 
considerable part of his narration is occupied with particulars of the 
growth of a colony from this parentage, which, after a lapse of fifty- 
eight years, amounted to one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine 
persons. After having convened his progeny for enumeration, he adds, 
" Thus praying God to multiply them, and send them the true light of 
the gospel, I last of all dismist them." 

The Crowninshield copy, sold by us in July last, produced £4. 10*. 

1734 Pinto (Perdinand Mendez) "Wunderliche und Merckwiirdige 

Eeisen durch Europa, Asia, und Africa, und deren Konig- 
reiche und Lauder ; als Abyssina, China, Japon, Tartarey,. 
, Siam, Calaminham, Pegu, Martabane, Bengale, Brama, 
Ormus, Batas, Queda, Aru, Pan, Ainan, Calempluy, 
Cauchenchiua, und andere Oerter verrichtet 

Amst. 1671, 4»' 
Four prel. leaves including Frontispiece title, and 393 pp. 8 Maps and 
Plates. Pagination very irregular. 

1735 Pinto (J. de). Eeponse de Mr. J. de Pinto aui Obser- 

vations d'un Homme Impartial, sur sa Lettre a Mr. S. B., 
Docteur en Medeciue a Kingston dans la Jamaique, au 
sujet des Troubles qui agitent actuellement toute I'Ame- 
rique Septentrionale, hf. mor. La JSaye, 1776, 60 pp. 8" 

1736 Piratas de la America, y Luz a la Defensa de las Costas 

de Indias Occidentales, dedicado al muy noble Senor Don 
Erancisco Lopez Suazo, traducido de la Lengua Elamenca 
en Espaiiola por el D". de Buena-Maison, Segunda Im- 
pression, vellmn Col. Agrvp. 1682, 12" 
Twenty-four prel. leaves and 490 pp. ' Tabla de los Capitulos,' 8 pp. 

The second edition in Spanish of the History of the Bucaniers, by 

Esquemeling, himself a bucanier. 

1737 — The same, Impression Segunda, vellwm 

Col. Agrip. 1682, 12° 
Twenty-eight prel, leaves and 490 pp. ' Tabla de losCapitulos,' 8 pp. 

SIXTH dat's sale. 197 

1738 Pitman (Heney). A Eelation of the G-reat Sufferings and 

Strange Adventures of Henry Pitman, Chyrurgeon to the 

late Duke of Monmouth, fine copy, uncut, calf extra, hy 

Bedford Lond. 1689, 4" 

Title, and pp. 3-38 ; Advertisements, 1 page. Pitman was transported to 

Bartadoes, and subsequently escaped and fled to Central America. 

1739 Pitman (Eobert Birks) A Succinct View and Analysis of 

Authentic Information extant in Original "Works, on the 
Practicability of Joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans 
by a Ship Canal across the Isthmus of America 

Lond. 1825, S" 
viii and 229 pp.; Errata, 1 page ; Map of the Isthmus of America facing 

1740 Plain Truth, in a Series of Numbers from the New York 

Daily Advertiser 

New Torh, Daniel FcmsJiaw, 1821, 56 pp. 12° 

1741 Plain Truth (Additions to), with further Eemarks on 

" Common Sense," uncut Philadelphia, by R. Bell, 1776, 8° 

Title ; text, pp. 97-136 ; preceded by 6 pp. ' Extracts from the Journal of 

the American Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia, Sept. 5, 1774.' 

1742 Plan (A) of a Proposed Union between G-reat Britain and 

the Colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, 
Ehode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, 
Maryland, Delaware Counties, Virginia, North Carolina, 
South Carolina, and Georgia, hf mor. 4 pp. 8" 

1743 Plan (A) to EeconcUe Great Britain and her Colonies, and 

Preserve the Dependency of America, hf. mor. 

Lond. [1774], xvi prel. pp., text 40 pp., 8" 

1744 Plan (A) for Conciliating the Jarring Political Interests of 

Great Britain and her North American Colonies, uncut amd 
unbound Lond. 1775, xviii pp. 8° 

1745 — The same. Another 'Ed. hf mor, Lond. 1775, S" 

xviii pp. ' Letters, &c.' [Boston, 1775.] 127 pp. 

1746 Plantagenet (Beatjchamp) A Desceiption' oe the Pao- 

TiNCE OE New Albion, morocco extra by Bedford, splendid 
copy, large, clean, and perfect 

Lond. by James Moxon, 1650, 4° 

Title, rev. 3 woodcuts of arms, etc.; 'This Epistle,' 6 pp.; text, pp. 1-32. 

This edition of 1650 is believed to be UNIQUE ; the two or three copies, 

aU that are known, being a different edition throughout, and bearing the 

date 1648. 

1747 PoiNTis (Louis db). Monsieur De Pointi's Expedition to^ 

Cartagena: being a Particular Eelation of the Taking and 

Plundering of that City, by the Prench, in the year 1697, 

etc. (plan wantiMg), old calf Lond. 1699, 8" 

Four prel. leaves including title, and text 134 pp. ; and plan of Carthagena. 

1748 — The same. 2nd Ed, hf. mor. Lond. 1740, 8° 

viii and 86 pp. ; with plan. 

1749 — The same. Another Ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1740, 8" 

viii and 86 pp, 

198 SIXTH day's sale. 

1750 Political Debates, hf. mor. Paris, 1766, 8" 

Title and 18 pp. On American AfiFairs. 

1751 Political (The) Detection ; or the Treachery and Tyranny of 

Administration, both at Home and Abroad, in a Series of 
Letters, hf. mor. Lond. 1770, title and 151 pp. 8° 

1752 Political Electricity ; or an Historical and Prophetical Print 

in the Tear 1770. Bute and Wilkes invent. Mercurius and 
Appelles feet. [Lond. 1770] large sheet, folio 

1753 Ponce de Leott (Eeancisco) Desceipciois- del Eeyno 

DE Chile, de sus Puertos, Caletas, y sitio de Valdiuia, con 
algunos discursos para su mayor defensa, conquista, y du- 
racion, unlound [Madrid, 1644], 4" 

Title and 15 folioed leaves. 

1754 Poor Soldier (The), an American Tale, founded on a recent 

Pact, 2nd Ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1789, 3 prel. Is. and 43 pp. 4" 

1755 Porcacchi (Tomaso) L'Isole piv Pamose del Mondo 

Venetia, 1686, 4* 

Two prel. leaves and 200 pp. Small copperplate Maps at pp. 1, 93, 95, 
102, 104, 107, 108, 111, 112, 114, 115, 117, 119, 127, 128, 130, 143, 
156, 160, 166, 169, 171, 174, 176, 179. The plates to this edition are 
printed separately, in the other editions they are printed in with the 

1756 PoECEL (Peancisco Moeeno) Eetrato de Manuel de Paria 

y Sousa, CavaUero del Orden Militar de Christo, y de la 
Casa Eeal. Contiene una Eelaeion de sua Vida, un Cata- 
logo de sus Esoritos, y un sumario de sus Elogios 

Idshoa Occidental, en la Officina Ferreiricma, 1733, folio 
Eight prel. leaves, and 103 pp. 

1757 Porter (BUphalet) Pastor, of Soxbtwy, A Discourse before 

the Society for Propagating the G-ospel among the Indians 
and others in North-America, delivered Nov. 5th, 1807, 
uncut Boston, Munroe, Francis and Parker, 1808, 24 pp. 8° 

1758 Porteus (Beilby) Bp. of London, A-Jjettev to the Governors, 

Legislatures, and Proprietors of Plantations in the British 
West-India Islands, half mor. Lond. 1808, 48 pp. 8» 

1759 Potherie (Bacqueville de la) Histoire de I'Amerique Septen- 

trionale, Vol. 1, old calf PaHs, 1722, 12" 

Seven prel. leaves, including Engraved Title, and 370 pp. Table 4 pp. 
17 Plates. "What the author relates from his own observation maybe 
relied upon, but in other respects he was not well informed." 


1760 Potter (Lyman) Pastor, of Norwich, If.JE. A Sermon 

preached before the G-eneral Assembly of the State of Ver- 
mont on the day of their Anniversary Election, Oct. 11, 
1787, at Newbury 
Windsor [Vermont'], Hough and Spooner, 1788, 23 pp. 8" 

1761 Pownall (Thomas) Principles of Polity, being the Grrounds 

and Seasons of Civil Empire, in Three Parts, half mor. 

Lond. 1752, 4» 

viii, and text 142 pp. With 1 leaf of errata. 

SIXTH bat's sale. 199 

1^62 Pownall (Thomas) Governor ofMassaclusettsBay,\S^&eAi\j 
will be published, a Map of the Middle British Colonies 
in North- America, first published by Mr. Lewis Evans, of 
Philadelphia, in 1755, and since corrected and improved, 
as also extended, with the addition of New-England, etc. 
by T. Pownall, half mor. 8" 

Four pp. followed by • Booka printed for J. Almon in Piccadilly,' pp. 4-8. 
Many of the books or tracts on this list relate to American affairs. 

1763 Pownall (Thomas) A Topographical Description of such 

Parts of North America as are contained in the annexed 
Map of the Middle British Colonies in North America, hf. 
M. Zand. 1776, folio 

Title ; preface, 2 leaves ; Text, 46 pp. ; Appendix, 16 pp. ; Map, 32^ in. 
by 19J in. This is a republication of the Map and Analysis, issued by 
Evans in 1755; the present having' considerable improvements and 
additions.— BicA. 

1764 Pownall (Thomas) The Administration of the Colonies, 2nd 

Ed. revised, corrected, and enlarged, half mor. 

Land. 1765, 8o 
Three prel. leaves and 202 pp. ' Appendix. Section I. and II.' 60 pp. A 
very celebrated production, frequently reprinted. 

1765 — The same, 3rd Ed. to which is added an Appendix, No. 

III. calf Land. 1766, 8" 

Fourteen prel. leaves and 202 pp. ' Appendix. Section I. and II.' 60 pp, 
' Appendix. Section III.' 62 pp. 

1766 — The same, 4th Ed. calf gilt Land. 1768, 8" 

Title, V to xxxi and 318 pp. ' Appendix,' 73 pp. 

1767 — The same, 5th and best Ed. 2 vols, calf Lond. 1784, 8" 

Vol. I. Half-title ; title ; Epistle, xv pp. ; text, 288 pp. Vol. II. Title ; 
secondary title ; preface, pp. v — xi ; text, I — 308. Facsimiles of the 
marks (in lieu of signatures) of some Indian chiefs are at pp. 240 — 243 
of Vol. I. 

1768 PoYNTZ (John) The Present Prospect of the Famous and 

Fertile Island of Tobago, to the Southward of the Island 
of Barbadoes, 2nd Ed. calf extra hy Bedford. With the 
Autograph of White Kennett on the title 

Lond. hy John Attwood for the Author, 1695, 4'> 
Three prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank. ' To The Ever Honoured S' 
Joseph Heme,' 2 pp. ' To the Reader,' 2 pp. Text, 50 pp. 

1769 Pradt (M. de) Des Colonies, et de la Eevolution ActueUe 

de I'Amerique, 2 vols, calf Paris, 1817, 8" 

Vol. I. Half-title, title, xxxii and 403 pp. ; Errata, 1 page. Vol. II. Half- 
title, title, xxiii and 394 pp, j Errata, 2 pp. 

1770 Precious Morsels. I. Features of Sundry great Personages ; 

viz. His Majesty, G-eorge the Third ; the late Earl of Bute, 
etc. II. A Tit-Bit for Billy Pitt, etc. III. America fast 
Asleep. IV. The "Wonders of the hatred of Liberty, a 
raree-show [London, 1794J, §9 

Four prel. leaves and 44 pp. Signed ' Wm. B«lcher.' 

2 p 

?00 SIXTH day's SAIiE. 

1771 Present State (The) of the Nation, particularly with respedt 

to its Trade, Finances, etc. halfmor. 

Lond. 1769, title, iv and pp. 9-107, 8" 

1772 Price (Richard) Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, 

the Principles of Government, and the Justice and Policy 
of the War with America, etc. AaZfmor. 

New- Yorh, repr. ly S. Loudon, 1776, 8° 
One hundred and seven pp. The Monthly Seview speaks of the author as 
" one of the most respectable writers on American Affairs" — " the inde- 
pendent man, and the uninfluenced friend of his country." This tract 
passed through fourteen editions in three months. 

1773 — The same, 3rd Ed. Ulfmor. 

Lond. 1776, 4 prel. Is. and 128 pp. 8" 
1774, — The same, 4th Ed. Lond. 1776, 4 prel. Is. and 128 pp. 8° 

1775 — The same, 6th Ed. Lond. 1776, 4 prel. Is. and 132 pp. 8" 

1776 — The same, 7th Ed. with corrections and additions 

Lond. 1776, 4 prel. Is. and 134 pp. 80 

1777 — The same, 8th Ed. newly corrected by the Author 

Udinh. 1776, 4 prel. Is. and 94 pp. 120 

1778 — The same, 9th Ed. halfmor. Lond. 1776, 48 pp. 8» 

1779 Price (Richard) Additional Observations on the Nature and 

Value of Civil Liberty, and the War with America, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1777, xvi and 176 pp. S" 

1780 —The same, 2nd Ed. A/ »»or. Lond. 1777, xvi and 176 pp. 8° 

1781 — The same, 3rd Ed. with additions 

Lond. 1778, xxii and 176 pp. 8" 

1782 Price (Richard) The General Introduction and Supplement 

to the Two Tracts on Civil Liberty, the War with America, 
and the Pinances of the Kingdom Lond. 1778, 8° 

Title, xxvi and pp. 181 — 216. ' A Summary View,' etc. a folded sheet. 
In this tract the author apostrophises the new community in the most 
glowing terms. " A rising empire, extending over an immense conti- 
nent, without Bishops — without Nobles — and without Kings." 

1783 Price (Richard). Cursory Remarks on Dr. Price's Observa- 

tions on the Nature of Civil Liberty, by a Merchant, half 
mor. Lond. 1776, 3 prel. Is. and 23 pp. 8" 

1784 — Observations on Dr. Price's Theory and Principles of 

Civil Liberty and Government Yorh, 1776, 8" 

Four prel. leaves and 147 pp. The authorship ascribed to Hen. Goodrich, 

1785 — Remarks on a Pamphlet lately published by Dr. Price, 

intitled. Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, etc. 
halfmor. Lond. 1776, 8» 

Title and 61 pp. These Remarks have been attributed to Dr. Ferguson. 

1786 — Remarks on Dr. Price's Observations on the Nature of 

Civil Liberty, etc. halfmor. 

Lond. 177 Q, 2 prel. Is. and 76 pp. 8» 

1787 — Three Letters to Dr. Price, containing Remarks on his 

Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, etc. hf. mor. 

London, 1776, 8" 
Half-title, title, xxii and 1 63 pp. Probably by Mr. Lind. They discovev 
great ability in the writer. — Bieli. 

SIXTH day's sale. 201 

1788 Price (Richard) A Sermon delivered to a Congregation of 

Protestant Dissenters, at Hackney, on the 10th of Febru- 
ary last, being the Day appointed for a General Fast, 3rd 
Ed. To which are added Eemarks on a Passage in the Bishop 
of London's Sermon on Ash "Wednesday, 1779, halfmor. 

Lond. 1779, 2 prel. Is. and 45 pp. 8»' 

1789 Price (Eichard). Three Letters to the Eev. Dr. Price, con- 

taining Eemarks upon his Past-Sermon, by a Cobler, half 
mor. Lond. 1779, half-title, title, and 35 pp. S" 

1790 Price (Eichard) Observations on the Importance of the 

American Eevolution, and the Means of making it a Benefit 
to the "World, to which is added, a Letter from M. Turgot, 
etc. lialfmor. Lond. 1785, 8° 

viii and 156 pp. Errata, 4 lines. 

1791 Priest ("WUliam) of the Theatre, Philadelphia, Travels in the 

United States of America, 1793-7 Lond. 1802, 8» 

X and 214 pp. Frontispiece. 

1792 Priestley. Observations on the Emigration of Dr. Joseph 

Priestley, and on the several addresses delivered to him on 
his arrival at New-Tork, New Ed. 

Philadel. printed ; Lond.repr. 1794, 63 pp. 8* 

1793 Pbimee (A) fob the Use oi' the Mohawk Chixdeen. 

"Waerighwaghsawe Iksaongvenwa Tsiwaoudad-derighhonny 
Kaghyadoghsera, etc. old tree calf 

Lond. C. BucJcton, 1786, 24" 
Frontispiece, representing a school of Indian children, engraved hy James 
Peachey, and 98 pp. including Title. Believed to be UKIQue. 

1794 Prince (Deborah) Dying Exercises of, and Devout Medita- 

tions of Mrs. Sarah Grill, Daughters of the late Eev. Mr. 
Thomas Prince, Minister of the South Church, Boston 

.SiwS. 1785, 46 pp. 12» 

1795 Peifce (Thomas). A Sermon delivered by Thomas Prince, 

M.A., on "Wensday, October 1, 1718, at his Ordination 
to the Pastoral Charge of the South Church in Boston, 
N.E., in conjunction with the Eeverend Mr. Joseph Sewall, 
together with the Charge, by the Eeverend Increase Mather, 
D.D., and a Copy of what was said at giving the Eight 
Hand of Fellowship, by the Eeverend Cotton Mather, D.D., 
etc. Boston, printed hy J. Franklin for S. Oerrish, 1718, 
4 pr. Is. and 76 pp. — A Discourse had by the late Eeverend 
and Learned Mr. Ebenezer Pemberton, previous to the 
Ordination of the Eeverend Mr. Joseph Sewall at Boston, 
September 16, 1713, Boston, printed by J. Franklin, for S. 
Oerrish, 1718, 2 pr. Is. and 15 pp. sm. 8" 

Printed by the brother of Dr. Franklin. 

1796 Prince (Thomas) The Departure of Elijah lamented, a Ser- 

mon occasioned by the Great and Publick Loss in the 
Decease of the very Eeverend aud Learned Cotton Mather, 
D.D. Boston, 1728, S" 

Half-title, title, and 26 pp. " For the Rev. Mr. Loftus," autograph in- 
scription Try the author. 

202. SIXTH DATf's SALE. 

1797 Prince (Thomas) A Chronological History of New-En^Iarid 

in the form of Annals, old ecdf 

Boston, Eneelamd and Green, 1736, sm. 8° 

Vol. I. 5 prel. leaves, xil and 20 pp. 'The Introduction,' 104 pp. ' The 
New-England Chronology,' Part I. and Part II. 254 pp. 

1798 — The same, new Ed. 

Boston, Cummings, Silliard, and Co. 1826, 439 pp. 8° 

1799 Prince (Thomas) Extraordinary Events the Doings of God, 

and marvellous in pious Eyes, illustrated in a Sermon in 
Boston, N.E. on the General Thanksgiving, Thursday, July 
18, 1745, occasion' d by taking the City of Louisbourg on 
the Isle of Cape-Breton by New-England Soldiers, assisted 
by a British Squadron Boston, jD. Senchman, 1745, 8" 

Two prel. leaves and pp. 7r35. A most popular and highly curious pro- 

1800 — The same, 3rd Ed. 

Boston, printed ; Lond. r^r. 1746, 32 pp. 8° 

1801 — The same, another Ed. halfmor. Udinh. 1746, 8" 

Three prel. leaves and pp. 5-3S. 

1802 Prince (Thomas) A Sermon delivered in Boston, N.E. Aug. 

14, 1746, being the Day of General Thanksgiving for the 
great Deliverance of the British Nations by the glorious 
and happy Victory near CuUoden 

Boston : JD. Henchman, 8, J^neeland and T. Green, 1746, 8° 
Title and pp. 5-39. 

1803 — The same, another Ed. 

Boston, printed; Lond. repr. 1747, 39 pp. 8" 

1804 Prince (Thomas) The Salvation of God in 1746. In part 

set forth in a Sermon in Boston, Nov. 27, 1746, being the 
day of the Anniversary Thanksgiving in the Province of 
the Massachusetts Bay in N.E., wherein the most remark- 
able Salvations of the Tear past, both in Europe and North- 
America, as far as they are come to our knowledge, are 
briefly considered 

Boston : D. Henchman, 1746, title and pp. 5-35, 8" 

1805 Prince (Thomas) The natural and moral Government and 

Agency of God in causing Droughts and Eains. A Sermon 
in Boston, Thursday, Aug. 24, 1749, being the day of the 
General Thanksgiving in the Province of Massachusetts, 
for the extraordinary reviving Bains, after the most dis- 
tressing Drought which have been known among us in the 
Memory of any Living. 

Boston, Kneeland and Green, 1749, 3 pr. Is. and 40 pp. 8" 

1806 Prince (Thomas) Six Sermons. Published from his Manu- 

scripts by John Erskine, D.D., halfmor. Mdinb. 1785, 12" 

ivi and text 156 pp. The 16 preliminary pages are occupied with an 
interesting memoir of Thomas Prince and the Prince family, by Dr. 
John Erskine. 




1807 Principles of Law and Govemment with an inquiry into the 

Justice and Policy of the Present War [with America], and 
most effectual means of obtaining an honourable, permanent 
and advantageous Peace, old calf Lond. 1781, 4° 

Two Parts. Part I. 3 prel. leaves and 202 pp. Part II. Half-title and 
127 pp. Errata 1 page. On the American side of the question. 

1808 Progress (The) of the Prench in their Yiews of Universal 

Monarchy, half mor. Lond. 1756, vi and 58 pp. 8" 

1809 Proposal (A) for putting a Speedy End to the War, by 

Ruining the Commerce of the French and Spaniards, and 
Securing our Own, without any additional Expence to the 
Nation, half mor. Lond. 1703, pp. viii and 5-18, 4P 

1810 Proposal (A) for Humbling Spain. Written in 1711, by a 

Person of Distinction, half mor. 

Lond. [1739 ?] viii and 72 pp. 8" 

1811 — The same, 2nd Ed. half mor. 

Lond. [1739 ?] viii and 72 pp. 8° 

1812 Prospect (A) of the Consequences of the Present Conduct 

of G-reat Britain towards America, half mor. 

Lond. 1776, 98 pp. 8" 

1813 Prospects on the Eubicon; or, an Investigation into the 

Causes and Consequences of the Politics to be agitated at 
the Meeting of Parliament, half mor. 

Lond. 1787, iv and 68 pp. 8" 

1814 Peotjd (Eobeet) The History of Pennsylvania, in North 

America, from the Original Institution and Settlement of 
that Province under the first Proprietor and Governor 
William Penn, in 1681, till after the year 1742, with an 
Appendix, 2 vols, calf gilt, by Clarh and Bedford 

Fhiladelphia, Zach. Paulson, 1797-8, 8° 
Vol. I. 508 pp. ; with Portrait of Penn, and Map of Pennsylvania, Vol. 
II. 373 pp. ' Appendix,' etc. 146 pp. 

1815 PsALTEEiuM Ameeicanttm. The Book of Psalms, in a 

Translation Exactly conformed unto the Original : but all 
in Blank Verse, Pitted unto the Tunes commonly used in 
our Churches. Whereto are addedj Some other Portions 
of the Sacred Scripture, to Enrich the Cantional, imperfect, 
wanting pages 3 and 4. 

Boston: S. Kneeland,for B. Miot, S. Oerrish, J). Senchman, 
and J. Edwards, 1718, title, 86 and 426 pp. sm. 8° 


1816 Psalms. The Psalms, Hymns, and Spieitual Soifas of 

THE Old and New Testament, Paitheullt Translated 
INTO English Metee. For the use, edification, and com- 
fort of the Saints in publick and private, especially in New 
England, eine copx, in red mor. extra, hy Francis Bedford, 
but wanting the last 3 leaves, or pp. 95-100 
. Cambridge, Printed for Sezekiah Usher, of Boston, [1660 ?] 12" 
A perfect copy (of whioli but one is known) should have 100 pp. including 
the title. For a long account of this very interesting little volume, see 
Thomas's Mist, of Printing, Vol. I. p. 257-8. It is printed in double 
columns, with a new very handsome faced Nonpareil letter. Thomas 
says — " it is a curious fact that nonpareil types were used so early in 
this country. I have not seen them in any other book printed either 
at Cambridge or Boston before the Revolution" [1775.] He ascribes 
the printing to Samuel Green, at Cambridge, in 1664 or 1665, but the 
reason he gives would as well apply if printed four or five years earlier, 
for Hezekiah Usher acted as the agent of the Corporation in England 
for propagating the Gospel in New England as early as 1658, as appears 
by the original MS. Record Book of that Corporation, in the possession 
of Mr. Stevens. 

1817 PtolemsBus (Claudius) G-eographise vniversse tvm veteris, 

tvm novae absolvtissimum opus, vellum Colonics, 1597, 4" 

Two Parts. [Part I.] 4 prel. leaves, 47 and 184 pp.; Index 38 pp. 
[Part II.] Title and folioed leaves 2-293. Index 56 pp. 

1818 Pugh (Ellis) A Salutation to the Britains, to Call them 

from the Many Things, to the One Thing needful, for the 
Saving of their Souls ; Especially to the poor urileamed 
Tradesmen, Plowmen and Shepherds, those that are of a 
low Degree like my self. Translated from the British Lan- 
guage by Eowland Ellis, Eevis'd and Corrected by David 
Lloyd, old calf 

Philadelphia, S. Keimer,for W. Davies, 1727, 16° 

Fifteen and 222 pp. 

1819 Pullein (Samuel) The Culture of Silk. In Four Parts. 

For the use of the American Colonies, 2 plates, old calf 

Lond., 1758, 15 and 399 pp. 8" 

1820 Pulteney ("William) Thoughts on the present State of 

Affairs with America, and the means of Conciliation, 3rd 
Edition, half mor. Lond. 1778, title and 102 pp. 8» 

1821 — The same, fourth Edition, hf. mor. Lond. Vll%, 8° 

Title and 102 pp. 

1822 Pulteney ("William) Considerations^ on the Present State 

of Public Affairs, and the means of raising the necessary 
Supplies, 2nd Ed., hf. mor. Lond. Vl*l^, title and 51 pp. 8° 
i^' 1823 Purchas (Samuel). Pvrchas his Pilgrimage. Or Eelations 
of the "World and the Religions observed in all Ages. A 
Theological and Geographical Historie of Asia, Africa, and 
America, with the Islands adjacent, fme copy, old calf 

Lond. 1613, folio 

fourteen prel. leaves; viz. Title reverse blank; 'The Epistle Dedicatorie.' 

4 pp. ' To the Reader.' 4 pp. Epigrams 2 pp. ; ' The Contents ' etc. 9 

pp. ; ' The Catalogue of the Authors, 6 pp. ; Text 753 pp. " Table of 

the principall Matters' etc. 20 pp. 

SETEFTH day's SALE. 205 


HIS Piii&EiMES, contayning a History of the World, in 
Sea Voyages and Lande Travels, by Englishmen and others, 
5 vols, with the rare frontispiece and all the plates, 'French 
gros-grained morocco extra, hy W. Pratt, veey choice 
COPY Lond. 1625-26, folio 

Vol. I. Engraved frontispiece, containing portraits ; printed title ; Dedi-' 
cation " To Charles Prince of Wales," 2 pp. ; " To the Reader," 6 pp. ; 
Contents of the Chapters, etc., 1 1 leaves ; " Maps and Peeees in the 
formert en Bookes," 1 p. ; Text, Book 1, pp. 1-186; maps ou pp. 24, 57, 
65, 71, 74, 85, 115. There should be a cancel at pp. 65-6, upon the 
first of which is a plate of the two hemispheres, with title " Designatio 
orbis Chiistiani "; Table 4 leaves. Books II- V. pp. 1-748, Catchword 
on p. 748Na-; map on pp. 413, 700, 712, 724, 732, 748; map "A 
description of East India," 10| in. by 14|in. between pp. 578-579; 
" An alphnbeticall Table," 12 le&ves. Vol. II. title, dedication to 
George, Duke of Buckingham, 2 pp. ; text, books VI-X. pp. 749-1860, 
23 maps in the text and plates on pp. 908, 909, 911, 984, 1285, 1298, 
1474 ; Table, 19 leaves ; Leaf with colophon. Vol. III. Title, Dedication 
to John, Bishop of Lincolne, 3 pp.. Contents 9 leaves, " Maps and 
Peeees in the last ten bookes," 1 page; Text, pp. 1-1140, catchword' 
on the last page, Eng — .; 19 maps in the text ; " The Map of China," 
llf in. by 14J in. between pp. 400-401; " Map of Greenland" between 
pp. 472-473, "Map of the North Part of America," between pp. 852- 
853, Table, 84 leaves. Vol. IV. Title; Dedication to George, Arch- 
bishop of Canterburie, 3 pp.; Text, pp. 1141-1973; map of Virginia 
between pp. 1690-1691 ; map of New France, &o., between pp. 187-2- 
1873; mapson pp. 1980-1981 (for 1970-1971); Table, 20 leaves. Vol. 
V. 1 626, Title ; Dedication tg Charles I., 2 pp. ; Dedication to George, 
Archbishop of Canterburie, 4 pp.; To the Reader, 4 pp. ; The Contents, 
9 leaves ; "The Catalogue of the Authors," 4 leaves ; " The names of 
Manuscripts," etc, 2 pp. ; Text pp. 1-967 ; 23 maps in the text ; Map 
of China, between pp. 436-437 ; plate on p. 305 ; Title " Two Relations 
one out of Sir Jerome Horsey, the other written by Mr. William 
Methold, 1626," To the Reader, 2 pp. ; text, pp. 973-1007 ; Title " The 
Saraeenioal Historie, 1626;" To the Reader, 2 pp.; Text, pp. 1013- 
1047 ; Table, 18 leaves. 

1825 Purehas (Samuel). Pvrchas his Pilgrim. Microcosmvs, or 

the Historie of Man. Relating the Wonders of his Grene- 
ration, the Vanities in his Degeneration, the Necessity of 
his Regeneration. Meditated on the words of David, old 
calf Lond. 1619, 14 pr. leaves and 818 pp. sm. 8" 

1826 Purnell (Thomas). The following is a true and faithful 

Account of the Loss of the Brigantine TyrreU, Arthur 
Coghlan, Commander ; with the Misfortunes attending the 
said Vessel's Crew. By Thomas Purnell, Chief Mate 
thereof \_Lond.'\ dated ' Hoxton, Sept. 1766.' 

Signed ' Thomas JPurnell.' 4° 

Eight pp. After the author's shipwreck he landed at Marble Head near 
Boston, and thence proceeded homewards by way of North Carolina. 

1827 Purry (John Peter) A method for Determining the best 

Climate of the Earth, on a Principle to which all Geogra- 
phers and Historians have been hitherto Strangers, If. mor. 
Lond. 1744, 2 prel. leaves and 60 pp. 8° 


1828 Pynchon (William) of New England. I. The Time when 

the First Sabbath was Ordained. II. The Manner how the 
First Sabbath was Ordained. III. A Treatise of Holy 
Time, concerning the true limits of the Lords Day, when it 
begins, and when it ends, old calf Land. 1654, 4° 

Two Farts. Part I. 8 prel. leaves and 143 pp. Part II, 8 prel. leaves 
and 120 pp. 

1829 Ptnchon (WiLiiiAM) The Meeitoeiotjs Peicb of Man's 

Eedemption, or Christ's Satisfaction discussed and ex- 
plained, old calf Lond. 1655, 4° 
Twenty-six prelim, leaves and text 439 pp. Errata 1 pag:e. This book gave 
great offence to the good people of Massachusetts, and was consequently 
suppressed in the Colony. 

0000 Quakers. See Fennsylvania. 

1830 Quebec. A Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving for vouch- 

safing such signal Successes to his Majesty's Arms, both 
by Sea and Land, particularly by the Defeat of the French 
Army in Canada, and the Taking of Quebec ; etc., blac& 
lettrr, micut Lond. 1759, 15 pp. 4f> 

1831 — The Justice and Policy of the late Act of Parliament for 

making more effectual Provision for the G-overnment of 
the Province of Quebec, Asserted and Proved, half mor. 

Lond. 1774, 32 pp. 8» 

1832 — The same : another Ed., hf. mor. Lond. 1774, 90 pp. 8<> 

1833 — Thoughts on the Act for making more Effectual Provision 

for the Grovernment of the Province of Quebec, half mor. 
Lond. 1774, title and pp. 5-39, 8" 

1834 — A Letter to [William Pitt] the Earl of Chatham, on the 

Quebec Bill, half mor. Lond. 1774, 8° 

Title and 36 pp. [by Thomas, Lord Lyttleton.] 

1835 — An Appeal to the Public ; stating and considering the 

Objections to the Quebec BUI, hf mor. Lond. 1774, 8° 

Fifty-eight pp. and one leaf of errata. 

1836 — Additional Papers concerning the Province of Quebeck ; 

Being an Appendix to " An Account of the Proceedings of 
the Inhabitants of Quebeck to obtain a House of Assembly 
in that Province," hds. vncut Lond. 1776, 610 pp. 8» 

By Baron Maseres, at that time Attorney-General for Quebec. 

1837 — A Review of the Government and Grievances of the 

Province of Quebec, since the Conquest of it by the British 

Arms, with extracts from Authentic Papers, half morocco 

Lond. 1788, half-title, title, and text 111 pp. 8° 

1838 — State of the present form of Government of the Province 

of Quebec, with a large Appendix, hf. mor. Lond. 1789, 8° 
Title, Errata, and 176 pp. 

1839 — Observations on a Pamphlet, entitled " A State of the 

Present Form of Government of the Province of Quebec," 
half mor. Lond. 1790, title and 78 pp. 8° 

1840 — Introduction to the Observations made by the Judges of 

the Court of Common Pleas for the District of Quebec, 
half mor. Lond. 1790, iv. and 50 pp. 8" 

SETENTH bat's SALE. 207 

1841 Quebec. Answer to an Introduction to the Observations 

made by the Judges, etc. morocco Lond. 1790, 8° 

Half-title, title and 107 pp. Mr. Rich describes this Tract as being 

1842 — Petitions from the Old and New Subjects, Inhabitants 

of the Province of Quebec, to the Lords Spiritual and Tem- 
poral, halfmor. Lond. 1791, 2 prel. Is. and 55 pp. S" 

1843 — Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society of 

Quebec : Vol. 1. Quebec, Br. Le Maitre, 1829, S"" 

Three prel. leaves, xxxvi and 261 pp.; Errata 1 page. 'Catalogue of 
the Mineralogioal Collection,' 72 pp. ' Solar Spots,' 1 page. 12 plates. 

0000 Quebec. See Bulklei/. 

1844 QuiNTAifA X GuiDO (Antonio be) Epitafios Originales 

con qve el Real Convento de lesvs Maria, de esta Noble 
Civdad de Mexico 

Mexico, 'por la Viuda de Bernardo Gdlderon, 1645, 4° 

Title, on the reverse, Woodcut Arms. ' Aprovaciou del Padre luan de S. 
Miguel, 1 page, reverse blank. ' Al Senor Doctor D. Pedro de Barri-^ 
entos Lomelin,' etc. 2 pp. Text commencing ' Titulo Dedicatorio que 
ocupaua la quarta' etc. folioed leaves 3-8, the reverse of the last 

1845 QuiE (De). Teeea Atjstealis incognita, or a new 

Southerne Discoverie, containing a fifth part of the 
World. Lately found out by Feebinanb be Qtie, a 
Spanish Captaine. Neuer before published. Translated 
by W. B. Lond. Printed for JoTin Hodgetts, 1617, 4" 

Title, reverse blank and 27 pp. Not mentioned by llich, nor is the Sale 
of any copy quoted by Lowndes. 

1846 Quincy (Josiah) Junior, of Boston. Observations on the 

Act of Parliament, commonly called the Boston Port-Bill. 
half morocco 

Boston, N.Lj. Printed. Lond. repr. 1774s, 8" 

Three prel. leaves and 80 pp. 

1847 Ealegh (Sie Waltee). Warachtighe ende grondige be- 

schryviaghe van het groot en Grout-rijck Coningrijck van 

Guiana, gelegen zijnde in America, by Noorden de groote 

Eivier OrelUana ; etc. Door den E. Heere "Walter Kalegh 

Amst. Michiel Colijn, 1617, obi. 4° 

Title and 49 leaves. Not mentioned by Rich. 

1848 Ealeigh (Sir Walter). A Declaration of the Demeanor and 

Cariage of Sir Walter Ealeigh, Knight, as well in his 
Voyage, as in, and sithence his return, hf. calf 

Lond. 1618, 4» 

Title, on the reverse woodcut of the Royal Arms, and 68 pp. Written by 
or under the special direction of King James, as an apology for putting 
Raleigh to death. — BieTi. 


208 SETENTH day's SALE. 

1849 Ealeigh's (Sir "Walter) Ghost, or England's I'orewaraef. 

Discouering a secret Consultation, newly holden in the 
Court of Spaiue. Together with his tormenting of Count 
de Grondomar, etc. Vtricht, John Sehellem, 1626, 4° 

Title, reverse blank, and 41 pp. Wanting pp. 7 to 22. 

1850 Ealeigh (Sir Walter) The Prerogatiue of Parlameuts in Eng- 

land : Proued in a Dialogue (pro & contra) betweene a 
Councellour of State and a Justice of Peace, kalfmor. 

Hamb. 1628, 4° 
Four prel. leaves ; viz. : Title, reverse blank, ' To the King,' 5 pp. ; Text, 
66 pp. 

1851 — The same, another Ed. half morocco Midelh. 1628, 4" 

Four prel. leaves ; viz. Title, reverse blank, ' To the King,' 5 pp ; Text, 
66 pp. 

1852 Ealeigh (Sir Walter) Tvbvs Historicvs : an Historicall Per- 

spective, discovering aU the Empires and Kingdomes of the 
World as they flourisht respectively under the foure Impe- 
rial Monarchies, halfmor. 

Land. Tho. Harper, for Ben. Msher, 1636, 4° 

Thirteen unnumbered leaves: viz. Title, reverse blank, ' To the most Illus- 
trious Prince Charles,' etc. 1 page, the reverse blank ; ' The Publisher's 
Advertisement,' 3 pp. the reverse blank ; ' Tubus Historious,' running 
title ' Sir Walter Raleigh's Chronologieall Tables,' 9 pp. the reverse 
blank; 'A Catalogue of the Kings and Emperours,' 7 pp. the reverse 

1853 Ealeigh (Sir Walter) The Prince, or Maxims of State, half 

mor. Lond. 1642, 3 pr. leaves and 46 pp. 4" 

1854 Ealeigh (Sir Walter) Judicious and Select Essayes and Ob- 

servations upon The first Invention of Shipping. The 
Misery of Invasive Warre. The Navy Eoyall and Sea- 
Service. With his Apologie for his voyage to G-uiana, calf 
eaotra by Bedford, a few letters of the imprint in exact facsi- 
mile Lond. T. W.for Sumphrey Moseley, 1650, 12" 
Five prel. leaves and 42 pp. ; title, 4 pp. and 31 unpaged leaves ; 1 blank 
leaf ; title and 46 pp. ; title and 69 pp. With Portrait. 

1855 Ealeigh (Sir Walter) The Cabinet-Council : containing the 

Chief Arts of Empire, and Mysteries of State. Published 
by John Milton, Esq. old calf Lond. 1658, 16" 

Four prel. leaves and 199 pp. Portrait of Baleigh. 

1856 Ealeigh (Sir Walter) An Introduction to a Breviary of the 

History of England, calf Lond. 1693, sm. 8° 

Four prel. leaves, including the Portrait and 77 pp. 

1857 Ealeigh (Sir Walter) The Life of, with his Tryal at Win- 

chester, 3rd Ed. halfmor. Lond. 1687, title and 41 pp. folio 

1858 Eamsat (David) The History of the Eevolution of South 

Carolina from a British Province to an Independent State, 
2 vols, tree marhled calf extra by Bedford 

Trenton, Isaac Collins, 1785, 8° 
Vol. I. Half-title, title ; Preface and Contents, pp. iii — xx ; text, 453 pp. ; 
MapandSketch at pp. 1 , and 1 45. II. Half-title, title; contents, pp. 
V — XX ; text, 574 pp. ; Sketches and Plan at pp. 52, 58 and 326. 


1859 Eamsay (David) of 80. Carol. The History of the American 

Eevolution, new ed. 2 vols. Land. 1793, 8" 

Vol. I. 2 pre], leaves and 357 pp. II. xii and 360 pp. » 

1860 EiMrsius, TeezaEditionedelleNati&atioiiietViag&i / 

EAOCOLTO GiA daM. Gio. Battista Eamvsio, con molti 
e vaghi discorsi, da lui in molti luoghi dichiarato ed illus- 
trato, 3 vols, a few worm holes in Vol. 2, but generally a 
EiiTE, lAB&E AND CLEAN COPY, green morocca extra, marhled 
and gilt edges Venetia, Qitmti, 1563-83 

Vol. I. Title, 1563 ; Epistle of Ramusius, 1 leaf; Epistle of T. Siunti, 
1 leaf; Names of Authois whose Relations are in this volume, 1 leaf; In- 
dex, 34 leaves ; 3 folded maps ; Text, 394 folioed leaves. II. Title, 1583, 
"Nomi de gli Avtori" on the reverse; Epistle of T. Giunti, 1 leaf; 
" Prefatione," 4 leaves ; " Espositione di M. G. B. Ramvsio sopraquesta 
parole di M. Marco Polo," followed by " Dichiaratione d'alcune luoghi 
ne libri di M. Marco Polo," together, 9 leaves ; " G. B. Ramusio alii 
lettori," 1 leaf; Index, 10 leaves; " Prohemio prime" and "Prohemio 
secondo," 1 leaf; Text, folios 3 to 356 and 1 to 90. III. Title, 1565 ; 
"Disoorso del Ramvsio," and " Nomi de gli Avtori," together 5 leaves; 
Index, 34 folioed leaves ; " Indioe delle cose piu notabili, folio 35 ; 
" Terzo volume, Indice de Capitoli delle tre Navigationi fatte da gli 
Olandesi e Zelandes;" etc. folio 36 ; Text, iucluding folded views of 
cities and maps, with other cuts printed with the text, folioed 1 to 456; 
also " Viaggio di M. Cesare de' Federici nell' India Orientale," fol- 
lowed by " Tre Navigationi fatti da gli Olandesi e Zelandesi," together 
folioed 386 to 430 (these, which belong to the edition of 1606 ; as would 
appear by the Index, form part of the third volume, but in this copy 
are bound with the second, in order to obtain uniformity of thickness). 

1861 Eamusius. Ajs'othee, ebmaekablt fine, laegb, sound 

AND clean COPT, in original impressed binding, 3 vols, 
in 2 ib. 1563-65 

Vol. I. Title, 1563, ' Dedication to Fracastorus," 2 pp.; 'Tommaso Giunti 
alii Lettore,' 2 pp. ; ' Nomi de gli Autori,' 2 pp. ; ' Indici,' 34 folioed 
leaves ; text in 394 fohoed leaves, colophon on last page, 3 maps. Vol. 
II. Title, prel. leaves and index, together 30 folioed leaves ; text in 
448 (misprinted 248) folioed leaves. Vol. III. 1565. Title, 'Discorso,' 
9 pp. ; ' Nomi de gli Autori,' 1 p. ; ' Indioe,' 34 folioed leaves ; Text in 
456 folioed leaves ; maps, counted in the numbering of the folios. 

1862 Eandall (John) A brief Account of the Principles and Dis- 

cipline of the People eall'd Quakers 

Bristol, 8. Farley, 1747, 24 pp. IS" 

1863 Eangel (Joseph Francisco Dimas) Discurso fisico sobre las 

Formacion de las Auroras BoreaJes, halfmor. 

Mexico, 1789, pp. i to vii, 4» / 

1864 Eaynal (Abbe) A Philosophical and Political History of the if 

British Settlements and Trade in North America, 2 vols. 

Edimb. 1776, 12° 

Vol. I. 240 pp. ; Map of North America. II. 231 pp. 

1865 Eaynal (Abbe) Eevolution del'Amerique, halfmor. 

Lond. 1781, 8° 

xvi and 183 pp. With Portrait of Raynal. 

1866 Eaynal (Abbe) The Eevolution of America, old calf 

Dublin, 1781, xx and 244 pp. 12° 

1867 — The same, another Ed. Lond. 1781, xvi and 181 pp. 8» 

1868 — The same, a New Translation, halfmor. 

Lond. 1781, 2 pr. leaves and 199 pp. 12° 


1869 Eeales (El Baron Juras) Entretenimientos de un Prisionero 

en las Provincias del Eio de la Plata, 2 vols, uncut 

Barcelona, Jo&'e Tomer, 1828, 4" 

Vol. I. 4 prel. leaves, vlii and 334 pp. Wanting pp. 295 — 302 inclusive. 
II. 2 prel. leaves, and 391 pp. • Appendice,' 16 pp. 

1870 Eeeio De Leon (Juan) [Commences] Ivan Eecio de Leon 

Maesse de Campo, etc. [Account of the discovery of a new 
route for the conveyance of Silver from Potosi in Peru to 
Spain in less than half the time and expense of the ordinary 
route], halfmor. [Madrid, 1626], folio 

Ten leaves. Apparently privately printed. 

1871 Kecueil des Plans de I'Amerique Septentrionale 

a Paris, 1755, 4" 

Engraved title and 16 Plans. The plates consist of plans of the Towns 
of Quebec, New Orleans, and other celebrated Towns and Cities of North 
America, their Fortifications, and at the end a folded plate of Niagara 

1872 Eedman (John) of Pennsylvania, Dissertatio Medica luau- 

guralis de Abortu, halfmor. 

Lugdimi Batavoritm, Conr. Wishoff [1748], 4° 
Three prel. leaves and 31 pp. 

1873 Eeed (John) An Explanation of the Map of the City and 

Liberties of Philadelphia 

PhiladelpMa,for the Author, 1774, 4° 

Twenty-four pp. ' An Alphabetical List of the First Purchasers' Names,' 
etc. 8 and 23 pp. ' The Date of Surveys,' etc. 9 pp. 

1874 Eeed (Joseph). Joseph Eeed Defendant, Ad. John Eeed. 

Argument for the Defendant in Error 

[Philadelphial, 4° 

Twenty-eight pp. The subject matter of the dispute was a Plantation, or 
Tract of Land, called Tenicwn [Philadelphia] . The appeal is signed 
"Joseph Reed. Propria Persona." Date about 1768. 

1875 Eeeves (John) History of the Government of the Island of 

Newfoundland, with an Appendix, containing the Acts of 
Parliament made respecting the Trade and Fishery 

Land. 1793, 8" 
Four prel. leaves and 167 pp. ' Appendix,' 2 prel. leaves and oxvi pp. 

1876 Eeflections on the Importation of Bar-Iron, from our own 

Colonies of North- America, in Answer to a late Pamphlet 
on that Subject, halfmor. 1757, 23 pp. 8" 

1877 Eeflections, Moral and Political, on Great Britain and her 

Colonies, half mor. Land. 1770, 3 pr. Is. and 66 pp. 8° 

1878 Eeflections on the Else, Progress, and probable Consequences 

of the present contentions with the Colonies 

MdiMh. 1776, 12» 

iV and 53 pp. Attributed to Dr. Erskine, and containing, according to 
Bicb, a fair statement of the claims of the Colonists. 


1879 Refutation (A) of the Letter to an Honble. Brigadier- Gre- 

neral, Commander of His Majesty's Porces in Canada 
[Lord G-eorge Townaend], by an Officer, 2nd Ed. halfmor. 

Lond. 1760, 8° 
Half-title, title, and 52 pp. See Letter, No. 1287. 

1880 Eegil (Pedro Manuel) Memoria Instructiva sohre el Comer- 

cio general de la Provincia de Yucatan, y particular del 
Puerto de Campeche, half calf 

Madrid, Vega y Comp. 1814, 8° 

Title, and 56 pp. Folded sheets at pp. 42 and 45 (2). 

1881 Regulations (The) lately made, concerniug the Colonies, 

and the Taxes imposed upon them considered [by G-eorge 
GrenvUle], Tialfmor. 

Lond. 1765, half-title, title, and pp. 3—114, 8» 

1882 Eelacao Abbreviada da Eepublica, que os Eeligiosos Jesuitas 

das Provincias de Portugal, e Hespanha, [1758], 68 pp. — 
Memoire pour servir d' addition et d'eclaircissement a la 
Relation abregee, etc. 30 pp. in 1 vol. old calf 12° 

Original Edition of the first of these Tracts, said to have heen written by 
the Marquis de Pomhal. Both Tracts are apparently privately printed. 

1888 Relacion de lo Svcedido en los Galeones y Flota de Terra- 
firme, unbound [1622], folio 

Five folioed leaves. An important list of Vessels and the names of their 
crews composing the Fleet off Terrafirma in 1622. It comprises the 
Capitan Baet. Garcia de Nodal and his associates, including many 
familiar names in the roll of early voyagers. 

1884 Relacion del Svcesso del Armada, y excercito que fue al y 

socorro del Brazil, desde que entro en la Bahia de Todos- 
Santos, hasta que entro en la ciudad del Saluador, que pos- 
seian los Eebeldes de Olanda, sacada de vna carta que el 
Senor Don Fadrique de Toledo escriuio a su Magestad 

[1625], foHo 

Four unnumbered pages. Apparently a privately printed official Beport. 

1885 Relation (The Trve) of that worthy Sea Pight, which two of 

the East India Shipps had with 4 Portingals of great force 
and burthen, in the Persian G-ulph, with the Lamentable 
Death of Captaine Andrewe Shilling, with other Memora- 
ble Accidents in that Voiage. Printed this 2. of luly 

Lond. ly L. D.for Nath. Newlery and Win. Sheffard, 

1622, title, and 22 pp. 4» 

1886 Religious Intelligence and Seasonable Advice from Abroad, 

concerniag Lay- Preaching and Exhortation. Collection I. 
[II. III. 'IV.] from the Connecticut Evangelical Magazine, 
No. 1st, 2d and 3d and Mr. Edwards, President of Prince- 
ton College, New Jersey, his thoughts on Religion, etc. 
4 parts Minb. 1801-2, 12° 

No. I. Title and 63 pp. II. 60 pp. III. viu and pf . 3— S5. IV. 1802. 
Title and 58 pp. 

212 SEVENTH day's SALE. 

1887 Remarks on Several Acts of Parliament relating more espe- 

cially to the Colonies abroad ; as also on diverse Acts of 
Assemblies there, wherein is likewise contain'd a Discourse 
concerning the 4| per Cent. Duty paid in Barbadoes and 
the Leeward Islands, halfmor. Land. 1742, 8" 

Three prel. leaves, sig-ned 'T. M.' and 125 pp. The author is said to 
have been Jonathan Blumeau, Attorney-General of Barbadoes. 

1888 Remarks on the Letter address'd to Two Great Men, in a 

Letter to the Author, halfmor. 

Land. [1759 ?] title and pp. 5-64, S" 

1889 Remarks on the Review of the Controversy between Great 

Britain and her Colonies, halfmor. 

Lond. 1769, half-title, title and 126 pp. 8" 

1890 Remarks on the New Essay of the Pensylvania, Farmer, by 

the Author of the Right of the British Legislature vindi- 
cated, halfmor. Lond. 1775, title and 62 pp. 8" 

1891 Remarks on the Patriot, including some Hiats respecting the 

Americans, halfmor. ' Lond. 1775, 8° 

Title and 46 pp. See Fatriot {The), No. 1666, a pamphlet by Dr. Samuel 

1892 Remarks on the Principal'Acts of the Thirteenth Parliament 

of Great Britain, by the Author of Letters concerning the 
Present State of Poland. Vol. I. \all published'] contain- 
ing Remarks on the Acts relating to the Colonies 

Lond. 1775, xvi, ' Contents' 4, and 500 pp. 8" 

1893 Remarks on the Rescript of the Court of Madrid, and on the 

Manifesto of the Court of Versailles. In a Letter to the 
People of Great Britain, with an Appendix, containing the 
Rescript, the Manifesto, and a Memorial of Dr. Pranklyn 
to the Court of Versailles, half mor. Lond. 1779, 8" 

Three prel. leaves and 91 pp. " The author of these Bemarlis employs iu 

them the united force of reason and ridicule, aided by the powers and 

embellishments of oratory." — M. Rev. 

1894 Reney (William) A Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Cor- 

sair, in the month of January, 1835, on an unknown Reef 
near the KingsmUl Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean, with 
a detaU of the dreadful Sufferings of the Crew 

Lond. 1836, xvi and 80 pp. 12° 

1895 Resendhjs (Angelo Andeea) Epitome Reevm Gesta- 

KVM IN India a Lxtsitanis, anno superiori, iuxta exem- 
plum epistolsB, quam Nonius Cugna, dux Indiae max. desig- 
natus, ad regem misit, red morocco extra, by Mackenzie 

Louanii, Seruatium Zassenvm, 1531, 4" 
Sixteen leaves, including title, being signatures A to D in fours. Not 
mentioned by Rich. 

1896 Resolutions (The) of the House of Commons on the great 

and constitutional questions between the Privileges of the 
House of Commons and the Prerogative of the Crown, half 
mor. Lond. 1784, 2 pr. leaves and 51 pp. 8* 


1897 Eeview (A) of all that hath pass'd tetween the Courts of 

Great Britain and Spain, relating to our Trade and Navi- 
gation from the Tear 1721 to the Present Convention, half 
mor. Land. 1739, half-title, title, and text 60 pp. 8"> 

1898 Review (A) of The Eector Detected, or the Colonel Eecon- 

noitred. Favithe'Eivst, half mor. 

Williamshurg, Joseph Royle, 1764, 4° 
Twenty -nine pp. Contains some curious pai'ticulara of Trade, Naviga- 
tion, Politics, etc. of Virginia. 

1899 Reynolds (Theophilus) Cursory Observations, addressed to 

the Planters and others, interested in the West India 
Trade Liverpool, 1808, 15 pp. 8" 

1899*Ehode Island (Records of the Colony of) and Providence 
Plantations, New England, from a.d. 1636 to a.d. 1756. 
Edited by J. R. Bartlett, 5 vols. (4 in calf, and 1 in cloth) 

Providence, B. I., 1856-60, 8» 

Vol. T. Title, Introdhction, 8 pp. Text, 11-519. General Index, 
.521-549. Vol. II. Title, Remarks 2 pp. Text, 1-598. Index, 
599-609. Vol. III. Title, Remarks 5 pp. Text, 1-577. Index, 
679-595. Vol. IV. Title, Preface 2 pp. Text, 1-592. Index, 593-622. 
Vol. V. Title, Preface 2 pp. Text, 1-571. Index, 573-594. 

1900 Ribera (Diego de) Concentos Evuebres, Metricos Lamentos, 

qve explican, Demostraciones publicas, de reconcidos afec- 
tos, en los Evnerales devidos al Illust. Rev. y Excel. Seiior 
Maestro D. Er. Payo Enriquez de Ribera, Dignissimo Ax- 
gobispo, que fue de esta Ciudad de Mexico, Virrey, y Capi- 
tan G-eneral en ella, que descanza en Paz 

Mexico, por la Viuda de Bernardo Calderon, 1684, 4° 
Twenty-two unnumbered leaves. 

1.901 RiBAS (Andees Pebez de) Histoeia de LOS Trivmphos 
DE Ndestea Santa Ebb enteb G-bntes las mas Baeba- 
EAS, y fieras del nueuo Orbe, velliwi Madrid, 1645, folio 
Sixteen prel. leaves and text 756 pp. 

1902 Richshoffer ( Ambrosius) Braszilianisch und West Indianische f 

Reisze Beschreibung, bds. 

8traszhv/rg, Joseias Stadeln, 1677, sm. 8° 

Two prel. leaves ; viz. Portrait of Richshoffer, and Engraved Title. Text 
pp. 3 — 1 82. Sonnets, 4 pp. Errata, 1 page. Copperplate maps and 
plates at pp. 49, 57, 58, and 129. 

1903 Right (The) of the British Legislature to Tax the American 

Colonies Vindicated, half mar. 

Land. 1774, title and 60 pp. 8° 

1904 Rights (The) of G-reat Britain Asserted against the Claims 

of America : being an Answer to the Declaration of the 
General Congress, 2nd Ed. half mor. Lond. 1776, 8° 

Title and 92 pp. ' Appendix' a folded sheet at page 80. Ascribed to 
James Macpherson, Translator of Ossian, but attributed hy Rich on 
the authority of a note in the handwriting of Sir James Mackintosh, to 
Sir John Dalrymple. 

214 SEVENTH day's SAL£. 

1905 Eights of Great Britain Asserted, 3rd Ed. with Additions, 

hf, mor. Land 1776, 8" 

Title and 96 pp. 

1906 — The same, 4th Ed. with Additions Lond. 1776, 12" 

Two prel. leaves and 103 pp. ' Appendix' at page 77, a folded sheet. 

1907 — The same, 6tb Ed. with Additions mmb. 1776, 12" 

Two prel. leaves and 98 pp. ' Appendix' at page 92, a folded sheet. 

1908 — The same, 9th Ed. To which is now added, a Further 

Refutation of Dr. Price's State of the National Debt, half 
mor. Lond. VT7&, 8" 

Two prel. leaves and 131 pp. 'Appendix,' a folded sheet at page 99. 

1909 — The same, 10th Ed. half mar. Lond. 1776, 8" 
Two prel. leaves and 131 pp. ' Appendix,' a folded sheet at page 99. 

1910 Hio (Antonio del) Description of the Ruins of an Ancient 

City, discovered near Palenque, in the Kingdom of Guate- 
mala, in Spanish America, translated from the Original 
Manuscript Report : followed by Teatro Critico Ameri- 
cano ; or, a critical inyestigation and research into the 
History of the Americans, by Doctor Paul Eelix Cabrera, 
of the City of New Guatemala Lond. 1822, 4° 

xiii pp. ' Teatro Critico,' 1 page. Text, 128 pp. 17 plates. 

1911 Roberts (George). The Four Tears' Voyages of Capt. George 

Roberts ; being a Series of Uncommon Events which befell 
him in a Voyage to the Islands of the Canaries, Cape de 
Verde, and Barbadoes, from whence he was bound to the 
Coast of Guiney, old calf Lond. 1726, 8" 

Three prel. leaves and 458 pp. 4 Plates and Draught of all the Cape de 
Verd Islands. 

1912 Roberts ("William) An Account of the First Discovery of 

Florida, with a Particular Detail of the several Expeditions 
and Descents made on that Coast Lond. 1763, 4" 

viii pp. Contents 2 and 102 pp. 7 Maps and Plans. 

1913 Robinson (John) the Filgrlm Father, Essates ; oe, Ob- 

SEEVATiONS DiviNE AND MoEALL, Collected ovt of holy 
Scriptures, Ancient and Moderne Writers, both divine and 
humane, as also, out of the great volume of men's man- 
ners: tending to the furtherance of knowledge and vertue, 
calf extra ly Bedford 

Lond. ly I. L.for I. Bellamie, 1638, 12" 

Sixteen prel. leaves and 566 pp. 

1914 Robinson (John) A Ivstieication oi' Sepaeation eeom 

THE Chhech oe England, against Mr. Richard Bernard 
his invective, intitvled, The Separatists schisme,^we copy 
m old calf 1639. 4" 

Three hundred and eighty-two pp. followed by 3 leaves of Table. 

1915 Robinson (Matthew) Peace the best Policy, or Reflections 

upon the Appearance of a Foreign War, the present state 
of AflFairs at Home and the Commission for Granting Par- 
dons in America, half mor. Lond, 1777, title and 112 pp. 8° 

SEVENTH bat's SALE. 215 

1916 Robinson (John) A Itst and Neoessaet Apologue of 

CEETAIN Chbistiafs, no lesse contumeliously then com- 
monly called Brovvnists, or Barovvists, published first in 
Latin, after translated into English by himself, red morocco 
extra, ly Bedford, tooled to a Soger Fayne pattern 

\_Leyden ?] 1644, 72 pp. including the title, 24° 

1917 EoBiNsON (William) Several Epistles given forth by Two 

of the Lords Faithful Servants, whom he sent to New-Eng- 
land to bear Witness to his Everlasting Truth ; and were 
there (by the Priests, Eulers, and Professors) after cruel 
and long Imprisonment, and inhumane Whippings and 
Banishment, put to death, for no other Cause but for keep- 
ing the Commandments of God and Testimony of Jesus 

Lond. 1669, 11 pp. 4° 

1918 Eobson (Joseph) An Account of six years residence in 

Hudson's-Bay, from 1733 to 1736, and 1744 to 1747, old 
calf Lond. 1752, 8° 

Title, vi and 84 pp. ;* ' Appendix,' 95 pp. ; 3 Maps. Much commended 
by the Monthly JReview. 

1919 EooHEroET (Cesae be) Histoire Naturelle et Morale des 

lies Antilles de I'Amerique, avec un Vocabulaire Caraibe, 
fine copy, vellum Soterdami, Arnould Leers, 1658, 4° 

First Edition. 8 prel. leaves, viz. Two titles, ' Epistre,' Sig-ned ' L. D. P.' 
4 pp. ; ' Preface,' 6 pp. ; ' Avertissement,' 2 pp. ; Text, 527 pp. ; ' Table,' 
12 pp. Father du Tertre, in his Sistoire, GenArale des Antilles, com- 
plains that the above work is but a pirated edition of his own History, 
printed in 1654. See RicTi, Bib. Am., an. 1654 and 1658. 

1920 — Le meme, 2nde Ed. vellum ib. 1665, 4" 

Eighteen prel. leaves; viz. Two titles; 'Epistre,' 11 pp. Si^ed 'De 
Rochefort' ; ' Preface,' 5 pp. ; ' Avertissement,' 4 pp. ; ' Copies Lettres,' 
12 pp. ; Text, 583 pp. ; ' Table,' 13 pp. ; Copperplates at pp. 53, 332, 

1921 — Le meme, autre Ed. 2 vols, old calf 

Lyon, Ghristofle T'ovrmy, 1667, 12° 
Vol. I. 32 prel. leaves, the last blank, and 566 pp. ; Copperplates at pp. 
13-, 295. II. 3 prel. leaves and 680 pp. ; Copperplate at page 115. 

1922 — Le meme, derniere edition, reveue et augmentee, fine 

copy in old red morocco 'Rotterdam, Seinier Leers, 1681, 4° 

Eighteen prel. leaves, including the engraved and printed titles. Text, 
583 pp. Table, 13 pp. Second title, 'Eecit de I'Estats Present des 
Celebrea Colonies,' etc 43 pp. Large folding plates at pp. 53, 33'^, 
and 412. 

1923 — Andere ausgabe, in die Teutsche iibersetzet, 2 vols. 

Franhf. 1668, 12° 
Vol. I. Eleven prel. leaves including frontispiece, and 430 pp. ; ' Innhalt,' 
11 pp.; 40 plates. II. Six prel. leaves, 33 and 514 pp. 

1924 Eochefort (Cesar de) Le Tableau de I'lsle de Tabago, ou de 

la Nouvelle Oiialchre, I'une des Isles Antilles de I'Ame- 
rique, vellum Leyde, Jean Le Garpentier, 1665, 8° 
Eight prel. leaves and 144 pp. 

2 F 

216 SEVENTH day's SALE. 

1925 Eochefort (Cesar de) Eel&tion de I'lsle de Tabago, ou de la 

Novvelle Ovalcre, old calf- Paris, Lovys Billaine, 1666, 12° 
Eight prel. leaves and 128 pp. 

1926 Eochefoucauld-Liancourfc (Due de la) Voyage dans les 

Etats-TJnis d'Amerique, fait en 1795-97, 8 vols, calf gilt 

Paris, (1799), 8° 

Vol. I. xxiv and 365 pp.; Map at page 1. II. Half-title, title, iv and 
349 pp. III. Half-title, title, iv and 384 pp. IV. Half-title, title, 
iii and 349 pp. ; Map at page 1. V. Half-title, title, iv and 400 pp. 
VI. Half-title, title, iii and 336 pp.; 'Tableau,' etc. at page 266, a 
folded sheet. VII. Half-title, title, iv and 366 pp. ; Map at page 155. 
VIII. Half-title, title, and 244 pp. ; folded sheets at page 172. Num- 
bered I— VI. 

1927 Eodrigues de Mello (Joseph) De Eusticis Brasilise Eebus 

Carminum libri IV. ; Accedit Prudentii Amaralii Brasili- 
ensis de Sacebari Opificio Carmen, vellivm Momce, 1781, 8° 

viii and 206 pp. ; 4 plates at the end. 

1928 Eodriguez (Antonio) Eelacion de las Fiestas qve ala Imma- 

cvlada Concepcion de la Virgen N. Senora se bizieron en la 
Eeal Ciudad de Lima en el Perii, y principalmente de las 
q hizo la Congregacion de la Expectacion del Parto en la 
Copania de lesus ano 1617 

Lima, por Francisco del Canto, 1618, 4° 
Two prel. leaves, viz. Title, the reverse blank ; ' Erratas' and ' Tassa,' 
1 page ; 'Aprobacion,' 1 page; Text, 80 folioed leaves. 

1929 Eodriguez (Manuel). Senor. \_Oommences Manuel Eodriguez 

de la Compania de lesvs, Procurador general por las Pro- 
vincias de Indias, dize : etc.] [Mids, liberal Mano, y 
Catolico zelo de V. Magestad], 7f. mor. folio 

Four unnumbered pages. Respecting the Missions amongst the various 
Indian Tribes of Maynas, Roamaynas, Cooamas, Chepeos, Xitipos, 
Cbamicuros, Gayes, Eeberos, Cooamillas, Guallagos, Vcayales, Aguanos, 
Coronados, and others. 

1930 Eodriguez Lamego (Manuel) Assiento y Capitvlacion qve 

ee tomo, sobre la renta y prouision general de eslauos 
negros que se nauegan a las Indias por tiempo de ocbo 
anos, y precio de ciento y veinte mil du cados cada ario, 
If. mor. hy Hayday 1623, folio 

Seventeen folioed leaves. An early printed document respecting Negro 

1931 Eoebuck (Jobn) An Enquiry whetber tbe G-uilt of the 

Present Civil War in America ougbt to be imputed to Great 
Britain or America, new ed. Tif. mor. Lond. 1776, 8" 

Title and 69 pp. "Written against tbe Colonists. 

1932 Eogers (Eobert) A Concise Account of North America: 

containing a Description of the several British Colonies on 
that Continent, including tbe Islands of Newfoundland, 
Cape Breton, etc. Lond. for the Author, 1765, 8° 

viii and 264 pp. The writer commanded the provincial troops, or Mangers, 
during the whole of what were called the French War* in America. 

SEVENTH day's SALE. 217 

1933 Eogers (Abraham) Offne Thiir zu dem verborgenen hey- 

denthum : Oder, Warhaftige Vorweisung desz Lebens, und 
der Sitten, samt der Eeligion, und dem Grottesdienst der 
Bramines, auf der Oust Chormandel, und denen herumli- 
genden Landem: Mit kurtzen Anmerkungen, aus dem 
Niederlandiseheu iibersetzt. Samt Christoph. Arnolds 
Auserleseuen Zugaben, von den Asiatischen, Africanischen, 
und Americanischen Eeligions-sachen, vellum 

Nurnherg, 1663, 8» 

Eight prel. leaves including' the engraved and printed titles; Text, 998pp. 
followed by 19 leaves of Register, and one page of Errata; numerous 

1934 Eogers (Woodes) A Cruising Yoyage round tbe "World : j 

first to the South Seas, thence to the East Indies, and 
homewards by the Cape of Good Hope, 1708-11, old calf 

Land. 1712, 8« 

xxii and 428pp.; 'Appendix,' 56pp.; 'Index,' 14pp.; 4 maps. A 
relation of this same Voyage will be found under Cooke, No. 635. 
Woodes Rogers commanded the Dulie, and Cooke was second in com- 
mand on board the Dueliess, the ships engaged. Dampier projected 
the expedition, and accompanied it as pilot, in the Duke. Burney gives 
the preference to "Woodes Rogers' Journal and Charts over those of 

1935 — The same, 2nd Ed. corrected, old calf Land. 1718, 8" 

xix and 428 pp. ; ' Appendix,' 57 pp. ; Index, 7 pp. Maps at page 1 of 
Text, and pp. 1, 10, 33 and 51 of Appendix. 

1936 — The same, 2nd Ed. corrected, old calf Lond. 1726, 8" 

The same as Second Edition of 1718, except a new title, and having in 
addition two plates at pp. 62 and 101, representing the Alligator and 
Crocodile, drawn from life. 

1937 EoILe (Denys) Petition to the Lords of His Majesty's Most 

Honourable Privy Council, setting forth the Hardships, 
Inconvenieneies and Grievances which have attended him 
in his Attempts to make a Settlement in East Florida, 
humbly praying such relief as in their Lordships wisdom 
shall seem meet, hf. mor. ILondon, 17—], 8° 

Eightv-five pages ; Plan at page 72 ; ' Grants by the Governor of South 
Carolina,' a folded sheet ; ' Copies of his Excellency Governor Grant's 
Letters, and also Copies of the rough Drafts from which Mr. RoUe's 
Letters to the Governor were wrote, containing the full Import of the 
same,' 47 pp. This is a pj-ivately printed volume, of which but very 
few were taken off, with the Maps drawn by the author in blanks left 
for the purpose in the text. 

1938 Eolt (Eichard) A New and Accurate History of South 

America: containing a Particular Account of some Acci- 
dents leading to the Discovery of the New World, of the 
Discovery made by Columbus, etc. calf Lond. 1756, 8° 
Eight prel. leaves and 576 pp. ; with Map of South America, by Eman 


1939 Eomero. Por Don Nicolas Eomero de Mella, Contador de 

tributos, y azogues de la Nueua Espana. En elpleyto 
que trata con el senor Eiscal. Sobre la restitucion del 
dicho oficio ; y ea satisfacion de los cargos que le hizo el 
seiior Liceneiado Don Pedro de Graluez, del Consejo de su 
Magestad, en el Supremo de las Indias, el ano de 53. En 
la visita de los Ministros, y Oficiales Eeales del Eeyno de 
Mexico, hf. mor. [Mexico, 1655], 26 folioed leaves, folio 

1940 Boss (John) An Explanation of Captain Sabine's Eemarks 

on the late Voyage of Discovery to Baffin's Bay 

Land. 1819, half-title, title, and 54 pp. 8" 

1941 Eoss (Eobert), Pastor, of Slratfield, A Sermon, preached at 

New Town, December 8th, 1773, on Church G-overnment 
and Discipline, unbound 

New Haven, Tho. and Sam. Green, [1773], 58 pp. 8" 

1942 Eotheram (John), ofByton, Co. Durham, An Essay on Eaith, 

and its Connection with G-ood Works, 3rd ed. 

Lond. 'printed : New York, repr. J. Parher, V1Q7, 8" 
viii and 126 pp. 

1943 Eoussignac (Jacques de) The Earth twice shaken wonder- 

fully: or. An Analogical Discourse of Earthquakes, its 
Natural Causes, Kinds, and Manifold Effects ; occasioned 
by the last of these, which happened on the Eighth Day of 
September 1692 

JJond. for the Author, at Sion's Golledge, 169f , 4" 
!Four prel. leaves and 47 pp. Includes some accounts of earthquakes in 

1944 EovAi, Gazette, Nos. 405, 409, 416 

New York, James Bvoington, Aug. 16, 30, Sept. 23, 1780, 

each 4 pp. folio 
These curioas old newspapers contain the original publication of Majob 
Andre's Cow Chace, one canto in each number. The last of them 
was published on the very day of Major Andre's arrest as a spy. 

1945 Euiz de Leon (Pranciseo) Hernandia, triumphos de la Ee, 

y gloria de las Armas Espariolas. Poema Bteroyco. Con- 
quista de Mexico, cabeza del imperio Septentrional de la 
Nueva Espana. Proezas de Hernan Cortes, Catholicos 
Blasones Militares, y grandez as del Nuevo Mundo, vellum 
Madrid, fiuda de Manuel Fernandes, 1755, 4" 
Ten prel. leaves and 383 pp. 

1946 Eumsey (James), of Berkeley, Va. A Short Treatise on the 

Application of Steam, whereby is clearly shewn, from actual 
experiments, that Steam may be applied to propel Boats or 
Vessels of any burthen against rapid currents with great 
velocity. Principles are also introduced with Effect, by a 
Machine of a simple and cheap Construction, for the Pur- 
pose of raising Water sufficient for the working of Grist- 
Mills, Saw-MiUs, etc.; and for watering Meadows and other 
purposes of Agriculture, _;^«e cq^y, M«cw# 

Philadelphia, Joseph James, 1788, 26 pp. 8" 

SEVENTH day's SALE. 219 

1947 Eassell (William) The History of America, from its Dis- 

covery by Columbus to the Conclusion of the late "War ; 
with an Appendix Lond. 1778, 4" 

Vo}. I. iv and 596 pp. ; 28 maps and plates. II. 630 pp. ; ' Birections 
for placing the Maps and Cuts,' 2 pp. ; 23 maps and plates. 

1948 ErTHEEruBD (Samitel) a Survey of the Survey of that 

Summe of Church Discipline penned by Mr. Thomas 
HooKEE, late Pastor of the Church at Hartford upon 
Connecticot in New England; wherein the "Way of the 
Churches of N. England is n6w re-examined, old calf 

Lond. J. G.for Andr. GrooJc, 1658, 4° 
Four prel. leaves and 521 pp. This copy formeily belonged to the Rev. 
James Fitch, of Norwich, Conn., and has his signature and other 

,1949 Sabine (Edward) Eemarks on the Account of the late Voyage 
of Discovery to Baffin's Bay, published by Capt. J. Eoss, 
unbound Lond. 1819, 40 pp. 8° 

1950 Sack (Albert von) A Narrative of a Voyage to Surinam, of 

a Eesidence there during 1805-7, and of the Author's 
Eeturn to Europe by the way of North America, half calf 

Lond. 1810, 4° 
Seven prel. leaves including engraved title, and 282 pp. ; Frontispiece ; 
Sketch at page 1; Plate at page 101. 

1951 Sackville (Lord George) The Trial of, at a Court Martial 

held at the Horse Guards, February 29, 1760, for an En- 
quiry into his Conduct, being charged with Disobedience 
of Orders, while he commanded the British Horse in 
Germany ; together with his Lordship's Defence, {toanting 
pp. 319-20) hf. mor. Lond. [1760], viii and 342 pp. 8° 

1952 SAGAJ!r Landnama vm pyrstu bygging Islands af Nord- 

monnum. Symbolum Eegium. Pietate et lustitia, Tf. mor, 
SkalJiollte, Setidr. Kruse, 1688, 4" 

Five prel. leaves and 182 pp. ; ' Registvr,' etc. 10 leaves. A Chronicle of 
the first Colonisation of Iceland, by the Norwegians (Northmen). 

1953 Sa&aed (Gabeiel) Le Geand Voyages dt Pays des 

HvKOFS, situe en I'Amerique vers la Mer douce, es der- 
niers confins de la nouuelle Prance, dite Canada. Auee 
vn Dictionaire de la langue Huronne, old calf 

Paris, Lenys Morea/v, 1632, 8" 

Twelve prel. leaves and 380 pp. followed by 2 blank leaves ; ' Dictionaire 
de la Langve,' etc. 12 pp. ; and • Les Mots Francois tournez en Huron,' 
66 unpaged leaves ; ' Table des choses,' etc. 14 pp. The Vocabulary, 
the most valuable portion of Sagard's work, and of which it forms 
about a third of the bulk, is here complete; but the Voyage wants 
pages 150 to 173. It was the perusal of this Dictionary which led 
Lord Monboddo to undertake his work on the Origin and Progress of 

220 SETENTH day's SALE. 

1954 Sagittaeitjs's Lettees . and Politicai, Speculations. 

Extracted from the " Public Ledger." Humbly inscribed 
to the very Loyal and truly Pious Doctor Samuel Cooper, 
Pastor of the Congregational Church in Brattle Street, 
calf extra, hy Bedford 

Boston: printed ly order of the Select Men, and sold 
at Donation, Hall, for the Benefit of the distressed 

Patriots, 1775, 8° 
Title and 127 pp. A strong Tory, anti-Puritanical publication, full of hits 
against the Pilgrim Fathers and their descendants, with a great deal of 
personal gossip, and, on "the whole, a book of considerable historic 
intei-est. To the New York, Philadelphia, and Southern antiquarian 
explorers after scraps against the early New Englanders, this little 
volume will prove a mine, and afford salt and spiee enough for many 
4th of July orations and Secession speeches. 

1955 Saint Domingo. Betrachtungen iiber den gegenwartigen 

zustand der franzosischen Colonie zu San Domingo. Aus 
dem Franzosischen ubersetzt, 2 vols, half calf 

Leipzig, 1779, 8" 

Vol. I. Eight pi-el. leaves, and text 310 pp. II. Two prel. leaves, and 
text 332 pp. 

1956 Saint Domingo. History of the Island of, from its first 

Discovery by Columbus to the present period 

Lond. 1818, xiv and 44!6 pp. 8" 

1957 Saint Domingo. Histoire de I'lle de Saint Domingue, depnis 

I'Epoque de sa decouverte par Chriatophe Colomb jusqu'a 
I'Annee 1818, half calf JParis, 1819, 8» 

Half-title, title, ii and text 390 pp. 

1957*Saint John (J. Hector) Letters from an American Parmer, 

half calf Lond. 1782, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves and 318 pp.; with 2 maps. Relates to North America. 

A. writer in the Edinburgh Review (said to be Hazlitt) allows this to be 

one of the few well-written books produced by American authors. 

1958 Salle (De la). An Account of Monsieur De la Salle's last 

Expedition and Discoveries in North America ; also the 
Adventures of the Sieur de Montavban, Captain of the 
Prench Buccaneers on the Coast of Guinea, in the year 
1695, half calf Lend. 1698, 8» 

Title and 211 pp. ; 'A Relation of a Voyage made by the Sieur de Mont- 
auban,' etc. 44 pp. A much rarer work than the ordinary Relation of 
La Salle. 

1959 Sanchez de la Sageada (Matheo) Vocabulario de la Len- 

gua Bisaya, velltim Manila, 1711, folio 

Title, Bedication, etc. 5 leaves. Text, fol. 1-551. Indioe Hispano-Bisava, 

1960 Santos (Dom. de los) Vocabulaeio de la Lengtja Ta- 

GALA, limp vellum Sampalec, 1794, folio 

Title, Dedication, etc. 4 leaves. Text, fol. I to 841. Copia seguuda parte 
de todos los Verbos, etc. fol. 1-77. See also Noceda, No. 1578. 

0000 Sarate (Augustine), See Za/rate {Augmtine). 

SBTESTH day's SALE. 221 

1961 Sarmiento de G-amboa (Pedro) Viage al estrecho de Magal- 
: lanes en los anos de 1579 y 1580 ; y Noticia de la Expe- 

dicion que despues hizo para poblaxle, iaegb papbb, old 
calf Madrid, 1768, 4° 

Ixxxiv and 402 pp. ; 3 plates ; ' Declaration que de 6riea del Virr^i del 
Peru D. Francisco de Boija,' etc. Title and xxxiii pp. This work was 
edited by Don Bernardo Yriarte, from the original MS. in the Royal 
Library at Madrid. 

1961*Scliedse Ara Prests Froda Vm Island, 7if. mor. 

STcalhollte, Sendrick Kruse, 1688, 4° 
Title ; text, 14 pp. ; ' Registnr,' etc. 4 leaves. 

1962 Schmidt (TJleich') Warhafftige Beschriebunge aUer vnd 

mancherley sorgfeltigen SohifFarten, auch viler vnbekanten 
erfundnen Landtschefften, Insulen, Konigreichen, Tnd 
Stedten, hlue mor. extra T'rankf. am Mayn, 1567, folio 

Six prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank ; ' Den Ehrnesten, Fiirsichtigen, 
Ersamen vnd weisen Herrn,' etc. 8 pp.; 1 blank leaf; text, 110 folioed 
leaves. ' Warhafftige vnd liebliche Beschreibung;,' etc. 59 folioed leaves ; 
and colophon leaf, the reverse blank. It "was probably from this edition 
that Hulsius translated the following article. 

1963 ScHMiDEL (HuiDEEictrs) Vera Mstoria, admirandte cvivs- 

dam nauigationis, ab Anno 1534, usque ad annum 1554, in 
Americam vel nouum Mundum, iuxta Brasiliam et Eio 
della Plata, confecit Norih. impen. Letini Htjlsii, 1599,4° 
Title, the reverse blank, and 101 pp. ; portrait of the author; copperplate 
etchings at pp. 6, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 21, 25, 26, 32, 37, 40, 63, 69, 
79, 97. The fourth part of the HuLSins series of Voyages. Only the 
fourth and fifth parts were printed in Latin by Hulsius. 

1964 Schoepf (lo. Davidis) Materia Medica Americana potissimvm 

Eegni Vegetabilis, old calf 

Mrlangae, lo. lac. Palmii, 1787, xviii and 170 pp. 8" 

1965 Schomburgk (Eobert H.) A Description of British Gruiana, 

Greographical and Statistical, cloth Lond. 1840, 8° 

Two prel. leaves, and text 155 pp.; map. 

1966 Sehoner (Joannes) Opvsevlvm Geograpbicvm ex Diversorvm 

Libris ac cartis summa cura et diligentia coUectum, aceomo- 
datum ad recenter elaboratum ab eodem globum descrip- 
tionis terrenae, hf. mor. [Basel, 1533], 4" 

Twenty-one unpaged leaves including title ; on the reverse a woodcut of 
the Globe. Chapters SX. XSI. refer to the ' Regiones extra Ptole- 
mseum," (America, the Indies, the "West India Islands, etc.) See 
also a curious notice of Brasil upon the last page. 

1967 ScHorTEN (Gtjlielmus Coenelius) lovmal, ov Eelation 

exacte dv voyage dans les Indes, par vn nouueau destroit, 
et par les grandes Mers Australes qu'il a descouuert, vers la 
Pole Antartique, calf, hy Bedford Far. M. Golert, 1618, 8° 
Seven prel. leaves and 232 pp. Maps and plates at pp, 9, 57, 73, 103, 
113, 137, 153 and 169. The interesting Relation of "Van Schouten was 
published in several languages in the years 1618-19. It is believed 
that the above, in French, is more complete in respect of the maps 
than the others. 

222 SEVENTH day's SALE. 

1968 ScHorTEN (G-tjlielmus Cornelius) lovrnal 6v Eelation 

exacte dv voyage dans les Indes, Paris, M. Gobert, 1619, 8° 

Seven prel. leaves and 232 pp. Without the maps and plates, 

1969 — Le meme, autre Ed. (wants all after p. 80, heing the 

journal for the 17th Aug?) Ainst. Ian Icmsson, 1619, 4" 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title, with copperplate engraving of ships in full 
sail, the reverse blank ; ' Preface. Au lecteur debonnaire,' 5 pp. ; ' Sur 
I'amirable navigation de Gvillavme Schovten, Natif de Hoorn,' 1 page; 
copperplate engraving of the Globe, with 6 portraits and 2 ships ; text, 
80 pp. (incomplete) i with copperplate engravings at pp. 14, 24, 41, 45, 
49, 51. 

1970 ScHOTJTEN (G-rLiELMUs CoENBLirs) Diarivm vel Descriptio 

laboriosissimi, et molestissiini itineris. Cum a parte 
Australi freti Magellanici, novum ductum, aut fretum, in 
Magnum Mare Australe detexit, totum q'Orbem terrarum 
circumnavigavit, fine copy 

Amst. Fetrum Keerium, anno 1619, 4'' 
Four prel. leaves and 71 pp.; 6 maps and plates. 

1971 Seabury (Samuel). The Nature and Extent of the Apos- 

tolical Commission. A Sermon, preached at the Conse- 
cration of the Eight Rev. Dr. Sam. Seabury, Bishop of the 
Episcopal Church in Connecticut, unbound 

Land. 1785, 32 pp. i" 
0000 Seabury (Samuel). See Free Thoughts. 

1972 Seasonable Advice to the Members of the British Parlia- 

ment, concerning Conciliatory Measures with America, hf. 
mar. Land. 1775, viii and 38 pp. 8° 

1973 Seeker (Thomas) A Letter to the Eight Hon. Horatio Wal- 

pole, concerning Bishops in America, unbouMd 

Land. 1769, 2 prel. leaves and 28 pp. 8" 

1974 Selkirk (Earl of). A Sketch of the British Eur Trade in 

North America, 2nd Ed. hf. of. Lond. 1816, 8" 

Three prel. leaves and 130 pp. 

1975 Seller (John) America, calf extra by R Bedford, very fine 

copy 24" 

A small atlas consisting of 28 copper-plate engravings. 

1976 Sentiments (The) of a Eoreigner, on the Disputes of Great 

Britain with America, translated from the IVench, hf. mor. 
Philadelphia, James Smnphreys, 1775, 27 pp. 8° 

1977 Sepp (Antonii) Societat Jesu. Neuvermehrte Eeiss Beschrei- 

bung, wie selbe auss Hispanien in Paraquariam kommen, 
Br J and best Edition, old of. 

Passau, Q. A. Soller, 1698, 336 pp. 12° 

1978 Sergeant (John) of Stochbridge. The Causes and Danger of 

Delusions in the Affairs of Eeligion Consider'd and 
Caution'd against, with particular Eeference to the Tem- 
per of the present Times. In a Sermon Preach'd at 
Springfield, April 4, 1743, hf. mor. 

Boston, S. Eliot, 1743, 36 pp. 8" 

SETENTH day's SALE. 223 

1979 Sergeant (John) A Letter from, to Dr. Colman, of Boston ; 

containing Mr. Sergeant's Proposal of a more effectual 
method for the Education of Indian Children, to raise them 
if possible into a civil and industrious people, by intro- 
ducing the English Language among them, and thereby 
instilling into their Minds and Hearts, with a more lasting 
Impression, the Principles of Virtue and Piety, If. mor. 
Boston, Rogers and Mwle, for D. Henchman, 1743, 16 pp. 8" 

1980 Sewall (Joseph) The Holy Spirit OonTincing the World 

of Sin, of Eighteousness, and of Judgment, considered in 
Pour Sermons 

Boston, J. Draper, for B. Henchman, 1741, 12'' 
Title, vi and 134 pp. 

1981 Sjewalii (Samuei;) PHiEiroMEirA qu^dam Apocaltptica 

AD AspECTUM Note Oebis conetgtjeata ; or, some few 
Lines towards a description of the New Heaven, as it 
makes to those who stand upon the ITew Earth, veet pine 
COPT in morocco, hy Bedford 

Massachvset: Boston, Printed ly Bartholomew Green and 
John Allen, and are to he sold ly Bichard Wilkins, 1697, 4" 

four prel. leaves, viz. title, the reverse blank, ' To the Honorable, Sir 
William Ashvrst Knight, Governour ; and the Company for the Pro- 
pagation of the Gospel to the Indians in New Eng-land, and places adja- 
cent, in America.' 2 pp. 'To the Honourable William Stoughton, Esq. 
Lieut.-Gov.' 3 pp. • Psalm 139. 7—10.' 1 page. Text 60 pp. 

Whoever gets beyond the tough title of this book will find it a mine of 
history of New England. It is not only unknown to bibliographers, 
but it is never found quoted by historians. The author's ingenious 
reply to those who ciy out about the degeneracy and short lives of 
New Englanders, is to wait until the first person bom in New England 
is dead. 

1982 Sewel (William) The History of the Rise, Increase, and 

Progress of the Christian People called Quakers, 3rd Ed. 
corrected, calf extra, wanting two leaves of the Index 

Philadelphia, Sam. Keimer, 1728j folio 
Six prel. leaves and 694 pp. ' Index' 16 pp. 

1983 — The same, 3rd Ed. corrected, old calf 

Burlington, New Jersey, Isaac Collins, 1774, folio 
xii and 8 1 2 pp. ' Index' 16 pp. 

1984 Seybert (Adam) Statistical Annals of the United States of 

America, founded on Official Documents, hoards 
Philadelphia, T. Bohson ^ Son, 1818, xxviii and 803 pp. 4" 

1985 Setfeied ( Joh. Heineich) Poliologia ; das ist : Accurate 

Beschreibung aUer vornehmsten in der ganzen Welt be- 
findlichen Stadten, Schlossern und Vestungen, 2 vols, hlue 
'morocco extra, hy- Hay day 

Niiirnherg, Joh. Leon. Buggel, 1695, 8° 
Vol. I. 14 prel. leaves with folding map of the world. Text, 480 pp. and 
1 blank leaf. Vol. II. 13 prel. leaves and 1 blank leaf. Text, pp. 


224 SETENTH day's SALE. 

1986 Sharp. The Voyages and Adventures of Capt. Earth. Sharp, 

and others, in the South Sea, being a Journal of the same ; 
also Capt. Van Horn with his Bp.ccaiiieres surprizing of la 
Vera Cruz ; to which is added the True Eelation of Sir 
Henry Morgan his Expedition against the Spaniards in the 
West Indies, and his taking Panama, etc. calf 

Land. 1684, 8° 
Twelve prel. leaves and 172 pp. Not mentioned by Rich, 

1987 Sharp (Grranville) Extract from a Representation of the In- 

justice and Dangerous Tendency of tolerating Slavery, hf. 
morocco 1769, 8° 

Title, and pp. 147—193. Index, 6 pp. An American reprint of the 
London edition. 

1988 Sharp (Grranville) A Greneral Plan for laying out Towns and 

Townships on the New Acquired Lands in the East Indies, 
America, or elsewhere, 2nd Ed. 1804, 8° 

Twenty-four pages. With plan. 

1989 Sharp (John) A Sermon Preached in New York, Aug. 13, 

1706, at the Funeral of Katherine Lady Cornbury, Wife 
to Lord Cornbury, Governor of New York, New Jersey, 
etc. wnhownd Lond. J. Morphew, 1708, 8" 

Sixteen pages. It is said that the General Assembly of New York in 
reply to Lord Cornbury's request of a grant for a public funeral for 
Lady Cornbury, declined, but at the same time assured his Excellency 
that they would at any time readily respond to a similar request for 

1990 — The same, another Ed., hf. mor. 

Land. Printed hy H. Sills, [1708], 16 pp. 8" 

1991 Shebbeare (J.) An Answer to the Queries, contained in a 

Letter to Dr. Shebbeare, Printed in the Public Ledger, 
Aug. 10, etc. hf. mor. Land, title, and text 179 pp. 8» 

1992 Shebbeare (J.) An Essay on the Origin, Progress and Es- 

tablishment of National Society, hf. mor. Land. VITQ, 8° 
Title and 212 pp. Dr. Shebbeare's Essay was severely censured by the 
Mon. Review; it is alleged by the reviewer that beside the objectionable 
character of his tenets, and his reasoning on them, that his " language 
is frequently intemperate, foul, and opprobrious ; and humour, often 
coarse, low, and indelicate." 

1993 — The same, 2nd Ed. Land. 1776, title and 212 pp. S" 

1994 Sheffield (John Lord) Observations on the Commerce of the 

American States, new Ed. much enlarged Land. 1784, 8" 
Eight prel. leaves and 288 pp. Tables numbered I. to XI. ' The Ton- 
age' etc. 1 page. First published anonymously in 1783. 

1995 Sheffield (John Lord) Observations on the Commerce of 

the American States, 6th Ed. enlarged, with Index' 

Land. 1784, 8» 
Two prel. leaves. ' Introduction' xlvii pp. ' Errata' 1 page. Text 345 
pp. Tables numbered I. to XVI. ' The Tonage' 1 page. 'Contents' 
4 pp. 'Index' 17 pp. ' Errata' 1 page. 

SEVENTH day's SALE. 225 

1996 Shelvocke (George) A Voyage round the World by the Way 

of the Great South Sea, perform'd in the Tears 1719-22, 
0^^ »«'¥ LonA. 1726, 8» 

Four prel. leaves, < Preface' xxxii pp. • Contenta' 4 pp. Jext 468 pp. 
Copperplate map, and plates at pp. 106, 263, and 404 (2). This is a 
relation of the same voyage as that recorded by Betagh. The authors 
each reflect upon the character of the other. Burney says they are 
" both -written with spirit;" he might have said acrimony. Betagh 
accuses Shelvocke of piracy and embezzlement. 

1997 Shepard (Thomas) ofMmanuel Coll. Oambridge, afterwards 

of Cambridge, N.B. The Sincere Convert discovering the 
Paucity of true Believers, and the great Difficultie of 
Saving Conversion, old mar. Lond. 1643, 8" 

Nine prel. leaves and 266 pp. 

1998 — The same, another Ed. corrected and much amended by 

the Author, calf Lond. 1655, 8° 

' Eight prel. leaves and 247 ppi 

1999 — The same, another Ed. Lond. 1664, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves and 216 pp. 

2000 — The same, another Ed. Lond. 1667, 8" 

Eight prel. leaves and 237 pp. 

2001 — The same, another Ed. calf Lond. 1672, 8° 

Eight prel. leaves and 223 pp. 

2002 Shepard (Thomas) The Sound Beleever ; or, a Treatise of 

Evangelicall Conversion, old morocco Lond. 1645, 8° 

Three prel. leaves and 352 pp. 

2003 — The same, another Ed. calf Land.. 1653, 8<> 

Title, 3 pre], pp. and text 317 pp. Table 3 pp. 

2004 — The same, another Ed. Alerdeen, 1730, 120 

Three hundred and twenty-five pages. Table 3 pp. 

2005 Shepard (Thomas) Theses SabbaticsB; or, the Doctrine of 

the Sabbath Lond. 1649, 40 

Four parts. Part I. 10 prel. leaves and 152 pp. Part II. 32 pp. Part 
III. and IV. 50 pp. 

2006 — The same, another Ed. old calf Lond. 1655, 8» 
Fourteen prel. leaves and 320 pp. followed by 3 prel, leaves and 32 pp. 

with two prel. leaves, I and 17 pp. 

2007 Shepard (Thomas) Certain select Cases Eesolved, Specially 

tending to the right ordering of the heart, that we may 
comfortably walk with God in our general and particular 
Callings Lond. 1650, 8" 

Four prel. leaves and 87 pp. 

2008 Shepard (Thomas) Subjection to Christ in all His Ordinances 

and Appointments, the best means to preserve our Liberty, 
together with a Treatise of Ineffectual Hearing the Word 

Lond. 1652, S" 
Eight prel. leaves and 195 pp. Table 11 pp. 

2009 — The same, anothet Ed. calf Lond. 1654, sm. 8° 

Six prel. leaves and 195 pp. ' Table," 11 pp. 

226 SETENTH day's SALE. 

2010 Shepard (Thomas) The Parable of the Ten Ylrgins opened 

and applied, old calf Land. 1660, folio 

aVo Parts. Part I. 4 prel. leaves and 240 pp. Part II. 203 pp. Table, 
5 pp. 

2011 — The same, another Ed. reprinted and carefullj corrected, 

old calf IZond.'l 1695, folio 

Two Parts. Part I-. 4 prel. leaves and 232 pp. Part II. 190 pp. Table, 

2012 [Sherman (Boger)] A Sermon, of a new kind, never preached, 

nqv ever -wiU be, containing a Collection of Doctrines be- 
longing to the Hopkintonian Scheme of Orthodoxy ; or, 
the Marrow of the most Modern Divinity, and an Ad- 
dress to the Unregenerate, agreeable to the Doctrines, Jtalf 
mor. New-Haven, I. and S. Green, 28 pp. 12" 

2013 Shipley (Jonathan) £p. of St. Asaph, A Sermon preached be- 

fore the Incorporated Society for the Propagation bf the 
■ Grospel in Foreign Parts, Feb. 19, 1773, half mar. 

Jjondon, printed : Boston, N.H. repr. Tho. and 
_ Joha Meet, 177^, 17 pp. 8» 

2014 Shirley. A Letter from William Shirley, Esq., Governor 

of Massachusett's Bay, to the Duke of Newcastle, with a 
Journal of the Siege of Louisbourg, and other Operations 
of the Torces, during the Expedition against the Erench 
Settlements on Cape Breton, published by authority, half 
mor. Lond. 1746, 32 pp. 8" 

2015 -^ The same, another Ed. 

Boston, repr. Rogers and Fowle, 1746, 16 pp. 8° 

2016 Shirley. The Conduct of Major-G-en. Shirley, late General 

and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Eorces in North 
America, briefly stated, half mor. Lond. 175^, 8" 

viii and 1.31 pp. Said to have been written by Shirley himself. 

2017 Short Address to the Government, the Merchants, Manu- 

facturers, and the Colonists in America,, and the Sugar 
Islands, on the present State of Aflairs, half mor. 

Lond. 1775, 8® 
Title and 40 pp. Written against the Colonists. 

2018 Short (A) History of the Opposition during the Last Session 

of Parliament,, 3rd Ed. Lond. 1779, 8" 

Fifty-eight pp. "Bather apictwe than a history, and that picture a carU 

2019 — The same, 3rd Ed. half mor. Lond.l77Q, vi and 58 pp. 8» 

2020 Shower (John) PraiCtical Eeflections on the Earthquakes 

that have happened in Europe and America, but chiefly in 
the Islands of Jamaica, England, Sicily, Malta, etc. 2nd 
Ed. half mor. Lond. 1750, title, viii and 98 pp. 8° 

2020*Siborne (Capt. W.) History of the "Waterloo Campaign 

1848, 8" 
Title and prel. leaves, 42 pp. Text, pp. 1-510, Suppyment, pp. 511-520. 
Appendix, pp. 521-584. 

■ # 

SEVENTH bat's SALTS. 227 

2021 SigMd (Isaac) Theological Theses, containing the chief 

Heads of the Ghristian Doctrine, deduced from Axioms, 
to which is added a Discourse by Grerrit Lydekker, A.B. 
New-Yorh, Samuel Brown, 1766, 8» 

Six prel. leaves and 55 pp. ' A Discourse,' etc. Title and 113 pp. 'Ad- 
vertisement,' 4 pp. 

2022 Sillery (Madame) A Selection from the Annals of Virtue, 

containing the most Important and Interesting Anecdotes 
from the Histories of Spain, Portugal, China, Japan, and 
America, translated by Elizabeth Mary James 

Bath, 1794, 8" 
Four prel. leaves and text 255 pp. ' Subscribers,' and ' Errata,' 8 pp. 

2023 SiMOir (Pedeo^ Primera Parte de las Noticias historiales 

de las Conqmstas de tierra firme en las Indias Occiden- 
tales, vellum, 2 of the 7 prel. leaves wanting 

Cuenca, Domingo de la Iglesia, 1627, folio 
Seven prel. leaves, including engraved title, text 671 pp; Table, llleaves; 
Table de Vocables, 9 leaves. An important relation prepared under the 
direction of the Council of the Indies. 

2024 Simonde de Sismondi (J. C. L.) De I'lnter^t de la Prance a 

regard de la Traite des Negres Oenive, 1814, 59 pp. 8" 

2025 Sivers (Henrich) Bericht von Grohnland, G-ezogen aus zwo 

Chroniken: Einer alten Ihslandischen, und einer neuen 
Danisehen, halfrmsia Hamb. 1674, 4» 

Three prel. leaves and 70 pp. with 3 eeq. pp. Map of Greenland, en- 
graved by J. Wichman. 

2026 Slade (William) Vermont State Papers ; being a Collection 

of Eeoords and Documents connected with the Assumption 
and Establishment of G-overnment by the People of Ver- 
mont ; together with the Journal of the Council of Safety, 
the Eirst Constitution, the Early Journals of the G-eneral 
Assembly, and the Laws from 1779 to 1786, calf extra, hy 
Bedford Middlebury: J. W. Copelamd, 1823, 8» 

XX and pp. 9 — 568. 

2027 Slavery. Eepresentation of the Board of Trade relating to 

the Laws made, Manufactures set up, and Trade carried 
on, in His Majesty's Plantations in America, half mar. 

Whitehall, January 23, 1733-4, folio 

Twenty pp. From this precious document of the Board of Trade we learn 
that several of the Colonies bad, for some time previous, levied duties 
upon the importation of Negroes from Africa, (with a view probably of 
ridding themselves of so odious a traffic). " We are of opinion," says 
the Board, " that it would be more for the interest of the English Mer- 
chants that Duties upon Negroes should for the future be paid by the 
Purchaser than by the Importer ; and His Majesty has, upon our Repre- 
sentation, been pleased to send an Instruction to that Effect to all the 
Governours in America." 


2028 Slavery. An Essay concerning Slavery, and the Danger 

Jamaica is expos'd to from the too great If umber of Slaves, 
and the too little Care that is taken to manage them, half 
mor. Land. [1745 ?] 8» 

Title and Introduction, 6 leaves; Text, 67 ppi 

2029 — Observations on the inslaving, importing and pur- 

chasing of Negroes ; with some Advice thereon,, extracted 
from the Epistle af the Yearly-Meeting of the People 
called Quakers, 2nd Ed> 

Qermcmtown, Christ. Sower, 1760,, 16 pp. 8" 

2030 — A Short Account of that Part of Africa Inhabited by the 

Negroes, 3rd Ed. 

Philadelphia, printed; Lond. vepr. 1768,. 80 pp. 8" 

2031 — An Address to the Inhabitants of the British Settlements 

in America upon Slave-Keeping, 2nd Ed. halfmov. 

Philadelphia, V11Z, 54 pp. 8" 

2032 — Thoughts on Civilization, and the gradual Abolition of 

Slavery in Africa and the West Indies, half mor. 

For J. Sewell [London, 1790 ?] 12 pp. 8" 

2033 — Observations on the Present "War, the Projected Inva- 

sion, and a Decree of the National Convention for the 
Emancipation of the Slaves in the Erench Colonies, [by the 
Eev. John Hampson], half mor. Simderland,. [1793] 8" 
Half-title, title, and pp. 3 — 61. 

0000 Slavery. See Summersetf, No. 2122. 

2034 SmaUey (John) Pastor, of Mirmington, The Consistency of 
-, the Sinner's Inability to comply •with, the Gospel ; with his 

inexcusable G-mlt in not complying with it, illustrated and 
confirmed, in two Discourses 

Sart/ord : Green, and Watson, 1769, 71 pp. 8°' 

2035 Smith (Aaron) The Atrocities of the Pirates ; being a faith- 

ful Narrative of the unparalleled Sufferings endured by the 

Author during his Captivity among the Pirates of the Island 

of Cuba Lond. 1824, 12»' 

xi pp. and text 214 pp. Aaron Smith was himself afterwai-ds tried at the 

Old Bailey as a pirate, but acq^uitted. 

2036 Smith (Capt, John) A Map of Vie&ikia, with a De- 


G-OTEBirMENT, AND BiELiGioiT, fne copy in red morocco, hy- 
E. Bedfoed Printed ly Joseph Barnes, Oxford, 1612, 4* 

Four prel. leaves, and text 39 pp. ; second title, Oxrford, 1612, and 'To 
the Reader,' 2 leaves ; text,110pp.; the original Map of Virginia, with 
the tall, standing Indian Chief in the corner, first engraved for this 
work in 1612, but afterwui-ds much changed, and used in the several 
issues of Smith's Virginia and in Furchas' Pilgrims, Vol. 4. This early 
map is scarcely known to bibliographers, the subsequent issues of it 
being almost always inserted in this edition. 


2037 Smith (Ca/jt John) The Geneeall Histoeie op Vir- 

ginia, New England, and the Summer Isles; with 
THE Names of the Adyentdeees, Plantees, and Go- 


THIS PEE SENT 1624, fine large clean copy in inorocco, ly 
F. Bedeoed, with a brilliant impression of the first issue of 
the frontispiece 

London, printed ly I. D. and I. IT. for Michael Sparges, 

1624, folio 
Engraved title; 'Dedication to the Dutohesse of Richmond,' 2 pp.; 'A 
Preface,' 1 p. ; 'A Gentleman desirous,' etc. 1 p.; ' Samuel Purehas,' 
etc. [Sonnet], 4 pp.; ' The Contents,' 4 pp.; text, pp. 1 to 96 and 105 
to 248, there being a hiatus of sheet 0, or pp. 97 to 104, in all copies. 
Four Maps, viz. Old Virginia, at p. 20; Virginia, at p. 41; Summer 
Islands, at p. 169 ; and New England, at p. 203. 

2038 Smith (Capt. John) The Geneeall Histoeie oe Vie- 

GiNiA, New England, and the Summee Isles, etc. 
Another copy, complete with all the 4 maps, morocco, hy 
'E. Bedeoed. I'irst edition 

This copy belonged to Thomas Penn, and has his autograph on the first 
leaf after the title. It is the Identical copy produced in the famous 
trial in 1745, between the heirs of William Penn and Lord Baltimore, 
respecting the boundaries of their respective Provinces, and bears on 
the fly-leaf a MS. certificate to that effect, signed by all the six judges, 
— a most important historical document. 

2039 Smith (Captain John) The Tehe Teavels, ADvENirEES, 

AND Obseetations oe, in Europe, Asia, Affrica, and 
America, from Anno Domini 1593 to 1629 

Lond, hy J. H.for Thomas Slater, 1630, folio 

Six prel. leaves and 60 pp. with the lai-ge copperplate engraving in six 

2040 — The same, another Ed. ffom the London Edition of 1629, 

2 vols, calf Richmond: republished at the Franhlin Press. 
William W. Gray, Printer, 1819, 8° 

Vol. I. 7 prel. leaves and 247 pp. Portrait of Smith, plates at pp. 14, 
113, map at 149. II. Frontispiece; xi and 282 pp. 

2041 Smith (Capitain John) Eeisen, Entdeckungen und TJnter- 

nehmungen, half calf 

Berlin, 1782, 232 pp. and 1 leaf of Errata, 8o 

2042 Smith (John). An Authentic Copy of the Minutes of Evi- 

dence on the Trial of John Smith, a Missionary, in Deme- 
rara, held at the Colony House, in George Town, Demerara, 
Oct. 13, 1823, and 27 following days, on a Charge of excit- 
ing the Negroes to Eeliiellioa Lond. 1824, 179 pp. 8° 

2043 Smith (Joshua Hett) An Authentic Narrative of the causes 

which led to the death of Major Andre, half calf 

Lond. 1808, 8" 
vii and 358 pp. Portrait, map, and plate. 

230 SEVENTH day's SALE. 

2044 Smith (Joshua Toultnin) The Discoyery of America by the 

Northmen in the Tenth Century Lond. 1839, 8" 

xii and 344 pp. 2 maps and 2 plates. 

2045 Smith (Samuel) The Histoet oe the Coiont op Nova- 

C-aisAEiA, OB. New jEESEY,^Be cofy, old calf 

Burlington, in New Jersey : James Fa/rker, V1Q6, 8° 

X and 574 pp. The author was a native of the Colony the History of which 

he writes, and his work is much esteemed. Rich (in Ims Bib. Am. 1846) 

describes it as having become " very scarce and difficult to be met 


2046 Smith ("William) A New Toyage to Guinea, tree calf 

Lond. 1744, 8" 
iv and 27€ pp. Index, 8 pp. Frontisp. andplatea at pp. 8, 147, 148, 151. 

2047 Smith (Eev. William) A Natural History of Nevis, and the 

rest of the English Leeward Charibee Islands in America, 
old calf Cami. 1745, 8» 

Three prel. leaves ^with errata) and 318 pp. ' Index,' 9 pp. 

2048 Smith (William) A Sermon on the Present Situation of 

American Affairs , Philadelphia printed: Lond. repr. 177-5, 8° 
Two prel. leaves, iv and 32 pp. 

2049 Smith (William) The History of the Province of New- York, 

from the first discovery, calf extra, by Bedford 

Lond. 1776, viii and 334 pp. 8» 

2050 — Histoire de la Nouvelle-Tork, depuis la Decouverte de 

cette Province jusqu'a notre Si^cle, par William Smith, 
traduite par M. E. Lond. 1 767, 8" 

xvi and 415 pp. The translation, from the English, was by M. Eidons. 

2051 Smyth (J. E. D.) A Tour in the United States of America, 

containing an Account of the Present Situation of that 
Country, 2 vols, calf Lond. 1784, 8" 

Vol. I. 12 prel. leaves, and 400 pp. II. 6 prel. leaves and 456 pp. The 
author, who was a zealous loyalist, lost his property during^ the war ; 
and his work is said to be written to gain favour with the Government, 
by abusing the Americans and magnifying his own losses. 

2052 Snowden (Richard) Th^s American Eevolution : written in 

Scriptural, or Ancient Historical Style, Baltimore: W. 
Fechin, 360 pp. — The Columbiad ; or a Poem on the 
American War, in Thirteen Cantos, by Richard Snowden, 
Baltimore : W. Bechin, ATo. 10, Second Street, 44 pp. In 
1 vol. sm. 8'> 

2053 SoLis T EiBADENETEA (AwTONio de) Historia de la Con- 

qvista de Mexico, Poblacion, y Progresses de la America 
Septentrional, conocida por el nombre de Nveva Espaiia, 
IiAEGE PAPEE, old calf 

Madrid, Bern, de Villa-Diego, 1684, folio 
First Edition. 17 prel. leaves including the engraved title containing the 
portrait of the Author; text, 548 pp.; ' Intlice,' 15 pp. The work of 
De Soils is one of the Classics of Spanish Literature. 

2053* — The same, on ordinary paper ih. 1684 

SETENTH day's SALE. 231 

2054 Solis y Eibadeneyra (Antonio de) Historia de la Conqvista 

de Mexico, another Ed. old calf 

Barcelona, losepJh Llopis, 1691, folio 
Ten prel. leaves, and text 548 pp.; ' Indice,' 15 pp. 

2055 — The same, another Ed. 

Madrid, Antonio Gonqalez de Seyes, 1704, folio 
Twelve prel. leaves, and text 352 pp.; ' Indice,' 15 pp. 

2056 — The same, another Ed. vellum 

Madrid, Juan de San Martin, 1763, 4" 
Twelve prel. leaves and 476 pp. 

2057 — The same, another Ed. vellum 

Madrid, Don Antonio Mayoral, 1768, 4° 
Twelve prel. leaves and 549 pp. 

2058 — The same, another Ed. 2 vols. 

jBarcelona, Thomas Fiferrer, 1771, 8° 
Vol. I. 12 prel. leaves and 479 pp. ; map and plates at pp. 1 , 48, .390, 393, 
397, 464. II. 6 prel. leaves and 488 pp. ; plates at pp. 199, 264. 

2059 — The same, another Ed. 

Madrid, D. Antonio Fernandez, 1790, 4° 
Ten prel. leaves and 549 pp. 

2060 — The same, another Ed. 3 vols. 

Madrid, Placido JBarco Lopes, 1791, sm. 8° 

Vol. I. 16 prel. leaves and 357 pp. ; Indice, 9 pp. II. 2 prel. leaves and 
500 pp. III. 2 prel. leaves and 364 pp. 

2061 Solis J Eibadeneyra (Antonio de) Histoire de la Conquete 

du Mexique, ou de la Nouvelle Espagne, par Fernand 
Cortez, 2 vols. Jlne copy 

La Saye, Adrian Moetjens, 1692, 12° 

Vol.1. 18prel. leaves and 412pp.; 'Table,' 15pp.; 11 plates. II. 6 prel. 
leaves and 378 pp.; 'Table,' 15 pp. ; 3 plates. 

2062 — Le meme, autre Ed. 2 vols, old calf 

Paris, par la Gompagnie des Lihraires, 1704, sm. 8° 

Vol.1. 18 prel. leaves and 412 pp. ; 'Table,' 20 pp.; copperplate map, 
and platesatpn.l, 35, 44,184,341, 345, 346,348,365,408. II. Bprel. 
leaves and 380' (379) pp.; ' Table,' 1 5 pp. ; plates at pp. 177, 243, 336, 

2063 — Le meme, 4me Ed. 2 vols, old calf Paris, 1714, sm. 8" 
Vol. I. 17 prel. leaves, and text 537 pp. ; Table, 19 pp. ; map and plates 

at pp. 1, 43, 243, 412, 435, 447, 452, 454, 476, 534. II. 7 prel. leaves, 
and text 494 pp.; Table, 15 pp. ; ' Privilege du Roy,' 3 pp.; b plates. 

2064 — Le meme, 5me Ed. 2 vols. Paris, 1730, sm. 8" 
Vol. I. 16 prel. leaves and 606 pp. ; Table, and Privilege, 26 pp. ; map 

and plates at pp. 1, 49, 62, 274, 466, 504, 505, 511, 514, 528. II. 
6 prel. leaves and 560 pp. ; Table, 22 pp.; Plates at pp. 261, 494, 549. 

2065 — Le meme, 6me Ed. 2 vols, old calf Paris, 1759, sm. 8° 

Vol. 1. xxxi and 606 pp. ; Table and Privilege, 26 pp. ; map and plates 
at pp. 1, 49, 274, 504, 505,511,514,529. II. 6 prel. leaves and 
560 pp; Table, 22 pp.; plates at pp. 261, 494, 549. 


232 SETENTH bay's SAIE. 

2066 Solis y Eibadeneyra (Antonio de) The History of the 

Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards, done into English by 
Thomas Townsend, Esq. .old calf Lond. 1724, folio 

Portrait of Cortes. Nine prel. leaves; Text, Books 1 and 2, 163pp.; 
plate and map at pp. 1 and 31. Books 3 and 4, 252 pp, ; plates at 
pp. 50, 69, 70, 72. Book 5, 152 pp.; plates at pp. 124 and 146. 

2067 — The same, another Ed. 2 vols, old calf Duhl. 1727, 12° 

Vol. I. 18 prel. leaves and pp. 25-455 ; plates at pp. 383, 396, 417, 422. 
II. Title and pp. 457-970 ; with map. 

2068 — The same. The whole Translation revised and corrected 

by Nathanael Hooke, 2 vols, old calf 

Lond. T. Woodward and H. lAntot, 1738, 8" 

Vol. I. 3 prel. leaves, x and 479 pp.; Portrait of Cortes; Plates at pp. 1, 
52, 359, 393, 394, 398. II. xii and 475 pp. ; plates at pp. 430, 465. 

2069 — The same, another Ed. 2 vols. 

Lond. 'Join Oshorn,' 1738 
Tlie same as the preceding, except the title. 

2070 — The same, 3rd Ed. 2 vols, loards, uncut 

Lond. H. Lintot; J. Whiston and B. White, 1753, 8" 

Vol. I. xvi and 384 pp. ; Portrait of Cortes and plates at pp. 1, 17, 290, 
318, 321. II. X and .386 pp. ; plates at pp. 317 and 377. 

2071 Solorzano Pereira (Juan de) Politica Indiana. Saeada en 

Lengva Castellana de los dos tomes del derecho, i govierno 
mvnicipal de las Indias Occidentales, vellum, fine copy 

Madrid, Diego Diaz de la Carrera, AJao 1648, folio 

Twenty-four prel. leaves, viz. engraved and printed titles, 2 leaves: 
^Censvra del Sefior,' ' Lioencias,' etc. 2 leaves; ' Al Kei N™ Sor Don 
Pelipe IV.' etc. 7 leaves : 'Al Excelentissimo Sefior Don Garcia de Haro 
i AveUaneda,' etc. 3 leaves ; copperplate engraved portrait, 1 leaf ; ' Al 
Betrato del Autor deste libro,' etc. 1 leaf; ' Al Lector,' 3 leaves ; ' Tn- 
di'oe de los Libros,' etc. 5 leaves ; text, 1040 pp. ; ' Jndice mvy Copioso,' 
■etcV"52 leaves. This first edition in Spanish of De Jure Indiarum, 
published in 1629, contains much more than does the Latin work. 

2072 Solorzano Pereira (Juan de) De Indiarum Ivre; sive de 

jvsta Indiarum Occidentalium Inquisitjione, Acquisitione, 
et Eetentione, Edit. Nov. Vol. I. Lugduni, 1672, folio 

Vol. I. 12 prel. leaves and 438 pp.; Indexes, 44 leaves, followed by 64 pp. 
of text and 8 leaves of index. [II, 6 prel. leaves and 858 pp.; Index, 
71 leaves.] 

2073 SoMEE Islands. A True Eelation of the Illegal Proceed- 

ings of the Somer Islands Company in their Courts at 
London ; and the like done by their Governour, Sir John 
Heydon, Knight, and his Council, in the Somer Islands, 
calf extra, ly Bedford Lond. 1678, 4" 

Title, the reverse blank ; ' Contents' on A 2, 1 page, the reverse blank ; 
text, pp, 1 to 12 ; Contents, 1 page, the recto blank ; continuation of 
text (A 2), pp. 13 to 26. Not mentioned either by Lowndes or Rich. 

SETENTH day's. SALE. 233 

2074 Soto. A Eektion of the Invasion and Conquest of Florida 

by the Spaniards under the command of Fernando de Soto, 
written in Portuguese by a Grentleman of the Town of 
Elvas, now Englished; to which is subjoyned two Jour- 
neys of the present Emperour of China into Tartary in the 
years 1682 and 1683, with some Discoveries made by the 
Spaniards in the Island of California in the year 1683, calf 
Lond. 1686, 7 prel. leaves and 272 pp. 8° 

2075 Sotweed Eedivivus; or the Planter's Looking-Glass, in 

Burlesque Verse, calculated for the Meridian of Maryland, 
by E. C. Gent, fine copy, rough leaves, lif. mor. 

Annapolis ; William Farhs,for the Author, 1730, 4" 

viii and text 28 pp. Alike curious as an early specimen of printing in 
Maryland, and as an example of American poetry. 

2076 Soules (Francois) Histoire des Troubles de I'Amerique 

Anglaise, 3 vols. Paris, 1787, 8" 

Vol. I. 4 pre], leaves and 379 pp, II. Half-title, title, and 365: pp. III. 
Half-title, title, and 420 pp. 

2077 Sousa Continho (Francisco de) Propositie ghedaen ter 

Vergaderinge van hare Hoogh Mog. d'Heeren Staten Q-e- 
nerael der Vereenigde Nederlanden, In's Grraven-Hage den. 
16 Augusti, 1647, calf, ly Sayday 1647, 4 leaves, 4° 

207S Southerne (Thomas) Oroonoko : A Tragedy, as it is acted 
at the Theatre-Eoyal, by His Majesty's Servants, hf. mor. 
Lond. 1696, 4 prel. leaves and 84 pp. ' Epiloge,* 2 pp. 4" 

2079 South Sea Company. A farther Examination and Expla- 

nation of the South Sea Company's Scheme, shewing that 
it is not the Interest of the South Sea Company to offer 
the Annuitants such terms as may induce them to come 
in, half mor. _ Lond. 1720, 39 pp. 8» 

2080 — Some Observations on the Assiento Trade, as it has 

been exercised by the South Sea Company, proving the 
damage which will accrue thereby to the British Commerce 
and Plantations in America, and particularly to Jamaica, 
half mor. iowc?. 1728, iv and 38 pp. 8° * 

2080*Southey (Eobert) History of Brazil, 8 vols. 1810-1819, 4° f 

Vol. I. Title; Dedication; Preface, 2 pp. ; List of Books wanted, 1 pp. ; 
table, 8 pp.; text, pp. 1-622; Notes, pp. 623-659. II. Half-title, Map, 
Title ; Preface, 4 pp. ; Table of Contents, 8 pp. ; text, pp. 1-692 ; 
Notes, pp. C93-718; Addenda, 1 pp. III. Half-title, Title j Preface, 
6 pp.; Table of Contents, 8 pp. ; text, pp. 1-879 ; Notes, pp. 883-950. 

2081 Spaniards (Tlie) Cruelty and Treachery to the English in 

the time of Peace and "War, discovered, being the Council 
of a Person of Honour to King James, then upon Treaty 
of Peace with them, for to insist upon a Free Trade in 
the West Indies, with some Expedients for the subjecting 
of the Spaniard in America, to the Obedience of England, 
half mor. Lond., J. M.for Lodowich Lloyd, 1656, 4° 

Two prel. leaves, viz. Title and Dedication, signed ■ D. E.' ; text, 56 pp. 

234 SETEHTH day's SALE. 

2082 Spafford (Horatio Gates) A Gazetteer of the State of New 

York, calf 

Albany, H. C. Southwich, JSfo. 94, State Street, 1813, 8° 

Three hundred and thirty-four pp. ; Appendix, ii pp. 

2083 Speech (The) of a Creek-Indian, against the Immoderate 

Use of Spirituous Liquors, delivered in a National Assem- 
bly of the Creeks upon the breaking out of the late War ; 
to which are added, 1. A Letter from Tariza, an Indian 
Maid of the Eoyal Line of the Mohawks, to the principal 
Ladies of New York. 2. Indian Songs of Peace. 3. An 
American Eable, etc. Zand. 1754, 68 pp. 8" 

2084 Speech (The) of a Scots "Weaver, dedicated to Eichard 

Glover, Esq. halfmor. Lond. 1774, 8« 

Sixty-five pp. At the end of the Dedication signed ' Thermopilse.' 

2085 Speech (A) on some Political Topics, the substance of which 

was intended to have been delivered in the House of Com- 
mons, on Monday the 14th of December, 1778, when the 
Estimates of the Army were agreed to in the Committee 
of Supply, half mor. Lond., T. Cadell, 1779, 8" 

Four pre), leaves and 71 pp. 

Spieghei;, waer in Beschreven werden de twee laetste Na- 
vigatien, ghedaen inde Jaeren 1614, 1615, 1616, 1617, ende 
1618, de eene door den vermaerden Zee-Helt loris van 
Speilbergen door de Strate van Magallanes, de andere 
ghedaen by lacob le Maire, vellwn 

Amst., Jan Jaffnz, 1621, oblong 4" 

Four prel. leaves and pp. 9-1Q2 ; Copperplates numbered 2-18, and 20-25. 
Not mentioned by Bich. 

2087 Spencee (Thomas) A True and Faithful Eelation of the 

Proceedings of the Porces of their ' Majesties K. WilKam 
and Q. Mary, in their Expedition against the Prench, in 
the Caribby Islands in the West Indies, under the Con- 
duct of his Excellency Christopher Codrington,^«e copy, 
half mor. Lond. 1691, 4* 

Beverse of title blank ; Dedication to Admiral Edward Bussell, 2 pages; 
text, 12 pp. in very close type. 

2088 SpitUlus (Gaspar). Brevis et Compendiosa Narratio Mis- 

sionvm qvarvndam Orientis et Occidentis, excerpta ex qui- 
busdam litteris a PP. Petro Martinez Prouinciali Indies 
Orientalis, P. loanne de Atienza Prouinciali Peruanse, P. 
Pietro Diaz Prouinciali MexcicansB Prouineiarum, datis 
anno 1590 et 1591, ad Eeueren. P. Generalem, Socie- 
tatis lesv, et collecta per P. Gasparum Spitilli, calf extra, 
ly Bedford Antverpiw, Martinus Nutius, 1593, 52 pp. 12* 
Not mentioned by Bich. 

2089 Spizelii (Theophili) Elevatio Eelationis Montezinianse de 

Eepertis in America Tribubus Israeliticis ; et Discussio 
Argumentorum, pro Origine Gentium Americanarum 
Israelitica, calf extra, by Bedford 

Basilee, Jo. Konig, 1661, sm. 8"* 
Twelve prel. leaves, and text, 128 pp. 

SEVENTH bay's SAI.E. 235 

2090 Spotorno (Giambattista) Delia Origine e della Patria de 

Cristoforo Colombo libri tre, half mor. imcut 

Genova, 1819, 247 pp. 8° 

2091 Sprengel (Mattbias Christian) Briefe liber Portugal, nebst 

einem Anhang ttber Brasilien, half calf 

Leipzig, 1782, 6 prel. leaves and 290 pp. sm. 8° 

2092 Staben (Hans) WAEHArTiG Histoeia vnd bescheei- i 


■yvELT America GEEEQ-EN,_^«e copi/, vellum 

Marpurg, Andres Kolben, ^ff Fastnacht, 1557, 4" 

Eight prel. leaves, viz. Title, the reverse blank, ' Dem Dui'ohleuohtigeu 
vnd Hoohgebornen Fiirsten vnd Herrn, Herrn Philipsen Landtgrauen 
zii Hessen, Graueu zii Catzenelnbogen, Diez, Ziegenhain vnd Nidda, 
etc. Meinem gnedigen Fiirsten vnd Herrn,' 2 pp. ; ' Dem Wolgebornen 
herrn H. Philipsen Graff zii Nassaw vnd Sarpriiok, etc. meinem in 
Gnedigen Hern. Wiiuscht D. Dryander viel heyls mit erbietunge seiner 
Dienste, 10 pp. ; ' Inhalt des biichs,' 1 page ; ' Was hilfft,' etc. under- 
neath a large woodcut of a ship in full sail; ' Die Landtschafft mit den 
genanten hauingen,' etc.; a folded woodcut map of ' Amerika ooer Pra- 
silien ;' text in 81 leaves, being signatures a to t in fours, v in five ; 
many woodcuts with the text. Not mentioned by Rich. 

The first edition of one of the most important works relating to South 
America. It refers chiefly to the Toupanimbas Indians of Brazil. It 
was reproduced by De Bry in his third part, and is much sought for by 
collectors of the original Editions of the Great .Voyages, reprinted in the 
several Great Collections. 

2093 — The same, another Ed., poor copy, some leaves a little 


Marpurg, Andres Golhen, vff MaricB Qelurts tag, 1557, 4° 

2094 Stanhope (G-eorge) The Early Conversion of Islanders, a 

wise Expedient for propagating Christianity, a Sermon 
preached before the Society for the Propagation of the 
G-ospel in Foreign Parts, at their Anniversary Meeting, 
Feb. 19, 1713-14, half mor. Lond. 1714, 8° 

Thirty-nine pp. With 2 Plans at pp. 36 and 37. 

2095 State (The) of the Sugar Trade ; shewing the Dangerous 

Consequences that must attend any additional Duty thereon, 
hf. mor. Lond. 1747, 24 pp. 4° 

2096 Stearns (Samuel) Astronomer, of Quebec. The American 

Oracle : comprehending an Account of recent Discoveries 
in the Arts and Sciences, with a variety of Eeligious, Poli- 
tical, Physical, and Philosophical subjects Lond. 1791, 8" 

viii and text 627 pp. Index xviii pp. This work is quite a pocket ency- 
clopsedia, written with great naivete. The author, among other things, 
forms a theory of the Aurora Borealis, from observing the sparks on 
" streaking the back of an old black cat." 

2097 Stedman (C.) The History of the Origin, Progress, and Ter- 

mination of the American "War, 2 vols, calf 

Lond. for the Author, 1794, 4" 
Vol. I. XV. and 399 pp. 7 plates. II. xv. and 449 pp. ' Index.' 13 pp. 
8 plates. Highly praised by the Monthly Review. 

236 SETENTH day's SALE. 

2098 Stephen (James) The Speech of, in the Debate in the House 

of Commons, March 6, 1809, on Mr. Whitbread's Motion, 
relative to the late overtures of the American Government, 
}if. mor. Lond. 1809, iv and 126 pp. 8vo. 

2099 Stephens. The Castle-Builders ; or, the History of "William 

Stephens, of the Isle of Wight, Esq., lately deceased. A 
Political Novel, never before published in any Language 

Land, for the Author, 1759, S" 
XV and 198 pp. ' Contents,' pp. ix, and x. The Author was the first Se- 
cretary of the Colony of Georgia. 

2100 Stephenson (Maemabtjke). A Call from Death to Life, 

and Out of the Dark wayes and Worships of the World 
where the Seed is held in Bondage under the Merchants of 
Babylon, written by Marmaduke Stephenson ; Who (to- 
gether with another dear Servant of the Lord called William 
Eobinson) hath (since the Writing hereof) suffered Death, 
for bearing Witnesse to the same Truth, amongst the Pro- 
fessors of Bostons Jurisdiction in New England. With a 
true Copy of two Letters, which they Writ to the Lords 
People a little before their Death, and also the True Copy 
of a Letter as it came to our hands, from a friend in New 
England, which gives a brief Eelation of the manner of 
their Martyrdom, with some of the Words which they ex- 
prest at the time of their suffering, half mor. 

Lond. for Thomas Simmons, 1660, 32 pp. 4" 

2101 Steuart (Adam) Some Observations and Annotations upon 

the Apologetical Narration, Humbly submitted to the 
Honourable Houses of Parliament y the most Eeverend 
and Learned Divines of the Assembly, and aU the Protestant 
Churches here in this Island, and abroad, hf mor. 

Lond. for Christopher Meredith, 1643,4° 
4 prel. leaves, sig-ned ' A. S.' and 71 pp. 

2102 Steuart (Adam) An Answer to a Libell intituled, " A Coole 

Conference betweene the cleered Reformation and the 
Apologetical Narration, brought together by a Wel-willer 
to both," hf. mor. Lond. 1644, 3 pr. leaves and 62 pp. 4to. 

2103 Stevens (Henry) Catalogue of American Books in the 

Library of the British Museum, Christmas, 1856, C. Whit- 
tingham, Lond. about 650 pp. 1859 — 2. A Catalogue of 
Mexican and other Spanish American and West India 
Books in the Library of the British Museum, Christmas, 
1856, C. Whittingham, Lond. 64 pp. 1859, 80—3. A Cata- 
logue of Canadian and other British North American Books 
in the Library of the British Museum, Christmas, 1856, 
G. Whittingham, London, 16 pp. 1859, 8" — 4. A Catalogue 
of American Maps in the Library of the British Museum, 
Christmas, 1856 C. Whittingham, London, 16 pp. 1859, 8° 
These four Catalogues, bound in 2 volumes, comprising about 750 large 
8vo. pages in double columns, similar to the Bibliotheoa Grenvilliana 
describing about 20,000 volumes, are printed by Whittingham on fine 
toned paper, in the best style of the Chiswick Press. 

SEVENTH DAy's SAtE. 237 

2104 Stevens (Henry) Historical Nuggets. Bibliotlieca Americana, / 

or a Descriptive Account of my Collection of Rare Books 
relating to America. " I'll buy vpith you, sell with you."— 
Shakspeare. Vols. 1 and 2 

0. Whittingham, at the Chiswick Press, Lond, 1859, 12" 
This -work, printed in the best style of the Ohiswick Press, comprises 3000 
Titles (alphabetically arranged) of rare books relating to America, most 
carefully given in full, with the collation and price of each work. It is 
intended, as far as it goes, to be a Manual for Collectors of this expen- 
sive class of books. Vols. 3, 4, 5 and 6, forming a second alphabet, are 
preparing for the press, and will be issued in the course of a few months. 
Vol. 7 will contain descriptions of the Voyages of De Bry, Hulsius, 
Thevenot, Purchas, Hakluyt, Remusio, etc. Vols. 8 and 9, books with- 
out prices, and Vol. 10, an Index of the whole series. 

2105 Stevens (Henry) Catalogue of My English Library 

Privately printed by Charles Whittingham, 1853, 12" 
This little Manual was prepared in 1853, and printed for private distribu- 
tion. It contains a list of about 5700 volumes of standard English 
books, and was designed to aid collectors in the ohoiee of their books 
and editions. The contents are given of the principal collected works, 
together with the dates of birth and death of most of the deceased 

2106 Stevens (John) A New Collection oe Voyages and 

Teatels, into several Paets oe the Woeld, none op 
them evee beeoee printed in english, 2 vols. laege 
AND THICK PAPBE, calf extra, gilt edges, hy Prancis Bedford 

London, J. Knapton, 1711, 4" 

Vol. I. 6 prel. leaves including the collective title, ' Molueco and Philip- 
pine Islands, &c.' 260 pp. Index, 8 pp. 'A New Voyage to Carolina' 
etc. 3 prel. leaves and 258 pp. ' Lately publish'd,' etc. 1 page. With 
map and 2 plates. II. 5 prel. leaves including collective title ' Travels of 
P. de Cieza, etc' 244 pp. The contents and index 1 1 pp. ' The Travels 
of the Jesuits in Ethiopia :' etc. 2 prel. leaves and 264 pp. The contents 
and Index 16 pp. ' The Travels of the Sieur Mouette,' etc. 115 pp. The 
contents and index 5 pp. ' The Travels of Peter Teixeira," etc. 81 pp. 
The contents and index 6 pp. 'A Voyage to Madagascar, etc. by 
Francis Cauche,' 77 pp. Index 3 pp. with 2 maps and plates. 

On large paper this book is of excessive rarity if not unique. Four leaves 
in vol. 1 are somewhat smaller than the rest, having been supplied from 
an uncut small paper copy. These leaves were probably omitted to be 
printed on large paper. 

2107 Stigliani (Tomaso) Del Mondo Nvovo Venti Primi Canti, co 

i sommarii dell' istesso Autore dietro a ciaschedun d'essi, e 
con vna lettera del medesimo in fine 

Piacenza, Aless. Pazacchi, 1617, 12° 
Seven hundred pp. Errori, etc. 6 pp. 

2108 Stiles (Ezra) The United States elevated to Glory and 

Honour, a Sermon, preached before His Excellency Jona- 
than Trumbull, Esq. LL.D. Governor, at the Anniversary 
Election, hf. mar. 

New-Haven : Tho. and Sam.. Green, 1783, 96 pp. 8° 
Shortly after this extraordinary Sermon was published. President Styles 
undertook certain experiments with a balloon before the students of Yale 
College, but not succeeding, it is said that one of the students suggested 
that if the Doctor would put in this sermon instead of the other gas the 
balloon would no doubt go up. 

238 SETENTH day's SALE. 

2109 Stiles (Ezra) Pastor of Newport. A Discourse on the 

Christian Union, hf. mor. 

Boston : Edes and Gill, 1761, 139 pp. 8° 

2110 Stiles (Ezra) A History of three of the Judges of King 

Charles I. Major-G-eneral Whalley, Major- Greneral Groffe, 
and Colonel Dixwell : Who, at the Eestoration, 1660, fled 
to America ; and were secreted and concealed, in Massa- 
chusetts and Connecticut, for near thirty years, with an Ac- 
count of Mr. Theophilus Whale, of Narragansett, supposed 
to have been also one of the Judges, calf extra, hy Bedford 
Sartford: Misha Babcock, 1794, 8» 
Three hundred and fifty-seven pp. Errata, and Advertisement 1 page, 

portrait of Stiles facing title, 8 plates at pp. 129, 77, SO, 114, 126, 136, 

202, 345, numbered 1 to IX. 

2111 Stith (William) Governor of William and Mary Coll. 

The History of the Eirst Discovery and Settlement of Vir- 
ginia, being an Essay towards a General History of this 
Colony, calf fine copy Williamsbwrg : Will. Barks, 1747, 8° 
viii and 331 pp. 'An Appendix to the Krst Part of the History of Vir- 
ginia,' etc. V and 34 pp. Allen (^Biog. Dwt.') speaks highly of this work. 

2112 Stith (William) The History of the First Discovery and 

Settlement of Virginia Virginia printed : Lond.repr. 1753, 8" 
viii and 331 pp. 'An Appendix to the First Part of the History of Vir- 
ginia,' etc. V and 34 pp. This is really the Williamsburg edition, with a 
new title. 

2113 Stoddaed (Solomon) Gospel Oedee Eeyived, being an 

Answer to a Book lately set forth by the Eeverend Mr. 
Increase Mather, President of Harvard Colledge, etc. enti- 
tuled, the Order of the Gospel, etc. fine copy, in green 
mor. by Bedford 1700, 4" 

Six prel. leaves, viz. ' Advertisement,' facing the title ; title ; ' The Epistle 
Dedicatory, To the Churches of Christ in N. England,' 8 pp.; text, 
40 pp. The Advertisement facing the Title is as follows : " The Reader 
is desired to take notice that the Press in Boston is so much under the 
awe of the Reverend Author, whom we answer, and his Friends that 
we could not obtain of the Printer there to print the following Sheets, 
which is the only true reason why we have sent the copy so far for its 
impression and where it [was] printed with some difficulty." The vo- 
lume was probably printed by Bradford, in New York. 

2114 Stoddaed (Solomon) The Doctrine of Instituted Churches 

Explained and Proved from the Word of God, morocco, hy 
Bedford Bond. 1700, title and 34 pp. 4" 

2115 Stoddaed (Solomon) The Way for a People to live long 

in the Land that God hath given them, a Sermon, morocco 
by Bedford, a few words restored in exact facsimile 
Boston, Barth. Green and John Allen, 1703, title and 25 pp. 4" 

2116 Stoddaed (Solomon) An Answer to some Cases of Con- 

science respecting the Country, morocco extra by Bedford 

[Oolophonl Boston, B. Green : sold by Samuel 

Gerrish, 1722, 15 pp. 4" 




2117 Stork (Dr.). An Extract from the Account of East Tlorida, 

published by Dr. Stork, who resided a considerable time 
in Augustine, the Metropolis of that Province. With the 
observations of Denys EoUe, who formed a Settlement on 
St. John's river, in the same Province, lif. mor. 

Land. 1766, title and 39 pp. 8" 

2118 Stork ("William). A Description of East Florida, with a 

Journal, kept by John Bartram of Philadelphia, Botanist 
to his Majesty for the Moridas ; upon a Journey from St. 
Augustine up the Eiver St. John's, as far as the Lakes. 
3rd Ed. Loud. 1769, 4» 

Two prel. leaves, viii. and 40 pp. ' A Journal,' etc. Title, xii and 36 pp. 
Map and 2 Plans. 

2119 Story. A Determination of the Case of Mr. Thomas Story, 

and Mr. James Hoskins, relating to an ail'air of the Penn- 
sylvania Company, etc., uncut Land. 1724, 11 pp. 4" 

2120 Stoughton (William) Magistrate, Colony of Mass., An 

Assertion for True and Christian Church Policie; wherein 
certain Politike Objections made against the Planting of 
Pastors and Elders in every Congregation are sufficiently 
answered, etc., calf Land. 1642, 4" 

Five prel. leaves and 178 pp. The title wormed and in MS. 

2121 SiTAEEZ deEigiteeoacCheistotal) Hechos de Don Garcia 

Hvrtado de Mendoga Marques de Canete, old calf 

Madrid, 1616, 4° 

Engraved title, 8 prel. leaves and 324 pp. Mendoza, the 4th Marquis de 

Canete, was Captain General of Chile, and afterwards Viceroy of Peru. 

Hich says of this work, which relates chiefly to the affairs of Peru, that 

it is extremely well written, and is highly esteemed in Spain. 

0900 Summer Islands. See Somer Islands. 

2122 Summersett (James) a Negro. The Original Eeport of the 

celebrated Case of James Summersett 

Manuscript, 132 pp. 4" 
It is this case which is quoted as deciding that American Slaves on reach- 
ing English ground are free. At no period more than the present could 
this MS. be of greater interest. 

2123 Supremacy (The) of the British Legislature over the Colonies 

candidly discussed, Jif. mor. 

Land. 1775, 2 prel. leaves and 38 pp. 8" 
2 I 

240 EIGHTH day's SALE. 

2124 Sutcliff (Eobert) Travels in some parts of North America, 

in the year 1804-6, calf 

York, 1811, xi and 293 pp., 6 plates, 12» 

2125 Symmes (Thomas) Utile Dulci, or, a Joco-Serious Dia- 

logue, concerning Eegular Singing ; calculated for a par- 
ticular Town (where it was publickly had, on Friday, Oct. 
12, 1722,) but may serve some other places in the same 
climate, hf. mor. 

Boston, B. Oreen.for Samuel Gerrish, 1723, sm. 8° 
Title, ii. and 59 pp. 

OpOO Tagalog Language, Vocabularies of the, see Noceda,TSo. 1578, 
and Santos, No. 1960 

2126 Tailfer (Patrick), Anderson, and Douglas, A True and His- 

torical Narrative of the Colony of Georgia, hf. mor. 
GMrles-Town, So. Car., P. Timothy for ike Authors, 1741, 8° 

xviii and 118 pp. This work is interesting from the new view which it 
affords of the conduct of General Oglethorpe. 

2127 Talbot (Edward Allen) Five Tears Eesidence in the Cana- 

das, hoards Land. 1824, 8° 

Vol. I. xvi and 419 pp. 1 plate. II. 400 pp. 1 plate. 

J 2128 Tamaio db Vaegas (Thomas) Kestavracion de la Civdad 
del Salvador, i baia de Todos-Sanctos, en la Provmcia del 
Brasil, por las Armas de Don Philippe iv. el Grande, Eei 
Catholico de las Espaiias i Indias etc. vellum 

Madrid, Por la vivda de Alonso Martin [1628.] 4" 

Eight prel. leaves, the eighth blank, and 178 folioed leaves. ' Svmma de 
lo Partievlar' etc. 8 pp. 

2129 Taxation no Tyranny: an Answer to the Eesolution and 

Address of the American Congress, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1775, half-title, title, and 91 pp. 8" 

A very celebrated Tract by Dr. Samuel Johnson, and one which gave 
occasion to an animated controversy. 

2130 — The same, 3rd Ed. Lond. 1775, half title, title, and 91 pp. 8° 

2131 — The Pamphlet, entitled, " Taxation no Tyranny," candidly 

considered, and it's arguments and pernicious doctrines 
Exposed and Eefuted, calf extra, ly Bedford 

Lond. [1775], 80 

Half-title, title, and text 133 pp. With many manuscript additions and 
corrections said to be in the handwriting of the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke. 
The corrections are manifestly the author's, and appear as if intended 
for a new edition. 

2132 — An Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled Taxation no Tyranny, 

addressed to the Author, and to Persons in Power 

Lond. 1775, 8" 
Sixty-three pp. The Monthly Bevieni styles this one of the best of the 
answers to Dr. Johnson's Pamphlet. 

2133 — Taxation, Tyranny. Addressed to Samuel Johnson, 

IjL.I>., half mor. iowrf. 1775, title and 80 pp. 8" 


2131 Templeman (Thomas) A New Survey of the G-lohe; or, an 
Accurate Mensuration of all the Empires, Kingdoms, 
Countries, States, principal Provinces, Counties and Islands 
in the "World. . . . Also the Settlements and Factories be- 
longing to the English, Dutch, Erench, Portuguese, Spa- 
niards, etc. in the East and West-Indies, Africa, and other 
Parts, old calf Lond. [1776 ?], oblong 4P 

Engraved title, 1 pag^e ; Introduction, List of Subscribers, and Table x 
pp. Plates numbered 1 to 35. 

2135 Tennent (Grilbert), of New BrunsimcTc, The Necessity of 

holding fast the Truth represented in Three Sermons on 
Eev. iii. 3, preached at New York, April, 1742, with an 
Appendix, relating to Errors lately vented by some Mora- 
vians in those Parts ; to which are added, a Sermon on 
the Priestly Office of Christ, and another, on the Virtue of 
Charity; together with a Sermon of a Dutch Divine on 
taking the little Poxes, faithfully translated,_^Me copy, ori- 
ginal linding Boston : S. Kneeland and T. Green, 1743, 8" 

Title vi and 110 pp. ' Two Sermons,' etc. Title and 37 pp. 'A Sermon, 
by Abraham Hellenbrock,' etc. Title and 31 pp. 

2136 Tennent (Grilbert) Sermons on Important Subjects, adapted 

to the Perilous State of the British Nation, lately preached 
in Philadelphia, calf extra, by Bedford 

Philadelphia : Jamss Ghattin, 1758, 8° 
xxxvii pp. one blank leaf, and text 425 pp. 

2137 Ternaux-Compans (Henri) Notice sur la Colonie de la Nou- 

veUe Suede, half morocco Paris, 1843, 8° 

Half-title, title, text 29 pp. and map. 

2138 Testimony (The) of the People called Quakers, given forth 

by a Meeting of the Representatives of said People, in 
Pennsylvania and New-Jersey, held at Philadelphia the 
twenty-fourth Day of the first Month, 1775. Signed 
' James Pemberton' Single sheet, folio 

2139 Thacher (Peter) A Sermon, preached to the Society in Brat- 

tle Street, Boston, November 14, 1790 ; and occasioned by 
the Death of the Hon. James Bowdoin, Esq. LL.D., E.R.S., 
lately Grovemor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 

Boston, I. Thomas and B. T. Andrews, 1791, 27 pp. 4" 

2140 Thatcher (B. B.) Indian Biography, or an Historical Ac- 

count of those individuals who have been distinguished 
among the North American Natives as Orators, "Warriors, 
Statesmen, and other remarkable Characters, 2 vols. 

New York, J. and J. Harper, 1832, 12" 

Vol. I. Title and pp. 5—324. With Plate, and Portrait of Red Jacket. 
II. Title and pp. 5—320. 

242 EIGHTH bat's SALE. 

2141 Thetenot (Melchisadec). Eecueil de Voyages de Mr. 
Thevenot, old calf Paris, Ustienne Michallet, 1681, 8" 

Title, on the reverse ' Suite du Recueil,' and 16 pp. Map at page 10. 
' Deeouverte de quelques pays et Nations de I'Amerique Septentrionale,' 
43 pp. with ' Carte, etc. 1673.' ' Voyage d'un Ambassadevr que le 
Tzaar de Moscovie envoyapar Terre a la Chine I'Annee 1653,' 18pp. 
' Explication des Lettres de la Figure suivante,' 2 pp. with map. ' Dis- 
cours sur I'Art de la Navigation,' etc. 32 pp. ' Histoire Naturelle de 
I'Ephemere,' 20 pp. ' Table,' etc. engraved figures 13 pp. with 2 
folded plates. ' Histoire Naturelle du Cancellua, ou Bernard I'Hermite, 
Representee par Kgures,' 8 pp. with plate. ' Le Cabinet de Mr. Svvam- 
merdam, Docteur en Medicine,' etc. 16 pp. This little volume is pai'ti- 
cularlj valued on account of its containing the first edition of Father 
Marquette's Relation of his voyage down the Mississippi River in 1673, 
with the map of his route, etc. 

2142 Thetet (Ajtdeew) Historia bell' Inbia Ameeica detta 
altramente Francia Antartica; tradotta di Francese in 
Lingva Italiana, da M. Grivseppe Horologgi, vellum 

Vmegia, Gabriel Oiolito de' Ferrari, 1561, sra. 8" 

Sixteen prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank, ' AH' Illvstriss. et Eccellent- 

issimo Signore, II Signer Paolo Giordano Orsino, Givseppe Horologgi,' 

14 pp. ' Tavola,' 16 pp. Text 363 pp. ' Regisdro,' 1 page, followed 

/ by one leaf with Printer's device. 

« 2143 Thevet (Anbeew) The Newfovnd vtoelde, oe Antaec- 
" TIKE, wherein is contained woderful and strange things, as 

well of humaine creatures, as Beastes, Fishes, Foules, and 
Serpents, Trees, Plants, Mines of Grolde and Siluer : gar- 
nished with many learned aucthorities, trauailed and written 
in the French tong by that excellent learned man, master 
Andrews Thevet, and now newly translated into Eng- 
lishe, wherein is reformed the errours of the auncient 
Cosmographers, fine cojpy 
Lond. ly JSenrie Bynneman,for Thomas Sachet, 1568, 4' 
Eight prel. leaves ; viz. Title in a broad metal type border, the reverse 
blank, ' To the right honorable Sir Henrie Sidney,' 4 pp. ' An Admo- 
nition to the Reader,' 1 page. ' In prayse of the Author,' 1 page. ' To 
my Lord the Right reuerend Cardinall of Sens,'8 pp. Text, 138 folioed 
leaves. 'The Table of the Chapters of tliis present Boke,' 4 pp. 

2144 They Eun and We Eun, written on the late Engagement 

between Admiral Keppel and the Due de Chartres, July 
27th, 1788, off TJshant, a Song, with music, Jialfmor. 

folio (folded in 8°) 

2145 Thorn (KAaxts), Recorder of Hupert'' s Land, The Claims to the 

Oregon Territory considered Lond. 1844, iv and 44 pp. S^ 

2146 Thomas (Daley) An Historical Account of the Else and 

Growth of the West-India Colonies, and of the Great Ad- 
vantages they are to England in respect to Trade, half calf 

Lond. 1690, 4" 

Three prel. leaves and 53 pp. Not mentioned by either Lowndes or Rich. 

2147 Thomas (Pascoe) A True and Impartial Journal of a Voyage 

to the South-Seas and round the Globe, in His Majesty's 
Ship the Centurion, under the Command of Commodore 
George Anson, calf 
Lond. 1745, 8 prel. leaves and 347 pp. Appendix, 39 pp. 8» 

EIGHTH day's SALE. 243 

2148 Thomas (GtAbeiel) An Histoeical and Geogeaphical 

Account of the Province and Country of Pensilvania, and 
of "West-New- Jersey, red morocco, hy Bedford, part of map 
restored in facsimile Land. 1698, 8° 

Four prel. leaves followed by map and ' History of Pensilvania,' 55 pp. 
' History of New-Jersey,' 6 prel. leaves and 34 pp. 

2149 Thompson (Thomas) An Account of Two Missionary Yoy- 

ages by the Appointment of the Society for the Propaga- 
tion of the Grospel in Poreign Parts, the one to New Jersey 
in North America, the other from America to the Coast of 
Guiney, stained Lond. 1758, 2 pr. leaves and 87 pp. 8° 

2150 Thoeowgood (Thomas) Jews in Ambeica, or Probabili- 

ties that those Indians are Judaical, made more probable by 
some Additionals to the former Conjectures, an Accurate 
Discourse is premised of Mr. John Elliot, (who first 
preached the Gospel to the Natives in their own Language) 
touching their Origination, and his Vindication of the 
Planters Lond. Senry Brome, 1660, 4° 

Five prel. leaves; viz. Title, reverse blank, 'To the King's Most Excellent 
Majesty,' 8 pp. ; ' To the Noble Knig^hts, Ladies and Gentlemen of Nor- 
folk,' etc. 33 pp. ; ' Jevves in America. Summe of the first Treatise,' 
2 pp. ; half-title ' Jewes in America.' ' The learned Conjectures of 
Reverend Mr. John Eliot touching the Americans,' etc. 28 pp. ' Chap. 
I. A short Discourse, concerning the New World, or America,' 67 pp. 

Thoeowgood (Thomas) Jews in Ameeica, or Probabilities 
that the Americans are of that Eace, with the removal! 
of some contrary reasonings and earnest desires for efiec- 
tuall endeavours to make them Christian 

Lond. for Tho. Slater, 1650, 4° 
Twenty prel. leaves, viz. Title, the reverse blank, ' To the Honovrable 
Knights and Gentlemen that have residence in, and relation to the 
County of Norfolk, Peace, from the God of Peace, 14 pp. 'The Pre. 
face to the Reader,' 8 pp. ' An Epistolicall Discourse of Mi'. lohn 
Dvry to Mr. Thorowgood,' 16 pp. Text, 139 pp. 
Two vols, in 1, red morocco, hy Bedford 
It is rarely that BOTH tabts can be found together and complete. 

2151 Thoughts on the Cause of the present Discontent, 4th Ed., 

halfmor. Lond. 1770, title and 118 pp. 8» 

2152 Thoughts on the late Transactions respecting Ealkland's 

Islands. [By Dr. Samuel Johnson], halfmor. 

Lond. V7li, title and 75 pp. 8" 

2153 — The same, 2nd Ed. Tialfmor. 

Lond. 1771, half-title, title, and 75 pp. 8" 

2154 — The same, another Ed. 

New York, repr. hy S. Gaine, 1771, 48 pp. 8° 

2155 Three Letters to a Member of Parliament, on the Subject of 

the Present Dispute with our American Colonies, If. mor. 

Lond. 1775, 8° 

Title and 74 pp. Written in opposition to Ministerial policy. 

2156 Throop (Benjamin) of Norwich, NM, Eeligion and Loyalty, 

the Duty and Glory of a People ; illustrated in a Sermon 
from 1 Petjer ii. 17, preached before the General Assembly 
of the Colony of Connecticut, at Hartford, on the day of 
the Anniversary Election, May 11th, 1758, uncut 
New London, Timothy Qreen, 1758, title and pp. 5-37, 12" 

244 EIGHTH day's SALE. 

2156*Thumb (Thomas) The Monster of Monsters ; a true and 
faithful Narrative of a most remarkable Phsenomenon lately 
seen in this Metropolis, to the great Surprize and Terror of 
His Majesty's good Subjects ; humbly dedicated to all the 
Virtuosi of New England, tmcut, red morocco 

{Boston], 1754, 24 pp. 12° 

2157 Thtsius (Antonius) Historia Navalis, sive Celeberrimorvm 

Prseliorum, quae Mari ab antiquissimis temporibus usque ad 
Pacem Hispanicum Batavi, PcBderatiq; Belgse, utplurimum 
victores gesserunt, luculenta descriptio, coZ/" extra hy Hay- 
day Lug. Bat. Joannis Maire, 1657, 4° 
Four prel. leaves, 305 pp. and 7 pp. of Index. A large part of this book 
has relation to America. 

2158 Titford (W. J.) Sketches towards a Hortus Botanicus Ameri- 

eanus Land, for the Author, 1811, 4° 

Fifteen prel. leaves including coloured frontispiece, and pp. 4-137 ; 
17 coloured plates ; text to plates, 30 pp.; English Index, 4 pp.; ' Ad- 
denda, iv pp,; List of Subscribers, 4 pp. 

2159 Tjassens (Johan) Zee-Pomtie, der Vereenigde Neder- 

landen, Vertoont in een Tafel, ende in twee Boecken 
beschreven, iaege papee, vellum 

Qraven-Hage, hy JoJian Vely, 1669, 4" 
Twenty-four prel. leaves and 391 pp. Relates mainly to America. 

2160 Tobago. A Summary Account of the present flourishiag 

State of the Island of Tobago, with a Plan of the Island 

Land. 1777, iv and pp. 7-80, S"- 

2161 ToEQVEMADA (Jtjan de) Las Viente y un libros rituales y 

Monarchia Indiana con el Origin y G-uerras de los- Indies 
Occidentalis, map, 3 vols. Spanish binding {small hole in one 
leaf) Madrid, 1723, folio 

Vol.1. Title ; Proemio, 6 pp.; Carta Nuncupatoria, 3 pp.; Prologo, 5 pp,;. 
Licenoia et Approbacion, 2 pp. ; El Rey, 1 p. ; Fee de Erratas, 1 p. ; 
Suma de toda la Obra de la Monarquia Indiana, 2 pp. j Indice, 14 pp. ; 
Los Autores, que se oitan en este primo tomo, 1 p. ; Prologo al libro 
primero, 3 pp. ; Map; text, pp. 1-768; Indice, 72 pp. II. Title; Indies, 
De los libros, y Capitulos, 12 pp. ; text, pp. 1-623 ; Indice, 57 pp. 
III. Title; Fee de Erratas, 1 p. ; Autores Citados, 1 p.; Indice de loa 
libros, 8 pp. ; Prologo al libro quinque, 4 ppi ; text, pp. 1-634 ; Indice, 
42 pp. 

2162 Touchstone (A) for the Clergy ; to which is added, a Poem, 

wrote by a Clergyman in Virginia, in a Storm of Wind and 
Baia Printed in the year 1771, 16 pp. 8* 

2163 Tracts (Select) relating to Colonies. Consisting of — I. An 

Essay on Plantations, by Sir Prancis Bacon, Lord Chan- 
cellor of England. II. Some Passages taken out of the 
History of Plorence, etc. III. A Treatise, by John De 
Witt, Pensioner of Holland. IV. The Benefit of Planta- 
tions of Colonies, by William Penn. V, A Discourse con- 
cerning Plantations, by Sir Josiah Child. Unbound 

Lond. 4 prel. leaves and 40 pp. 8"^ 


2164 Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New 

York, for 1858 Albany, 1858, 8» 

Title; text, pp. 1-648; Table of Contents ; List of Plates ; 12 plates. 

2165 Traveller's Directory (The), and Emigrant's Guide; con- 

taining general Descriptions of diifereut Eoutes through 
the States of New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and the 
Territory of Michigan, hoards 

Buffalo, Steele and Faxon, 1832, 12" 
Eighty-two pp. Contents, 2 pp. 

2166 Traveller's Gruide (The) to America ; comprehending a con- 

cise and accurate description of the "Western States 

Cork, John Bolster, 1818, 71 pp. 12" 

2167 Travels (The) of several Learned Missioners of the Society 

of Jesus into divers parts of the Archipelago, India, China, 
and America, old calf Loud. 1714, 8" 

Eight prel. leaves and 336 pp.; Index, Books Printed, etc. 16 pp.; 2 plates 
at pp. 176 and 215. 

2168 Treaties (Several) of Peace and Commerce concluded be- 

tween the late King of Blessed Memory Deceased, and 
other Princes and States, hf. mot. Bond. 1686, 4° 

Two prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank , ' Table of the Treaties,' 1 page ; 
Text, 269 pp. 

2169 Treaties. A G-eneral Collection of Treatys, Declarations of 

War, Manifestos, and other Publick Papers, relating to 
Peace and War, among the Potentates of Europe, from 

1648 to the present time The Eight of the Crown of 

England to Hudson's Bay, etc. old calf Land. 1710, 8° 
Forty-four and 448 pp. 

2170 Treaties, A G-eneral Collection of, 2nd Ed. 4 vols, old calf 

Lond. 1732, 8» 

Vol. I. 32 and 448 pp. II. xxii. Errata i, and 560 pp. ; ' The Contract 
of Marriage of the most Christian King with the most Serene Infanta, 
eldest Daughter of the Catholick King, the 7th of November, 1659, 
23 pp. III. xzxix and 492 pp. IV. 4 prel. leaves and 458 [490] pp. 
' Catalogue,' etc. 13 pp, 

2171 Treatise (A) on the Cotton Trade : in Twelve Letters, ad- 

dressed to the Levant Company, West India Planters, and 
Merchants Bond, printed for the Author, [17 — ], 12" 

Half-title, title, iii to vi and 63 pp. 

2172 Teott (Nicholas) Chief Justice, So. Car., The Laws of the 

British Plantations in America, relating to the Church and 
the Clergy, Eeligion and Learning, lakge papee, calf 

Lond. 1721, folio 
Thirteen prel. leaves and 435 pp. Probably the rarest volume of its 
class, o 

2173 True (A) State of the Case between the British Northern 

Colonies and the Sugar Islands in America, impartially con- 
sidered, hf. mar. 1732, title and 46 pp. 4» 

246 EIGHTH day's SALE. 

2174 True (The) Constitutional Means for Putting an End. to the 

Disputes between Great Britain and her American Colonies, 
Tif, mor. Land. 1769, 8° 

Title and 38 pp. The Author's proposal amounts to a land-tax upon the 

2175 Trumbull (John) Autobiography, Eeminiscences and Letters, 

from 1756 to 1841 JSTew York and Land. 1841, 8° 

xvi and 439 pp. ; 23 plates. 

2176 Try on (Thomas) Tyron's Letters, Domestick and Foreign 

Lond. 1700 

Title and 240 pp. Part relates to the produce and commerce of America 
and the West Indies. 

2177 Tyron (Thomas) Letters upon several Occasions 

Lond. 1700, 7 prel. leaves and 240 pp. 8" 

2178 Tucker (George) The Life of Thomas Jefferson, Third Presi- 

dent of the United States ; with parts of his Correspondence 
never before published, 2 vols, cloth Zand. 1837, 8° 

Vol. I. xxii and 612 pp. Portrait of Jefferson. II. x and 587 pp. 

2179 Tucker (John) of Newbury. A Sermon preached at Cam- 

bridge, before his Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, Esq., 
Governor, May 29th, 1771, [Anniversary of the Election] 
hf. mor. Boston, 1771, 63 pp. 8'^ 

2180 Tucker (Josiah) Deam, of Gloucester. An humble Address 

and earnest Appeal, etc., as to " whether a connection with, 
or a separation from the Continental Colonies of America, 
be most for the national advantage, and the lasting benefit 
' of these Kingdoms," hf. mor. 

Glocester, S. Bailees, 1775, 8" 

Ninety-three pp. ' An Account' etc. folded sheet at page 49. This is the 
Tract in which the Dean counsels the abandonment of the Colonists to 
themselves, as unworthy of the protection of the mother country. 

2181 — The same, 2nd Ed., half morocco ib. 1775, 8" 

Ninety-three pp. ' An Account' etc. folded sheet at page 49. 

2182 Tucker (Josiah) A Letter to Edmund Burke, Esq., Member 

of Parliament for the City of Bristol, and Agent for the 
Colony of New York, etc. in answer to his Printed Speech, 
said to be spoken in the House of Commons on the Twenty- 
Second of March, 1775, hf. mor. 

Gloucester, R. Baikes, 1775, 58 pp. 8" 

Bean Tucker in this Tract represents the Colonists as being the most un- 
principled, worthless, and detestable part of mankind. 

2183 Tucker (Josiah). A Series of Answers to certain popular 

Objections against separating from the EebeUious Colonies, 
and discarding them entirely; being the concluding Tract 
of the Dean of Gloucester, on the subject of American 
Affairs, hf. mor. Gloucester, B. Baikes, 1776, 8° 

One hundred and eight pp. Contents 5 pp. 

EIGHTH day's SALE. 247 

2184 Tucker (Josiah) Cui Bono; or, an Inquiry, what benefits 

can arise either to the English or the Americans, the French, 
Spaniards, or Dutch, from the greatest Victories, or Suc- 
cesses in the present War. 3rd Ed. hf. mor. Lond. 1782, 8" 

Title and pp. v-xxv. Text pp. 3-141. A most curious production. In it 
the writer says, that when the Americans have made peace with Eng- 
land they will quarrel amongst themselves, and, with the fury of famished 
wolves, they will endeavour to tear each other in pieces. 

2185 Tucker (Josiah) Eour Letters on important National Sub- 

jects, hf. mor. Gloucester, R. Raikes, 1783, 8" 

Tii and 119 pp. 'At a Meeting, January 24th, 1783, Resolved, That the 
following Letter, &c. be printed,' 23 pp. 

2186 Tudor (William) The Life of James Otis, of Massachusetts, 

containing also, Notices of some contemporary Characters 
and events from the year 1760 to 1775, hf. Id. 

Boston, Wells and Lilly, 1823, 8° 
XX and 508 pp. Portrait of Otis. 

2187 Tutchin (Mr.) The Earthquake of Jamaica, Described in a 

Pindarick Poem, hf. mor. . Lond. 1692, 8 pp. folio 

2188 TvTO Eamots Sea-Eights lately made betwixt the Fleetes 

of the King of Spaiue, and the Eleetes of the Hollanders. 
The one, in the West-Indyes: the other, the Eight of this 
present moneth of February, betwixt Callis and Gravelin, 
Jif. mor. Lond.for Nath : Bvtter and Nic : Bovrne, 1639, 4" 
Sixteen pp. 

2189 Uchteritz, Kurtze Eeise Beschreibung Hr. Heinrieh von 

Uchteritz, Worinnen vermeldet, was er auf derselben fiir 
Ungliick und Gliiek gehabt, sonderlich wie er gesangen 
nach West-Lidien gefiihret, zur Sclaverey verkaufft, und 
auff der Insel Barbados 

Weissenfels, Johann Christian Wohlfarten, 1705, 4° 
Thirty-two pp. Vignette in title. 

2190 Ulloa (Antonio de) Noticias Americanas : Entretenimientos 

Phisicos-Historicos, sobre la America, Meridional, y la 
Septentrional Oriental, vellum 

Madrid, Francisco Manuel de Mena, 1772, 4° 
Twelve prel. leaves and 407 pp. ' Erratas,' 1 page. 

2191 Umfreville (Edw.) Present State of Hudson's Bay, and of 

the Pur Trade, calf Lond. 1790, 8° 

Title ; Contents vii pp. ; text 230 pp. ; folded Table, or " Account," at 
p. 82 ; folded leaf, " Specimen of Indian Languages spoken in the In- 
land parts of Hudson's Bay, and between that Coast and the Coast of 
California," at p. 202. 

2192 United States (Political and Civil History of) from 1763 to 

1797, by Tim. Pitkin, 2 vols, calf New Saven, 1828, 8" 
Vol. 1. Title; Portrait of Washington; Preface 5 pp. ; Table of Contents 
4 pp. ; Text pp. 13-528. Vol. 2. Title ; Table of Contents, 10 pp. ; Text 
pp. 9-500. Appendix 501-539. 

2193 United States. (Statistics and Political Institutions of the) 

by W. G.Ouseley, half hound Philadelphia, 1632, 8° 

Title and preliminary leaves 16 pp. Text pp. 17-226. 

2 K 


2194 United States. General Public Acts of Congress respecting 

the sale and disposition of Public Lands, 2 vols. 

Washington, 1838, 8° 

Tol.l. Title, prelim, leaf. Text pp. 4-483. Appendix pp. 585-615. Index 
pp. 1-24. Vol. 2. Title, preliminary leaves 8 pp. Text pp. 1-1002. Ap- 
pendix pp. 1003-1047. Index pp. 1049-1117. 

2195 United States Coast Survey 1856 (Report of tbe Superin- 

tendent of the) Washington, 1856, 4° 

Title, Letter to the Secretary, 1 pp. Abstract of Contents of Report 2 pp. 
Contents of Appendix, 4 pp. Index 9 pp. Errata, 1 pp. Report, pp. 
1-356. Index to Sketches, 1 p. 67 Diagrams, &o. 

2196 Universalist Magazine, devoted to Doctrine, Beligion, and 

Morality, edited by the Eev. H. Ballon, 2 vols, in 1, half Id. 

Boston, Mass. 1819-21, 4" 
Vol. 1 . Title. Index, 2 pp. Text, pp. 1-388. Vol. 2. Title, Index, 2 pp. Text, 
pp. 1-208. 


ist: Wothwendige nach richt von der Tewen Seefahrt vnd 
Kauffihandlung, hoards 

'Eranchfurt am Mayn, Caspar B'ddteln, 1633, folio 

Ten prel. leaves ; viz. Title, on the reverse 'Verzeichnusz derer Sachen 
vnd Schrifften,' etc. ' Der JEonigliohen May. vnd Reiche Schweden 
Rath,' etc. 3 pp. ' Kurtzer Extract,' etc. 2 pp. ' Ne pagina vacaret ;' 
etc. 1 page. ' Oct Roy Vnd Privilegivm,' etc. 8 pp. ' Ampliatio Oder 
Erweiterung Desz Privilegii,' etc. 4 pp. " Formular Desz Manifest 
Vnd Vergleichoder Contract hrieffes,' etc. 56 pp. 'Mercvrius Gei'- 
manise,' etc. 5 1 pp. Not mentioned by Rich, nor, indeed, by scarcely 
any other bibliographer. 

2198 TJtenhove (Jan) Commentariolvs Parallelos, half morocco 

Col. Agrip,, Lamh. Andrea, 1597, 4" 

Twenty-six leaves, the 16th and the last blank. ' Typis Orbis Terrarvm ' 
on the reverse of 8d, and recto of the 4th leaves. ' Tvrcici Imperii 
Descriptio' on the reverse of the 17th and recto of the 18th leaves. 
Maps. Part relates to the Spanish possessions in America, and. has a 
map of that Continent. 

2199 Valdes (Antonio) Derrotero de las Costas de Espaiia en el 

Oceano Atlantico, y de las Islas Azores, laege papee, cf. 
Madrid, 1789, title, xviii and 247 pp. 8" 

2200 Valle. Memorial y Carta en que el Padre Alonso del 

Valle Procvrador general de la Prouincia de Chile, repre- 
senta a N. muy Eeuerendo Padre Mucio Vitilesqui, Pre- 
posito general de la Compaiiia de lesvs, la necessidad que 
sus missiones tienen de sujetos para los gloriosos empleos 
de sus Apostolicos ministerios. 

[at the end] Seidlla, 1642, 10 unnumbered leaves, folio 

2201 Vallette (Elie) The Deputy Commissary's Guide within the 

Province of Maryland, title a little defective 

Annapolis, hy Ann C — , 17 — , 8" 
Engraved title, iv and 248 pp. Index, 9 pp. Contents of the Appendix, 
2 pp. ' Table of Descent,' at page 106, Dedicated to Robert Eden, 
Governor of Maryland. 

EIGHTH day's SALE. 249 

2202 Vandee Donck (Adeiaen) Beschetvih'Gb tan Nietttv- 

Nebeelant, den tweeden Druck, fine copy in hlne morocco 
extra, ly Bedford Aemsteldam, JEvert Nieuwenhof, 1656, 4" 

Four prel. leaves ; viz. Title, on the reverse • Extract uyt Privilege,' etc. 
Four ■woodcuts of coats of ai-ms, ' Opdraoht, Aen De Hoogloffelijcke, 
Wel-wijze en voor zienige Heeren,' etc. Signed ' E. Nieuwenhof,' 2 pp. 
' Mitsgaders, Aen de Erentfeste, Wijse ende seer "Waerdige Heeren,' etc. 
2 pp. ' Aan de Leeser,' 1 page, ' Op de Voorstanders en de Beschrij- 
vinge,' etc. 1 page. Map, ' Nova Belgica eive Nieuw Nederlandt.' 
Text 1 00 pp. ' Register,' 4 pp. ' Conditien, Die door de Heeren Bur- 
germeesteren der Stade Amsterdam ; volgens 't gemaecte Accoort met 
West-Indische Compagnie', etc. Title, reverse blank, text, 5 pp. 
' Lyste,' 1 page. Contains the earliest Map of the State ofNevv 
York (formerly called New Netherlands). The first edition of this ex- 
cessively rare volume did not contain the Map. This is the second and 
best impression of the second edition, containing some variations in the 
preliminary leaves. 

2203 Vak Neck (Coenelts) Historiale Beschrijvinglie, In- 

houdende een waerachticli ver hael vande reyse ghedaen 
met acht Schepen van Amsterdam, onder't beleydt van den 
KloeckmoedigLen Admirael lacob Comelisz Neck. Hier 
is by-ghevoecht een Vocabulaer in Duytsoh, Malleys, ende 
lavaens. Amst., Michiel Colijn, 1619, obi. 4° 

Title and 64 leaves. 

2204 Varenius (Bernhardus) Geograpbia Generalis, vellitm 

Amst, ex Offi. Eheviriana, 1671, 12° 
Engraved title, 19 prel. leaves and 784 pp. Folded sheets at pp. 8 (2), 
66, 126, 172. 

2205 Vaegas (Manuel de) Eelacion de los Milagros qve Dies 

nuestro senor ha obrado por vna Image del glorioso P. S. 
Fraeisco de Borja en el nueuo Eeyno de Q-ranada 

Madrid, por Andres de Fara, 1629, 2 leaves, folio 

2206 Vatjghan (SieWm.). The G-oiiDEN Fleece Ditjidedinto 

Theee Paets, vnder which are discouered the Errours of 
Eeligion, the Vices and Decayes of the Kingdome, and 
lastly the wayes to get wealth, and to restore Trading so 
much complayned of, transported from OambrioU Colchos, 
out of the Southermost Part of the Hand, commonly called 
the Newfovndland, by Orpheus Junior, __^«e copy in morocco 
extra, ly F. Bedford 

London, Printed for Francis Williams, 1626, 4° 

Fourteen prel. leaves, viz. 1, Title, reverse blank ; 2, ' The Mvses and the 
Graces,' etc. 2 pp. ; 3, ' Mussse et Charites,' 1 page, followed on the 
reverse by ' To the indiiferent Readers,' 3 pp. ; 5, ' To the vnoharitable 
Readers,' 4 pp. ; 7, Verses ' In Commendation,' etc. 2 pp. ; 8 to 14, 
' The Contents of the Chapters ' of the 1st, 2d and 3d parts. Copper- 
plate map 10| by 7 inches: Text 1st part, 149 pp.; 2d part, 105 pp. ; 
3d part 96 pp. 

2207 Vaughan (Samuel). A Eefutation of a False Aspersion 

first thrown out upon Samuel Vaughan, Esq., in the Public 
Ledger of the Twenty-third of August, 1769, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1769, 2 prel. leaves and 26 pp. 8" 

250 EIGHTH day's SALE. 

2208 Vayer (De la Mothe le) De la Vertu des Payens 

Paris, 1642, 4." 
Title; Dedication, 2 leaves; Table, 1 leaf; text, 374 pp. 

2209 Vazquez de Medina. Por Ivan Vazqyez de Medina, vezino 

de la Ciudad de Mexico, y Tesorero de la Casa dela mo- 
neda de ella, en el Pleyto con D. luan Prancisco Centeno, 
y D. luan Ansaldo de Vera, sobre la confirmacion del 
dicho oficio [1662], 24 folioed leaves, folio 

2210 Veitia Linage (Joseph de) Norte de la Contratacion de 

las Indias Occidentales,^«e copy 

Sevilla, luan Francisco de Bias, 1672, folio 
Sixteen prel. leaves ; Libro Primero 299 pp. Libro Segvndo 264 pp. 
Indice 70 pp., and Colophon leaf. An important work containing an 
abstract of the Laws relating to the Indies. 

2211 Veita Linage (Joseph de) The Eule Established in Spain, 

for the Trade in the West Indies ; being a proper Scheme 
for Directing the Trade to the South Sea, now by Act of 
Parliament to be established in Grreat Britain, translated 
from the Spanish by Captain John Stevens, old calf 

Lond., [1700], 8° 
Thirteen prel. leaves, and text 367 pp. Index 9 pp. An abridged trans- 
lation of the preceding. 

2212 Velasqdez de Caedenas, t Leon (Carlos Celedonio) 


Indios, en Mexicano, y Castellano sm. 8" 

Twelve prel. leaves and 54 pp. In the Mexican language, with a Spanish 

2213 Venegas (Miguel) A Natural and Civil History of Cali- 

fornia, 2 vols, fine copy, calf Lond. 1759, 8° 

Vol. I. 10 prel. leaves and 455 pp. Frontispiece, map at page 13, and 
plate at page 36. II. 4 prel. leaves and 387 pp. Frontispiece and 
plate at p. 141. 

2114 Veka (G-eeakdo di) Tee Natigationi, fatte dagli Olandesi 

e-Zelandesi al Settentrionale neUa JSTorvegia, Moscovia, e 
Tartaria Verso U Catai e Eegno di Sini, doue scoperso il 
Mare di Veygatz la Nuova Zembla et vn Paese neU Ottan- 
tesimo grado creduto la Groenlandia, maps and several 
curious plates, mor. extra, fine copy Tenet., Forro, 1599, 4* 
Title, containing a vignette ; Dedication, 3 leaves ; text, 79 folioed leaves; 
maps and leaves printed in with the text. Belonging to the series of 
Helations of De Bry, Hulsius, and Hartgarts. 

2115 Veenon. Specimen (A) of Naked Truth, from a British 

Sailor, hf. mor. Lond. 1746, 30 pp., S* 

It was for publishing this pamphlet, relating to the expeditions against 
the Spanish possessions in America, that Admiral Vernon was struck oS 
the list of flag oflicers. 

2216 Vernon (Admiral). The Genuine Speech of the truly 

Honourable Adm — ^1 V n, to the Sea Officers, at a 

Council of War, just before the Attack of C a, 

[Carthagena] unbound Lond., 1741, 8" 

Half-title, title, and 19 pp. 

2217 Vernon (Admiral) A New Ballad on the Taking of Porto- 

Bello Lond. 1740, 7 pp. folio 

EI&HTH bat's sale. 251 

0000 Vernon (Admiral) See Specimen of Naked Truth 

2218 Very (A) short and candid Appeal to Pree Born Britons, 

by an American, hf. mor. Lond.for the Author, 1774!, 8° 
Title and 28 pp. ; signed, ' A Carolinian.' 

2219 Vesptjoci (AMEEiao) De oka antaectica pes eegbm 


rough leaves, in brown morocco extra, ly Bedford 
[Golophon'\ Impressvm Argentine per Mathiam hupfuff, 1505, 4° 

Six leaves, with woodcut of figures and ships on the title. , 

2220 Vespuoci (Ameeigo). Cum PaiTiiiEGio. Paesi Notiamente f 


I'lOEEifTiis'o iNTiTrLATO. Two leaves itt facsimile, viz. Title 
and last leaf of the Table, splendid oo:pr, in red morocco, ly 

[Colophon'] Stampato in Viaentia cu la impensa de Mgro. 

Henrico Vicentino : et diligente cura et industria de 

Zamaria suo fiol nel. 1507 a di^ de Nouembre 

Title, reverse blank ; ' Tabula Comunis,' 9 pp. ; ' Montalboddo Fracan. al 

suo amioissimo loanimaria Anzolello Vicentino. S.' 1 page; text in 120 

leaves, Primo Libro to Libro Sexto, being signatures a to D in fours, the 

last leaf blank. First edition of this, the first Colleotion op Voyages. 

2221 Vespucci (Ameeigo). Cosmogeaphi^ Inteodvctio ctm / 


eam eem necessaeiis Insupee quattuoe Ameeioi 
Vespucij nauigationes, m,oroceo hy Bedford 

[Colophon'] Finitu, iiij. kl. Septebris Anno supra sesqui- 
millesimu. vij. [Guatier Lud, St. Bii, 1507], 4° 

Twenty unnumbered leaves, being signatures A to D, a and b in 6, c and d in 
four leaves ; on the reverse of the title, commencing ' Divo Maximiliano 
Csesari semper Avgvsto Gymnasivm vosagense,' etc. ending on the last 
leaf ' Hactenus exequuti capita,' etc. ' Finis introduotionis,' the reverse 
blank. A folded sheet in signature C, counted as two leaves, with a 
woodcut of the globe, on the reverse, commencing ' Propositum est hoe 
libello quandam Cosmographie introductione seribere : quam nos tarn,' 
ending ' signauimus sed hsec iam missa facientes.' ' Qvattvor Amerioi 
Vespvtii Navigationes,' etc. 32 unnumbered leaves, signatures A (a) 
to f, the reverse of the last leaf blank. 

This book has a three-fold interest, from the facts, 1st, that it contains the 
first collected edition, in Latin, of the Relations of Vesputius ; 2nd, that 
it is the first specimen of the typographic art executed at St. Diey ; and 
3rd, that in the introduction the Editor, Hylecomylus, makes the first 
suggestion, that, as Europe and Asia were named after women, this new 
world should be named after a man (Vir) Amebic DS, which suggestion 
unfortunately for all sympathizers in the fate of Columbus was followed. 
This copy has the folded leaf in sig. C often wanting. 

2222 Vespucci (Ameeigo). Paesi nouamente eiteouati pee 

iiA Nauigatione di Spagna il Calicut. Et da Albee- 


NouAMENTE Impeessa, blue morocco extra 

[Colophon] Stampata in Venetia per Zorsi de JRusconi 

millanese : nel. 1517 adi. 18 Agosto, 8° 

One hundred and twenty-four unnumbered leaves, in signatures A in four, 

b to q in eights, with woodcut of the City of Venice on the title; the 

reverse of the last leaf blank. 

252 EIGHTH bat's SALE. 

2223 Vespttcci (Amerigo). Paesi notjamente eeteouati et 

NoTTo MoDo da AiiBEEico Vesputio Floeetino inti- 
TTJLATO. Fine large copy, original vellum 

[Colophon'] Stampato in Milano con la impensa de lo. 

lacoho etfratelli da Lignano : et diligente eura et 

indwsiria de loanne Angela scinzen zeler : 

nel. 1519 a di. v. de Maso, 4" 

Title with woodcut of figures and ships ; on the reverse, ' Tabvla,' and 
' Montalboddo Fracan,' etc. 7 pp.; text in 79 leaves, Libro Primo to 
Libro Sexto, being signatures a to u in fours, the last leaf blank. 

2224 VESPrTira. Newe tnbekanthe iandte und bin newb 


large copy, red morocco extra, hy Bedford 

l^Golophon'] durch mich Qeorgen Stuchszen zu NilreinbergTik, 

GedriXclcte, 1508, der zweigntzigiste tage des 

Monadts iSeptembris, folio 

Sixty-eight leaves, in double columns without catchwords or pagination, but 

with signatures a to k in sixes, 1 in four leaves and 4 leaves of register. 
*^* So many early and rare editions of Vesputius' Relations as before de- 
scribed can scarcely be met with in any catalogue. 

2225 Vespucci (Amerigo). Vita di Amerigo Vespucci, hf. mor. 

with portrait of ' Americ. Vespuccius ' pp. 25-35, 4* 

2226 VBTANcrET (AiTGrsTiir de) Tbateo Mexicano Descripcion 

Breve de los Svccessos Exemplares, Historicos, Politicos, 
Militares, y Religiosos del nuevo mundo Occidental de laa 
Indias, Mexico, por Dona Maria de Benavides Viuda de 
luan de Ribera, 1698, 6 prel. leaves, Parts 1 and 2, 66 pp. 
and 168 pp. ; Indice, 2 pp.; ' Tratado de la Oiudad de 
Mexico,' etc. 56 pp. — Pollowed by the title to the Second 
Volume : ' CHEOificA de da Peotincia del Santo Etan- 
GBLio DE Mexico. Quarta parte del Teatro Mexieano, 
etc. Mexico, ib. 1697 ; 6 prel. leaves and 138 pp. ; ' Menol- 
ogio Pranciscano de los varonea massenalados, que con sus 
vadas exemplares,' etc. 1 p. the reverse blank, and 156 pp. 
2 vols, in 1, red morocco, by Bedford folio 

Rich, who had an unusually good acquaintance with books of this class, 
does not notice this, nor does Salva. 

2227 Viaud (Captain Pierre) The Shipwreck and Adventures of, 

translated by Mrs. GrifSth Land. 1771,, 8" 

xii and 276 pp. ; frontisp. 

2228 View (A) of the Depredations and Ravages Committed by 

the Spaniards on the British Trade and Navigation, hf. mor. 
Lond. 1731 ; title, ix and 44 pp. 8° 

2229 View (A) of the Controversy between Great-Britain and 

her Colonies, hf. mor. 

Neiv York : by James Sivington, 1774, 87 pp. 8* 
By A W. Farmer, Author of Free Thoughts, etc. 

2230 — The same, another Ed. 

New-Yorlc, printed : London, repr. 1775, 8" 
Half-title, title and 90 pp. 

EIGHTH bat's SALE. 253 

2231 View (A) of the History of G-reat-Britain, during the Ad- 

ministration of Lord North, to the Second Session of the 
rifteenth Parliament. In Two Parts, imcut Lond. 1782, 8° 

Title, ii and 412 pp. The first part was published in the preceding year, 
under the title of the History of Lord North's Administration. 

2232 ViLBAO (Luis de) Sermon de la Fe en el Solene y General 

Avto, qye su Tribunal Santo eelebro en ia Ciudad de Lima, 
21 de Diziembre, de 1625, calf extra, ly Bedford 

Lima, 1626 ; title and folioed leaves 2 to 18, 4" 

2233 ViLiiAGiOMEZ (Pbdbo be) Discvrso Ivridico sobre que per- 

tenece a la Dignidad Argobispal, 5 Episcopal, el nombrar, 
y remover los Colectores delas Iglesias Catedrales de las 
Indias, fin dependencia del Eeal Patronazgo Idma, 1653, 4" 

60 folioed leaves. 

2234 ViLirAauTiEEEE (Don Juan de) Histoeiabe ia Cokquista 

BE BA Peovincia BE EL Itza, reduccion y progressos de la 
de el Lacandon, y otras Naciones de Indios Barbaros, de la 
Mediacion de el Eeyno de Grvatimala a las provincias de 
Tvcatan en la America Septentional \JKadrid, 1701] folio 

Title, having a slip pasted over the words "primera parte" (obviously a 
contemporary emendation) ; engraved plate of a shield of arms between 
columns, and within a border, Marcus Orozco, delin. et sculp. 1701 ; 
31 other prel. leaves, a 2 to h ; Text pp. 660 ; Table 17 leaves. Rich, 
who states that this work was unknown to Meusel, says that the plate of 
arms is frequently wanting. No more than this first part was published. 

2235 Ville (Jean Baptiste de) Histoire des Plantes de I'Europe, 

et des plus TJsite'es qui viennent d'Asie, d'Afrique, et 
d'Amerique, 2 vols, old calf Lyon, 1707, 12" 

Vol. I. 24 prel. leaves and 442 pp. II. Title and pp. 445—866. Table 
80 pp. 

2236 Vincent (Thomas) sometimes Minister of Maudlin-Milk 

Street, in London. An Explicatory Catechism, or an Ex- 
planation of the Assemblies Shorter Catechism, fine copy, 
original hinding Boston, N. LI. for L>. LLenohman, V11%, 12" 
Title; two Epistles, viii pp, text, 3-15 pp. 

2237 Vindication (A) of the Proceedings of the Eastern Asso- 

ciation in Eairfield County, and of the Council that cen- 
sured Mr. White, and dismissed him from his Pastoral Ee- 
lation to the Eirst Church in Danbury 

New Haven, B. Mecom, 1764, 78 pp. 8° 

2238 ViKGiiriA. The New Liee op Vieginia, beclaeing the 

TION. Published by the Authoritie of his Maiesties 
Counsell of 'Yivgmts., facsimile title, calf extra, hj/'E. Beb- 
EOEB Lond. ly Felix Kyngston,forWilliam Welby, 1612, 4" 

Title; "To the Right Worshipful Sir Thomas Smith," 4 pp.; Text 
24 unnumbered leaves. The author in his preface, complains that 
nothing in his day, except it be the name of God, was so depraved, 
traduced and derided as the name of Yirginea. 

254 EIGHTH day's BAIE. 

2239 ViE&iNiA. A Peefect Desceiption" Of Vieghnia, being 

a full and true relation of the present State of the Planta- 
tion, their Health, Peace, and Plenty : the number of 
people, with their abundance of Cattell, Fowl, Pish, etc. 
with severall sorts of rich and good Commodities, which 
may be had, either Naturally, or by Art and Labour, mo- 
rocco extra, ly Bedford, very fine copy 

London, for Bichard Wbdenoth, 1649, 4" 
Two prel. leaves, viz. 1st, ou verso the royal arms; 2nd, Title, reverse 
blank: text 19 pp. 

2240 — The Case of the Planters of Tobacco in Virginia, as re- 

presented by Themselves, to which is added a Vindication 
of the said Representation, hf. mor. Lond. 1733, 64 pp. 8° 

2241 — A Memorial relating to the Tobacco Trade, offer'd to the 

Confederation of the Planters of Virginia and Maryland, hf 
mor. uncut WilliamsburgTi : William Parks, 1737, 8" 

Twenty-five pp. signed ' Daniel Mao Kercher." 

2242 — The American Wanderer through various parts of Europe, 

in a series of Letters to a Lady (interspersed with a variety 

of interesting Anecdotes) by a Virginian 

Dublin, 1783, xxiii and 288 pp. 12» 
0000 Virginia, ^ee Bullock, Sellier, Nicholson (William and 

Mary Gollege), Stiih. 
0000 Virginian Language. See Lutheri Gatechismus 

2243 Volney (C. P.) View of the Climate and Soil of the United 

States of America, to which are annexed some Accounts of 
Plorida, the Prench Colony of the Scioto, certain Canadian 
Colonies, and the Savages or Natives ; translated from the 
Prench Lond. 1804, 8» 

Twenty-four pp. Table of Contents, pp. iii-vi. Text 504 pp. Plates at 
pp. 59, 99. Two maps at the end. 

2244 Voyage dans la Haute Pensylvanie et dans I'Etat de New 

York, par un Membre adoptif de la nation Oneida, traduit 
et public par I'auteur des Lettres d'un Cultivateur Ame- 
ricain, 3 vols. hf. calf Paris, 1801, 8» 

Vol. I. xxxii pp. including Frontispiece ; Text 427 pp. Plates at pp. 115, 

1 19, 253. Map at the end. II. xiv and 434 pp. Plates at pp. 131, 

182,192. Map at the end. III. xii and 410 pp. ' Indication,' etc. 

folded sheet at page 166, folded sheet at page 173. Plates at pp. 197, 
199. ' Tableau' etc. at pp. 252, 253. 

2245 Voyages. t'Historiael Joumael, van tghene ghepasseert- 

is van weghen drie Schepen, ghenaemt den Eam, Schaep 
ende het Lam, ghevaren uyt Zeelandt vander Stadt Camp- 
Verenaer d'Oost-Indien^wis^. Michiel Colijn, 1617, obi. 4" 
Forty-two leaves. This and the following article, with others in this Ca- 
talogue, form part of a series of Relations published by Michiel Colijn, 
of Amsterdam. They are of not less curiosity and rarity than the better 
known collections of De Bry and Hulsius 


2246 Voyages. Beschrijvinghe ende Historische verhael, vant 

Gont Koninckrijk van Gruinea, anders de Gout-custe de 
Mina genaemt Amst. Michiel Colijn, 1617, obi. 4° 

One hundred and four leaves, plates in the text, except one larg^e foldings 
one. This and the two following Relations are others of the Colijn 
series ; more of which will be found under the titles Speilbergen, Neck, 
Weerdt, etc, 

2247 Voyages. 'Te erste Boeck. Historie van Indien 

Amst., Michiel Colijn, 1617, obi. 4" 

Eighty-three leaves. The author of this Relation, which will be found in 
De Bry, is unknown, thoug'h many have been the enquiries and specu- 
lations noncerning- him and his mysterious initials " G. M. A. W. L." 

2248 Voyages. Oost-Indische ende Vvest-Indiscbe voyagien, 

Namelijck, de waeraehtighe besehrijvinglie vande drie 
seylagien, drie Jaren aehtermalkandaren deur de Hol- 
landtsche ende Zeelandtscbe Schepen, by noorden Noor- 
vveghen, Moseovien ende Tartarien nae de Coninckrijcken, 
van Catthay eude China gbedaen, de eerste voyagie der 
HoUandtsche Schepen op de Landen van lava 

Amst., Michael Colijn, 1619, obi. 4" 
Eighty leaves. Some of the Relations of Van Noordt, De Weerdt and 
Candisch, will be found in this rare volume. 

2249 Voyages. AnHistoricalAccountofalltheVoyagesroundthe 

World, performed by English Navigators ; the whole faith- 
fully Extracted from the Journals of the Voyagers — Drake, 
undertaken in 1577-80 — Cavendish, 1586-88 — Cowley, 
1683-86 — Dampier, 1689-96 — Cook, 1708-11 — Eogers, 
1708-11— Clipperton and Shelvocke, 1719-22— Anson, un- 
dertaken in 1740-44— Byron, 1764-66— "Wallis, 1766-68— 
Carteret, 1766-69, and Cooke, 1768-71 ; together with that 
of Parkinson, M. Bougainville, and Commodore Phipps 
and Captain Lutwidge, 4 vols, half calf, wanting a plate 

L6nd. VT14i, 8» 
Vol. I. Title ; 1 prel. pp. ; List of Subscribers, 5 pp. ; Directions to the 
Boolibinder for placing the plates, 1 page ; text, 480 pp. ; 1 Map and 
15 Plates. II. Title and 440 pp.; 8 plates. III. 1773, viii and 470pp.; 
4 Charts and 16 Hates, [14 in this copy]. IV. 1773, Title and 
364 pp.; The Bookseller's Advertisement, 3pp.; 'Supplement, con- 
taining the Journal of a Voyage,' etc. ; Title and 118 pp.; 5 Plates 
Map, and Chart. 

2250 Voyages. A new Collection of Voyages, Discoveries and 

Travels, containing whatever is worthy of Notice, in Eu- 
rope, Asia, Africa and America, 7 vols, old cf. Land. 1767, 80 

Vol. I. 8 prel. leaves and 515 pp. II. 2 prel. leaves and 496 pp. III. 
2 prel. leaves and 520 pp. IV. 2 prel. leaves and 464 pp. V. 2 prel. 
leaves and 472 pp. VI. 2 prel. leaves and 543 pp. VII. 2 prel. leaves 
and 528 pp. There is in the first volume a list of 49 Maps and Plates. 

.2251 Voyages. Interesting Account of the Early Voyages made f 
by the Portuguese and Spaniards, etc. to Africa, East and 
"West Indies, the Discovery of numerous Islands, with 
Particulars of the Lives of those Eminent Navigators, in- 
cluding the Life of Columbus ; to which is added the Life 
of Captain Cook, old calf Lond. 1790, 4» 

Twelve prel. leaves and pp. 7-27G ; 7 Plates and Maps. 

2 L 

•256 EIGHTH day's SALT!. 

2252 Voyages. A G-eneral Collection of Voyages and Disco- 

veries made by the Portuguese and Spaniards during tlie 
Pifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, containing the interest- 
ing and entertaining Voyages of the celebrated Gonzalez 
and Vaz, Gonzalez Zarco, Lanzerota, Diego Gell, Cada 
Mosto, Pedro di Sintra, Diego d'Azambuza, Bartholomew 
Diaz, Vasco de Gama, Voyages to the Canary Islands, 
Voyages of Columbus, Nino and Guierra, Ojeda and Ves- 
pusius Cortereal, Alvarez Cabral, Prancis Almeed, Albu- 
querque, Andrea Corsali, Voyage to St. Thomas, Voyage 
of de Solis, Pinzon, etc. Voyage of John Ponce, Grijalva, 
Nicuessa, Cortes, Ojeda and Ocampo, Magellan, with other 
Voyages to the East Indies, the West ladies, Eound the 
World, etc. Land. 1789, 4» 

Five prel. leaves and pp. 7-518; Plates and Maps. 

2253 Wadsworth (Benjamin) Pa«for of iosfow. An Essay for 

the Charitable Spreading of the Gospel into Dark Ignorant 
Places, being a Sermon preached in Boston, Oct. 16, 1718, 
calf extra, hy Bedford 

Boston, ly B. Oreen,for Benj. Miot, 1718, 12" 
Title and 36 pp. 

2254 Wadsworth (Benjamin) The Gospel not Opposed, but by 

the Devil and Men's Lusts, a Sermon preached at Boston, 
Jan. 8, 1718-19, calf extra, by Bedford 

Boston, hy B. Gveenfor Benj. Miot, 1719, 12" 
Title and 46 pp. 

2255 Wadsworth (Benjamin) Vicious Courses, Procuring Po- 

verty, Described and Condemned, a Sermon preached at 
Boston, Feb. 19, 1718-19, calf extra, ly Bedford 

Boston, ly JoJm Allen, for Benjamin JEliot, 1719, 12" 
Title and 32 pp. 

2256 Wafer (Lionel) A New Voyage and Description of the 

Isthmus of America, giving an Account of the Author's 
Abode there .... the Indian Inhabitants, their Features, 
Complexion, etc. their Manners, Customs, Employments, 
Marriages, Eeasts, Hunting, Computation, Language, etc. 
with Eemarkable Occurrences in the South Sea, and else- 
where, old calf Land. 1699, 8" 
Four prel. leaves and 224 pp.; Index, 14 pp.; Books, etc. 2 pp ; Map at 
page 1 ; Plates at pp. 28, 103, 141. Wafer was Surgeon to the Expe- 
dition of Dampier across the Isthmus of Barien, and was left among 
the Indians on account of a wound he received hy the explosion of some 

2257 Walker (Sie Hovenden) A Journal ; or Pull Account 

of the late Expedition to Canada, with an Appendix 

Lond. 1720, 8" 
Two prel. leaves and 304 pp. This volume was written hy Sir W. Hoveu- 
den in exculpation of himself and others who commanded the unfortu- 
nate expedition against Canada, when, by the unskilfulness of the Pilots, 
eight ships and nearly a thousand men were lost in the river St. Law- 

EIGHTH day's sale. 257 

2258 Walker (James) Letters on the "West Indies, uncut 

Lond. 1818, xvi and 268 pp. S" 

2259 "Wallace (Edward J.) The Oregon Question determined by 

the Eules of International Law Lond. 1846, 39 pp. 8° 

2260 "Waller. An Essay on the Value of the Mines, late of Sir 

Carbery Price, by William Waller, Gent. Steward of the 
said Mines, writ for the private satisfaction of all the 
Partners, old red morocco, fine copy Lond. 1698, 8° 

Twelve prel. leaves, and 55 pp. With two folding' sheets, one a woodcut 
plan of Potosi. Apparently privately printed. 

2261 Walter (Thomas) Elora Carolina, secundum Systema Vege- 

tabUium Perillustris Linnsei digesta, hds. uncut, tvith several 
Manuscript additions Lond. 1788, 8° 

viii and 263 pp. Plate facing title. 

2262 Walton and Cotton's Angler, edited by Gr. W. Bethune, 

iiAE&E PAPEE, plates and a duplicate set of tlie woodcuts 
{Proofs) New York, 1847, royal 8° 

Title, portrait, Advertisement to the American edition, 1 page. Bibliogra- 
phical Preface by the American Editor, pp. i — Ixxxiv. Prel. leaves, pp. i 
— xci. Te.vt, pp. i-249. Cotton's Complete Angler — Portrait, Title, Life of 
Cotton, pp. 1-29. Text, pp. .31-114. Appendix, pp. 115-191. Works 
referred to, pp. 192-195. Li&tof Books belonging to Iz. Walton, pp. 196-7. 
Works by Iz. Walton and Cotton, pp. 198-203. Index, pp. 206-210. 

2263 Wabd. De la Guard (Theodore) The Simple Cobler of Ag- 

gavvam in America, willing tohelp to mend his Native 
Country, lamentably tattered both in the upper leather and 
sole, morocco extra, good copy 

Lond. for S. Bowtell, 1647, 4° 

Title ; " To the Reader," 1 leaf ; text, 80 pp. ending with a verse entitled 
" The Clench" (some copies have this verse before the Errata, and with 
the heading "Sutor ultra crepidam" at p. 1). This rare and curious 
work, which abounds in quaint imagery and doggrell rhyme, was pub- 
lished under the assumed name of Theodore de la Guard. An Account 
of the Author (Rev. Nathaniel Ward) will be found in Mather's IVIagnalia. 

2264 Warden (D. B.) A Ghorographical and Statistical Descrip- 

tion of the District of Columbia 

Faris, Smith, Sue Montmorency, 1816, 8° 
vii and 212 pp. Index, 2 pp. Plan at page 1. Plate at page 34. 

2265 Warren (George) An Impartial Description of Surinam upon 

the Continent of Gitiana, in America, with a History of 
several strange Beasts, Birds, Kshes, Serpents, Insects, 
and Customs of that Colony, etc. calf extra, hy 'Bedford 

Lond. hy William Oodhidfor Nathaniel Broohe, 1667, 4° = 
Two prel. leaves; viz. Title, the reverse blank. ' To the Reader,' 2 pp. 
Text, 28 pp. 

2266 Washington. The Campaigns of the British Army at Wash- 

ington and New Orleans, in the Tears 1814-1815, by the 
Author of the Subaltern, corrected and revised, 4th Ed. 
cloth Lond. 1836, iv and 389 pp. 12° 

258 EIGHTH day's SALE. 

2267 Washington (George). Letters from G-eneral "Washington 

to several of his Friends in the Tear 1776, in which are 
set forth a fairer and fuller View of American Politics than 
ever yet transpired, halfmor. 

Lond. 1777, title and 73 pp. 8" 

2268 "Washington. A Poetical Epistle to his Excellency George 

"Washington, Esq. from an Inhabitant of the State of Mary- 
land; to which is annexed a Short Sketch of General 
"Washington's Life and Character, unbound 

Annapolis, 1779 : Lond. repr. 1780, 24 pp. 4" 

2269 Washington (George) A Message of the President of the 

United States to Congress relative to France and Great 
Britain, delivered December 5, 1793, with the Papers therein 
referred to. Published by order of the House of Eepre- 
sentatives, halfmor. uncut 

Philadelphia : Ghilds and Swaine, 1793, 103 pp. 8° 

2270 Washington (George) Official Letters to the Honorable 

American Congress, written during the War between the 
United Colonies and Great Britain, copied from the Origi- 
nal Papers preserved in the Office of the Secretary of State, 
Philadelphia, 2 vols. Ids. Lond. 1795, 8" 

Vol. I. viii and 364 pp. II. Half-title, title, and 384 pp. 

2271 Washington (George) Letters from, to Arthur "Toung, con- 

taining an Account of his Husbandry, with a Map of his 
Farm, etc. calf Lond. 1801, vi and 172 pp. and map, 8° 

2272 Washington. Monuments of Washington's Patriotism ; a 

Facsimile of his Public Accounts kept during the Eevolu- 
tionary War, presentation copy from Joseph Till of New 
Orleans to S. S. Sardy Washington, 1888, folio 

Portrait. Title with Table of Contents at back. Two plates of the Man- 
sion and Tomb of Washington. Certificate of the Correctness of the 
facsimile, 1 page. Documents connected with the life of Washington, 
p. 1-23. Constitution of the United States, 4 pp. Facsimile of Ac- 
counts,, pp. I to 66. Facsimile of Paper Money, 2 pp. Plan of the Line 
of March, etc. 3 pp. Extracts from Marshall's Life, 1 page. 

2273 Washington (George) Life of, with an Introduction, con- 

taining a View of the Colonies planted by the English on 
the Continent of North America, by J. Marshall, portrait 
and plates, 5 \6[s. half Id. 1804,8" 

Vol. I. Title and prel. leaves, 36 pp. Text, pp. 1-576. Two Maps and Por- 
trait. II. Title, frontispiece. Table of Contents 6 pp. Text, pp. 1-633. 
III. Title, frontispiece, Table of Contents, 6 pp. Text, pp. 1-570. IV. 
Title, Contents, 6 pp. Text, pp. 1-684. V. Title, Contents, 6 pp. Text, 
pp. 1-841. Pedigree of Washington, 2 pp. 10 Maps. 

2274 Waterton (Charles) Wanderings in South America, the 

North- West of the United States, and the Antilles, in 

1812-24, LABGE PAPEE, Ids. 

Lond. 1825, vii and 826 pp. frontisp. 4* 

2275 Watts (Isaac) A Guide to Prayer, 8th Ed. corrected, title a 

little torn Boston, J. Draper, for B. Henchman, 1789, 12" 
Title, X and 228 pp. Table 4 pp. 


2276 Webster (Noali) Collection of Papers on Political, Literary 

and Moral Subjects 

New York, 1843, title and 8 prel. pp. Text 373 pp. 8° 

2277 "Webster (Pelatiah) Political Essays on the Nature and 

Operation of Money, Public Finances, and other Subjects, 
half calf PMladelphia : Joseph Crukshank, 1791, 8" 

viii and 504 pp. 

2278 Webedt ( de) Historisch ende Wijdtloopigh ver- 

hael, van'tghene de vijf Schepeu (die int Jaer 1698, tot 
Eotterdam toegherust zijn, om door de Straet Magellana 
haren handel te dryven) wedervaren is, tot den 7 Septem- 
ber, 1599, op welcken dagh Capiteyn Sebald de VVeerdt 

Amst. Michiel Golijn, title and 78 pp. ob. 4° 
See also Van Joris, Van Neck, and Voyages 

2279 Weld (Isaac) Travels through the States of North America 

and Tipper and Lower Canada during the years 1795-97, 

half calf Lond. 1799, S" 

xxiv and 464 pp. ; Books, etc. 8 pp. ; ' Erratum,' pasted at the bottom of 
the List of Plates ; 16 plates. 

2280 — The same, 8rd Ed. 2 vols, half calf Lond. 1800, 8° 

Vol.1. XX and 427 pp.; 2 maps and 9 plates. II. viii and 376 pp.; 
5 plates. 

2281 — The same, 4th Ed. 2 vols, half calf Lond. 1807, 8« 

Vol. I. XX and 427 pp.; 2 maps and 9 plates. II. viii and 376 pp.; 
5 plates. • 

2282 Weide (T.) A Short Story of the Eise, Eeign, and Euine 

of the Antinomians, Eamilists, and Libertines, that infected 
the Churches of New England .... and the Lamentable 
Death of Mrs. Hutchison, very fit for these Times, eiest 
EDITION, with the autograph of White Kennet on the title, 
calf extra ly Bedford, cut close 

Lond. for Ralph Smith, 1644, 4" 

Ten prel. leaves, viz. Title in a metal border, the reverse blank ; ' To the 
Header,' signed ' T. W.' 1 page ; ' The Preface,' signed ' T. Welde,' 
16 pp.; text, 66 pp. 

2283 Wemms (William). The Trial of William Wemms, James 

Hartegan, William M'Cauley, Hugh White, Mathew Kill- 
roy, William Warren, John Carrol, and Hugh Mont- 
gomery, Soldiers in his Majesty's 29th Regiment of Eoot, 
for the Murder of Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, Samuel 
Maverick, James Caldwell, and Patrick Carr, on the 5th of 
March, 1770, at the Superior Court of Judicature, Court 
of Assize, and general G-aol Delivery, held at Boston, calf 
extra, hy Bedford Boston, J. Fleeming, 1770, 217 pp. 80 

A copious record of the exact facts and circumstances of this case, which 
have been so often miarepreaented for party purposes. 

260 EietHTH day's sale-. 

2284 Wesley ( Jotn) A Calm Address to our American Colonies, 

hf.mor. Lond. 1175,2^^^.120 

Ml'. Wesley here reproduces some of the arguments of Taxation no 
Tyranny, and his Tract elicited almost as many replies as did that of 
Dr. Johnson. 

2285 — The same, another Ed. Jif. mor. Lond. [1775]^ 23 pp. 12° 

2286 — The same, a New Edition, corrected and enlarged 

Lond. [1776], 22 pp. 12<> 

2287 — The same, another Ed. Jif. mor. Lond. 1777, 21 pp. 12<^ 

2288 Wesley. An Old Eox Tarr'd and Eeathered; occasioned 

by what is called Mr. John Wesley's Calm Address to our 
American Colonies, by an Hanoverian ; a Calm Address 
to our American Colonies, hf. mor. 

Lond. for the Author, [1775], 16 pp. 8° 

Vignette on title representing a fox in clerical vestments. The intention 
is to show Mr. Wesley's plagiarism, pointing out no less than thirty-one- 
paragraphs borrowed from Johnson's Taxation no Tyranny. — Rich. 

2289 Wesley (John) Some Observations on Liberty ; occasioned 

by a late Tract, hf. mor. Lond. 1776, 36 pp. 12" 

2290 West (John) The Substance of a Journal during a Residence 

at the Red Eiver Colony, British North America, and. 
frequent Excursions among the North-west American 
Indians, cloth Lond. 1827, 8° 

xvi and 326 pp. ; 4 plates. 

2291 West Indies. West-ttnd Ost Indischee Lttstgaut : 

das ist, Eygentliche Erzehlung, :wann vnd von wem die 
Newe Welt ersunden, besagelt, vnd eingenommen worden,, 
vnd was sich Denckwiirdiges darbey zugetragen, vellmn 

Collen, Bey Wilhelm LiUzenhirchen, 1618, 4° 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Title, the reverse blank ; ' Dem Hochwiirdigen in 
Gott Vatter vnnd Herren, Herren Hugoni,' etc. 4 pp. signed ' Gaspar 
Ens L. Wilhelm Lutzenkirchen :' 'An den Giinstigen Leser,' 2 pp.;, 
text, 436 pp.; 'Des Ost Indischeu Lustgartens Erster Theil,' 236 pp. 
Not mentioned by Rich. 

2292 — West Indisohe Spieghel, waer inne men sien kan, 

alle de Eylanden, Provintien, Lantschappen, het Maehtige 
Eyck van Mexico, en 'tGrout en Silver-ryeke Landt van 
Peru. Als mede hoe die vande Spanjaerden eerst ge inva- 
deert syn, door Athanasium Inga, Peruaen, van Cusco, 
vellum Amst., B. lansz, 1624, 4° 

Four prel. leaves, viz. Engraved and printed titles ; ' Toe eyghen-Brief,' 
4 pp.; text, 435 pp.; ■ Register des Boecks,' 7 pp.; 3 maps, 'tNoorder 
deel van West Indien' and ' 't Zuyder deel van West-Indien.' Not 
mentioned by Rich. 

2293 — Certaine Inducements to well-minded People, who are 

heere straitned in their Estates or otherwise, to transport 
themselves, or Servants, or Agents for them, into the West 
Indies, for the Propagating the Grospell and Increase of 
Trade [Land. 1644 ?], 4°- 

Twelve leaves, sig. A, B, C, paged 1-24. 


2294 "West Indies. Copye, vande Eesolutie van de Heeren Burge- 

meesters ende Eaden tot Amsterdam, op't stuk vande West 
Indische Compagnie, genomen in August! 1649, lif. mor. 4° 
Eight leaves in Roman type. 

2295 — Copyen. [Aen de Hoogh-Mogende Heeren Staten Ge- 

nerael der Vereeneghde Nederlanden] 16 pp. 4° 

Relating to Brasil and the West India Company. 

2296 — Nader Prolongatie van het Octroy voor de Westindische 

Compagnie, en van de eerste prolongatie van dien, voor den 
tyd van nog dertig jaaren, gearresteert den 8 Angusty 
1730, calf, hy Sayday 

Gravenhage, Jacobus Scheltns, 1730, 20 pp. 4° 

2297 — To the Honourable the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses 

in Parliament assembled. The Humble Petition of several 
Proprietors of Plantations in the Islands of Nevis and 
St. Christophers in America, and Merchants trading to the 
same ; on behalf of themselves and other Inhabitants and 
Traders to the aforesaid Islands 

[Londort], a single sheet, folio 

2298 — A Letter to the Eight Eeverend the Lord Bishop of Lon- 

don from an Inhabitant of his Majesty's Leeward-Caribbee- 
Islands, half mor. Loiid. 1730, 8° 

Half-title, title, and text 103 pp. 

2299 — The Present State of the British Sugar Colonies Consi- 

der' d, in a Letter from a Gentleman of Barbadoes to his 
Priend in London, half mor. Lond. 1731, 28 pp. 4» 

2300 — The Importance of the Sugar Colonies to Great Britain 

Stated, and Some Objections against the Sugar Colony BiU 
answer' d, AffiZ/'wjor. iow£?. 1731, 40 pp. 8" 

2301 — A Comparison between the British Sugar Colonies and 

New England as they relate to the Interest of Great Britain, 
with some Observations on the State of New England, half 
mor. Lond. 1732, 43 pp. 8° 

2302 — Proposals for the Sugar Planters' Address, and for Eeviv- 

ing the British Sugar Commerce, half mor. 

Lond. 1733, 35 pp. 4° 

2303 — A Geographical and Historical Description of the Prin- 

cipal Objects of the Present War in the West Indies, viz. 
Cartagena, Puerto-Bello, La Vera Cruz, The Havana, and 
San Aiigustin, stained, half mor. Lond. 1741, 8" 

Four prel. leaves, and 192 pp. With the Map of the West Indies. Plan 
of Puerto Bello Harbour at page 85, 

2304 — Journal of the Expedition to La Guira and Porto Caval 

los in the West Indies, under the command of Commodore 
Knowles, half mor. Lond. 1744, 63 pp. 8" 

2305 — Real Compania de Comercio para las Islas de Santo Do- 

mingo, Puerto-Eico, y la Margarita, citron morocco, with 
arms of Lord Stuart de 'Rothesay 
Madrid : Joseph Mica, 1755, 2 pr. leaves, text 33 pp. 16° 

262 EIGHTH day's SALE. 

2306 West Indies. Eeasons grounded on Facts. Shewing, I. That 

a new Duty on Sugar must fall on the Planter. II. That the 
Liberty of a direct Exportation to Foreign Markets will 
not help him in this Case. III. That a new Duty will not 
certainly increase the Eevenue. And IV. That it will pro- 
bably occasion the Desertion of our Sugar Islands, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1748, title and p. 3-21, 8" 

2307 — The Memorials of the English and French Commissaries 

concerning St. Lucia, _^Me copy, old calf 

Lond. 1755, title and 550 pp. 4" 
2308 — Candid and Impartial Considerations on the Nature of 
the Sugar Trade ; the Comparative Importance of the Bri- 
tish and French Islands in the West-Indies : with the 
Value and Consequence of St. Lucia and Grranada truly 
Lond. 1763, half-title and title, 2 Is. text 228 pp. 3 plates, 8" 

2309 — Thoughts on Trade in G-eneral, our West-Indian in par- 

ticular, our Continental Colonies, Canada, Gruadaloupe, and 
the preliminary Articles of Peace, addressed to the Com- 
munity, half mor. Lond. 1763, 8° 
Eighty-six pp ; dated ' December, 1762,' and signed ' Ignotus.' 

2310 — Considerations on the Imposition of 4| per Cent, col- 

lected on Grenada, and the Southern Charibee Islands, by 
Virtue of His Majesty's Letters Patent, half morocco 

Lond. 1774, 8» 
Title, and dedication 2 leaves ; text, 40 pp. 

2311 — A State of the Claim of His Majesty's Bermuda Subjects 

to the Eight of Gathering Salt at Turks Islands, hf. mor. 

Lond. 1790, title and 26 pp. 4° 

2312 — An Appeal to the candour and justice of the People of 

England, in behalf of the West India Merchants and 
Planters, founded on plain facts and incontrovertible argu- 
ments, lif. mor. Lond. 1792, xvi, and 118 pp. 8" 

2313 — An Inquiry into the Causes of the Insurrection of the 

Negroes in the Island of St. Domingo, with the Observa- 
tions of M. Garran-Coulon on the same subject, Tialfmor. 

Lond. 1792, 32 pp. 8<> 

2314 — Considerations on the present Crisis of Affairs, as it 

respects the West-India Colonies, and the probable Effects 
of the French Decree for Emancipating the Negroes, fine 
copy, tmcut Lond. 1795, half-title, title, and 76 pp. 8° 

2315 — The Opportunity or Eeasons for an Immediate Alliance 

with St. Domingo, by the Author of " The Crisis of the 
Sugar Colonies," tmbound Lond. 1804, 8" 

yiii and text 156 pp. 
0000 West Indies. See AsUey, Barladoes, Jamaica, St. Do- 
mingo, Sotner Islands, Tobago. 

EIGHTH bat's SALE. 263 

2316 AVetmore (James) A Yindication of the Professors of the 

Church of England in Connecticut, against the Invectives 
contained in a Sermon preached at Stanford by Mr. Noah 
Hobart, Dec. 31, 1746, halfmor. Boston, 1747, 45 pp. 8" 

2317 Wheaton (Dr. H.) Elements of International Law, sixth 

JEd. edited by "W. B. Lavsrence, calf Boston, 1855, 8° 

Title. Table of Contents, pp. iii-xi. Introductory remarks, pp. xiii-cxcvi. 
Text, pp. 1-622. Appendix, pp. 625-694. Table of Cases, pp. 695-700. 
Index, pp. 701-728. 

2318 Wheelock (Eev. Eleazer), Minister, of Lebanon, A Brief 

Narrative of the Indian Charity School in Lebanon, Con- 
necticut, half mar. Land, iy J. and W. Oliver, 1766, 8° 
Title ; text pp. 3-48. " Appendix," pp. 49-64. 

2319 Wheelock (Eleazar) A plain and faithful Narative of the 

Original Design, Rise, Progress and present State of the 

Indian Charity School at Lebanon, in Connecticut, hf. mor. 

Boston, Richard and Samuel Draper, 1763, 55 pp. 8° 

2320 Whitater (Nathanael) Minister, of Salem, Two Sermons 

on the Doctrine of Eeconciliation ; together with an Ap- 
pendix, in answer to a Dialogue wrote to discredit the main 
Truths contained in these Discourses, by the Eeverend 
William Hart, of Saybrook, in Connecticut, uncut 

Salem, Samuel Rail, 1770, 168 pp. 8° 

2321 WHiTBorENE (Eichakd) a Disootese and Discoteex 

or NEVT-roTifD-LAiiD, with many reasons to prooue how 
worthy and beneficiall a Plantation may there be made, 
after a far better manner than now it is ; fiest edition, 
fine copy, in calf extra, ly Bedford 

Lond. Felix Kyngston, for William Barret, 1620, 4° 

Nine prel. leaves, viz. Title, on the reverse the royal arms ; ' To the High 
and Mightie Prince, lames, &c.' (A 3), 4 pp. signed ' Richard Whit- 
bovrne;' 'To his Maiesties good Subiects,' (B), 4 pp. signed ' R. W.;' 
'The Preface, being an Indvction to the following Discourse,' (B 3), 
8 pp. in italics; text (D), 69 pp. followed by one blank page ; 'A con- 
clusion to the Header,' 4 pp. 

2322 — The same, anothee Edition, autograph of White Ken- 

nett on the title, calf extra, by Bedford 

Lond. by Felix Kingston, 1622, 4° 

Eleven prel. leaves, viz. Title, on the reverse the royal arms; 'At Theobalds, 
the 12. of April, 1 622,' 1 page : ' After our very hearty Commendations 
to your good Lordships,' etc. 1 page ; ' The names of some, who haue 
vndertaken to helpe and aduance his Maiesties Plantations in the New- 
found-land, viz.' 2 pp. signed 'R. W.;' 'To the High and Mightie 
Prince, lames, &o.' 4 pp. signed ' Richard Whitbovrne ;' ' To his Ma- 
iesties good Subiects,' 4 pp. signed 'R. W.;' -The Preface,' 8 pp.; 
text, 107 pp.; ' A Conclusion to the former Discourse,' etc. ?i pp. signed 
' R.W. ;' ' A Letter from Captaine Edward Wynne,' and 3 other Letters, 
pp.'l to 15 (pp, 35, 70 and 71, are paged 3, 100 and 101). This edition 
contains much additional matter beyond that included in the pre- 

2 M 

264 EIGHTH bat's SALE. 

2323 "Whiteouene. The same, another Edition, calf extra by 

Bedford Lond. Felix Kingston, 1623, 4» 

Nine prel. leaves, viz. Title, on the reverse the royal arms, and ' Most 
humbly,' etc.; ' At Theobalds, the 12. of Aprill 1692,' 1 page ; ' After 
our very hearty Commendations to your good Lordships,' etc. 1 page i 
' The names of some, who haue vndertaken to helpe and aduance his 
Maiesties Plantation in the New-found-land, viz.' 2 pp. signed ' U.W. ;' 
' To the High and Mightie Prince, lames, etc' 2 pp. ; ' To his 
Maiesties good Subiects,' 3 pp. ; ' The Preface,' 7 pp. ; text, 97 pp. ; 
' A Conclusion to the former Discourse,' etc. 4 pp. ; ' A Letter from 
Captaine Edward Wynne,' etc. and 3 other Letters, pp. 1 to 15. 

Containing the additional matter mentioned in the preceding. Capt, 
Whitbourne was the father of Newfoundland, as Smith was of Virginia 

■ and New England, and Champlain was of Canada.— iZicft. 

2324 "WTiitefield (George) A Journal of a Voyage from London 

to Savannah in G-eorgia, in two Parts, hf. mor. title damaged 
\Lond. 1738], title, iv and 58 pp. 8° 

2325 — The same, 5th Ed. Lond. 1739, 55 pp. 8° 

2326 "Whitefield (Greorge). A Continuation of theEeverend Mr. 

Whitefield's Journal, from his Embarking after the Em- 
bargo, to his arrival at Savannah in Georgia 

Lond. 1740, 88 pp. 8» 

2327 "Whitefield. A Continuation of the Eeverend Mr. White- 

field's Journal, from his arrival at Savannah, to his Eeturn 
to London, half mor. Lond. 1739, 8" 

Two prel. leaves and 38 pp. 'Advertisement," 1 page. This may he re- 
garded as the genuine edition ; in it the author says that the Journals 
already published were printed without his knowledge. 

2328 — The same, 2nd Ed. Lond. 1739, 2 pr. leaves and 38 pp. 8<> 

2329 Whitefield (George). A Continuation of the Eeverend Mr. 

Whitefield's Journal, from a few days after his Eeturn to 
Georgia to his Arrival at Falmouth, on the 11th of March, 
1741. Containing an Account of the Work of God at 
Georgia, Ehode-Island, New-England, New-Tork, Penn- 
sylvania and South Carolina. The Seventh Journal, 2nd 
Ed. half mor. Lond. 1744, 88 pp. 8° 

2330 Whitefield (George) Answer to the Bishop of London's 

last Pastoral Letter, 2nd Ed. Lond. 1739, 8» 

Two titles; text, pp. .%28. 'A Supplement to the Rer. Mr. Whitefield's 
Answer,' etc. 8 pp. 

2331 Whitefield (George) The heinous Sin of Drunkenness, a 

Sermon Preached on board the Whitaker, wanting all after 
page 20 Lond. 1739, 8° 

2332 Whitefield (George) Thankfulness for Mercies received, a 

necessary Duty ; a PareweU Sermon Preached on board 
the Whitaker, at anchor near Savannah in Georgia, on 
Sunday, May the 17th, 1738 Lond. 1739, S" 

Title, and pp. 3-24. 

2333 Whitefield (George) An Account of Money Eeceived and 

Disbursed for the Orphan-House in Georgia Lond. 1741, 8° 
Title and 45 pp. With Plan of the Orphan House. 

EIGHTH bat's SALE. 265 

2334 Whitefield (George) A Continuation of tlie Account of the 

Orphan-House in Georgia, from January, 174J, to June, 
1742, to which are also subjoined, some Extracts from an 
Account of a Work of a like Nature, carried on by the late 
Professor Frank in Glaucha near Hall in Saxony, unbound 

JEdinb. 1742, 85 pp. 12» 

2335 AVhitefield (George) A Letter to the Eeverend Mr. John 

Wesley, in Answer to his Sermon entituled Free-Grace 

Lond. 1741, 81 pp. 8° 

2336 Whitefield (George). A Short Account of God's Dealings 

with the Eeverend Mr. George Whitefield, from his 
Infancy to the time of his entring into Holy Orders. 
Written by himself, on board the Elizabeth, Captaine 
Stephenson, bound from London to Philadelphia, and sent 
over by him to be published for the Benefit of the Orphan 
House in Georgia, 2nd Ed. halfmor. Lond. 1744, 46 pp. 12" 

2337 Whitefield (George) Britain's Mercies, and Britain's Duty ; 

Eepresented in a Sermon Preach'd at the New-Building 
in Philadelphia, on Sunday, August 24, 1746, occasioned 
by the Suppression of the late Unnatural Eebellion, 2nd 
Ed. Boston, S. Kneeland and T. Green, 1746, 8* 

Title and pp. 5-22. 

2338 — The same, another Ed. Jif. mar. Lond. repr. 1746, 24 pp. 8» 

2339 Whitefield (George.) The Two First Parts of his Life, 

with his Journals, revised, corrected, and abridged, old calf 
Lond. 1756, 3 prel. leaves and 446 pp. 12" 

2340 Whitelocke (John) Commander-in-Chief of the JSxpedition 

against Buenos Ayres, Trial of, by Court-Martial 

Lond. 1808, 8° 

Half-title, title, and 214 pp. 1 blank leaf. 'Appendix,' 12 pp. Plan of 
the march, etc. 

2341 Whitney (Peter) The History of the County of Worcester, 

in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, calf 

Worcester, Mass., Isaiah Thomas, 1793, 839 pp. and map, 8° 

2342 Wholsome Severity reconciled with Christian Liberty: 

the chiefe Arguments and Exceptions used in ' The Bloudy 
Tenent,' ' The Compassionate Samaritane,' M. S. to A. S. 
etc. examined, half mor. 

Lond. for Christopher Meredith, 1645, 4° 
Four prel. leaves and 40 pp. Partly in answer to Roger Williams' Bloudy 

2343 Wigglesworth (Edward) Sollis Frofessor of Divinity, The 

Blessedness of the Dead who die in the Lord, a Sermon, in 
the Hall of Harvard CoUege, upon the News of the Death 
of Thomas HoUis, Esq. of London, the most bountiful Be- 
nefactor to that Society, unbound 

Boston, S. Qerrish, 1731, title, iv and 23 pp. 8" 

2344 Wigglesworth (Edward) Calculations on American Popula- 

tion, with a Table for estimating the annual Increase of 
Inhabitants in the British Colonies, halfmor. 

Boston, John Boyle, 1775, 24 pp. 8° 

266 EIGHTH day's SALE. 

2345 "Wigglesworth (Edward) A Letter to the Eeveread Mr. 

Greorge WHtefield, by Way of Eeply to his Answer to the 
College Testimony against him and his Conduct 

Boston, T. Meet, 1745, 4» 
Sixty-one pp. ' Postcript,' 2 pp. ' The Reverend President's Answer,' 
5 pp. signed ' Edward Holyoke.' 

2346 "Wilberforce (Samuel) A History of the Protestant Episco- 

pal Church in America, cloth, wncut 

Land. 1844, xvi and 456 pp. map and table, 12" 

2347 "Wilcocke (Samuel Hull) History of the Viceroyalty of Bue- 

nos Ayres Lond. [1806], 8» 

Two prel. leaves and 576 pp. Map facing title, chart and 6 plates. 

, 2348 Wilkes (Charles) Narrative of the United States Exploring 
Expedition, during the Tears 1883-42, condensed and 
abridged, half calf lond. [1845], 4 pr. Is. and 372 pp. S" 

2349 Wilkinson (James). Burr's Conspiracy exposed, and Ge- 

neral Wilkinson vindicated against the slanders of his 
Enemies on that important occasion, half calf 1811, 8" 
Title ; Advertisement, 1 page ; Introduction, pp. 3-18 j text; pp. 3-99 j 
Appendix, 136 pp. 

2350 WiLLAED (Samuel) A Sermon preached upon Ezek. 22, 

30, 31, occasioned by the Death of the much honoured 
John Leveeet, Esq., Govemour of the Colony of the 
Massachusets, '&^.,Jme copy in moroeeo, ly Bedford 

Boston, John Foster, 1679, 4" 
Title in a type metal border, the reverse blank, and text, 13 pp. 

2351 WiLLAED (Samuel) The Duty of a People that have 

Renewed their Covenant with God, opened and urged in 
a Sermon, preached to the Second Church in Boston in 
New England, March 17, 16J|-, after that Church had 
explicitly and most solemnly renewed the Ingagement of 
themselves to God, and one to another, fine copy in mo- 
rocco, ly Bedford Boston, John Foster, 1680, 4" 
Title, reverse blank, and 13 pp. 

2352 WiLLAED (Samuel) Ne Sutoe ultea Cebpidam; or 

Brief Animadversions upon the New England Anabaptists' 
late fallacious Narrative, wherein the Notorious Mistakes 
and Falsehoods by them Published, are detected,^«e copy 
in morocco, by Bedford Boston, 1681, 4'* 

Pour prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blank ; ' To the Reader,' 5 pp. 
signed ' IncBEASE Mather;' text, 27 pp. 

2353 WiLLAED (Samuel) The Mourner's Cordial against exces- 

sive Sorrow Boston, Benj. Ma/rris and John Allen, 1691, 12" 
Title ; Epistle, pp. 3-4 ; text, pp. 137 ; Advertisements, p. 138 ; at foot of 
Title, " Very suitable to be given at Funerals." 

2354 Willard (Samuel) Love's Pedigree ; or a Discourse shewing 

the Grace of Love in a Believer to be of a Divine Original, 
delivered in a Sermon preached at the Lecture in Boston, 
Feb. 29, l^^g^halfmor. 
Boston, B. Green and J. Allen, 1700, title and 3-28 pp., 16° 

EIGHTH bat's SALE. 267 

2355 WiUard (Samuel) The Peril of the Times Diisplayed -. or, the 

Danger of Mens taking up with a Form of Godliness, but 
Denying the Power of it : being the Substance of several 
Sermons, calf extra, ly Bedford 

Boston, B. Green and J. Allen, 1700, 168 pp. 12'> 

2356 WiiLAED (SAMrEL) A Compleat Body of Divinity in Two 

Hundred and Pifty Expository Lectures on the Assembly's 
Shorter Catechism 

Boston, B. Green and 8. Kneeland for B. Miot and 

B. Henchman, 1726, folio 
Title, iv, 6. and 914 pp. ; a catalogue, etc. 1 page. Said to be the fii'st 
volume in folio size (except Laws) printed in America. 

2357 Willard's History of the United States, a series of 12 Maps 

to New York, 1829, 4° 

2358 Williams (Daniel) Man made Eighteous by Christ's Obe- 

dience : being two Sermons at Pinners-Hall ; also some 
Remarks on Mr. Mather's Postscript, etc. old calf 

Bond. J. Bunton, 1694, 6 pr. leaves and 238 pp. 8° 

2359 Williams (Edwaed) Vieginia : moee especially the 

South paet theeeoe, eiohly and teult talued, viz. 
The fertile Carolana, and no lesse excellent Isle of Eoa- 
noak, of latitude from 31 to 37 degrees, relating the meanes 
of raysing infinite profits to the Adventurers and Planters, 
the second Edition, with addition of the Discovery of SUk 
Worms, red morocco, hy F. Bedford, pine copy 

T. S.for John Stephenson, 1650, 4° 
Six prel. leaves, viz. Title, reverse blauk; To the worthy Gentleman, 
2 pp.; To the Supreme Authority, 8 pp.; text, 47 pp.; The Table, 
8 pp. ; Second Title, " Virginia's Discovery of Silk Worms," etc. 1660 ; 
4 prel. leaves, viz. 1 blank ; Title, reverse blank ; To all the Virginian 
Merchants, 4 pp. ; text, 78 pp. This copy possesses the large copper- 
plate maps of Virginia, so seldom found -with the book. 

2360 Williams (Capt. Griffith) An Account of the Island of 

Newfoundland, its Trade and Pishery, half mor. 

Printed for Capt. Cole, 1765, 8° 
Half-title, title, and 35 pp. 

2361 Williams (John, LL.D.) An Enquiry into the Truth of the 

Tradition concerning the Discovery of America, by Prince 
Madog ab Owen Gwynedd, about the year 1170, half. mor. 
uncut Bond. 1791, 8° 

Half-title, title, Preface, 4 pp. ; text, 82 pp. ; Appendix, 3 pp. ; " Pub- 
lished by the same Author," 1 page. On the half-title of this copy is 
written " Dr. Williams' Library, from the Author." 

2362 WiUiams (John) Farther Observations on the Discovery of 

America, by Prince Madog ab Gwynedd, about the year 
1170, containing the Account given by General Bowles, 
the Creek or Cherokee Indian, lately in London, and by 
several others, of a Welsh Tribe or Tribes of Indians, now 
living in the "Western parts of North America 

Bond. 1792, ix and 51 pp. 8° 

268 EIGHTH day's SALE. 

2363 Williams (Jonathan) Thermometrieal Navigation, being 

a Series of Experiments and Observations tending to 
Prove, that by ascertaining the Eelative Heat of the Sea- 
Water from time to time, the passage of a, Ship through 
the Grulph Stream, and from deep water into Soundings, 
may be discovered in time to avoid Danger, old calf 

Philadelphia, B. Aitken, 1799, 8* 
xii and 98 pp. ; ' Postscript,' 4 pp. ;. with map. 

2364 Williams (Eoger) The Bloudy Tenant of Persecution for 

Cause of Conscience Discused, and Mr. Cotton's Letter 
examined and answered, edited for The Hanserd KJioUys 
Society, by Edward Bean Tlnderhill, cloth Lond. 1848, 8" 
xlvi pp. ; Title and 440 pp. ; ' Second Annual Report,' etc. 8 pp. See 
No. 2342. 

2365 Williams (Samuel) The Natural ' and Civil History of 

Vermont, calf Walpole, New Hampshire, Isaiah Thomas 
and David Carlisle, Jun. 1794, 8'* 
xvi and 416 pp. ; Map of Vermont. Styled by Rich " A valuable 

2366 WitMOEB (John). The Case of John Wilmore truly and 

impartially related ; or a Looking-Q-lass for all Merchants 
and Planters that are concerned in the American Planta- 
tions, halfmor. Lond. 1682, title and 17 pp. folio 

2367 Willson (Marcius) American History : comprising Historical 

Sketches of the Indian Tribes ; a description of American 
Antiquities, with an inquiry into their origin and the origin 
of the Indian Tribes, cloth New York, 1847, 672 pp. 8<'- 

2368 Wilson (H.). The Shipwreck of the Antelope East-India 

Packet, H. Wilson, Esq. Commander, on the Pelew Islands, 
situate in the West Part of the Pacific Ocean, in August, 
1783, containing the subsequent Adventures of the Crew 
with a singular Eace of People hitherto unknown to Euro- ' 
peans Lond. 1788, viii and 134 pp. with plate, 8* 

2369 Wilson (James) Commentaries on the Constitution of the 

United States of America, with that Constitution prefix' d, 
in which are unfolded the Principles of Eree Grovernment, 
and the Superior Advantages of Eepublicanism demon- 
strated, halfmor. Lond. 1792, 8" 
Four prel. leaves and pp. 4-147; Index, 2 pp. ; Errata, 1 p. 

2370 Wilson (Thomas) The Knowledge and Practice of Christian- 

ity made Easy to the Meanest Capacities ; or, an Essay 
towards an Instruction for the Indians, 12th Ed. calf 

Lond. 1776, 4 pr. leaves xxiv and 280 pp. 12° 

2371 Wilson (Thomas W.) An Authentic Narrative of the Pirati- 

cal Descents upon Cuba made by hordes from the United 
States, headed by Narciso Lopez, a native of South America 

Havana, 1851, 44 pp. 4" 

2372 Winchester (Elhanan) The Gospel of Christ no Cause of 

Shame, demonstrated in two Discourses, imcut 

Philadelphia : B. Towne, 1783, 140 pp. S"' 

EIGHTH day's sale. 269 

2373 Winchester (Elhanan) An Oration on tlie Discovery of 

America, delivered in London, October the 12th, 1792, 
being Three Hundred Tears from the day on which Colum- 
bus landed in the New "World 

Land, for the Author, 1792, 32 pp. 8» 

2374 — The same, 2nd Ed. with an Appendix, containing among 

other things a description of the City of Washington, in the 
District of Columbia, halfmor. 

Zand, for the Author [1792], 8» 
Seventy-seven pp. Schedule, a folded sheet ; A List of the Publications 
of the Author, etc. 2 pp. With the Plan of Washington. 

2375 Winterbotham (W.) An Historical, G-eographical, Commer- 

cial and Philosophical View of the American United 
States, and of the European Settlements in America and 
the West Indies, 4 vols, calf Land. 1795, 8" 

Tol. I. 9 prel. leaves, and 591 pp. Portrait of Washington, 2 maps and 

1 plate. II. 2 prel. leaves, and 493 pp. Portrait of Penn, 2 maps 
and 1 plate. III. 2 prel. leaves, and 525 pp. Portrait of Franklin, 

2 maps and 6 plates. IT. 2 prel. leaves, and 4 1 5 pp. ' Appendix,' 54 
pp. ' Index,' 9 pp. ' Directions to the Binder, 2 pp. Portrait of Win- 
terbotham, maps, tables, and plates. Accompanied by Winterbotham's 
American Atlas, viz. : 1. General Map of North America. 2. Map of 
the United States. 3. Map of the Northern or New Eng^land States. 
4. Map of the Middle States. 5. Map of the Southern States. 6. Plan 
of the City of Washington. 7. Map of Kentucky. 8. General Map of 
South America. 9. Map of the West Indies. Written while the author 
was a prisoner in Newgate. 

2376 Wirt (William) of Richmond, Va. Sketches of the Life 

and Character of Patrick Henry, 2nd Ed. corrected 

Philadelphia, James Webster, 1818, 8° 
XV and 427 pp. ' Appendix,' xii pp. With portrait of Patrick Henry. 

2377 Wisdom (The) and Policy of the Erench in the Construc- 

tion of their Grreat Offices, so as best to answer the Pur- 

• poses of extending their Trade and Commerce, and enlarging 

their Foreign Settlements, half mor. Land. 1755, 8° 

Title, text and 133 pp. 

2378 Witherspoon (John) of New Jersey. An Address to the 

Natives of Scotland residing in America, being an Ap- 
pendix to a Sermon preached at Princeton on a General 
East, halfmor. Land. 1778, iv and 24 pp. 8» 

2379 Witherspoon (John) The Dominion of Providence over the 

Passions of Men, a Sermon, preached at Princeton, May 
17, 1775, being the Q-eneral Past appointed by the Con- 
gress through the United Colonies, half mor. 
Philadelphia printed ; Lond. repr. 1778, iv and 44 pp. 8" 

.2380 Witherspoon (John) Christian Magnanimity : a Sermon, 
Preached at Princeton, September, 1775 — the Sabbath 
preceding the Annual Commencement; and again with 
Additions, September 23, 1787, etc. 

i Princeton, James Tod, 1787, iv and 44 pp. 8° 


2381 Witherspoon (John) A Sermon on the Eeligious Education 

of Children, Preached, in the Old Presbyterian Church 
in New-Tork, to a very numerous Audience, on the Even- 
ing of the second Sabbath in May 

Elizabeth-Town : Shepard Kolloek, 1789, 24 pp. 8° 

2382 "WoUaston CWilliam) The Eeligion of Nature delineated, 

calf extra, hy Bedford Lond. Samuel Palmer, 1726, i" 

Two hundred and nineteen pp. Index 11pp. This is the Book which 
Franklin mentions in his Autohiography as having worked upon, while 
a press-man with Samuel Palmer, in London. 

2383 Wood (William) Nett Ekolakds Pbospeot : a true, 

lively, and experimental! description of that part of Ame- 
rica, commonly called New-England : discovering the 
state of that Countrie, both as it stands to our new-come 
English Planters: and to the old Natire Inhabitants, with 
the Autograph of White Kennett, calf extra, hy F. Bedford 
Lond. hy Tho. Cotes, for lohn Bellamie, 1634, 4" 
First edition. 4 prel. leaves ; viE. Title, the reverse blank, ' To the 
Eight WorshipfuU, my much honoured Friend, Sir William Armyne, 
Knight and Baronet,' 2 pp. signed ' W. W.' ' To the Reader,' 2 pp. 
signed ' W. W.' ' To the Author, his singular good Friend, Mr. Wil- 
liam Wood.' 1 page, signed ' S. W.' ' The Table' and ' Errata,' 1 page. 
Text, 98 pp. ' Because many have desired to heare some of the Natives 
Language, I have here inserted a small Nomenclator,' etc. 5 pp. With 
map of ' The South part of New-England, as it is Planted this veare, 

2384 Wood (William) Nett-Englands Peospect. 2nd Ed. 

old calf Lond. Tho. Cotes for John Bellamie, 1685, 4" 

Four prel. leaves ; viz. Title, the reverse blank, ' To the Right Worship- 
full, my much honoured friend. Sir William Armyne, Knight and 
Baronet,' 2 pp. signed ' W. W.' 'To the Reader,' 2 pp. signed 'W. 
W.' ' To the Author, his singular good Friend, Mr. William Wood,' 

1 page, signed ' S. W.' The Table, 1 page. Text, 83 pp. ' Because 
many have desired to heare some of the Natives Language,' etc. 5 pp. 
With map of ' The South part of New-England, as it is Planted this ' 
yeare, 1635.' 

2385 Wood (William) New-England s Peospect. Another 

Ed. Irown 'mor. extra Lond. hy lohn Dawson, 1639, 4° 

Four prel. leaves; viz. Title, the reverse blank, ' To the Right WorshipfuU, 

my much honoured friend, Sir William Armyne, Knight and Baronet,' 

2 pp. signed ' W. W.' ' To the Reader,' 2 pp. signed ' W. W.' ' To 
the Author, his singular good Friend, Mr. William Wood,' 1 page 
signed ' S. W.' ' The Table,' 1 page. Text, 83 pp. ' Because many 
have desired to heare some of the Natives language,' etc. 5 pp. With 
map of ' The South part of New-England, as it is Planted this yeare 
1639.' ^ 

2386 Wood (WiUiam) Appellant. David Polhill, Esq.; and 

others, on Behalf of themselves, and other, the Proprietors 
of Gold and Silver Mines in Jamaica Eespondents. The 
Appellant's Case. To be Heard at the Bar of the House 
of Lords on [Wednesday] the [Fourth] Day of [Pebruary] 
1746 ILond. 1746], 3 pp. folio 

EIOHTH day's sale. 271 

2387 "Wodlman (John) Considerations on keeping Negroes ; Ee- 

commended to the Professors of Christianity, of every De- 
nomination, Part Second, unhovmd 
Philadelphia, B. Peanklin and D. Sail, 1762, 52 pp. 8° 

2388 'Woolman (John) of Mormt Solly, New Jersey. A Journal 

of the Life, Grospel Labours, and Christian Experiences of, 
calf Ihillin, 1794, xv and 464 pp. 8» 

2389 "Worsley (Israel) A View of the American Indians, shewing 

them to be the Descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel, 
the Language of Prophecy concerning them, etc. 

Lond.for the Author, 1828, 12» 
Half-title, title, xii and 185 pp. 

2390 Wright (Edward) Certain Errors iQ Navigation detected 

and Corrected with many Additiotia that were not in 
the former Editions,^e copy, calf Zand. 1657, 4" 

Engraved title, 12 prel. leaves, and 224 pp.; ' Tfae Division of the whole 
Art of Navigation,' 110 pp.; 'Made and sold by Joseph Moxon,' etc. 
1 page; ' The Haven-finding Art,' etc. 20 pp. Diagrams at pp. 38, 57, 
65, 148, Plan for sailing to the Azores, on copper, at page 91, 2d. 

2391 "Wright (John) The American Negotiator, or the various 

Currencies of the British Colonies in America, reduced 

into English Money, by a Series of Tables, 3rd Ed. old calf 

Lond. 1765, Ixxx and 326 pp. 8" 

2392 Wyeth (Joseph) Itemarks on Dr. Bray's Memorial, etc. 

with brief Obsei^ations on some Passages in the Acts of 
his Visitation in Maryland, etc. Lond. 1701, 51 pp. 4" 

2393 Wtnkelmann (Hans Jttst) Der Americanischen Neuen 

"VVelt Beschreibung, darinnen dei'en erfindung. Lager, 
Natur, Eigenschaft, Sitten, Barbarey, und unerhorte G-rau- 
samkeit der Einwohner, Tiiierj Vogel, Eischenundanderer, 
etc. Oldenburg SeWrich-Gonrad Zimmern, 1664, oblong 4" 

Eight prel. leaves ; viz. engraved and printed titles, ' Dem Hoehwiirdigen, 
Durohleuohtigen, Hoohgebornen Fiirsten und Herrn,' 1 page ; ' AIs 
Alexander,' etc. 4 pp. ; ' And den mit Stand und Verstand Hochgeneigten 
Leser' 5 pp. ; ' Ordnungs-Regiater der Capiteln,' 2 pp, ; text, 288 pp. ; 
portrait of the Author, 1 page ; ' Register," 1 1 pp. 

Full of interesting matter with respect to the early history of America, 
with bibliographical notices of writers thereon. The woodcuts are 
highly curious, exemplifying the manners and customs of the Aborigines, 
their cannibalism, etc. 

2394 Wynne. A G-eneral History of the British Empire in 

America, 2 vols. hf. cf. 

London, W. Bichardson and L. TIrquhart, 1770, 8" 

Vol. I. title ; contents, vi pp. ; introduction, pp. iii-viii ; text, 520 pp. ; 
with map. II. title, vi and 546 pp. 

2395 Wttfliet (Coenelius) Descriptionis Ptolemaicse Avg- 

mentvm, sine Occidentis Notitia Breui commentario Ulus- 
trata, 2nd Ed.^we copy, vellum 

Lovanii, Gerardi BiuiJ, 1598, folio 
Engraved title, 3 prel. leaves and 19 maps ; followed by text, 191 pp. ; 
list of maps, 1 page, 

2 N 

272 EI&HTH bay's SAIE. 

2396 Ximenez (Francisco) Las Historias del Origin de los Indies 
de esta Provincia de Guatemala, traducidas de la lengua 
Quiche al Castellano Land. 1857, xvi and 216 pp. 8" 

2297 Tale-College subject to tlie General Assembly [of Connec- 
ticut] NewSaven : Tho. and Sam. Oreen, 1784, 44 pp. 8" 

2398 — Philosopbic Solitude : or, the choice of a rural life : a 

Poem, by a Gentleman educated; at Yale College, 3rd Ed. 
Tialfmor. New-York : John Holt, [\'7mf\ Mi ^■^. %" 

2399 — Catalogue of Books in the Library of Tale- College, New- 

Haven, January, 1808, Tif. mar. 

NewSaven, Oliver Steele and, Go. 1808, 8» 
Half-title, title, and pp. 6-79. 

2400 Zahate (Attgustin) Le Histoieb BEiio Scopeimento 


Vinegia, Oabriel Qiolito de' Ferrari, 1563, 4" 

Eight prel. leaves, viz. : title, the reverse blank ; ' AH' lUvstriss. Signore 

il S. Gvido Braudolino Conte di A'"aldemarini,' etc. 3 pp. ; ' Tavola,' 

1 1 pp. ; text, 294 pp. in italics. An edition not mentioned by Rich. 

" Zarate's History, whether we attend to its matter or its composition, is 

a hook of considerable merit." — Bobertson. 

2401 Zakate (Augustin) The Discoteeie anb Conqtest 

OF THE Peouinces oe Peev, and the JS"auigation in the 
South Sea, along that Coast, and also of the ritche Mines 
of Potosi, red morocco extra gilt, hy Bedford 

Land. BicTiard Ihones, 1581, 4" 

Title, the reverse blank. [Second title] " The strange and delectable 
History of the diecouerie and Conquest of the Prouinces of Peru, in the 
South Sea." Within a -woodcut border of figures, the reverse blank : 
' To the Right Honourable Maister Thomas Wilson ;' 6 pp. signed 
' Thomas Nicholas,' in Roman type ; ' To the Reader,' 6 pp. in black 
letter ; text, black letter, in 89 leaves, 1 to 12, and 89, unfolioed ; folios 
16, 17, 28 and 19, for 17, 18, 19, and 20; with woodcuts on the reverse 
of folios 16, 20, 46, 58, 85 ; 'The discovery of the ritche Mynes of 
Potosi, and l30w captaine Carauajell toke into his power,' woodcut the 
same as on the first title ; 3 pp. ; ' The Table of the Chapters,' 3 pp. 

Not mentioned by Lowndes, and but incidentally by Rich. The presence 
in this copy of both the titles should not be overlooked. 

2402 Zarate (Augustin de) Histoire de la Decouverte et de la 
■ Conquete du Perou, traduite par 8. D. C, 2 vols, old calf 

Jmst. 1700, 12» 
Vol. I. 19 prel. leaves, and 307 pp.; frontispiece, map, and 11 plates. 
II. 3 prel. leaves, and 408 pp. 

2403 — Autre Edition, 2 rols.fine copy, old calf Paris, 1716, 12" 

Vol. I. 20 prel. leaves and 360 pp.; frontispiece; plates and map at pp. 5, 
10, 15, 20, 29, 41, 43, 64, 133, 155, 176, 177, 185, 340. II. 4 prel. 
leaves and 479 pp. 

2404 — Autre Edition, 2 vols. \ Paris, 1716, 12° 
Vol. I. 20 prel. leaves and 360 pp.; frontispiece. II. 4 prel. leaves and 

479 pp. 

2405 — Autre Edition, 2 vols, old calf Pan-is, 1742, 12° 

Vol. I. 20 prel. leaves and ."SeOpp.; frontispiece; plates and map at pp. 5, 
10, 15, 20, 29, 41, 43, 64, 133, 155, 176, 177, 185, 340. II. 4 prel. 
leaves and 479 pp. 


2406 Zarate (Augustin de) Histoire de la Decouverte et de la 

Conquete du Perou, 2 vols, uncut Paris, 1774, 12" 

Vol. I. xl and 360 pp.; frontispiece ; plates and map at pp. 5, 10, 15, 20, 
29, 41, 43, 64, 183, 1-55, 176, 177, 185, 340. II. viii and 479 pp. 

2407 Zenger (Jotn Peter) Printer, of New Torls, The Tryal of, 

for Printing and Publishing a Libel against the Govern- 
ment ; veith the Pleadings and Arguments on both sides, 
7if. mor. Land. 173S, 40 

Title, and 32 pp. This trial presents the first instance on record where 
trath was admitted as justification of a libel, a doctrine since admitted 
in American jurisprudence. 

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2 pp. ; ' Proemio de I'Avtore,' 6 pp. ; ' Enori,' 1 page ; text com- 
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4 pp. signed ' Fr. loseph de Zisneros Commissario general ;' text in 15 
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